Sunday Open Mishmash

Hi guys,

Few good things to read:

Usually I can’t really stand Maureen Dowd, but this is spot on:

// snip

We briefly celebrated one of the few clear-cut military victories we’ve had in a long time, a win that made us feel like Americans again — smart and strong and capable of finding our enemies and striking back at them without getting trapped in multitrillion-dollar Groundhog Day occupations.

But within days, Naval Seal-gazing shifted to navel-gazing.

There was the bad comedy of solipsistic Republicans with wounded egos trying to make it about how right they were and whinging that George W. Bush was due more credit. Their attempt to renew the debate about torture is itself torture.

W. preferred to sulk in his Dallas tent rather than join President Obama at ground zero in a duet that would have certainly united the country.

Whereas the intelligence work that led to the destruction of Bin Laden was begun in the Bush administration, the cache of schemes taken from Osama’s Pakistan house debunked the fanciful narrative that the Bush crew pushed: that Osama was stuck in a cave unable to communicate, increasingly irrelevant and a mere symbol, rather than operational. Osama, in fact, was at the helm, spending his days whipping up bloody schemes to kill more Americans.

// snip

The really insane assumption behind some of the second-guessing is that killing Osama somehow makes us like Osama, as if all killing is the same.

Only fools or knaves would argue that we could fight Al Qaeda’s violence non-violently.

President Obama was prepared to take a life not only to avenge American lives already taken but to deter the same killer from taking any more. Aside from Bin Laden’s plotting, his survival and his legend were inspirations for more murder.

If stealth bombers had dropped dozens of 2,000-pound bombs and wiped out everyone, no one would have been debating whether Osama was armed. The president chose the riskiest option presented to him, but one that spared nearly all the women and children at the compound, and anyone in the vicinity.

Unlike Osama, the Navy Seals took great care not to harm civilians — they shot Bin Laden’s youngest wife in the leg and carried two young girls out of harm’s way before killing Osama.

Morally and operationally, this was counterterrorism at its finest.

We have nothing to apologize for.


Long and very interesting Newsweek story:

Commander in Chief

// snip

Obama decided to reveal how he would fight Al Qaeda in a speech at the Woodrow  Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 1, 2007. Clarke and Rand Beers, a counterterrorism expert with three decades of experience in Democratic and Republican administrations, met with Obama to outline his political objectives.
First, he had to get out in front of any terrorist strike that might occur
during the campaign. Clarke, who runs a global-security consulting firm, was
regularly tapping his network of spook and counterterror sources to measure the  threat environment. He believed the odds of an attack were high and potentially catastrophic to Obama’s campaign. “We told him quite explicitly to get on the record putting the blame on the past administration,” Clarke tells NEWSWEEK. “We wanted him to show causality between what the Bush administration did and the continuing terrorism threat.”

Second, Obama had to show he was willing to use
force, prudently but confidently. Obama understood the need to project strength, and he embraced it. At the same time, he argued that a strategy that relied solely on kills and captures would produce Pyrrhic victories. His goal, he told the audience, was to “dry up the rising well of support for extremism.” He pledged billions in aid for poverty reduction and education to counter the radical madrassas.

But beneath its softer talk of values and economic empowerment, Obama’s speech was shot through with steel. Near the halfway point,
the senator, his voice rising, accused the Bush administration of fecklessness
in the fight against terrorists—and vowed, in a rare display of machismo, that “if we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and Musharraf won’t act, we will.”

// snip

Less obvious is the fact that Abbottabad might also vindicate Obama’s broader approach to presidential leadership, which has always emphasized calculating, technocratic, goal-oriented tenacity over “Mission Accomplished” theatrics. The problem with the Obama-Carter comparisons, which have been regurgitated by 2012 hopefuls such as Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty in recent months, is that they overlook the real-world results of Obama’s supposedly knock-kneed management: universal health care, Wall Street reform, a depression-averting stimulus package, the end of the Iraq War, and now, bin Laden’s head. As much as Pawlenty & Co. might disagree with Obama’s policies, it’s hard to deny that the president has a knack for getting (most of) what he wants.

