“Obama’s rivals now look like Lilliputians to his Gulliver”

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First, thank you for all the kind comments last night. You are awesome.

7:45 AM

VPB hosts a breakfast meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner.

8:00 AM  
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9:45 AM

PBO and VPB receive the presidential daily briefing.

10:00 AM  
10:15 AM

PBO meets with senior advisers.

11:00 AM  
11:15 AM

VPB meets with President Ivo Josipovic of Croatia.

11:45 AM

PBO honors the 2011 National Teacher of the Year and State Teachers of the Year.

12:00 PM  
12:45 PM

PBO holds a cabinet meeting.

1:00 PM  
1:30 PM

Carney briefs the press.

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2:30 PM

VPB meets with members of the National Association of Counties, County Executives of America, and the National Organization of Black Country Officials.

2:35 PM

PBO meets with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

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4:30 PM

PBO and VPB meet with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

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VPB delivers remarks at the Atlantic Council’s 50th Anniversary Awards Dinner.


Go, Lawrence O’Donnell! Do not miss this, people. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt such love from someone on the media.

And, some hilarious Jon Stewart.


Stuff to read:

NYT: President’s vow fulfilled

Obama’s rivals now look like Lilliputians to his Gulliver

….That Obama was able to announce the death of Osama bin Laden so soon after he had crushed the absurd charge that he was a foreign (maybe Kenyan, maybe Indonesian, maybe both!) usurper of the White House felt oddly appropriate. For the success of the operation in Abbottabad now makes Obama’s rivals look small indeed, Lilliputians chasing wild fantasies while Gulliver deals with the things that matter. He has rendered even more laughable Donald Trump’s declaration that “I feel proud of myself” for flushing out the proof of Obama’s Hawaiian birth. The president has shown what a true achievement looks like.

// more


LAT: Obama’s poker face was sorely tested

In the 72 hours before Osama bin Laden’s death was announced, the president balanced public events with a series of private military briefings. Nothing leaked.

E.J. Dionne: Yes, we can turn the page



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  1. Good Morning BWD & community!

    My internal clock completely screwed up due to jet lag.

    I’ve had some sleep to think about a comment that BWD made yesterday in her list of thoughts.

    I’ve realized I’ve got to stop letting the negative emotions, and hate that exists out there for our President, stop bothering me.

    There will always be 20-25% out there who can’t stand to credit the President for any good that he does. So it’s a losing battle and a waste of time and emotion to stress over what those petty,idiotic,crazies out there think or say.

    No matter what the polls say, many people PERSONALLY LIKE this man,and given time,people who care capable of some reasonableness will finally realize he is one of the greatest Presidents we will ever have.

    So for now, I will focus on only the positive news and knowing that there is a great community here and at The Obama Diary that know and appreciate our wonderful FIRST FAMILY!!!

  2. Oh – one interesting comment that I heard on the news (and I’m sorry I don’t have a link), but the conceptual idea of the death of OBL may help to position President Obama’s hand to push for a bigger draw down from Afghanistan.

    I think one of the biggest reasons why there is so much resistance leaving Afghanistan, is that there was no “satisfying conclusion”, something that people could latch on to as a “victory”. The idea that we were “cutting and running without getting the job done”, was a major psychological barrier to those in the military, especially considering all those who had lost their lives over the years.

    I’m hoping the death of OBL, will give some symbolic closure or “victory”. I think the bigger question is what to do about Pakistan.

  3. Exactly right pinkbunny. As this one commenter here used to say, “don’t get too high, don’t get too low,” and I think that insight was a good one.

    I know that we have the best possible presidential leadership in place right now, a WH destined for the history books.

    The media wants to sell content and loves President Obama when his actions create dramatic content. The hardcore wingnuts despise President Obama and are extremely dishonest; they will twist every story to deprive President Obama of his due, from every point on the ideological spectrum. I refuse to observe this presidency around such determined fear and misery.

    I hope that everyone remembers to not let other people steal your joy! Good morning, bwd fam.

  4. Yes, Osama’s death will give him cover so to speak. The Republicans won’t be able to convince Americans that Obama is punking out. I am afraid though that they, the GOP, will gin up more fears about the #2 guy. Whatever the GOP does I think the American people will probably grow more vocal and tiresome of the war in Afghanistan. HOWEVER, they might give Obama more room if Obama gets out of Iraq this summer.

  5. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family. Today we have school board elections and I am off to work at the polls. It will be a long day.

    Pinkbunny, I agree, I have to stop letting what other people say about the President bother me. We have to be more like him and just go about working harder to get him reelected. And to elect more Democrats.

    Have a great day everyone.

  6. I hope you’re right, I really do. PBO is in a perfect position to start bring back a substantial number of troops. But I also know that he’s smarter and far more educated than I’ll ever be, so I’m going to trust his decisions, but bringing the troops back is my biggest wish right now.

  7. The O’Donnell segment was brilliant and gave me chills just to see truth being spoken so powerfully by an American tv personality. If this message can actually penetrate minds in the US, it could change our destiny. Imagine the heartache and suffering that could have been avoided if John Kerry had won. It’s heartbreaking to consider how unthinking. naive and susceptible to brainwashing the American voter has been over the years. Please, God, let PBO be the one to put this insidious Republican lie to rest for good.

  8. bin Laden’s death has brought out the worst in right wing Republicans.

    Instead of uniting behind the President and being grateful that the madman responsible for 3000+ deaths almost 10 years ago is finally dead, the right wingers took it as yet another opportunity to attack Mr. Obama and revise history to credit Mr. Bush.

    I didn’t agree with Mr. Bush’s politics at all, but had he given the order to take out bin Laden at Tora Bora back in 2001, I’d be giving him the same amount of credit as I’m giving Mr. Obama currently.

