A few thoughts

1. I’m really trying to be the bigger person PBO would want me to be, and not feel resentment or bitterness towards a country that last week asked this great president to prove that he’s an American, and suddenly today treats him like he’s Captain America.

2. The sheer guts of this man is just mind-boggling. This operation could have gone wrong in so many ways, and the entire blame would have fallen on his shoulders – because we know our media, and we know how politics works. And yet, he went all in, because this is what had to be done.

3. Can you even imagine what level of strength one needs to give the most awesome stand-up comedy routine ever, knowing that something like *that* is going on?

4. Not surprisingly, but still so brilliantly impressive, he’s been so humble about the whole thing – both last night and today.

5. None of the Teabaggers from Right or Left has bothered me today. There’s nothing they can say that can upset me now. Not after the roller coaster we went through in a span of just few days – Going from feeling so beaten last week, to this joy and hope of today.

6. JAKE TAPPER: “[I]n March, President Obama authorized a plan for the U.S. to bomb Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound with two B2 stealth bombers dropping a few dozen 2,000-pound JDAMs (Joint Direct Attack Munitions) on the compound but President Obama ultimately decided against that. “The helicopter raid was riskier. It was more daring,” an official said. “But he wanted proof. He didn’t want to just leave a pile of rubble.” Officials also knew there were 22 people living there, and Obama wanted to be sure not to kill all the civilians”.

Yea, I don’t even know what to say about that.

7. PBO’s smackdown of Tramp looks even extra awesome now. “These are the kinds of decisions that would keep me up at night”. Heeeeeeeeeeeeee.

8. He is truly, really, really and truly a magnificent, unique, strong, gutsy, brilliant and beautiful human being. I feel so lucky to just live through his time on earth.

9. Finally, I want to thank you, guys. Last week I was half ready to give up. You pulled me up. You, and Barack Obama. Love you, love him. Have a good night.

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  1. surreal!

    This is beyond fantastic!

    The EVENT heals the wounds all the way back to Vietnam.

    The BEST President ever!

    Thanks BWD!

  2. LMBAO@ “Tramp” PBO’s is steady as she goes; he’s very deliberate in his actions. I think we will continue to be amazed at his brilliance for years to come.

  3. I don’t often comment because as my name implies, I am usually happy with anything you post–good, positive news about the President.

    But never give up. You are so necessary. I read what you post every single day.

    Thank you. Stay with it.

  4. Never, never, underestimate this amazing man. He is so far ahead and above the rest of all of us. We are living in a time of greatness!

  5. BWD, I too read everything you post (usually several times) and think that what you do is an extremely significant cintribution to our country. Be proud of what you do.

  6. BWD: Great piece you wrote there! I get to feeling down like that, then I go back to my saved stuff from you and Chips and get kicked in the head. Both of you are my Truffles, a very necessary part of my life. Thank you for all you do. Mimi

  7. I love him and his family….I was up all night so I haven’t been online much today which is a good thing because I know the right/prof left are probably running around with their hair on fire. I was so hurt when he showed his original birth certificate last week, I cried off and on for 3 days. So this man was dealing with real issue and had to stop taking care of business because of the silly media and of course the carnival barker trump.

    Remember in the Godfather when Michael had ordered the hits and went to the Christian at the Church while the hits were being done….well that’s what this feels like to me. President Obama never let on that anything was happening and thank God he didn’t let the camera ready idiots in the congress know what was going on, they would have ruined everything.

    Ohhh, so when is that 1st GOP debate again and who is going to run against President Obama from the left again….I’ll wait.

  8. Well said BWD, well said. Keep up the great work you and Chipsticks are doing. It is just fantastic and much needed.

  9. Sister of 9-11 victim said-
    “The last thing Bin Laden saw and thought was, “The Americans, the people I attacked, they got me.”

  10. A few days ago he was “Barack Hussein Obama”. Today Jack Tapper is calling him “President Obama”. I have NOTHING but contempt for Jack!

  11. Regarding the President’s timeline over the past week, it’s downright impressive to know that all the while when he was (1) giving a press conference to release the long-form of his birth certificate, which at the same time telling off the ignorants in America in such a diplomatic way; (2) initially preparing for the launch at Cape Canaveral with Gabrielle Giffords; (3) preparing to give a speech a Miami Dade College on Friday evening;
    (4) preparing for a trip to survey the tornado damage; (5) preparing for a night of fun with the press and colleagues at the White House Correspondents dinner, with prepared remarks to tell off his enemy to his face in an oh, so diplomatic fashion but with great effectiveness; (6) and preparing in a huge way to take out America’s arch enemy – Osama bin laden. The President’s game face is astonishing and skillful. Almost as though he has a split personality. Who could have possibly known that in that room with the racist known as “Donald Trump” that the joke regarding making key decisions such as who to boot off the Celebrity Apprentice, compared to strategizing the most effective and sure way to capture/kill Osama bin laden, would trump Trump his media cohorts and reduce them to rubble in a matter of hours.

    Remember this silly and ignorant dialogue coming from the mainstream media? “Do you think that he’s (Obama) doing too much? Do you think that he’s (Obama) too thin? Do you think that his (Obama) plate is too full for him to be effective?”

    For an amateur and lackluster president – yes. For Barack Hussein Obama? No.

    Donald Trump as president? I don’t think so.

  12. It is easy to fall into a sense of despair from time to time BWD when you see the type of opposition the President faces day by day. But, it is important to always remember that he is a remarkable man, uniquely suited to deal with that opposition. He stays focused on results just as he always promised he would. I remember being impressed with his saying that he would rely on his record to get him re-elected if the people thought he deserved it and that we should judge him on that. That showed that he was not going to be ideological or play politics but would focus on doing everything he could to fix our troubled country. And that is what he has done and continues to do from each day to the next. As problems arise he deals with them to the best of his ability. Luckily for us all he extremely able. So keep believing and don’t let the naysayers get you down. I believe that his truly remarkable record of competence insures that he will be re-elected and this country will continue to be in his capable hands until 2016.

  13. It’s all pretty amazing, isn’t it? I’m so glad I’m here to witness the ultra smart and brave leadership of President Obama. He is masterful.

