“I’m a Republican, President Obama is an American Hero”…”President Obama never was more impressive”.

Hi Guys,

I hope you’ve all seen that extraordinary interview last night. It was riveting, it was mesmerizing, it was brutally honest, it blew my mind. I watched the entire thing twice, and probably will watch it again.  The full, clean and even more astounding on-line version is here.


Some Twitter reactions:

csamuels Cynthia Samuels

 I dare you to watch this @Obama #60minutes interview and not be way impressed.

AdamSchefter Adam Schefter
On 60 Minutes, President Obama never was more impressive. On why he didn’t release photos of Osama: “We don’t spike the football.”


That was a thing of beauty. Steady Hand In The Storm.
BoseanLogic J G Bose
60 Minutes: best interview President Obama has given during his entire presidency. Total command.
GWBush has gotta be effing IRATE that he’s not the one giving this interview.
MsJoanne MsJoanne
Watching Pres Obama on “60 Minutes”: why isn’t he being rudely interrupted every 5 seconds? Oh yeah, b/c it’s not on Fox.
Paula Edgar, PGE LLC
Steve Kroft looks lovingly at Barack #Obama in every interview on 60minutes.
*PittGirly Chrisi West
60 Minutes interview made it supremely clear: American people made right choice November 2008. Barack Obama is the right POTUS.

Once again, thanks to whatever powers may be that we dodged a bullet & didn’t elect John McCain.


lordxmen2k Gerald Nelson
Amazing. Just watched the culmination of the Obama “we killed Osama” victory tour –  Phenomenal interview.



POTUS was extremely impressive on #60Minutes tonight. After a historic impressive week. Well done, Mr President.
 DCdebbie DC Debbie
Palin is SO mad at the 60 Minutes interview with Pres. Obama. They didn’t ask any “gotcha” questions, like “which newspapers do you read?”
joefortunato Joe Fortunato
Forget politics, watching POTUS on #60minutes describe# the operation and its outcome was riveting.  Wow.
spooney35 Maverick

We can All Rejoice & be So proud to have @BarackObama as President of the US.
Silverie7 Silverie

Hope you watched President Obama tonight and felt proud of him and your country! If not, hang your head in shame!


jackeyemoney jack aimone
listening to obama on 60 minutes interview, its simply amazing what he had to worry about in giving the go for the seals to move in.


McAndrew Andrew McLaughlin
President Obama’s interview on 60 Minutes is gripping.  What a fantastic commander-in-chief. He plays a long game.


craftyme25 V K

It’s refreshing to finally have a thoughtful, serious, articulate & strong #POTUS! Thank you Pres.
Convertbond Lawrence McDonald
Great interview on 60 Minutes, I’m a Republican.. President Obama is an American Hero.


777guy Michael Barlow

 Wow, finished watching #60Minutes can’t help but notice the differences between Bush and Obama.
rollingingraves Kate

Finished watching #60minutes. Boy, That grey-haired Kenyan knows how to kick some ass.

Burn_Bridges Burn Bridges

Just watched Obama’s 60 minutes interview.  He is a great man.  I’m proud to be American again.
wildcatatl Will Pollock

nice to see #Obama interviewed in a civil manner, to glean information, without O’Reilly poking him in the chest. #60minutes
KimboSF Kimberly Koch

Some great sporting events going on right now, but I am riveted to #60minutes interview with #POTUS.
xerxer981 Bill L

Never have I been so enthralled by an interview. Ever.
And to something completely different: What do you know,  I guess is not *that* homophobic…Also, the list of rich donors threatening to not contribute to PBO’s campaign this time, makes me even more proud of him.

Pleased by an all-out White House push to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” gay  donors have surprised campaign officials with the extent of their support. And  the campaign’s new fundraising apparatus appears designed to capitalize on their  enthusiasm: Obama’s finance committee included one gay man in 2008; there are 15  this year, a source said.

// snip

“It’s ironic – a year ago there was no constituency more unhappy. There was a  sea change,” said David Mixner, a veteran New York gay activist, who said that  White House actions during the past year had swayed restive gay donors. “You not  only will see a united community that will contribute to Obama, but they will  work their asses off.”

// more

Speaking of money and campaign contributions: I get many emails asking me to sat up a donation page over at OFA. To be honest, I’m still wrestling with the whole concept of involving money in this crazy little thing that I do here, but I’m not ruling out this specific idea. We’ll see. One way or another, you can support the new page set up by Chipsticks and the awesome The Obama Diary.

159 thoughts on ““I’m a Republican, President Obama is an American Hero”…”President Obama never was more impressive”.

  1. First!!!!!???? Thank you for this wonderful site. To everyone — have a blessed day, a peace-filled day. So thankful for President Barack Obama!!!!! May God bless him and his family.

  2. YES! I want to join the chorus of people reveling in the exquisite interview. President Obama is a credit to not just this nation but the world. I weep that him mother can not be here to share the world stage with him. The strands of this event will be threading through our politics, our economy, our foreign policy and everything else that touches this country. I love him!!

  3. Agreed. It’s the best interview he has given till date. He was competing against himself and coming out on top.

    I am pleased as punch that he is resonating with the indies and the moderates (aka the “centrists”) and the gays.

    So the only ones who oppose him are the pl (aka the frustrati) and the rethugs ? Speaks volumes isn’t it ?

  4. In retrospect, maybe it was a good thing that the Bush administration incompetents were given equal time by the media on the Sunday morning shows to peddle their revisionist history and imply that they set the stage for the capture of OBL. Because at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday night, the American people and the world got to hear the facts from President and Commander-In-Chief Barack Hussein Obama himself. And the contrast could not have been more stark. President Obama basically made the Bush administration look like rank amateurs.

