Not releasing the photos, not speaking tomorrow at Ground Zero. The. Only. Adult. In. The. Room

Yea, Palin and Fox aren’t happy. Good.


Robert Shrum:

There are moments so seared into our collective national memory that each of us can never forget where we were when we heard the news. So it was, for those of us who are old enough, with the assassination of President Kennedy. So it was with the fall of the Twin Towers on September 11, the date in our time that will live in infamy. And so it will be with the night we thought would never come — when American troops finally found and killed Osama bin Laden.


There’s no question too that the Obama presidency was renewed and transformed.   Republicans may want to return as swiftly as possible to the politics of Obama destruction, but that has become much harder — if not impossible. On the eve of big decisions about the debt ceiling and the budget, the president has new strength and credibility — and his Republican opponents and 2012 rivals have a stature gap that was always real but is now apparent.

The gap will only widen as the gripping insider story of the nine-month saga of the mission to get Osama is told and retold. Not since the 13 days of the Cuban Missile Crisis has there been a story of leadership equal to this in drama and appeal. The best sellers are already on the way.

And we already know how central and commanding the president’s role was. He made the decision to wait as the intelligence was gathered and bin Laden assumed he was secure in his comfortable refuge. A hard call when the temptation had to be instant response. Obama rejected the option of a striking with bombs or drones; bin Laden might escape or his death could never be confirmed. A hard call because using American special operations forces risked both casualties and an equipment failure that could destroy the mission. The president had also decided not to inform the Pakistani government, precisely the call he had promised to make — and was assailed for proposing — during the 2008 campaign. Presumably Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, his critic then, did not dissent now.

The GOP can still contrive to reverse economic growth and job creation by forcing a default on the national debt or budget cuts too deep and too soon. But the president has the high ground and that kind of low politics will hurt the Republicans more than the recovery.

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  2. Blackwaterdog

    Your previous headline about that 3:00 a.m. phone call was so on target.I remember during the campaign when the Hilary Camp and then after the elections the Rethuglicans declared that our wonderful President Obama was not competent to take that 3:00 a.m. call.


    I hope Plouffe has these clips to just demolish them with come 2012.

    For all the doubters – my advice – just don’t mess with this man o.k.

  3. When each of those individuals demanding photos and videos of the death of OBL or of his dead body are willing to step forward and commit to being personally liable to the individuals and their families whom might be harmed in any way for our Government revealing the images to them – a la what happened recently to those UN employees in Afghanistan subsequent to the burning of a copy of the Koran – then I would suggest to the President that he bring them to a secure place and show them the images but not allow any way of those person’s copying and distributing them.

    Members of the press could be permitted to state that they have seen the images – and, yes, KO if you want to watch the video of OBL being killed, if such video exists, watch it all you want, dude. But, once again, only under the condition that each member of the press and their organizations be willing to assume full liability for harm that might come to one of the thousands of civilians serving in Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc., for their reporting of what they saw.

    Freedom of the press does not confer a right to incite violence against others.


  4. I have always liked Bob Shrum. He is one of the real democrats.
    Can we assume from the title, that PBO will just be visiting with 9/11 families, and not speaking?

  5. So proud of him, we’ve always got his back. Exactly as you stated, He is the only adult in the room.



  7. Our President always seems to enjoy being with our men and women in uniform. What a wonderful man.

  8. I thank President Obama for his choice to not release those photos and allow the more unhinged in this country the satisfaction of ghoulish displays of that corpse. Totally unnecessary, and IMO the media is hardly needing those pictures for “proof,” they know that the pictures will form a sensation which will sell out newspapers. I am extremely happy that the WH is preventing this potential ghoulish carnival.

    OT-bringing this from downthread, here is a terrific comment which completely refutes the toxic story circulating that President Obama needs to somehow apologize to Native Americans because the mission to raid bin Laden was code-named “geronimo.”

