GM, Ford sales rise, factory orders surged, Job creation hits post-recession high in April

With all due respect to the awesomeness of getting rid of Bin Laden, IMO, 2012 remains mostly about the economy. So here’s a bunch of good news from today:

GM, Ford Sales Rise as Consumers Move to Compacts

General Motors and Ford reported strong U.S. sales
gains in April, as high gasoline prices drove consumer demand for fuel-efficient
cars. GM sales for April in the U.S. were up 27 percent over the same time last
year—much better than forecasts predicted.

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Factories busy in March

Reuters) – U.S. factory orders surged in March, posting a fifth straight monthly
increase that showed a healthy manufacturing sector well placed to support
economic recovery.

The Commerce Department said on Tuesday new orders for manufactured goods
rose 3 percent to a seasonally adjusted $463 billion, well above Wall Street
economists’ forecasts for a 1.9 percent pickup.

In addition, February orders that had been reported as dropping by 0.1
percent were sharply revised to instead show a 0.7 percent increase.

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Gallup: U.S. Job Creation Hits Post-Recession High in April


Quietly, quietly:

Support for Repeal of Health Care Law Falls to New Low of 47%


If you’ve yet to see this masterpiece from Lawrence O’Donnell, here is your chance:


Oh, really?

Obama’s birth issue takes a hit, too, in Pakistan mission to kill bin Laden

So that’s what the president was talking about.

“We do not have time for this kind of silliness,” President Obama said at the conclusion of his much-discussed birth-certificate news conference on Wednesday, the day before he oversaw a final national security meeting to weigh an ultimately fatal raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound. “We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do. We’ve got big problems to solve. And I’m confident we can solve them, but we’re going to have to focus on them — not on this.”

After the birthers and their boosters enjoyed a brief presidential platform, they have suffered a severe fall in the wake of the historic mission in Pakistan.

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108 thoughts on “GM, Ford sales rise, factory orders surged, Job creation hits post-recession high in April

  1. Love the economic news. I think BWD is right and 2012 will be about the economy and we must continue to highlight all the positive news so that it doesn’t get buried by the GOP freak show.

  2. Nice to see those poll numbers. Is the ‘silly season’ over yet ?

  3. Am I first? Wow. I would like to thank all the folks who voted for me…just kidding. I love this site!!

  4. THIS is too GREAT, GOD has answered my PRAYERS. OUR prayers OBAMA2012 !!!! FOR SURE!!!!!!

  5. Hillary looks great, and I’m always drawn to Sec. Robert Gates in photos. I just really, really, really like him. I can tell he’s good people. He’s been a fantastic public servant and right hand to our President.

    I am so looking forward to the events at Ground Zero on Thursday. I hope the families and the American public at large can experience some measure of catharsis and healing on that day.

    Viva Obama.

    -—PJ (Boycotting the media AGAIN due to clueless Condoleeza Rice and too many Giuliani appearances!)

  6. I love Sec. Gates, too, PJ. He is a perfect example of a public servant who puts the good of the country FIRST and doesn’t politicize it. I think he likes and admires PBO, also! In all of the pics he’s in with the president, he seems to be looking at PBO as a proud father would look at his son. I think he’s been a great mentor to our wonderful president!!

  7. Obama’s approval ratings are steadily rising and I have a feeling will probably soar. This is the greatest news EVER! Not just about Osama’s death but how the economy is improving although at a slower pace than some what you can thank the idiotic republican party.

    I can’t believe that stupid Fox with headlines like “Obama Bin Laden is dead” I couldn’t help but feel enraged at such ineptness and disrespect towards our president. Ahh well the positive way out weighs the good. 🙂

  8. €According to an expert on oil and gas. He thinks oil prices will rise a little bit more going into the Memorial Day holiday because of summer driving creating more demand. But he thinks that Oil will start to fall towards the end of the summer going into the fall.

    He says it’s highly unlikely that gas prices will hit 5.00 a gallon which is good news for the economy. And I agree with this statement. Right now oil prices are not reflecting overall supply and demand and will eventually pull back.