    I am not a big fan of Steve Kroft. I usually find his questions to be snarky and sarcastic. But last night, he was asking the right questions and giving President time to answer each question without interrupting him. It was riveting to hear President Obama recount the harrowing moments while they waited and waited to hear if they had accomplished their goal of capturing OBL. This response just blew me away:

    “It was the longest 40 minutes of my life with the possible exception of when Sasha got meningitis when she was three months old, and I was waiting for the doctor to tell me that she was all right.”

    He answered every question intelligently, clearly and completely. His leadership and steadfast resolve was on full display. It was a tour de force.

  5. I can’t get 60 minutes here, so thank you for the videos; I can watch them after my 11 pm tonight so I don’t exceed my broadband limit. This is going to make the next 9 hours crawl by so slowly.
    Because of security, the President is not going to be able to make a speech in Croke Park in Dublin, and maybe no big speech at all here. Moneygall is going to be screened off tightly. No seeing the President on this trip. %&@*.

  6. The interview was a confirmation of the brilliant, incisive leader we already knew him to be. There has never been a moment, in my opinion, when PBO hasn’t risen to the occasion. In this case, the “occasion” (the capture) was so stunning and the interviewer so civil that he could show himself as he really is without having to combat idiocy and restate the obvious as he does in so many other interviews with boobs.

    If fence sitters and doubters needed this interview to see the firm leader we have always seen, then good for 60 Minutes. Let people remember this the next time they call him weak on something or “dithering” on an issue. This is what a real leader is. Those who rail the loudest against him wouldn’t even be able to define real leadership, let alone ever model it in their own lives.

  7. soon you’ll hear the PL and their fellow travelers of the also ignorant right claiming, without evidence as usual, that:

    he was given the questions in advance and the answers were on an out of view teleprompter, or

    the show was taped, therefore, he got a chance to go back and edit his answers to the questions, or

    that wasn’t really President Obama, it was Dick Cheney in a mask, or

    [add your own insanity here]

    Great interview. Love the way President Obama has command of facts, his ability to function normally despite high stress (such as his speech at the WHC dinner/chump destruction). He is a true intellectual but, at the same time, one of us, the everyday average person, regardless of our backgrounds or origins or religion (or lack of religion) or, incredibly, political orientation.

    President Obama is indeed a great person and everyday is rising on my list of greatest American Presidents. I’m anxious to see how he will manage to go higher than his current ranking of first.


  9. They are worried about the DOJ investigation about waterboarding. This is why they are panicky!

  10. And, their big thing from fox news is, so waterboarding is illegal- but shooting a terrorsit is NOT? WOW! Just Wow!
    And that is WWWWEAK!

  11. First of all I was blown away by the 60 minutes interview. Secondly it must be tough being a Obama hater these days, LOL. Is it me or does it seem like those that criticized President Obama for anything he tried to do seem so small now?

    p.s. BWD I know that you aren’t looking for donations. But this website isn’t free or easy to run on a daily basis. But is it any way that we can donate to this website? I don’t know, I just picture you trying to keep this website going all by yourself.

  12. One of the finest interviews he has ever given and h/t to #60 Minutes for being respectful. I despise those interviewers who try to make a name for themselves by being disrespectful to this president.

    I believe historian Doris Kearns Goodwin said it best this past week when she noted we should not be concerned with fleeting issues like spikes in his poll numbers or the behavior of republicans toward him. No, the real affect will be that these events will change him. He will be more confident in his decision making and less bothered by the pettiness of the 24/7 news media and ankle biters in the GOP.

  13. I didn’t think it was possible but the knowledge of what the President went through with his security team and the amazing special forces in last two weeks and the outcome it produced, what it means for the future security of our country and possibly the world, makes me even more repulsed by the resentful, belligerent, greed and power motivated fear-mongers and hatemongers that attack this President and everyone that supports him.

  14. Academy Award winning actress Julia Roberts will join the Alliance for Clean Cookstoves as “Global Ambassador,” and together with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will help to bring attention to the global issue that kills nearly 2 million people annually: toxic smoke from unsafe and inefficient cookstoves.

    Ms. Roberts first learned about the Alliance’s effort while interviewing Secretary of State Clinton for a special airing on the Oprah Winfrey Network. “Extraordinary Moms,” presented and executive produced by Ms. Roberts, airs Saturday, May 7 from 8–9:30 p.m. (EDT/PDT).

    “Nearly 2 million people around the world – mostly women and children – die each year from an activity that many of us take for granted: cooking for our families,” Ms. Roberts said. “I am proud to stand with Secretary Clinton to work to reduce the senseless and preventable deaths from unsafe cooking conditions in the developing world and I look forward to contributing to the important work of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.”

    In her new role, Ms. Roberts, alongside Secretary Clinton, the United Nations Foundation, and other Alliance partners, will be instrumental in achieving the Alliance’s goal of 100 million homes’ adopting clean and efficient cookstoves and fuels by 2020.


  15. Interesting article about the worth of this website. I’m so proud of you BWD, you are fast becoming a media mogul. Look out Huff-Puff.

  16. Link this site to everyone you know, because while 1314 visitors a day is good, 13,000 is even better, and 130,000 would have serious impact. This site is too good, too positive and too powerful to be kept to ourselves.

    Shout it from the rooftops and see the world change.

  17. The page views would likely be much higher but a lot of us read the messages off e-mail and we don’t keep coming back to the website during the day, except to post a new comment.

  18. Seconded. I know it’s labor of love. But still …

    Just let us know, bwd. Anytime.

  19. I used to come to this site after I read the NYTimes in the morning. Now I come here first. I know I’ll find primary source information of what has actually been said and done. I hope all your posts are being archived. They will make a treasure trove for future historians. Thank you, BWD.

