Wow, President Obama Got Bin Laden.

It is so amazing, it just starts to sink in. Therefore I’ll say nothing about the embarrassment that people like Michael Moore are causing  us, reality-based-Liberals.

Have a nice weekend, everyone. Get some rest.


David Rothkopf

“…His finest hour. Decisive. Cool. Able to both strike hard and do so with the kind of American values and restraint that elevated the mission and stands in stark contrast to the bombast and recklessness of some of his predecessors”.


Paul Krugman:

For the most part I’m staying away from the whole Osama thing, in part just because the field is so crowded, but just to say the obvious: isn’t the GOP showing a stunning lack of grace in this whole affair?

It’s particularly striking if you remember the atmosphere from 2001 through until 2004 or so. Back then, any hint of criticism of Bush’s War on Terror, or even a failure to show sufficient enthusiasm for his leadership, led to accusations that you were unpatriotic and somehow warped by your partisanship.

Now Obama actually gets his man — and does it in what seems to have been a truly gutsy fashion — and all we get is carping.

I can’t actually say I’m surprised, but it’s still kind of amazing.


2.7 terabytes of data recovered from bin Laden compound

A law enforcement source tells CBS News that 2.7 terabytes of data were recovered from the laptops, computers, hard drives and other storage devices seized from the bin Laden compound. It’s unclear whether all of the 2.7 terabytes are original files or if there are multiple copies of files. To put the amount of data recovered in perspective, just one terabyte of data could hold about 2,000 hours of audio or 220 million pages of text.

// snip

Among the material confiscated was al Qaida propaganda material including al Qaida messaging strategies to inspire and recruit new Jihadists. There is some indication that bin Laden was continuing to develop his strategy to utilize homegrown operatives that were intimately famiilar with the countries in which they lived. There was also material on current events, in an apparent effort to keep bin Laden abreast on news from around the world. Sources say it could take weeks or months to get a handle on what the U.S. has and what the value of it is.





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  1. Good morning all! What an amazing week! I’m constantly amazed by the competence and mastery displayed by our President and his Administration!!

    What a wonderful duo the President & First Lady, not to mention the VP and Dr. Biden, they demonstrate true military support! Not just lip service saying ” they support the troops” like most GOP!

    As Commander-In-Chief, I really admire how he weighs the lives of the troops against the needs of the country!

    The GOP uses the troops like tissue, moving them around like pieces on a game board.

    President Obama knows the price, and it’s so easy to see how it weighs on him, the true cost of War – the loss of life, both military and civilian!

    God Bless the President Obama!!! I pray for him constantly to keep him with wisdom and strength during these trying times of being surrounded by morons!!

  2. Michael Moore is too busy crying and thinking about the death of Bin Laden and talking down to others for being happy about his death.

    Good old Michael Moore the purist who cares about a terrorist who killed thousands of people around the world.

  3. These are the types of days you remember when things look bleak. Everything can change so very quickly – never give up hope.

  4. I just finished watching the video of President Obama at Ft. Campbell. OMG I’m sobbing, and had to run for tissues.

    What an amazing speech, powerful, and uplifting.

    There is NO ONE out there who can touch him or even think to approach his level.

    Looking at the GOP Field and our President,it’s no contest. My only concern at this time is that we don’t get complacent, because of what a joke they are.

    And slightly off topic, I don’t think Christie or Barbour ever have a chance to win. Since the 1800’s we have NOT had an overweight President.

    Humans can be superficial, and we like our Presidents lean and Tall. So if they are short or fat, forget it.

    By coincidence, there happens to be a correlation between the taller candidate and the winner of the election.

  5. It is telling how much of the UNprofessional left agree with Republicans.

    Even IF bin Laden had been caught alive, he probably would have faced the same fate as Saddam Hussein and publicly executed.

    I’m not a HUGE fan of “an eye for an eye,” but I make an exception in bin Laden’s case. He was a man who murdered 3000+ Americans on American soil and was willing to kill more.

    A majority of Americans are glad he is dead, it’s only the pundits like Michael Moore and FoxLies that grandstand for attention. FoxLies hates Mr. Obama’s guts, and Michael Moore is jealous because Mr. Obama gets all the attention and praise.

  6. What I find really disgusting is the doubt these people cast over the decisions made by those brave men that actually went in. It was their decision to kill him. I wouldn’t trade even one Seal’s life so that Osama Bin Laden will get a trial. It’s pathetic to listen to the Moores of the world these days, and I think that even their fans will agree.


  8. I’m not a fan of an eye for an eye at all, but that doesn’t mean that I’m about to sit here pretend-crying for real life babykillers like Osama bin Laden. He’s killed people here, he’s killed people in Africa, he’s killed a ton of people in the MidEast. F- him! I don’t care, and no one can make me care about obl. The attention-seekers need to go sit down because I quite frankly don’t believe for one minute that they have all of this concern for obl. This is phony, and it’s infuriating.

    I am so sick and tired of these bible-thumping clowns in the Professional Left who seek to insert their sanctimonious, fundamentalist, sour, nasty/nice nonsense into every freaking achievement story. Tired of these people; they don’t speak for the average day to day lefty at all.

  9. moore is not a purist. He is just a pity porn peddler, who makes money off other people’s miseries. Let’s not waste our time & energy on the likes of mm, gg, that hamsher nut.

  10. It’s so nice to be on the same page with him for once. I agree completely with his points about the GOP.

  11. This is so true, Sue. That’s why I’m happy that President Obama chose to not release the photos of the corpse, thus depriving the mob of their trophy. President Obama is right: we’re better than that, or need to become better than that. We definitely need to move on. Great comment!