  14. I just wanted to chime in that I agree with everything everyone already posted. And please BWD, you do such a fantastic job here for all of us, we love you, don’t let the bastards get you down! I read every single thing you post though I don’t comment much, and your blog has given me hope and faith during many dark hours. I get just like you–depressed and discouraged–but we cannot allow that to happen – it just saps our energy. I’m in my 7th decade, and this is the best president I’ve seen in my lifetime! Thanks again for all you do.

  15. I totally agree with your statement. Like BWD, I’m trying to be above the negative feelings. But I’m so filled with anger and disgust at the people who can’t acknowledge what this President gas done, even at a moment like this!!! I want to tell the MSM, the GOP, the Glenn Greenwalds & Rush Limbaugh’s of the world: ” GO F*CK YOURSELVES!!!”

    I think I need to spend some time meditating and looking at the example our President sets!!!

  16. He’s brilliant, of course, but this was a subtantial risk. I’m just so thrilled that it worked out so successfully. Thrilled and jubilant, just thrilled and jubilant. After the Somali pirate incident, I’m not surprised at his decision; he’s just so damn tough. But how cool are our intelligence services and miliary? Unbelievable; I’ve busted every button.

  17. We have your back, BWD.

    Count on it.

    If I survived growing up under segregation,went on to have a successful teaching career, and I can still remain optimistic, together, we can do great things. We need you, and we will always be there for you. I’m the perennial optimist, and I have faith not only in PBO, but in all of us who want what is best for our country and the world. We got you. Never fear.

  18. As the birth certificate fiasco was preoccupying everyone this daring maneuver was in its final stages. Then the President delivers a verbal take down of the media and the chumps that promoted the idiocy with all the finesse and timing of a master satirist. I hadn’t even begun to process the enormous ramifications of that when we heard his announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden. Today I feel sick just thinking about the knife edge everyone was on, and all that was at stake while I watch again the images of the spontaneous gatherings of Americans who were as moved as I was.

    At my age I don’t do well on spinning amusement park rides anymore and that is exactly what this feels like.

    The President and all the people that work with him, all of the many brave warriors and advisors that took up this mission have “the right stuff” that’s for sure.

  19. This week, I kept thinking about the description of President Obama in that new book about his mother. You know, that part where the kids are calling him names and he’s dodging and weaving as if playing “with unseen players.” (rough paraphrase). That’s really who he is. I’ve never had that kind of confidence — maybe that’s the kind of change he’s inviting us to have in ourselves, in each other, and in him.

    By the way, blackwaterdog, I mentioned showing my best friend around your blog. He has voted Republican for years, but lately he’s talking about supporting Obama. He’s seeing leadership and seriousness of purpose, something clearly lacking from the Republicans. I’ve also been telling him (over and over –I get pretty intense) that the Tru Progs do not represent me as a Democrat. Obama does.

    So, the other day, when he was at the store, a guy came up to him and said “What about those high prices? Guess we have the President to thank for that.” And my friend replied, “No, we have the Republicans to thank for that.”


    And so one by one . . . we change . . . not by force, not by lies, but by seeing change in action — “Our fellow Americans.”

  20. I do not cry or tear up easily (nothing wrong with showing emotion), but Blackwaterdog, saying that the many folks here whose words of support help left your spirits really touched me. I, and many others, come here to get our spirits lifted by what you do everyday. I came over from the orange place thanks to someone there who said you had your own site. I always looked forward to your blogs there and was so pleased that you did not go away or get discouraged. You my friend are a strong and gutsy person to perservere through what I can only imagine must see some ugly posts that you are vigilent in scrubbing. We thank you and thank God for YOU!

  21. President Obama took the riskier option because he knew as long as there wasn’t proff of death, it would be the same as Bin Laden being alive in the minds of his supporters.

    He couldn’t trust Pakistan to dig up the body and make a positive ID, as they seemed to be hiding OBL to some extent and getting billions of dollars from the US for their scam.

    Also it would have been a bigger international incident if they did bomb the compound as it could have allowed Pakistan to claim it was all innocent civilians.

    This way they get in, get Bin Laden’s body and thus absolute proof to all concerned that Bin Laden was in Pakistan mere meters from Pakistan army barracks, and is now dead.

  22. Obama trumped Trump then put the Pakistanis in their place. WOW. 5 days ago I felt I was chained to a slave ship…today after my son called me from his DC College Campus where the kids were going wild over the death of Bin Laden……what next Mr. Prez? I say…wow again. What a week.

  23. The more I learn of this event and the great courage of all involved, I am just so, so humbled.

    PBO never gives up, we can NEVER give up. I know how horrid it can feel when things get out of hand, as they do so often, but we really do have to hang together, always. I believe in President Obama’s abilities and his judgment, his integrity and his vision for what is best and what is right. I trust him and have great confidence in him. What others who are small minded and blinded by racism think and do is beyond our control. But we are going forward.

    So grateful for you BWD and Chips at ObamaDiary.

  24. Congratulations, bwd, on hanging in there when the going got really rough last week. I knew this superior man was going to make diamonds out of all the coal thrown in his face. It’s what he does. He turns the attacks against him into his greatest triumphs. It’s just the way he rolls. He’s blowing my mind completely. How does anyone run against the guy who got Bin Laden? I mean, come on! This president eliminated the greatest threat to our country in 40 minutes! It doesn’t get anymore macho than that.

    I’m voting for the guy who got Bin Laden and I, like you, am just grateful I get to live while he’s president of these United States.

    Love you so much, bwd! YOU ROCK!!!

  25. I got a text from a close friend late last night that read, “Is there anything this man can’t do?”

    I think that says it all.

  26. I was thinking about that same scene from the God Father! What’s also funny is the Republicans keep wanting to think they are dealing with Vito Corleone while all the time our President shows them they are really dealing with the likes of Michael Corleone

  27. Thank you so much BWD. Like you, we all feel discouraged at times, but like our President, we dust ourselves and continue.

    We do not quit. Thanks for hanging in there and not quitting. We have your back.

