Ground Zero (Photostream)


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  1. Thank you for these photographs, BWD. Our President is “the man for the job,” no doubt about it.

  2. Thanks so much for this stream thread. I will be refreshing like crazy!

    May today be a day of healing, hope, reflection and resolve.

    —-PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  3. He be the man and President. Forget those crazy Republicans comments. This is your glory lap take it and enjoy it.

  4. BWD, thanks so much for the new pics. Where ever you are, I hope you are having a wonderful time and do have a great day.

  5. Love it, get hype!!!! Dems 2012, Obama 2012 and then Michelle 2020 …… yes I skipped 2016 for a vacation.

  6. The media and gop are trying to discredit President Obama for this huge victory of killing the mass murderer, Osama. I think we should show our pride and put our flags out, wear our Obama gear and talk about his victory to everyone. I’m sick of their rhetoric.

  7. For my part, I will be sooooo glad when this day is over with. The killing of OBL, I fervently hope, will be a closure for the 9/11 events at Ground Zero.

    I honor our President for going and for how he’s visiting Ground Zero in silence with the wreath, and that he’s speaking with the families, etc. But honestly, I have had quite enough of 9/11 replays, year after year.

    We need to move on. I believe if the media would allow us all to move on, especially the family members and friends of victims of 9/11 could heal quicker, too.

    All of us were affected by 9/11, but none of us will heal if we don’t stop replaying the videos over and over, year after year.

    And look what has happened. All the knots in my/our stomachs have returned having to listen to Bushies this week, summoning up all the bad that man did to our country for 8 hellish years. Mr. President says this day transcends party or politics. That’s the diplomatic thing he would say, but for me, it’s only made my blood boil again about all that Bush and Cheney and the PNAC cabal did to almost destroy our nation.

    I have a feeling President Obama knows that we need to move on, too. I think it’s part and parcel of his determination to capture OBL.

    It will also help a whole lot if they just get the fricken buildings built back up at Ground Zero. I’m aghast that it’s taken so long, when I know they build and rebuild sports stadiums and other high-rises in a year or two. WTH.

    Oooh. I realize I am in such a mood this week. Yeah, I need to move on. I wish everyone would try to move on as well.

  8. Oh great. MSNBC has had a couple of 9/11 victims, that I have seen so far today, to come on to say they don’t like the way our President handled this.

    I’m telling you, the media (Contessa ugh) right now are playing to the emotions, not the facts, of what our President had to do.

    More drama. bah!

  9. I have CNN on but it’s on mute. Don’t need to hear the pundunces yappin away just watch the President lay the wreath.

  10. Dammit. hit send too fast.

    The woman on now who lost a nephew, did say some wonderful things. But I disagree with her that our President handled the capture/death of OBL.

    I also wonder, if he had been captured and “taken before the Hague” as she and others on MSNBC have stated should have happened… how much longer would we be carrying this around like baggage? How long would that tribune have lasted? How much more violence would happen because OBL was being held?

    And again, that woman and many who believe he should not have been killed, they weren’t in the compound with fires shot, making split-second decisions.

    So many opinions, so much advice for our President. They don’t have to stand in his shoes, do they! Bah!

  11. It isn’t a victory lap and never was … Only the GOP could so cravenly twist a solemn, respectful and humbly appropriate guesture by PBO into something to smear. Now I read that house GOP won’t even pass a motion to acknowldge SEAL team Six… Passed the Senate 97 – 0! What asses! Obama 2012!

  12. Kay, did they say how he SHOULD have handled it then? Their comment truly surprises me. Would they have preferred that he bring him back and have a two year’s circus of a trial?

    I never do watch the morning news, so I missed this stupidity. I’m sorry you had to be subjected to it. What a life with our MSM. It might be that they felt they had to have “balance.”

  13. George W. Bush had the pistol Saddam Hussein was captued with framed and it’s one of his most prized possessions from his time in the White House.

  14. I have CNN on right now with their cameras on in NY. Wolf Blitzer just spoke and his little recap of why they are there made it sound like PBO was just a small part of the ten year ordeal that the Navy Seals ended. It just had PBO as the messenger not as the Commander-In-Chief involved and directing the mission.
    Our President is trying to use this occasion to also bring about Unity in our country and end this partisan politics that have been present since he has been elected.
    If it even helps a little it is worth the try. I pray that most of the people realize he is not taking a victory lap but is consoling the victims.