  12. He says outrageous things for attention and then glories in the controversy.

  13. Thanks, BWD! 😀 Some of the PL’s whining about the killing of Bin Laden has been more than a little irritating. If there’s one thing that demonstrates that they’re more interested in attacking this President than anything else, this is one of them. That, and that they’re out of touch with the majority of people in this country. There’s a nice graph of a poll done here.

  14. The T-Shirt has it wrong.

    They put “OSAMA got OBAMA d”

    it is suppose to be “OBAMA got OSAMA d”

  15. This is a quote I heard… in regards to meeting with the families after laying the wreath at ground zero.

    A father whose son died that day said he reached out to shake the President’s hand to say thank you and the President reached back to pull him into a hug. The man said that he was so surprised, and it made him feel that human connection, and that President Obama truly cared when he spoke to each person individually and at length.

  16. No, it’s right: Obama’d is the verb, meaning taking out. The t-shirt is saying that Osama got taken out by President Obama. It’s pretty awkward, but I think people will understand what it means.

  17. BBC

    There was the president riffing with the press at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner last Saturday, while he had already ordered the mission that would end Osama Bin Laden’s life and could have haunted his presidency, had it failed.

    At one stage Seth Myers, a comedian, was joking that Bin Laden was not only alive but broadcasting in the early hours on C-Span. There were so few viewers that no-one had noticed. The president grinned a full set of teeth. As my friend David, a Republican lawyer, said: “Now that kind of nerve takes a cool cat.”


    His actions last Sunday speak louder than any words. Unlike the invasions of Iraq or even Afghanistan this was an act that needed no explanation or – for most Americans at least – justification. That in itself is a novel experience these days.

  18. I’m confused and if I am confused others will be confused as well

  19. Moore has really lost it. This is what gives liberals a bad name.

    However, no one can beat Republicans for giving themselves a bad name. I agree with Krugman — I can’t say I’m surprised but it’s still outrageous. If only the media would frame it that way….

  20. Good morning everyone. It will take us all along time to fully understand all that has happened these last 2 weeks. It has been so jammed packed with major events that we haven’t been able to assimilate it all. I am so in awe of this President. His ability to do so many things at once is amazing. We are so fortunate to have BWD and Chipsticks around to help us watch and know all that is happening..

    And all the wonderful people here who bring us news. Again thank you to everyone

  21. If you guys haven’t seen it, watch Bill Maher’s show last night. Maher was spot-on (and he certainly isn’t always but he was last night). It’s particularly delicious to watch Jeremy Scahill take apart David Frum — with facts and passion. Perfect framing.

  22. It took me a few minutes, but here’s the message:

    “Osama got “Obama(ed).” If the “e” had been added it might have been clearer, but that’s the message.

  23. I also read yesterday that the troop increase in Afghanistan which was covered so simplistically by the press, involved a re-working of bases, resources, re-tooling for these laser-like missions. This was all part of Obama’s vision for how to fight terrorism. That Afghan surge was far more than just putting more soldiers on the ground. This is the stuff I wish the administration articulated better. I understand not doing it before the fact. But Democrats need to weave a better narrative on how competent and visionary this President is, especially on issues where the ‘weak Democrat’ meme has roots.

  24. Huh. Doesn’t seem to be available yet. I’ll keep checking. I just assumed it would be online by now.

    Anyone who has HBO can catch its many repeats. Eric Dyson made some good points as well from an AA perspective as well.

  25. Interesting point. It shouldn’t be that way, but yes the physical appearance of a candidate can have an impact.

    The only candidates that I consider challenging are Jon Huntsman and Mitch Daniels. Huntsman has a couple of negatives for the primaries: he’s mormon and he worked for the Obama administration. If he’s nominated though he could be a real challenge. (He’s very good looking, by the way). Daniels has a big negative in the general: he was budget director for Bush 43.

  26. For once, almost all of the comments on the Krugman article are very readable for us. The haters must have taken a day off. *S*

  27. I think this man refuse to do any kind of real victory lap, especially when it comes to national security and wars. It’s just the way he is. How annoying!!! 🙂

    But seriously, I think he’s going to bring a good number of troops back in the summer.

  28. Yup, at times, his modesty has a negative effect upon national security because the story of his fantastic presidency is not getting out in its entirety. But the other side of the coin is that his refusal to grandstand keeps his ego in check and thus enables him to make such rational and logical decisions.

  29. He is not going to get caught up in 24×7 noise. As he has said many times (even may be jokingly), he doesn’t care about this “poll numbers”. He is on a well-defined mission and neither the praisers nor the detractors are gonna get to him.

  30. It’s also why we need more stuff like what Rachel did the other night. If the “Liberal” media won’t celebrte this presidency, people just won’t know any of it.

  31. I posted this in the last thread but it deserves a repeat.

    This wapo hilarious bit about PBO.

    In the White House Situation Room on Sunday night, the president and his national security team watched a soundless video feed of the raid.

    When bin Laden’s corpse was laid out, one of the Navy SEALs was asked to stretch out next to it to compare heights. The SEAL was 6 feet tall. The body was several inches taller.

    After the information was relayed to Obama, he turned to his advisers and said: “We donated a $60 million helicopter to this operation. Could we not afford to buy a tape measure?”–and-to-the-pacer/2011/05/06/AFnSVaCG_story_2.html

    A perfectly valid question, don’t you think ? Amazing how this guy’s thinking process works.

