Thursday Morning Open Mishmash

Hi guys,

I’ll be back later to cover PBO’s visit in NYC. Have a good day.

Today’s schedule:

9:30 AM PBO departs the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base.

9:45 AM PBO departs Andrews Air Force Base en route New York, New York.

10:00 AM VPB hosts a meeting with members of Congress to begin work on a legislative framework for comprehensive deficit reduction.

10:35 AM PBO arrives in New York, New York.

1:25 PM PBO participates in a wreath laying ceremony.

1:30 PM VPB participates in a wreath laying ceremony and meets with 9/11 family members and first responders at the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon.

1:45 PM PBO meets with 9/11 family members.

3:10 PM PBO departs New York, New York en route Andrews Air Force Base.

4:00 PM PBO arrives at Andrews Air Force Base.

4:15 PM PBO arrives at the White House.

5:00 PM
6:00 PM Barack and Michelle Obama host a Cinco de Mayo reception; Barack Obama delivers remarks.

The big three cable news channels are all planning special coverage for the event.

CNN will have Anderson Cooper anchoring the program starting at 11 AM ET, hours ahead of his normal 10 PM show. John King will also anchor his 7 PM program from the site.

Fox News will have reporters on the site starting at 6 AM ET during “Fox & Friends,” with Bill Hemmer anchoring at Ground Zero starting at 9 AM. MSNBC will have Chris Matthews anchoring starting at 1 PM ET, which will include the wreath laying. Tamron Hall will take over anchor duties at 2 PM ET.

ABC News will produce a special report for Obama’s visit and the wreath laying ceremony. Diane Sawyer anchors.



161 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Open Mishmash

  1. Once again, I’ll be at work, unable to watch. Hopefully the radio will cover this moment-and what a moment it will be. Quiet, dignified, with hugs and all-I wouldn’t be surprised if Michelle also goes with him to hug the wives and kids.

    I hope he does deviate from the script and says a few remarks about tolerance and acceptance-some Muslim kids have been harassed in the last few days.

    While nothing will bring back the dead, the fact that there won’t be another attack coordinated by him will be an immense relief. No more video, no more audio. We can put September 11th truly behind us.

  2. I just realized there is another way the successful raid on Osama bin Laden’s “lair” is healing:

    It puts to rest the feeling at least I had that the rescue operation of the hostages in 1980 was impossible and doomed to fail anyway (I was a 23 year old physics student at that time).

    What we learned in the past days is that this President has learned from the mistake(s) of his predecessor:

    If there is an operation by helicopters, you need at least as many to recover your soldiers as there are to perform the raid itself.

  3. Absolutely. As the saying goes, To succeed, one must anticipate all contingencies and scenarios of failure. Obama did just that!

  4. Good morning and thanks for the wonderful reportage bwd! I am loving the President’s leadership with respect to a somber and dignified laying 9/11 to rest. I pray that we all find peace, and soon. /blowing kisses to the TOAITR family

  5. Good morning, I think everyone is missing the point,which is that the obama administration is able to come back and make the correction and that they were transparent from the start. They immediately came out and said that he was not armed. That is change we can believe in.

  6. Good morning everyone. I have a long work day. Will follow on my Blackberry. This should be a beautiful somber occasion
    I hope it has great meaning for the 9/11 families.

  7. Morning,family.I will be at work as well, but may set the DVR to capture what should be a very moving day.I just know that I can’t wait to see the pictures of this moment that Pete Sousa captures for history.

  8. Morning tulips; the media is ridiculous. They didn’t have the story straight and are blaming the administration. I personally don’t give a rat’s behind if bin Laden had a rocket launcher or a strawberry shortcake. That his wives and children (unconscionable that he had kids living with him wtf, unconscionable) were spared speaks volumes about this administration and that SEAL team. President Obama: you did good. Ignore the haters.

  9. Today marks the closing of a very somber chapter in our history. While it is certainly not the end of the pain for those who lost love ones or who suffer the ill effects from this horrific event, it does changes how we think about it.

    I praise our good President for going to the site and honoring everyone and their families in a solemn laying of a wreath, in quiet remembrance of all that was lost. I absolutely believe he will be a tremendous comfort to the families and first responders. His compassion and sincerity and warmth will be deeply felt. I am very, very sure of that.

  10. That’s my understanding. It’s quite unfortunate that racists are being racists, but this is the USA. What I do love about the story of the child/teenager who was verbally assaulted by a bigoted teacher (who said that she must be in mourning over obl because she’s muslim) is how the other children stood up for her.

  11. Pioneer Care has provided quality senior care services in Fergus Falls, Minn. since 1928. That tradition will continue thanks to a new 105-bed facility that celebrated its grand opening on April 15 as part of USDA Rural Development’s annual Earth Day celebration.

    Rural Development financed the construction of the new 105-bed facility with over $21 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds through its direct and guaranteed community facilities loan program. Over $2 million was raised through a private capital campaign.