  28. I noticed that some in the media are now running with the Obama 2012- Bush 1992 MEMO.

    LOL ! first it was that Obama was the black version of Jimmy Carter and now Obama is George HW Bush because both achieved great foreign policy victories (Obama’s being more special) but the chance of re-election is just as bad as Bush Sr.

    Can’t these people make up their minds. And the fact is they are hoping that gas prices continue to rise when it most likely won’t according to the experts. And they are hoping that unemployment doesn’t continue to go down.

    These people need some help.

  29. As I told each class today what President Obama and our navy seals & CIA did, the kids started clapping, after I chanted USA, USA. It was a great moment. I made sure that President Bush got no credit, although in one class I did say President Bush congratulated President Obama. It was a great day.

  30. One of several remarkable comments on the AJ Libya live blog in the past 24 h from blogger thewah1964:

    “I wanted to extend my appreciation to the Coalition of the Nations that worked to provide intelligence and support to bring about this day the death of Osama Bin Laden. I express my appreciation to the brave Navy Seals and CIA agents that undertook this mission on behalf of the People of the United States and the Free World. I respect and admire President Obama for his determination to pursue this dangerous mission, which could have reflected negatively on him had failed.

    Most importantly, I want to remember the catalyst for change and revolution against tyranny in the Arab World – Mohamed Bouaziz, who juxtaposed the dialog of freedom to counter Bin Laden’s nihilism and offered a philosophy of hope, freedom and democracy that set alight the hearts of the World.”


  31. And I would like to add since this is so much like 1992 like some in the media are saying then who is the Bill Clinton of the 2012 field ???

    Bill Clinton had charisma, smarts, the guy is just a savvy politician. The Republicans don’t have a Barack Obama or Bill Clinton and that’s why I don’t see this being 1992.

  32. Excatly, I’m going to have to watch Godfather this weekend. They never get rattled and are cold stone lethal….well Michael was upset that time at his wife but I understood. Michael also treated people with respect like President Obama does then when the time comes,oh he will knock your ass off….LOL

  33. My wonderful bwd:

    You are so appreciated.

    You are so necessary.

    Hang on for the ride; you’re just receiving a terrific anti-bs inoculation prior to the most important set of elections of this generation:

    inoculate: to introduce (the causative agent of a disease) into the body of (a person or animal), in order to induce immunity

    This country’s disease=a microwave culture which at times makes irrational decisions because of an inability to take the long view while making those decisions

    One causative agent=a media which pings all over the place, producing *drama* and implanting a *drama* addiction in the population with people expected to be entertained at all times

    Each incident, each time that they swing you from here, to there, and back here, you are really and truly learning to not. take. these. folks that. seriously. either way.

    Note: the media loves on President Obama when he gives them some *drama* to report; I’m not intending to demonize them and doubt I could do a better job, but it is what it is–that’s why they’re loving on him now; obl is one of the most dramatic stories of the past 10 years.

    Now as to the Media Stunt Trump, he is a blip on the radar; he wanted some attention, the media pays lots of attention to birthers, and voila, sTrumpet is a birther. Not worth even a second of your time; I doubt that he was even serious!

    As someone else here said, buck everyone, this was just a taste of bs. Doesn’t mean though that we need to ride the media’s roller-coaster.

  34. BWD, please keep writing. I was out of the country for a few days and missed all of this. I decided I wasn’t going to watch, listen or read the news. I got back in town really early this morning and heard about Osama bin Laden. Today, I watched all the videos of the President’s speeches and his take-down of Trump and the other idiots. I feel like an outsider looking in, but it’s amazing. It’s like I’m looking with fresh eyes and I see this wonderful, intelligent, witty, compassionate and very, very cool (as in cool as cucumber and I wouldn’t want to play poker with him) man who is the President of the United States.

  35. Yeah I noticed it has been making it’s was around. So they said that he was weak and pathetic and a black Jimmy Carter. Now he is George HW Bush a guy that they admire. But the fact that he lost to Bill Clinton now makes the comparison right. LOL ! These people are too much.

  36. Dear BWD

    I do not post much but I read everything. Please lean on us when you get discouraged. Your words and the positive stories lift us everyday. You are doing so much to even the balance. We can all use our circles to spread the word. I have been a believer since I heard our President speak in 04. When he lost in NH, I wept for 3 days…..I thought it was over. I will do my best to see that this amazing man has a second term. You help provide the ammunition and help keep us sane.
    I am grateful for all that you. Together we can win.

  37. I am no longer traditionally religious, but I do know the Bible, and so I will give you this verse, BWD:

    “Do not be weary in well doing, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not.”

    We will keep on keeping on, following the example of the indefatigable President Barack Obama, and we will reap the sweet fruit.

    Never give up.

    —PJ (temporarily NOT boycotting the media :-))

  38. We all love you back, BWD.We love you deeply for leaving your passion and heart here for us. I came across this in the newspaper one day, years ago. I think it appropriate that I share this with all of you tonight.

  39. The president is having a bi-partisan dinner party tonight for all of congress and the senate that was planned months ago. He is sowing seeds of coming together during a time that ALL can put their party titles aside and just be Americans and have fun. What are the odds that the stars would line up like this from where we were last Monday?

  40. Now the new meme among the CT’s is that the Navy SEALS in fact killed OBL’s body double, not OBL himself. Really?? As if the DNA tests didn’t pan out the Administration would still go out on worldwide television and assert that OBL was dead, knowing it was a lie. God. We live in a twisted world.

    And, just as long as I’m venting, a bit from our friend David Sirota: “This is Bin Laden’s lamentable victory: He has changed America’s psyche from one that saw violence as a regrettable-if-sometimes-necessary act into one that finds orgasmic euphoria in news of bloodshed.” I’m sorry, Mr. Sirota, but I’ll take a bit of euphoria at this moment.

  41. majii he simply is not someone to be taken seriously; I think that the only reason that I had this attitude from the beginning is because I’m from NY and I feel like I’ve lived nearly my whole life with Trump pulling one stunt or another. He is who he is; people tolerate and even like him for the entertainment, but to take him seriously is folly. Thus it is an indictment of the GOP especially, but also of the national media that they let a known attention-seeker lead them by the nose like that. /wags fingers and shakes head

    Great link; thank you!

