Oh. My. God


68 thoughts on “Oh. My. God

  1. Look at Hillary’s face…so much tension in that room…I know they had many anxious moments…

  2. What does this say about the Pakistani ISI? It’s inconceivable that it didn’t know exactly where OBL and his lieutenants were for the past ten years. This is a country with nuclear weapons and a spy agency that is basically on AQ’s side. This gives me more than a little pause.

  3. Okay, caption makes ‘way more sense with that picture underneath. That’s a pulse-stopper.

  4. From the BBC live blog: 2222: christianmunthe tweets: “Instead of acting like journalists and demand evidence besides bold claims, world media go for making a quick buck on the #binladen news.”

    Why even give these CT’s the oxygen of visibility?

  5. It would seem so. Never seen so many facial muscles tensed up.

  6. Aside from the photo caption (that comes up when you hover your cursor), you can tell they’re watching things unfold. The look on PBO’s face shows that he knows he made the right decision, but that it wasn’t made lightly. In addition to many other things he’s done, this is yet another PBO accomplishment for the history books.

  7. Now I want the picture when they get word of mission success.

    Of course the cheering and high fives probably wouldn’t play well in certain circles we’re going out of the way not to inflame.


  9. Not saying it is, but President Obama looks like he has been photoshopped in – he looks out-of-scale/smaller than the rest.

  10. That is very concerning to me also, LL. However, obviously this is also known well to the national security team and they undoubtedly took that information into consideration before this operation. They must also have many things planned and in the works to deal with the situation in Pakistan. It is one of the reasons I am so grateful for this administration being in charge at this time. I have confidence that they are not only aware of the instability in Pakistan’s government but also have many plans in place to deal with that instability.


  12. SOS Clinton hands to her face says it all. She looks really frightened. I think that was when that one helicopter malfunctioned. I can’t imagine the tension in that room. POTUS looks fierce in that last picture, he knew damn well our boys got this. What a great nation we live in and what a great fearless military we have.

    God bless USA! USA! USA! and our amazing president Obama.


  14. Exactly. What they aren’t showing you at that moment is ‘live action’ and I guarantee you every bit of it is on audio/video recordings.

    Apart from the President joking about the phones they’ve got some powerful gear 🙂


  15. Fully agree lila. And, yes, to both you and LL, it is a matter of concern and has been for decades.

    I do think that Sec Clinton is doing a fantastic job building relations with various folk within the Pakistani government, and we obviously have considerable cooperation given that those choppers launched from a base inside Pakistan.

    Lots of dimensions to the issue, for sure.

  16. Epic. He’s the right man for the time, no doubt about it. I’m sure we will get even more information that sheds light on just how brave and wise this mission turned out to be.

    —PJ (temporarily NOT boycotting the media :-))

  17. Sky News is reporting two things. The video of the funeral will be released. OBL recored a tape shortly before he died and it should be surfacing soon. That will probably force the release of the photographs of his body.

  18. The Situation Room had massive updates/reno under Bush and is state of the art. It’s the living quarters that is still in the 1960’s.

  19. He’s sitting father back in the room and he is hunched down. Give up already.

  20. Dumb thing to say. I saw photos of him posted here or at TOD striding across the lawn in those same clothes as he went to watch the events unfold. Please, no CT here. Or maybe you were kidding. (I hope)

  21. naw… look at shot of the room and the table. The Presidents position is normally at the head of the table, facing the screen. It looks like he pushed himself back and away to allow the guy in military uniform to head the helm on the computer.

  22. Well, the truth is Obama wasn’t in the room…

    He put on his cape, flew into Pakistan under his own power and was taking out Bin Laden’s 1,500-member elite security force… hand-to-hand. With his Kryptonian superpowers deactivated because “It just wouldn’t be fair.”

    So, good point, and thanks for “keeping it real.” =)

  23. The last picture is truly historical.

    The President and Vice-President with a look on their face: “We ordered them to do this – ugh, they better get this right.”