    This is to all the Native American people and everyone else that is misunderstanding what happened here. The United States military is very proud of the long history of service of Native Americans and frequently uses imagery and icons from our shared past. Geronimo is a extremely commonly used term in the Army to refer to bravery and invoke unit and American pride. There are many units in the Army that have native icons and names. The newest and best helicopters all have native names to detonate bravery and power. The Kiowa Warrior, The Blackhawk, The Apache, The Chinook are all names given to our best and most powerful helicopters.
    As much as people want to try and divide this country and promote their dividing views, in this situation they are completely wrong. Most Americans that have family in this country for more than two generations have Native blood running in their veins from their ancestors. Although people would look at me and call me and my wife white, my fathers family was part Iroquois and my wife is part Cherokee and our families have been here for hundreds of years..
    I served in the Army and I can tell you that any and all naming using native names is done out of respect and honor. Many, many Native Americans have died in the service of this country and have done many heroic things in the service of this country. Please do not misinterpret a naming convention that was probably simply done to acknowledge the seriousness of the operation and try to paint this as anyone being racist or that our military is institutionally racist against Native Americans. It is simply not true, you are grasping at straws and do not understand the deeply woven connections that Native Americans have provided to The United States of America and you are insulting all of us that have served, both that have Native American blood and those that are more recent arrivals.

    Notice a pattern? Big story which results in a boost to President Obama? The right wing, fauxgressives, and sole patrol work OVERTIME to try to spin it into something negative. Every time.

  9. Thanks, BWD I don’t know what we would do without you for information.

  10. LOL I’m totally stoked by some of the pics and cartoon circulating the innertube!

    Oh yes, who can forget that 3 am call, eh?
    And the photo you first posted of Hilary’s reaction to the takedown of OBL speaks volumes about her ability to handle that 3 am call as well.

    Thanks for all you do, BWD. My heart opens ever wider, whenever I visit here.

  11. Do you know that President Obama’s Native American Name is “Black Eagle” a name given to him during his first Campaign.

  12. I Love This DUDE. Forget “I Wanna Be Like Mike” I WANNA BE LIKE BARACK. OBAMA2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I am so happy that PBO is NOT going to release those FOTOS. The Neocons, GOP, FOX wanted this so much to happen because it will create a very big problem for us, and the terrorist will use them as unexcuse to recruit more terrorits. as far as I”am concer Fuck Palin. FAX, and the rest of the lunatics, they are not running our country.
    By the way GWB, and the GOP wanted OSB to be alive so they can use him to scare the Dempcrats and win election, and I wolud not be surptise if they knew where OBL was all the time , but they wanted it they way.
    They can NOT and will NOT be able to spin this one out. PBO out smart them.
    Thank you BWD>

  14. Thank you Ametia. This was from the comments section of the Yahoo version of this story which has received over 18K comments and counting. The *overwhelming* supermajority of the comments which I read condemn this baseless accusation against President Obama. But distressingly, a bunch of those comments also went into divisive territory: complaining about “PC,” complaining about “whining” people of color, invoking stereotypes of Native Americans. Thus imagine my relief in seeing that one of the highest rated comments was the one which I quoted: respectful of Native Americans while explaining that taking offense at the code name is a mistake.

    Gives me hope for this country.

  15. How fitting! I love that. And the commenter I quoted was right: Americans (of all races) who have had family in this country for centuries most likely have some Native American ancestry. I’d be interested to know if this is true of President Obama, via his mom Stanley Dunham.

  16. The man is pitch perfect. Strong respectful and not thumping his chest.
    Thanks for this BWD

  17. President Obama: A man among boys . . . seriously.

    P.S. Thought I would share this in case ya’ll hadn’t seen it . . . too cool!

  18. I know the poster Faith is a good poster but the worry and concerns about the message from the whitehouse/ Dems is getting annoying.

    Yes Panetta should have just said point blank that waterboarding had no part in gathering intelligence but there is no need to wrry about every little detail.

    The majority of the American people have given Obama credit and their opinions about his leadership have gone way up. I think JAy Carney and the rest of the whitehouse have done a great job in temrs of PR since 2011 started. I think that sometimes we over analyze things when they are not that complex.

  19. When there are a multitude of choices to be made our president always makes the decent one–one that does the least harm and most good to the majority of people. Not releasing the photos is just such a decent decision. We do not need ghoulish pictures to gawk at and we certainly don’t need to incite further hatred among Bin Ladin’s followers. Unlike those Republicans who need to mask their own mediocrity by trumpeting every thing they do, our president lets the job he has done speak for itself.

    He doesn’t need a grandstanding moment in New York. He needed to give closure to the families directly affected by 9/11 and he has. In doing so, he’s brought closure to all of us. Let Palin and her pygmy pals rant and rave. They never have and never will contribute anything of value to the conversation or to the country.

  20. I’m so proud of President Obama for not releasing the pictures; we were just saying this morning that we hoped he wouldn’t, when all along he was taping an interview in which he stated that he has chosen to withhold the images. Excellent.