// more


Inside President Obama’s Meeting With Special Ops

U.S. Special Operations officials used a scale model of Osama bin Laden’s Pakistani compound to brief President Obama on Friday, giving the commander-in-chief a detailed minute-by-minute account of how the assault that killed America’s most wanted enemy had unfolded days earlier, according to a government official.

Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and other White House officials traveled to Fort Campbell, Ky, for a chance to thank the unnamed members of the assault team for their successful mission. But the meeting was more than just an expression of gratitude. At the start of the roughly two-hour encounter, special operations officials delivered an in-person briefing for the president, the vice president and their staffs.

// more

Thanks, ncsprach, for this great letter to the editor:

Quite a few Republicans this week have tried to claim that the death of Osama bin Laden is due to the efforts of George W. Bush, not Barack Obama. The same Bush who spent eight years chasing wild geese from one end of Iraq to another? Bush chased bin Laden with angry words and empty threats; Obama chased him with Navy SEALs.

These same Republicans will say that the recession is Obama’s fault, even though the economy began its fall in early 2007, two years before Obama became president. Now they would have us believe Bush is somehow responsible for bin Laden, even though that took place two years after Bush left office. The only way this illogic makes sense is if they believe America had two presidents at the same time for the past four years, Obama in charge of domestic policy and Bush in charge of foreign policy. That way Obama can be blamed for all the failures of the last four years and Bush can receive credit for all the successes.

Barack Obama, the guy Republicans claim is an illegal Kenyan, a secret Muslim, an unelected president, a conspirator to bring a Shariah dictatorship to America, the guy who wants to take away all our rights and guns and make big government control our lives — he’s the guy who took down America’s greatest enemy. He got the job done when your hero Bush could not or would not.

Richard Wilkinson

Amory, Miss.



45 thoughts on “Sunday Open Mishmash

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! No kids here, but I’m blessed at ate 54 to still have mine with me. A strong woman who raised 10 kids alone for as long as I’ve been alive, if not longer than that.

    Yhsnks to Obama’s compassion, Bin Laden’s children still have a mother, if not father. While losing a parent under these circumstances is horrific, at least these kids will have someone who still loves them and cares for them. Perhaps in time they will have the opportunity their selfish Dad deprived them of: a normal life.

    Can’t wait to see what Michelle is rocking for Mother’s Day….

  2. Happy Mother’s Day from “aamom” aka African American Mother. I have an “intense” son in DC and a “fiery” daughter in Phoenix with my 3 grandbabies. But also…thankful I can come to this site and share the joy of living through the Obama Administration.

  3. Good Morning
    These articles are mental nourishment. We know how great our President and thanks BWD for providing them to support our sentiments.
    Happy Mother’s Day to those of you that has helped a child along the way.

  4. The sun is shining where I am and the day is wonderfully cool. Whatever the day is like where you are …

    xxxxxx HAVE A WONDERFUL MOTHER’S DAY! xxxxxx

    And mothers, don’t forget to hug yourselves today!

  5. Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day!

    (warning, somewhat negative content: bin Laden)
    In you just can’t make it up news:

    According to materials in the cache of documents recovered in the U.S. Navy SEAL raid that brought down the terror leader, bin Laden planned to specifically recruit African-American Muslim converts to carry out attacks on the homeland. The goal was to not only kill and maim in the actual operations, but to create a divisiveness that would cause more damage than al Qaeda could ever hope to do on their own.


    But it’s also strategy that civil rights activist and President of the National Action Network Rev. Al Sharpton said was “radical” and outrageous.