  32. That is pretty hilarious. Can you imagine the immense relief they all felt at that point, knowing the job had been done? And then our POTUS cracks a very good joke that shows both his common sense and frugality!!!! He’s really too much!!

  33. So true bwd; he needs us to celebrate and celebrate loudly because he’s not going to do it. I wish that more of the liberal media would follow Rachel’s lead in that regard. They’d do this country a ton of good.

  34. MarlZ
    LoL that was spot on
    I just saw that video above. I had to laugh.

  35. (h/t blackamericanprincess@weeseeyou)

    omg, lol! Has everyone seen this video? It is hilarious!!!

  36. Who was that shrill, dame nutter ? She tried to draw false equivalency KO’s ‘worst person of the year’ with billy, the frat boy kristol’s venom against this president. mahr smacked her down good.

  37. What is also amazing to me is here is this President that most people cheer at his “gutsy” decision to send the SEAL team in to get Bin Laden. Then they question his decision on the photo. Didn’t he already prove he can handle decisions? Why is every little thing questioned? Nothing is good enough. It is like the press went from questioning nothing with GW to questioning everything with PBO.
    BTW, BWD, if the journalists and pundits would address our leader as President Obama and use the name Bin Laden like you did in your title they would not be getting mixed up between the two names. I at first thought it would be easy for the mix up to happen at FOX since they play with that on purpose all the time and probably still were doing it on purpose. Then the Left was doing it too and some were accidentally doing it.

  38. People may get a little complacent at the moment looking at the dismal republican field, but once they start running in earnest they will be sure to rile up everyone on this side because they will attack the president non-stop. And because they are republicans, those attacks will be baseless, groundless and full of lies. So we should enjoy the time we have now, while they are scrambling to find people willing to actually run against the President. The time is coming when they will be committing outrage after outrage and we will all be fired up again. Now we can just spend time mustering our resources and preparing for the battle ahead.

  39. Amk for Obama

    I think she is a Undercover Republican.
    Follow the talking points.

  40. From a diary at the orange site that is actually tolerable these days, even had a diary blasting Michael Moore the other day.

    Bill Maher:

    “And finally, New Rule. Now that it’s become clear that the Republicans, the fiscally conservative, strong on defense party, are neither fiscally conservative nor strong on defense, they have to tell us what exactly it is they’re good at.
    Because it’s not defense. 9/11 happened on your watch. And you retaliated by invading the wrong country. And you lost a 10-year game of hide-and-seek with Osama bin Laden. And you’re responsible for running up most of the debt, which, more than anything, makes us weak. You’re supposed to be the party with the killer instinct. But it was a Democrat who put a bomb in Gaddafi’s bedroom and a bullet in bin Laden’s eye like Moe Greene. Raising the question, how many Muslims does a black guy have to kill in one weekend before crackers climb down off his ass?”

  41. Amk For Obama
    thanks for posting that video
    that was really excellent.

  42. Yes, that’s the “cold, aloof” president the media keeps trying to tell us about. One of the things I like about President Obama is his very open humanity and caring for the people. We aren’t just “voters” to him, we are fellow Americans and individuals with cares and concerns that he wants to help. It’s a rare thing a politician and I am grateful for it.

  43. I know OBL had money sewed into his clothes meaning he was ready for a quick getaway there is no way he could have taken all the computers and such with him so either he was going to destroy it or more likely figured it would have been a missile strike that would have targeted him and thus all the info would have been destroyed anyways. He seemed to believe he’d be tipped off by ISI sources of any impending strike so could get out in minutes.

  44. This is where we all come in. There is no real liberal media in this country. There isn’t even any neutral media so we have to create our own like you do here. People want the real news, not just republican spin. This site and others like those on your blogroll make a huge difference. We give people another source for information and that is very good thing.

  45. Thanks for posting this. I am about to leave for an arduous brain drain day of ten consecutive hours of scoring scholarship applications so I appreciate this chuckle before I get into it. See you tomorrow.

  46. The main reason the pakistanis are not releasing obl’s wife to US interrogation is that she’s gonna spill the beans on the isi-obl connections. She has already confirmed that they have lived there for the past 5 years. I don’t think she’ll come out alive from pakistan.

  47. Dear professor,

    My pleasure.

    One of the few moments mahr doesn’t go all ‘librul’on us. 🙂

  48. rootless pretty much sums it up. From his twitter feed:
    @ggreenwald Just because Bush lied & claimed his war was defending the country, still some of us don’t think defending the country is evil

    It just astounds me. Floors me. I personally was never invested in bin Laden, and I wouldn’t have cared if Bush raided his house in 2001 either. I was unhappy with Bush because instead of doing that, he declared war on entire countries! As I said at wsy, it’s like gg and mm are invested in presenting a caricature of the left as people who indeed are more interested in the rights of terrorists than reality and common sense. That’s not true! We’re not this crazy.

  49. I hope that you link to bwd’s site over there as often as you link to the dailyfox here, lol. 😉

    /just joshing you, but I do hope that you’re promoting this place

  50. Every now and then they hop the bandwagon only to flip out at POTUS at crucial moments. Part of a recurring cycle. That Maher video is linked upthread. 😉

  51. I just about fell out when I saw it professor. And it’s such a good impression; Alphacat’s really got POTUS nailed.

  52. Hilarious. Not too long ago, Maher was comparing Obama to Wayne Brady, now he’s “gangsta”. Gee, taking out public enemy #1 does wonders for your image, doesn’t it?