    Not only does this project create and save jobs in the region, it also improves access to quality health care and features several environmentally-friendly features. These include storm water management ponds used for site irrigation, natural lighting, a 60 percent reduction in air filtration, the use of recycled materials during construction, and improved roofing and insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs.

    “We at Pioneer appreciate the support from all of you,” CEO John Richards told a crowd of about 1,000 for the grand opening. “This facility was designed so that residents can truly call this home.”

  12. Jovie:
    What in the world does this have to do with what this blog is about today??? Please show some sensitivity!

  13. WOW! Good morning! I though bringing news to the blog about anything related to the economy and or the President, was valuable.
    I promise all of you, I will not make that mistake again…
    How is that for being sensitive?

  14. Actually I thought her post is fine, this is a mishmash post, right? I’ll take all the positive stories I can get, LOL!

  15. Amen is right.The people that really matter, not the talking heads,will see this moment for what it is, and what it was meant to be.I will take a moment today to reflect on this historical passage, and think of the families that have lost so much.I love my President, for all he does.Everyday.

  16. jovie…keep doing what you do so well…I want to hear.Thanks bunches!Someone just got up late for work?

  17. By the way, YOU’RE not the one that made a “mistake.”No apologies necessary.

  18. President Obama will travel to Fort Campbell, Ky., on Friday to talk with service members who have returned recently from tours in Afghanistan, the White House said in a release.

    Fort Campbell is home to several units including the 101st Airborne Division, which had several brigades in the war-torn country.

    The president is scheduled to visit Ground Zero in New York on Thursday.


  19. I’m really glad to see this news about a wonderful place for senior care. There should be more of these. Many more.

    Thx for bringing us that.

  20. Yes, it’s those people that really matter. And I know that each person our President embraces today will feel this deeply.

    This is another day of moving forward for America, thanks to President Obama.

  21. President Obama on Wednesday announced he will fill three posts in his administration including the Ambassador to Kuwait and an assistant secretary for Defense.

    Obama’s pick for Kuwaiti ambassador, Matthew H. Tueller, formerly served as deputy chief of mission at the Cairo embassy in Egypt. Barbara McQuiston, who is tapped as assistant secretary of Defense for Acquisitions, is an independent technology consultant.

    The president also announced he is nominating Laura A. Cordero to serve on the board of trustees of the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation.

    Obama said: “I am proud that such experienced and committed individuals have agreed to serve the American people in these important roles. I look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead.”

  22. I totally agree – especially since the Media are clamoring for information. If they didn’t get it then they would be complaining about the lack of “transparency”.

    For the Media and the haters, ANYTHING the President does is never going to be good enough!
    They will complain and nitpick to death anything to create news and drama.

    HRC was right, President Obama could walk on water, and they would criticize about how could he get his feet wet?

    The fact is, all those people who think they know better is laughable. They will never be able to be as courageous, as good as our President. It’s inconceivable to think that they could even be capable of doing half as much as this great man, and yet they think that makes them smart enough to quarterback his every move. It’s always easier to critique than to create. That’s what’s so pathetic about all of them.

  23. That message is being lost in the attacks on the process. Completely lost.

    And that we have to ‘explain’ it is, unfortunately, a failure of messaging by the administration. This opens up big, gaping holes that Republicans can run a convoy through.

    Panetta fumbling on whether or not ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ contributed to this achievement — inexcusable.

    We’re two years and counting in this administration. I frankly am completely baffled that Obama’s message machine is not at the very least equal to the Republicans’, if not surpassing it. I don’t get it.

    None of what we’re hearing from Repubs is unexpected. The POTUS and his administration should have a functioning message machine. These fumbles, and all of our efforts to diffuse them, are just not acceptable. There is too much at stake.

  24. I’m also hearing that they are going to the Kentucky Derby but don’t know if that’s true or not.

  25. Good Morning everyone.

    I feel blessed to have such a sensitive and empathic President. It’s such a classy thing to do to make it about trying to provide closure to the families of all the 9/11 victims in NY.

    I wish everyone a peaceful and calm day!

  26. POTUS got a very tough judge confirmed yesterday, Reid had to file cloture(very unusual for judges). Final vote 50-44.
    So far this session, we have confirmed 20 judges.
    Lots of openings and nominations to go, as this President is facing an unprecedented amount of retirements…

    Just thought you all would like to know his name, Judge McConnell.

  27. Two things.

    Jovie keeop up the good work.

    Secondly, and I am sure this may have been commented on in the past few days when I have been out of town and unable to read posts or comments, but today is symbolic of something that is very special about this President. No boasting, no gloating, no glorification of self, directing the focus to others.

    The man is the total personification of the word dignity, something that has been lacking in the Oval Office for decades.

  28. Joe is getting ready to go to the BLAIR house to start those negotiations on the budget.
    Lets wish him luck!

  29. When is the Kentucky Derby? And I have to tell you, that race is full of rich conservatives(in the stands). LOL!

  30. Mr. President,

    May the Angels of Peace connect to the people you Touch and Honor today. I am confident you will be guided with the best words for these people to hear, and I trust that this will be a healing motivating time for the people of 9/11 to have some closure.

