Rachel Maddow: “This is a speak softly but carry a big stick kind of presidency”

Morning everyone,

If you guys going to watch one and only one video today, it should be this brilliant piece from Rachel Maddow. Watch it, and spread it like crazy.

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  1. Good morning BWD! Yes, Rachel was great last night — so glad you posted this for all to enjoy. It’s worth watching, sharing, and memorizing!

  2. Good morning, Thanks for sharing Rachel’s comments. She was definitely “on” last night!

    Blessed day to everyone!

  3. Wow! Awesome video by Rachel. She is really the smartest journalist on TV!! Boot that idiotic, GOP ass kissing moron David Gregory off “Meet The Press”, and put Rachel Maddow as the host!

    Seriously that show would get high ratings and earn journalistic awards!!!

    I bet there will be so many OMG moments when she puts those idiotic GOP babbling in front of the TV when confronted with their lies and double standards!!!

    Plus hopefully average Americans would get a little smarter just watching her show.

    I think she is really smart, although at times her handwringing and snarkiness might get annoying, but overall, still the best broadcast journalist out there.

  4. Good morning everyone. I can’t wait to watch Rachel. Yesterday was a long day for me. I haven’t gotten thru all the diaries and comments.

    I am so glad we have this place to come and get the best report of what is really happening.

    Have a great day everyone.

  5. Good Morning BWD and Everyone. Thanks for posting Rachel’s segment. She is indeed at her best when she does pieces like this.

  6. The GOP Medicare plan may be unraveling, but the Democrats still have the video of those votes which will make for some very powerful ads.


    Three weeks ago today, House Republicans approved their radical budget plan, which included, among other things, a measure to eliminate Medicare and replace it with a privatized voucher scheme. After the vote, GOP officials were all smiles, confident they’d made the right move.

    As of this morning, the party’s leadership is retreating. Over the course of 24 hours, Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp all backed away from the Medicare privatization scheme. Rank-and-filed Republicans, who apparently weren’t told this was coming, were left dazed and confused.

    “It is a big problem,” one GOP aide said. “Things are unraveling.”

    Indeed, in the first round of White House budget talks, overseen by Vice President Biden, Cantor outlined his party’s vision on the budget, but largely the Medicare plan. “He didn’t need to talk about it in that room,” said one participant. “Everyone knows it’s dead.”


  7. Honestly, who did they think they were going to get to go along with this nitwit scheme? Such rank stupidity on their team, it’s baffling. Paul Ryan is a laughingstock.

  8. Remember that Rachel when you have your next silly moment of “talk me down” nonsense.

  9. Rachel was great last night.
    Also, I rarely watch The Ed Show, but glad I caught some of that last night. He gave Bush the “credit due him”. It was a nice long list of the deceit, lies, missteps, etc. Included the bit where Bush said he was no longer interested in finding Osama.

  10. Thank you for posting this, Meta. It’s so great to have all these eyes and ears open and sharing things! TNC is such a good writer, and the conversations that get going on his site are often just as good.

  11. Al-Qaeda confirmed Osama Bin Laden is indeed dead:


    sorry for the msnbc link but I would think that the news that Al-Qaeda confirms the kill should be enough to silence many who are saying he wasn’t killed aka some of the media as well as those on the left and right.

    Anyway I always have been loyal to my president and get angry when those that I used to admire aka Michael Moore go out of their way to bash Obama. I mean can this guy ever shut his fat egotistical mouth? Saying that Bin Laden’s death was an execution, etc. Well maybe it was but so what it was justice for all those he killed if you ask me.

    To think that I used to admire Michael Moore because of his 9/11 work.

  12. They’ve been getting away with stuff like this for years. POTUS, in one speech, dragged the center to the left and has even conservatives questioning how it can be fair that the GOP leadership wants to end Medicare/Medicaid/SS as we know it while cutting taxes for the rich. It’s ridiculous that President Obama receives so little credit for it because of the egotistical fundamentalists in the nutroots, but that speech is going to go down in history!

    Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will.

    Yes we can, do more, together (h/t bob).

  13. Certain ego-first folks are showing that they’re not made of much substance during President Obama’s tenure. The wheat is being separated from the chaff as we speak, and a great deal of clarity is emerging. I used to love some people and some media spaces greatly; I now see that some of them are made of complete mush, are weak and phony, and are totally overrated. It is what it is, hopefully people will come back to reality but I don’t really care if they don’t. If I were MM and had that money I’d be engaged in huge revitalization projects in Michigan. He runs his mouth yet IMO says nothing and IMO is about nothing but bible-thumping Professional Leftism and fundamentalism. But hey, it’s his right to be like that. Free country. I no longer admire him either.