  21. I just had a conversation with a pretty straight-shooting patron who was in the service, and he agrees that the pictures / videos shouldn’t be released. It would only serve to inflame sentiment, and would probably lead to more deaths of our troops / diplomats / citizens. Those braying for a trophy are on the losing side of this issue.

  22. Exactly Gn and what he said Osama is no trophy and that is not who we are. I love that line.

  23. It’s really sinking in. The death of bin Laden, and our President traveling to Ground Zero tomorrow to pay silent respects — it’s all really sinking in.

    Because of the lack of leadership following the actual events of 9/11 ten years ago, I feel that we as a country haven’t really done the deep grieving we need to do, nor the sober reflection.

    We immediately got into a war of misadventure, then economic disaster. It seems we were bent on destroying ourselves.

    This moment (and I’m sure again on 9/11 itself) feels like a long deep exhale is happening. It feels like healing.

    God Bless President Obama, and all of us.

    —-PJ (still boycotting the news media…except for Lawrence O’Donnell…for now)

  24. I put the wrong video up please excuse me and the language.

  25. It’s posted over at The Obama Diary (on the blog roll) — it appears to be from the White House YouTube stream, so you could likely go straight to YouTube if you prefer.

    —-PJ (still boycotting the news media…except for Lawrence O’Donnell…for now :-))

  26. There is a whole lot of swiftboating going on. I’m feeling quite discouraged about all of it. And I blame the MSM for their complicity in all of it. Doesn’t help when I read the most ridiculous remarks from some supposedly on “our side.”

    But I thank you for your information concerning the code-name Geronimo. One of my most favorite Native American friends (R.I.P. John Shije) who served as a code talker during WWII, would understand.

    The petty poutrage of it all.

    I feel sad. Really sad and disgusted.

  27. Please do not get sad/discouraged. This has been going on literally forever. Remember when everything was “good news for John McCain”? lol, same stuff different day, but the unhinged ones are bleeding credibility as we speak. Let this make you even more determined to tell the truth and not judge those of your fellow Americans who are honestly mistaken because of the media excess.

    President Obama has jumped in the polls.

    And more good news:

    signed, your friendly neighborhood Obamabot 🙂

  28. As usual I love coming to this blog and looking at the glorious pics and reading everyone’s comments.

  29. Exactly, gn. As I said downthread, we knew that the usual suspects wouldn’t be cowed by PBO’s courage in giving the go-ahead to the raid, nor should we have expected them to be. It is literally all that they have left, to double down on the attacks. They can see their power and privilege, such as they are, slipping away, bit by bit, and they know they can’t turn back the tide. These are the birth pangs of a new world — from his election and the reaction it spawned, to the increasingly bloody revolts in the ME which will only spread to other authoritarian states around the world (China? Russia?). As Aquagranny said: Labor is indeed painful but “joy cometh in the morning of birth.”

  30. “The President will law a wreath at Ground Zero and then meet PRIVATELY with victims families, as well as NYPD and FDNY first responders.”

    This is how you do things if you want America to finally turn the page on this terrible decade of fear, anger, and grief.

    President Obama is trying to use the death of Bin Laden to move this country forward, toward some sense of normalcy that we haven’t had in 10 years. Here’s hoping for his success, because his success in this regard will be as great an acheivement for his Presidency as anything else he may ever do.

  31. I so agree; I think that his plans are so appropriate, he’s really showing leadership in terms of moving on while paying homage to those who lost their lives.

    I looked up the story of this restaurant which used to sit on the top floor of one of the twin towers this morning:

    Windows on the World was destroyed when the North Tower collapsed during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. At the time of the attack on the World Trade Center, the restaurant was hosting regular breakfast patrons and the Risk Waters Financial Technology Congress. Everyone present in the restaurant when American Airlines Flight 11 penetrated the North Tower perished either as a result of the plane’s impact, smoke inhalation during the ensuing conflagration, or the eventual collapse of the tower 102 minutes later, as all passages to below the impact zone were blocked. At the time of the attacks, present in the restaurant were 72 restaurant staff members (including acting manager Christine Olender, whose desperate calls to Port Authority police represented the restaurant’s final communications), 16 Risk Waters employees, and 76 other guests/contractors.

    Such a cross-section of NYC and America died in that restaurant, I can only imagine their last moments, and this is but a small number of the 9/11 dead.

    Rather than declare war on Pakistan or run around like a fool, POTUS quietly arranged what ended up being a deadly confrontation with one of the masterminds of this attack, and is now coming to pay his respects to the victims in a somber, dignified fashion. People can be ambivalent about lethal force (I sure am), but I will never romanticize bin Laden. This example of leadership from President Obama, ending the 9/11 era, is one of his finest moments, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t find killing sexy.