    Such isn’t the case, because Mr. Bush allowed bin Laden to get away and escape. He stated he didn’t know where bin Laden was and didn’t spend much time on him, yet the right wing believes he deserves credit for bin Laden’s death.

    Although it’s not set in stone (because nothing is ever “set in stone” so to speak), Mr. Obama’s re election chances are looking good with bin Laden’s death. What will the Republicans campaign on, a world where bin Laden is alive? Weren’t they pulling the same crap with Saddam Hussein, that “the liberals wanted a world with Saddam Hussein alive”?

    Mr. Obama gave credit for this accomplishment to the SEALS and the intelligence community, the right only gave credit to Mr. Obama after kissing Mr. Bush’s ass.

    Mr. Obama continues to provide good and steady leadership and give many people here and abroad hope for a better future.

  9. It’s weird that people are still asking whether OBL’s death really makes anyone safer. Of course it does. For the last ten years the message was: you can plan and commit a spectacular atrocity and the USA will get bored and stop chasing you, or in short, “You can get away with it”. That’s hugely emboldening to your enemies.

    The message now is: there is a new sheriff in town; the USA will not get bored and stop chasing you; you will not get away with it.

    Big difference.

  10. And they continue to get smaller and smaller. The desperation of Morning Joke this morning. The new desperate meme is that it was reckless and could have gone wrong and TERRIBLE things could have happened.

    But spending trillions of dollars on a war in a country that posed no threat to us — that’s acceptable.

    The ‘good’ news: Joe just looked desperate, looking for a way to not give credit to this President.

    President Obama said it repeatedly: there are times when we show what the Best of America is, when we rally and celebrate achievement as one nation. If the Republicans can’t get on board with that, they have marginalized themselves.

    The alleged ‘moderates like Snowe and Collins: every day they stay Republican, they are supporting this unAmerican behavior. Shame on all of them.

  11. Exactly
    I want that war to end and after all we started it to get OBL but I do trust our President to make the best decision.

  12. Good Morning Everyone.

    Thanks for a great morning mishmash BWD. I am sharing it everywhere 🙂

    Have a great day

  13. You know what’s great about this video? Even though it’s satire – Obama’s STILL done a lot of things talked about in the song LOL

  14. Kudos to lod to finally speaking out. If only he could maintain the same level of consistency.

    Hey cool, pics from India. 🙂

    All the Indian newspapers I have seen (four of them) heaped praised on PBO and are now demanding from Pakistan that they stop harboring terrorists.

  15. Wow – I just took a second to glance down the comments before leaving for the day – THANK YOU for posting about Lawrence O’Donnell’s commentary last night – I don’t watch him that often but last night I was hungry to listen to EVERYONE praise our amazing President!!

    For anyone who didn’t hear it try and find it – it will make you puff up for our President!!

    It was BRILLIANT!!

  16. Oh I’m so thrilled you put this here for everyone – this thrilled me last night!

  17. Good morning everybody. I’ve been following the fantastic news of the last couple of days in no small part over this site – and I can only add my voice to those expressing hope that the successful elimination of Osama bin Ladin truly has been a game changer. I believe that it will prove to be so – and for more reasons than the sense of justice and moral closure that it has given to the American people, and to victims of terrorism around the world, marvellous though it is to see such taking place.

    I’d like to expand on the excellent that is brought up by pinkbunny several posts upthread. While it is true that bin Ladin’s death, in a purely tactical sense will do little in immediate sense to sabotage the workings of terrorist organizations of the kind that he headed up, it would IMO be a mistake to dismiss the symbolism of his death for merely being that – symbolism. On the contrary, symbolism can be one of the most powerful factors that influence the course of warfare. Indeed, it has been the inability to achieve durable symbols of victory that has over the past half century proved to be one of the great drags upon America’s ability to exert our influence as a superpower upon the international scene through military action.

    Although some people find the idea distinctly uncomfortable, America is a nation that was and continues to be reared upon the “glorious cause” of “righteous warfare”. Our history is so bound up with the notion of fighting for the sake of our ideals, that it could hardly be otherwise. It is no coincidence that the three men almost universally rated as the greatest leaders in our history – George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt – were the Presidents who stewarded the nation through our three greatest wars. And one consequence of this has been that with this part of our national character, has grown a dependence upon a certain kind of victory.

    It has been observed repeatedly that Americans as a people are natural crusaders. This again is a concept that some find to be deeply disturbing, but in looking over our history up to the present day, it is hard to deny. Again and again, though the American people have often been slow to awaken to (or be stirred to) the great issues of their time, when the “national mood” of the country gets its blood up to a particular cause, the result has invariably been an outpouring of popular energy that really is a unique American phenomenon. It is this “spirit of unity” that President Obama alluded to, which grips the country in times of crisis and has steered us as a nation through many a dark time, usually to come out better for it.

    Having set their energies to the task however, and having devoted their blood, toil, tears, and sweat to seeing it through, the American people demand as their reward that they be given proof of the righteousness of their cause – of knowing that their sacrifice was worth it – not merely through assurances of victory, but through symbols of victory. They want to have the garrison of Yorktown filing to lay down their arms under the eyes of George Washington, columns of Redcoats routed before the walls of New Orleans by Andrew jackson, Robert E. Lee surrendering to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House, Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders charging up to capture the San Juan heights, Woodrow Wilson being showered with rose petals as he walked the streets of Paris as the savior of Europe from the horrors of WWI, Douglas MacArthur directing Japanese officials to sign the surrender documents on the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri, while countless war planes filled the skies above.