    May the Angels of Peace surround you and offer you the same Peace in Heart and Mind you give to our country. God Bless you and your family today Mr. President.

    Thank You for all you do for America !

  31. Here’s what you need to know from Wednesday’s White House briefing with press secretary Jay Carney:
    — President Obama invited President Bush to ground zero with him because “this is a moment of unity for Americans and a moment to recall the unity that existed in this country in the wake of the attacks on 9/11,” Carney said. He added that “we completely understand that he’s not able to come.”

    — The American team that killed Osama bin Laden would have taken him alive if he had given up peacefully, Carney said. “If he had surrendered … then that would have been bringing him to justice as well,” he said.

    — Carney dismissed the argument that torture techniques led to information of bin Laden’s whereabouts. “I can say with certainty that no single piece of information, with the exception of the address of the compound, was vital to this, was singularly vital to this, because we’re talking about tiny bits of information,” he said. But he said he couldn’t “categorically rule out” that evidence gathered through torture was used to find bin Laden.

    — Asked about Pakistan’s claim that the raid was unauthorized, Carney dismissed concerns of a fraught relationship and said “their cooperation has been essential.”

    With video…

  32. Honestly, I don’t think anyone out there cares about all this. People wanted BL dead, now he’s dead, and PBO did it. That’s the only thing people are talking about now, not the cable and media BS. Frankly, I think we give the media far more credit than they deserve. People care about the economy and then national security. If they feel good and safe in the lives, they’ll credit the president. If not, they won’t. This is just the way it is. And this is why, to be perfectly honest, I’m very very worried about the economy. I think the recovery is in a real danger now, and as we saw in 2010 – People have no problem to vote against their own interests.

  33. With PBO in NY and Biden at the Pentagon – what about the families of the Pa “Let’s Roll” plane? Will they be in NY?

  34. Amen. This is akin to attending a funeral and saying goodbye. This is very necessary and symbolic and a healing moment for our nation.

    This will dignify the mourners and bring closure.

    Thank you President Obama.

  35. I think it was exceptionally nice they invited Bush. Again, the dignity of the man is unparalled.
    There has been, as usual, the carping on the right about how often the President referred to himself in the initial announcement of the raid and killing of Obama. They say it showed arrogance. To me it showed that he was accepting responsibility including if it had gone wrong. And they totally ignored how he ascribed over and over the success of the mission to others.

  36. Oh yeah, one more very important thing. And I think this is what I saw, based on reports from Paksitan and Anderson Cooper(beleive it or not). The Helicopters used in the raid, were stealth.
    The Commanche, was supposedly canceled due to it not working.
    Well, I guess it was not canceled. How do we know this? The blown up Helicopter rotars were still in tact.
    These rotars are specifically advanced for stealth design.
    Hopefully, Pakistan does not sell this information to CHINA.
    That said, if this is true, then It was even more gutsy choice by POTUS. IT tells all foregin govts, we can infiltrate any country for rescue missions and or raids. So beware!

  37. Good question. They may be, but I highly doubt they have been forgotten. And the fact is, the families of the people on that plabne are all over the place. It wouldn’t surprise me if he or the VP made a special effort to at least go to the site in the next few days. I know that he made mention of that incident as well on Sunday night.

  38. OOOPS! OSAMA! We all do it, though. YIKES!

    God, all the news casters are doing it, too. I think they do it, so it gets into our heads and we start to confuse the two.
    Again, the GOP is the party of Psychologists, always Ph*cking with our minds.

    But, I totally agree with your post and posts.

  39. Faith, here is the big difference. The Republican message machine doesn’t care aboiut truth. It is perfectly willing to put out lies. The Dems, including the Adminstration, have a much higher level of honesty. It is easy to get messages out there when you are willing to disregard things like facts. It is also much more difficult to counter.

  40. I can’t believe I did that. Too many things going through my head at one time.

  41. VEEP is also going to the PENTAGON today for the same reason.
    I saw on CNN, some guy went to the Memorial at the Pentagon, for the deceased.
    He brought a Bottle of champagne with him and toasted the killing of Osama with the memories of the slain(from 9/11).
    Intersting, that people put this much thought into stuff.

  42. Its all good! I hear the news peeps do it all the time. Hear is the thing though, they are reading a tele-prompter. so, they are purposely trying to mess with our heads on this. Just a thought!


  43. So true BWD. I could give a rats arse what Chuck Todd or any of the talking news celebrities say or think. They do not convey any news just drama 24/7 for ratings. They do not want people to think because if they did, people will start wondering, how could a president get OBL in a little over 2 1/5 years in office when Bush could not catch or find him AND stopped looking for him. The MSM will NEVER propose or investigate that.

  44. I really like all the positive economic news you post, please don’t listen to that post because I find it so informative and encouraging. Thanks Jovie.