    Hopefully people can heal and we can move on.

  32. The Prez gets it. HE and HE alone is responsible for the well being of our troops in harms way. HE is the one who has to sign the letters to the families of those who die in Afghanistan.

    AND…the folks who think the pic of Bin Laden will be worthy of public comsumption have watched too many movies: they think when someone gets shot twice in the head with an Assault Rifle that he will have a red spot on their face, and a blood stained shirt, ala a Bruce Willis bad guy. Ehhh, not so much. Try a deflated balloon with a face on it. People need to get with reality….

  33. So beautifully stated gn.. I hate to be so agreeable 😉 but you are spot on.

  34. 3 hours or so altogether at Ground Zero. Laying a wreath, then meeting privately with victims families as well as NYPD + FDNY 1st responders, to thank them for their service.

    The right wing is going NUTS right now. With the President’s poll numbers AND this very Presidential visit to Ground Zero it is almost too much for them.

    ((You see, Ground Zero is W’s turf in their eyes! That’s ‘Bullhorn Mountain’, people! For this President to actually OVERSHADOW that, to visit ground zero after killing the man who did the evil deed…well, that was supposed to be President McCain’s gig! Not that, black…uh, black, socialist, er uh, black guy!))

    NOTE: I believe my Avatar should be Obama’s 2012 Bumper Sticker. Run against that, Mitt!!

  35. I listened to Randi Rhoads today and said was talking about how the RW Pundits and GNOP just can’t get their talking points down. They are all over the map…first they congratulated the president, then they only gave credit to the Navy Seals, then Bush, then the president overstepped by going into a souveriegn country, then it’s show us proof OBL is dead, etc., etc. The American people are seeing that the Rethugs just don’t have a clue.

  36. Yeah, folks I have spoken to are getting very angry at the media. And, are wondering what do people want since OBL is DEAD.

    I think the Republicans and the PL are making a mistaking demanding photos because I don’t think people care. If OBL was alive he would have spoke up by now.

  37. I don’t see how there is any correlation really. The GOP wants to cut deals on everything – they’ll probably block her and the nutroots will blame the President for it.

    I think a “rumor” should leak – either she is confirmed for this or she runs for the Massachusetts Senate against Scott Brown in 2012.

    GOP knows they’re operating from a very weak position on the Debt Ceiling issue, and the Ryan Budget looks like it will be an albatross in 2012- they’ll look for a win somewhere/anywhere and I think they’ll love to block Elizabeth Warren.

  38. They need their war porn.

    Of course if it was released the very same people would be harping about how “Obama put troops in danger to score political points at home by releasing the photo”.

    Birthers are now Deathers.

  39. They will say that President Obama has paid lawyers millions to seal the OBL records.

  40. Wow! I do agree with you about only letting those that agree to see it be responsible. Only I would not let them have cell phones or cameras in to take photos of it and post it on the internet. The conspiracty theorists will say it is photo shopped or some such thing anyhow.

  41. I just saw the pics of our wounded warriors, and I am devastated and in tears. Some of these are kids not much older than the ones I used to teach.

    Damn George W. Bush!

  42. with the internet available pretty much to all around the world, why would the President want to release photos that will live on in perpetuity – inciting, fueling other extremists and terrorists?

    gah. sorry. Just read a snippet about that stupid palin and recent comments she made. ugh.

  43. The thing that astounded me when I heard for certain he was coming to NYC is that he did extend an invitation to bush, to join him.

    Maybe bush is chicken and is afraid that the President is now more of a target than ever… but if bush _had_ joined him, for the sake of those families that will be there, it would have been meaningful to those families. That two presidents met them at Ground Zero – one Democrat, one republican… bush no longer has any political capital to gain, but you know, the republicans would probably have benefited from his attendance.

  44. I agree with the comment about the humility of PBO. I am so proud of him and proud of us having recognized his greatness early on and supporting him. Thanks to BWD and all on this blog for allowing me to be part of you in supporting our President.