  14. Well you have to consider just as 9/11 was the GOP’s political “saviour” from 2000-2011, it was also the cash cow for folks like MM – even though from the opposite end. Now the 9/11 event has is over and folks like MM have to find a new hobby.

  15. He has nothing constructive to say. It’s easy to be destructive and tear down other things and people; much harder to build things up. He’s one of many who had a heyday when regressives were in charge and were rightful recipients of condemnation. Now during this period of progress, he can’t figure out how to do anything but continue to tear things down. He’s useless IMO. If I had his money there’s any number of things which I’d be doing to help people and I don’t just mean charity. MM can pound sand.

  16. Yes, I’ve had my share of issues with Ed, but this week he has been spot on. Even when he admitted to having mixed feelings about the release of Bin Laden photographs, he stated that he trusted PBO’s judgment on that matter. I just hope he maintains this consistency.

  17. Hmmm…I was just about to post this:

    Anyway on another note, something tells me that the jobs report due today will be good . I say that because the MSM seems focused on “backlash” from the Bin Laden killings, e.g., protests, Pakistani’s foreign secretary “warning” US, etc. If they were expecting a bad jobs report, they would be happy to shift public attention and jump on that front.

  18. Awesome! I hope that bwd sees this because she’s been fretting about the economy because of the gas prices. The recovery is churning along dear bwd! It’s up to us to spread the good news, because the GOP is hard at work trying to convince the country that we’re in decline and should be miserable. The opposite is true.

    244K jobs added in April. 🙂

  19. Minority Leader Pelosi (it hurts to type that) has a post at “The Gavel” with a few choice words about the GOP Medicare backtracking. She’s not buying it. It’s classic look at that shiny object. Nothing but a way to distract from the hammering they have been getting at local town halls.



  20. You’re welcome! I’m so grateful for what FLOTUS is doing with Let’s Move and when I read TNC’s piece – how her video sparked a memory for someone that lead to a crystallization of the racism of the all the carnival barkers – I just felt it had to be read.

  21. And during the circus freak show of GOP primary debate last night, The Reverend Ron Paul authoritatively declared that “unemployment was rising” and NO ONE challenged him on that lie. No one asked him to cite the data to support his ludicrous claim. Well, I guess no one takes The Reverend Paul seriously

  22. They have moved on to the next story that can be slanted negative. Now they’re busy looking elsewhere for “protests” for Bin Laden’s death, and warnings to the US from the Pakistani foreign secretary.

  23. Everyone that voted for Ryan’s plan is a laughingstock.That vote alone will put some of them out to pasture! Good riddance!

  24. Pakistani foreign secretary can go suck an egg for all this president and other governments care. It was all just pablum for the local masses. Their credibility is now in toilet and they better amend their blustery and duplicitous ways.

  25. These Republitarians are nothing but Scott Walker with a marijuana joint. Glenn Greenwald might find that type of politics attractive, as do any number of “progressives” who sound a lot like the right wing, but for me, no thanks. IMO Ron Paul doesn’t even take the Ron Paul candidacy that seriously. If you don’t really believe in government, how in the world are you running for President??? Doesn’t make sense right out of the gate, lol.

  26. Well,who was going to challenge him? The RW Fox news people asking the questions, or the fellow idiots on the stage? They were in an echo chamber,gorging on the ideological rhetoric that they crave so much.Irony is,I think they will choke on it. Every.Last One.

  27. POTUS’ job approvals keep climbing per gallup’s three-day rolling averages index. Dems/Dem supporters continue to adore this presidency, and swing voters are now seeing what we see.

  28. This has been one of the most phenomenal weeks in presidential history.

    1. PBO gets bin Laden

    2. Is welcomed with open arms at Ground Zero

    3. Gas prices drop precipitously

    4. Job growth rises for the third straight month and growth in prior months will be revised upward according to Mark Zandi.

    5. GOP runs away from Paul Ryan’s plan to destroy Medicare.

    Not to get ahead of myself but I don’t think the GOP stands a chance in 2012.

  29. HA!gn…you are spot on today:)How are so many of them in their “govt. job I hate so much, but it pays pretty well, so I’ll bitch?” It’s laughable.

  30. Remember, even though the first quarter GDP was down, profits were up for companies, and they still have 2 trillion that they made, that they can invest in hiring.