    If I had the means I would go on a year long campaign (via commercials on tv and radio) and expose The Big Lie(s) about the Republican party. They are not fiscal conservatives, they are not small government and they are not the party of national security.

  53. That makes a lot of sense. I hope she and the other wives stay there and live long lives. I doubt that the US needs her confirmation anyway. And it’s not like this is the previous administration; we’re not going to declare war on Pakistan and while anything could happen, I kind of think we’re not going to stop aid to them either.

  54. So utterly correct. We truly have not had any sort of real consistent voice before the emergence of the pragmatic progressive sites. That’s why I think that it’s so crucial that people become invested in promoting *these* sites, nurturing them and making sure that they stay in existence. We saw in 2010 how quickly the Professional Left will lead people into acting against their own best interests with absolutely no remorse for it, no feelings of accountability or responsibility.

    I’m proud to cheerlead the administration’s accomplishments. If we don’t get the word out, who will?

  55. They are ALWAYS second-guessing him and it’s beyond tiresome. President Obama is not releasing a ghoulish trophy of a kill for people to collect and people need to simply get over it. We don’t need those pictures and I’m so happy that he’s not making them public.

  56. Osama Who? Let’s send him to oblivion, where the sound of his name means nothing.

  57. BWD I could watch that Rachel clip every day. It really put a smile on my face.

  58. Take a look at my sigline over there. 🙂

    I don’t want to post any of bwd’s links at that place given that the rabid crowd will descend on that immediately. I just pimp her site. 🙂

  59. Ah, I didn’t even think about that. But when the mood strikes, link anyway. The rabid crowd doesn’t have the credibility which they think they do. That site’s administration loves them but a lot of people hold them in contempt. I want to make sure that crowd knows about bwd if they ever get tired of sharing company with the rabids. Regardless, thanks for all that you do, amk. Appreciated.

  60. There’s also a video of jon Hunstman singing Sarah Palin’s praises at a campaign rally in 2008. If he runs, that video is going to go viral and it WILL sink him.

    He will be portrayed as a traitor who cannot be trusted.

  61. Awesome video:

    O’Reilly’s head is exploding because President Obama’s capture of bin Laden proves definitively that we do not need to torture in order to protect the country. He’s furiously spinning and trying to credit torture for the capture because he can’t admit reality: that sadistic torture regime didn’t help anything and at the end of the day, a non-torturer got bin Laden in 2 years when Bush couldn’t get him in 7. Accept it and deal with it, right wing: you were just wrong.

  62. Good morning exactly Gn , that why im glad he pivoted back to the economy.

  63. Priceless commentary from Maher. I just emailed it to everyone I could think of.

  64. hey bwd…first time commenter, long-time admirer and lurker. after jumping the dkos ship, you are now my primary news clearinghouse. thank you for giving me perspective.

    anyway. just happened across this youtube video of the flotus and thought you’d like it. now imagine how how cindy mccain or laura bush would handle a similar situation…awkward!

  65. I agree with you that we shouldn’t be complacement, and I hope the administration really ramps up the policies on the economic side. However, I think the constant baseless attacks will no longer work for the Republicans. They tried it in 2008, and they have tried it in the last 2 years. See what just happened to Donald Trump? People are focused on the economy and they are fed up of false anti-Obama propaganda. A recent poll (yesterday) from CNN indicated that 50% still blame Bush for the economy while 30% blame PBO. And people can see that whatever scrap of recovery there has been in the last two years, it’s attributable to policies implemented by the Obama administration, not the Bush administration or Republicans in congress.

  66. That’s if he ever gets out of the primaries. Those teabaggers are not going to want what they consider an Obamabot on their presidential ticket. There’s even a note floating around with Huntsman expressing his admiration for President Obama. I kind of don’t even blame Republicans on this one; I wouldn’t want a former member of the Bush administration on a Democratic ticket either, even if I liked and admired them a whole lot (like Colin Powell). I think that Huntsman’s chances are thus overstated. The GOP base might have tolerated a John McCain, but they said “absolutely not” to Lieberman and insisted on Palin to balance McCain out. The GOP’s in major need of recalibration and reform.

  67. “…Democrats need to weave a better narrative on how competent and visionary this President is, especially on issues where the ‘weak Democrat’ meme has roots.”

    Faith, I 2nd that…

    A few days ago, I received this, and I email’d in my thoughts/ideas/suggestions. Have you or any other ‘TOAITR’ family member received it?

    It’s a great start for “voicin’ our concerns” to the new DNC chair!

    From: Donna Brazile
    Subject: What do you think?

    Lillie —

    As you may have heard, President Obama has nominated Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to be the next chair of the Democratic Party.

    Debbie is going to be a great champion for our party and our President. For more than 20 years, she has stood out as a proven leader, doing all she can to protect Medicare for America’s seniors and create good jobs for Florida’s workers.

    And guided by her experiences battling cancer, teaching at Broward Community College, and raising three young children, she understands the struggles Americans of every background confront each and every day.

    Now that she’s bringing that energy to Democratic headquarters, she wants to hear from you. The next election will be unlike any we’ve ever known before, and in order to win, we’ll need new and creative approaches. So we’re putting together ideas for her about our plans for the future — and we want to include yours.

    Please share your suggestions with our next chair.

    There’s no denying it: We Democrats have our work cut out for us. Over the next year and a half, we need to re-elect the President, take back the House, and continue to fight for policies that help Americans in their daily lives.

