“Obama owns this war, except when good things happen”

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know that WordPress is making my life a living hell, and if things won’t improve soon, I’m going to look for a new host. Today, for example, it won’t let embed videos, which pisses me to no end. So my apologies for the incomplete posts, I just hate it.

With that, here’s a mishmash:

1. First, PBO has two public appearances today. First, at 12:15, he’ll speaks to workers at Allison Transmission Headquarters in Indianapolis. And , at 3:55 PM he’ll speak to the Troops in Kentucky. You can watch both speeches here.


2. Don’t miss this really fantastic West Wing Week


3. And, don’t miss PBO and the First Lade celebrating Cinco De Mayo. Sorry for the superficiality, but can these two people be any more beautiful? And can someone please tell them to turn that sexual chemistry down a little bit? It’s really inappropriate! 😉


4. Yea, today’s job reports is a huge relief to me…(Hi, GN 😉 . As always, to get the best perspective, Austan Goolsbee is the man.


This is one of those months when it’s impossible to tell a consistent story about the jobs report.

Job growth was unexpectedly strong last month. The unemployment rate rose to 9 percent, from 8.8 percent, its biggest one-month increase in more than a year-and-a-half.

Which of the two numbers should you believe? The short answer is the job-growth number.

// more


5. Michael Hirsh puts an end to the nonsense:

Ever so gingerly, even as they praised President Obama’s success against Osama bin Laden, some former senior Bush administration officials have sought to take a little credit for the mission themselves. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, interviewed by MSNBC this week, even called the operation “a good story for continuity across two presidencies.”

That assessment couldn’t be further from the truth. Behind Obama’s takedown of the Qaida leader this week lies a profound discontinuity between administrations—a major strategic shift in how to deal with terrorists. From his first great public moment when, as a state senator, he called Iraq a “dumb war,” Obama indicated that he thought that George W. Bush had badly misconceived the challenge of 9/11. And very quickly upon taking office as president, Obama reoriented the war back to where, in the view of many experts, it always belonged. He discarded the idea of a “global war on terror” that conflated all terror threats from al-Qaida to Hamas to Hezbollah. Obama replaced it with a covert, laserlike focus on al-Qaida and its spawn.

This reorientation was part of Obama’s reset of America’s relations with the world. Bush, having gradually expanded his definition of the war to include all Islamic “extremists,” had condemned the United States to a kind of permanent war, one that Americans had to fight all but alone because no one else agreed on such a broadly defined enemy. (Hez­bollah and Hamas, for example, arguably had legitimate political aims that al-Qaida did not, which is one reason they distanced themselves from bin Laden.) In Obama’s view, only by focusing narrowly on true transnational terrorism, and winning back all of the natural allies that the United States had lost over the previous decade, could he achieve America’s goal of uniting the world around the goal of extinguishing al-Qaida.


Fortunately for the United States, Osama bin Laden made his share of mistakes in the past decade as well. And now, at long last, with America’s focus once again back where it belonged, he has paid for them. Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld once famously lamented that “we lack metrics to know if we are winning or losing the global war on terror.” Neither he nor other senior members of the Bush administration ever developed those “metrics.” But by any metric, Barack Obama has just tallied a major victory.

// more awesome.


6. Oh yea, we know that, I’m just surprised to read on The Dallas Morning News

Obama owns this war … except when good things happen

Remember back in 2009 when President Obama  announced his plan for a troop buildup in Afghanistan? Go back and read all the conservative (okay, and liberal) commentary at the time. Conservatives were quickest to pin that war on Obama’s forehead like a
sticky Post-it note. They were certain he would fail. They were certain he’d get
his butt kicked. They were dedicated to inflicting as much political suffering
on Obama as President Bush suffered during his years of dithering over Iraq. And

Obama’s strategy — beefing up troop levels, establishing more forward
operating bases, unleashing Special Operations forces and relying more heavily
on drone strikes — has yielded its biggest of many successes: the death of Osama bin

Remember: In their words, Obama took ownership of Afghanistan, for better or
worse, with his 2009 strategy. And he who owns Afghanistan automatically gets
tarred by whatever mess develops in neighboring Pakistan.

Not so fast, the conservatives now are saying. Bin Laden’s death wasn’t
because of what Obama did. It was because of what Bush did.