  31. I just can’t thank President Obama enough: rather than declaring war on Pakistan for “harboring” bin Laden, he directed a focused, targeted raid which minimized casualties and spared the lives of bin Laden’s wife and children.

    Before and after. What a week!

  32. Well, oil went down to 97 this morning. That is a 20 dollar drop in one week. The oil speculators bubble burst???

  33. I have a feeling, (that with that treasure trove of information we got from bin ladens laire), he will be asking the SEALS for more help -very soon!

  34. Coates created a MASTERPIECE. I Sent a copy of it to every member of my immediate family and close friends. He articulated so succinctly what we feel and think in our hearts and minds.

  35. I completely agree; the Pakistani government is having to soothe a few people in their country. They’re walking a tightrope and I’m personally not giving a lot of credibility to what is being said in that regard.

  36. I don’t think they stand a chance either. That’s not to say we don’t have to work our keezters off,but I think Americans are beginning to get the picture.

  37. hopefruit don’t hold your breath. The media loves POTUS when he provides a dramatic story. Ed will go back to being Ed when things settle down and he gets bored; he’ll be back to bashing President Obama…I don’t trust him.

  38. What a week indeed! I feel as if I want it to start from Saturday (WH Correspondence Dinner) to present! I am totally in cloud nine!

  39. Attorney General Holder was sniffing around and he doesn’t play. You can look at that mustache and see that he’s from the old school.

  40. The highest job growth in 5 years! But Business channels are spinning this to death! Jeesh, any CEOs lobbying the news lately?

  41. **typing too fast. I would like the week to start ALL OVER AGAIN FROM SATURDAY!!!


  42. Oh! I think you’re right,jovie:):)I can’t WAIT to see the stuff in that gift the SEALS bought us!The wheels are going to come off the bus…and I bet we have many more surgical strikes just like this one.

  43. OT-jovie, I have noticed that you post a lot of excellent alternative energy links. Would you be at all open to posting a feature containing a roundup of those links for progressweekly? (feel free to say no if you don’t have the time or inclination).

  44. That’s the thing that really tickles my toes. How you gonna scream small government, bad government in one breath, and then run for government office? Makes you wonder if these fools aren’t puffing/snuffing drugs.

  45. May 5, 2011

    USDA and DOE Award Biomass Research and Development Grants to Reduce America’s Reliance on Imported Oil
    Projects will help develop sustainable, renewable biofuels in the U.S.

    WASHINGTON – As part of the Obama Administration’s comprehensive plan to address rising gas prices, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced a total of $47 million to fund eight research and development projects that will support the production of biofuels, bioenergy and high-value biobased products from a variety of biomass sources. These investments in clean, sustainable transportation fuels will help reduce U.S. oil imports, support economic development in rural America, create clean energy jobs for U.S. workers, and protect American families and businesses from future spikes in gas prices. The advanced biofuels produced through these projects are also expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 percent compared to fossil fuels.


  46. Tee hee hee 🙂 Celebrate Good Times, Come on!

    Thank you, Mr. President!

  47. May 5, 2011

    Secretary Chu Tasks Environmental, Industry and State Leaders to Recommend Best Practices for Safe, Responsible Development of America’s Onshore Natural Gas Resources

    Washington, D.C. — U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced a group of environmental, industry and state regulatory experts who will make recommendations to improve the safety and environmental performance of natural gas hydraulic fracturing from shale formations – harnessing a vital domestic energy resource while ensuring the safety of our drinking water and the health of the environment. President Obama directed Secretary Chu to convene this group as part of the President’s “Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future” ( 1 MB) – a comprehensive plan to reduce America’s oil dependence, save consumers money, and make our country the leader in clean energy industries.


  48. Thank you Rachel Maddow for verbalizing what we’ve long known but many have refused to recognize. Thank you.

    Thank you, blackwaterdog, for bringing to our attention this piece by Rachel Maddow!

  49. Jovie,
    thanks for catching that. I should have said oil prices dropped, not gas 🙂 Hopefully a drop in gas prices will soon follow.

    But I have a smile plastered on my face that isn’t going anywhere. Finally the brilliance of this Barack Obama’s presidency is being recognized. Long overdue.

  50. She’s really doing an amazing job with Let’s Move. It’s caught fire with that Beyonce video and gym teachers across the country are now into this. FLOTUS is just unbelievably impressive. So beautiful, so dignified and intelligent. And yes, seeing her and POTUS tore down by people with not even a fingernail’s worth of their character just burns for a wide variety of reasons.