    Most of these events contributed very little to victory in immediate practical terms. But that is to miss the point that their symbolic value was incalculable in what they did for the nation as the lifeblood of the “American Way of War”.

    Ever since World War Two, however, we have lost the capacity to deliver such symbols of victory. In a rapidly changing, increasingly interconnected world in which direct military conflict between great powers has become impractical, and paramilitary organizations driven by religious extremism with no firm attachments to any particular state have become a primary threat to our security, it is sobering to realise that since 1945 we have never been able to achieve a clear-cut victory in a formally declared war, let alone been able to produce symbols for such a victory. Instead our leaders have had to develop policies of “limited warfare” and covert action to confront and disperse threats around the globe, only to find themselves removed from power by their own angry citizens, furious at the betrayal of their leaders in leading them into conflicts with no apparent resolution that can satisfy Americans’ idealistic views of why they engage in these struggles in the first place. In this way Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and George W. Bush were all toppled from their thrones. Even George Bush Sr., despite the apparent success of his intervention in the Gulf War, was haunted by its lack of closure and was unable to prevent himself from being hounded from office.

    If America is to continue to act as a superpower on the world stage, then it will need to discover a way to employ its considerable military capacities that will satisfy the twin criteria of efficiently resolving threats to our national security and global interests whilst remaining true to the fundamental ideals of our identity as a nation. Whether or not President Obama will be able to effect such an approach remains to be seen, but he does seem to have long since grasped that pragmatic flexibility will be essential to it, coupled with a long-term regard for how our interests and our ideals, so often tragically contradictory, can be reconciled. He was one of those who recognized, in the aftermath of 9/11, that it was vital to both our interests and ideals to carefully prosecute a military action in Afghanistan as one of many courses of action required to reorientate our approach to the Middle East.

    Unfortunatly, the war in Afghanistan was not carefully prosecuted. Instead it was bungled and neglected for years by the Bush administration until in 2008 Barack Obama wrested the mantle of national leadership away from the Republican Party, and took up the levers of power himself the following year. In the two years since then, he and his team have worked credibly to try and salvage as much as possible from the many messes left to them by their predecessors, and to their credit, have achieved much. But the effort required to retain our active military presence in the region has become unsustainable in terms of the costs versus the benefits gained from doing so. President Obama recognizes this also, and having wound down America’s role in the Iraq War, is now actively seeking to do so in Afghanistan as well in a way that will have as little effect as possible on America’s international interests and national security.

    How does the elimination of bin Ladin effect this? The fact is that he was the face of terrorism to America. More than just a reviled mass-murderer and leader of a terrorist organization, he was an embodiment of the unfamilar forces that have emerged to threaten our country in the 21st Century. For many Americans, he was the only major terrorist who if asked they could probably identify.

    And now he has been slain.

    Even if this does nothing to reduce from the forces that threaten to destabilize the world today – which many world argue are themselves merely symptoms of far more intrinsic problems like wide-spread poverty and lack of social development in so many regions across the planet – this development may be part of what it takes to transform our withdrawal from Afghanistan from a humiliating debacle and acknowledgement of the limits of American power, into a rough but salvaged example of the limited war, as an expression of the kind of foreign policies that America will have to develop if we are to fulfill the promise that was made by Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy: that we will make the world safe for Democracy.

    By his leadership thus far, President Obama has already earned a place within the pantheon of American statesmen – those leaders who guided the fortunes for the nation not merely with skill and prudence, but with vision. From all that we know of him however, he is the kind of man who will never quite be satisfied until he has gone on to achieve bigger things, and then bigger things still, even than what he has already accomplished, for as long as he has the capacity to do so.

    And that is something that makes me for one, feel very comfortable.

  18. I cannot imagine a single act that PBO could have done as president that would be more damaging to Republicans than killing Bin Laden. It was something they couldn’t do, eventually refused to do and his killing has exposed their cynical use of Bin Laden as a boogeyman against the American public. PBO has demonstrated true leadership not chest-thumping bravado. It galvanizes the nation behind him on a topic the GOP believes is their turf – national security. It denies the GOP all their Obama/Osama jokes, their fantasies that Obama can be painted as “foreign” and secretly in league with Muslims. In one stroke that and so much more is denied them. They are revealed as merely pathetic addicts to power and their flailing around to deny PBO credit is fooling no one important.

  19. You are so right pinkbunny. My mother, bless her soul, always told me to not worry about what we can’t control. When I was younger I dismissed it, but the older I get, the more I appreciate her words. It is easier said than done, but we have to “accent the positive and eliminate the negative.”

  20. Good morning,
    When world events take place, I break my resolve to watch the television. Lawrence O Donald has really been speaking positive about our President. So we need to watch him for a minute. It is so disconcerting when I hear someone try to skew the truth about giving the last administration credit for the capture of bin Laden. And some still are trying to give credit for the torture technique of water boarding, saying that this technique produced initial results that led to bin Laden’s capture; his use of couriers. A liar will never speak the truth. Osama bin Laden was not caught before now because the past administration did not want to capture him. President Bush said so out of his own mouth. This is why bin Laden and others lived so publicly. We think other people are so primitive in their behavior and they are just as sophisticated as any of us.
    All that concerns me is that our President and his administration led to the capture of Osama bin Laden. We are all Americans in these United States. We all rise and fall together.


  22. My husband just heard a whacko on c-span: Bush caught bin Laden in 2001 and Obama’s taking credit for it. “Why aren’t there real patriots at c-span to tell the truth?”

    I’m assuming this is one of the 40 plaintiffs in Orly Taitz’ newest lawsuit.