  9. Chris O’Donnell nails it. President Obama killed the Republican lie, with the demise of Osama bin Laden.

  10. Also I love how the right wing are going crazy over the death of Bin Laden.

    They can’t get their story correct. They first credit Bush then they say they want prove and start coming up with conspiracies that Obama did this for the election which is over a year away (LOL !), and now Pam Geller is saying that Obama didn’t give the order and that the military went ahead (LOL!)

    They have exposed themselves to the majority American people as hacks, liars, and unpatriotic Americans.

    They know that many of their talking points are gone because of the birth certificate and Osama’s death. Obama will go down in the history books as the president who ordered the killing of Bin Laden and they hate it.

  11. Thanks for all the good news BWD.

    I have to say I’m surprised about the poll on Health Care Repeal. Am I mistaken or in the past year we’ve seen many polls that indicated only a minority of americans wanted the REPEAL of the ACA ? I remember us arguing that the efforts by republicans to go before the courts were stupid politically because a majority of americans didn’t want the repeal…

    I’m confused.

    Either I’m totally mistaken or the rasmussen polls had different results because of a different wording in their questions about the ACA…

  12. Peter you meant Lawrence O’Donnell, or Chris Matthews?

    I don’t think you meant Christine O’Donnell (GOP “I’m-not-a-Witch” from Delware)!!

  13. People like Bob Gates, Admiral Mullen, John Brennan have dealth with a lot of difficult and dangerous situations in their professional life. They know a man of integrity, of courage and character when they see one. Their respect of President Obama is obvious.

  14. They are flailing, floundering, grasping at straws. Their little Trump birtherism clown show has folded. Their “repeal & replace” health care bills are fast losing support. Their Ryan budget has gotten a thumbs down from senior citizens who VOTED for the GOP in the midterms! And now their single largest meme throughout 2000-2010 that they were “strong on terror” has been eviscerated.

    So what’s the GOP to do? They are getting desperate.

  15. Both Gates and President Obama are from the Scowcroft school in regards to Foreign Policy. Very similar to Bush 41’s FP. Bush 43 took on all the neocons from Bush 41 who lost the arguments and were over-ruled most of the time under Bush 41. Scowcroft’s pragmatic/realist school is opposite of the Neocon idealogue school of thought.

  16. Or Chris O’Donnel the actor who once played Robin to George Clooney’s Batman 😉

  17. I was miffed by this pole. Can people give President Obama man credit where credit is due for once? OMG!!!If it wasn’t for POB and his awesome intelligence, courage, guts and the National Security team HE put together, the CIA and the Army alone would not have been able to capture or kill Bin Laden. After all the CIA and the ARMY have been around for the past 10 years since 9/11 and nothing has happened until now. This stupid poll says that only 36% gave President Obama a great deal of credit and 36% a moderate amount of credit for finding and killing Bin Laden (while giving Bush 22% and 30%, who did NOTHING in 8 years as president). These people have got to be friggen kidding!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!

  18. It’s Rasmussen. There is a table on the right of the page that tracks their polling on the subject and they’re much higher than other polls I believe.

    The take away from the poll is only 38% feel strongly about wanting it repealed. What I’d read into that number is 62% would find it a waste of time in grandstanding for repeal when it doesn’t have a shot at happening.

    I love the idea that Boehner had his caucus vote for repeal again knowing it would go nowhere, but to give the teabaggers some redmeat. Because now the 60 freshmen Reps are on the record against it, and will be something else we can run against them on as I suspect HCR will be more popular in 18 months time.

  19. Since it’s a Rasmussen poll, that means a massive grain of salt is required (as well as adjusting any anti-Obama numbers by 5 to 10 points in his favor).

  20. 35% of the population consist of Republican dead-enders. There isn’t a poll question you could ask them that they wouldn’t support the Republican/Fox spin slant. Fox and the RW Hate Factory have them bamboozled and brainwashed and as terrible as it is to say, they’ll only drop in numbers as they die off.

  21. Yeah they are running out of talking points. If you go on Media Matters the right wing is going crazy and they have been going crazy since President Obama released the long form birth certificate.

    They have shown themselves to be a party lacking ideas, a base full of hate and racism, and petty politics.

  22. Unfortunately Maria it is still ingrained in the American public that Democrats can’t possibly be tough on Terror/Defense or Crime. GOP propoganda machine has done a masterful job at deception. Not only that, but the order for Bin Laden’s death to be carried out was from a Black Man in charge……you do the math. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  23. I wouldn’t worry about the polls. I expect it to go up a little higher because things are sinking in.