  15. Every time a Democrat waves a flag a Republican weeps. They think they own patriotism but it was just taken away from them. Every time I hear a right wing pundit whine about this I just hear the panic as they watch their political party disintegrate. Bwa-hahaha

  16. Watching abc7 news right now. People are enjoying his visit very much. He had lunch with the firefighters. light banter. very much at ease. he had eggplant parmesean and shrimp. 🙂 they thanked him, he thanked them yadda yadda

  17. I am going to say this once again, our President is the best ever. And for those critics who say that OBL was not armed. Have anybody ever thought that the citizens of these United States was unarmmed the day OBL initiated the attack on us. All of them left home that very sad, never to return their loved ones.

  18. Yes, they wanted him brought before an international tribunal, the Hague. They don’t think beyond their emotions. They have no idea how long it would have taken and a drawn out trial would have become a circus. If they think it would have gone down quickly, they aren’t thinking about how long it’s gone with Guantanamo prisoners. Imagine how long interrogations would take alone before a trial could even begin?

    Another guy said he didn’t want him killed, he said he wanted justice brought. The woman said the same thing. She said killing him is not justice.

    And they said this is not closure for them. Of course not. They lost loved ones. But this country needs to move on. We need to move on. The sooner we all move on, the sooner the terrorists will lose their power. We, the media, empower them every time “they” are discussed day after day on cable news.

    I’m sure President Obama would like to quietly go after al Qaida as he did OBL. But the media, well, they have too much to say about it all, don’t they? Dramatize it and beat it like a dead horse. I’m sick of it.

  19. It’s been interesting to see all of the lazy media stenographers turn into “Columbo” this week. I almost gagged watching the press briefing with Jay Carney the other day.

    The newly minted detective reporters wanted to know exactly how every move went down with OBL. They had “concerns” about some discrepancies in the timeline. Did he have a gun or didn’t he? But you said such and such in the beginning. How many people were in the room? on and on… It’s was nauseating.

    Bottom line no matter what President Obama does the focus will always be to find the negative narrative. It’s what the media looks for in every story. It has become the standard practice. The media is a total embarrassment.

  20. If anyone was upset over Obama not getting enough credit, be assured that this visit will cement in everyone’s mind who got Osama. The news is making a big deal of the visit and getting some really positive remarks (on Obama)from ordinary citizens.

  21. Thanks gobrooklyn, for the updates — especially from the locals. This is what I want to hear :-), not more handwringing over the irrelevant media talking heads.

    I know the FDNY fed him well — firefighters know how to cook!

    I miss my hometown :-(.

    —-PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  22. Don’t the msm like cbs, abc etc, don’t cover this ? cable news is all about ratings and nontroversies.

  23. It’s not too bad, Jessica. I have to have it on and listen and they haven’t ticked me off yet. The firefighter who cooked lunch for the President was wonderful, and he almost broke into tears at the end. They all said how terrific the President is.

  24. Folks this is a Black man who WON this victory over a Terrorist commander. If it was Bush, Reagan, or even Clinton there would be an American flag waving from every car and House in America. Lets keep focused and remember what we are dealing with. WE WILL WIN THE FUTURE AND YES WE WILL AGAIN WIN THE WHITEHOUSE!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  25. That’s why I don’t get why people are so worked up because of the media. I agree that they have a very negative effect on PBO all the time – But in this case, they got zero chances, they talk to themselves, they lost this fight on Sunday night. I could not care less of what they say today.

    It’s like PBO say all the time: The conversation outside of Washington is completely different. It could not be more true than today.

  26. They want a good bedtime Bush story like Pat Tillman or Jessica Lynch.

    O Wait!

  27. And we have to remember, the cable news outlets are watched by a small minority of people. Far more people watch ABC, CBS, NBC, and the local news — especially the local news. From what I can tell, the past few days have played well on the local news level. That’s how people form their opinions. I’ve joined PJ and gone back to my abstention from cable news.