  45. I totally agree with you on this.I also see him leading the country,in a different direction by trying to change the tone of how the business of politics should be done in the best interests of the COUNTRY, not of a particular political party or ideology.Turning the Titanic around is hard work.

  46. Nice. If there is anyone that is blessed with the knowledge of the power of words, it is this man.

  47. That fact alone would give me pause if I were thinking of messing with US! Ouch!

  48. I absolutely agree. Bin Laden nor his assassins didn’t care that more than 3,000 people were unarmed here in the US or all those who were killed in other countries were unarmed.

  49. Soon, this will be all over the MSM! Just letting you know it can be spun very postively for the US. Or, when glen beck gets a hold of this information- he will probably want to throw the President in JAIL. LOL!

  50. Like I said the other day, they could STOP this nonsense if they just called the President by his rightfully earned title: “THE PRESIDENT said.”

  51. I have to agree about Leon Panetta. This was not his finest hour. And the briefing by John Brennan monday morning raises questions.

    There may very well be a problem within the administration’s message machine. And I have no doubt President Obama is NOT happy about the messaging this week.

    On the other hand, I’ve always suspected that whithin the national security apparatus there are numerous people who are not friends of the administration. There has been a lot of rumors about the Cheney moles for example. To what extent are they responsible for the “leaks” that happen, to what extent do they manage the information going to the top administration officials ??? I admit this is a question that haunts me.

  52. I agree. If you listen to the Repubs, almost on any given day, they use the same phrases in their singular message. It’s a though they get a daily briefing on what the talking points will be that day. It doesn’t matter if it’s the truth or not. Everyone says the same thing. Also, it’s a lot easier for the Repubs when they have a corporate media willing to give them a platform to say whatever without any push back.

    However, if we’re talking facts, couldn’t the Dems do the same thing? At least receive a daily briefing where they are given most if not all the FACTS on a given issue? I think at least it could be done for Cabinet members and officials in the WH.

  53. I enjoy reading all your comments. You bring information on various issues. Please don’t stop!

  54. Important question, SR. Maybe they’ve been invited at either of the two events ?

  55. Also, I think the Presidents team did not expect the BUSH peeps to be out so forecfully on every show, trying to take credit for OBL.
    I think it made some people in the amdinstration panic and put out information hastily.
    These Bush peeps did one thing exceptional, during their time in office- MESSAGING!
    They are experts at messaging! They would have to be to get GW elected twice. It is what it is!

  56. I can’t believe a teacher did that to a child – thank heaven for those children who know better than the adult who’s supposed to guide them.

  57. BWD i respectfully disagree about the economy. Like i stated before i see real changes and know of hiring going on here in chicago.Its not big burst, small increments that will make the economy grow. The auto industry is playing a big role in employment. I witnessed a hundred of Afican american in line here for the new ford hiring. That has never been done in the inner city. people was so optimistic. He is going to get this done.

  58. I imagine destroying the rotars is not important. What’s important is to destroy all the electronic equipment inside of the helicopter.

  59. So true – it’s highly offensive that the media is trying to imply that bin Laden was somehow innocent because he was unarmed when he was killed. They have no moral boundary, this media – they don’t think about what they’re saying at all.

  60. Sometimes it’s hard to overlook the carping, but I try. Maybe one day Americans will become adults, too. There’s carping about this being a photo-opt for 2012 campaign. How stupid is that??? I think we have to accept that 15-20% of Americans are uninformed and ignorant.

  61. The Justice Department has telegraphed its intent to tackle anti-trust concerns over the NCAA’s lack of a college football playoff system at its highest level, the Associated Press reported.

    In a letter this week, the department’s antitrust chief, Christine Varney, asked NCAA President Mark Emmert why a playoff system isn’t used in football, unlike in other sports, and what steps the NCAA has taken to create one.

    Critics of the Bowl Championship Series, which decides the Division I champion via bowl games, contend it unfairly gives some schools preferential access to the title championship game and end-of-the-season bowl contests.

    The NCAA said Wednesday it would respond to the government’s questions when it receives the letter.

    Spokesman Bob Williams said Emmert consistently has said the NCAA is willing to move to a playoff format if schools with the nation’s major football programs want to go that route.

    Bill Hancock, the BCS executive director, was confident the current system complies with the law.


    This was a campaing promise of POTUS! However, Seems so mondane, with everything else happening.

  62. The reason helicopeter are difficult to make stealthy is b/c of the rotars.
    A very large radar footprint, comes from the rotars.
    I guess the Commanche figured that out… This is Good news for John McSame.

  63. How sad – I hadn’t heard the story of the teacher before this. Certainly, that teacher deserves a suspension for those remarks, and probably shouldn’t be anywhere near children in the first place.

    One thing we must remember, too, is that there are racists all around the world – not just in the USA – so here’s hoping for a more compassionate and loving global population. That’s another reason I support President Obama: he inspires others to do and act better, by his own example.

  64. Please keep the information coming, Jovie because it goes straight to my FB wall to let my contacts know that PBO IS taking actions meant to help improve the country even though the media isn’t reporting it. Your info is very important to me because I’m down here in red, red GA where almost everything having to do with the Obama Administration is criticized!