    SoS Clinton: “Hope this ends OK.”

    SoD Gates: “These guys better get this done – we’ve trained them long enough for it.”

  24. AJ reporting that Gaddafi “regrets” attacking the UN building and the foreign embassies. (I’ll bet he does.)

    Also, an AJ reporter traveling on an Iranian passport has disappeared after deplaning in Syria. Iran officially has asked Syria for her whereabouts. That should put Syria in a difficult position. AJ is demanding her release.

  25. Me too, Rey Mac. He basically risked the lives of those who carried out the raid in order to minimize casualties (of people in the compound and in that residential neighborhood) as well as bring finality to those who want to verify that bin laden is gone. Those Navy SEALs could have been killed, easily, and it would have been a political disaster.

    This President’s instincts as well as the truth to what he’s saying about placing politics second is on the most vivid display that I’ve seen during this presidency.

    It defies description.

  26. The President looks so confident that things are going to go well.

  27. Well I wasn’t kidding, I was just making an observation that the President looks dwarf-like in the pic, which obviously is due to the camera angle/placement. But of course “Not saying it is” automatically means I am saying that Pete Souza is doctoring photos.

  28. From the BBC live blog: 2316: JamesBraxford tweets: “Osama Bin Laden has been found when the elections are near. Coincidence Obama?”

    Really, just disgusting. These people have no shame. And I expect better out of the BBC than highlighting CT trolls.

  29. Yeah, and probably is in one of the chair usually against the wall for staffers. Which seems much lower than the chairs Biden, Clinton and Gates are sitting in with the high(er) backs.

  30. Given they had his whereabouts in August – three months before the 2010 midterms and didn’t make any move until six months after the mid-terms and now where 18 months out – yep, makes sense to me.

  31. I clicked on Mr. Braxford’s twitter feed. He loves Lady Gaga and looks like he’s 15. So, you know, take that for what it’s worth.

  32. Politico is saying President Obama will visit Ground Zero some time this week.

  33. I recall about a year ago that PBO told the leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan that they had to step up to the plate and do their parts in the effort to stop the terrorists. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during those conversations. Too many Americans view PBO as a wimp, but he is far from that. I don’t believe he has any problem letting others know where he stands, and what they must do if they want to continue receiving our military and financial support. I also believe that PBO will deal with these leaders because his goal is to get our troops OUT of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan. I read yesterday that Karzai is pushing for our troops to leave Afghanistan. Now, he has to make sure that the Afghan military forces are up to the task of handling security once the majority of our troops are withdrawn. I also read recently that the Iraqi people and government want us out of Iraq. I’m all for this, but I do see a need to keep a very close eye on events that go on in these countries.

  34. I don’t think people think about what they’re saying anymore –

  35. There are a few problems with Pakistani intelligence. First, the Pakistani government, for its own sake, incites people against India – people who then remain extremists and sympathize with or join groups like Al Queda. Second, the Pakistani government does not control all of Pakistan by a long shot. It is not a stable place by a mile.

  36. Pakistan is basically a collection of tribal areas with nuclear weapons.

  37. What a President we have. Seems like I have been saying that for days. I am so thankful for this man. And I am so thankful for BWD and Chipsticks for these websites for places that we have been able to express our gratitude for this man without being attached.

    Things are changing folks.

  38. From a regular at ThePeople’sView, the Obama version of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA:”

    [i]And I’m proud to be an Obamabot
    For the man who keeps us free.
    And I won’t forget the fights he’s fought,
    to save my rights for me.

    And I gladly stand up
    next to him and defend him still today.
    ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this man,
    God bless the Prez today![/i]

  39. yup. I’d like to think the President is just like me… efficient enough with the computer, but give me some new program that refocuses video to show a sharper image of some attack in Pakistan that takes out Bin Laden and I’m all thumbs! You can do it? Sure, be my guest!!