    Also 70 % of the country makes up rational people so the 36 % who give a great deal of credit and other 36 % who give a moderate amount (which means they are including military and other officials with Obama) are good numbers.

    Forget about the 25-30 % of right wing idiot and racists. They stuck with Bush to the very end when everyone else said he was a failure.

  24. And remember people around 70 % of the American public like Obama personally, and they believe he exemplifies American values (America’s DAD).

    The 25-30 percent (right wing base) will never be behind Obama or any Democrat for that matter. Heck they won’t be behind anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

    I expect Obama’s approval numbers to go up some more as all of this sinks in.

  25. Folks we got to keep pumping the message out to the American public about PBO successes. WE aren’t going to get any help from the Rightwing Racist media. I have never seen a sitting President’s poll numbers fluctuate as much as PBO’s. AMAZING!! He is measured with a different stick than his predecessors. Just in Jan/Feb ’11 every meaningful poll had him above 50% approval thanks to the fantastic lame duck session. Then his approval plummeted during the Birther obsession and high gas prices. Now it takes the death of Bin Laden to have his numbers creep back up again? CRAZY.

    That being said, I hope PBO is on the upswing in the fall of 2012 if the American public’s impression of PBO is that fickle. YIIKES!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  26. “Madison — Recall elections for up to eight state senators will likely be held July 12.”

    “A Dane County judge agreed Friday to a schedule that would put the elections on that date if the Government Accountability Board finds that petitions to recall those senators were filed properly. The elections, however, could be delayed by a court if there are legal challenges to the board’s findings.”


    “He said the board needed more time because of the unprecedented demands on evaluating tens of thousands of signatures for each recall attempt. He also noted the board is bogged down by a statewide recount in the April 5 election for state Supreme Court.”

  27. OT-

    SALT LAKE CITY – Two national organizations are suing Utah to halt a new immigration law they claim encourages racial profiling.

    The National Immigration Law Center argues legislation signed by Gov. Gary Herbert in March is just as unconstitutional as a similar Arizona law that is also before the courts.

    The American Civil Liberties Union also joined the lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in Salt Lake City.

    The most controversial parts of Arizona’s law are on hold pending a trial. They include a provision that would require police officers who are enforcing other laws to question the immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally.


    The groups argue states are not allowed to trump federal law and that the Utah law violates the constitutional protection from unlawful search and seizure.

    Read more:

  28. You read too much into it. American voters base everything on the economy or a major foreign policy issue.

    Americans started feeling bad because of rising gas/oil prices and that effected Obama’s numbers.

    If you look at Gallup polling on other previous presidents you will see similar results during difficult times.

  29. “Oil giant Exxon last week, on the same day that announced nearly $11 billion in first-quarter profits, publicly whined about the renewed push by Congressional Democrats and President Obama to cut the nearly $4 billion in subsidies that oil companies collect every year. “What they really mean is that they want to increase our taxes by taking away long-standing deductions for our industry,” griped Exxon’s vice president for public and government affairs Ken Cohen.”

    “Echoing those sentiments, 2012 GOP presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty said over the weekend that cutting oil subsidies would be “ludicrous,” and a “tax increase…”

  30. I’ve heard analysts report that the rise in GM sales (mostly compact cars) is somewhat based on the rise in gas prices…

    It sure is nice to think that the pain of high gas prices has a tangible silver lining. Maybe we can finally see more good than bad from rising oil prices.

  31. I LOVE Randi Rhodes – today on her radio show she said that Barack Obama is a GREAT President! I have been waiting for one of the people in the media that I respect to state that flat out like that and she came through for me today!

    However, I heard something on NPR this afternoon that really disturbed me – maybe I have been living under a rock – Jayne

    The most disturbing thing I heard today on the radio concerns China – I got in my car where I had NPR on and the first thing I heard was this serious music – then reporter states that this music is played in China when someone of importance dies – then he reads statement that they stated in China the killing of Osama was an awful thing – OMG!
    I will NEVER EVER buy anything from China again! Did anyone else know they felt this way?