// more


7. Really fascinating story about the significance and symbolism of the now famous-situation-room photo:

What ‘Situation Room Photo’ reveals about us


“The photo is visually suggestive of a new American landscape that we’re still crossing into,” says Saladin Ambar, a political science professor at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

“When Obama was elected, there were some people who thought that we had crossed a racial threshold,” Ambar says. “What his presidency is revealing is that there are many crossings.”

A black man becomes ‘protector in chief’

The photo crosses one threshold of race in its unusual framing of an African-American man threatening violence, one black commentator says.

For much of U.S. history, the black man has often been portrayed as the threat to America’s safety — the angry man, the thug, the one you cross the street to avoid, says Cheryl Contee, co-founder of Jack & Jill Politics, a blog focused on current affairs from a black perspective.

But in the Situation Room photo, Contee says, the black man is America’s protector. There’s no historical precedent for this image, she says. White Americans now see a black man not just as their president but their “protector in chief,” Contee says.

“That photo is amazing,” she says. “It’s another step toward rehabilitation of the image of black men in American culture. It’s going to forever impact how people see black men in America.”

// more


84 thoughts on ““Obama owns this war, except when good things happen”

  1. First time I’ve ever cried through West Wing Week! And I loved it when he went into the cabinet meeting to applause and said, Okay, let’s get back to work. What an utterly amazing week. Thanks so much, again and again, BWD, for all the wonderful energy you create here and all the hard work you do, and to everyone else for all the shared thoughts and links.

  2. What a week!

    My President looks five years younger since last Saturday. Yay!

    I hope he and FLOTUS are able to get some much needed rest and relaxation this weekend — they need a room, obviously, lol.

    Have a great day, everyone :-).

    —-PJ (temporary media detente…still basking in the afterglow)

  3. Nine percent of Americans blame President Barack Obama and the U.S. government for this year’s spike in gasoline prices, according to a new Washington Post/Pew Research Center poll.

    An additional 5 percent cited “not drilling enough” as an answer to the poll’s open-ended question of who or what is to blame for high prices.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0511/54448.html#ixzz1LaNVxRbM

    Well, that is good!

  4. Great pics as always BWD. I love the pics of The President and First Lady. Have a wonderful Friday!!

  5. AFGHANISTAN OPS UPDATE – ISAF tells Morning Defense it has conducted more than 1,400 operations, captured or killed more than 500 insurgent leaders, and captured or
    killed more than 2,700 lower-level insurgents in the past 90 days.

    Nearly 1,200 former insurgents have entered a government reintegration program, and 2,000 others are considering surrendering and joining the program.

    NATO SAYS IT WILL UP THE MILITARY PRESSURE on Libyan leader Muammar al-Qadhafi while political efforts to aid rebels are stepped up. Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen made the statement after a meeting Thursday in Rome of nations involved in the Libya operation.

    Morning Defense-

  6. LIBYA OPS UPDATE – NATO air forces conducted 160 sorties on Wednesday, of which 49 were strike sorties. That brings the total to 5,207 sorties and 2,091 strike sorties since March 31.

    Raids were conducted near Tripoli, Misurata and Ajdabiya. Key targets hit include several vehicles, ammunition storage sites and mobile rocket launchers, along with an air defense site.

    Eleven vessels were hailed and one boarded Wednesday in arms embargo enforcement. Since March 31, 801 vessels have been hailed, 30 boarded and five diverted.

    Morning Defense-

  7. The same old tired GOP shtick – they claim credit for everything good and blame President Obama and Dems solely for everything bad. They trash the stimulus spending, but show up to ribbon cutting ceremonies. Boehner tries to claim the mere electing of the GOP in 2010 is reason for the job gains. It’s the Obama Economy and Bush cannot possibly be blamed anymore, but Bush deserved equal credit for killing OBL because of the policies he put in place 5-6 years ago.

  8. He needs to stepdown – killing him would be a terrible message/mistake. Keep the pressure up and have him step down and leave the country as part of a negotiated truce – that will keep the country from civil war and potentially decades of guerrila warfare.

  9. I do wonder myself. They were getting really out there some time ago. I haven’t been back there ever since WEE see you and ABL came on the scene.