    I also wish the head of my office would really examine this photo and note that even the President isn’t in business attire at all times and his staff is allowed to be in shirtsleeves and NO TIES. Even when ordering the execution of a mission that has historic magnitude.


  40. The looks on their faces are so intense. We can only imagine what they are watching on the screen.

    We are lucky to have such intelligent, hard working folks working for us.

  41. These photos are each essays, particularly the group shot with PBO stone faced in the corner and Hillary sitting with hand over mouth. I can only shake my head at the people who like to dismiss “pretty” pictures as unimportant in one hand, and unabashed propaganda in the other. A picture- whether capturing something lighthearted or something dire, are part of our history. People who dismiss the importance of photography might as well be dismissing the importance of books.

  42. Awesome in wisdom,mighty astute timely and bold in judgment.Mr President is God’s man for the hour
    Let”continue to pray for the President his family white house than and the nation st large.

  43. I agree with you LL! I am just not convinced that Pakistani’s ISI didn’t know where OBL was now that we know he was hiding in Pakistan. The fact that he was in Pakistan is a bit worrisome and needs more scrutiny.

    On the other hand, however, President Obama has been vindicated. During the campaign he argued that America has to pay as much attention to Pakistan as it did Afghanistan, in the search for Al Qaida and Taliban. He also promised that if he had actionable intelligence that terrorists were in Pakistan he would not hesitate to act. The decision he authorized on Friday gives confidence that he will do whatever it takes to protect this country.

  44. Saint Roscoe: Since you are one of the valued members of this site, who receives a great deal of praise for your comments, I was not quite sure what to make of your comment. Are you suggesting that President Obama made the decision to take out Osama Bin Laden because he was gearing up for the 2012 elections?

    If that is what you are suggesting, then I think you owe this community, which has shown you a great deal of honor and respect, to explain fully why you think that the President could have done this “three months before the 2010 midterm” elections; and was simply doing it, this time, purely for cynical political self interest, (as suggested by James Braxford’s twit quoted by Liberal Librarian), to enhance his election prospects in in 2012.

    Of course if, for some reason, I misinterpreted the gist of your comment, I am ready to be corrected, and I would apologize, in advance for mistaking your intent. But the way I read it, you seemed to be endorsing James Braxford tweet message which said:

    “Osama Bin Laden has been found when the elections are near. Coincidence Obama?” Please explain why this ” makes sense”to you.

  45. SR was being sarcastic. He was just dryly pointing out the absurdity of that commenter by laying it all out and saying ‘yep that makes sense… if you’re afflicted with an acute case of Obama Derangement Syndrome.’

  46. I like this observation about the final photo, that I found over at That One Site On The Internet:

    “Look at that photo (68+ / 0-)
    it says everything about who Obama is.

    He sits off to the side, not in a chair at the center of the table, and instead of being elevated, he’s actually lower than the other people.

    He’s not the slightest bit interested in who sits where, or any of the trappings. He’s focused 100% on results.”

  47. Thanks for pointing that out. I totally missed the sarcasm. My apologies to Saint Roscoe!

  48. Get these pictures–especially that last one–to every person you know. That picture is incredibly powerful. (Anybody ever fixes me with the look in PBO’s eyes there, I’m outta there!)
    Juxtapose that picture with some pics of him with disabled kids, kids from the slums of South America, him with his family, and you have an entire campaign.

  49. I so agree, MTmarilyn!! It is wonderful to have such an uplifting website where people express only their gratitude and admiration for our wonderful president!!

  50. I wonder if we will ever learn the identity of the men who performed this incredible feat, or if it will remain secret for their own safety?

  51. The men had cameras on them as mission was carried out and it was watched in real time in the situation room

  52. The most disturbing thing I heard today on the radio concerns China – I got in my car where I had NPR on and the first thing I heard was this serious music – then reporter states that this music is played in China when someone of importance dies – then he reads statement that the killing of Osama was an awful thing – OMG!
    I will NEVER EVER buy anything from China again! Did anyone else know they felt this way?

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