  42. Sorry. Quick on the trigger finger:)
    As the legend goes, one evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said:
    “My son,the battle is between two “wolves” inside us all.One is Evil.It is anger,jealousy,sorrow,envy,regret,greed,arrogance,self pity,guilt,resentment,inferiority,lies, false pride,superiority and ego.
    “The other is Good.It is joy,peace,love,hope,serenity,humility,kindness,benevolence,empathy,generosity,truth,compassion and faith.”
    The grandson thought for a moment and then asked his grandfather.”Which wolf wins?”
    The old Cherokee replied simply,”The one you feed.”
    YOU feed the Good wolf,BWD.As our remarkable President does.Do not bother yourself with the others that walk among us.The people will know which is which.

  43. Is he serious? wtf country does this guy live in? What annoys me the most about the PL is their blatant historical revisionism.

    “saw violence as a regrettable-if-sometimes-necessary act”—–GTFOH!!! Country founded on slavery, slaughter of Native Americans, and indentured servitude of impoverished Europeans and this guy is waxing poetic about some fantasy America which was supposedly utopia until President Obama came on the scene. Just insane; up is down, down is up; an imperfect yet clear turn away from some foreign policy excesses of the past is derided.

    I see that the PL has finally mastered the art of the big lie, right alongside the GOP.

  44. Yours is an important story for us all to think about. It is easy to get angry about the lies and the misinformation that gets bandied about by so many. But even those who listen to right wing media or who consider themselves republican are reachable. They aren’t our enemies. They have been misled and deliberately lied to. They have been manipulated to vote against their own interests. But they are not stupid. We need to keep trying to reach them. Keep presenting them with alternate information. We can sway people’s minds one on one because we do have the facts on our side. People can be reached and the fog of misinformation can be pierced. It just takes time, patience and persistence. And with the President continuing to do his job so well, the atmosphere of the country will help us get the truth out.

    Good job, Peggy at helping this one republican see that there is more to the world than right wing media would allow him to hear.

  45. a bwd re-tweet:
    Interesting that Pres. Obama used police & detective methods to get bin Laden just as we wanted Bush to do instead of invading Iraq.

    Indeed. Indeed.

  46. BWD, I hope you do what ever you can to not get so down that you want to give up on the fantastic and wonderful work your are doing with this site. I also hope you find away to let us help you screen through those nasty e-mails coming from the right-wing and the pl.

    Stay strong!!

  47. The Frat Party overflow – complete with cheerleaders – singing na-na-na-na hey-hey-hey goodbye outside the White House Gates was a bit much. I’m certainly not going to begrudge folks for breathing a little easier and walking a little taller today.

    David Sirota is a self-righteous twit, failing terribly at his best Glenn Greenwald impersonation.

  48. These people are desperate. They know this week has pretty much scared all the republican candidates and they are seeing an election cycle with no drama, and to them more importantly, no ratings bonanza. They want a horse race and they will do all they can to create one. Too bad for them that the President just keeps on being too awesomely good at his job and that the republicans have absolutely no one who can mount a credible challenge to him.

  49. Yes, tell Latin America about our attitude of seeing violence as “regrettable but sometimes necessary”. These people really have no shame.

    Ok, I’m done venting, and I think I’ll stay away from the BBC live blog; the broadcasts are stellar, but the live blog pulls a bit too much from the fringeosphere.

    BWD, hang in there. I don’t think you fully realize what a service you do for us, for no remuneration but our thanks and the knowledge that you’re combating lies with truth.

  50. “Can you imagine what is on OBL’s hard drive …”


    “The special operations forces grabbed personal computers, thumb drives and electronic equipment during the lightning raid that killed bin Laden, officials told POLITICO.

    “They cleaned it out,” one official said. “Can you imagine what’s on Osama bin Laden’s hard drive?”

    U.S. officials are about to find out. The material is being examined at a secret location in Afghanistan.

    “Hundreds of people are going through it now,” an official said, adding that intelligence operatives back in Washington are very excited to find out what they have.

    “It’s going to be great even if only 10 percent of it is actionable,” the official said.”

    It’ll be way more than 10% ‘actionable’ and if you think various Nation’s had their shorts in a bunch over the recent diplomatic communique wikileaks, whomever OBL’s pen pals, hosts, and supporters are should be seeking deep cover, quickly (which I’m sure several are, already).

    To all of them I say:

  51. And that right there is Al Queda’s biggest problem. The young people are not interested in them. They want freedom and democracy, not terror and endless fighting. Most of the support that these terrorist groups have is based on frustration and anger at the conditions that the people have had to live under the rule of despots. Give them a chance to get rid of those despots and they will choose freedom over anarchy.

  52. I have kept that for many years,and somehow it sustains me and “brings me back.” It IS so true.

  53. What a deeply foolish statement he made. I can truly understand people who are cautioning against too much celebration in good faith. But this is something else entirely. Just desperate to insert something nasty, sour, and negative.

    LL, I totally second your call for bwd, and everyone to hang in there! As we’re seeing, a bunch of these chronic malcontent critics of President Obama are simply full of it. This site does a humongous service indeed.

  54. Here Here

    This place feeds the good in people, the successes of our country, and the accomplishments of our President.

    BWD – We all rely on you so much, please let us know what we can do to feed you.

  55. All the more reason why the better option was a special ops strike rather than a bomb-to-smithereens mission.

    —PJ (temporarily NOT boycotting the media :-))

  56. bwd, NEVAH.

    “I was half ready to give up.”

    As someone astutely pointed out in a gos diary about PBO not attacking obl just before the 2010 elections even though he head the load on him and not using it in a cynical political ploy

    “an example of a very gifted man showing us the difference between being a politician and a public servant.”

    As Brennan put it, it was the gutsiest action ever seen.

    The best part of that raid is they got the mother-lode of information on aq from that compound.

  57. BWD; Please, please please Do not ever give up we need you to know that you are a trully brilliant and good person,PBO is proud of you. and so we are , and what ever you might need please just let us know we are with you all the way.