  10. And the MSM lets them get away with it! In the tank for the GOP! Hey, that sounds like a cool song.

  11. Anyone happen to catch the GOP “debate” last night on FoxLies? I heard it was a HUGE epic fail.

    Mr. Obama remains more popular than these losers in the Republican Party, and even more popular since it’s been under his watch that bin Laden finally got killed.

    The killing of bin Laden certainly has driven the Republicans crazy. It seems they never wanted him dead because they needed him alive as a boogie man to scare people into voting for them.

    With bin Laden killed on President Obama’s watch, how will the Republicans claim they’re tough on terrorism/national security?

    And what issues do they have to campaign on anyway? The economy is slowly recovering, people are enjoying the Affordable Care Act, the Republicans have NO viable platform, and NO viable candidates. I bet Mr. Obama laughs at them because they are clowns and even their own party knows it.

    Another good week for Team Obama. Onward and upwards to 2012 and beyond!

  12. No, I haven’t, but we have lots of great “hole-in-the-wall” type restaurants that serve great Mexican food.

  13. This certainly doesn’t apply to everyone at jjp, but it does apply to some: I think that a bunch of these sites which are excessive towards POTUS just follow the bandwagon and form an echochamber. When it was cool to bash POTUS, they bashed POTUS. Now that it’s cool to give him his props, they give him his props.

    They delight in the attention which they get from the WH for being willing to bash at crucial moments and are cloaked in self-importance.

    Meh to all of them.

    When the going got tough, the tough got going: weeseeyou, thepeoplesview, bwd very stubbornly insisted that the nutroots was out of line wrt this POTUS and cultivated a very valuable and relevant editorial voice. I know that jjp at least at one point in time was part of Jane Hamsher’s common sense media ad network which was enough for me to say no thanks.

    I don’t read the weaker sites at all but I expect for them to climb back on the bandwagon for expedience from time to time. weeseeyou is a much better alternative to jjp IMO.

  14. I heard Fox rolled out a video of Pawlenty endorsing Cap and Trade as part of their question to him about it and there was an audible gasp from the audience and Pawlenty’s only answer was to apologize for his past endorsement and say he’s been rock solid against it since then.

    Basically that endorsement/support of Cap and Trade will mitigate any damage he could do to Romney over Romneycare.

    They’re going to biker over who was once more moderate and less ideological- Today’s GOP.

  15. To jovie: I wrote this in this morning’s thread; not sure if you had a chance to see it:

    OT-jovie, I have noticed that you post a lot of excellent alternative energy links. Would you be at all open to posting a feature containing a roundup of those links for progressweekly? (feel free to say no if you don’t have the time or inclination).

  16. Thanks, BWD, for all the past, present, and continuous excitin’, factual news updates…Truth, no lies…

    Whereever you go, WE’re right there w/you. ::Virtual Hugs::

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together! (h/t Bobr) 😉

    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

  17. So true – Bottom line, the thread that runs through any issue relating to the Republican Party is hypocrisy. It’s always there no matter what the subject matter is. This is one area where they are very consistent and rarely disappoint.

    As others have said, the media is the conveyor belt that facilitates the hypocrisy. I keep wondering if we will ever reach a tipping point with the batsh*t crazy nonsense that constantly emanates from the GOP. There is an endless supply of just plain nuts GOP members of congress. Sadly the media continues to report on them as if they are a credible opposition party.

  18. The thing I’ve always noticed as President Obama interacts with the people waiting to shake his hand, some of them laughing with joy, some crying with the same kind of joy, is the stone faced men behind him watching hands and cameras.

    And I thank God for them. I wish there were some way we could give them some kind of appreciation as we do the troops who put their lives in peril every day of their tours of duty in foreign lands.

    Thank you, thank you members of the Secret Service for your stone-faced vigilance in keeping our president safe,

  19. WP is definitely a strange animal. Hang in there, BWD.

    Another must read:

    “Ever so gingerly, even as they praised President Obama’s success against Osama bin Laden, some former senior Bush administration officials have sought to take a little credit for the mission themselves. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, interviewed by MSNBC this week, even called the operation “a good story for continuity across two presidencies.”