  65. In the venture capital biz we used to say “Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan”.
    The GOP frenzy to credit Bush is getting traction only among kool-aid drinkers. The media is offering up controversy instead of facts and is losing the under 30 demographic possibly forever. Obama continues to dazzle with each challenge he faces. Maybe his father really was Jor-El.

  66. You’re right the republicans are fabulous at messaging. Gov. Pataki on MSNBC right now (10h30am) with the same language we’ve seen from other republicans in the last few days. Continuity of policies, Bush worked on this for years, etc.

    What democrats and the WH can do ? They’re put in a very difficult position. They are putting country before party, as they always do. They are pleading for unity. So they can’t push back and tell the truth: Bush NEGLECTED Afghanistan, and DISMANTLED the OBL unit in the CIA.

    Democrats can’t push back and those disgraceful republicans know it perfectly. The push back should come from journalists and we all know how good they are at that, don’t we ?

  67. I’m going to have to disagree with this as well. It seems to me a lot of time messaging is used when the problem is simply that the 24 hour media is completely irresponsible. John Brennan’s qualifications throughout his interview never made it into the majority of reports blaring out headlines for attention. In a perfect world the Admistration could have had a couple of days to really process what happened and get everyone’s take for an official report. That simply isn’t possible anymore. And good luck to any media outlet trying to spin bin Ladin as some innocent victim of of the mean old Americans.

    Thank goodness, the average Dem rep simply isn’t hard-wired to repeat lies ad nauseum lock-step the way the Republicans are. And again, they generate more drama for the media, therefore they get a lot more promotion.

  68. In 2010, the BLM made significant progress with solar, wind, and geothermal energy projects on public lands. The approval of the Crescent Dunes Solar Project in Nye County, Nevada, in late December 2010, brought the potential output of nine approved solar projects to more than 3,600 megawatts. Projects approved during the year also included the Blythe Solar Power Project, rated at 1 gigawatt (1000 megawatts)–one of the largest solar installations in the world. The BLM also approved one wind project (150 megawatts), and two geothermal projects (nearly 80 megawatts). The table below indicates the locations, potential energy output, and other details regarding projects approved to date. Links are provided for related BLM and state web pages and Federal Register notices. For a listing of current priority projects that are pending,

  69. Sounds like a non-starter to me. I think giving tax cuts to people who by hybrid/electric care is the best thing to do.

  70. I have noticed for a long time that the Repub message machine is highly organized and has long tentacles. I hear the same words from Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View as I hear from every Repub representative on every program—-all the same phrases, making the same points.
    I agree that the Dems are not as good at this, and I consider it a weakness. You have to play the game in these times when there are such huge forces aligned against you. I see billionaire money, the National Taxpayers Union (Steve Forbes et al) is running ads now on all the networks blaming Obama for high gas prices. There is a desperate need for some kind of system in place to try to rebut these lies with the truth. I seem Dems on TV giving so many conflicting messages. There needs to be coordination and simple, strong messaging.

  71. Mornin’ BWD and ‘TOAITR’ family…

    4th Amen!

    And, it’s so true, for 9/11 families and America, to get as much closure as possible!

  72. President Obama enjoys an edge over Republicans in the public’s assessment of who’s better handling the spending fights in Congress.

    Half of Americans, in a CNN/Opinion Research poll released Thursday, said they prefer Obama’s approach to reducing the deficit, compared to 42 percent who said they prefer Republicans’ approach. Six percent said neither.

    The poll, conducted last weekend before the killing of Osama bin Laden, comes as fiscal talks between Democrats and Republicans, led by Vice President Biden, are set to get underway on Thursday. Both sides have an eye toward the impending fight over raising the debt ceiling, a move that must be accompanied by spending reforms, per GOP demands.

    Sixty percent of U.S. adults said they would oppose raising the debt ceiling, which some conservative Republicans in Congress have vowed to do. Thirty-seven percent favor raising the debt ceiling.

    To that end, Americans seem to believe that Republicans are acting more irresponsibly than Obama in the debt ceiling fight.

    Sixty percent of Americans said they think congressional Republicans have not acted responsibly in the debt ceiling fight, compared to 49 percent who say the same of Obama.

  73. Exactly what i notice is MSM never talks about the dismal numbers the GOP gets from the public they only harp on POTUS numbers which are always higher than the lazy GOP.

  74. The last president to declare victory in the “war on terror” landed on a aircraft carrier, strapped with a codpiece, and declared “mission accomplished” for a war that raged on for another7 years. The media might need to look up the word “arrogant” in the dictionary. I won’t let those vultures diminish the meaning of this day and this man.

  75. Will need to be done eventually as cars become more fuel efficient and use less gas to cause the same wear and tear on roads. The tax on gas pays for road repairs etc and if I can go double the distance on the same tank of gas it means I’m doing double the damage at the same cost.

    They have to make sure that hybrids and such are still cheaper though to encourage purchases and create a viable market.