  24. I am frequently blown away by the thoughtful posts on this site. axrendale, your analysis of the situation is superb. My life is long enough to have encompassed WWII, the Korean Conflict, Viet Nam, Gulf War I, and now Iraq and Afghanistan. All of those since WWII have been emotionally unsatisfying at the end.
    We are fortunate to have a young (compared to me!) man who has an understanding of our country and its complexities and contradictions. I believe that his own complex background combined with his first rate education and diligence have given him this understanding, and yes, compassion.
    The metaphor of Gulliver and the Lilliputians in the UK Guardian editorial is an apt one…fortunately we have Gulliver.

  25. I was thinking this morning when I was watering my garden that PBO says things that he really believes and goes after it with gusto.

    Often politicians say a lot of things on the campaign trail and don’t make the extra effort to get it done. POTUS does.

    But one other thing that jumped up in my mind is that, he cleans up after some of those same people who said they would do something and never completed it.

    It is of utmost importance for people to note that POTUS did two extraordinary things that other presidents vowed or tried to do and couldn’t.

    1. Healthcare. A number of presidents tried, but failed to get health care for Americans. President Barack Obama came in and despite staunch opposition, he was able to get it done. Yet, some people, even some people who claim to fight for the rights of the little people — try to belittle his efforts, simply because he did not do it the way they wanted it. Nevermind that the law helps millions of Americans. Just the other day, my girlfried in North Carolina was worrying about her 25-year-old son, having to struggle to get health insurance. I told her that with the new law, her son could remain on her plan until he was 26. She was so excited to hear that.

    2. Osama Bin Laden. Other presidents, including Bill Clinton tried to get Bin Laden, but they all failed. President Obama comes in and directs his CIA director to make it a priority to get this guy. The president gets it done. Yet, some people refuse to give him any credit for doing so. So many people are interested in revisionist history. But try hard as they may, as the details pour out and people find out how hands on this president was in getting Bin Laden, they won’t be able to deny his accomplishments. And even if they choose to live in la la land denying the facts, history tells a totally different story.

    God speed, Mr. president.

  26. Hi BWD
    I think O’Donell had it exactly right in that clip…..we can never know the weight that President Obama carries every minute day and night. We must trust his judgment every minute. What we know for sure is that he will NEVER do anything that is harmful to this country. Amen to that.

  27. Pink Bunny, I have heard similar rumors. That would be the icing on my cake. Get some rest.

  28. One of the things that moved me in the reaction to OBL’s death was how moved young people were. Many of those who gathered were college age, and there were apparently many celebrations on college campuses. Just as I first focused on the news when JFK was assassinated, these young people first focused on the news when 9/11 happened. It was their introduction to the horrors this world is sadly capable of. This was true for my son, who was a freshman in high school, and who told me, weeks after, that he was trying so hard not to think about it that he couldn’t think about anything else. Two of my nephews grew up in NYC, and were 5 and 10 on 9/11. The older is one of those college kids now. He spent a lot of time as a teen devising elaborate schemes for satellite vigilance to catch terrorists. It was my “job,” in our conversations, to pose the arguments for civil liberties, since he loved to argue on behalf of his schemes. But I understood that he needed to think there was a way to find terrorists.

  29. Jayne, I am with you. I watched Chris, larry, ed and Rachel. It was stunning to hear such praise. It swelled my chest and hopefully that feeling will last for a while.

  30. Indeed you are right pinkbunny. There is a certain segment of our society that can not and will not ever look at the president with and open heart or an open mind. Their hatred of him is not based on anything real so it can’t be touched by reality. They don’t deserve your time or your concern.

    There is another segment that despises the president on a “team” basis. He’s not part of their team so they are against him. While this is not rational, it is possible to reach some of them and get them to see the other “team” as people just like them and not hated enemies. We have always had political parties but we haven’t always had things so partisan that everything and everyone from the opposing party is evil. This is not a permanent fixture of politics and it won’t last forever. President Obama is probably the best person I’ve seen in politics to work on ending this hyperpartisanship because he is so likeable and so darned competent. He makes it tough to hate him just for having a “D” after his name.

    And finally there are the rest of the people in this country. These are a wide variety of people from across the political spectrum who just want competent government, a good life for their families and loved ones and a chance to succeed at their dreams. These are the heart and backbone of our country. They are not haters, not hyperpartisans and not ideological puritans who brook no dissent from their rigid way of looking at the world. These people like the president, want him to be successful and realize that he is doing a good job at a very difficult time. And they are the majority.

    Every time the nasties get to you, just remember that last group. They aren’t loud and they aren’t given a platform much but they are numerous and they are strong. And most importantly they support this president because they support this country. They include everyone here and many, many more people across the country who have never heard of this place. They are men and women, old and young, liberal and conservative. These are the people that the president talks about when he talks about us overcoming our partisan divides and coming together as a people. And that message resonates with this group.

  31. Hey donna, I join you in saying thank you to BWD. So much feel good info.

  32. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Every moment comedy gold, as was the Hitler mashup you provided (those are always so good — there was a Hillary one from the primaries that was hilarious).


    —PJ (Boycotting the media AGAIN due to clueless Condoleeza Rice and too many Giuliani appearances!)

  33. They may try to get people worked up about the #2 guy but it just doesn’t work. Bin Laden was the man who attacked us in the minds and the hearts of the people. All the other Al Queda leaders are seen as bad guys but not as evil personified in the same way as Bin Laden.

    I do see this as a chance to get out of Afghanistan at long last. This does give the military a victory large enough to say “We have completed our mission, now we can begin the process of leaving and ending this war.”

    The fight against terrorism goes on but a full out war effort is probably not the best way to fight it in the first place and after 10 years the public is tired of war and wants it to come to an end. This gives us the chance to do so and I hope we do.