  51. WASHINGTON DC – In remarks today at a benefit for the National Mall, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar outlined a vision for a public-private campaign to restore the nation’s most visited national park, and thanked the National Park Service’s many private, philanthropic, and non-profit partners for their support. The remarks were made at the Trust for the National Mall’s Annual Benefit Luncheon.

    “The National Mall is where we come to learn about our country, our leaders, and to celebrate our shared values of equality and freedom,” Secretary Salazar said. “It is imperative that we work with our philanthropic partners, the private sectors, and all Americans to ensure this special park – our most visited National Park – is able to carry forward our nation’s principles, ideals, and stories for the generations that follow.”

    Secretary Salazar also announced today that former First Lady Laura Bush has agreed to serve as honorary chair of the national campaign to restore the National Mall. The $350 million campaign is being managed by the Trust for the National Mall, the official partner of the National Park Service for the National Mall.


  52. Strong Jobs report. Nice icing on the cake. Beware of the spinners. Ignore bobswern debbie downer on the orange site.

  53. Well the unemployment rate ticked up but the jobs numbers beat all of the expectations and it seems that the jobs numbers have been increasing on a monthly basis which means the recovery is still gaining steam.

    Now for those worried about the tick up in unemployment. The best explanation I see is that you have some who have been on the sidelines entering the workforce due to more positive news which would explain the tick upwards. But with 244,000 jobs added in April and revisions upward for March and Feb. I could see the unemployment number hitting the low 8’s by the end of the year and hitting the mid 7’s in 2012.

  54. I have two friends who are deathers. they believe Osama died years ago and that Obama staged it for his reelection. Asked them where is their proof of Osama’s death from years ago, they asked me where’s Obama’s proof. Geesh.

    Then one of them says that AA’s believe whatever Obama tells them. He’s black himself but the remark was still offensive. If I was a meaner person I would have called him out on his own stupidity for having watched and believed that Alex Jones movie, The Obama Deception.

    From the whole conversation you would swear they were right wing Republicans.

  55. Not one prediction of that acolyte of krugman/some nutty website have so far come true.

  56. yes, but the unemployment rate ticked back up to 9% and you know that number sticks out more in people’s (and the media’s) minds than the jobs added.

  57. Exactly desertflower,

    They are so used to voting in lock step that they have gone off the cliff together…hopefully with the teajihist leading the way. Last night’s GOP debate was so funny. Sean Hannity was hoping that the focus group would say T-Paw won, but most voted for the “black guy” the pizza guy. I thought he was one of the craziest with his goofy answers next to Santorium. I watched the interview Sean had with Santorium and I could not believe that he said Obama followed Bush’s plan and that’s how OBL was caught. These people have no shame.

  58. Actually, the unemployment rate did tick up a bit last month, so he wasn’t totally wrong. I think he was more referring to the increase in first time applicants. But a lot of that was due to the extreme weather and in fact, although it would have been better without the bad weather, there should be an increase in employment in a lot of areas due to all the construction that will have to take place, including the manufact5uring of materials, etc.

  59. Who’s side are they on????(as if we didn’t already know)http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/banking-financial-institutions/159561-gop-senators-throw-down-roadblock-on-consumer-bureau

  60. It is amazing how fast prices at the pump rise when there is a slight change in the price of oil, but it takles forever to drop. Despite the precipitous drop this week, the cost at the pump in my area has not dropoped a cent.

  61. I was thinking about those revisions too.Let’s hope that you’re right!

  62. Release date: 04/29/2011

    Contact Information: Enesta Jones, jones.enesta@epa.gov, 202-564-7873, 202-564-4355

    WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching a new strategy to promote the use of green infrastructure by cities and towns to reduce stormwater runoff that pollutes our nation’s streams, creeks, rivers, lakes and coastal waters. Green infrastructure decreases pollution to local waterways by treating rain where it falls and keeping polluted stormwater from entering sewer systems. In addition to protecting Americans’ health by decreasing water pollution, green infrastructure provides many community benefits including increased economic activity and neighborhood revitalization, job creation, energy savings and increased recreational and green space.

    “Through this agenda, we’ll help cities and towns across the nation clean up their waters and strengthen their communities by supporting and expanding green infrastructure,” said Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe, who announced the agenda at a Green Street, Green Jobs conference focused on fostering green infrastructure in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. “Green infrastructure changes improve the health of our waters while creating local jobs, saving communities money and making them healthier and more prosperous places to raise a family and start a business.”


  63. Great idea gn. A special posting updated weekly would be great. A lot of people never see this stuff Jovie brings to the tabble here. Please say yes, jovie.

