Yea, the Auto Industry bailout was a disaster: GM to reveal $2B job-creation investment in 8 states

This is awesome:

General Motors is planning on Tuesday to announce a job-creating investment totaling more than $2 billion in eight states, two people briefed on the matter said.

CEO Dan Akerson is scheduled to speak Tuesday at GM’s transmission factory in Toledo, Ohio, kicking off the plant updates. In total, GM will update 17 facilities, but may not announce all of them Tuesday.

In Toledo, GM plans to add at least 250 jobs, and possibly as many as 400, depending on sales levels, one of the people said. Akerson then plans to visit other plants involved in the investment, this person said.


And, this is too:

Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces $2 Billion for High-Speed Intercity Rail Projects

Posted by Secretary  LaHood:

This is a big day for the Department of Transportation, for the Obama Administration, and for the American people.  We are bringing President Obama’s vision of American high-speed rail one step closer to reality with $2.02 billion in targeted investments.

And I am thrilled.

Today we are advancing President Obama’s historic high-speed rail blueprint through 22 carefully selected projects that will create jobs, boost manufacturing, and spur development while laying the foundation for our future economic competitiveness. We are providing two billion dollars to 15 states and Amtrak to help build out America’s high-speed rail network, enabling people and goods to travel more quickly, safely and energy-efficiently than ever before.

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87 thoughts on “Yea, the Auto Industry bailout was a disaster: GM to reveal $2B job-creation investment in 8 states

  1. And the $2 billion that GM will invest in jobs will spiral out exponentially to vendors and to local businesses that cater to GM employees. This is HUGE.

  2. Ok, this may be nothing, or it may be something huge, but the Libyan Twitter feeds that I follow are on fire, claiming that elements of the Libyan army have revolted against Gaddafi in Tripoli, have raised the revolutionary flag, and there’s now heavy fighting. I’ll let you guys know if anything else crops up.

  3. I wonder how many Republican Senators and Reps will show up to gladhand and photo-op the eventual ribbon cutting events.

    Dems have to make sure to remind folks who get these jobs and upgrades who wanted to let the companies die and not let the Republican Wave of the 2010 midterms claim they fixed their local economies with these jobs and investments.

  4. Yep; and the good news keeps rolling in as Rethugs tread water. Now they are scheming to kill Elizabeth Warren’s efforts to protect consumers against greedy finacial execs. on Wallstreet!

  5. What has changed since the vote to give her those powers they now want to strip? Olympia Snowe got a primary challenge? Brown doesn’t have a strong general challenge (yet)?

    I think the Dems should really go to bat for Warren – the Senate is basically doing nothing anyways given the House bills coming out.

    Have the GOP frame Warren as too much for the little guy against the poor banksters – then if they block her after making her nationally known then she can jump into the Massachusetts Senate race.

  6. That’s great; I’m sure that number will increase with the number of people who have or will watch the speech online both at youtube and at cbs’ site. PBO and the interviewer did a fantastic job in terms of getting information across.

  7. Howard Wasdin, author of SEAL Team Six, on Talk of the Nation, May 9, 2011. ( starting in the audio at 09:55) “Listen, I’m a diehard Republican, but I’m giving the president all the credit here. He did exactly what needed to be done by not alerting Pakistan, so our operational security was good, so the guys didn’t have somebody waiting on them, you know, the bad guys waiting on them when they got there. …. The OpSec, the president did a great job there. … The other thing I’d want to say while I’m bragging on the President, I can’t believe I would have ever done that with this president, but he’s kind of changed my mind the past week or so, is him not releasing the pictures. I think he’s doing a great job by not doing that because, why? I don’t want to give our enemies anything to fire them up.”

  8. Great tweet:
    I would like to Thank American Seniors for fighting for Medicare, instead of saying “I got mine” you fought for us coming behind you

    This is so utterly true. IMO the GOP was counting on inciting generational warfare in order to sell Medicare’s destruction. People really pulled together and rejected that after POTUS pointed out how nonsensical it is.

