Ground Zero (2) – Updated with one awesome video



40 thoughts on “Ground Zero (2) – Updated with one awesome video

  1. No bullhorn, no codpiece, no severed head on a pike on the city walls. In other words, an adult.

  2. I love (and miss) New Yorkers :-(.

    Thanks for these Ground Zero threads today, BWD.

    —-PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  3. How about that? And the mob isn’t going to get their trophy photo of bin Laden’s corpse either. Pitch perfect leadership; just spectacular!

    Contrast that with this (I read this morning that Bush didn’t accept the invitation because he thought that President Obama gave himself too much credit, so let me refresh this man’s memory):

  4. What a class act – dignity, grace, intelligence, empathy. It breaks my heart that about 30% of the American public don’t appreciate the wise man we have as President.

  5. What a remarkably kind person our President is. No rushing from person to person, gently listening to each of them. Overwhelmingly moving.

  6. Indeed – one certainly feels sorry for those bitter people who allow their preconceptions to cloud their vision of this incredible human being. Watching some of them literally choke as they try to find a way to praise the military without mentioning the president is quite sad. Praising the military includes praising their Commander in Chief. Period.


  8. The truth truly drives them crazy. The Bush administration gave away this issue. Republicans gave away this issue. They own none of it because of their own actions.

    And it makes them insane.

  9. As one interviewee pointed out, the best thing to happen to put the 9/11 horror behind New York City, is to get that hole filled with a building.

    I agree and hope that happens soon.

  10. Commuting into the city today I saw some that were obviously heading to Ground Zero… carrying flags. And I’m on the train at 6 AM!

    I left the city early – otherwise would have contemplated playing hooky.

    But it’s hard for me to head down in that area – even though I’m so grateful for President Obama and what he’s done for this country and for NYC.

  11. Even I can’t believe Bush would say such a thing. Maybe it’s really coming from one of the old has-beens from the Bush administration?

    I don’t usually stick up for Bush, but he’s been pretty quiet since he left office (I was counting on that continuing), and I’m just hoping he didn’t say this.

  12. I can’t stop saying how moving emotional and classy the event was. Our president is on a whole different level from other politicians. We are a lucky and smart nation to have chosen him as our leader.


  13. And, WE need to keep refreshin’ GWB & Co.’s memory(ies) (which includes the U.S. mainstream media). Per the GOPTeaParty, REPETITION is a good thing! 😉

  14. Yes you’re correct, the article was sourced to Bush aides and loyalists, not Bush himself.

  15. They are spinning like crazy Faith.

    OT-it occurs to me that you would be a terrific blogger in terms of setting up a little media fact check blog which in addition evaluates which Democratic messaging works, and when they’ve had a messaging #fail. Although at times I disagree with your opinions, they *are* insightful. I do agree that Brennar not having the story correct and relying upon the national media to report accurately that he hedged his statements to that effect created some confusion. Would you consider at the very least contributing a messaging piece each week to progressweekly?

  16. I’m just saying, if the GOP is going to try to create all of this spin, some memory refreshment is in order.

  17. Well thank you so much! Disagreements lead to the best solutions. I love the respectful disagreements we have here!

    I’m 61 years old and wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to set up my own blog.

  18. It’s actually frighteningly easy to set up a wordpress blog. But I’d love to have you provide a feature for progressweekly as well outlining your favorite examples of effective Democratic messaging of the week. Would you be open to that?

  19. I was surprised to see the Ground Zero site and to see the construction had made no progress or little to date on the new Twin Towers. Maybe they decided not to build them after all and I hadn’t heard that.

  20. Wow. I followed one of those automated links which took me to bwd’s first entry here:

    How far we’ve come! I am sooooo proud of this blog, this site proprietor, and this wonderful community. It’s amazing how many people from that first thread still post here, and then some. And by removing ourselves from the combat zone, we were able to extend loving hands to family like gc, proudofobama, and marabout through their trying times without the toxic energies created by back and forths with negative nellies. Great job, everyone!

    /round of applause

  21. I think most sane folks in the electorate see the Republican spin as little more than, “you snooze you lose.” The Repubs slept on it, dropped the ball, and Obama picked it up and brought it to the end zone for a platinum, game winning touch-down. No amount of spin they manufacture could make this story anything other than what it is and what it means: DOOM for Repubs in the upcoming 2012 election, and maybe for a good 50 years.

    I partly wonder with Prez Obama’s capture and killing of OBL whether he simultaneously inscribed the G.O.P. epitaph with, R.I.P. — and goodness knows they need a long hard rest from the rabid tizzy they’ve worked themselves into since a black man became POTUS.

  22. Wow, I just realized that President Obama brought Osama Bin Laden to justice four months before the ten yr anniversary of 9/11 and no one will have to stomach another one of his videos for the next election cycle.

  23. Based on new information retrieved from the raid, he was apparently planning another attack on the US on the 10th anniversary, this time targeting one or more train systems.

  24. When the news broke Sunday night I was watching ABC and I was very impressed with the reporting. I think the networks outshone the cable news on this issue.

  25. Seriously? Where’d you hear that? I’d love to follow up.

    I have little to base this on, but my gut feeling is that there has been more damage done to al-Qaeda than we know (or should know, in order to build on the success). The threat will never be eradicated but when you realize that it’s President Obama at this moment in time, no one could be better to usher in the beginning of a new era.

  26. We have already done enough damage to discourage new recruits to his cause, and sicne it centered around him, there will be few new ones now.

  27. Is it just me or do we get more information then we should from the media? I personally think any intel we get from the raid should be kept secret – why should we tell the world what we learned? We could potentially find and capture a lot of the terrorists without leaking all this intel.

    I loved watching our amazing President when he was talking to those three little girls – he has wonderful charisma anyway but it really shines through when he is addresses young people – you can see why Malia and Sasha are growing up to be such wonderful young women – the First Lady has a lot to do with that as well.

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