  64. WASHINGTON – To kick off Asthma Awareness Month, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is commemorating World Asthma Day by bringing awareness to a growing nationwide problem. Asthma has consistently increased over the past decade with more than 4 million additional cases reported, including nearly 1 million additional cases reported in children. One out of every 10 school aged children is affected and approximately 13 million people have reported having an asthma attack in the past year. EPA is taking action to ensure cleaner air and a healthier environment for children and families dealing with asthma.

    “All Americans should be able to breathe easy whether they’re at home, at work or on the playground,” EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson said. “Yet too many of our children and family members suffer from asthma, resulting in doctor and hospital visits, lost learning time, more sick days and higher health care costs. It’s our mission at EPA to protect the health of our communities by putting Clean Air Act safeguards in place to reduce levels of harmful pollutants in the air we all breathe. ”


  65. And you forgot to mention how much the majority of them love that torture!!!!Waterboarding all around!

  66. Thanks for the explanation Jeremy. It makes perfect sense and actually is probably going to go a bit higher before it goes back down for the reasons you stated. My son is one of the “99ers” who exhausted his unemployment benefits and therefore is not being counted.

    Owensboro, Kentucky home becomes milestone in landmark affordable housing program

    WASHINGTON – Twenty years ago, Senator Alan Cranston, Congressman Henry Gonzalez and housing advocates from across the country designed a new block grant program exclusively dedicated to producing affordable housing. Today, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) has produced one million units of affordable housing.

    Located in Owensboro, Kentucky, the one-millionth “HOME unit” is home to Michelle Nash, a mother of three who helped to construct the three-bedroom, two-bathroom house along with Habitat for Humanity.


  68. My sense is that “we ain’t seen nothing yet,” meaning that our president is just hitting his stride. For two years he had to restrain himself by working through a Democratic congress to get as much passed as possible. He negotiated like the very devil behind the scenes, but his public face had to be muted because he had to tread a fine line among some very temperamental personalities in his own party to get the votes he needed. As a result, he banked some of the most impressive legislative achievements in a generation and got as much done as possible under the radar so that a lot of positive things could happen without attracting disruptive attention.

    Since the midterms, there were no more legislative gains to be had, only battles to fight to preserve the work of the previous Congress. This has allowed him to make his presidency as expansive and even as confrontational as he chooses and to basically define the arenas in which the president can act on his own to accomplish great things. Until he can once again get a Congress that accomplishes something, the focus will be on his presidency and we are seeing him make the most of it. He’s revealing his vision for the country in new ways, calling his enemies out, sharpening his message to the American people and presenting the image of the firm, brilliant, decisive leader he is. Those who underestimated him are standing around slack-jawed, not sure what stupid move to make next. I think the best is yet to come and we’re going to be even more overawed than we are today.

  69. “…the GOP is hard at work trying to convince the country that we’re in decline and should be miserable…”

    Yes, they are:

    GOP 2012 Theme: American ‘decline’… http://tinyurl.com/48hxltt

    But, …

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together (h/t Bobr) 😉

    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

  70. May 5, 2011
    Independent Energy Solutions Completes Major Solar Electric Project for County of San DiegoSAN DIEGO, May 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/—Independent Energy Solutions, Inc. (IES), a leading solar energy development and construction firm, today announced completion of a 358 kW solar electric (photovoltaic) shade structure installation for the County of San Diego. The system, owned by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) and installed on the County’s new Operations Center parking facility, is capable of generating nearly 650,000 kilowatt-hours of clean, green electricity annually while providing cover for parked cars. The energy benefits the surrounding community and is now the largest solar energy structure on County property.

    The system, designed and built by IES, consists of 24 custom steel shade canopies, 1932 Kyocera solar modules, an inverter and a customized racking system. It produces enough power for 107 average single-family homes in San Diego County and will offset about 376 tons of greenhouse gases annually – equivalent to not driving 1 million miles.


  71. I find Jovie’s posts are so informative that if she did not post them I would not hear about the energy rebates for homeowners. I hope to get one of those low interest loans to replace my 31yr old central air/heater to a more energy efficient one this summer.

  72. pink bunny, that is a fabulous idea. The best. She would be fantastic.

  73. I have a friend, a Republican, that swears that bin Laden was killed years ago and says that he personally knows the guy that took him out. These people just never stop trying to discredit anything President Obama does.

  74. So true,
    If they’d knock 75 cents off the gas of price it would kick the economy into high gear and the oil companies would still make about 5 billion in profits per quarter.