    I’d kick this down the road. It will need to be addressed, but I think it’s better to create the market for them now first, and that means making them seem the smart financial/pocketbook choice.

  76. I feel so blessed to live in the age of OBAMA. What an amazing president we have here in the USA. I love how fierce and unsentimental he is when it comes to taking care of business. love love love him, *still on a natural Obama loving high* 😀

  77. Which is why the House GOP now want to find common ground and seemingly will try and take the medicare voucher off the table and try to take ending the Bush tax cuts off the table as the trade off.

    They are playing the “let find common ground” so the Dems can’t attack them on the Ryan Budget and their vote to cut taxes on billionaires while raising costs for the oldtimers and disabled.

    Basically Luntz tested it and found it’s a huge loser for them and they were on the wrong side of both issues so they’ll try to take them off the table.

  78. I think you’re right. We get so damned mad when Republicans and the complicit press turn everything against this President. My God, Barack Obama and his security and military team got Osama bin Laden. To twist that negatively, to the point of making OBL an ‘innocent victim’ is truly beyond the pale.

    I agree. I don’t think the American public gives a damn about the political squabbling. Barack Obama got OBL.

    It just is so damned infuriating. And I still wish they’d handled the messaging better. It’s all about that. From now until the 2012 election — messaging has to not only tighten up but be ahead of the game. Enough is enough. The nation, hell, even the world, is at stake.

  79. 60% of americans saying they oppose the raise of the debt ceiling. If this is not proof that the american public is totally misinformed I don’t know what is.

  80. Heard this morning on HLN that supporters of the Indy 500 have been protesting an invite given to the so-called Republican presidential candidate from NYC with the fake hair, for calling for President Obama to release his long-form birth certificate.

    Whether or not the organizers take back the invite, one can only hope that the buffoon will get even more boos from the crowd if he shows up.

    I noticed the Indy 500 organizers are saying the invite went out “months before the birth certificate controversy.” Sounds kind of like Macy’s saying they will keep selling their Trump Collection because “customers want it.” Some day, these promoters and hawkers will have to take responsibility in their pocketbooks, for placing greed above not rewarding a racist.

  81. Evidence of something – I probably would’t be so kind in my choice of adjective…

  82. That would work for the Dems if the media were willing to back up the Dems in stating that yes, the Dems are repeating facts, but the GOP is lying.

    But, the GOP continues to insist that the media is completely biased toward liberals that they bend over backwards six times over just to prove they’e not. Which means they will never, ever, ever give the Dems as much screen time to repeat their facts, nor will they admit the GOP is lying.

  83. Hey, I pray that you’re right, but the signs are not good. Jobless claims jumped extremely high this months and no one seem to be very optimistic about the job report tomorrow. Again, I’m praying to be wrong, but I think we’ll be wrong to dismiss the signs. Corporate America is doing better than ever, and they’re just not hiring. It’s disgusting, and I’m pretty sure that it’s deliberate. They’re in war against this president.

  84. Jovie, I repost your stuff, every day, all over the place. Thanks! I appreciate it so much!

  85. Yeah, I’d say this should be fourth year of the second-term kind of stuff. I can think of a few other industries that need anti-trust lawsuits first.

  86. I agree with everyone’s comments. Of course I do. republicans can spin a lie with dizzying speed. Why can’t we be just as effective with the truth?

    The message machine needs to be better. We can’t deny that. I fully expect Barack Obama to be reelected, but it’s bigger than that. Republicans have been extraordinarily effective at changing the narrative for 30 years. Taxes are ‘bad’. ‘Death tax’. ‘Government is bad’. They have managed to insinuate a long list of lies into basic discourse. This is the battle we have to fight.

    Before the looney left went, well, looney, I figured it would take about a decade to return to honest American (read: progressive) ideals to filter back into basic American discourse. It would require that all Democrats understand the long term goal and get the back of their leaders. But I also believed — in fact, assumed — that Barack Obama as the leader of the Democratic party, would ‘get it’ when it came to messaging and learn how to get ahead of the curve and beat Republicans at their own game. For God’s sake, he has the truth on his side. Why is this so hard?

    We’re not good enough at it. Democrats still don’t know how to put Republicans on the defensive. They still get all wrapped up in policy details without a compelling over-arching narrative. It’s been to our advantage that the Republicans have been as awful as they’ve been. If they’d been the least bit more cagey in their demands, we’d be in a lot worse shape.

    We can hold on to the Presidency and keep the Senate, but we are not winning the message war. We are not on the path to remaking American discourse, to undoing the narrative damage done by conservatives over the last 30 years. This should be a tighter, more effective ship. And it just isn’t. I’m frustrated because so much is at stake.

  87. Folks on twitter need to pushback at the press meme that the Administration screwing up the facts surrounding the raid is some big negative.

    BushCo flat out lied about Tillman and Lynch to the point congressional hearings were needed to get the truth out. The Obama Administration is getting the facts and corrections out as soon as possible and now it’s some huge negative.