    That assessment couldn’t be further from the truth. Behind Obama’s takedown of the Qaida leader this week lies a profound discontinuity between administrations—a major strategic shift in how to deal with terrorists. From his first great public moment when, as a state senator, he called Iraq a “dumb war,” Obama indicated that he thought that George W. Bush had badly misconceived the challenge of 9/11. And very quickly upon taking office as president, Obama reoriented the war back to where, in the view of many experts, it always belonged. He discarded the idea of a “global war on terror” that conflated all terror threats from al-Qaida to Hamas to Hezbollah. Obama replaced it with a covert, laserlike focus on al-Qaida and its spawn.”


  20. “…I hope he and FLOTUS are able to get some much needed rest and relaxation this weekend — they need a room, obviously, lol.”

    Me, too…

    Although FLOTUS is 47 and POTUS will be 50, I guess it wasn’t “in the cards” for them to have a male mini-me of BHO…huh? 😦

  21. Yup. There are many ‘progressive blogs’ that are ready to jump on to the wagon, even to the point of hijacking it, when all along they were trying to remove the axle pin. Lying hypocrites are better than these fauxgressives.

    Today, US drones hit waziristan again killing 8 militants. One more lesson to Pakistan – don’t mess with me again.

  22. I do like the Dallas Morning News take and something I forgot about. Yes it is quite interesting how Rethugs wanted to make Obama own the Afghanistan when it was seen as a bad thing but when good things come out of it they want credit. Hypocrits to the bitter end.

    Sorry but a lot of this other pundocracy is nonsense. “Now Americans see a black man as protector?” Oh please! What garbage. If one makes the argument that Obama’s presidency in general and all the good things that have come from it I would be on board. But one incident and one photo and all of a sudden Americans are all going for one mindset to another? Give me a break!

  23. I am sorry WordPress is giving you fits. this has been a great post. Thanks as always

  24. Remember it was dubya and that skunk bliar who rehabilitated this egomaniac tyrant, all for the oil for beepee, just a few years back.

  25. Re: wordpress—it’s my understanding that you can actually get another domain name and install wordpress’ software at that domain so that you can bring this same template with you if you end up having to leave. I’m not very good with techie stuff and don’t know how that would work.

  26. Obama to visit Kentucky to meet Bin Laden raid team


    US President Barack Obama is to visit Fort Campbell in Kentucky to meet and thank members of the special forces team that killed Osama Bin Laden at his compound in Pakistan five days ago.

    Mr Obama is expected to express his gratitude to the raid team privately.

    The news comes a day after the president visited New York City to lay a wreath at Ground Zero.


    President Obama is scheduled to arrive at the Fort Campbell military base on Friday afternoon.

    The president “will have the opportunity to privately thank some of the special operators involved in the operation,” a White House official said.

    Mr Obama, who will be joined by Vice President Joe Biden, will also address soldiers who have returned from Afghanistan during his trip to the base.

    He is also scheduled to make a stop in the state of Indianapolis on Friday to promote his energy policies and showcase a transmission plant that produces systems for hybrid cars.

    A bit of multitasking, eh, Mr President ? 🙂

  27. That’s exactly right; they want to hijack our voices and in addition get in front of the labor of millions of people and claim credit for it. This is in order to try to “force” the WH into implementing their short-sighted ideas as well as to feel important. Without regard to the consequences of GOP rule. That last election did it for me. Glad to be participating in spaces which represent my values, my views, and my voice.

  28. Young women who are considering marriage should consider: Yes, he loves me — but does he love me like Barack loves Michelle?

    It’s a high standard but worth trying for.

    (The President always looks at the First Lady with such POWERFUL love in his eyes. I’m soooo jealous.)

  29. Right, and let’s not forget John McCain!! One year, he’s praising Qaddafi, a couple years later, he’s posing with the Libyan rebels. I thank God he’s not the CIC.

  30. Jovie, this really, really makes me believe that the Beltway echo chamber is basically speaking to itself. Out here in the real world, people seem to be able to form correct opinions based on fact, not on what some pundit says in NY or DC.

  31. That’s why I post the information about GOP hypocrisy on the stimulus on my FB wall every, single day, St. R, and I post every bit of info I can find that exposes how GWB gave up on finding OBL and the mistakes that he made. I will not let up on this. I’m sick of the GOP’s games. I’m receiving more friend requests to my FB account, too. Most of them are former students and co-workers. I received a message from one of my former students and one of my former co-workers this week applauding me for exposing the GOP and GWB. I also post every piece of info I can get my hands on that shows how PBO reaches out to Boehner and the others, and how they stab him in the back. I’m hoping that my FB friends will pass this information on to others they know.