    By the way, it’s amazing how different news organizations treat the “discrepancies”. Here, the cable yakkers treat it as some major miscue; I was watching the BBC last night, and they said yes, there were discrepancies, and they might raise questions, but also that in a major event like this such things happen, and corrections to the record inevitably follow. Such a difference.

  28. Raise your hands if you’re surprised at the current troll swarm designed to throw shade at President Obama’s newest accomplishment.

    They do this every. single. time. Every time.

    The right and the professional left join hands to smear the heck out of POTUS when he gets something done (remember their behavior during the tax cut deal which opened the door to a lame duck session for the record books?).

    Every time. Thank you to bwd and this entire family for doing so much to get the real story out. Yes we can!

  29. He has laid the wreath and had a moment of silence. He is speaking with everyone. Hugged a young lady – maybe the child of someone who was killed on 9/11.

    News anchor saying that some members of the families are going to complain to Obama about what items are going in the museum. :/ Don’t think he’s the right person to complain to but whatever.

    Obama really is talking with every single person at the ceremony.

  30. Honey, I do care what the media does. They continue to feed the propaganda of the GOP. They have spent all morning doing just that, in between the live footage of our President. If that’s balanced reporting, I’m living in a different reality.

    And I can’t tell you how many people in my neck of the woods are now asking questions with concerns they didn’t have about the killing of OBL on Monday, but now have because the media has put a bee in their bonnets.

    I spent yesterday arguing more with emailers than I did online.

    People eat up the controversy created by the media. That is exactly why we ended up with Bush for President, why the Swiftboaters [and Bush propaganda fed by the media] were able to defeat Kerry in ’04, and why we went into Iraq in the first place.

    The media is propagandizing this event today by calling in family members of 9/11 victims to have them say that our President mishandled the operation.

    I’m pissed. But then I’ve always said our biggest enemy is the media.

  31. Jesus, he’s President of the United States, not the 9/11 museum curator. Amazing.

  32. I figured it was automatic automations, but having never seen it before, thought it was a glitch.

    Thanks amk! 🙂

  33. I sympathized with her and understood what she was saying. But you are right. Holding and putting on trial OBL would have stirred up all kinds of ugliness and made this drag on and on for possibly decades. We need to move away from this tragedy, and this was the only way to possibly do that. President Obama made the right and smart decision.

  34. Oh for crying out loud! As if he doesn’t have enough to do, as he’s spent this special time with them, they need to cite their lists of complaints about the museum?


  36. Watched it on BBC. Both the studio anchor and their New York reporter are supportive of President. The reporter said the NY’ers didn’t care how obl will done in and they were fully behind PBO. She even said that even PBO’s rivals are very much supportive of what the president.

    Contrast this with your cable news reporting.

  37. yeah, I know. of all the things to talk about.

    he’s headed to Church St. now. people lining up, cheering, waving flags. Reporter said one guy had a painting of Obama. They didn’t show it though.

  38. Which should show that cable news “reporting” isn’t penetrating to the people. Most people saw that OBL received as justice, and that’s what they care about.

  39. I’m with you, BWD. ESPECIALLY on a day like today who cares what somebody in a studio has to say?

    Not I!

    I want to see the families, the firefighters, the police, and of course our President.

    Thanks to everybody in this thread bringing us the details from NYC and Ground Zero — not the details from the studio.

    Viva NYC. Viva USA. Viva Obama.

    —-PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  40. Thanks again, gobrooklyn :-). I’m loving the commentary.

    —-PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  41. Yup. The spin from cable nutz ain’t working. I have seen Brain Williams reporting for NBC and mostly found it factual. Even CNN International doesn’t do much spin. Guess it’s the crazy coons of cable news that are steaming pos.

  42. Good to hear!

    And I’m sorry I’ve brought the negative here. I guess the pragmatic side of me says we can’t ignore what the media is doing. But it’s clear to me no one wants to hear it, and I can understand that.

    I’ll back out of the room now… again, apologies.

    Y’all have a good day.