  58. Think of how much money the news outlets make off of ad revenue in an election year and especially if the race is tight. GOLDMINE! Now imagine the panic in news departments if instead of 18 months of high controversy high conflict excitement they get Seven Dwarfs competing for the honor of being crushed by an Obama juggernaut. Not only boring to cover but a ratings and ad sales disaster for your bosses.

    I think democracy can survive cable televisions business model, but only if we vow to ignore their stupidity and create new sources of news. Thanks a million BWD for being a critical step in that direction.

  59. I witness 9/11 with my own eyes. I saw the second plane go into the second tower with my own eyes; my office was on the 37th floor, 7 blocks from the WTC. For me personally, there is a sense of relief that OBL has been terminated. I look at it this way, President Obama finished what Bush was unable to do. And one would have to be really naive to think, that whichever POTUS caught up with OBL that we still have to protect our interest thereafter is clueless.

    Bush is known for killing an innocent man named Saddam Hussein who had no WMD. With that said, I “[we] will never forget” how then Mayor ‘the self gloating’ Giuliani crowned himself “America’s Mayor” only to turn around and screw our first responders and then last year go on tv and proclaim that “no” terrorist attacks happened under Bush when OBL was America’s Enemy #1 and the Obama administration accomplished that.

    And as far as those from the right and left – misery loves company and I don’t want to be in that crowd, been there and done that before.

    And don’t expect Trump to start letting “the blacks” rent or buy any of his places no time soon. There’s a reason why we don’t hear of any stars living in any of Trump’s buildings.
    I’m sure Lil Jon and Rush Limbaugh would make great neighbors in a Trump building.

    Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Library and Museum is where I want to study the Obama Doctrine and I can’t wait. That is something McCain, Palin, Trump, Limbaugh and Giuliani will never have.

    But don’t let these people get you all upset you are doing a great job with this site.

  60. Well; In case any body has notice our President can walk, talk, and chew gum at the same time the GOP will have a very hard time to spin their bull shit case closed.

  61. David Frum is the type of conservative I can respect, and with whom I could have a vigorous debate. I would probably disagree with many of his positions, but he’s not insane; he’s a man with sincere beliefs, who believes in the commonwealth. I hope that the GOP returns to that place.

  62. Of course, the rabid right are rushing to credit Mr. Bush for Mr. Obama’s accomplishment… weren’t they saying over the past two years that Bush is gone and needs to be forgotten?

    Mr. Obama REPUDIATED Mr. Bush’s policies. Mr. Bush stated that he didn’t care about bin Laden, didn’t spend much time on him, and even disbanded a unit dedicated to hunting for bin Laden. Mr. Bush didn’t make capturing/killing bin Laden a top foreign policy priority despite all his “bin Laden must be caught dead or alive” cowboy rhetoric.

    Instead, Mr. Bush diverted resources from Afghanistan and placed them inside of Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with bin Laden or Al Qaeda. It cost taxpayers trillions of dollars and 5000+ American servicemembers their lives, yet the rabid right omits those facts.

    And now a bunch of them are embracing the deather position, they want proof that bin Laden is actually dead. They don’t believe the word of US NAVY SEAL Team 6, they want to see the body and I believe it was of all people SCOTT WALKER who said that the body should be made for public viewing in NYC, even though that would violate Islamic tradition and piss these radicals off even more.

    The right wing are continuing to show just how ugly they are. Instead of celebrating the death of the 911 mastermind, it’s yet another day for them to claim and take credit while attacking Mr. Obama and saying that the operation happened despite Mr. Obama. No, it’s the other way around: the operation that killed bin Laden happened despite what Mr. Bush did. Mr. Obama made capturing/killing bin Laden a national security priority, whereas Mr. Bush didn’t. But don’t expect for that fact to exist in the right wing playbook.

  63. Today I did something I might regret. ONe of my Republican friends posted on FB that “Obummer taking all the credit as usual. what about those navy seals?”. I saw red, and wrote a response telling her that we should be Americans, not Republicans or Democrats, that I hesitated to write her, but that I found her characterizations of the President to be offensive and especially today, with not just the navy seals, but that at his order, they got the job done,etc. I’ve probably lost her friendship, I said, but I felt it was important for her to be like many Republicans who actually thank the president for what he did.

    Later another friend wrote that the military should take ALL THE CREDIT, and ONLY them. I guess she thinks the military acts without the leadership.

  64. Precisely, PJ!!

    And, you can believe they were already acting on it before the President spoke yesterday evening.

  65. BWD, thank you so much for your heartfelt post. To repeat what others have said, we love and respect you for your passion and the tireless job yo do, day in and day out, highlighting the accomplishments of this President.

    I know last week you were down, just like so many of us, but you still showed up to post valuable information. For me your sight is always like a breath of fresh air in the morning that reminds me that I am alive. Like you, I really appreciated the positive messages that proded me not to despair and give up on the country.

    It is to your credit that, from the beginning, you recognized that we elected a very special person to the presidency of the U.S. Through highs and lows you’ve stuck with him, and in the process inspired people like me to never give up. Because of this space you created I have been lucky to be exposed to some of the most thoughtful and rational people who are deeply grounded in reality.

    I have the highest respect for President Obama. But equally important, is my respect for you and all your hard work, and your ability to attract outstanding individuals to your community.

    All I can say is “keep on keeping on!” Remembering that, as Dr. King was found of saying, “No Lie Can Live Forever!” All you have done is employ your passion in telling the truth about President Obama. In so doing, you have attracted many truth tellers and truth seekers.

    I say a job well done BWD!

  66. Professional Left in one clear voice said today: I refuse to be happy about this and you are a bad person if you find even a moments joy or satisfaction. The PL is utterly unable to lead anyone to anything. What a band of miserable feckless people. They and the right wing seem positively pissed off about this important victory.