  34. Beaming with pride today and selfishly thinking about that great hug I got from PBO just two weeks ago. It’s an embrace that he shares with our nation at every opportunity if only we are able to see it. Let’s all continue to be strong and go forward to work for his reelection in every way we can.

  35. When those words came out of that persons mouth, I am wondering if that person heard them because that sounds like the stupidest thing anyone can say. How exactly does that make Bush look? Bush CAUGHT OBL in 2001/2 yet we went on to build a home, marry more wives, have more children and live peacefully in a $1 million compound until 2011?

  36. Chris Matthews deserves credit for his coverage yesterday as well. From early in the morning when he appeared on MSNBC and through his show, he was absolutely eloquent about the achievement of this President and his leadership. He said at one point (in a long line of excellent comments) that he could not imagine a better leader in this situation.

    What struck me about both Lawrence and Matthews yesterday is how devoid the press is of progressives who consistently ‘get it’ and know how to frame — not spin — Democratic leaders. What we heard from Lawrence and Chris yesterday is what EVERY progressive or Democratic-leaning pundit should be doing. If we had this, we’d be winning this battle with a whole lot less angst.

    It’s what Republicans do, and they have to make shit up. We have the truth on our side and can’t seem to do it consistently.

    I fully expect Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Matthews to go off the rails in the future. It makes them sound ‘independent’ or some such nonsense. But imagine if the background noise of news coverage was consistently framed in this manner? How much easier it would be to succeed. How much easier it would be for President Obama to achieve in the name of the American people. So damned sad.

  37. We are indeed most fortunate, and thank you for the compliment. 🙂

  38. Excellent comment, Betsey.

    In my temporary media detente, I saw Rudy 9/11 Giuliani on t.v. saying he was “uncomfortable” with the young people’s celebrations over OBL’s death.

    Can you imagine the sickness in his mind that twisted his lips up to say he was uncomfortable with the spontaneous celebrations? I predict that will be a new RW talking point: we shouldn’t celebrate — and ESPECIALLY the young people (like those of the generation you describe) shouldn’t celebrate.

    Since when hasn’t he liked seeing American chest-thumping? American enthusiasm? American flags? Only when it comes as a result of a focused black, Democratic president making the call and our phenomenal military executes the task flawlessly. Oh, and when signs like “Obama 1, Bush 0” pop up.

    All of the sudden, the call becomes: “simmer down, kids.” If you listen carefully, you can hear the jealousy and desperation in their words.

    They are so transparent in their mind-sickness, they are to be pitied.

    It’s okay, though, history has been made (again!), and this generation is moving ahead without many of the old ways of thinking, and President Barack Obama is emblematic of that progressive thought.

    No turning back :-)!

    —PJ (Boycotting the media AGAIN due to clueless Condoleeza Rice and too many Giuliani appearances!)

  39. I watched the President and First Lady on Oprah yesterday and I really did not learn anything new. They have always been modest, intelligent, thoughtful, caring people. They are great parents who want the best for their kids as well as all American kids. It just confirmed for me that we are very lucky to have him as president. I did learn something new after the President announced the death of OBL was that from the day he installed Leon Panetta, he told him that his mission was to find Osama Bin Ladin and bring him to justice. Just think what PBO can do in the next 5 1/2yrs. We could have world peace in the middle east by the time he finishes office. I am convinced there is nothing this President can not do.

  40. I just watched PM David Cameron and the House of Commons make a statement of warm and highest praise for President Obama, our special forces and our nation. The affirmation of the whole House was very moving and sincere. Thank goodness others see the hard work PBO is doing on behalf of our nation and our allies.

  41. Exactly. It doesn’t matter how much control Bin Laden had anymore on day to day activities of Al Queda. While he was alive he was a symbol of the audacity to attack the US and get away with it. Now, the message is that no matter how long it takes we don’t give up and we will get you. That’s a powerful message. Even if we have an incompetent in charge for a while who misdirects us after others who had nothing to do with your atrocities, no leader lasts forever here and soon enough we will have a new leader and that leader won’t have forgotten what you did and that leader won’t let you continue to get away with it. That’s a huge lesson to would be terrorists and no amount of trying to downplay it by republicans can change that fact.

  42. I suspect that negotiations between Mullah Omar/Taliban and Karzai/Afghanistan will heat up now that Bin Laden is dead.

    Bin Laden being found in Pakistan is a HUGE embarrassment to them as nobody believes they didn’t know – the ISI at least knew. And they’ve been cashing in billions in military aid money over the years from the US. I think Pakistan knows they were caught red handed and will want to end this as soon as possible to “save face” which is a huge deal in the Muslim world. The ISI has very large sway with the Taliban, they were essentially Pakistani proxies in Afghanistan. They’ll push for a truce in order to end the drone strikes and the reason for the US to be in Afghanistan and thus on their backdoor. Pakistan’s ISI knows they were caught red handed and cannot be trusted – that their scam is over and that the aid money will likely dry up and soon. They’ll want to end the Afghanistan issue as soon as possible.

    If I was an AQ fighter I wouldn’t trust the Taliban right about now – I think the Taliban will kill or turn over any foreign AQ fighter in Waziristan – in the very least kick them out of the area and country.

  43. Ahh, as we look over the President’s daily schedule it would appear that he has a full plate, indeed. But if the events of the past few days have shown us anything it’s that there is always more going on with this President than the public schedule would portray.

    We now know that even the President’s demeanor, or is daily activities never paint a true picture of just how many plates are truly spinning behind the scenes. Or how many chainsaws he is actually juggling that we will never see.

