“one of the gutsiest calls of any president in recent memory”

I like John Brennen:

CNN) – The decision by President Barack Obama to launch the assault that killed Osama bin Laden was one of the “gutsiest” calls by any president in recent memory, Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser said Monday.

John Brennan, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism, said that despite intelligence indicating that bin Laden was in the compound in Pakistan, there was no certainty the al Qaeda leader was actually there.

Obama “made what I believe was one of the … gutsiest calls of any president in recent memory,” Brennan said.



46 thoughts on ““one of the gutsiest calls of any president in recent memory”

  1. What a beautiful day for all Americans to celebrate another stunning achievement by our astoundingly wonderful President!

  2. Ladyhawke asked:

    Which one of the jackals do you think will be the first to ask Press Secretary Jay Carney how much credit should be given to President Bush?

    Well, Ladyhawke, for once not one of the arses had the stupidity to do that. I think they guessed that either Brennan or Carney would rip them apart, specially after Brennan said it was the gutsiest decision in recent times…and I assume he was thinking back to JFK and the blockade for the other one.

  3. If anyone thinks this decision was in any way easy for President Obama, look at his face in the picture with Michelle. This is a moral man with a conscience and it cost him greatly to do this. May God bless and protect him and his family.

  4. I am always proud of my President, but never more so than today. Job well done. OMG, job well done.

  5. So true Gramiam44… Obviously not an easy decision and I appreciate that.

  6. Gramiam44 – You said that so well. It was a challenging decision for him, as it would be for any peace-loving person in his shoes, but he did what he had to do.

    I don’t know why, but I just recalled Ben Franklin’s response to a woman who asked what kind of a government had been formed. He said something back to her, such as: “We have a republic, madam. If we can keep it.”

    President Obama did what he had to do, not for self-aggrandizement or because of his ego or cowboy spirit, but because it was the best thing for our country at this time.

  7. Don’t forge that the President and First Lady will be on Oprah today…a lot has changed since that interview last week..I know they discussed the BC but now that is such a non issue although it has always been a non issue in my book. I bet Oprah wishes she had waited now in light of the Bin Laden news.

  8. Showed complete confidence in the intel, risked his Presidency on it in all likelihood. That show of confidence in the intelligence and the Special Ops to carry it out rather than a missile strike will not go unnoticed by those communities.

    Can’t wait for the movie 20 years from now.

  9. Just a reminder about Oprah today. I have my DVR set to tape it. I am sure it will be a keeper. Just thinking of all the things that have gone on last week before and after this interview. What a man my President is. Thank you Michelle for keeping him so grounded. And thank you Ann and Toot for helping to guide him.

  10. Tell that if Bush & Cheney had the same information 2-3 months prior to a mid-term election where they expected to get shellacked, that they would have waited to get it right and not just blown the town off the map to say “we got him” (or imagine what a McCain-Palin administration would have done)

    I am at such peace knowing this President is at the helm!

  11. Couldn’t wait to come home for lunch today and read all the goodies here:)Someone at work actually said they thought of me last night when this happened…they know who I stand with!The right man for the job! Good day.Good day for the world. Good day for America.

  12. Her questions and comments about the birth certificate were inappropriate, in any context, but especially more so because they were in response to race baiting and didn’t serve any legal or legitimate purpose (since the President’s legal standing was settled in 2008). I hope she regrets asking them – especially on the actual day when the Obamas probably needed some moral support. Will watch the rest of the show hoping for better.

  13. I can absolutely believe that. The decision to take a life in this fashion has to be excruciating and highly difficult. I admire that he kept the casualty count as low as is possible, but I co-sign what you said and the somber tone in which you said it.

  14. I wonder if President Obama was a Military Commander in a previous life.

  15. It must have become very busy for a while. The site took 5 minutes to load and then it was html. Seems OK now.

  16. That is great news. That pack of howling, rabid dogs finally feel the power of BHO.

  17. Ok, let’s see if I can post this. It’s from “The Economist”, and it’s a wonderful summation of the past few hours.

    “What this means for 2012”

    IT MEANS Barack Obama is probably getting re-elected.

    Not just for overseeing the strike that killed America’s most public enemy, but for his unrivalled poise over these last few weeks, and the moral clarity, confidence and fairness he showed last night. That will be remembered as a great moment in presidential leadership. And here we were thinking that the White House Correspondent’s Dinner was going to be the high point of his weekend. How cool is this president?

    I agree with my colleague that this is a time for pride and celebration, not nuance and complexity. It’s also a moment for national unity, not partisan advantage. Still, as we’ve been saying on this blog, it’s good for all Americans when both parties are sane, serious and credible. So we can see another benefit of last night’s news. Both parties should realise, with regard to future elections, that they must be aware of the not inconceivable contingency that their opponents may get something wonderfully right.

  18. OK, it seems that WordPress is being finicky and not liking us posting URL’s in our comments. Text is fine, URL’s are verboten right now.

  19. The British have their “royals,” but we Americans have a President that just pulled the sword from the stone.

  20. Yes, I noticed the same thing, there’s a look of a little sadness, not his bubbly self today. Guess after they all held their breath, and sat on the edges of their seats, as this Mission was being carried out, probably ZAPS you. He looks like he needs to get some sleep. We applaude you Mr. President 🙂

  21. After the horrendous few days last week, I don’t know how much more pride and joy I can take this week. Seeing the President and Mrs. Obama on Oprah is just so heartwarming, and perfectly caps off the last three days.

    But I keep getting a tear in my eye! Happy tears and good times. I won’t jinx it by saying I hope it continues.

  22. Some cool personal news.

    I’ve gone Indie by publishing an ebook over Amazon’s kindle program. “The Betrothal: Or How I Saved Alan Edwards from 40 Years of Hell” is a comedy, you can check it out by clicking my screen name link.

    I don’t really like shilling but I’m telling pretty much everyone I’ve ever met for even a second and will probably be screaming it from my rooftop later tonight too!

  23. Take a look at the picture in Mother Jones of the whole group in the Situation Room at the White House. Hillary has her hand on her mouth, but Obama is bent over in a chair with his hands on his knees and his face so solemn and concentrating so hard that his brow seems to run together. This was VERY hard for him.

  24. But, But, The pack of howlers rabid dogs are so full of Shit, The GOP now are given credit to GWB for the killing Osama wow.In case they forgot they let Osama get away in Tora BOra, and they dismantel the Unit that were trucking Osama,they are a bunch Freakers.

  25. Now you know why the cable news outlets are shedding viewers in favor of local news and the Net – people know when they are being lied to. Lies cannot rehabilitate Bush at the expense of Obama. They can only help the right wing sociopaths get some sleep at night.

  26. I believe she asked it because that morning he revealed the long form. Also this was taped last Monday.

  27. That’s what I’m talking about JoJo. She asked him if he was “hoping he was really born in Hawaii”, and asked him why it took him so long. Took so long to do what? Respond to race baiting? That question belies the fact that he had met the legal test three years ago with his legal certificate, which is the only thing that stands up in court. To ask what took him so long gives credibility to this racial fiasco. He did not have to do anything – he just wanted to shut the people up who were sucking up all the oxygen and spreading lies, racial slurs and misinformation. I can’t believe Oprah gave credence to that type of stuff, knowing how hurt so many people were with the situation.

  28. And while this operation is underway, with his re-election almost literally in the balance, he’s joshing Trump about “the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night.”

    Big O is the epitome of cool.

  29. Today would be a great day for a moneybomb to re-elect our fantastic President. Anyone want to join me?

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