    “I think it would be the most cynical abuse of African-Americans and America in general,” Sharpton told ABC News. “Remember, Osama bin Laden killed blacks, whites, Latinos, everyone on 9/11… For him to use race relations in the U.S. in a way to support his terroristic barbarism is the absolute height of cynicism.”


    “I think the viewpoint reflects more of a Neo-Nazi, white supremacist outlook on American whites than anything based in reality,” he said. “I think it’s fantasy based on a fundamental misunderstanding of American society.”

    Like Charles Manson, this man wanted to usher in a race war in order to destroy this country from the inside out. How utterly *ironic* that this was such a fail that the country united to seat a black President, and that very same President is responsible for activating a multiracial SEAL unit and arranging a deadly confrontation with bin Laden. God’s sense of humor continues unabated.


    The thing that has been bothering me and making me quite angry when I watch the news, is that all the idiotic reporters have been debating and hypothesizing if this is a “change” or a “new” Obama.

    I keep yelling at the TV, like a crazy woman, “NO”. People who have been covering this President, 24 hours a day, and have been examining him under intense scrutiny for any failures, still FAIL to understand the very essence of who this President is, and how he operates.

    The quote that really made me happy was this one from the Newsweek article:

    “The way Obama made this decision was very similar to way he makes domestic decisions,” says historian Doris Kearns Goodwin. “Gathering the info, talking it out, then making the most rational call.”

    He is PRAGMATIC – focused on delivering results. EMPATHY for others, drives his choices. PERSISTENCE drives him to never give up. And INTELLIGENCE is the whole package that makes everything work.

    He is not cool, or professorial, naive, dithering, weak, or any of the negative spin, the idiotic MSM chooses to contemplate. He HASN’T CHANGED, the media and those with their eyes, mind, and hearts shut have just been too stupid to see what’s in front of their eyes.

  7. Mornin’ All…


    Great reads and hilarious comics, BWD! 🙂

    Somewhat negative, Not, Maybe?! lol

    PBHO bein’ a chess player, again (‘Art of War’ by Sun Tzu)…

    CAGEY [PRESIDENT] OBAMA SETS AN ELECTION TRAP for Paul Ryan and the Koch Bros.: In attacking Paul Ryan’s horrendous budget plan, OBAMA HAS FOUND HIS PROXY FOR TAKING ON THE KOCH MACHINE.

    Republicans are far from figuring out who will be their next presidential candidate, but Barack Obama has already decided who he’s running against: Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, a guy who isn’t even in the running — at least not yet.

    As chairman of the House Budget Committee, it was Ryan who put forth the draconian budget onto which nearly all House Republicans signed — a budget that would effectively end Medicare through a privatization scheme. THE REASONS WHY REPUBLICANS JOINED THEIR NAMES TO SUCH A POLITICALLY RISKY PROPOSITION ARE SEVERAL, BUT NOT LEAST AMONG THEM IS THE FACT THAT RYAN IS A FAVORITE OF DAVID KOCH AND AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY. So, in his campaign against the Ryan plan, Obama has found his proxy for taking on the Koch machine.

    By baiting Ryan to present his budget plan before the administration unveiled its own, OBAMA DEFTLY PLAYED RYAN’S OWN STAR-PUPIL, PARENT-PLEASING NATURE AGAINST THE EAGER WISCONSINITE. When the president unveiled his own budget plan at a televised speech two weeks ago in Washington, he invited Ryan as his guest, and then issued a broadside against Ryan’s plan, saying it was “less about reducing the deficit than it is about changing the basic social compact in America.”…

    …. Obama has continued to hammer away at Ryan. On the campaign trail in California, Obama used the words “fairly radical” to describe the Ryan plan. “I wouldn’t call it particularly courageous,” Obama said. And a CBS News open mic caught Obama, the day after the president’s budget speech, going after Ryan personally. McClatchy’s Steve Thomma reported Obama’s remarks this way:

    “When Paul Ryan says his priority is to make sure, you know, he’s just being America’s accountant …,” Obama said in remarks taped through an open microphone by CBS reporter Mark Knoller, “this is the same guy that voted for two wars that were unpaid for, voted for the Bush tax cuts that were unpaid for, voted for the prescription drug bill that cost as much as my health care bill — but wasn’t paid for. So it’s not on the level. And we’ve got to keep on, you know, keep on shining a light on that.”…

    WHILE RYAN’S EXTREME BUDGET PLAN MAKES HIM A PERFECT POSTER BOY FOR THE GOP AGENDA IN A DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN, HIS SUPPORTING ATTRIBUTES RENDER HIM EVEN MORE PERFECT as Obama plays not only to independents, but also to the Democratic base on which he will depend for turning out the vote in November 2012. RYAN, IS FROM WISCONSIN, AND A BENEFICIARY OF THE KOCH POLITICAL MACHINE responsible for the election of the deeply unpopular Gov. Scott Walker, and Walker’s union-busting budget bill.

    For progressives and the Democratic base, WISCONSIN HAS BECOME A POWERFUL SYMBOL OF A GREATER NATIONAL POLITICAL BATTLE — a battle described as one drawn between the billionaire Koch brothers and their sycophants on one side, and regular Americans on the other. In 2008, PAUL RYAN WAS CELEBRATED BY THE WISCONSIN CHAPTER OF THE AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY FOUNDATION, which is chaired by David Koch, as a “Defender of the American Dream,” in a ceremony emceed by Scott Walker. OBAMA HAS LITTLE TO LOSE IN RUNNING AGAINST THE KOCHS, even if in the guise of Paul Ryan, BECAUSE THE KOCHS WERE NEVER LIKELY TO GO AFTER THE PRESIDENT WITH ANYTHING LESS THAN FULL FORCE, especially in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United, which allows virtually unlimited participation by corporations in electoral politics.

    HOWEVER, IN SINGLING OUT RYAN FOR HIS IRE, OBAMA HAS ELEVATED THE PROFILE OF THE WISCONSIN AXMAN — so much so that word is he just might run for president in 2012. SHOULD RYAN, in the unlikely scenario that he decides to run, WIN THE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION, the stage will be set for a nearly direct confrontation between the Koch brothers and all the forces that oppose them. BUT EVEN IF RYAN STAYS OUT OF THE FRAY, OBAMA’S SIGNAL TO HIS BASE WILL NO DOUBT BE HEARD.

    Know Thy Enemy, PBHO’s that is:

    Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against [President] Obama…

    80 Years of Planning: The Kochs + The Family + Birchers = Tea Party… (It’s a DK link. But, it’s truly worth the read!)

    ThinkProgress’ REPORT – Everything You Need To Know About The Koch Bros…


    WE gotta do whatever IS necessary to “bring ’em down!”

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together! (h/t Bobfr) 😉
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

  8. So true, pinkbunny. There’s such a cycle of character attacking President Obama…then having epiphanies…then character attacking. It’s so uncool because it does so much to undermine President Obama’s level and intensity of support. And seeing who and what is on the GOP field, this is truly dangerous. I wonder when people will stop indulging themselves in this egotistical insistence on projecting their biases onto POTUS, then grabbing attention by returning to reality and contemplating the possibility that President Obama is and has always been superlative.

    Happy Mothers Day to the First Lady, Dr. Jill, all of the rest of the moms in the WH, and all of the wonderful, nurturing maternal spirits here in our community.

  9. People involved in the pw project: this week’s edition is up for your critique.

    Also, I know that one of the co-authors asked axrendale about providing content: ax, please let me know if you’d like to do so, and that goes for anyone who’d like to be involved. 🙂

  10. Good morning everyone. And Happy Mothers Day to all mothers. I am very lucky to have my family close. I still miss my mother.

    BWD thanks for this great mishmash. It is so wonderful to see reporters write what we all new this man could do. You could not read the books he has written and not known he had a brilliant mind and that he looked at the the big picture.