  9. Don’t forget THIS:

    Chrylser to repay it’s $7.5 billion loan before the June 10th anniversary.

    What a terribly bad idea that whole auto “bailout” turned out to be, eh???

  10. Sooner or later, even these die-hard Republicans have to look honestly at themselves in the mirror, and acknowledge that their resistance to President Obama is not based on anything real.

  11. I love this. President Obama is truly growing this country up; I love that this person changed his mind in light of looking at the possible consequences of a rash, emotionally-satisfying (to some) action. This is my America.

  12. Yes, yes, keep us posted if this is true it will be big news. I did hear someone fron NATO
    saying that Gaddafi’s days were number on CNN.

  13. My ex-military patron who was moved by the president’s speech to the 101st Airborne last week just asked me “So, now that GM is in the black, repaid its loans, and is spending all this money on jobs (I told him about the last part, since I’m a librarian, and information is my business), do you think that these jackasses will shut up?” I said, “No, but there are fewer and fewer of them every day.”

  14. Yea our First lady looks realy fine fine, fine. sorry mr president lucky you sir!!!!!

  15. Waiting for the main Tweeter to confirm/deny. As I’m sure everyone knows, getting accurate information out of Tripoli is a herculean task. Hopefully the rumors are true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were just hopeful suppositions.

  16. Haha cute story LL! You’re turning your patrons into veritable Obamabots.

  17. Bravo for your patron! I thought that speech was very moving, in fact a masterpiece.

    BO keeps bringing the narrative back to unity: “The UNITED States of America”, praise for the military and intelligence people working as a team, etc. This theme, in the context of recent successes, helps bring people together, and isolates the people on the fringes.

    I’m in.

    We pragmatists need to keep reinforcing the theme of unity.

  18. Gotta keep shining the sunlight on these Koch-roaches. Slowly but surely people will wake up – like this story says in 2008 nobody really batted an eye about their donation with strings attached, now it’s a story.

  19. This makes me very nervous. I am an alumnus of MIT, as are both David and Charles Koch. I contribute a bit to the Institute. David, on the other hand, contributes in the hundreds of millions, and is a lifetime member of The MIT Corporation (equivalent to the Board of Regents). I wonder how the administration limits his influence on curriculum, faculty hiring, etc.

  20. He did exactly what needed to be done by not alerting Pakistan, so our operational security was good, so the guys didn’t have somebody waiting on them, you know, the bad guys waiting on them when they got there. ….

    Not only that, but he told the world – and hence the Pakistani intelligence community – that he would do it this way in August 2007, i.e., 1 1/2 year before he got the operational power to launch this strike.

    Perhaps I should try that too, just to see how far I can get:

    You all know the site name of my web site (it’s posted every time I write something on BWD’s blog).

    Break into it and write something nasty on it’s home page …

    Good luck.

  21. One of my special projects I have taken on, St. R., is to post the article from Think Progress on republican hypocrisy and the stimulus at least once a day on my FB page. On the Las Vegas Sun site yesterday, it was reported that Gov. Sandoval (R) is taking credit for the slight improvement in NV’s economy. He’s only been in office 4 months. The LVS Editorial Board is banging the drum loudly in an attempt to let its readers know that Sandoval’s job killing budget cuts have NOTHING at all to do with the positive news about the economy. His policies haven’t even been implemented yet. This is an Obama/Dem Recovery!

  22. This is a lighthearted comment, but when I look at photos of POTUS and FLOTUS, I recall my grandmother used to say, “Smile and the world smiles with you; snore and you sleep alone.” (She really enjoyed substituting that last part, due to my grandfather.)

    In every way, the Obamas lead by example. So many people in our country have much, but aren’t happy. They don’t even know how to get happy. When I see President and Mrs. Obama, I just think that the charm of their presidency, which she surely shares, is that they know how to live … they probably have clear consciences and get enough sleep at night … they no doubt wake up every morning looking forward to the day. Not because their day will be easy, but because their attitudes are great and the efforts the American people ask of them are worthwhile.

    That’s just one little summation of why the world is smiling with them.