  45. Folks. We need to watch for this. Florida knows they can’t win if we vote, so guess what they are doing.

    Rock the Vote, other national groups blast Florida legislature’s ‘assault on young voters’
    By Travis Pillow | 05.04.11 | 8:18 am

    The Florida Senate may vote today on an elections bill that national groups are saying will make it harder for young people to participate in the political process. #

    This was sent out yesterday: #

    WASHINGTON D.C. – The right to vote is under attack in Florida, and so are the rights of voter registrations organizations focused on engaging young voters, including Rock the Vote, Southern Energy Network, HeadCount, Student PIRGs and other groups who work to expand the electorate. #

    Florida’s State Senate is expected to pass Senate Bill 2086 this week. Among it’s proposed measures: #

    • Young volunteers who want to register classmates at, for example, college football games or concerts would have to take an in-person oath at local elections offices and be financially liable for completed voter registration forms.
    • Young voters who are now able to update their voter registration information, such as their address, at the polls will no longer be able to do that and would be forced to use provisional ballots, which are often not counted.
    • Busy young people with full-time school and work schedules who now have a 13-day early voting period would see that reduced to just 5 days.
    • Young people with questions at their polling place would not be able to receive legal assistance or other services from non-partisan election protection programs at the polls. #

    If these intimidating and restrictive new measures are implemented, it could mean that the work of voter registration and engagement organizations who register and turnout hundreds of thousands of Florida voters could all be lost. #

    Here’s what young people who work to register their peers are saying about SB 2086: #

    “This bill will make it significantly harder for our volunteers to register voters, harder for young people in Florida to cast their ballots, and, ultimately, harder to have their ballots counted,” said Molly Benoit, a recent University of Florida graduate who served as Rock the Vote’s Florida State Coordinator during the 2010 midterm elections. “If I had been approached by a student on campus who wanted to volunteer with Rock the Vote at our next voter registration drive, I would have had to explain that they would be required to be on file with the state before I could allow them to volunteer. Add in the fact that volunteers would be personally liable for $50 per registration form and it becomes clear that this is an attempt to discourage students from registering their peers.” #

    “Having the ability to change your address at the polls and have your vote count is critical if students are going to be able to vote. This bill is a direct attack on our rights as students to have a say in who represents us in Florida,” said Jessica Okaty, a leader in the Southern Energy Network’s Power Vote campaign that registered more than 500 people at Florida International University in 2010. #

    “I have volunteered with the HeadCount organization since 2004, and in that time I have registered countless voters at dozens of concerts. It’s an amazing feeling for everyone involved when a new voter is welcomed into our democracy,” said Shari Beth Katz, a Team Leader with HeadCount in Miami. “I’m shocked at the hypocrisy of elected officials who would simultaneously call for less government while denying selfless volunteers the right to provide an essential service to other citizens. Any legislator who would consider a measure that makes it harder for citizens to vote is unpatriotic and putting personal political gain over core American principles.” #

    “This bill will make it harder for groups like ours to register new voters on college campuses and lead to many students who vote outside their home county being disenfranchised altogether. It will reduce the youth vote while serving no clear benefit. Pushing more voters to provisional ballots won’t add security to the elections process and all of the additional regulations are supposed to address a fraud problem that does not exist,” said Carley Sattler with the Florida Student PIRGs. #

    “This attempt to silence the voices of Floridians and to add even more obstacles to the path of democracy should be ridiculed by all Floridians, regardless of party affiliation,” says Jelani Downing, a former organizer with Florida African-American and Caribbean Empowerment Alliance. “It is my hope that organizations which pride themselves on registering voters will only use this bill as motivation to register more voters. We will continue to fight for democracy by becoming even more thorough in our operations and more vigilant in our quest to provide a voice for all Floridians.” #

    Young people are not sitting idly by as their rights are attacked. They’ve been mobilizing against the proposed legislation, rallying at the Capitol, testifying against the voter suppression bills, and lobbying their legislators, legislative leaders, and the Governor. #

    “I know that BWD doesn’t want distressing news here unless its important. This is important. 2012 ain’t gonna be easy, not with Republicans trying to block us off.

  46. Wonderful resoures Jaleh, thanks for sharing.

    I will link to it from my blog. I will assemble a collection of commercials that support Democratic principles.

    This is just great.




    I’ve got a red white and blue graphic up. It looks like the flag! Get it?!

  48. @Thanks gn and LL,

    I guess some days it’s just hard to listen to the lies.

  49. Its kinda surprising… Cenk’s been praising Obama on his show at least the little I’ve seen same with all the professional left that’s been criticizing him. Of course I don’t expect this to last but its a relief to say the least!

