Yea, I kinda had a nice week….

A really moving video of people at Times Square yesterday.



63 thoughts on “Yea, I kinda had a nice week….

  1. I love that smile – and the passion he brings to his “job” and the compassion he shares with all the US citizens – no matter what the tragedy, the celebration, or event.

  2. And I love the absolute swagger, confidence and gentle manner. Just as in 2008, what the citizens see, hear, feel and know is in sharp contrast to that which is conveyed by mainstream media.

    I’m looking forward to another landslide victory in 2012. He’s just getting started.

  3. There’s my favorite, trusty Secret Service dude not far behind. I think I’ll call him “Shadow” :-).

    Enjoy yourself, Mr. President, you deserve it!

    —-PJ (temporary media detente…still basking in the afterglow)

  4. Compassion, vision and profound intelligence shine from this remarkable man. I am as moved by him now as I have always been, and am so deeply thankful that he is leading us with all of these qualities…another term indeed. We need him, and so does the world. And I agree that he is just getting started; this is a gentleman with a very long (and deep) view.
    God bless you Mr. President!

  5. bwd, you’ve been NOTHING but da bomb. On top of everything! I can’t thank you enough or overstate my admiration for you.

    WHEN PBO wins re-election we are gonna lead a sustained campaign for you to get an invite to the WH! I’m serious.

  6. Excellent coverage & POTUS is awesome.
    Senior NBC White House journalist Jake Tapper put this together.

  7. I agree – this has been and is a lifesaver. Take back the air/webwaves with the good and positive!!!

  8. This was one of my busiest weeks and it has been frustrating for me not being able to watch all the events first hand. Thank goodness for BWD, this site and all you wonderful people. What a great week for our great President and for this Country.

    Everyday I am so thankful we have this great President. People are starting to see what all of us knew all along. This world will be a better world.

    I am so thankful, BWD, that you have had a great week. We love you!

  9. YES BMW – our President finally had a week where he wasn’t being constantly criticized from the other side – what a blessing for all of us who feel pain when we hear or read bad things about him.

    Bless you for this blog – I’m late to this site but I’m curious if you would be willing to share some information about yourself – when did you post your first blog, what was the subject of that first post, and just some general info about yourself.

    I created a blog but have yet had any desire to write my own blog – I am so content to read this one and write comments and share in the wonderful unity I find on this site.

  10. And he gives 100% and is completely “present” in everything and to everyone. I have no time for the negative – and it’s been just fine for my mental health. But I want to thank all BWD people who are continuing to deal with the oppo and fight the good fight against them. Been out of the loop so long, hey, maybe DKos went bankrupt??? One can hope..

  11. Now, what I love is the lack of swagger. No swaggering, no smirking, no trumped up “events” like Shrub’s little song and dance on the Abraham Lincoln. (If anyone you know complains about how much this visit to New York cost, ask they how much they thought that little stunt cost. The AL, by the way, was five miles off San Diego at the time, well within helicopter range.)

    Just a confident, quiet, incredibly smart man who has real courage. As Biden once said during the campaign: “He’s got steel in his spine.”

    I also like that he reminds me of a Stealth fighter. Not bombastic, not a yeller, but just when the GOP think they have him out-maneuvered….he comes gliding in, guns ready.

  12. I emailed The White House last week and told them about BWD and this site. I asked for some kind of recognition for her. Maybe if others did the same. Who knows…

  13. I hope you’ll forgive me for intruding in the beginning of the thread, but if you can manage, just watch for the arrival of PBO for his speech at that military base in Kentucky. The reception, I think, will be something else. On MSNBC, they just showed the military crowd waiting… the atmosphere is electric ….

    I don’t know if the arrival will be shown on MSNBC or CNN but you can watch on The White House Live Stream. They say the speech is scheduled for 15h55, but those times are always approximative so I’m not taking any chances and I’ll check before that…

  14. Challenge is to not get too high or too low. Trump is a media stunt specialist who frequently ends up with egg on his face because he doesn’t know when to say when. Ask Rosie O’Donnell, lol!

  15. My gooooooodness I just saw a montage of PBO’s week on MSNBC which was EXTREMELY positive about the president. Images, MUSIC, violins (!!) and everything. .The kind of thing democrats would produce for an electoral campaign.


  16. On ABC’s “Nightline” last night, they had a very positive report on our President’s visit with the families of 9/11 at Ground Zero. The families were extremely grateful and welcoming of his visit – even the Republicans among them.

  17. Hey Lovepolitics, Was the montage on MSNBC cable or the MSNBC website? I would love to see it if possible.

  18. My favorite turnaround moment was seeing Giuliani on one of the news shows last night and he was just slathering praise on the President! He was invited (and came) to make the rounds with PO and he was even making self-effacing jokes abut how small he felt next to such an important man, so to speak. He seemed utterly genuine!

  19. Chip, I cannot understand why they are so two faced. They speak and shake hands with him, but when they are with theirs buddies, then the blast him.

    As I am writing, I understand since they must feel like ONE OF THE BOYS!