  23. Okay, but if that guy from is to be believed, GM is using money from their escrow account to pay back the loan, then borrowing 10 more billion to re-tool it’s plants. I found that following links from the video below. Who is this guy on I’ve learned before that he’s a libertarian and can be pretty much full of crap, but is he right about how GM is repaying its loans?

  24. PLEASE POST THAT LINK. I am following this story diligently. I watch Aljereza but they have switched a lot of their coverage to Egypt and Syria.
    Thanks so much.

  25. LL – Just spotted this on the Al Jazeera English live Libya blog:

    (All times are local in Libya GMT+2)

    Two explosions rocked Tripoli as jets flew overhead, witnesses said, with smoke rising from the site near the offices of Libyan television and state news agency JANA – AFP

    A Libyan opposition newspaper says rebels were leading an uprising in the suburbs of Tripoli after being supplied with light weapons by defecting security service officers.

    The Libyan government denied the report. A Reuters reporter said he could hear no gunfire and was unable to verify the report, posted on the website of the opposition newspaper Brnieq.

    Brnieq quoted witnesses who said a full-scale uprising against Gaddafi was taking place in the suburbs of Tripoli. A government official in Tripoli denied the report. “It’s peaceful out there,” he said.

  26. Yeah, I saw that report. So far it’s hard to confirm anything. We can only hope that the worm has turned.

  27. Hopefully President Obama starts educating folks on the debt ceiling on how dangerous it is to even be playing games wtih. Right now it’s polling over 60% saying the debt ceiling shouldn’t be raised. That emboldens Boehner toridiculous demands.

  28. WOW, so Government Motors is much more that what they thought. This is exciting. Coming here is so refreshing. I have had a long hard day. Just checking in and reading all this has given me strength. Now to go out and spread the word.

    Thanks everyone!

  29. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @parischanel: Booker T Washington won the commencement challenge. I’m happy for them. #Obama will be in Memphis, good look 🙂 #TFB #news

  30. Oh – That opposition is based on something very real alright!! It’s called skin color . .

  31. Yes, it is a problem, and not because they don’t try. Just look at the Sunday talk shows. Eventually, it comes down to ads, but people can tune out.

  32. I know what you mean. My wife was wondering why there is drool on the keyboard.

  33. Educate is the right word. The common person has little to know idea what the debt ceiling is and what not raising it would mean for the country and the world.

  34. However, the common person does know the difference between “know” and “no”.

  35. Greenwald has that Republican projection reflex down pat. Anybody who doesn’t kiss his feet are “cultists”. He should really look in the mirror. The guy is a complete phony who panics when challenged because he fears he’ll be exposed as a lightweight using big words. Glenn Greenwald takes to heart the old saying – “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”.

  36. I am very excited about the train news today. Secretary of Transportation LaHood was Chris Matthews’ guest tonight and announed large grants. Stupid Rick Scott of Florida turned down 2 Billion in funding for trains, and LaHood said they had 10 billion worth requests for that 2….Chris Mattews believes trains unite the country…I think so too. They are wonderful, as those who have traveled in Europe know. Clean, fast, smooth, comfortable, on time, and NO security checks! People just act as adults, find their car and seat and the train takes off!!!
    Chris said the middle of the country got the term “fly over” because of planes, and that is not deserved. I said Bravo, because that is where I live. We NEED trains.

  37. Yes, we need trains, Carolyn. I live in GA, and the right-wingers here hate anything having to do with an idea that comes from the Obama Administration. They only complained when it was announced that VA got a large chunk of the HSR money and GA got less than $1 million. They blamed it on PBO when the real problem was that our republican majority in our state legislature refused to borrow the state’s portion of the funds. They had no problem giving huge tax breaks to corporations but became “fiscally responsible” when it came to developing a HSR system in the state. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in the South all of my life, it’s that you can’t get big ideas from small minds. I live in Middle GA, and the closest to me is the Amtrak station in the Atlanta area, over 100 miles away, and the service stinks. For Atlanta to be a major metropolitan area in the South, the Amtrak station/service is a big joke.