  50. Can someone explain Rachel Maddows’s obsession with Michael Steele? Since he lost his re-election bid to remain RNC Chairman, he has been springing up like a rabbit on The Rachel Maddow Show. Rachel is brilliant, but she can be a real puzzle sometimes. I just don’t get it. I was glad that she teased the interview with Michael Steele because it gave me a chance to switch to Criminal Minds. Whatever….

  51. I wonder the same thing. Good timing for me when she teased him. I was just getting off the treadmill and typically I would have turned on TV near my computer and finished watching TRMS, but did not do that tonight.

  52. They will do anything and everything to resrict the rights of young people and minorities in this next election.
    What seems especially egegious about the bill you describe here is the provision that legal help will not be allowed at the polling place. Why? What is this?
    This is not just some wayword RW state legislators orchestrating this. This is the the national GOP and the Koch brothers ,etc. Remember that meeting in California earlier this year? Eric cantor attended the Koch Brothers function, along with other political heavy weights. Is this really how politics is supposed to function in an open, democratic society? This is not a movement to make America a better democracy, this is a movement to deliberatly disinfranchise whole groups of people. All with corporate money. Disgusting!@!!!!
    Gee…I can’t STAND these guys.

  53. While I absolutely support making the Koch Brothers infamous – I don’t know of too many folks who will watch a seven minute plus internet video. These guys love hiding behind the scenes giving their money to astroturf orgs and think tanks – Dems need to make their name well known and synonymous with Republican Wealthcare.

  54. Exactly. No bullhorn bullshit moments. This man is classy to the core.

  55. GOP is spooked by the support to raise taxes – seem to be saying “Okay we’ll walk away from medicare cuts if you take tax cuts off the table” Interesting that both polled hugely in favor of the Dem position.

    I suspect the GOP will try to get the Bush Tax Cuts perminent in any agreement.

    As the article says, eventhough the deadline is a mere two weeks away, it’s really August 2nd. I don’t expect anything to be done until then because the uncertainty hurts the economy.

    I love how farm subsidies are a target but Big Oil subsidies are not.

  56. That is surprising. I wonder how his followers are reacting to his praise of President Obama?!

  57. Ladyhawke,I don’t understand this obsession which I some time ago on this very blog characterized as a “Michael Steele fetish.” The rate at which he’s going, soon he will be filling for her. It’s ridiculous.

  58. Cenk is so terrible, he’s local cable access channell terrible.

  59. Because he’s one of the few Republicans that will come on her show. Now that he’s not under their thumb, he’s free to be more honest about the GNOP.

  60. Also I bet Reps are getting very skittish about the Ryan Budget they voted for. Tim Pawlenty wouldn’t even endorse it, saying he had hos own ideas. And Reid said he was going to bring it to a floor vote – which would very likely lose near 10 GOP senators at least.

    I suspect they heard from Luntz that the Ryan Budget was hurting them, so they’re trying to change the subject on the Budget discussions – so the Dems can’t keep attacking on the Ryan Budget if they’re offering to find common ground. It seems like a tactical retreat.

  61. He won’t be on the air next year. His ratings have to be super low.

  62. Without even reading your link:

    1. We are losing (to the Democrats).
    2. We will seek common ground (finally).

  63. And now that I’ve read the story … I especially like this reference to Rep. Cantor:

    “But he [Cantor] said Republicans recognize they may need to look elsewhere to achieve consensus after President Obama ‘excoriated us’ for a proposal to privatize Medicare.”

    Thanks for sharing that!

  64. As usual, I’m very proud of my President and his wise decision not to release the photos of the dead OBL. I saw some creepy Dem congressman by the name of Adam Schiff from California aggressively calling for the release of the photos on the ground that it was necessary to end conspiracy theories. He was on the “Ed Show,” which I caught briefly while channel surfing . . I supposes if I look Schiff up, I’ll discover that he supported HRC during the 2008 primaries — what a disgusting pile he is . . No wonder the Dem Party has so much trouble getting things done in Congress . .

  65. Its a trick to get elected and they will still try to get rid of it. We need to send that message out. the only ones stopping them is the dems.

  66. I dropped my AARP membership (like they care – ha!) when they supported the Bush prescription drug program. Been looking for a reason to support them again. But if they do not mention that President Obama has the right idea on Medicare, I’m still going to wait to rejoin …

    However, it is a plus-up that they are speaking out.

    Just my two cents.

  67. If Cantor said that exactly, specifically that their proposal “privatize(d) medicare” he just gave the Dems a huge gift.

