Heads-Up: It’s a new day at the office for President awesome

11:55 AM: PBO presents Private First Class Anthony T. Kaho’ohanohano and Private First Class Henry Svehla the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry. As always, you can watch it here.


134 thoughts on “Heads-Up: It’s a new day at the office for President awesome

  1. Best president in my lifetime, including Kennedy. The man says what he is going to do—and does it. Rock on!

  2. OMG! #1 I may love my President, but I would NEVER play poker with him!

  3. I am still stunned. I was overwhelmed with all those young people outside the White House. It all seems like a dream.

  4. That is the same thought I had–never play poker with President Obama. The man is as cool as they come. What a great and glorious day this is.

  5. Forgive the repetition; I have to post this link one more time, this picture is just so funny, and so true!


  6. The host on the washington journal mentioned how Bin Laden was killed saying “He was shot in the eye” and “Officals said that you would know his profile when you see him”.

    From my twitter timeline:

    BREAKING #NEWS : Unconfirmed image of #Osama Bin Laden’s corpse as shown on a private tv station in Pakistan http://twitpic.com/4sckk5

  7. This president is amazing!!

    I have been crazy about him since I saw him give the keynote speech for Kerry at the Democratic convention in 2004. I thought, “That man is going to be president one day!!” His speech gave me chills and made me feel more proud of being an American than I had been in a long time. He was just so positive and clear and his message rang like a bell.

    In the years since, I’ve watched him accomplish great things over and over again and I’ve grown ever more grateful that his ambition is to serve our country. He’s always thinking, planning ahead, and ready for the bullshit before it hits.

    This nation’s citizens got lucky with this one!! God Bless Obama!! Bless his brilliant soul!

  8. I have one request regarding OBL. I wish the house where he died would be demolished and replaced with a sewage plant. I would be happy to donate to see that happen as I do not want that building to become a shrine either, and a sewage plant is fitting.

  9. Why are REpugs so ungracious? Would it kill them to give this President, who single-handedly dusted off the mission to capture or kill Osama bin Laden that Bush shelved?

    Strangely Cheney did give PBO credit, but not the swarm of wingnut talking heads that have invaded all the TV networks.

    Where are the Democrats? Why are they not on TV amplifying this achievement by a Democratic President on NATIONAL SECURITY.?

  10. This man has just gotten 10 feet taller in my estimation and he was GIGANTIC before that! WOW!!!!! I’ve always said he’s a super man. Being the president who got Bin Laden makes him Superman, as far as I’m concerned!


    OBAMA 2012!!!! I pity the poor Rethuglican fools who run against him!

  11. For scrapping the bombing plan in favor of a very targeted military action which greatly limited civilian casualties (to one woman who was used as a shield by an obl gunman—no one else in that compound was killed besides her, four obl gunmen, and obl himself—think about that for a minute everybody, all those household residents, all of those neighbors were kept safe), POTUS indeed has my utter admiration for that choice. I couldn’t be more proud of this person.

  12. Just remember zizi, Bush disbanded the OBL unit on July 7, 2006. Anyone can google it.

    I agree that the repubs’ ungraciousness and spin is very disheartening. They can’t allow even 1 day to pass for everyone can be unified as Americans. Country first my azz.

  13. Question everybody: didn’t Bush and Cheney claim to have chased bin Laden into hiding out in a cave? Um…obl’s compound seems like a mansion in a well-to-do suburb of the capital.

  14. Some people, mostly hardcore Republicans of tea Partiers, think this is some sort of team sport. They just won’t ever ever ever acknowledge that Pres. Obama can do something right, let alone do things right 99.9% of the time. In fact, the more great things he accomplishes–the more they hate him, because it’s just salt in their wound (as they see it).

    All I think we can do is tune them out and remember that we are with the majority of the country. We’re among the people who voted for him in the primaries, voted for him in the general election, and the people who wil lelect him again in 2012. They are sore losers who will never accept him. They are on a road to nowhere, and they’d prefer to drag everybody else along with them.

  15. Gosh, I really wish I was out on the streets celebrating this just like everyone else! I ❤ PBO!!!

  16. LOL. That’s another great one. I think there will be a lot of these appearing in the next couple of days. 🙂

  17. Yeah, there was a cave or two where Bush was gonna “smoke him out,” but that was too complicated, so they decided to capture Saddam hussein instead.