  32. I also heard that Congressman King stated on O’Reilly that we learned about this courier by waterboarding KSM – and that is NOT true! These bastards can’t stand to give BO credit for ANYTHING!

  33. “The US housing market regained some ground in March after the number of permits for new-build homes rose by 11.2% compared with the previous month. However, the recovery was from a very low base. February saw the lowest number of permits issued since 1963.”

    “Home construction also rose 7.2% between the months to a seasonally adjusted 549,000 units, according to the US Commerce Department. But the market remains weak with plenty of unsold and repossessed homes.”

  34. OK, this just made me belly laugh. South Carolina presidential debate still on, with or without candidates.

    From the article:

    The first debate of the 2012 Republican presidential primary contest appears set to go forward Thursday – even if there is just one major candidate on stage.

    Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is the only top-tier candidate expected to participate in the forum at the Peace Center in Greenville, S.C.

    Fox News, which is producing the debate with the South Carolina Republican Party, said the other anticipated participants were former Sen. Rick Santorum, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, restaurant executive Herman Cain and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson.

    By this time in the Democratic primaries for 2008, all the major candidates had already declared. This is just too, too painfully funny. They have NOTHING.

  35. What’s more, the courier was a protege of Khalid Sheikh Muhammad. In the 180+ that he was waterboarded, he never revealed his name.

  36. SoS Clinton & SoD Bob Gates look relaxed. As a matter of fact, the majority of PBO’s cabinet and admin look more relaxed.

    IMO, I’d attribute their calm to PBO’s calm and deliberate manner of leadership.

  37. Part of me wants to react to this — Pakistan Pushes Back Against U.S. Criticism on Bin Laden — by the childish taunt “Aw, their poor fee-fees where hurt”.

    But the fact that the government of a nuclear armed country does not speak with one voice — and evidently a large faction of it is in bed with Al Qaeda and the Taliban — is more than worrisome. The more I think about it, the more I worry about what OBL’s location means not only for the struggle against terrorism, but more generally the world’s safety. Who controls Pakistan’s nukes? What’s the command and control? How are they secured? I have no doubt that the Obama Administration has been tackling these questions since before the Inauguration, but I’m man enough to admit that this has me worried to no end. There are no easy solutions to this nut, and it disturbs me that in some way our fates are tied to that of some disgruntled ISI general who might have access to nukes.

  38. Pawlenty is making a big mistake taking the stage with those nuts. He probably thinks it will make him look sane and reasonable – I think he’ll get trapped in stances by Libertarians Paul and Johnston that he’ll have trouble explaining, and will not be able to get to the right of Santorum, though I certainly hope he tries.

  39. OK – two things – one, good article by Andrew Sullivan regarding the BS the GOP is spinning about waterboarding.

    The other in response to Liberal Librarian – I totally agree with what you said – I personally think one of the major reasons we want troops based on the boarder is because of the nukes in Pakistan – they are a threat to the world

  40. Just watched the O’Donnell video clip. And I can only say two things. Ouch. And good for him.

  41. I just watched the O’Donnell clip for the third time because it just makes me so damn happy to watch it!!

  42. It doesn’t jibe with the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s official statement, which praised the US military action and expressed relief at OBL’s death.

  43. Ugh, can that scabrous man Rupert Murdoch not leave any of my favorite pastimes alone? Murdoch’s News Corp eyeing F1 takeover. I’ve come to greatly enjoy my Sunday mornings doing the laundry and watching supercars race around tight corners. God only knows what he’ll do to change the sport.

  44. I heard via the Peoples View that the pathetic PL/ frustrati on Daily Kos were upset by the name of the operation Geronimo and saying that Obama was comparing Native Americans to Al Qaeda. LMAO !

    These people are just as crazy as the far right. They will do or say anything to hurt Obama and other Democrats.

    And I heard that the deather stuff is making it’s way through the whiny left.

  45. I heard the report too, and I think the point is that the “report” that you mentioned was a satire. At least that was my impression. They went on to discuss what people were saying on the internet. (Not dependable of course) and then they interviewed actual people who were glad that he was dead.

  46. I really think htat those folks a in a very tiny tiny minority, and many are just RW trolls.
    DKOS is dead.

  47. Actually, if you look at population versus registered voters, the people who voted for McCain in ’08 it’s only 18.56% of the 307,006,550 people living here in 2009.