    And all of this is part of what makes him so damn good; he doesn’t sweat. He doesn’t lose his cool. Nothing can break this man. And all of this taken as whole illustrates why he belongs in the White House, while a “Carnival Barker” like Donald Trump should stick to grappling with decisions more his size; like whether to fire Lil’ John or Garey Busey from his make believe reality show.

  44. But didn’t you hear? The wingnuts are calling in to c-span that Bush caught Osama in 2001 and kept it a secret!

  45. According to the Republican frame, the successful operation against Bin Laden has taken the idea that “Obama is Carter” off the table, so now “Obama is Bush 41” – successful foreign policy means nothing when the economy is bad.

  46. I’m back to my little media boycott today (lol) but I gorged on a smorgasbord of cable news, network news, websites, facebook, radio, and newspapers yesterday.

    The absolute high point was Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC last night. He was plain out masterful and intense. He broke down the timeline going back to Bush’s failures and dismissal of OBL and ended with our President strutting up to the podium to deliver the world-changing news. He was on fire.

    I even enjoyed Ed and Chris Matthews last night. I may be off, but I get the sense that some of these guys wanted the psychological release of it being cool to back this President again. They really like him in their hearts, but because of the toxic environment, they are under continuous pressure to fault-find and critique. An event like this lets them say what’s really on their minds, even if for a little while.

    Anyway, of course, now the talking heads have taken over and need to fill time, so all the cockroaches are crawling back onto the t.v. set while clueless bobblehead newsreaders “interview” them. I knew it was time to turn it off again when I saw Condoleeza Rice (she who was in way over head as SOS) poke her lips out to credit Dumbya Bush for OBL, and when I saw Giuliani for what seemed like the 10th time in two hours. I’m sure it will only get worse, but I won’t be watching. Enough!

    Have a great day, everyone :-)!

    Excellent comment, Betsey.

    In my temporary media detente, I saw Rudy 9/11 Giuliani on t.v. saying he was “uncomfortable” with the young people’s celebrations over OBL’s death.

    Can you imagine the sickness in his mind that twisted his lips up to say he was uncomfortable with the spontaneous celebrations? I predict that will be a new RW talking point: we shouldn’t celebrate — and ESPECIALLY the young people (like those of the generation you describe) shouldn’t celebrate.

    Since when hasn’t he liked seeing American chest-thumping? American enthusiasm? American flags? Only when it comes as a result of a focused black, Democratic president making the call and our phenomenal military executes the task flawlessly. Oh, and when signs like “Obama 1, Bush 0” pop up.

    All of the sudden, the call becomes: “simmer down, kids.” If you listen carefully, you can hear the jealousy and desperation in their words.

    They are so transparent in their mind-sickness, they are to be pitied.

    It’s okay, though, history has been made (again!), and this generation is moving ahead without many of the old ways of thinking, and President Barack Obama is emblematic of that progressive thought.

    No turning back :-)!

    —PJ (Boycotting the media AGAIN due to clueless Condoleeza Rice and too many Giuliani appearances!)

  47. Yikes — don’t know how that happened?!?! Two comments posted as one. Huh.

    Oh well. Long story short: the media is back to it’s old tricks, and thus my little boycott is back on, LOL. Have a great day, everyone :-)!

    -—PJ (Boycotting the media AGAIN due to clueless Condoleeza Rice and too many Giuliani appearances!)

  48. India needs to make sure they don’t give Pakistan what they probably want right now. I suspect Pakistan will look for something/anything to distract from the fact they were caught red-handed and an “incident” with India would be at the top of their list.

  49. Condeleeza Rice is such an intelligent black women. Why does she spend her entire life covering Bush’s ass will never cease to amaze me.

  50. Face it, Osama Bin Laden being shown the door from Planet Earth by “That Darn Black Preznit” is probably the greatest tragedy / disappointment / nightmare the GOP could possibly conjure up.

    The fact that the leadership of “the negro, kenyan, black, secret muslim, black, marxist, thug, black, black, black guy” has resulted in joyous celebration in the streets, at West Point, and by cadets at the Naval Academy, is just not something they are willing to accept.

    They all wish they could pinch themselves and wake up, but they can’t.

  51. AWESOME video of Naval Academy Cadets going nuts over the death of Bin Laden, and that Navy Seals did the honors:

    And video of cadets at West Point celebrating like it’s New Year’s eve:

  52. Thanks for being with us again this morning, BWD, and for bringing us the great articles and photos. I support President Obama 1000% !!

  53. PoliticalJunkessa – You are right – history is being made again, and nowhere in the history books will Rudy’s fake criticisms appear. I’m just about positive of that.

  54. I’ll just follow your sig line so I know whether to wade into the media or not. Like a weather report 🙂

  55. Well said BWD. I’m convinced that President Obama will ponder the benefits and risks of every action.

    No matter how we wish the troops back, President Obama will be careful not to leave Afghanistan to chaos so in a few years everything is back to square one. As he said when he came into office, Afghanistan/Pakistan is much more difficult than Iraq.

    Let’s hope Congress, the media and the people give President Obama the room to do what he thinks is right. We can hope that the successful operation against OBL has convinced many americans that they can trust their President.

  56. Wow Axrendale, thank you for sharing that- I especially love this part:

    By his leadership thus far, President Obama has already earned a place within the pantheon of American statesmen – those leaders who guided the fortunes for the nation not merely with skill and prudence, but with vision. From all that we know of him however, he is the kind of man who will never quite be satisfied until he has gone on to achieve bigger things, and then bigger things still, even than what he has already accomplished, for as long as he has the capacity to do so.

    And that is something that makes me for one, feel very comfortable.