    Besides the whole fiasco with Tora Bora, I think there were problems with Bush being so closely tied with the other Bin Ladens, as well as some major conflicts among the Pakistani military.

    Truth is, this is exactly what I wanted us to do in Afghanistan back in 2001–send an elite squad in, get him with little casualties and stop them all in their tracks.

    It’s a shame it too so long and left a big mess alover the globe, but I’m awfully glad he’s finished.

  18. It was a precision strike and very well done. From keeping things secret for months to the final assault, this was handled with extreme competence and precision. This is how it’s done when it’s done right.

  19. It’s expected. Disappointing but expected. But it doesn’t really matter. The relief felt around this nation is the real reaction that counts and that reaction gives credit to the President. No amount of negative spin will win. It only makes republicans look petty, small and irrelevant.

  20. Yes – It’s amazing — our President had to tell the military how to do the job right. If left to their own devices, they would have simply leveled the compound and all its occupants. I’ve just finished reading a bunch of articles about how so very hands on he was that he actually watched the raid in real time . .

  21. Definitely…that’s what impresses me the most…how this was all carried out without even a hint of what was going on. Made easier, I think, by all the focus on silliness. The Press was so engaged with the birthers and royal wedding that they totally lost sight of what is truly important in this world.

  22. Pretty sure Leon Panetta will have no trouble what-so-ever being confirmed as Sec-Def. Good for him!

  23. I hadn’t thought that far ahead, but you are so right. I would hope they would roll out a red carpet for him.

  24. @ Gramiam so funny, yes I agree, I would not want to play poker, or probably Chess against the President, such a good comment, you made me laugh out Loud, needed that
    I have been challenged by my own family members already this morning about how Mr. Bush has initiated this success… I am baffled by it, and reminding most of these “Far Right Wingers” in my family of the votes from the GOP to try and stop the surge and how Mr. Obama said we are going after them through Afghanistan… funny that recent history is overlooked by Propaganda… just perplexes me, even my own Senators Inhofe and Coburn voted with GOP against the surge yet these folks listen to what they hear instead of knowing reality, simply perplexing to me But thank you for your Comment ! and in 2012

  25. BBC did a piece where the narrator squarely blamed shrub admin for letting obl go. On cnn, there were harping about Clinton kill him in the first place.

    Also, BBC has been talking to pundit from Pakistan, Afghanistan, UK while cnn was fully american centric as far I have seen.

  26. What did President OBAMA tell Rahm Emmanual about pushing through HCR? something to the effect, ” My name is Barack Hussein Obama and I was elected president, I feel kinda lucky…lets do this”. He is not just F@#king Lucky, he is smart too.

  27. That cat O is a baaad mutha_________SHUT YOUR MOUTH__________ Just talking bout O

    What a diffrence a President makes huh?

  28. Remind them of President Bush’s dirct answer to a question at a press conference about capturing OBL. It went something like, “I dont think about him much to tell you the truth”. I expect they’ll remember that but it wont change their mind.

  29. Hasn’t he talked about wasting too many hours as a young man playing poker and shooting pool? Cool as a cucumber.

  30. David – Because I was a teenager touch by the Kennedy era, I always clung to him as my #1. But today, I’ve decided that President Obama is the best president of my lifetime, too.

  31. I wonder if it was different in the *international* version. It tends to be less wack than what we see here.

  32. The Borowitz Report

     2012 Election Cancelled

    WASHINGTON ( – In what historians are calling an unprecedented development in American politics, both major parties decided today to cancel the 2012 election.

    The decision to scrap the 2012 contest came on the heels of a new poll showing President Barack Obama with an approval rating of one hundred percent, believed to be a record high for an American president.

    Mr. Obama even polled well among Republicans, with a majority of GOP voters agreeing with the statement, “I no longer care that he wasn’t born here.”

    The new bipartisan spirit sweeping the nation was captured well by House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who tearfully told reporters, “This is a great day for America… oh, leave me alone, goddamn it.”

    Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump made no official announcement, but sources said he was considering running for Prime Minister of Canada.