  67. Screw them. Really, screw them to oblivion. They’re yesterday’s news, yesterday’s people. Feckless, and irrelevant.

  68. As Rev. Al said to Cornel West (paraphrased): “You sit in your ivory tower, not lifting a finger to help while PBO does all the work, then you tell him how dissatisfied you are with his efforts.” Sirota’s authoritarian nature is shining clearly through his words. Who is he to tell millions of Americans how to react to the death of a man that had held the entire world in a state of terror for over 10 years? His hubris knows no bounds. One would truly have to be full of himself to not recognize that millions of people around the world have taken a collective sigh of relief at knowing that Osama bin Laden is dead, and that Al Qaeda has been weakened.

  69. You are so right! We are living in a time of greatness and if you want to go a step further, this President, in my humble opinion, represents REAL AMERICAN EXCEPTIONAL-ISM. I have said this a million times but it’s worth repeating; we are all so incredibly lucky that THIS GREAT MAN wants to actually BE

  70. oops…it cut me off 🙂

    to finish my statement, that he wants to BE OUR PRESIDENT. I feel awed by his presence. Of course I’m not surprised.

    BWD, you keep your head up girl! This is one helluva great man, our POTUS. We have your back, and his.

    Courageous and magnificent military and the CIC who directs this elite group of American heros. That’s all I gotta say.

  71. And who is the ‘Bill Clinton’ of the GOP who is going to ride that horse to victory?

    By the way, there are ‘quotes’ today of Trump saying he is announcing his candidacy after the series end of his ‘reality’ show.

    Where are your tax records, Mr. Trump?

  72. Maybe those are the “kind” of friends you can do without, Betsy. IMO, it’s better for you to find out what types of people they are sooner, rather than later. You’ll just have to wait and see whether your friendship transcends their partisanship. Be warned though: I wouldn’t put it past them to choose party over friendship thanks to people like Palin, Limbaugh, and the teapublicans. Add Fox Snooze that feeds some conservatives a steady diet of lies, conspiracy theories, racism, and hate, and you have a partisan divide that is extremely difficult to breach.

  73. Had Mr. Bush given the order to take out bin Laden at Tora Bora back in 2001, I’d be giving him as much credit as I’m giving Mr. Obama right now.

    But of course, Mr. Bush allowed bin Laden to escape, because Mr. Bush needed a boogie man to keep Americans stoked on fear to get re elected.

    “Obummer taking all the credit as usual”? In what speech? Your fried obviously listens to too much right wing hate radio and watches way too much FoxLies, in every speech I’ve seen, Mr. Obama has done nothing BUT give credit to US NAVY Seal Team 6 and the intelligence community. It’s the right wingers taking credit for something Mr. Obama accomplished… as a matter of fact, they are attempting to credit Mr. Bush for that accomplishment, which is just plain sad.

  74. Betsy, President Barack Hussein Obama is the Commander-in-Chief. He has the authority as POTUS & C.I.C, to make the call for military actions such as the takedown of Bin Laden.

    Wiki: commander-in-chief is the commander of a nation’s military forces or significant element of those forces. In the latter case, the force element may be defined as those forces within a particular region or those forces which are associated by function. As a practical term it refers to the military competencies that reside in a nation-state’s executive, head of state or government. Often, a given country’s commander-in-chief need not be or have been a commissioned officer or even a veteran, and it is by this legal statute that civilian control of the military is realized in states where it is constitutionally required.

    The role of commander-in-chief derives from the Latin imperator. Imperatores (commanders-in-chief) of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire possessed imperium (command) powers. In its modern usage, the term was first used by King Charles of England in 1639. A nation’s head of state usually holds the position of national commander-in-chief, even if effective executive power is held by a separate head of government. Colonial governors are also often appointed commander-in-chief of the military forces in their colonies. Examples are Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces North, or Commander-in-Chief East Atlantic.

    Commander-in-Chief is sometimes referred to as Supreme Commander, which is sometimes used as a specific term. The term is also used for military officers who hold such power and authority, not always through dictatorship, and as a subordinate (usually) to a head of state. The term is also used for officers that hold authority over individual branches or within a theatre of operations[1]

    Within NATO and the European Union, the term Chief of Defence (CHOD) is usually used as a generic term for the highest military commanders of the NATO and EU member states, irrespective of their actual title.

    United States

    The Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces is the President of the United States, according to Article II, Section 2, Clause I of the Constitution.[10]

    The amount of military detail handled by the president in wartime has varied dramatically. Abraham Lincoln was deeply involved in overall strategy and in day-to-day operations during the American Civil War, 1861–1865; historians have given Lincoln high praise for his strategic sense, and his ability to select and encourage commanders such as Ulysses S. Grant.[11] President Johnson kept a very tight personal control of operations during the Vietnam War, which historians have sharply criticized.[12] On the other hand, Woodrow Wilson paid very little attention to operational military details, and had very little contact with General John J. Pershing, who commanded the armies in the field.[13]

    On October 24, 2002, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld announced that the title of “Commander-in-Chief” would thereafter be reserved for the President; CINCs in specified regions would thereafter be known as “combatant commanders,” heading the Unified Combatant Commands.

    In 2008, there are ten Unified Combatant Commands. Six have regional responsibilities, and four have functional responsibilities. The chain of command runs from the President to the United States Secretary of Defense to the combatant commanders of the Unified Combatant Commands. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff may transmit communications to the Commanders of the Unified Combatant Commands from the President and Secretary of Defense, but does not exercise military command over any combatant forces.

    The current Commander-in-chief of the United States is Barack Obama, the 43rd person to hold the position


    PBO calls it, he is responsible, therefore he takes credit for the role as C.I.C.

    These folks are making every effort to ignore POTUS’. Of course they’re not going to give him credit, they didn’t vote for him, they don’t even accept him as their president.

    You really can’t convince or fix stupid.

  75. Chris Matthews was absolutely poetic all day today about the depth and breadth of this achievement by this President. He was amazing.

  76. Thank you both for your helpful posts. I wondered the same thing about who she’s listening to. I think she hears what she wants to hear. I also wonder if this will be able to transcend partisanship, I’m not too hopeful.