    Only 40% of the total population voted in 2008 (about 112.4 million). A safe guess about the number of people eligible to vote and then registered is about 60% of the total population (about 184 million), so 20% don’t vote even in an election year.

    Of the 184 Million people able to vote, only 57 million of them voted for McCain. So technically, only 31% of potential voters can be counted upon to vote for slug if it’s got an (R) after its name.

    I suck at math so anyone wanting to correct me is welcome.

  48. Most of the anti-Obama folks on DKOS are right-wing libertarians. And I have to say that the majority of diaries on that Old Orange in the past 24-48 hours have been positive.

  49. One of the GOP heavy hitters has dissed the Chump. The Chump wrote to Letterman to rebuke him for calling him a racist, but I want to see what he has to say to this man:

    “Speaking with the New York Daily News at a party on Saturday night, petrochemical billionaire David Koch dismissed Donald Trump as “not really qualified to be President.”

  50. I didn’t listen further – I was too upset! I switched over to Randi Rhodes

  51. BWD: THank you; Thank you, Thank you!!!!
    You are fantaistic, and sorry you can”t quit on us.

  52. Don’t Trust anything Koch says..he is probably saying that now to cover himself as he will probably help finance Chum’s campaign if he decides to run. There is a photo of them partying it up in the Hamptons, and they are good friends. This is probably some kind of reverse psychology.

  53. just so you know, I’m hitting the invisible “like” button on your comment.

    Bush 43 took the dregs from Nixon foreward to staff his WH. It weird to see Cheney & Rumsfeld in staff fotos from Nixon and Raygun, Sort of a nightmare version on Zelig.

  54. If you ask a general question like do you favor ACA it’s about split. But if you ask about the different aspects of ACA people are overwhelmingly in favor.

  55. Proof that Pundits don’t know anything!! 🙂

    “…sampled the predictions of 26 individuals who wrote columns in major newspapers and/or appeared on the three major Sunday television news shows (Face the Nation, Meet the Press, and This Week) over a 16 month period from September 2007 to December 2008. Collectively, we called these pundits and politicians “prognosticators.”
    “First, we have discovered that 9 of the analyzed prognosticators are significantly better than a coin flip. Two are significantly worse, and the remainder are not significantly different, in a statistical sense, than a coin flip. This means that the average prognosticator is no better than a coin flip in terms of the accuracy of his or her predictions. ”

    Apparently Paul Krugman & Ed Rendell were one of the more accurate ones. Cal Thomas (conservative moron) & Lyndsay Graham were least accurate!

  56. Does this statement sound like someone who believes Native Americans are equivalent to Al-Qaeda? Seriously, these people should remove heads from sphincters before making ridiculous statements. Do they ever get tired of being wrong?!

    “For millennia before Europeans settled in North America, the indigenous peoples of this continent flourished with vibrant cultures and were the original stewards of the land. From generation to generation, they handed down invaluable cultural knowledge and rich traditions, which continue to thrive in Native American communities across our country today. During National Native American Heritage Month, we honor and celebrate their importance to our great Nation and our world.”

  57. So far the only valid poll out there is the Wapo/Pew poll showing Obama with a 9 point bump.

    The only other polls, 2 of them, are being flogged by Drudge etc. One is from Rasmussen “GOP” Reports, and the other poll was done by Scott Rasmussen’s co-author of his new book on the magic of the tea party!

    ((no joke…. And even those GOP biased polls have Obama near 50% and NOW beating Trump by over 30 points! LOL!))

    So, basically THE ONLY SERIOUS POLL THUS FAR has Obama up 9 points, with his approve /disapprove at 56%/38%.

    Not only that, but OBAMA NOW HAS A GREAT BUMPER STICKER FOR 2012, which should be visible as my new Avatar!

  58. “In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

    Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

  59. I know. The President has passed a good amount of legislation that helps and effects Native American communities. The fact that they are coming up with lies how they are grasping at straws.

  60. Dkos is infested with trolls. Nothing bothers them more than good news, as it distracts from the daily Obama bashing.

  61. President Bush declined President Obama’s invitation to ground zero on Thursday…President Obama has so much class. I guess Bush thinks he will be booed or something. I wonder what it is? He didn’t have a problem going around on a book tour did he?