    The cancellation of the election comes in the aftermath of the death of Osama bin Laden, whose last words reportedly were, “I knew I shouldn’t have signed up for Foursquare.”

    Of all the major news networks, Fox News did not report news of bin Laden’s death, saying that it would air cartoons “until further notice.”

    In Libya, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi issued the following official statement: “Uh-oh.”
    In North Korea, President Kim Jong-Il said this: “I have lost my last friend on Facebook.”

    And in Wasilla, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said this: “We must find and kill Osama bin Laden.”

  33. Too funny! Unfortunately, my normal movements don’t take me near Farraqut Square else I’d ask the guy how he knew! Maybe he’s a psychic.

  34. A little bonus:

    MSNBC carrying live the ceremony where PBO awards the medal of honor to two young men who died during the Korean War.

    They’re showing the ENTIRE ceremony, WITHOUT ANY interruption.

    CNN is doing the same !

    HA !

  35. The international cnn version doesn’t have the usual US suspect crowd except on occasions like this and they are the ones who spoil it.

  36. This was such a moving ceremony. His compassion for the last man’s sister was so evident.

  37. I love Frank Schaeffer and – you are right – he speaks for so many of us! Bravo, Frank!

  38. My head would be spinning if I had one-tenth the schedule the President has in one day, but he was calm, statesman-like, compassionate, and loving at that ceremony.

    As usual!

  39. Just learned about Osama. OMG, I love our Pres. I’m not usually a crier, but….excuse me awhile…

  40. Thanks for sharing that Borowitz Report, the boysisters. It’s effing hilarious.

  41. Oh I’ve never doubted that Panetta ( and Patraeus) will be confirmed. What we can hope now, though, is that there won’t be too much political theater from the republicans during the hearings. They won’t want to be seen as being unrespectful.

  42. While I refuse to link to the orange swamp not just here but anywhere, a diary currently on the rec list by by Seneca Doane, addresses something I’ve yet to see receive the attention President Obama deserves – HE STAKED HIS PRESIDENCY ON THIS MISSION.

    That is a message we ALL need to deliver to everyone we know.

    Thank you.

    Yes.We.Can. … Do.More.Together!

  43. I would like to know that too. It’s an ongoing question—“where are the Democrats?” I have seen only Repubs commenting on my teevee. They even dug up Rumsfeld for his deep thoughts. I can never figure out if the networks ONLY invite Repubs to slant the news or if no Dems push themselves forward and make themselves available. I have emailed The Today Show about 1000 times asking if they ONLY know Republicans and why no Democrat is ever allowed to express his/her opinions on their program.

  44. Game changer here! It was only a matter of time and the time is now…

  45. Huh ? cnn now saying that villa in pakistan is worth 45 million dollars when it was worth just a million dollars just a few hours back. Where do they pull these numbers from ?

  46. Yes, Bob that is a good diary. And of course, cenk had to the usual attention whore that he is.

  47. LOL – you and me both jacqueline. Your head would have been spinning, and I would have spun completely out of control!

  48. Hmm. I don’t know. From the picture I saw it looked huge, but it also looked like an overgrown shack–not like a Saddam palace or something. I suppose a lot of the money went into the security.

  49. Did you hear Mayor Bloomberg ??

    Wow, talk about SPINNING!. Bloomberg said (paraphrasing) that President Obama recognized the work of President Bush bla bla bla… THe only mention of Bush that President Obama did last night was when he said that Bush had said that the United States was not at war with Islam.

    Wow. Those republicans are pretty pathetic.

  50. Bush looked pathetic at the press conference,
    ther are a lot’s of talking heads that are not given this President credit, and they are sping their BS,they are so desperate trying ti give credit to GWB, but so far PBO has keept his promises about all the things he would do if he was elected. THank you Mr President.

  51. That was the second most idiotic comment from cnn after the “why they didn’t just bomb the effing place” ?

    Thanks God BBC for a more rational coverage.

  52. What a load off…
    Obviously there are many people who have lost faith in the US and maybe civilization as a whole, but having someone on the loose who committed a crime that seemed out of a science fiction novel was awfully draining to anyone who still cares about the human race and hopes to see a better world.