    Thanks again. Majii and Nintendowii10

  77. GOD has HIS HANDS on President Obama and his family. I remember the image of the church elders laying hands on him. I used to think and talk about that image during the 2008 campaign to calm folks down. I need to find it again. GOD has prepared him for this. We need to continue to do our part from now to 2016.

  78. I don’t give a flying fungus about that Republicans, the GOP, the rest of the conspiracy theorist, and the Obama basher do not give President Obama credit for leading the execution of Special Ops killing Ossama Bin Laden.

    I don’t give a fuck. But I will not sit by and let them REWRITE this victory as a GOP success story. They can all go SRAIGHT to HELL.

  79. Agreed!I think he has soured on some of the ridiculous BS spewed by the Republicans nowadays.

  80. I’m doing something I haven’t done in YEARS: I’m watching MSNBC. I watched Rachel when I got home, and now I’m watching Ed, and it’s wall to wall encomiums of PBO. Ed even said he was an “Obama supporter”! Now, a large part of me views this as very bittersweet, considering the crap they’ve spewed at this President for the past year. But, if MSNBC finally becomes a network that balances out the hate coming from Fox, and the false equivalency from CNN, then it isn’t all bad, and I’ll hold my nose.

  81. This is absolutely non surprising. Your friend was blinded by jalousy and partisanship. If she had listened more carefully to President Obama’s speech she would have HEARD that President Obama PRAISED the incredible work of the military and the intelligence community.

    Conservative people are by nature less open minded, more prone to a mob mentality. And of course the republican party of 2011 is more sick, more toxic than ever.

    Sadly, I’m not surprised at all at the reaction of the rank and file republicans.

  82. LOL… Hannity is saying that President Obama did the exact opposite of what candidate Obama stated in going after bin Laden.

    The right wing truly are unhinged that their boogieman is dead and gone, and that it wasn’t Mr. Bush who took him out.

    I’m enjoying the constant meltdown of the right wing because Mr. Obama stuck it to Mr. Trump and the birthers, and made them look incredibly foolish focusing on Mr. Obama’s birthplace instead on focusing on the issues that matter, like the hunt for bin Laden and how it was the order from Mr. Obama that led to bin Laden’s death.

    Mr. Obama is the Michael Jordan of politics, and the right wing are pissed that they have Shaq, using basketball metaphors.

  83. Sorry.You’ll have to wait and see how that all plays out. That said, I think you did the right thing by saying something.Happens to the best of us…been there, done that.Back during the election, she would send me all these anti Obama emails. Finally sent her my thoughts on that, and didn’t hold back.Granted, she was just someone that I knew, someone whose son hung out with mine from time to time…no BFF,but why did I have to put up with the lies and disrespect?I didn’t.Good luck, and let the chops fall where they may.

  84. BWD, hang in there. We all need a place to come for similar views. There are up and down days but for the most part they’re up. This brillant man got me interested in politics and yes I watch way too much news just to get a glimpse of PBO.

    A very special thanks for all the great pictures. They are the absolute best.

  85. BWD,

    If it helps, last night’s announcement and news conference about OBL’s death interrupted the last few minutes of “The Apprentice” on the East Coast and people didn’t get to see who Trump fired!

    Also, yesterday was the day Trump “announced” he had decided to “announce” his official run for President after the Apprentice was over.

    How’s that for highlighting the difference between what Obama’s doing and what Trump is doing?

  86. The RE-THUGS can try and spin it like a MATAG all they like, but the TRUTH about POTUS’ execution of Bin Laden’s death cannot be spun. DEAD is DEAD. May 1, 2011, Osama Bin Laden killed. Not 2007 and earlier, but 2011.

    And who is the POTUS in 2011? BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. CASE.CLOSED.

  87. I just commented over at The Obama Diary that I only learned of the Osama thing today.. our town and much of our state (ND) has been without power since friday night.. and just came back on about a half hour ago. We had a major blizzard- nothing open and many of us running out of food and of course without heat. But THIS NEWS- couldn’t be more fabulous.. I heard this on my car radio today while in a long line at the only open gas station.. and I was hooting and hollering for my President! He is Beautiful in ALL WAYS. Good Grief he is amazing. Like I wrote at Chips place: Barack Obama you are KING, MASTER & COMMANDER- I salute you Brother 🙂

    So nice to back in the world again- seriously, being ‘powerless’ can feel very isolating ~

  88. Ed is a pathological liar when he says he’s an “Obama supporter.” He’s done nothing BUT stab Mr. Obama in the back day in and day out. From the tax cut compromise to the strikes on Libya to the deal which averted a government shutdown, Ed has done nothing BUT attack Mr. Obama for being a corporatist sellout.

    It’s surprising that Ed hasn’t taken the PL meme of people celebrating one man’s death.

    Mark my words, Ed will be right back to stabbing Mr. Obama in the back when the next crisis rolls around. I predicted this last winter after Mr. Obama got DADT repealed, and well Ed vindicated me when he attacked Mr. Obama for the strikes on Libya and the deal that averted a government shutdown.

    This is why I don’t listen to any of these carnival barkers, they have no convictions of their own and are only interested in hearing themselves shout and whine.

  89. pretty sweet.What a joke.He will become more and more irrelevent as time goes on…right now, he’s just too stupid to move his giant ego out of the way.Karma’s a bitch.

  90. Welcome Home!!!Missed you. Can’t imagine what that little “time warp” felt like for you:)

  91. BWD, don’t despair. We’re all there for you.

    We’ll have to help each other in the coming months because from what I’m reading on various blogs, republicans will continue to be their despicable selves. They have been caught by surprise yesterday, but today they are already changing their tone and have begun pushing outrageous talking points. And the extremists are beginning to push crazy conspiracy theories.

  92. Trump who? He needs to be ignored because he’s just another publicity seeker, no different from Sarah Palin.

  93. I don’t think the CT over UBL will take hold, at least nowhere to the same extent that Birtherism did. This is just something most Americans will not believe, and will respond quite negatively to anyone of any stature pushing it.

  94. Yeah, the deather conspiracy is the latest one: “Let’s see bin Laden’s body and his death certificate, the LONG FORM version!”

    And Mr. Obama was right to point out that we don’t have time for this silliness. He continues to play them for the ignorant fools they are as he gets things done and accomplished.