    Have a beautiful Day everyone.

  11. What Pinkbunny said is absolutely right on. This is a great way to start Mother’s Day, which also happens to be sunny and cool. Congratulations to everyone–mothers or not–for keeping up the good fight for our president.

  12. I hope everyone here checks out GN’s Progress Weekly. She has done a great job of putting the events of the week together in an easy to read format.

  13. Aside from Bin Laden’s plotting, his survival and his legend were inspirations for more murder.

    Exactly, Maureen, exactly.

    And I have to confess that I didn’t see it this way, initially.

    In fact, it applies the same logic to Bin Laden’s killing as the one I came to accept of Timothy McVeigh’s death sentence (in spite of the fact that I, like the majority of Europeans, are dead set against the death penalty):

    If Timothy would have been allowed to live, we would have had to put up with half a century of wacko anti-government bile from his cell, because his first amendment rights would prevent the government to do anything about it.

    This is the only satisfying outcome; we have already seen what happens if you try a mass murderer at the Hague (and I say this as a full supporter of the ICC): just look at the circus around Slobodan Milosovic – never convicted of anything – just died in his cell.

  14. Finally reading through the mismash.

    Maureen Dowd=round of applause, thank you thank you thank you for speaking up

    Those cartoons are spot-on!

  15. Toon, I don’t find it problematic that people are not easy with bin Laden’s killing. I just had a problem with them escalating that argument to accusing others of “celebrating death” and piously thumping their bibles. That was just over the top to me. Thank you for explaining your reasoning as well as how your thoughts evolved. I still believe that ideally, bin Laden would be at the Hague, but I just can’t wring my hands over it as I can’t muster much upset over this. And I for certain am not chiding the people who wrapped themselves in flags, popped champagne, and sang ding dong witch is dead, particularly family of victims or youth who have lived literally half of their lives in terror.

  16. A big hug for you VC.

    BWD–you are rockin the house today. Fab. info.

  17. pinkbunny, In an odd way, the cool,professorial, naive and weak narrative absolutely blow the lid of my of head. It is despicable what the media does to PBO.

  18. Appreciate your reply.

    Now let me precise this:

    or youth who have lived literally half of their lives in terror.

    Not only did this occupy half their lives – they were
    destined to be the cannon fodder in the War on Terror.

    I’m a European – I still quite clearly remember how the US-USSR “defense strategies” molded into “tactical nuclear warfare in Europe”.

    There’s a reason there were mass peace demonstrations throughout all of Europe in the early 80s.

  19. Hmm, the Dowdster NAILED this piece. Mad props, but I’m not holding my breath that this line of writing about PBO will continue. It will do for now, though.

  20. Thanks, DR. Enjoy your ‘celebration’ with your offsprings today too, even those who are far away from ‘home’!

  21. ‘…projecting their biases onto POTUS, then grabbing attention by returning to reality…’

    Here is the crux of the matter. They constantly use their ‘return to reality’ to bolster their creds. At least, their credibility with those who had chosen not to follow the President’s MO for themselves.

    Morning GN, and a Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  22. So true Snoop,

    It is so amusing how the president keeps knocking these guys ideas because they just don’t know where president is going to come at them. PBO plays with the gop mind, like my cat plays with cat toys. They are no match for his genius.

  23. Yes, I agree, DR!

    On the other hand isn’t it ‘awesome’ how the President, ON EVERY OCCASION, breaks through the box in which they try to nail him? Of course, he shouldn’t have to, but I sure admire the way he steps aside classily EVERY time. 😆 Obama/Biden 2012!

  24. You’re so right. Those of us who understand pragmatic, get it. But, the MSM has been so indoctrinated by the Bush years, they have no capacity to understand it. They don’t understand him, even fear him a little as he won’t carry their water. The fact that they have only one democrat on all the talk shows, shows this. It’s pathetic.