  75. Dems can’t let them off the hook, though with the GOP talking about “common ground” they’re setting them up to whine “Dems are being mean” if the Dems keep hitting them on it.

    I think it’s a tactical retreat in hopes to save the Bush Extra Tax Cuts. The Ryan Budget put both extending tax cuts and raising costs for the old and disabled and it was an easy frame to attach to the GOP. Now by taking the medicare cuts off the table they’ll try to defend the tax cuts. They’ll try “We took the medicare cuts off the table because the Dems didn’t like it so they should take raising taxes off the table because that is a non-starter for us”.

  76. Ask the person when they believe Osama had died. Because if it’s before 2004 then ask why Bush didn’t use it for his re-election campaign, if it was before 2008 ask him why didn’t announce it for it to be on his watch, while giving a boost to the McCain election chances, and if it was before 2010 why didn’t the Dems use it to try and keep the House and save Senate seats the past mid-term.

    Their conspiracy theory falls apart as there have been more opportune times to use OBL’s death for political gain than 18 months out from the next election.

  77. With the addition of two city-funded solar projects coming online last month, the city of Riverside has achieved another milestone toward increasing its renewable energy portfolio by surpassing the 3 megawatt mark of clean, renewable energy that is produced by solar generation projects throughout the city.

    Just six months ago the city surpassed the 2 megawatt mark as commercial and residential solar projects continued to be constructed citywide, spurred on by more affordable and efficient solar technology, available tax incentives, and utility rebates. One megawatt is enough energy to serve about 750 Southern California homes.

  78. The unemployment rate did rise unexpectedly. However I believe it’s tied into folks looking for jobs again. So if you essentially stopped looking for jobs and took yourself out of the job market then you wouldn’t count in unemployment rates – however if you believe there is enough opportunity to possibly land a job and start looking then you become “unemployed” and thus spike the stats.

  79. I think it was Rachel that was speaking last night about the plight of Pakistan.They get BILLIONS of dollars from us, yet they are a very poor country. The median income/year is just $8000.On the other hand, India is far more educated, and has a booming economy.Pakistan has to figure out whether they are going to come into the 21st century,or always be the low man on the totem pole. They talk about how mad they are at the US for this mission, but the fact is,we’re the gravy train right now, and I predict they won’t bite off the hand that feeds them.Though I think that that fact alone could give us negociating strength…she explained it much better than I just did. Checck out the whole thing at MaddowBlog…I’m certain I just did a disservice to her wonderful explanation:) Sorry, Rachel.

  80. The Reverend Paul wants to use some indices (first time applicants) and exclude others (new jobs created). He can’t pick and choose to spin a narrative.

  81. What a great post.

    Just thinking of what you wrote and you are CORRECT!! I never thought of it that way and you have given me a lot of food for thought!!

    Thank you.

  82. Agreed! She was pretty amazing last night. I felt very very proud!!!

  83. Great article.

    It’s really sad to think that the reality right now for African-American children is “Work hard and study, and maybe some day you can grow up to be president, and be accused of not working hard or stydying.”

  84. Here’s what I’d do – nominate Elizabeth Warren and make her famous in a big stand-off. Then if they still block her, use this new found notoriety to launch her senate bid against Scott Brown.

    I mean how are they going to challenge her – she’s too on the side of the people?

  85. Democrats responded to a Republican threat to block any nominee to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) by saying Americans deserved the new watchdog and the GOP should not restart the battle over Wall Street reform.

    In a letter sent to the president Thursday, a bloc of 44 Republican senators vowed to block any nominee to be the first director of the agency until some of the CFPB’s new powers were checked. They argued the new bureau, which they fiercely opposed during the debate over the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, enjoys an unprecedented reach without proper Congressional oversight.

    But the White House responded to the threat by saying the American people deserved the new protections the CFPB is designed to provide.


  86. gn – you so often speak what I believe that I don’t even have to comment anymore ;). I saw that bs by Moore.. although I gave up on him when he wrote that nonsense about POTUS’s mom. He’s arrogant, as so many ‘critics’ are. Frankly, I could care less how OBL was killed.. and I’m betting most folks feel the same way.

  87. Michael Moore really does shoot his mouth off at times. He is for sure the king of the professional left.

    However, in his defense, at least he actually does get involved, whereas guys like Greenwald and Schultz just use their megaphones. He has moved back to Michigan and actually has been quite instrumental in revitalizing Traverse City and is using that plan to bring tourist dollars to other communities across the state. He’s trying to get people to re-open old downtoan movie theatres as a central destination that then leads to opening shops and restaurants and things like that.