  32. Thanks for all of the interesting links. I especially enjoyed this episode of west wing week. Also, too word press has been acting kind of odd for trying to comment.

  33. And thanks to dear Vice President Biden for working with the people in Congress he still calls his “colleagues.” What a guy, behind the scenes or otherwise!

  34. I’m not familiar enough with the political situation of Pakistan. I wonder what percentage of the population these protesters represent. I hope it’s not that significant. Every country has its extremists….

  35. Good. Get all of this action in Pakistan out of the way around the same time period. And I’m guessing Pakistani intelligence had a part in this, whether or not they can safely say that (since they are major targets of terrorists, too). I can understand their reticence – as long as they are cooperating.

  36. PJ – So funny – “they need a room.”

    They have a room, of course – trouble is it’s got armed guards outside of it! Wish they could slip away and be “normal” for one night! Oh, well, they will in 2017.

  37. Labour didn’t come out too well in Scotland, though. The SNP won enough votes to form a majority government, and if the Scots decide to split from the UK Labour stands to lose the most. A good chunk of their MPs are from Scotland.

  38. Hmmm..I guess the ad from the Koch-funded “taxpayers union” organization trying to blame our President for the high gas prices is NOT working as well as they would like, huh!

  39. He’s one person I’d like to see stand trial. They could have it on C-Span and sell popcorn, because nothing he would say would make any sense. I’m hoping he’s captured alive.

  40. Wow!! The eyes say it all. I am soooo jealous. I just passed a thirteen year being widowed on my anniversary date this week. I am glad it was a good political week.

    I love that our President and First Lady have a strong committed marriage. My late husband and I used to be Marriage Prep providers in our church counseling about to be married couples. There are so many politicians out there espousing family values that are unfaithful in their vows. It is so obvious that this marriage is strong. Our First Family is representing strong family values for all of our country. These photos represent another valuable attribute this President brings to his role as President besides a strong Commander-in-Chief.

  41. Glad to see that americans have some common sense.

    Even better news: yesterday, the price of oil on the market has gone down under 100$ a barrel. “Market correction” they say. I wonder if some of the reasons are the new task force of te DOJ on oil speculation, and the discussions between the WH and the OPEC countries….

    We can expect gaz prices to go down a little in the coming weeks. Yesssss….

  42. Joan – Secret Service personnel, men and women, are truly unbelievable heroes. Can you just imagine having their responsibility? I can’t. Of course, the only reward they seek is to keep the President (and others they protect) safe and sound. But it would be lovely to have some type of recognition for them.

  43. Get your own domain with your own copy of wordpress. It’s cheap and easy to set up. Many hosts provide the option of an automated install of wordpress to make it even easier.

  44. I too agree with Jovie and LL.

    The Beltway journalists are indeed in a bubble. We rarely see one of them expressing an original thought.

    To be fair, some of them don’t have a lot of time and have to “produce” something everyday.

    However, one of the core problems I think is their lack of depth of knowledge on anything except the political game. This lack of knowledge is one of the main reasons, I think, why they’re not able to push back against the often incorrect republican talking points. ( Democrats ought to “help” journalists on that front, and feed them with some TRUE and easy to understand information).

  45. Upon watching the various videos about PBO’s trip to NY, NY yesterday there was one with PBO talking with the police telling them how much they were to be appreciated for their part in vigilance (my words).

    There was a large man in a suit that stood to PBO’s left that he faced the most. That man had a very stern look on his face. I usually can read faces quite easily, but I could not figure out if he was trying hard not to react so had this look due to that reason or that he was so opposed to the President that he could not look at him or relate to anything he said.

    There was one man from the family group visited that was an out and out Republican by his own admission that had lost a family member and he was so grateful to our President and enthusiastic that he came to talk with them and got Bin Laden.

  46. I read at wsy, that Pakistan is arresting people and trying to say it has something to do with working with the US. Unbelievable.

  47. I appreciate this site so much, BWD. Last night after reading posts here I went to OFA and they were infested with trolls.