  43. The reporter keeps mentioning how some of these families and firefighters may now view Obama differently, especially if they didn’t vote for him. I just have to wonder what exactly did they think of the president? When you’ve been an O-bot since day one, it boggles the mind why others don’t see what you see :). A few firefighters were just really surprised at how friendly he was and at how he made everyone feel comfortable. They also appreciated that he didn’t make any political speeches.

    and now back to All My Children.

    that’s it for me. not switching to cable news for more. oh no. no way.

  44. I did watch MSNBC…but kept the mute on until the President came. Tamron Hall was talking, and Chris Matthews, yes Chris, told Tamron to stop talking and let us watch!
    However, a little bit earlier, Tamron said that the President’s approval ratings had gone up 11 points all over the country, but in New York his approval is 70. It should be!
    So, I watched the President with no talking head annoying me.
    The young lady whom the President talked to first, wrote him a letter telling him her mother had died. He requested that she be there, and her friend with her also lost her mother. That is why those four young women were in the front.
    One Congressional representative was interviewed by Chris after the President left the area. The man is a former teacher, and said that this is definitely not a victory lap, that this president doesn’t do victory laps, and sometimes that’s a problem. I forget the rep’s name, but wish I could vote for him.

  45. *Every time a Democrat waves a flag a Republican weeps*

    Never saw that put like that before, but it’s so very apropos.

  46. You’re right bwd. Outside the DC beltway, no one seems to care about all the 24×7 nontroversies. Even no. 1 cable teevee news the pox news reaches what about 3 million people.

    I think we are wasting too much time and energy by reacting to the 24×7 news stations.

    Watch BBC/Al jazeera or even CNN international if you can get it.

  47. Remember that ‘other’ ground zero controversy last summer. Everyone seems to have forgotten about that. People will forget all the stupidity from the cable clowns by this summer.

  48. I missed the fact that the firefighter cooked lunch for the President. Hope there’s a video later. That puts a tear in my eyes!

  49. And the same ‘media’ who is shocked — shocked I tell you — that someone would shoot OBL who was innocent and un-armed……

    ….would have been screaming their bloody heads off about NOT killing him on the spot.

    Can’t win.

  50. Oh, now they’re playing Taps at the Pentagon. The Vice President is conducting the wreath-laying ceremony. This is such a moving day.

  51. I’m with you. We can’t hide our heads in the sand on the effect this biased reporting is having.

    The Obama administration will win the day on this, but it’s been tainted and diminished. No question about it.

  52. I believe it was U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman – I heard his remarks that the President doesn’t do victory laps. Well said.

  53. Chris Matthews has been absolutely wonderful since early Monday morning. Makes you yearn for pundits who know how to do this.

    He’ll jump the rails again — he’s Chris Matthews. But on this issue, this President as leader of the free world and CIC, and the idiocy of Republicans — he’s been pitch perfect.

  54. On a lighter note, all seemed “right with the world” when I spotted both Pete Souza and Reggie Love on the job with the President in NYC. Our President has quite the cute “entourage,” otherwise known as humble government workers!

  55. Thanks Carolyn for those details.

    —-PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  56. The thing is, does anyone know what the Navy Seals were confronted with. Should they have taken a chance of having him or someone else reach for weapons? What were there chances of getting him out without a fire fight. People are not thinking, IMO.

  57. I totally agree gobrooklyn.

    The media firewall and Fox has created the wrong impression of President Obama for too many Americans. As President Obama said so eloquently in an interview with George Stephanopoulos, “I don’t have horns.”

  58. Love Reggie and Pete so much. 2 of the hardest working people in the Obama administration along with Joe Clancey (Head of POTUS SS detail).

  59. Beautiful photos and a beautiful, dignified ceremony. Our POTUS is amazing.

  60. Please please no “mission accomplished” pictures! You just know the reich wingers would love to get some payback on that if, heaven forbid, something bad happens because of all this.

    “Mission Accomplised” pictures such as this one are fine though…lol!

  61. We are so blessed to have President Obama and VP Biden leading our great nation.

    Today’s ceremonies were very thoughtful and moving. I just love them both!

  62. Exactly! Fareed Zakaia was practically laughing at John King when he brought up the discrepancies. NYT has a story up talking about how the discrepancies are causing some “disquiet” in Europe. I just wish the MSM would remember their own mistakes while covering large events like Gabby Gifford’s shooting…didn’t their intial coverage say she was dead?