  20. The Medals that POTUS gave to the SEALS- was the Presidential unit citiation. Just though you all should know!

  21. I’m happy to report, I think my Republican dad is now a convert. He watched the President & VP with the 101st the other day & was blown away by both of them. Last night he insisted on watching the President on 60 Minutes. My mom referred to the President as “your father’s new hero.” My mom & brother chatted at the dinner table while my dad & I watched the President in the living room.

    God Bless President Obama!

  22. Off topic: my husband and my two little dogs were viciously attacked yesterday by a pit bull and bull dog that pushed open their own gate and attacked my family.

    My little Kasper, all 10 pounds of him, was ripped between the two dogs — his entire hind section is ripped off. Thank God, no organs were damaged and they’ve stitched him up. We won’t know for a few days if he will need additional painful and expensive surgery.

    My husband is banged up pretty bad, trying to hold on to both dogs and not rip them apart, being pulled down the street, with my little Kasper as the ‘rope’. He can barely walk today (he’s 71 years old), beating himself up for not doing better (I think he was a God damned hero). My other dog, Nickelby, who my husband was able to hold onto and keep from running in the street, is shaken up but not badly hurt.

    I’m trying to stay strong for everyone. We have no children — these dogs, all of them rescues, are our children.

    I’ll catch up on politics later.

  23. (The republicans are masters of transferrence)

    Andy Card, President Bush’s former Chief of Staff, who helped oversee the epic ‘Mission Accomplished’ victory lap and jet fighter landing, says President Obama has “pounded his chest” too much over the success of the bin Laden raid and shown too much “pride.”


  24. Who cares what this cad says ? Let’s concentrate on the possible and positive, which are exact opposite of rethugs.

    60 minutes reaches more people than the pox news and other sunday blathers.

  25. I can’t believe I missed this last night….I’m so excited to watch it now. Thanks for posting the interview!!!

  26. President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign is banking on gay donors to make up the cash it’s losing from other groups of wealthy supporters who have been alienated and disappointed by elements of Obama’s first term.

    Pleased by an all-out White House push to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” gay donors have surprised campaign officials with the extent of their support. And the campaign’s new fundraising apparatus appears designed to capitalize on their enthusiasm: Obama’s finance committee included one gay man in 2008; there are 15 this year, a source said.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0511/54539.html#ixzz1LrTYUgcG


  27. That is awesome coachjdc! That’s how we win – one convert at a time!

  28. Hi Everyone, wishing you all a happy Monday! I haven’t read entries here yet so I don’t know how the day has started. (I wish I were a faster reader, or that I didn’t feel compelled to follow links to read entire articles.) Ah well, see you all later!

  29. I know, I just find it Interesiting to see the BUSH peeps accusing this adminstration of what they did on office.
    They know they were excessive, and try to smear this POTUS… And they ALWAYS do this, not once, not twice, but hundreds of times.


  30. Faith, I am so sorry to hear about this.As an animal person myself, with all of them being rescued…including a Great Dane:)I feel the horror and pain that you must feel.I will say a prayer that your little one recovers fully and all becomes right with the world again.So, so sorry.

  31. Faith, I am so sorry for your family. What a horrid experience. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am sending you virtual hugs.

  32. I completely and utterly agree. I see a lot of links to the megasites posted here; I’d love to see way more links in the megasites promoting this space.

  33. So sorry to hear that Faith. I hope your little fellas and husband are going to be OK. I witnessed a bull dog that was laying quitely leap up and attacked a cocker spanelle (sp) puppy by the middle of it’s body and the adults could not prey that bull dog off that poor puppy for what seemed like five minutes but was only a few seconds. The puppy was more shocked than hurt but it was very upsetting to watch. My prayers to you.

  34. Yesterday was a beautiful Mothers Day for me and the best way to top it off was to watch the President and read all the comments.

    Good morning everyone.

  35. Please know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers. So sad to hear that you’re having to go through this, and your husband is indeed a hero. I hope that your neighbors secure those pitbulls more properly in the future.

  36. Jealous much? Can’t show too much pride? PBO only showed how proud he was of his team and the Navy Seals, not himself.

  37. Holy shit on a shingle…..

    The GOP just lost foreign policy to this President. Good luck to Mitt or Sarah or the keebler elf Mitch Daniels in trying to sound, act, or actually be tougher than Obama.


  38. That is so cool. It would be a victory for WI if the people (not just Dems) of WI can correct the mistake of urshing in all those Repubs who are intent to destroy democracy in that state. I hear they are trying to cram through their agenda before the recalls. Hopefully whatever they do can be overturned.

  39. I may be mistaken, but I think PBO has every intention to obtain comprehensive immigration reform before 2012. What he will use as leverage on congressional people, both democrats and republicans: their desire to get the latino vote.

    What he’s doing right now is trying to create the political space for legislation to happen, trying to build some pressure “from the ground up”. Because as he said multiple times, “he can’t do this alone”. Last week at the Cinco de Mayon reception at the WH, he was very explicit about this.

  40. I can’t wait to see that!As someone that lives in AZ,the center of hate for all but white Amerikkkans,I will be hanging on every word!I have a feeling that the President is lining up issue after important issue to address as we progress through the year toward election time.BAM! BAM! BAM! The intelligence factor,the rationale for the policies, etc. will be clearly laid out for everyone…all but the lunatics will be listening.R’s are in SUCH disarray, and once again,he is the only one seriously tackling the problems we face as a country.Stunning.While the RW is stuck in reverse, all the way back to the 1950’s already, this man can seriously move the ball down the field.He forces the hand they can’t play to anyone but a minority of people.Stunning to watch. So proud of his vision and leadership.The rest of them just look petty and sophomoric.