    President Obama is right — Debbie is the right leader for these challenges. She has the sharp mind we need in a chair — and more importantly, she recognizes good ideas when she sees them.

    What issues do you think this party needs to tackle? What will it take for us to win new majorities in Congress? What do we need to do to give President Obama a second term? How can we make an impact in your state?

    Take a minute to send us your suggestions now so our new chair can read them on her first day:



    Donna Brazile
    Interim Chair
    Democratic National Committee

    And, by the way, DWS is on Twitter…. DWStweets.

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together! (h/t Bobfr) 😉
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

  68. Good morning TOAITR Family. I could spend the whole day here reading all the informative posts. I know I can always count on you to give me my pro-Obama fix anytime of the day or night. Thanks to you all and especially BWD for this amazing playground.

  69. I’ve been amazed at how similar the PL outrage of the day is to the Fox News meme of the day. There are only two possibilities IMO – they’re all being paid by the same people, or the PL is incredibly gullible, ready to jump on anything that insults the President because he was mean to them. WATB’s.

    I still laugh about reading one of Cenk Ungyar’s posts about how mean Gibbs was to the PL, thinking it was snark and congratulating him on how well he’d caught the tone. Imagine my surprise when I figured out he was serious. I guess all bullies whine when their victims refuse to knuckle under.

  70. Yes it is, and @Karoli did a great job…

    O’Reilly IS filled w/hot air!

    Once the ‘Drop Fox’ campaign, headed by @StopBeck, is online, him and his Fox’ friends will be, eventually, lookin’ for other jobs:

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together! (h/t Bobfr) 😉
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

  71. Was it Stewart or Colbert this week who made fun of all the times the news media yelled out “defining moment! Every move, every decision of Obama’s is minutly scrutinized and described as a “defining moment”. It seems like there were weeks when we heard nothing about Bush—maybe because he was mostly just going for bike rides—-but I have never seen a President so closely followed and examined, minute by minute. I suspect that though they don’t want to admit it, the reason for this is that many of them are are totally fascinated by this extraordinary human being. And of course some rebel against that and try to disparage everything he does and stands for. But in the general public, I sense a new appreciation. I sure hope so anyway.

  72. Welcome, fil! I love that video. Can you imagine Todd Palin in this circumstance, lol?

  73. Daniels is only about 5’4″ and is of Arab ancestry, which shouldn’t matter but it will in a REPUBLICAN primary. I just can’t see it. And he has a lot to answer for being Bush’s budget director, as you noted. He is directly responsible for the huge deficit that they all scream about now. And his wife, who divorced him and married another man and then remarried Mitch is said to hate the public political lifestyle, hides from media scrutiny.

  74. The problem is the people who need to be educated are not watching Rachel. And I am really irritated about the lineup for the Sunday shows tomorrow—-almost all Bush era people—–the media allowing them to continue to make the case that we should all be sending flowers and thank you notes to W. for the demise of Bin Laden. It’s beyond comprehension.

  75. LOL. Not one misstep from flotus. That potus dood ? Not so much when it cones to dancing. 😉

  76. I had forgotten about that video. It wouldn’t necessarily haunt him in the primaries, but in the general election… ouch.

  77. Yes, that’s a good gig for Chris. However, in the interview, they mention the orange site as the place that he blogs and NO mention of here. I wonder how that got left out. I can’t imagine that Chris did that.

  78. I love his fab nerdy dancing. 😀 Jamie Foxx does a great imitation. *teehee*

  79. Joe – You got that right! I’m hoping many will be hired back.

  80. Lots of fun and funny truths there—-Obama as the steely-nerved black ninja gangsta president. Republicans always saying “there is no free lunch” when the truth is Obama just ate yours.
    Also laughed about the notion that choosing to be a Repub, and all the cluelessness and deniability that entails, is as confusing as people who choose to buy and drive a Mercury.

  81. Oh my. Bill Maher is wishy-washy, but I guess this week’s events has everybody finding their inner gangsta. That was yummy. I’m sure he’ll be back to being an ass next week.

    —-PJ (temporary media detente…still basking in the afterglow)

  82. I got that last week and wrote to them about instituting some policy that attaches consequences to spokespeople and members of congress for going off message.

    I also suggested messaging teams or hubs and clearinghouses for easy to repeat, easy to remember messages.

  83. (Governor Scott just passed the equivalen to ryans budget plan, except to Medicaid):

    (Reuters) – Florida lawmakers passed a sweeping Medicaid reform package that places most recipients into managed care in a closely watched debate over how to curb costs and provide health benefits to the poor.

    Following hours of debate and back-room negotiations over the past several weeks, the Republican-dominated Legislature late on Friday sent a package to Governor Rick Scott that backers say will save the state $1.1 billion next year.

    Savings would be realized by shifting Medicaid from a traditional fee for service program to one that caps payments to providers and more closely mirrors private sector health insurance plans.

    MSM misses it! They are to busy fawning over Scott Browns weekly address, completely igroning the POTUS weekly address. They literally suck!~

  84. Hi Marlz
    Did you check out the Krugman comments? They are really funny and on point.

  85. WASHINGTON – Even as the nation battled the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Obama Administration continued to make significant gains last year in expanding renewable energy initiatives on public lands and offshore areas, according to a detailed report submitted to Congress by the Interior and Agriculture departments.
    “To increase our energy security and to help reduce costs for American consumers, we must continue our balanced and comprehensive approach to energy development on public lands and waters,” said Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. “The New Energy Frontier report describes the milestone progress we are making in harnessing America’s solar, wind, and geothermal potential, while also supporting safer and more environmentally responsible conventional energy development.”