    Me too.. comfortable and excited. I can’t wait to see what he does next 🙂

  57. Good Morning BWD, Lilaf1, and the rest of the BWD Family!

    Lilaf, IMO this is a great classification of the political populace. I particularly like your ‘team’ designation and your ‘rest of the …country’ designation. It is my hope that all that is happening will make a great impact and therefore greater inroads into the ‘team’ participants, and that the members of the last group will turn out in droves to ‘take their country back’ in November 2012.

    Enjoy your day!

  58. I have been hearing all morning that we now should get out of Afghanistan sooner due to Osama Bin Laden now dead. I will only say they are back to saying what our President should do again.

    I say PBO’s taking care of business by taking Osama Bin Laden out should give him the cover to be considered capable of making good decisions without everyone telling what to do and when. He has proven he can handle it and sticks to what he has said he wants to do unless he has discovered a reason to alter plans in some form or resistance from Congress in being able to get it done.

  59. Thanks for those comments on Guiliani- I heard him on NPR yesterday and thought what a load of malarky. Good grief the envy and jealousy they (he) must live with to be so incapable of giving praise to this President for something they would have drooled over – had a republican President accomplished it. Barack Obama is bringing back REAL American pride, the hell with Guiliani, Trump and these other Fakes.

  60. And Zawahiri is nowhere near as charismatic as OBL was. I was watching France 24 last night, and they were discussing who would take over. Of course, the first candidate was Zawahiri, but the guest said it would be hard for him to take over as he has no broadbased personal support. He’s the “brains” behind AQ, but OBL was the heart.

  61. Except, of course, the economy is improving. So what will the analogy be then? “Obama is… is… damn, well, there’s always 2016!”

  62. :-). LOL!

    I think I may make an exception for Lawrence O’Donnell tonight. We’ll see…..hehe.

    -—PJ (Boycotting the media AGAIN due to clueless Condoleeza Rice and too many Giuliani appearances!)

  63. Awesome. You know Rethugs must be especially quaking in their boots if the young university set starts supporting and cheering the young military set. That’s toxic to rethuglican hopes and dreams, and extremely threatening to their world view.

    -—PJ (Boycotting the media AGAIN due to clueless Condoleeza Rice and too many Giuliani appearances!)

  64. I sure hope you have passed on your wisdom to little axrendales. You’re a sparkly gem in the gene pool. Thanks for this.

  65. I think they’re going through an existential crisis. Like the President prophetically said back in January 2009 — the earth is shifting beneath their feet. Sucks to be them, lol.

    -—PJ (Boycotting the media AGAIN due to clueless Condoleeza Rice and too many Giuliani appearances!)

  66. I used an online calculator because mine doesn’t have room for enough zeros to do this. The 57 million people who voted for McCain make up .0095 percent of 6 billion people. That’s how irrelevant they are.

  67. Guliani is just as bad as Trump. Here’s my theory on Trump, but it could work for lots of these has-been/wannabe/never-were types.

    I believe Trump is in his 60s. My friend and I (also in our 60s) discussed the fact he sure looks like he’s going through a post-midlife crisis. He’s a little beyond midlife, but he sure looks as though he thinks whatever he does now is his last hurrah. He must feel like such a loser … even TIME has an expose on their website this week called something like “The 10 Top Fails of Trump” … he fails at everything, but his ego keeps him going.

    Think just about his personal appearance (which I wouldn’t normally mock because it’s so unkind, but in his case it’s more “evidence”) – his hair, his big stomach (he must be up all night watching infomercials about how to pull in his mid-section).

    Post-midlife crisis, big mid-section, middle-of-the-road loser who can’t make up his mind whether he’s a D or an R. Give us all a break, Donald, and just go away.

  68. That is an extremely good point – the young university set is cheering the young military set.

    Somebody this week said or wrote something (how’s that for a memory?) about the fact that President Obama has finally gotten us past how our country felt after Vietnam. Of course, in the Vietnam era, nobody on college campuses was supporting the military.

    I just know PBO is also getting us past the lunacy and embarrassment of how GWB conducted his wars (which are taking a while to undo, but PBO is on it).

  69. Thanks Bob. libertarians like greenwald, hamsher are now in the shrinking pool relevancy. After 2012, they will be in the extreme fringes like freepersville and redstate, if they are already not there.

  70. Proud of Obama… As cool and calm as they come! I’m in!!!! Obama 2012!!!

  71. Good Morning BWD Family

    So happy and grateful to have this group to share my day with.

    Very proud of our President and confident that this is just one more in a long line of achievements.

    Yesterday I watched the Oprah show and although a large portion of it seemed irrelevant considering the “big news”, I continued to be impressed by how comfortable the President and Mrs. O are with each other. What a great Mom she is. It is so evident that they truly support, like and love each other. Then there is grandma who seems to be a wonderful level headed woman who her son in law invited to live with them.

    This is quite a guy, quite a family.

    The blog is quite a family too, BWD don’t even talk about quitting, it scares me. We love you and count on you.

    Virtual Hugs

  72. Right on Betsey! What people who criticize these young for their celebration don’t understand is how scary 9/11 was for our younger children.

    Just one example: I know of a girl, eight years old at the time who packed her favorite dolls and toys in a duffel bag and kept them under her bed. She did this so in case “terrorists came to her house” she could run and “save” her dolls.

    These jubilant 20 somethings were rightfully celebrating a release from terror that permeated their childhood.

  73. Very good point Faith.

    Which brings me to say that while I think it’s important to develop other venues than MSM to spread the truth, something has to be done to push back against MSM. Because their BS make the task of informing people TWICE as hard: you first have to debunk the BS, the negative framing, and then replace it with truth.