  41. Good morning everyone! It’s nice to read that President Obama’s supporters are enthusiastically jumping onto his reelection. What dismayed me previously is how quickly people were to say the most hateful things about President Obama and his supporters based upon a complete misunderstanding of his plans for DADT. I thought then and think now that some of the loudest people doing that were not representative of the entire GLBT community, and it’s nice to see GLBTs rushing to help his reelection.

    I keep hoping for introspection and a turning point for the manner in which the media deals with POTUS; the roller-coaster. I pray that people understand that President Obama is consistent to the point of almost boredom; there’s nothing surprising or new about his actions with regards to bin Laden. Perhaps he can have the respect due to him even where people don’t agree with, or don’t understand some of his decisions.

    And finally, I’m hoping to say goodbye to neoconservatism, with the preemptive wars and torture strategies. POTUS has proven that we can adequately protect the country without using these methods, and I hope that swing voters take heed. Liberal ideas work.

    Good morning everyone and Happy Monday!

  42. The G-NO-P have NO candidates that can hold a candle to PBO nor any accomplishments to boast about. They are going to have to do something better than “reduce taxes” which EVERYONE even their constituents knows this does not mean them but the GOP’s corporate masters.

  43. This interview reflected another side of our potus that he doesn’t ever give us privy to. I personally always knew it was there but seeing that fierce solid strength in front of my very eyes was indeed memorizing. He is beautiful smart strong and formidable. What a man. I would not like to be that person or persons that try to mess with this country, not under potus Obama’s watch. Greatest interview ever.

    Kudos to Mr. Kroft he is a fantastic interviewer and was very respectable as they all should be.

    I hope potus doesn’t grant anymore interviews for a while. This one stands on its own and does not need any additional.

  44. If you want the most stark contrast between President Obama and the Cowboy-in-Chief George W. Bush, watch the great Iraq War documentary “No End In Sight”, and then watch this interview.

    It will make you want to weep and punch a hole in a wall, all at the same time.

  45. Card can carp all he wants, but it won’t get a lot of traction.

    Many americans are not very knowledgeable about politics and economics, but they know a poor loser when they see one.

    If PBO talked non stop about this in the coming weeks and months ( like Rudy 9/11 Guliani) republicans would have a point but it OBVIOUSLY won’t be the case.

    News will get back to the economy and other stuff this week.

    Message to Bush apologists:

    PBO is a great, responsible, exceptional leader. DEAL with it !!

  46. After narrowly escaping the Congressional hatchet during last week’s budget battles, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) has returned to a full-court press in pursuit of breakthrough advances in clean-energy technology, announcing plans yesterday to invest more than $100 million in five additional high-risk, high-reward research programs.

    Last week, Congress passed a spending bill that included $180 million in funding for ARPA-E, which marks the first regular appropriation the agency has received. The new funds will allow ARPA-E, which was created with $400 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, to develop five additional high-risk, high-reward research programs.

    Plants Engineered To Replace Oil (PETRO)
    High Energy Advanced Thermal Storage (HEATS)
    Rare Earth Alternatives in Critical Technologies (REACT)
    Green Electricity Network Integration (GENI)
    Solar Agile Delivery of Electrical Power Tecnolgy.


  47. And they know it:) That’s why they’re grasping at straws.
    Has anyone ever told you that you have a certain way with words:)Love that!

  48. I know — I wish that she could be here to see how effective and amazing her unconventional child-rearing techniques were. She had a sense of that before she died, of course, but no real idea of just how high he would actually soar.

  49. Monday, May 9, 2011

    U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces $2 Billion for High-Speed Intercity Rail Projects to Grow Jobs, Boost U.S. Manufacturing and Transform Travel in America
    Unprecedented Investment in the Northeast Corridor, Expanded Service in the Midwest and New, State-of-the-Art Rail Equipment Top List of Rail Dollar Recipients
    WASHINGTON – U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announced $2 billion in high-speed rail awards providing an unprecedented investment to speed up trains in the Northeast Corridor, expand service in the Midwest and provide new, state-of-the-art locomotives and rail cars as part of the Administration’s plan to transform travel in America.

    Twenty-four states, the District of Columbia and Amtrak submitted nearly 100 applications, competing to be part of an historic investment that will create tens of thousands of jobs, improve mobility and stimulate American manufacturing.

    “Earlier this year, President Obama and I made a commitment to improve and expand America’s transportation system, including the development of a modern, national high-speed rail network,” said Vice President Biden. “And today, we’re announcing investments that will continue our progress toward making this vision a reality. These projects will put thousands of Americans to work, save hundreds of thousands of hours for American travelers every year, and boost U.S. manufacturing by investing hundreds of millions of dollars in next-generation, American-made locomotives and railcars.”

    “President Obama and Vice President Biden’s vision for a national rail system will help ensure America is equipped to win the future with the fastest, safest and most efficient transportation network in the world,” said Secretary LaHood. “The investments we’re making today will help states across the country create jobs, spur economic development and boost manufacturing in their communities.”


  50. Yup; in this interview people caught a glimpse of the hard side of President Obama. Those screaming “weakness” because he’s not throwing a tantrum every ten seconds or refusing to make compromises IMO don’t have a solid understand of what strength really is. There really is a hardness to that guy; I’m scared to not vote and canvass for him, lol, I don’t want to cross President Obama and his even scarier super-testosterone SEAL teams geesh. In all seriousness, I agree with what appears to be a consensus in this country: that was one of the best interviews of a politician which I’ve ever seen (and thank you a million times over to the true civility of the interviewer). It is utterly amazing that this country lucked into the absolute right leadership at the absolute right time. I couldn’t thank President Obama more for his service (but that geronimo controversy is going to reignite because he said that bin Laden was code-named geronimo {previous reports stated that this was the mission’s name, not bin Laden’s}).

    Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will. I’m hoping that now that swing voters are seeing what we see, they’re willing to give all of his policies a new look.

  51. Definitely the greatest interview ever — thanks for the links, BWD, so I can watch it again. President Obama just radiates steely resolve and intelligence. We are so lucky even though many do not appreciate/understand just how lucky we are. But I think, with events like the death of OBL, more are coming to realize the essential truth of what we cognoscenti have known for some time . .

  52. I have several thoughts this morning to share.

    I played cards this week with a diverse group of women one of whom claims that she hates this President – hates – my friend piped up and stated that there are only two reasons to “hate” this President – one because you are a racist and the other is because you are a right winger. This one claimed she is neither but hates him because she has a lot of money! I thought that really hit the nail on the head regarding what kind of person this woman is – the only people who will be asked to contribute a little more in taxes if the President has his way are those making over $250,000/yr and the few % will only be on the amount OVER $250,000! So, my opinion of this person went way down to say the least.
    Second, I turned onto the last few minutes of “Celebrity Apprentice” as I always enjoy watching that ass fire somebody – it is a secret pleasure of mine – this week he really reinforced a few known things about himself – one, how thin skinned he is – one of the contestants quit the show and Trump obviously took that very personally – the other thing that happened was Trump swore several times and was bleeped – now, this happened during his appearance in Las Vegas and was shown in news reports – now it happened again last night. He finally is showing himself for the low class school yard bully I have always thought him to be.
    I have to end on a positive note since the main reason I love this blog so much and need my daily fix is due to the unabashed love fest we all have here regarding our President. The 60 Minutes interview last night showed our President at his very best – what I especially loved was how honest and direct he was in his answers – he didn’t equivocate – when Croft asked him if he was nervous during the mission the President had a one word answer – “Yes” – I loved that! I guarantee no one thought he was a wuss for stating that!!

  53. We are years behind all other countries in this important venture – if we hope to compete in the future we need high speed rail from one end of the country to the other.

  54. We all know how much this place is worth to us. Now we know in dollars how much it is worth. We all know that BWD is worth her weight in gold. We love you BWD. You are amazing!

  55. Yes, Yes,we watched him in my comunity on a big scren we were about 40 people, and what I can say i wish PBO could be our President for ever ever. He is just brilliant, brilliant, amaizing. For those who keep saying OBAMA is weak on foreign policy can kiss my ass. so proud of this man,very cool, calm and collect.

  56. Oh, Faith, what you and your husband went through is horrifying, a scene out of a nightmare. I hope you made a police report because it may have been your dogs this time, but could be a neighbor’s child tomorrow. You must both be in shock. Hugs through the tubez for you both.

  57. What was this Republican paid shill saying when Bush blatantly exploited the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, with politically timed orange alerts and the lies and fear-mongering that led the nation into a war on a nation that had had nothing to do with the September 11 attacks. Oh and lets not forget the big gold framed fully enlarged hq picture of dead terrorists. *sigh*

    Only thing Republicans are masters at is ruining a nations economy, starting unnecessary wars, trying to dictate what women should do with their reproductive organs, and being lazy pieces of feces.

  58. Thanks for the railway articles, jovie.

    I have become a little bit obsessed with the idea of “ObamaRail” for some reason. We so need these investments in modern infrastructure.

    —-PJ (temporary media detente…still meditating on the 60 Minutes masterpiece)

  59. ((((Faith, husband and pooties))))

    So sorry! Take care of yourselves.

    —-PJ (temporary media detente…still meditating on the 60 Minutes masterpiece)

  60. Thanks Jovie, I was wondering what recognition and medal was given to these brave men.

  61. What else to say about the interview, except that it was masterful? That’s my President :-).

    —-PJ (temporary media detente…still meditating on the 60 Minutes masterpiece)

  62. considering that there are like a gazillion websites, those numbers are amazing.
    When I Google “blackwaterdog”, this site pops up first.

  63. I saw President Obama’s interview last night and he was really, really impressive. At times I get so mad at stupid republicans who want to take credit of this national security amazing feat by ad nauseum talk about water boarding and enhansed interrogations. They are so little and petty… they just can’t stand it!!! Then our president shows once again who the real adult in this gocernment is. President Obama is steady and humble; giving credit to whom it is due (his National security team, Bush’s reforms, and the awesome Navy Seal team), but also showing how he came about making the good decision that he made. He did this!!! He planned this!!! and after 10 years, he got it done!!! As a New Yorker who lost dear friends in the 9/11 attacks, I congratulate myself for voting for this amazing man. I am happy that I worked in his campaign in 2008, and am starting work in his next one!!! (2012 – here we go) We are so luck that we finally have a president that is intellectually brilliant, compassionate, and corageous! what a mix, huh?

  64. oh my god. that is one of my worst fears, to get attacked by a dog. I’m so sorry to hear that. please take care of each other.

  65. those wealthy donors can go piss off! What elements are they mad at? their portfolio is probably looking great right now. big babies.

  66. Faith, I’m so sorry, my most positive thoughts go out to you and your family.. best wishes to your husband and your ‘babies’ for a successful recovery.

  67. Thanks to all of you. I can physically feel the positive energy from this amazing group of friends I’ve found at BWD’s site.

    My little Kasper tunes in to the feelings of others — you can’t ‘lie’ to him emotionally. So I know he’s feeling the strength of everyone’s outpouring of positive energy.

    He’s full of life, energy and love. We have a long road ahead of us but I’m confident we’ll all pull through.