  20. No Jack Tapper did not put that together; it was Pres Obama’s Staff

  21. Just had tea with an old friend who has been anti-Obama since right after he took office. She listens to Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, Coulter, etc. and was always warning me to “just wait and see!” when I’d ask her to tell me ONE THING President Obama had done wrong. Just ONE, but she’d just end the conversation. Today, she told me that she and her husband called their son, who served three tours in Iraq until President Obama brought him home, right after hearing the news of OBL’s killing and they all went to a bar and bought everyone a round of drinks and raised their glasses to President Obama and a job well done! Yup. In this one instance, this president is correct. We can all come together and celebrate a JOB WELL DONE.

  22. MSNBC cable. I tell you I’ll search if I can find it on line. That was really something jaw-dropping. It looked like a campaign commercial. At least thirty seconds, maybe one minute. I was too stunned to evaluate the duration of it.

  23. How do you not love this President?
    He’s *always* moving — and he never wastes around.

  24. I know what you mean, but that’s the thing that shocked me…I could see Giuliani showing up for the awesome photo op’ but I couldn’t believe that even for one day, when he was away from the Prez and on a show being interviewed, he stuck to the praise and took no cheap shots and no caveats.

    I must say, going into 2008 Giuliani was my biggest fear, so don’t worry, I’ll never fully trust him…

  25. Janice, i think he has a kind of swagger too. Not in a bad way, but even the way in which he walks says he is a man of confidence.

    I am from Washington too.

    Does anyone know if that photo of Obama with a short, mostly bald white guy is Mitch Daniels? He is a piece of dirt. Trying to bring down Planned Parenthood in Indiana.

    These candidates are all scary. They fight to appear to be the most radical. Tim Pawlenty saying he would water board people.

  26. Thank god we have Jamie on our side. Those radio dirt bags are really annoying.

    Jamie is a hero!

  27. Just a reminder; there are so many of *us* yet we spend so much time trying to appeal to the sensibilities of the spoiled, fundamentalist, absolutists who have hijacked our voices and claim to speak for the base, and ping back and forth, back and forth, flipping out on POTUS at crucial moments. I’m making it my business to ask that people like Jamie, bwd, and wsy receive a great deal of attention instead of that flip-flopping nonsense on dfox, huffinpuffin, etc.

    Yes we can! Do more, together (I love that, bob).

  28. I have an e-mail subscription to your site and I can’t tell you how much it lifts my spirits every day to see the great pictures you post of how happy people are to see PBO everywhere he goes. It’s a great contrast to the nattering nabobs of negativism, i.e. “professional left” and their constant criticizing and carping. Nothing that he does will ever satisfy them but you remind me that they’re just a small group of bitter people and the rest of us have Barack! Thanks so much for all you do.

  29. Awesome piece about the “progressive” new media blackout of the administration’s successes for organized labor:

    This is why I advocate building up sites like this rather than wasting time trying to balance out or rehabilitate places like dkos, huffpo, etc. Those spaces use Obamabots to give credibility to fringe purists and have resulted in some awful media coverage of this WH, as during crucial moments, they flip out on the WH as well as form alliances with elected Dems, unions, etc. to damage the WH. We *must* continue to build alternatives IMO which are more stable.

  30. Nintendowii10–thank is great. Been sending it around. It carried a 2009 date. Is it on a new album?

  31. lol! I can see the argument either way but this is just my opinion on it.

  32. I just saw what I think you are referring to. Dylan Ratigan probably choked but they aired it at the end of his program after Obama’s remarks to the troops in Ky. It’s very moving, impressive, starting with his campaign promise back in 2007 that bringing bin Laden to justice would be his highest priority. And showing his strength and resolve and great moments leading up to this big moment.

  33. The only problem I have with that article is that the writer lies when he says that Obama was the Anti-war candidate. Obama was the anti Iraq war candidate. Obama said several thousand times that he would commit more troops in Afghanistan throughout 2007-2008.

    Do conservatives even listen to President Obama or do they just make assumptions that are incorrect.

  34. They don’t listen, which leads them to make assumptions.

  35. Hmm, “…former anti-war candidate”? He was never anti-war. Only anti-the war in Iraq.

  36. Yes He Did! and Yes They Did! I listened to PBO this afternoon speak to the troops and he was wonderful. I am so proud to be an American and I am so proud of our President!

  37. And when you ass-u-me, you make an …

    Well, you know the rest.

  38. Chip – In my own mind, I like to think everybody acts this way when they’ve been sprinkled by magic Obama dust by the man himself! I don’t think even Rudy knew what hit him (and personally I cannot believe he praised PBO, but I’ll take it).

  39. I don’t think Jake Tapper is with NBC – possibly it’s ABC.

    Who cares – but thought I’d mention.

  40. Dorothy – I say anybody who would waterboard other people should have it tried out on themselves first. Of course, it wouldn’t be the same thing – since they will know they won’t be killed. People who think they’ll be killed by waterboarding apparently will say anything, not necessarily the truth.

    Tim Pawlenty is worse than a fool.

  41. Blackwater Dog your blog is the best
    positive and hip thank you for this site!!!!
    Vee Pea

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