  53. Love it. Best country ever and our president Barack Obama is the best one ever. 😀

  54. If obl paid 45 million for the security, he sure was an idjit since the americans got it all done under 40 minutes ?

    Nah,cnn was just talking through the hat. In those parts, the real estate was more likely around 300 to 400 thousand dollars.

  55. The President didn’t do this to get credit. He knows he isn’t going to get credit from the Press. He did it because it was the right thing to do. The MSM might be spinning till they puke, but the Military knows exactly who got this done. THEY know Bush dropped this ball.

    Those kids out in the streets last night know who got it done. And they don’t care what the talking heads think. I should imagine that the rest of the WORLD knows who got this done.

    Go Navy Seals! GO OBAMA!

  56. They’re stuck apologizing for Mr. Bush’s failure to capture/kill bin Laden.

    They should ALL be forced to watch this video:

    “Who knows if he’s hiding in some cave or not. We haven’t heard from him in a long time. The idea of focusing on one person really indicates to me people don’t understand the scope of the mission. Terror is bigger than one person. He’s just a person who’s been marginalized. … I don’t know where he is. I really just don’t spend that much time on him, to be honest with you.”

    So how exactly is Mr. Bush being credited when he admitted he didn’t spend much time thinking about bin Laden and didn’t make capturing/killing him a priority?

  57. Nice try Mr. Bloomberg.

    This time, the American people know the truth – which is NOT the BS that you and your GOP/media cronies are trying to spin.

  58. Yeah, well someone I won’t identify who knows what he’s talking about told me back then:

    “No way obl is hiding in a cave. Those caves are a rabbit warn with 100 escape routes. We dropped enough (some kind of bombs, I can’t remember) to flush them out. Obl is hiding out somewhere and it ain’t in no cave!”

  59. Bingo. I still remember all those debates in 2008 where the msm will spin that somehow that old nut won it and then bam, their own instapolls will show exactly the opposite.

    I am glad that the youngsters cheered yesterday. We are going to need them come 2012

  60. lol vendors were selling American flags 2 o clock in the morning. How did they get to the merchandise 2 in the morning? Wholesale Stores, factories, etc are closed.

    Reminds me of when Michael Jackson died, by evening vendors were selling MJ tshirt with date of death etc.

  61. Ru$h Limpnoodle now saying that “If Obama were a shoo-in for re election, Osama bin Laden would be alive today.”

    These people are proud to sympathize with the terrorists, but more importantly, proud of their racism. They’re mad that the BLACK DEMOCRATIC President got this done and that their WHITE REPUBLICAN President failed.

  62. and this is why Mr. Bloomberg is not running for President. He has no convictions of his own and knows that Mr. Obama would hand his ass to him on a silver platter.

  63. PoliticusUSA has a great post today entitled:


    I especially loved this quote:
    We’re not allowed to blame poor Georgie for the economy or the wars, but he can take credit for getting Osama because revisionism is all the GOP has now. Have pity, people. They just lost their only claim to fame; they are no longer the national security daddies.


  64. Let us not get riled up over them doing exactly what we knew they would do. The egg is drying on the Republicans faces. You can’t put lip stick on a pig and expect it to change from being a pig. Facts over spin. BUSH FAILED, OBAMA GOT THE TERRORIST.

  65. Bravo, Frank Schaeffer! He said it all for those of us families with members in the military. Bless you Sir and your son for his service to our country.

  66. Well said, Grumpy Young Man! Two of my sons were in Manhattan on September 11. I can’t begin to describe the agony I felt until I knew they were safe. I can only imagine the grief of those loved ones who finally realized they would never see their friends or relatives again in this life. This evil man and those who followed him deserve everything that has happened to them and I thank our President for taking that burden on his own shoulders to keep his promise to those of us who elected him. I will, as usual, get down on my knees tonight and pray yet again for the safety of this President, his family and those who act for us at his command. Thank you, Mr. President.

  67. Heads up. Press briefing starting any minute now. Should be interesting.

  68. Last week we had birthers, now we have deathers (denying OBL was in fact killed, but it was a huge ruse to boost Obama’s falling poll numbers, and he timed his announcement last night in order to disrupt the last half hour of The Apprentice).