  63. Every time I see that picture I have a visual joke from Monty Python stuck in my head.

  64. I cannot begin to describe how disappointed I am in CNN. During the late 80s – early 90s I basically abandoned network news because CNN was on all the time, and it had earned its reputation as a hard news, straight down the middle organization. In terms of quality it really was up there with the BBC. And then along came Fox, and CNN’s ratings began to go down, and it panicked and joined the race for the lowest common denominator. Fox has much to answer for for the dumbing down of the US, but CNN has as well for joining the cable tabloid wars.

  65. Thank you BWD for this great fotos of PBO.
    NY: Lady what do yoy expext from those assholes, they will not be able to spin their BS out of this one, PBO is NOT John Kerry, do you remember the switft boaters? The GOP are defending the killing of OBL,What the GOP are saying why did you have to killed our boogy man.

  66. To be quite frank, that site is a *major* part of the problem, good people like that diary author notwithstanding. It became full of drama, sensationalism, negativity, and bs remarks about President Obama. I trust the media analysis here far more.

  67. I have been watching CNN and all of the comments about PBP are very positive, specially from the fire men. The MSM will try to fined someone contaversial all the time.

  68. Yup. At the end of the day, the media ALWAYS trolls President Obama’s accomplishments. Every time.

  69. I literally do not watch the news anymore. I stopped watching after the 2008 election. And I don’t go to certain websites/blogs anymore. If I see a headline on Google that looks misleading, I won’t click on it. And yet, somehow I am still up to date on current events. But it’s still a sad commentary on our MSM that we cannot trust or count on them to help us be informed. I guess that’s the down side of living in the “information age.”

  70. In other words that site is a tabloid, just like all the other tabloids. Who reads tabloids? Exactly.

  71. I was not an O-bot since day one. I was a Hillary supporter, but the sheer brilliance and goodness in this man just converted me fully – it does boggle the mind how others cannot see it – spot on.

  72. They’re gonna be at it again by the time he visits Europe in a few weeks.

  73. As I learned in my old old computer programmer days: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

  74. This is the best part of the article:

    Don Johnson, GM’s vice president of sales and marketing, said consumers shifted into smaller cars starting in March and the trend continued in April. Unlike 2008, when a rise in gas prices caught the industry off-guard, GM and other companies now have good small cars and can quickly boost production of them, he said.

    The fact that they planned for this, and have good products ready for sale is excellent.

  75. Pretty much. I guess at the end of the day, I’m not upset because this is all true to form. And it appears to me that POTUS is getting plenty of kudos anyway. He’s certainly gotten a bump in the polls. Bush is throwing a tantrum, the media is uneven, news at 11. I thank those pundits who have worked overtime to get this story right (deeply appreciated!) and meh to the rest.

    I am love love loving President Obama’s dignified end to the 9/11 era. Huge leadership moment for him, and he’s excelling. I wish I could have gone downtown to see him.

  76. I’m not exactly popular today, I know that. I don’t often link to the Orange Satan, but I think this is an important read:

    And may I add this Barack Obama may be one of the greatest Presidents in U.S. history. No president has had to endure the blatant, coordinated attacks and still been able to accomplish so much. We are a safer, better nation because of his efforts.

  77. Unfortunately, I just heard that GM is recalling 150,000 Cruze compact cars. God.

  78. We’ll see how successful the noise machine is. The fact is that Obama killed OBL; our opponents have NOTHING to match that. Americans like simple political imagery, and what they will remember is that this President killed America’s number 1 enemy, where the previous President didn’t and instead mired us in an unnecessary war. I have an expectation that the cavils and Monday morning quarterbacking will seem to them as it does to us here: laughable, petty, and pathetic. But, still, I hear you; it’s infuriating that these people spew their venom and get treated as “serious”.

  79. I am simply honored and extremely proud for the excellent interventions of our President. I am confident this historic event will bring closures,and hopefully unite our nations, and that peace may be realized in a greater measure around the world
    Word pres/the only adult on the room … thank you so much for real time timely up to the minute pics and data.I really do appreciate your web site. and anticipate the mails. Please keep the tapes rolling.Thank you tons.