    And yes, the police and Animal Control have been notified and they are opening a criminal investigation. My EMT friend who sees way too much of this said my husband was amazingly lucky that the dogs didn’t turn on him. He’s my hero.

  68. Important point. On the politics of this, I think PBO is gunning for a national version of the the Harry Reid electoral playbook to use an energized Latino voting base to counter-blitzkrieg any Repug/Citizen United fear mongering. Brilliant.

    He is going to force the GOP to electorally suffer for their bigotry towards Latinos.

  69. Great collection of tweets for our President’s masterful handling of all of this. Day in and day out, he is ON THE JOB.

    Good morning, everyone!

    Also, FYI – This Thursday, CBS News will conduct a special town hall on the economy with POTUS. You can tweet questions to @CBSNEWS with the hashtag #CBSTownHall.

  70. Good Morning BWD and friends on this beautiful site. Thanks BWD for all of the hard work that you put into this site.

    I am so proud, and grateful for the most effective President that we have ever had. He is the man for these times. The interview on 60 Minutes was brilliant. Here we got to see again what a blessing we have in this President. I am so proud of you, Mr. President. Thank you for all that you do for us. May God continue to bless you, guide you, protect you, and give you wisdom in all that you do. God’s grace and favor be upon you and your Administration.

  71. This will probably sound silly, but I’m in a real tough patch in my personal life, one of those that tend to push me into mania. I can’t even read a full post here most of the time, it might take me 3 or 4 visits to get the full thing read and visit links. I just sat for 34 minutes and watched the whole interview. It made me feel proud, it energized me even more to make sure the haters and the destroyers don’t win, but most of all it gave me a patch of sanity and calm I’d given up hoping for right now.

    How blessed we are, in spite of all the noise, to live in this time, with this man in the WH. I’m not sure I’d believe that we as a nation have a decent future if it wasn’t for President Obama and his connection to the realities of what we face and what must be done.

  72. Jayne why give Celebrity Apprentice the ratings. I heard on the Tom Joyner show via radio this morning that all three AA women are gone from his show. Only one AA man is remaining. My surmation of this man is that he is racist and he is anti women and he is losing advertisers as a result of this behavior.

  73. I’m not politics-centric today but my few glances at the news (and the local Chicago news last night) shows that they’re pretty much ignoring the right-wing a.m. trash talk and focusing on quotes from the 60 Minutes interview.

  74. That’s what pissed me off so much, was the sheer hypocrisy and irony.

    This coming from a man who engineered the stunt with Bush on a Aircraft carrier in a flight suit of all things, with a “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner in the backdrop.

    What a total wanker.

  75. This interview was truly riveting and brilliant and awesome and….you get the drift.:)

    In past interviews I remember Kroft as not being as respectful to PBO as he was last night. However I was extremely pleased that he dusted off his interviewing skills and asked very good questions. What was even more gratifying was that he did not keep interrupting our Prez, but gave him the opportunity to release his BRILLIANCE on us

    I was also really surprised that the questions were not laced with “but should you give the Bush admin. more credit?”

    I guess these reporters are all slowly waking up from their stupor and that’s a good thing.

    Thank you my PRESIDENT for putting SOME of your gifts on display last night…intellect, wisdom, brilliance,humility and oratorical skills.

  76. Just finished watching the 60 Minutes interview from last night. That was riveting television. The account from the president of the operation and the tense moments. And, again and again his thought of the team that would have to go inside the compound. I would think the troops recognize that this man doesn’t take lightly his responsibility in being their CIC.

    And in other news Donald Chump goes on Faux News to explain why he’s not a racist.

  77. I may be wrong, samcdc, but I’ve always suspected that the one thing that the PL and the right fear about PBO is his intellectual prowess. They know there’s nothing that he has been confronted with that he doesn’t/can’t understand. This, along with a phenomenal work ethic, leaves them in the dust, so they nitpick to cover up their own weaknesses. He’s just smarter than they are. They know it, and even though he never “lords” it over them, they are intimidated by it. One only has to look at the pics of the president’s administration to see the respect and admiration PBO and his staff members have for each other. It has to stick in the teapublicans’ craw that in spite of all they’ve done to block progress, they haven’t been as successful as they thought they would be. When they try to block the president and cut him off at the knees, he always has a backup plan, just like the one he insisted on having going into Pakistan. It just so happened, that the backup plan for Pakistan was a very good idea!

  78. How cool is this?

    First – well deserved ranking BWD
    Second – great link for evaluating a blog’s popularity, Jovie you find the best links!!

  79. Faith,

    I just sent up a little prayer for your husband, you, and little Kasper. May God see all of you through this tragedy. Please keep us updated on how you all are doing.


  80. Good Morning BWD family.

    Agree with everything that has been said, he is such a strong and thoughtful leader.

    Lets show our appreciation. Send them a note, express all the points made here about respectful interviewing, etc.


  81. This country does not deserve a president like Barak Obama….he is the most thoughtful, caring, intelligent, calm and collective president of my lifetime. Yet there are so many out there they have a passionate hatred of the man for NO REASON at all. FOX News makes up on a daily basis a FALSE characterization of Obama that viewers simply believe without question. This is what is hurting Obama and the country. They make him out to be someone he is totally not like. My father starting watching FOX News and he has this completely false perception of Obama…..my dad will say something about Obama and I ask him ‘are we talking about the same person?” But my dad simply believes what FOX News tells him and it’s a fact in his mind. There is so much hate when it comes to Obama but yet he keeps plugging along for the country, even for the very people who hate the man guts based on nonfacts! He is what we call in Judiasim, a MENCH! (fyi,A mench is a particularly good person with the qualities one would hope for in a dear friend or trusted colleague; a gentleman).