    So the press wants to be lied to I guess.

  88. yes i think it was, they were doing the application process in the southside chicago, which really lifted spirits. They are making a new model and this is what the hiring was for.

  89. Brennan and Panetta were not leaks. These were failures on the part of the administration. That’s just the truth.

    Let’s stop blaming Cheney and even the press. When I see Democrats continue to cede the message war, then it’s our own damned fault. Debbie Wasserman Schultz may be the best thing to happen to the DNC. She gets it. What we need is an army of DWS’s. No one should be on the teevee unless they know how to further our cause and do it effectively. Republicans NEVER lose sight of that.

  90. Jovie – Thanks for that info. Pioneer Care sounds like a salute to the past and a wave to the future! Senior care in an environmentally friendly place … nice.

  91. meta – I agree with your take on this, so thoughtfully expressed (as usual).

  92. In a normal world, the adminsitration would have just been able to give the barest bones, like the president did Sunday night and say, we will provide more details once we have done a thorough review of everything in a couple days. That woudl, in this day and age, have ope3ned them to accusations of trying to cover-up and develop some false story and get everybody to say the same thing. So instead, as normally happens in this type of situation, some of the information gets mixed up and needs to be corrected.

    The correcting is a strength not a weakness, as you say.

  93. Oh sure we’re remaking the narrative. Sure we are. If conservatives are trotting themselves to town halls and asking their GOP Reps why it’s okay to give the rich tax breaks while cutting services for the poor and elderly, we’re reshaping the narrative. If people are noticing that President Obama got obl in 2 years while Bush couldn’t manage that in 7, we’re reshaping the narrative.

    The WH messaging isn’t perfect and there’s always lots of room for improvement, but there’s no need to overstate things.

  94. Very well said. IMO this is nitpicking; like the public really gives a sugar honey iced tea whether bin Laden was armed; the average person’s takeaway: POTUS and the SEALs killed bin Laden, spared his wife and kids, the end. Can we please just celebrate this accomplishment?

  95. Yes indeed tulips. This is really a tremendous hour for President Obama in terms of leadership. If gas prices weren’t this high, I’d imagine that President Obama’s approvals would easily be in the 60s with this event. Hopefully his dignified handling of this will allow us all to move on.

  96. Allegedly, this mess about a “victory lap” began in the GWB camp. The NY Daily News is reporting that GWB got his widdle feelings hurt because PBO didn’t give “his team the credit he thinks it deserves.” This is not only stupid, but petty. This loser should build a bunker and retreat to it for the rest of his life after the way he messed up this country.

  97. And, maybe not all, but some of us understand why: 😉



    THE PRESIDENT HAS MADE IT A PRIORITY OF HIS ADMINISTRATION TO CHANGE THE WAY WASHINGTON DOES BUSINESS. As he has said many times, including in his State of the Union Address, reducing overlap and duplication within the federal government is critical to ensuring that our government operates more efficiently and effectively.

    When it comes to information technology, there is no better way to identify duplication than to look at the very infrastructure that powers duplicative systems. Since 1998, the number of Federal data centers has risen from 432 to more than 2,000. The proliferation of infrastructure has created an environment that enables redundant systems and applications to sprout like weeds – with hundreds of redundant applications, more than 24,000 websites and hundreds of HR and financial management systems across the government.

    To crack down on this wasteful spending, last week I announced agency plans to close 137 data centers by the end of 2011, of which 39 have already been shut down. For example, HHS is shutting down a data center in Rockville, Maryland that is 14,992 square feet and requires $1.2 million annually for electricity costs alone…

    In total, we plan to shutdown at least 800 data centers, some 40% of our inventory over the next four and a half years. The consolidation of these data centers is expected to save over $3 billion.


    Vivek Kundra is the Federal Chief Information Officer.


    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

  98. I would bet the ranch that the Chinese already have that technology. They are so adept at getting people to sell their souls in exchange for technology.

  99. I think HRC is doing a good job as SOS. I was not her supporter early on and even wondered how it would work out to have them work together. With the current extreme political climate I wonder if she is glad she is not in the Commander-in-Chief role now? I think PBO really has an unusual temperment that allows him to succeed in this climate.

  100. Maybe giving the strong message coordination suggestion to our new Dem Party leader Debbie Wassermann Schultz would be the place to direct it.

  101. I think folks are giving the ‘message’ the republicans are pushing way too much credit for being effective. It’s only effective for their base. The press is over it for its value as controversy. In the long run all this will be forgotten by the short American memory and the only thing they’ll hold in their preoccupied brains is that President Obama got Bin Laden. The story will get re-manufactured by Hollywood and endless books will come out, but the republican spin on all this won’t even leave a mark. It’s a win for the American Public and the Military. That’s what people needed and wanted. A definable win. Nothing is going to dampen that satisfaction. Only the whackjobs are willing to let it be something else because in their heart of hearts they hate our President more than they every hated Bin Laden.

  102. Cool! they have made it so hard for this President to fulfill his duties, to have a functioning judiciary, to fully staff his government.