  38. Says the man who brought America Sarah Palin. I just hope the Republicans stay nutty for another couple years yet, because the first half-serious candidate is going to be trumpeted as the greatest thing since sliced bread by the MSM. I think Mitch Daniels will get that treatment the momnet he declares he’s running. “Tea Party is over, serious Republican Mitch Daniels is a real threat to President Obama because he’s not Trump or Palin crazy”.

  39. I was reading today that Mitch may have some personal marriage issues that he may not want on display and that this is what is making him hesitate to get in.

    I guess time will tell.

  40. I read the article and President Obama kicks Donald Chump’s ass. bwahahahahaha 😀

  41. one of my all time favorites. Look at his eyes,*sigh* that is how a man should always look at the person he loves.

  42. HIs wife divorced him and married another man for four years before ending that marriage and coming back – that was like 15 years ago, but given they have four adult daughters, I’d guess that would mean he had four young kids at the time. I think the bigger issue would be his CBO years under Bush. I think he’d get extablishment money and backing as they don’t like Mitt and Pawlenty hasn’t wowed them either. However Daniels isn’t going to beat Pawlenty in Iowa or SC, and Mitt is going to win NH and Nevada, so Daniels would need Florida .

  43. *heehee* I just read this up top and commented but I like seeing it again. Mr. Chump’s butt must be stinging from all that whooping he been receiving from POTUS Obama for 2 weeks now. Chump and McCain can pass notes on how it feels.

  44. HAW! I guess that’s two weeks in a row that PBO put the shame on that guy.

    I don’t watch that show but I did read today that this was a THREE HOUR show last night and people are trying to play up the drama of it all. From the video clip I saw, who in the world could stand three hours of that creep bringing out the worst of everybody? UGH. So glad his 15 minutes are DONE.

  45. I think Mitch’s biggest problem may be that he’s only about 5’3″. Seriously. He’s even shorter than Kucinich and just as creepy looking.

  46. “A politically courageous decision” is actually a put downer. Watch/read Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister series in UK. Amazing hilarity.

  47. This is hi-larious: I watch the show In Plain Sight — the writing is excellent as is the acting. It’s about U.S. Marshalls in the Witness Protection Program.

    Bradley Whitford was the witness they were protecting in last night’s episode. Here’s the hi-larious part: he plays a whistleblower against a security firm (read: Blackwater) which is criminal, bribing and owning Congress-critters, etc. Very bad people.

    The CEO of the firm which is based in Minnesota — his name is…..

    “Rand Bachmann”.

    Now those are some good progressives producing and writing that show.

  48. The GM plan sounds great! I grew up outside of Spring Hill, TN. I hope the Saturn/GM plant there starts calling its workers back and starts producing cars again soon! Lord knows the people in the Maury County area need the jobs badly.

  49. Right, but he didn’t say where, when, or how, so I guess they were missing a few of the operational details (Operational Security, OpSec, get it?) so, they kind of missed the whole play, despite what he said in 2007.

  50. If you read the Chrysler article, they too are repaying the government loans by taking out various other lines of credit.

    This is not a bad thing. They wouldn’t be able to get the private credit if investors weren’t confident the company was going to be solid and profitable.

  51. I think that’s true, but at the same time, I think that elected Dems can and should do more to get on the same page and amplify their messaging. It seems to me that there’s too much infighting and backbiting; they don’t need to walk in lockstep, but a little more unity certainly wouldn’t hurt. I’m hoping that Wasserman-Schultz can help to usher that in.

  52. Had Glenn Beck said this:

    …heads would roll and everybody would be outraged that anyone compared POTUS to bin Laden, even as an academic exercise. Yet this guy pushes the envelope with frequency, putting some horrifying ideas into the discourse (with the help of salon and dkos of course) and no one blinks. I don’t get how people can continue to support those places when they do things like have a long “debate” about how it’s supposedly just fine for gg to discuss someone harming POTUS as legal if the bin Laden action is legal. This is crazy and I feel like every day crazier and nastier ideas get normalized. When is enough enough and when will moderates stop balancing out these malicious voices?

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