  82. I am so sorry this dog attack has happened to your family. I have had fears about dogs prone to attack others in populated areas for some time now. I know there are lots of responsible pet owners that would not want strict rules set down about certain breeds of dogs allowed in certain areas, but I feel the natural instinctful tendencies of dogs are at work too. It sort of reminds me of the gun restriction issues. Just because there are gun rights in the Constitution does not mean advanced warfare guns should be allowed in heavy population areas (IMO). I am so sorry!

  83. We have the local Chicago news on at noon today: nothing about the revisionists on Sunday morning, just effective quotes from President Obama’s interview last night.

    I have a Republican-leaning centrist friend who frankly hasn’t liked this president very much. But after watching what he accomplished over the last few weeks, her opinion has changed. More importantly, she says she can no longer identify herself with Republicans, after their shameful display of revisionism and lack of support and praise for this President after getting bin Laden.

    She said that they just should have said, “Thank you, Mr. President. America thanks you. The world thanks you.” And by not doing that they have shown not only their incompetence but their lack of qualification to be in positions of power in the U.S. government.

  84. Don’t you think he’s just pissed that ICHC has put that photo op to such wonderful use? It must kill him to realize that he provided the opportunity to reveal Bush and Co. for the wankers they are.

  85. Is there anything we can do for you? Sorry to read about the tough patch: this too shall pass.

  86. There’s a terrific piece which is just not to be missed, by zizi: http://weeseeyou.com/2011/05/08/president-obama-and-america%e2%80%99s-erectile-dysfunction/#comment-200304910

    It’s an admonition to the press: President Obama is not the entertainment, he’s not a thug, and this country would benefit from more in-depth analysis (although IMO credit where credit is due; the national media has been faaaaaaar better than I would have thought about this story, but holding each other accountable to do better and be better must continue). It’s a great piece.

  87. Faith, my heart to your heart. You, your husband and your dog children are in my healing thoughts. What a terrible experience for all of you.

    When I was a foster fur parent, one breed I refused to deal with was Pit Bulls or their mixes. I know some defend the breed and maybe it is prejudice on my part but I felt a fear of them and a mistrust. Animals can sense this.

    I hope little Kasper can sense my love and healing thoughts for his full recovery.

  88. Not just in urban areas…a few years ago a woman in rural Colorado was killed by a neighbor’s Pitt Bulls who came into her barn and attacked her while she was feeding her horses.

    I’m a huge animal lover and have been involved in rescue for years but this is one breed I can’t love. They were bred for one thing and one thing only…fighting and killing. They are not family “pets” and they are not “safe.”

  89. Just posted the following at BarackObama.com

    Dear OFA/DNC/BarackObama leadership,

    It’s time for you to leverage the deceitful ‘Citizens United’ SCOTUS decision and convince several wealthy supporters of President Obama and the Democratic Party to create a PAC exclusively focused on enabling those being disenfranchised in numerous States to obtain government issued photo ID. I recommend you assist each of them in obtaining a US passport.

    For information on how insidious the disenfranchisement effort is you can start reading here:


    Thank you

  90. Jovie, I think I love ya! These articles of faith from the President to the nation should be on the national news every night. I just feel so grateful for your effort in keeping us informed. I pass on as many of them as I can. Seems like putting all of them in one place might be useful.
    Thanks so much for all of your efforts. You are a general on the battlefield.

  91. Re, gg: given obl’s profound respect for the sanctity of human life we must imagine that there was no danger to the seals or to the international community were he captured and placed on trial. /rolling eyes

    Ideally, I’d have loved for obl to be at the hague too, and I’m sure that there are at least a few others who agree, but to wring hands over this is just ludicrous, it’s insensitive + unkind, and it’s also quite stupid. gg: go sit down!

  92. Best case scenario is him being killed on the spot. If he wanted a trial he could have turned himself in. Same with that American AQ leader – he’s had more than enough time to turn himself in and clear his name – he chooses not to.

    If GG is so worried about him, why not head over to Yemen and try and convince him to surrender himself.

  93. (warning: negative, professional left content):
    What’s pretty sad is that I followed a twitter link over to dfox and there’s actually an active debate about why some folks there think that it’s perfectly fine for GG to have pondered the legality of Libyans or Pakistanis inflicting violence against President Obama. Just deranged, and GG is completely out of his mind IMO. I’m so thrilled that the vast majority of this country gets it, but it still makes me sad to think about how much disproportionate influence people who are this out of control with their seething disdain for President Obama have with the national media. To him, there truly is no difference between President Obama and Bush, and now he’s skirting the line of an equivalency between President Obama and bin Laden in a very sleazy, hateful, irresponsible fashion. God bless America; it takes all kinds to make the world but sometimes I sorta wish it didn’t. He has a right to be this nasty; just sad that a space in which I spent years of my life has even a single person co-signing that madness.

    /rant off

  94. And so are the people defending him, like Adam B. Why would you “debate” violence against President Obama if not to introduce the ideas and concepts into the discourse, as well as very sleazily create an implied President Obama/obl equivalency while maintaining plausible deniability. These are some filthy minds. If there were ever a justification for my boycott of that insane asylum, this is it. Sorry for bringing their hate here, everybody.

  95. *reveling* *exquisite* *I love him!*

    Funny how we’re all on the same page!

  96. [ This was the first moment I had to watch the 60
    minutes interview ]

    I distinctly heard the President say that the SEALs decided to gather all the computer stuff after they got bin Laden !?!?!

    In other words, this was not part of the plan ?