  103. Is there a reason this President shouldn’t take a victory lap? Why are Republicans allowed to do it and not Barack Obama?

  104. Are there no ‘reporters’ that ever push back on this b.s.? Do they ask Pataki and the rest of the cabal why Bush closed down the CIA division on this in 2006? Or ask Pataki why President Obama is not afforded some credit for reopening that division and focusing it on its mission?

    That’s all it would take: some good old fashioned reporters doing their jobs.

  105. See, I never would have thought to look at BLM’s website for this sort of thing. Great stuff, Jovie.

  106. Jovie

    I really appreciate these types of stories. I make these kind of posts also.

    My theory is that we have room in our hearts
    and minds for all the good news we can get. We can watch the President helping New Yorkers heal and read about ways the administration is helping rural communities.

    Keep the good news coming. I use stories you post here every week at my blog. Virtual Hugs.

  107. Line in the sand time. Medicare vouchers are never becoming law, and the longer the GOP holds to that, the more they put themselves in jeopardary.

    And NO to extension of the Bush tax cuts. They got their one extension. No one serious about deficits takes revenue off the table.

  108. 1 in 5 12th graders can pass a civics test.

    That about says it all, I’m afraid.

  109. I wouldn’t say misinformed. I’d say uninformed. This isn’t really something we need to expect the average American to understand. I don’t understand it. If I didn’t come here, I’d answer the same thing were I polled. I don’t know from economics. This is a topic where the public is very easily manipulated and it doesn’t really matter. The debt ceiling is going to be raised no matter what the uninformed public thinks. The question is how much crap the Republicans can successfully tie to it. This is just more political theater. Dumping on Americans for not understanding it is just plain mean.

  110. What that means to me is that 4 in 5 CAN pass a civics test. That’s probably better than it was when I was growing up.

  111. ‘…wives and children …living with him…’

    Another point I just noticed with your response was that he was living a pretty ‘normal’ life, while families here and in other parts of the world have had their normalcy unnecessarily disrupted. Are we really supposed to feel sorry about how he met his end? Doesn’t it say somewhere – ‘You live by the sword, you’ll die by the sword’?

    P.S. I like your strawberry shortcake comment. 😉

  112. Thank you; did the little kids on the plane which flew into the Pentagon (on a field trip with their teachers) have a chance to arm themselves and defend themselves? They can truly go sit down with this, because they’re about to piss off a lot of people. If I can invoke a movie, it’s like A Time to Kill, a Samuel Jackson movie in which this father takes a gun and shoots the group of racists who raped and hung his 9 year old daughter. Do I think that’s great? No. Would I support that shooting? No. But I for damn sure wouldn’t be wringing my hands and crying tears for those racists.

    Not all victims have the same moral legitimacy. bin Laden is pretty much at the bottom right alongside Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer who was beaten to death in jail (and no one shed a tear at that either). It is what it is. I’m human, I wish I was a better person maybe, but I don’t care that bin Laden was killed while unarmed and I don’t care that people are dancing on his grave.

  113. Thanks for bringing the news over. My biggest complaint about the Obama administration is that they aren’t pushing harder to get these confirmations. Many of these positions have been open for 2 years already. The WH and Reid should have pushed most of these through in the lame duck.

  114. He had some nerve having kids living in that home. He knew that he had a very big target on his back and those kids could have easily been killed right along with him. He put his desire to have a family life over the well-being of those children. Tells you all that you need to know. I’m loving that I’m supposed to give a sugar honey iced tea about this person’s feelings. As I said above, I didn’t really care when Jeffrey Dahmer was killed in jail either. Because he raped and murdered a lot of people. Sue me for finding some victims less sympathetic than others. Maybe I’ll become a nicer person when I grow up.

    And I know that my strawberry shortcake comment made no sense, but I was pissed off lol.

  115. ‘His compassion and sincerity and warmth will be deeply felt. I am very, very sure of that.’

    Me too, Meta. Thank you for this summary.
    This is my FOCUS today.

  116. I mean, it’s ridiculous. Who does this? If you know that you’re a danger to the people around you because you’re engaged in “war” or whatever, how dare you have kids in your home? Had POTUS not decided to scrap the bombing plans in favor of the far more risky plan which was carried out, those kids would be dead. And for what? Because as*hat daddy chose to bring them into his mess. That’s all of the attention that bin Laden is getting from me today. Very glad to be saying goodbye to the entire era. smh at that will.

  117. MWD – I am as concerned as you are. Another reason for this is that in states where the GOP control the legislature as is the case here in Florida, they are passing as many laws as they can to make voting and registering to vote as difficult as possible for students (case which party they vote for?) and minorities (same question!) – new requirements for ID’s, people doing voter registrations have to get permits and turn them in to SOE in fewer days than previously – reducing the number of early voting sites etc. – all in the name of trying to lower the number of Democrats who will vote.
    It is very scary to me – we will have to work twice as hard to get PBO re-elected – it really sucks!!

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