    “Winning America’s energy future requires generating energy from a broad portfolio of home-grown renewable options,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “The report released today details the progress we’ve made in leveraging federal resources to help move our country towards a stronger energy future and reduces our need for importing foreign oil.”

    The joint USDA and DOI report, New Energy Frontier – Balancing Energy Development on Federal Lands, responds to congressional interest regarding the development of renewable and conventional energy from federal lands and Outer Continental Shelf areas. The report documents the progress made to date and the Administration’s plan of action for continued initiatives to ensure accountability, efficiency and responsibility in the management of Federal energy resources.

  86. Exactly, when you ask these people if torture worked, why didn’t the Bush Admin capture OBL? Give them the pleasure that they got the name and address of the carrier through torture, but explain to me why no one in the Bush Admin did nothing with the information? Why did Bush decide to stop searching for OBL and Al Quaeda in Pakistan and focus instead on Iraq? They can’t give you a sound answer. I had people who were stationed in Iraq tell me they found WMD and when I tell them Bush said on camera “There was NO WMD in Iraq, he just says there were. You can’t argue with stupid.

  87. Great suggestions Tien Le

    I also wrote and asked that they stay on message and share talking points with bloggers like us who can help spread the word.

  88. WASHINGTON – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson convened an official meeting of the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force today in Mobile, Alabama. During the meeting, the task force created a citizens’ advisory committee to help guide the group’s efforts and released a strategy background document outlining the priorities of the ongoing gulf restoration. The meeting in Alabama furthered the task force’s ongoing commitment to supporting the conservation and restoration of resilient and healthy ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Jackson proposed to establish and support a 25-member Gulf of Mexico Citizen Advisory Committee during the meeting, acknowledging the need to ensure residents and local organizations have a formal process to offer input and guidance on the work of the task force and to voice environmental concerns. The newly formed committee will hold its first official meeting later this summer.

    “Since President Obama first formed this task force, our focus has been on collecting the ideas and input of gulf residents,” EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson said. “We’ve made clear that restoration plans should come from the gulf to Washington, and we’re counting on the people who know these areas best to shape our work through public meetings like this one, through the Citizens’ Advisory Committee and other efforts.”!OpenDocument

  89. I believe there’s an insidious nexus with the right wing noise machine and the ‘librul’ blogs. Their talking points are eerily similar, though spun with different ideologies.

  90. (Denver, Colo. – May 6, 2011) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revised and reissued a permit authorizing Powertech, USA, to re-inject water as part of an aquifer pump test at the proposed Centennial uranium recovery site in Weld County, Colo. The new draft Underground Injection Control (UIC) Class V permit includes a specific pressure requirement for re-injection that was inadvertently not included in a permit EPA issued last December. EPA will hold a public hearing on the new draft permit on Monday, June 6, 2011, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Nunn Community Center in Nunn, Colo.

    “This new draft permit addresses recent public comments and clarifies specific and rigorous measures that will ensure groundwater protection,” said Steve Tuber, EPA’s assistant regional administrator in Denver. “EPA remains committed to transparency and public involvement.”

    EPA issued a final Class V UIC permit to Powertech in December 2010 following a year-long public review and comment process. EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board, an independent board that oversees EPA permitting actions, received two petitions for review of the final permit.!OpenDocument

  91. Fishermen’s Energy, an offshore-wind energy developer founded by commercial fishermen, received permits from New Jersey to build a six-turbine demonstration project off the coast of Atlantic City.

    Fishermen’s Energy, based in Cape May, New Jersey, received an electric-line easement and licenses to site the project’s six wind turbines 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometers) offshore, it said in an e-mailed statement today. The developer also completed a yearlong environmental review to analyze the project’s effects on birds, marine mammals and sea turtles.

    The project still needs a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit before construction can begin and the company must choose a turbine vendor and complete financing, Rhonda Jackson, a spokeswoman for Fishermen’s Energy, said today by telephone. It will have power generation capacity of less than 25 megawatts and will cost about $250 million to $300 million, she said.

  92. Thanks, CR…

    I see FLOTUS…She’s bein’ introduced…A standin’ O for her!

  93. Unreal: dick Cheney and Liz cheney are all over the sunday shows. Whenever they need to bash the POTUS, the BUSH peeps all come out in unison. They are very well organized against the POTUS and have the MSM conncetions!

  94. Welcome, we love videos of FLOTUS. She is just so kind, smart and drop dead gorgeous.

    I hope you will feel comfortable posting more, we wanna hear from you :->

  95. **********NEA endorses POTUS*************

    May 6, 2011, 1:37 pm N.E.A. Advances Endorsement for Obama in 2012
    The National Education Association took a major step on Friday toward becoming the first labor union to formally endorse President Obama’s re-election bid, announcing that its political action committee approved a recommendation for the union to back Mr. Obama and for its 3.2 million members to vote for him.

    The move by the nation’s largest union will inevitably be followed by other unions endorsing Mr. Obama, whose campaign hopes that organized labor will be a crucial component in his re-election effort, especially in pivotal swing states like Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

    In announcing the move, the union’s president, Dennis Van Roekel, said:

  96. Honestly, they will be preaching to their choir of Teabagger sycophants. I think by now the American people know what Dick and Liz are about. President Obama will be on 60 minutes.