    However I’m weary of this – it seems to be a trap of sorts. “Hey, we’re losing bad on this issue, let’s pretend to be all “let’s find common ground” so the Dems can’t attack up on the draconian budget we voted for”, and if they do then we can go scream on Fox how the Dems are being mean to them.

    In the Koch vid linked above it said the Brothers earn $14M a day, so if my match is right ending the Bush tax cuts would cost them $420K a day more in taxes. I wonder if they’ve threatened to cut off funding the astroturf and think tank programs if they have to pay that money in taxes.

    Dems need to play hard ball here, but make it look like softball. Not back off ending the Bush tax cuts, but maybe offer to up the minimum to $500K a year. Whatever they do they need to keep the focus on the Ryan Budget and cutting taxes for the rich on the backs of seniors and the disabled. A presser to the effect of –
    “We were very happy to hear that the House Republicans want to work on the areas where we find common ground and we look forward to those discussions, but discretionary spending is one small area and given the size of the deficit and debt there is simply no way we can cut our way out of this hole. America is agreeing that revenues need to be raised along with cutting spending and that they like medicare exactly how it is and not the extreme Ryan Budget proposal that would end Medicare as we know it. That should also be the common ground we start from. “

  68. I have looked at this 10 times and I die laughing everytime. If he could only do something like that on network/cable tv.(:-}

  69. Thank Lovepolitics, and others, for your responses. Here is the letter I sent our dear President earlier today:

    Dear Mr President,

    In your 60 Minutes interview, regarding the release of the OBL images, you reaffirm our core American values by stating “That’s not who we are.”

    Thank you.

    Regarding each of those individuals demanding to see photos and videos of the body of OBL, if they are willing to step forward and commit to being personally liable to the individuals and their families whom might be harmed in any way for our Government revealing the images to them – a la what happened recently to those UN employees in Afghanistan subsequent to the burning of a copy of the Koran – then I would suggest to you, Mr. President, that you have the Library of Congress create a secure place at which they can view the images but have absolutely no way of making any form of copy of them.

    Members of the press could be permitted access as to enable them to state authoritatively that they have seen the images. The only language that they would use in such narrative reporting would have to be subject to review before release.

    Freedom of the press does not confer a right to incite violence against others.

    Warmest regards,

  70. I plan to write Mr. Schiff. He is my representative and I relunctantly campaigned for him. He WAS a HRC supporter and he voted for the WAR. I told him to his face that if he votes for another wrong war he will NOT be my representative and would not support him in future elections. Don’t worry, I’ll let him know he needs to support the President.

  71. The fact is that releasing the picture will NOT put an end to the doubters. Just as Rachel showed a clip of folks on FOX saying that the President’s long form birth certificate looks as though it was copied/photoshopped or some such nonsense. These people are sociopaths and deranged. I watched Ed tonight and his text question to his viewers was if they agreed with the President’s decision to NOT show the picture. 90% agreed with the President and 10% did not.

  72. Young people need to wake up. If they let senior citizens decide what consequences the young will have to live with, then they only have themselves to blame. The young are the ones who are suffering with the fruitless job searches, or who will be deprived social security or medicare, and they are the ones who will not be able to compete with China and North Korea because of a lack of investment. The future is in their hands, and they have to safeguard it.

  73. We were wondering the same thing. Michael Steele is a joke, especially when one thinks of the humiliation he was subjected to by racist Republicans, and yet he’s still carrying their water. I don’t know why Rachel acts like she wants to shine his shoes with her tongue. It’s pretty pathetic.

  74. My idea about the photos and proof: if a trusted family member can be shown them, then they can come out and testify that it was indeed bin Laden and not an imposter. The family’s testimony will be sufficient proof that he is dead-indeed his daughter who was at the compound testifies that it was him. His wife will do so once she has left the hospital. That should satisfy people whose skepticism is genuine.

    Anyone who doesn’t believe the family will believe no one and no picture will convince them otherwise.

    This coming September 11th Tenth Anniversary will probably be the last big public commemoration of the event. With Bin Laden dead, and soon the remaining minions rounded up thanks to the info that will be found on those computers, America will be able to turn the page and leave this sorrow to the families, in the same way that Oklahoma City is now left to those families now, that Pearl Harbor is left mostly to the families.

    Is it me, or do I hope that somehow we reach out to bin Laden’s wives and his 22 children, perhaps quietly? They had nothing to do with terrorism, and being kind would also be an act of greatness.

  75. I’m glad to hear my intuition was right on his likely still being a disgruntled HRC supporter (get over it, Adam; after all she did!!!).