    Don’t get me wrong–sometimes he’s just plain off his rocker. But I do give him a little more credit than others, because he has opened his own wallet at times for the good of his state.

  88. http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2011/05/crude_oil_prices_fall_below_10.html

    I heard on the Phoenix morning news that gas prices are expected to drop 20 cents a gallon “soon”–though knowing the oil companies, they will wait to gouge consumers over the Memorial Day weekend.

    And shock of shock, Paul Ryan is supposedly on board for ending subsidies to Big Oil: http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/04/29/6555624-congress-ryan-supports-ending-oil-subsidies

    I shall believe it when I see the vote.

  89. Has she demonstrated any interest in senate run? If she has, then that would be a great strategy.

  90. ^Thanks, Nintendowii10…

    I likey…Gone viral?!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together (h/t Bobr) 😉

    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

  91. Thanks rachel, yes she does a very good reporting, about the acomplishments from PBO.
    But Last nigth Lawrence O”donnel said that he change his mind, and agrees with Jon Stewart that they should realease the FOTOS,but of course Obama’s responsablilities is to protect our troops overseas and the American people (using this fotos for propaganda is NOt who we are.

  92. Swern is a disciple of Krugman and it seems like he always comes prepared with his depressive talking points at the beginning of each month – regardless of the reality of economic news. I was pleasantly surprised when he posted a positive diary about the President’s performance at the WHCD.

  93. I could not agree more Jackie… we ain’t seen nothing yet. Just imagine what the next 5 1/2 years will bring with President Barack Obama at the helm.. I am loving every minute of it 🙂

  94. I didn’t even find Stewart’s argument all that convincing. And right now, this is water under the bridge. Al-Quaida has conceded that Bin Laden is dead. End of story. I will take my President’s judgment any day over either Stewart or O’Donnell.

  95. Someone else asked a few of those questions and they had no answer. When they brought up the idea that Obama staged it for reelection, they had no answer when I asked why do this more than a year from the election and not a couple of months before?

  96. Seriously, he’s a bible-thumper so caught up in his own self-righteousness that he’s totally becoming divorced from reality. If Bush would have arranged this raid in 2001 instead of launching war against Afghanistan and Iraq, the entire country would have applauded, left, right, and center. In terms of the left, our issue with Bush was not that we were EVER invested in bin Laden’s “rights,” it’s that he attacked innocent people who had nothing to do with bin Laden. Had POTUS declared war on Pakistan, MM, GG, and the rest of the bible thumpers would have a point. As it stands, they have none.

    Arrogant, conceited, stank people. I’m glad they’re taking up for obl because it’s making them more fringe.

  97. This is perfect, Jovie. I’ve been part of an email list discussing that Blueprint and this will help me reassure folks that fraking really is being addressed in a responsible manner. Thank you so much.

  98. Unable to open files/links to videos and or photos. To Rachel Maddow’s comments/show will try later. You site is still the best on the block.Please spend some quality time with your Mom this werk end if feasible. As I take this opportunity to wish your Mothers and our First lady Michelle Obama. The strong force behind the President a Hilarious Healthy spiritfilled Day and beyond. Is to late for us to send her a signed card from our Adult,WordPress site.as we continue to fly. We can make it happen. let me know?

  99. I so agree with you – no matter how busy my day or night hers is must see tv for me!

  100. Rachel is a good person and she’s brilliant. She has been caught in the PL echo chamber sometimes but lately she has demonstrated she and her team are looking at other sources of information. In the last few weeks she has cited Eclectablog, and Steve Benen. Wow. Now she has to be made aware of sites like this one (!) and Progress Weekly ( HI GN!), The People’s View , Wee See You, P M Carpenter and others.

    Oh, and since she mentionned she must do some research when she wants to find a list of PBO’s accomplishements, we should send her the links to the best sites who provide exhaustive lists. Those sites are here on the blogroll.

    I’ve said it before: while it’s important to create and grow a parallel network of positive sites, I think we have to work on MSM as well. PENETRATE the left echo chamber and reach those in the media business who can be more balanced if we provide them progressive points of views that are more positive and pragmatic. I remain convinced that many of the left “pundits” are reachable. And Rachel can be our “entry” point since she has such a large following.