  80. Kay – this same woman wanted to give credit to the “previous administrations” last night. I feel for her loss, but she is clearly misguided in her support of President Bush, who decided that it wasn’t worth his time to pursue OBL. I saw a young man on earlier today, suffering from the same affliction – his brother was a victim on 9/11. He also said that he’s thankful that this Administration carried on the policies of the last one, and completed the job started under Bush. Clearly, he’s decided to ignore the fact that the last Administration abandoned the search for justice and discontinued their own policies.

  81. I did see Jessica Yeller (is that her name) on CNN get a little outraged that the media is focusing on OBL being unarmed. She said “so what, it’s OBL. We could have dropped a bomb on him”. And she also said that the previous administration would have challenged the media and asked how dare they cast aspersions on the Navy Seals with this nonsense of OBL being unarmed or the women who were present in the room. My question is: why can’t the media check themselves?

  82. Shame on those who are allowing themselves to be exploited for the sake of bashing the President. It’s a very the low dsiplay of bitterness and ungratefulness.

  83. I’m sorry to say this, but if there is any 9/11 responder who still thinks the Republicans have any time for them, after what happened in December with their pleas for help with their health care – then they have to have their heads examined. It drives me crazy that people choose to follow these stupid beliefs about the President or Democrats, even though they have plenty of evidence of the good being done for them by the President and Democrats – and the harm being done to them by Republicans.

  84. Just reading your comment brought tears to my eyes Mary Elisabeth. Thank you for this.

  85. Yep, but recalls happen all the time. This one, at least isn’t something that has caused any injuries.

  86. Both John King and wolfe blitzer are stupid… they read what ever is on the teleprompter and are are incapable of independent thoughts.

    Pity the poor fools. Stop wasting your electricity and your dollars…. turn off those stupid cable channels.

  87. Thanks GN for always speaking TRUTH! There is really no need to waste time, energy , and emotions, about what was absolutely predictable: the Right wing media machine, the PL, and many in the MSM, do everything in their power to turn every positive thing this President does into a negative! And so we see that the killing of OBL, something Bush was not able to do in 8 years, is now being negatively spun.

    As you said, they do this “every time.” What would have been surprising is if they had praised, and given credit to, President Obama for this monumental achievement. To repeat: the reaction of the Right Wing, the PL, and their enablers in the MSM, to the fact that President Obama had succeeded in Killing OBL, while Bush had failed, was entirely predictable.

    The only people I am concerned with, and spend my energy on, are the people who are not consumed with the hatred of President Obama, but who are continuously misinformed by the Obama haters. These are the people we must try to reach by spreading truth and factual information.

    Thankfully, BWD’s site is doing just that: spreading truth based on factual information. Even more gratifying is the fact that BWD is not alone. There are many pragmatic sites that share her dedication to telling the truth about this gifted man we elected President. Even more important, is the fact that BWD’s site and the other pragmatic sites have attracted a great many astute and well informed people who are not easily duped by those who tell lies to demonize the President, while pretending to be experts.

  88. LL, I totally agree with you. The CNN of the 80’s and early 90’s was all about reporting factually based news. The current CNN is really not that much different from FOX news.

  89. Bingo! Tien Le, that’s it a nutshell. As an older person, I find it amazing that in this highly valued information age, a great many people have been peddling “misinformation,” or what we used to call propaganda.

  90. OFA puts boots on the ground here in South Florida this past week so we are getting in gear for 2012!

    I was away from the computer all day and into the night yesterday and caught a bit of the ceremony on the news late last night.

    I always look to this blog to share in the joy of our President’s accomplishments and just a celebration of HIM and what he represents to all of us here.

    I will make sure that I give the OFA leader the link to this blog as I know he will rejoice in this amazing site as much as all of us do.

  91. As I’ve said before, “Our President IS one in a million!” For me, he’ll always hold that distinction. At this time during the American Great Recession and in dealing w/ GOPTeaParty Extremism/Radicalism. WE’re blessed to have him in our lives.

    And, I’m proud to be called, a “Obamacrat” and a “Obamabot!”

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.More, Together! (h/t Bobr) 😉

    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

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