  25. Great articles. It is so nice to celebrate Mother’s Day reading positive articles about our fabulous President. I wish everyone a wonderful day, those of you who are mothers, and those of you who have a mother, and those of you who are thinking about your mom who may not be with you anymore. Let’s celebrate their lives.

  26. My goodness, of course Ametia! And you’re more than welcome to get involved as a co-author and have a weekly 3chics feature if so desired. That goes for everyone.

  27. God I can’t imagine living through that, being on the same continent as the USSR and hoping that things wouldn’t escalate. Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts, toon.

  28. Yeah, he certainly does…

    Even w/all their message machinery (Fox”News”, U.S. mainstream “conservative” bias media, et al), GOPTeaParty doesn’t come anywhere close to him!

  29. When you think about it, it was a pretty obvious strategy. Look at the current Republican Tea Party strategy – Very white and very anti-Muslim. So if OBL has African American Muslims attacking from the inside it would have very easily stirred up the radical froot loops in the GOP base.

    The GOP Political strategy basically gave OBL a paint by numbers picture of what to do. ALl that was missing was having these Muslim African Americans somehow coming into America illegally across the Mesican/American border – maybe say they were armedand aided by Mexican drug runners or something.

  30. Great Job BWD.

    What I have loved so much about the elimination of OBL is watching Fox, Fox business Cable and reading up on right wing sites.

    They have been Trumped by Pres Obama, once again.

    Bill Marher was 1001% correct last Friday.

    The country crowd TBGOPers, how strong is that Love for USA?

    If we didn’t know before, we know NOW.

    They jeer when pres Obama succeed. They cheer only when he falls short and when a TBGOPer is in the White House.

    Wickedly, pathetic.

  31. First, Happy Mother’s Day to all. I have to say that I have been just livid watching the corrupt media try to help the shameless liars of the republican party spin this as a victory for Bush. I’ve said this before, how anyone could be a republican is beyond my comprehension. This is a party that has no character, no values. Its members lie at every turn. Its members are incompetent beyond words. Its members have no grace or class. They care not for this country or its children. Only for money and power (which gets money).

    I should not be surprised or shocked or appalled by what I’ve seen since President Obama’s masterful achievements. But every time I think the republican party has sunk as low as it could possibly go, they reach deeper depths.


  32. Has anybody else noticed that Donald Trump has been blessedly silent for a week now, or if he has said anything, nobody cares. Same with Sarah Palin after her stupid tweet about “pussyfootin'” Mr. President, thanks for showing us how it is done!

  33. The republican think that the Democrats don’t pay attention and we are a bunch of pot smoking liberal hippies who don’t get it, WELL SURPRISE, we do know what is going on and we are not going to take it anymore. We are fighting back loud and clear high or not. And we will win in 2012 i predict we will regain the house and keep the senate and of course the WHITE HOUSE.

  34. Very well said pinkbunny! The MSM bought into their own narratives and outright lies refusing to report the truth about what President Obama was doing. In this case, there is no way they could spin the truth; so they invented another narrative about a “new Obama.” It took a seasoned historian, Doris Kearns Goodwin, who has been observing the President, without bias, to remind them the truth about the way President Obama operates.

  35. Just read that two thirds of those polled said that the President did the right thing by NOT releasing the photos of OBL dead.

  36. Just watched the whole 60minutes interview online. All I can say is wow. Riveting! Obama went into way more detail than I thought he would. Facinating interview.

    There will be a movie made based on the details given in this one interview. GUARANTEED! Someone is probably already several pages into the script.

  37. The interview was indeed riveting.

    PBO: “If anyone thinks Osama Bin Laden shouldn’t have been killed, they should have their head examined…paraphrasing here.

  38. This was NOT grandstanding. This was strength personified. Firm, fair, deeply intelligent, and determined.
    If I were a Republican thinking of running, I would be doing some real soul searching tonight.

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