    He put on quite an astonishing performance in calling for the release of the OBL photos. I did not recognize his face and was quite astonished when MSNBC put his name up on the screen, with the “D” label. The counter-point was from another Adam (Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash)), who seemed to be thoroughly disgusted with Mr. Schiff.

    Thanks for following up with Schiff.

  76. I have to laugh at the frustrati liberals who say they are disappointed in Obama but proud that he got Bin Laden.

    The thing I don’t get from the far left is that they act like Obama was some far left zealot when he has always been left of center and his platform was left of center. These guys just can’t give the President his due and admit that they were wrong about him and alot of things but they always do the back handed compliment

  77. Critical insights into the significance of what President Obama achieved:

    “Although the gruesome descriptions of the pictures of Bin Laden with a bullet in his head would appear to underscore that reputation — and help to explain why President Obama decided Wednesday not to release them — Mr. Greitens called Seal members “creative” commandos who knew “to bring back as much intelligence as they possibly could.”

    The cache the Seal team recovered from the Bin Laden compound included more than 100 storage devices — DVDs, thumb drives and computer discs — as well as 5 computers and 10 computer hard drives.

    Despite the mission’s success, former Seal members acknowledged the precariousness of the raid and the degree of luck involved. “If that thing had gone bad, the conversation you and I would be having would be completely different,” Mr. Shipley said. “There’s only two ways to go in these operations — zero or hero.””

    Far, far beyond terminating OBL was the exceptional precision of our President’s thinking about what could be recovered in the raid – an intelligence trove that almost assuredly has already enabled several directed missions against other terrorist elements within the AQ network.

    Bravo President Obama. Bravo Team 6!

  78. OMG on Rachel and Michael Steele. I refused to watch half her show tonight, when I saw that buffoon on again. What is up with her?


    Please, everyone here, do everything you can to promote that phrase to Jim Messina @ OBAMA 2012!!!

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.MORE.TOGETHER!

  80. I think it has to do with what her network wants. My feeling is that she really doesn’t want him on her show and is only bringing him on because they urged her to.

  81. Bravo, Bravo Bob! I absolutely agree with you: “Freedom of the Press does not confer a right to incite violence against others.” This is especially true when the others include: innocent Americans traveling abroad; the courageous men and women in the military; members of the Press from Western counties; and, the Americans and other Westerners serving in diplomatic posts, especially those serving the U.N. and other U.N. agencies.

    Equally important, however, is the fact that International Law prohibits governments from graphically displaying humiliating and degrading images, for propaganda purposes, of individuals killed or captured in military actions.

    Again, Bobfr, I really thank you for your thoughtful comment. I hope your comment provokes people to seriously think about the real life consequences of abstract ideas like the Freedom of the Press. Clearly Freedom of the Press is an important part of democracy, but it must always be tempered with reality. I am not convinced that risking the lives of innocent people, and our men and women in the military, is worthy publishing the detailed pictures of the dead bin Laden.

    Surely, the media can verify the truth of bin Laden’s death without publishing graphic images that may provoke violence against innocent people.

  82. Well said GN! Your commentaries are always a delight to read.

    Besides her focus on objectively highlighting the achievements of President Obama, I am so grateful that BWD has attracted other adults, like you, who post some of the most thoughtful, informed, and enlightened comments on this site.

  83. That’s exactly my sentiments! I just don’t see the purpose of posting graphic images of the killing of bin Laden. If it is the question of proving if he was indeed killed, selected media can be shown the images on condition that they would not be blasted all over.

    I must confess that my concern is also personal because close friends of mine have children, who grew up with my own, serving in the military and would likely be impacted if provocative images of bin Laden were published.

  84. I used to think that it was only in James Bond movies that a crack team invade the Main Bad Guy’s base, kill him, steal all the incredibly valuable information, and vanish into the night again.

    It’s nice of Obama to make the world not just a little safer, but also a little more like the movies 🙂

  85. That SEALs team certainly went all in, didn’t they. They risked their own lives, in part to spare the lives of the children which obl unconscionably had living with him in that compound. Thank God this worked out, and thank you to these nameless individuals.

  86. Very much appreciate your responses, Nathan.

    “Surely, the media can verify the truth of bin Laden’s death without publishing graphic images that may provoke violence against innocent people.”

    Of course they can and we all know the WH would (and probably already has) cooperated in that regard. Key members of Congress have been shown the evidence. The WH is conforming to the law, to decency, to every standard that differentiates ethical, thoughtful beings from savages.

    Thank you.

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