  62. Thanks Jeremy. A reasonable response to my concerns. (smile) O/B 2012!!

  63. Bush has every reason to be concerned about getting booed. Obama won NY in 2008 63% to 36% for McCain. And that was BEFORE he killed Bin Laden, at a time when most people probably didn’t expect him to.

  64. President Obama definitely has so much class for putting the invitation out there.

    A sub-response from the angel on my left shoulder: I think it’s appropriate for a former President to bow out and allow the current President to conduct the honors.

    From the devil on my right: Of course, I secretly think either (a) President Bush feels he might get booed, as you suggest, or (b) President Bush knows he won’t be the only one in the spotlight.

  65. Raw politics would be my guess. The GOP depends on the Bush dead-enders for their undying support in everything anti-Obama. President Bush probably doesn’t want the stark comparison of standing beside President Obama.

    If I had to wager, I’d bet the right wingnuts will say “Obama was trying to set a trap for Bush, like he did for Paul Ryan for his budget address”.

  66. ^Tori, that’s so true!

    If their lips are movin’, they’re lyin’… lol

    Know Thy Enemy(ies):

    ThinkProgress’ REPORT – Everything You Need To Know About The Koch Bros…

    80 Years of Planning: The Kochs + The Family + Birchers = Tea Party… (It’s a DK link. But, it’s truly worth the read!)

    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

  67. So, I’m going along, reading your post, and then I have to take time out to fall on my keyboard after I noticed your parenthetical statement:

    *(conservative moron)*

    Thanks for the chuckle.

  68. Is it just me, or did we just finish Armageddon?

    I swear, if you look at a synopsis of the planet earth over the course of the last 100 odd years you’d have to say ‘if we’re not in Armageddon then let me go to hell…’ From the US ‘Civil War’ to WWI and WWII and endless smaller wars all fired by weaponry which is unimaginable by earlier standards.

    I’ve thought for a long time that if Hitler wasn’t the anti-Christ then show me the devil, but if you recall, he committed suicide.

    Bin Laden was killed by Obama. Maybe the Antichrist must be killed to die and not allowed to control his own destiny.

    But I’m not saying President Obama is the Messiah, necessarily, hell, I might be, I like to think I am, but I worry about myself sometimes…bad habits, etc.

    Still, with all the crazy natural disasters and technological advancements, monumental wars and genocides, then Hitler, then 9-11 and Bin Laden seemingly became an invulnerable invincible folk hero of anarchy and destruction based on his own fundamentalist psycho vision of his religion.

    I’m just thinking that it just can’t get a lot worse than him…I HOPE!

    And heck, if there is a god then God will take care of us all, not just ‘Mr. Messiah’ Barack Obama

    And if there is no god then he’s just a nobody like the rest of us.

    But a dang good one!

  69. Great news for GM, Ford and their employees. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, bwd.

    I have an Obama/Biden sticker on my car and in the past week someone tossed something on the sticker. Some kind of beverage, I think. It splattered on the trunk and side of my car, it’s sticky and is going to be a bear to get off. Granted my car is a ’95 and the paint has seen its better days. But still.

    Back to GM and Ford – one day I will own a GM or Ford hybrid. It’s been several car purchases since I’ve owned a U.S. made car, but this time around I will buy American made.

  70. 90% of pakistan foreign policy is India centric. And it is run by the infamous and untrustworthy ISI of army.

  71. There was a time in that site’s history in which zero bs would have been tolerated, much less some ridiculous accusation of anti-Native American racism on the part of President Obama when in fact his policies have done more to address and advance Native American liberation than any other modern president.

    There was a time in that site’s history in which there would have been unanimous applause for President Obama launching a raid against one house, one person rather than using that person as a pretext to bomb the entire country in which he was residing.

    That place has seen its best days, I think that people are still mourning and trying to rehabilitate, but it’s pretty much over IMO.

  72. I’m really not surprised that Bush doesn’t want to come to Battery Park, NYC. A lot of time has passed since 9/11, and we have Bush wars, we have the GOP’s choice to go against the first responders’ fund which necessitated that Dems compromise and lower the amount of that fund…Bush would be booed quite frankly. I’m glad that President Obama is coming!