  69. John Simpson, the BBC’s chief foreign correspondent, just said that OBL’s death is more than symbolic. AQ is mortally wounded by his death. Terrorism will continue, because the idea isn’t dead; but OBL’s death stems the momentum that AQ and its offshoots have had since 2001.

  70. The republican pretty much no they are screwed. They have one of the weakest fields in presidential political history and an improving economy, and now the killing of Bin Laden.

    2012 will not bode well for the republicans and they know this so that’s why they are talking about Bush.

    The funny thing about that is that the majority of American people still view him as a failure so how will their BS work especially since he is no longer president.

  71. Really, why engage in satire, when the reality is surreal enough?

  72. All I could think when I read your comment was this old nursery rhyme:

    “Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie,
    Kissed the girls and made them cry.
    When the boys came out to play,
    Georgie Porgie ran away.”

  73. OSG,

    Which one of the jackals do you think will be the first to ask Press Secretary Jay Carney how much credit should be given to President Bush?

    Mayor Bloomberg, Eric Cantor, and most Republicans in congress are going out of their way to give credit to President Bush. So I expect the jackals to provide the echo chamber for their revisionist history.

    I agree this should be interesting.

  74. I think he’s staked his presidency on so many things, some of them achieved, some not: hcr, efca, stimulus, cap and trade, immgration reform, arab spring, capturing obl——just too many issues to count. This is a big Presidency doing big things and IMO he deserves way more than the petty backbiting, ridicule, and disrespect coming from his own quarters and his own party.

    I’m with the 80+% of liberal Dem supporters who are supportive of this presidency and thank you a million for reporting about a good piece of information without linking to that place.

  75. Exactly! They will have lost what ever $$ conduits that OBL had access to plus this is a tremendous psychological defeat. They will be scrambling to reorganize. I wonder just how many cells are under watch now that will quietly be eliminated.

  76. They will scramble to rewrite history, trying to make Bush into some kind of hero despite the fact that his tenure was a FAIL.

    It won’t work. They are toast….with whipped cream and a cherry on top!

  77. He let them have it, didn’t he? Wow. Frank Schaeffer pulled no punches and good for him.

  78. “One of the most gutsiets call of any president in recent history.”

  79. Eh, they’re pathetic and know that this makes them and their party look bad while making this administration once again look so much more competent than any republican administration in recent history. They will try to sell this as somehow good for them because they know the credit for it will bring with it a huge amount of political capital. The facts are that they failed and Obama succeeded. Everyone knows it no matter how they try to spin things. They just look stupid for doing it.

  80. Well said Tien Le. That is reality and all the spin in the world won’t change that.

  81. Worse yet, they know that their republican president didn’t even try to do it and that the public can’t be fooled into thinking now that that failure was because the task was impossible. They liked having OBL as a threat sitting out there to scare American voters with. They tried to sell the public on the idea that OBL was hiding out in some inaccessible place and that getting to him was impossible. Now we know for a fact that they were wrong once again. So I expect lots more spin, spin, spin from them trying to salvage something to bolster their foreign policy and fighting terrorism reputation in the face of being shown up by the “weak, ineffective, inexperienced, naive” president.

  82. So much could have gone wrong. If they sent in the SEALS and OBL escaped for example when they could have just used a missile strike – but having absolute proof was very necessary in this case given the symbolic nature of Bin Laden still being alive after these 10 years – if he would have been killed with no body being found (and given the fact that Pakistan had to know OBL was there, they would have covered up his death if it benefitted them), they needed to snatch OBL alive or dead.

    If he had escaped then they could have lost him for another ten years and it would have only further grown his legend. If he had died with no body as proof then he would have essentially lived forever in the hearts and minds of his supporters as “he could still be alive and fighting” would keep folks rallying behind his cause.

  83. Yeah and you can tell by the remarks they made after Bin Laden’s death.

    And Mitt’s statement pretty much said it all. The guy must have said Damn ! after the news broke.

  84. Good luck with that….people are learning what President goes after terrorist – Clinton and OBAMA.

  85. Honestly when Bush is the best thing they have going for them, they are in serious trouble. The public still despises Bush and views him as an abject failure. There isn’t an area of governmental concern that he didn’t screw up. They can spin all they want but it won’t change that or the minds of the public who are still suffering from his mismanagement.