    I heard on my local progressive radio this morning that the host on that show gets many more death threats and threatening emails when PBO has a good week. Thank you for enduring the frustrations inorder to post this blog for us. We appreciate your work.

  48. Thank you,gn, for another astute comment. The PL and their fauxgressive followers spend their time behaving destructively while, as you said,then try to get in front of millions of us to claim that THEY deserve the credit for MAKING him do what little they deign to like.

    I’m also disgusted that what “liberal” air time we get is devoted to the most extreme voices. Well, we millions will be out their raising money, registering voters and getting them to the polls.

  49. Great catch, jovie, (one of many you contribute on a daily basis). Very reassuring numbers, especially now that there is a concerted effort to pin this on PBO.

  50. I wonder how the two other potential “moderate” candidate will be received. Daniels ( who’s not really moderate when you look at his record) has one high negative: his work as Bush’s budget director. Jon Huntsman is better positionned. I don’t think his working for PBO will hurt him that much because he can spin it as working for his country. His beeing a Mormon presents a difficulty with the religious right though.

  51. Don’t see as how Gadaffi can logically step down. What’s the incentive? If his own people don’t kill him, he’s on his way to the Hague. I just wished he cared enough about his country to stop the carnage by stepping down. Unfortunately, putting country first is not the hallmark of a megalomaniacal dictator.

  52. And…don’t forget, SR, that they blamed 9/11 on former President Clinton.

  53. BWG: Is there anything I can do to help you with Word Press? Please let me know.

  54. Heh. Well whichever repub. is UNFORTUNATE enough to get the nod (sacrificial lamb?), PBO won’t give him/her a free skate either on the campaign trail or debates.

  55. I agree that the generalization is over the top, but the killing of Bin Laden could indeed have an impact on some independants who don’t follow politics so much.

    Or… I’m wondering if this isn’t a case of projection. Could it be that it’s the “pundits” and “journalists” who won’t see PBO in the same light now ? I’ve ALWAYS felt that they didn’t accept him fully as a president. His race is one factor I’m sure but for me it’s always been also about his age, about the way he ascended to the presidency so quickly without “paying his dues”, passing over candidates older and more known in the Beltway. Add to that his sophisticated intellectual persona, which was not fitting the “macho daddy” stereotype.

  56. BWD this collection of articles is fabulous. I’m especially happy about the article in the Dallas Morning News ( #6) . Some implacable TRUTH for change.

    I can’t wait for the speech in Kentucky tonight…

  57. I love how the far left are now defending terrorist. They will do anything to attack President Obama.

    I love how they said that the attack on Bin Laden and his men violated international law like the guy is some head of state and controls a country.

    The far left and far right is looking really bad right now.

  58. It’s a very complicated region. There is no doubt that there’s a faction of younger Pakistanis who would want to join the Arab Spring. But there are also entrenched Taliban-like supporters.

    No matter what, there were going to be some protests and some grumbling about ‘sovereignty’. The Obama administration had enough intel I’m sure to determine that the Pakistanis could not be trusted with any kind of warning. They can grumble all they want — they need to answer for not knowing or accepting bin Laden living in relative luxury in the neighborhood of their version of West Point.

  59. I’m sorry for your loss. Time helps but cannot completely fill the hole left by a loved one.

    These days of remembrance, however, bring them alive once again.

  60. There will be nothing that the President do that will please them! NOTHING!

    If he had captured Bin Laden, they would have said the President should have killed him. Then they would say, which prison will he go and in what state as no one wants him in their back yard! Where would they try him?

    All MY President needs to do is just go along doing what he does BEST as there is no one that would do a better job than him!

  61. It’s so interesting: nothing has changed except the intensity and blatant-ness of Republicans. Bush acted like a whiny baby as soon as he was installed as President: anything Clinton did, he did the opposite. That’s why Richard Clarke’s and even Clinton’s warnings about the next big threat to America being al-Qaeda, was wilfully ignored. If Clinton did it, then we won’t do it.

    The irony that these are the supposed ‘adults’. It’s hideous.

  62. Somehow, I am still impressed by the ability of this Presidency to instill revolution in countries by such “simple” means.

    A speech in Cairo set off a number of revolutions in North Africa.

    A clean, incisive raid on a safe house in Pakistan throws the all-powerful military of that country off-base.

    One wonders what else is brewing …

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