  101. lol! So well said, lovepolitics. progressweekly is aimed at moderately low-information folks who don’t pay much attention to the media but might be willing to read something once a week. I’m aiming to have the first pdf version ready this weekend so that we can experiment with printing it out and seeing if that draws traffic into the blogroll. It’s not for people like Rachel, who are already very keyed into the issues.

    I couldn’t agree with you more that people like me need to start getting over my disgust with the national media and appeal to people to read the positive fact-based sites. That’s really true, point well-made.

  102. Yah! I like Jon Stewart but he was only saying WE CAN TAKE IT! as his argument or we need to see the damages of war. Some of those things can be presented to be true, BUT it is really about inciting more violence against our troops and citizens unnecessarily if the photos are out in the World. We made those mistakes before in giving the enemy photos and illegal torture to use for recruiting propoganda. Seems like we should learn from past mistakes!

  103. gobrooklyn,
    I just read your comment about a couple of friends that seem to be deathers believing Osama Bin Laden died years ago.
    I wrote about my brother in a similar way Monday night. I never got any feedback about it either.

    My brother and I had gone to dinner and I had mentioned the death of Bin Laden and he had a similar conversation with me. I noticed he kept deflecting any questions I asked him about who his sources were and he kept trying to tell me I was being suckered by my Government. I know I felt really sad to think my brother is so much of a conspiracy theorist that he is so out of it and unreachable I couldn’t shake it for quite awhile. Atleast yours are just friends and not family with this attitude.

  104. Actually RP was right in that even though there was a healthy rise in jobs unemployment also raised in the same month. I have not found a reason how both happened at the same time yet today. I heard speculation it could have had something to do with the Japan nuclear reactor and tsunami job losses. Another said it might just be another adjustment needed or new people in the job force.

  105. True! Prices go up with even a hint of any problem or increase but don’t seem to go down.

  106. I know many have been surprised at how much PBO has actually accomplished in a very quiet nonboastful way. I knew he was a person that walked his talk from looking at his IL Senate records before he was elected. Another clue was his US Sen. records as even in such a short time he either authored or coauthored several significant bills in the Senate. It was especially significant as a comparison with his opponent in the Primary. One had the majority of their legislation in the form of resolutions of congratulations and naming buildings. Our man had significant legislation in ethics and nuclear proliferation bills. Past accomplishments inform on future performance.

  107. OG, If your brother happens to be left-handed, I may have an answer for you. If not, nevermind.

  108. OG, I have a guess that the distributors, worried about more price increases buy big lots. When the price drops, they still have to unload all that gas they bought at higher prices before they can drop the price. That can take awhile. Then, too, there is plain old gouging.

  109. There was a medical report this week about left-handed people feeling fear much more than right-handed people. The docs think the fear center is on the right side of the brain and that is the side more developed with left-handed people, so they fell more fear and are more likely to get PTSD. Could be 9/11 gave them great fear or a sort of PTSD and that could manifest itself in strange ways.

  110. Thank you so much meta for sharing this excellent article by Ta-Nahesi Coates. This is indeed “a must read.”

  111. Hi gobrooklyn, This is amazing because I had a similar encounter yesterday with what you call a “deather.” He was absolutely certain that OBL died in 2001. He strongly argued and believed that President Obama was just deceiving people about the death of OBL in order to hide his failures and the rising gas prices.

    After five minutes of my fruitless attempt at a sane conversation, I just walked away. The delusion of some of these people is beyond rational comprehension.

  112. Did any of you “left-handed” theorists happen to notice that President Obama is left- handed? I thought not! I am left- handed too and born on August 4, just like the President. I am here to tell you that we might get scared, but we sit down, think it out and do what we think is right ANYWAY!

  113. Very well said Jeff! I share your disillusion with Michael More.

  114. Another of your brilliant comment GN! I especially like this part: “If you don’t really believe in government, how in the world are you running for President???” That is the Question that Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and all the so called Libertarians need to be asked, over and over again. We must not let them off the hook about all their hypocrisy, and bs, that they pretend constitute deep philosophical positions.

    If Ron Paul pledges that if elected he will not serve, then I will believe that he means serious business when he says he does not believe in government. Even better I would take him seriously if resigns from Congress. Unless, of course, Ron Paul does not know that Congress is a part of U.S. government.

  115. Ha- good catch. I too have a son who is a lefty.. and nothing about him scares easy quite frankly, he’s been in some tough situations- and he has been a real rock to this mom on more than one occasion.

  116. I am a retired journalist who believes that Rachel Maddow is the best hope we have to restore and perpeturate democracy in America.

  117. That is exactly what they are – delusional. No point arguing with them or trying to make them see reason.

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