  86. Love Brennan’s description of what AQ looks like now without their charismatic leader…the #2 has not charisma and that they’re going to start eating themselves alive. Hmmm, kind of sounds like the Republicans…Republican…terrorist…republican…terrorist

  87. I am happy for our country and the world.

    I don’t get people on the Left who believe that this is a bad thing and yet another negative for President Obama.

    I’m happy to see American people celebrating because they are relived that that monster is dead.

  88. Yes, and it was so telling when Brennan said (I believe talking about the 40-minute attack) that each minute was like an hour to the President and his team. Paraphrasing, Brennan also said the President was extremely worried about each of the military men going in.

  89. OBL was like a hydra, and President Barack Obama like a highly skilled surgeon, severed its multiple heads, and then went to bed –for a more than deserved, good night’s sleep and preparation for the next days affairs!

    How does he make things look so easy?!?!?!

    There must be an element of destiny in all of this. Truly, I can’t fathom any other explanation for this great man, person we are so fortunate enough to have serving as our POTUS.

  90. If McCain or Bush had been President they would have bombed the place without thinking about recovering documents that may provide more information about future planned attacks etc…What a forward thinking President we have. It was a risky decision, but he did not give orders to just bomb the place. He was thinking about the intelligence that could be gathered if they went in.

    I am just thankful for such an insightful leader, and thankful McCain/Palin are not in charge. I will never forget McCain saying “I know where Bin Laden is, and I can get him” What a bunch of malarkey. Republicans can’t stomach the thought of the individual that they call “soft” on terror being the individual that OBL was caught under. James Clyburn gave some very adoring comments today about the President. I hope the Dems will get in front of some cameras.

  91. FLASHBACK: Right-Wing Attacks on Obama’s Pakistan Terrorism Policy

  92. It’s a video from Media Matters, and it points out how wrong the right wingers were back in 2008 to criticize Mr. Obama wanting to strike Al Qaeda targets in Pakistan if his administration had credible evidence and Pakistan didn’t strike them first.

    And now that Mr. Obama actually struck Al Qaeda targets in Pakistan and got and killed OBL, they look even MORE disillusioned and out of touch, which is the point of the video. They were wrong back then, and are wrong now.

  93. I just got back from having breakfast with my youngest brother who is a Senior too. For years I have known him to be quick to latch onto conspiracy theories and a big supporter of Ron Paul. I really did not realize how far gone he was though since I was able to talk him into voting for PBO. I came away from breakfast really saddened and deflated.

    He is WAY over the top. I am not even sure what groups he blogs with as he kept trying to deflect the question. Saying I was falling for the goverment’s propoganda. I asked him after he said Bin Laden had been dead for 8 years and this was a government conspiracy to help Obama’s falling ratings for re-election. He said Bin Laden had been sick having kidney dialysis from Pakistan previously. I do remember him subscribing to all the Clinton paranoia too. I do know he is against the Neocons. I cannot figure out if he just puts all of the conspiracy theories together or what. He is an architect and intelligent so it is surprising to me just how far off the deep end he is. I am saddened instead of celebrating right now. Glad I have all of you to be with instead of just family though.

  94. Democrats have already moved to try and plan the President’s next move and accelerate the drawdown in Afghanistan. They are as bad as those on the right (well, almost).

  95. Republicans are trying desperately to prop up failed George Bush, who is responsible for ignoring the warnings about 9/11, the economic collapse, the enormous deficit, the plight of the middle class, the culture of fear, and endless war (and all the dead resulting from those wars). They have nothing to celebrate in this man.

    The Democrats have an amazing President, an amazing man with an awesome vision. I’ve heard squeak from Democrats giving credit to President Obama – he stands alone.

    There is irony and sadness in this situation.

  96. Every day, more and more evidence is provided to show that the Republicans have absolutely no idea about anything.

  97. Yes I believe that it’s important to see these flashbacks, because they not only highlight the prescience of our current President, but they also draw clear distinctions between the the GOP’s myopic flailing around versus PBO’s long-sighted views and strategic planning.

  98. Reminds me of that scene from Patron when Patron defies orders and seizes Palermo, Sicily. The next scene is the German general being advised. His reply: “Damn”.
    Next scene is Britains Gen. Montgomery being advised. His reply: “Damn”.

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