  97. Roland Martin of CNN apologizes for Trump coverage. This is remarkable. Clearly, the media should be ashamed of itself. But I never thought we would get an apology from any of them. From PoliticusUSA ……


    I applaud Roland S. Martin for speaking out. But it is past time journalism came to grips with its responsibility to the American people to be honest and scrupulous where the facts are concerned. Where is it written that a journalist must simply repeat what is said without examining it, without analyzing it, without subjecting it to the barest hint of thought? Rather than acting like journalists, these men and women have acted like press agents at best and propagandists at worst, which is hardly the same thing. We don’t need you to simply popularize what is said; we need you to ask the hard questions and demand answers. You’re the ones in position to do this; you’re the ones with access to the halls of power, to the people who claim they know what’s best for America.

    Start doing your job, MSM, but first the apologies please. We’re waiting.

  98. WASHINGTON, May 5, 2011 — Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced today the establishment of the first Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) Project Area to promote the production of dedicated feedstocks for bioenergy. This project will help spur the development of next-generation biofuels and is part of Obama Administration efforts to protect Americans from rising gas prices by breaking the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

    “Reducing our dependence on foreign oil and getting a handle on out of control gas prices will require investments in projects like we are announcing today,” said Vilsack. “By encouraging production of feedstocks that can be converted into next-generation biofuels we are boosting the rural economy, creating jobs, contributing to America’s energy security and protecting our planet. Investments like this spark creation of new industries and is a key part of our effort to keep America competitive and win the future.”

  99. Unfortuantely, the MSM picks it up the next day. did we even hear about the Presidents weekly address on the news today? NOPE! all alex twit played was scott browns crazy address…

  100. Yup; per that article, he also blogged at the insanely divisive and disrespectful fdl (the top rec’d diary there now is some ridiculous obl conspiracy theory). I couldn’t do it, but the article was indeed just making note of which sites post his pieces.

  101. THANKS CR

    I caught the end of it, just a perfect commencement speech. She spoke of the values parents try to instill in their children, she just nailed it. I hope the video is on YouTube later.

  102. Here is more evidence that we have a lazy and feckless media in the country. Years ago, the GOP was for cap and trade and mandates. But the election of PBO has caused them to abruptly change course. Why this is not being reported by the MSM is really astonishing. I know I can count on the likes of Steve Benen and Rachel Maddow to connect the dots and report the facts. But sadly, the rest of the rest of the media is too busy carrying water for the GOP.


    By Steve Benen

    I like to keep track of these moving goalposts, in part because the Republican shamelessness — and the ease with which they get away with it — amazes me. Before 2009, it was very common for Republican officials at a variety of levels to support cap-and-trade, an individual health care mandate, the DREAM Act, comprehensive immigration reform, at least some form of Keynesian economics, and trying terrorist suspects in civilian U.S. courts and then imprisoning them on American soil. If we go back just a little further, we see that GOP officials also used to occasionally support modest tax increases as a way to maintain fiscal sanity.

    How did all of these policies — some of which originated in Republican circles — go from sensible to radical? The ideas didn’t change; Republican standards did. A Democratic president got elected, telegraphed an openness to proposals the GOP has traditionally supported, and suddenly Republicans didn’t want to take “yes” for an answer.

    But there’s a related point to keep in mind. How is it, exactly, President Obama is supposed to work in good faith with these folks and find common ground under these circumstances? I assume that next year, one of the more common complaints from the GOP will be, “Obama said he’d bring people together and reach across the aisle. He failed.”

  103. Dick Cheney has very LOW approval ratings. The spinning is SO obvious that I don’t think it will take root. If anything, independants will laugh at it.

    Americans may be totally misinformed about economics and political process, but they know a poor loser when they see one.

  104. As you may have heard, the focus group run by Frank Luntz during the Republican debate last Thursday said they thought Herman Cain won hands down. Well, Motely Moose begs to differ. An open letter to Herman Cain (in an envelope entitled Employment Interview Response Enclosed) begins thusly…..

    Dear Mr. Herman Cain, in regards to your recent interview, please find enclosed comments we feel will better prepare you for your next job opportunity.

    The position you interviewed for was President of the United States. For this position a basic understanding of the history and current status of the larger segments of the human population is a mandatory prerequisite. After your interview we held a meeting to share our impressions of our time spent with you, and we regret to inform you that we reached agreement that you are without those very fundamental segments of human knowledge. We believe your effort was sincere and heartfelt, but the position requires at least a college sophomore familiarity with world affairs, as was stated in the employment listing.

    (The feedback is hilarious and brilliant.)

  105. LOL! The Prez went to play golf this afternoon. RW heads explode in 3…2…1. They can’t even use that anymore as remember, Prez went to play golf the morning of the OBL elimination. The Pool that afternoon could not understand why Obama cut his golf game short by nine holes. They assumed it was the rain. HA. Fooled you!

  106. Thanks for the link Jovie.

    Roland Martin:

    “But like crack addicts in need of a fix, we are willing to let Trump supply us with the hit we need to achieve that high, no matter how devastating it is to our system.

    The destruction he left in his wake didn’t matter. As long as we got what we wanted — more ratings, newsstand sales and record page views — and he got the attention he desired, everyone was happy.”

    Extremely well said, Mr.Martin.

  107. Oh that’s just great; I hope that you don’t mind, I’m bringing this up to the top thread. Hilarious!

  108. He is right. There was always so consensus among both parties when it came to employer and individual mandates for public and private health insurance dating back to the late 60’s and 70’s when Nixon, Ted Kennedy, and Carter came up with health care plans.