    [ The sound you hear is my 107 kg body hitting
    the floor – hard. ]

  97. And in other news none of us care what the Chump is saying on the Faux entertainment channel.


  98. I took that comment to mean more than the team after enduring false doors and knocking down walls and losing a helicopter that the team had the presence of mind to grab the data, not that that was not part of the plan but that a backup plan was in place and time was short.

  99. I’m sure they certainly planned to gather intelligence from the site but there was no way they could have anticipated that it would be such a vast collection of information. Some people are calling it the equivalent of a small library. So to the extent that they had to collect and load a LOT of material after what they’d just been through, they did an incredible job.

  100. A great video clip of our guy, Miami Dade Commencement

    Obama Values: We’ve chosen to invest in our people and in their future

    hope this embeds instead of just making a link

  101. I’m sure they certainly planned to gather intelligence from the site but there was no way they could have anticipated that it would be such a vast collection of information.

    That (the volume of information gathered) is certainly astonishing.

    Remember that the place had no Internet connection, so all this information had to be gathered by using the couriers.

    This means that they had to carry the thumb drives (or USB sticks – whatever they used).

    One of my great aunts was a courier for one of the (many) branches of the Dutch resistance movement during WW II.

    Rule number one is to carry as little information as is possible to achieve your (information transmission) goal.

    One gets the impression that this rule wasn’t particularly important to bin Laden.

  102. I have been very disappointed in Adam B. I thought him to be level headed, but lately I’ve come to see that he is just another hater masquerading as analytical.

    Greenwald, in my mind, is worse than the black face wearing Miss Jane. What GG said was pure teabagger stuff, again, dressed up as “logical analysis”.

    Those celebrating what he said, and those quiet on the subject, have removed any doubt one could have about the hatred in their hearts.

    Shame on anyone who doesn’t denounce what he said, including the MSNBC show hosts. I’d like to see a “Special Comment” denouncing such thinking. If it had come from the Right, then people would be all over it. But now it comes from a beloved and the situational progressives are exposed.

  103. I couldn’t agree more. If Glen Beck had said this, heads would be exploding. I’m just horrified that I was around that for so long.

    On the bright side, it makes me appreciate the safe spaces like this so very much.

  104. Faith – I had a similar thing happen to my little puppy several years ago, when he was attacked by two dobermans. It’s an absolutely horrible and frightening experience. I feel for you. I hope your husband recovers quickly, and that you, your husband and your little puppies aren’t permanently traumatized by this event. Simply horrific.

  105. Anyone associated with the disasterous and criminal Bush administration should be deeply ashamed and shouldn’t flood the airwaves spewing their lies and hatred. In fact, many of them should be in jail.

  106. Faith-

    I’m happy that your husband wasn’t seriously injured too. And I hope that your dogs will recover from the trauma that they’ve experienced.

  107. Can you just imagine how many OBL followers would have launched missions to rescue him out of whatever prison he was being held in? Then, the ‘gg’ of the world would be blaming the President for that outcome. I don’t like killing, but I also don’t think there was an option here. This man wasn’t afraid to take the lives of innocent women, children and men, and he was actively plotting for more destruction. As Maureen O’Dowd said, “we have nothing to apologize for”.

  108. Trust me, I’m not wringing my hands or thumping some bible, and am pretty horrified at the direction which this conversation has taken at the hands of strident POTUS-bashing fundamentalists.

  109. If we had captured OBL, GG and his minions would no doubt insist that he was being tortured in a cell right next to St. Bradley Manning.

  110. A lot of people are saying Glenn Greenwald is ill – mentally, but I see him as a republican riling up the PL and they are playing in their hands. Having someone like this lessens those who will be voting DEM!

    That is my take and I will stick to it!!


  111. I think that he, and the people who are co-signing today’s horrifying “debate,” are ill. I’m sorry, but they’ve crossed the line. It’s more than possible that they are being egged on by the right wing, and I definitely find GG’s liberal creds to be dubious, but many of the day to day Republicans would never entertain a conversation like that; they’ve grown ill IMO cloistered amongst nonstop daily ugliness towards President Obama which has no constraints, no restraints, and in which they are admitting more and more extremism into the dialogue as President Obama continues to make strides. Fevered, ugly minds IMO and I could not more strongly urge supporters of the President to disengage. Their presence affords credibility to people who are right this minute happily engaging in one of the most vile “debates” I have ever seen on the internets, right, left, or center.

  112. Gotta tell you gn, I haven’t been over there regularly since November and haven’t even checked in since January- but having a conversation over there in which they discuss violence against POTUS is NOT NEW. They have been pushing that envelope for a while- way before I disengaged. Frankly it told me all I wanted to know about the powers that be that run it and administrate it. Talking about everyone’s sacred pal: Meteor Blades. They can couch their hate rhetoric any old way they like, but it amounts to the same bs the rightwingers spread. I despise that place and no longer can even allow myself to go to the diaries and diarists I used to love so much: black kos, CIK.. I no longer understand why they stay there, they give DailyKos credibility it no longer deserves. My two cents (I’ve been reading your and others comments here)- I’m sickened by GG and his followers.

  113. Please re-watch and listen carefully to reasons the President gave for choosing the option to use the SEALs instead of bombing the compound to rubble. You will, if you listen carefully, hear him talk about: (1) to ensure that they got the right man; (2) to ensure that they minimized “collateral damage”; and, (3) to gather as much information that would enable the U.S. to effectively fight the terrorists.

    What the President said, in the part you alluded to, was meant to praise the courage of the SEALs, for having the presence of mind to gather the information, even though time was against them. As he repeated throughout the interview, his highest priority was also the safety of those special forces who executed this daring assignment.

  114. Be at peace. I will say a prayer for calm thoughts. Rest easy that the world is in good hands. Please reach out to someone who can help you through this time.

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