  73. And I know how great yet another Obama/Biden sticker will look on your future American-made car.

    Sorry your current car was visited by a jerk. There are a lot of them out there.

  74. Chip – I just really, really enjoyed your post. Just sent it to a friend of mine who will really, really like it, too. Many of us have had similar “burning questions”!

  75. bwd, you know, now that you put it like that, I don’t mind Bush staying away either and can see where that decision is respectable in terms of not wanting to take away from PBO. President Obama deserves this shine. PBO is just such a wonderful human being. Who is not comforted by the fact that this man is always there, he’s always smiling the same smile, he’s consistent almost to the point of boredom. So many people take that for granted, sometimes me too, but I just appreciate him so much, him and his extraordinary wife.

    The people who are going to get to see him downtown are soooo lucky. Great man.

  76. I have not been around these parts of the Internet in quite some time. Glad to see this place still humming along and some familiar names.

  77. Yea, I think this is why Bush is doing it. Maybe I give him too much credit, but I was always under the impression that he liked PBO.

  78. I can’t seem to be able to get to the weeseeyou website to work; is something wrong?
    Anybody know?

  79. Thanks tbs. Cool dood indeed.

    But it looks the wingnutz have taken over the comments section there too.

  80. BWD, like you I’m also under the impression that Bush likes our President, even though he can’t really show it too much in public. There are a few other GOP politicians who seem to like our President (e.g., John Boehner, Scott Brown and yes, even Rand Paul) despite their efforts to appear otherwise.

  81. early Monday morning, there was some ‘business reporter’ on CNN I believe, who said that the job numbers for April were going to be awful and unemployment was going up. Of course she seemed guardedly jubilant that this would cut into anything positive for President Obama.

    So what’s the truth here?

  82. early Monday morning, there was some ‘business reporter’ on CNN I believe, who said that the job numbers for April were going to be awful and unemployment was going up. Of course she seemed guardedly jubilant that this would cut into anything positive for President Obama.

    So what’s the truth here? I guess the numbers won’t be released until Friday; but your numbers are very encouraging.

  83. And imagine what would be in the works if Obama had gotten the stimulus package he wanted.

  84. Try to live your life without Chinese goods. Unfortunately, it’s impossible.

    I found a website on American-made goods and ordered jeans for my husband. He is practically the same size he was when we got married 31 years ago (darn him!). He’s kinda short with a tiny behind and hard to fit in jeans.

    I was thrilled I found a slim cut jeans totally made in America with American grown and woven cotton, at a good price and hemmed as well.

    They fell apart after about five washings. Like I’ve never seen jeans fall apart: the fabric shredded in the back and holes appeared throughout the legs. I wash with mild soap, mild dryer temps. I did nothing wrong. We were so upset that an American-made product was this bad.

    Try to find a toaster or a potato peeler or anything else that isn’t made in China. Our trade policies are killing us but I totally understand that on the great list of priorities this issue needs to wait for a permanent progressive majority.

    Hear that, whiny Left? These things take time.

  85. Don’t you get the feeling it’s the same people funking up all quarters and corners of the interwebz? They spew the same hate, the same ignorance.

  86. To be fair, I specifically spent a lot of time at the Orange Satan to see how the death of OBL was being perceived.

    The vast majority of comments were supportive and positive. Yes, there were the naysayers and there was what I consider a rush to push for getting out of Afghanistan. I believe this will be accelerated due to this stunning performance by our Commander-in-Chief but I am willing to give some time to assess what is in our best interests.

  87. 35% of Americans will vote Republican no matter what. The strong 30% of the batshit crazies, and 5-10% of the low information ‘independent’ who still thinks his 27-inch Sony TV will be taken away by estate taxes.

    That is why the rift between us reality-based progressives and the looney Left is a problem for us. Too many Democratic-leaning Americans don’t bother to vote unless they are sufficiently entertained or inspired. They do not get what Republicans get: you vote now for the future you will get in 30 years.

    Because at least 35% of Americans are hopeless, we have to get our side to the polls and can’t afford the denigration of this President and his administration by the (unfortunately) influential ‘progressive’ voices in the media.

  88. I have no use or respect for Bush, but I think he knew this was Obama’s moment and didn’t have to be there.

    They will be there for the 10th anniversary in September.

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