    Though I think more moderate republicans supported cap and trade in some instances though the far right hated it.

    And Cap and trade is a good idea because it combines government and the private sector as a solution to reduce greenhouse gasses.

    The fact is that the Republican party does not have any liberal Rockefeller republicans or moderates like they did decades ago. They have a few moderates but that’s about it, and both partie are going in opposite directions.
    The Democrats are actually moving more to the left and the republicans are moving more to the far right so it’s hard to agree on anything.

  109. That’s good to hear; I hope more do the same…

    This is my list…Although WE’re all different, and WE don’t want to do the “GOPTeaParty lockstep,” WE do need to do the followin’ to “shade light” on 30 years or more of GOP demonizations/lies:

    Show more unity; bein’ “on the same page!”

    Show support for our President;”have his back”/”back him up!”

    Build a comprehensive progressive/liberal democratic communications system which would help us do a better job of craftin’, framin’ and deliverin’ our messages/narratives…

    Appear on TV, radio, in print, et al more to counter GOPTeaParty and friends’ attacks on our President and policies/politics!

    Corporate Interests take long view in attack on Democrats…

    TRMS Video: “It’s Not About The Budget”…

    What the GOPTeaParty is tryin’ to prove…

    TRMS Video: “This Isn’t A Budget, This IS A Cause”…

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together! (h/t Bobfr) 😉
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make HIstory…Obama/Biden 2012!

  110. Oh they’ve always begun to push that meme of “Obama failed at bringing people together”. This has to be the most outlandish, outrageous accusation I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen MSM repeat it, which makes my blood boil.

  111. Anytime…

    Fox”News” IS “a pain in our President’s ‘backside'”…WE gotta get ’em!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together! (h/t Bobfr) 😉
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

  112. hey, he has the nerve to dance in his own nerdy way, and in front of the whole world and everybody? good for him. again, imagining john mccain or george w. bush or donald duck trying to dance gives me the heeby jeebies. *shudder*

  113. I am not sure that these ‘folksies’ know what they want. What they seem to really enjoy doing is griping, stirring up, and playing righteous for the next issue that they need to dredge up.
    Are they ever satisfied with any little bitty step forward? Frankly, that is expecting too much from them. I think we spend far too much time and energy bringing them into our conversations.

  114. Isn’t it great to be the Good Guys again. I am so excited to yell USA and not apologize for being an American.

    Forget the comic books and video games. We got real live heroes doing what right.

  115. I just checked out Extreme Liberal blog, and it looks like the Bradley Manning/Wiki Leaks document also leaked out intelligence on OBL, and it could have ruined the entire operation last sunday!!!

    And yet these idiotic FDL/Glenn Greenwald/MichaelMoore’s of the world are out there criticizing our President and making ridiculous fools of themselves.

  116. The Far Left and Far Right both lost power this week. They exist to lecture and hector the President, and his supporters, to adopt their pre-packaged one-size-fits-all ideology.

    With the death of OBL the Right has lost a major recruiting tool, retention tool and motivating tool for elections. They only operate well when there is a boogeyman. They will not be happy until they find a new one. Watch while they desperately try to get America afraid of the new Great Evil in our lives.

    The Professional Left is wounded because they are primarily about anti-war. Anti-violence, anti-Pentagon, anti-national security and anti-guns. These are people who have issues since childhood with someone in their lives abusing power. They trust no one, NO ONE, to exercise power over them, whether that person be a Republican or a Democrat. Or a corporation.

    The Professional Left also has another issue. Job security. They can either sell their audience, donors and speaker’s fees on the idea they have special access and influence in the White House. When they don’t have access (like now) they have to threaten the President with their claims of having a dedicated following and a mission to “hold the President accountable”. That way they can continue to berate the President in the name of being on a higher moral ground. It is all theater, and just another way of making a buck. I don’t buy that any of these pundits has a moral high ground to this president.

    President Obama could leave office right now and have fulfilled more promises that other presidents with two full terms. The idea that he, or we, need to be lectured by the unelected and unaccountable pundit class, Left or Right, is a joke. The fact that we have a media that only reports the news through the prism of conflict does not make these Lilliputian’s any more relevant.

    Stephen Colbert has a bit he does on his show form time to time declaring certain things in this world “Dead to Me”. Like his declaring it makes them magically disappear. Well, I am creating my own list and it will include anyone in the media who could not see this historic moment for what it is, and Obama as deserving the credit for every bit of it.


  117. But I’ll bet they know who got OBL. That is the power of this victory. It goes beyon the the media and goes viral. Look at the number of downloads from the WHCDinner – huge.

    Look at the number of people in the streets celebrating the death of a monster. They all know who took him out and they all know that by doing so all the lies and smear are just noise..

    Actions dominate what people know about this president, not the cloud of caustic lies spread on news and radio that are listened too by only a handful of voters.

    We have already won 2012. Its just a matter of registering voters, getting them to the polls and counting up the damage.

  118. “The Far Left and Far Right both lost power this week. They exist to lecture and hector the President, and his supporters, to adopt their pre-packaged one-size-fits-all ideology.”

    Thank you for this clarity. It makes so much sense.

    “Watch while they (the Republicans) desperately try to get America afraid of the new Great Evil in our lives.”

    Cue the Sharia law brigade and the anti-Islam crap from last summer. It’s gonna get ugly.

    “President Obama could leave office right now and have fulfilled more promises that other presidents with two full terms.”

    Did Bush promise something? Did Clinton?

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