Yea, the Auto Industry bailout was a disaster: GM to reveal $2B job-creation investment in 8 states

This is awesome:

General Motors is planning on Tuesday to announce a job-creating investment totaling more than $2 billion in eight states, two people briefed on the matter said.

CEO Dan Akerson is scheduled to speak Tuesday at GM’s transmission factory in Toledo, Ohio, kicking off the plant updates. In total, GM will update 17 facilities, but may not announce all of them Tuesday.

In Toledo, GM plans to add at least 250 jobs, and possibly as many as 400, depending on sales levels, one of the people said. Akerson then plans to visit other plants involved in the investment, this person said.


And, this is too:

Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces $2 Billion for High-Speed Intercity Rail Projects

Posted by Secretary  LaHood:

This is a big day for the Department of Transportation, for the Obama Administration, and for the American people.  We are bringing President Obama’s vision of American high-speed rail one step closer to reality with $2.02 billion in targeted investments.

And I am thrilled.

Today we are advancing President Obama’s historic high-speed rail blueprint through 22 carefully selected projects that will create jobs, boost manufacturing, and spur development while laying the foundation for our future economic competitiveness. We are providing two billion dollars to 15 states and Amtrak to help build out America’s high-speed rail network, enabling people and goods to travel more quickly, safely and energy-efficiently than ever before.

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“I’m a Republican, President Obama is an American Hero”…”President Obama never was more impressive”.

Hi Guys,

I hope you’ve all seen that extraordinary interview last night. It was riveting, it was mesmerizing, it was brutally honest, it blew my mind. I watched the entire thing twice, and probably will watch it again.  The full, clean and even more astounding on-line version is here.


Some Twitter reactions:

csamuels Cynthia Samuels

 I dare you to watch this @Obama #60minutes interview and not be way impressed.

AdamSchefter Adam Schefter
On 60 Minutes, President Obama never was more impressive. On why he didn’t release photos of Osama: “We don’t spike the football.”


That was a thing of beauty. Steady Hand In The Storm.
BoseanLogic J G Bose
60 Minutes: best interview President Obama has given during his entire presidency. Total command.
GWBush has gotta be effing IRATE that he’s not the one giving this interview.
MsJoanne MsJoanne
Watching Pres Obama on “60 Minutes”: why isn’t he being rudely interrupted every 5 seconds? Oh yeah, b/c it’s not on Fox.
Paula Edgar, PGE LLC
Steve Kroft looks lovingly at Barack #Obama in every interview on 60minutes.
*PittGirly Chrisi West
60 Minutes interview made it supremely clear: American people made right choice November 2008. Barack Obama is the right POTUS.

Once again, thanks to whatever powers may be that we dodged a bullet & didn’t elect John McCain.


lordxmen2k Gerald Nelson
Amazing. Just watched the culmination of the Obama “we killed Osama” victory tour –  Phenomenal interview.



POTUS was extremely impressive on #60Minutes tonight. After a historic impressive week. Well done, Mr President.
 DCdebbie DC Debbie
Palin is SO mad at the 60 Minutes interview with Pres. Obama. They didn’t ask any “gotcha” questions, like “which newspapers do you read?”
joefortunato Joe Fortunato
Forget politics, watching POTUS on #60minutes describe# the operation and its outcome was riveting.  Wow.
spooney35 Maverick

We can All Rejoice & be So proud to have @BarackObama as President of the US.
Silverie7 Silverie

Hope you watched President Obama tonight and felt proud of him and your country! If not, hang your head in shame!


jackeyemoney jack aimone
listening to obama on 60 minutes interview, its simply amazing what he had to worry about in giving the go for the seals to move in.


McAndrew Andrew McLaughlin
President Obama’s interview on 60 Minutes is gripping.  What a fantastic commander-in-chief. He plays a long game.


craftyme25 V K

It’s refreshing to finally have a thoughtful, serious, articulate & strong #POTUS! Thank you Pres.
Convertbond Lawrence McDonald
Great interview on 60 Minutes, I’m a Republican.. President Obama is an American Hero.


777guy Michael Barlow

 Wow, finished watching #60Minutes can’t help but notice the differences between Bush and Obama.
rollingingraves Kate

Finished watching #60minutes. Boy, That grey-haired Kenyan knows how to kick some ass.

Burn_Bridges Burn Bridges

Just watched Obama’s 60 minutes interview.  He is a great man.  I’m proud to be American again.
wildcatatl Will Pollock

nice to see #Obama interviewed in a civil manner, to glean information, without O’Reilly poking him in the chest. #60minutes
KimboSF Kimberly Koch

Some great sporting events going on right now, but I am riveted to #60minutes interview with #POTUS.
xerxer981 Bill L

Never have I been so enthralled by an interview. Ever.
And to something completely different: What do you know,  I guess is not *that* homophobic…Also, the list of rich donors threatening to not contribute to PBO’s campaign this time, makes me even more proud of him.

Pleased by an all-out White House push to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” gay  donors have surprised campaign officials with the extent of their support. And  the campaign’s new fundraising apparatus appears designed to capitalize on their  enthusiasm: Obama’s finance committee included one gay man in 2008; there are 15  this year, a source said.

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“It’s ironic – a year ago there was no constituency more unhappy. There was a  sea change,” said David Mixner, a veteran New York gay activist, who said that  White House actions during the past year had swayed restive gay donors. “You not  only will see a united community that will contribute to Obama, but they will  work their asses off.”

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Speaking of money and campaign contributions: I get many emails asking me to sat up a donation page over at OFA. To be honest, I’m still wrestling with the whole concept of involving money in this crazy little thing that I do here, but I’m not ruling out this specific idea. We’ll see. One way or another, you can support the new page set up by Chipsticks and the awesome The Obama Diary.