    I wish we could find ways to install in the american conciousness the fact that the MSM is NOT a liberal tool, but a CONSERVATIVE tool. In particular I wish we could make the INDEPENDANTS and moderate republicans view the MSM with suspicion, make them understand that what they’re seeing and hearing is biased.

    Or, on a more fundamental level, I wish we could make journalists on MSM nervous enough, afraid enough that they’ll be painted as GOP’s enablers that they’ll make an effort to pushback against all the RW talking points they’re being fed. IN short, make them afraid to look biased towards conservatives instead of being afraid to look biased towards liberals, as they are now.

  74. Thanks, BWD and to all posting here. Great diary, great comments ♥ everyone.

  75. Jackie – You mentioned “the heartache and suffering that could have been avoided if John Kerry had won.” I’m also thinking of what could have been gained if Gore had been “allowed” to win. Sad.

  76. President OBAMA the Epitome of American Exceptionalism!

    Can it get any better?


  77. Obama’s approval ratings have bounced they are back up and look like they will be steadily rising! 🙂

  78. Yes, Betsy for those college aged people who were celebrating the news it is very understandable and I think those condemning them are being very unfair.

    Every year Beloit College puts out a list of what the incoming freshman have had or not had in their entire lives, like having lived only in a time when cell phones existed or having never lived in a time when the US was not at war in the Middle East (hasn’t happened yet but soon enough if things don’t change.)

    I was thinking about those young people and what the world has been for them in their young lives. First you must realize that for many of them, the first presidential election they had any real awareness of was the election of 2000. They were given little maps of the US to color in state by state on election night as the returns came in. The teachers never dreamed that what was supposed to be a simple exercise was to become a complicated and complex lesson encompassing weeks of explanations for why our election didn’t work the way it was supposed to and why the adults didn’t know what was going to happen next. Then just the next year Osama bin Laden and his cohorts attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Thousands of Americans were killed in heart of our greatest city. These elementary school students were faced with an evil so hard to understand for adults that was incomprehensible for children. There were people who hated us so much, just for being American, that they would kill themselves in order to take as many of us with them as they could.

    They learned the name of the man behind this frightening evil. It was Osama bin Laden. He was the evil mastermind the arch nemesis of our country. They grew up and into adolescence watching first their parents and then their older siblings and finally their friends and age mates being sent to fight against this evil man and his followers. This man who haunted their nightmares as children. And now he was dead. Imagine the catharsis of that for this generation. The boogeyman who has been in the backdrop of their existence for nearly their entire lives was finally brought to justice and was gone from the world. Who wouldn’t react with joy at that!

    But now, the very same people who instilled in them this fear of the man, the people who told them all the years they were growing up that bin Laden was evil and out to destroy them, their country and freedom, now say they are ashamed of them for celebrating his death. What hypocrisy and audacity to do that to those young people. It is despicable to prey on their fears for a decade in an attempt to get and hang onto political power and then ridicule and shame them for celebrating the demise of that fearsome individual they were encouraged to fear.

  79. These jubilant 20 somethings were rightfully celebrating a release from terror that permeated their childhood.

    Not only that, but something I only realized today (after watching the “Frat Party” in front of 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue, uneasily):

    This is the generation that is the cannon fodder for the “War on Terror”, unless someone of President Obama’s caliber does something about it.

  80. You just keep ’em coming, tbs, and I love every one of the videos you post!

  81. Seems as if you just described McCain in 2008! It must be catching!!! LOL

  82. Thank you for such an interesting and thoughtful post, Axreldale. It’s always a pleasure to read you.

  83. The most disturbing thing I heard today on the radio concerns China – I got in my car where I had NPR on and the first thing I heard was this serious music – then reporter states that this music is played in China when someone of importance dies – then he reads statement that the killing of Osama was an awful thing – OMG!
    I will NEVER EVER buy anything from China again! Did anyone else know they felt this way?

  84. I can’t speak to what you heard on NPR, but here’s the Chinese reaction to OBL’s death:

    Earlier today, the Chinese Foreign Ministry (CFM) released a statement citing relief and China’s own struggles with terrorism in its far-west regions, where long-standing separatist movements have been suspected of receiving foreign backing.

    “We have noted the announcement and believe that this is a major event and a positive development in the international struggle against terrorism,” said CFM spokeswoman Jiang Yu. “China advocates that the international community should strengthen cooperation and together combat terrorism.”

  85. She’s intelligent, and yet stupid at the same time. She says that Bush made excellent calls on many tough decisions. And yet, she’s the very person who is directly responsible for 9/11. She’s got some serious deficiencies in judgement.

  86. Great, insightful, informative read… 🙂

    Too bad, when former President Clinton and Bush43 had several chances to rid America and the world of bin Laden, they didn’t do it. (At those times, GOP was in control of Congress.)

    And, although Chris Matthews and MSNBC decided to call Clinton, “The President of the World,” in less than 3years (1st term), PBHO has shown he’s “The One!”

    @Karoli: Because some people are that cool… http://www.drumsnwhistles.com/2011/05/02/because-some-people-are-that-cool/

    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

  87. Excellent post as usual, axrendale. Your writing is fantastic, I always learn something and your post gives me something to think about.

  88. PoliticalJunkessa, I’m sorry I had to laugh at your signature line. I noticed on one of your earlier posts that you changed it to not boycotting the media. It certainly didn’t take them long to spin Bin Laden’s death as a negative for Obama and somehow saying the credit for the mission should go to Bush.

  89. Meanwhile, the US Senate passed a resolution to praise the military, but left out any recognition of the man who leads them as Commander in Chief. Sad.

  90. Why would Harry Reid leave PBO out? I’d make them vote for all or none! If the GOP were in charge, they would have praised Bush and maybe the military.

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