  95. Thank god for that healthcare law.Mental health is included, right? Glad that OBL is dead and fish food, but frankly, the fact that there are so many delusional people running around this place is really giving me cause for concern:)

  96. No, which I love, because it’ll be wonderful political farce. I grew up in NYC, and had to suffer this fool always being in the news. I yearn for him to humiliate himself on a national stage.

  97. I hear you:)He loves to put himself in the “news.” What a jackwagon.He’s a pathetic loser. How come the pathetic losers are always the last to figure that out?

  98. The latest crazy demand is to see photos of Osama Bin Laden dead.

    I think this is wrong. First we don’t need to make him into more of a martyr. Second, this blatant display of a dead terrorist,and gloating in it, reminds me too uncomfortably of when Somali’s paraded American Soldiers killed in Mogadishu. We don’t go around parading Killed enemies like spoils of war.

    This was justice, he is dead, leave it at that.We shouldn’t give him any more thought. He is not worth it.

  99. Hey df.. thank you 🙂 It is GOOD to be Back! And this news is just the sweetest ever. Our President took out the biggest enemy this country has ever had.. No one else could do it.. not Bush, not Palin and not John McCain.. they weren’t up to the task. Just Our President.. I may have to add a 4th Obama sticker to my car! today while in the gas line some young man.. says to me: … and Obama took all the credit of course (for taking out Osama). My response: Oh Hell ya he did and he earned every single bit of it. Those suckers had nine years to get this knucklehead.. and it took Barack Obama two years HA! Poor kid was somewhat taken aback.. but didn’t dare disagree with me. I have been oozing with happiness All darn day. I’m so proud of this President, He is greatness.

  100. Oh, that one. What was surprising about that punk making that stupid demand ? I don’t get it.

  101. It really is stunning how people don’t want to give PBO any credit while saying that Bush should get credit. Jane Harmon went even further and said not only Bush and Obama but Clinton should get the credit too….sigh…why can’t they let PBO have this moment? It seems repubs and even some dems would prefer to diminish PBO’s role when it was his decision making that set the framework for the seals to do what they do best. Both Clinton and Bush tried to get Osama but they failed. Period.

    Also, Anderson Cooper was doing his best to help Ari Fleischer credit his boss and even Fareed Zakaria agreed…smh…also Anderson keep reminding people about how the first reports about Tillman and Lynch were wrong and he seemed to be implying don’t trust what the govt is saying about this…double sigh…this is a different and more importantly more credible administration but that’s our “liberal” media at work…

  102. Yup LL. Deatherism will die out (pun intended)in a week. Nothing to see there despite the media stirring the pot.

  103. There is a saying “whom God bless, no man can curse”. Well PBO is truly blessed.. and the more the haters disrespect him, the happier I am, because I know he will retaliate with something that they cannot comprehend, and he has never failed to deliver.

    One should never underestimate the gentleness of PBO nor his unique calm dignity. The Man is pure genius. To attempt such a risky mission, knowing that if anything goes wrong, he will be be “skinned alive” is unfathonable. I deeply believe PBO is guided by a Mighty Hand and in everything he does, he prevails and come out the victor. The mission went smoothly without loss of American lives or Pakistani civilian lives. A big thank you to our Military for the flawless execution. I am so proud of my President, I feel I am going to burst with joy and happiness for him.

    PBO has a backbone of steel. While others engage in silliness and uselesls idle chatter, he uses his valuable time to do the job he was elected to do.

    On Friday he gave the awsome order to hunt down Bin Ladin, then went to get a per
    sonal assessment of tornado damaged Alabama, then on to the Space Center in Florida and Miami Dade College where he delivered a rousing graduation ceremony. On Saturday, PBO flattened donald trump and laughed at jokes about Al Queda, all the while knowing that something big was about to happen. How does one measure the brilliance and depth of this man? We cannot, cause he is divinely inspired.

    Last week, he was not an American, but this week, he is the only grown-up who can boldly proclaim “Mission Accomplished” and ” We got him”. The pictures and videos, though not released to the public as yet, are proof of Ben Ladin’s demise. PBO’s predecessor whose birth was never questioned could only stand under the banner that says mission accomplished. What Bush could not achieve in 8 years, President Obama has done in 8 months!!

    God bless you President Obama. You are the right person for the presidency. You are most definitely showing the nay sayers how to lead and get the difficult jobs done. Thank you for being my President.

  104. Lee Chu Ng: I am Cheering every word you wrote- outstanding comment! All true~

  105. Hugs to you, and a big thumbs up for your response to the kid! Lord, these folks make me shake my head.The fact that “that one” executed this perfectly, has them all squishy inside. We should celebrate this victory as a country, yet they just can’t seem to escape their small mindedness.One foot in front of the other, we all trudge on….I love this President, and I am in awe of his mind.Steady as he goes.Good to see you…got heat? Getting ready to be close to 100 around here, so I haven’t thought about any place getting snowstorms!Stay safe.

  106. Thanks, WiW. Not sure the European front pages had the news in time for their morning papers today, and I hope to remember to check them tomorrow at the same resource.

  107. I lurk a lot here – finally decided to post and say thank you for this blog.

    Some call say this blog is about blind faith, but in reality, its about hard truth (with admittedly a selection of flattering photos.) That fact doesn’t make this blog and blogs like it a necessary voice in politics right now.

    Sadly, despite playing such a hands on and decisive role in hunting and killing OBL, hardly being the clear victory any rational American observer would suspect it to be, the rabid right is already trying to turn this into a weapon against Obama. There is always the danger that Americans will buy the subtle (not to people of color) narrative being sold right now on blogs and news media all over the country: the narrative that killing OBL can never be a success, because it was not handled with the proper humility, deference, permissions, evidence, rationale and/or the_____ that is required for people of color.

    The writing is on the wall: the President will be attacked from all sides, even for this such success. I am confidant that if, again, everyone fails to recognize this for the amazing event this is, Obama supporters can still take this as confirmation that we were right all along.

    The “only adult in the room” is using competent, skillful expertise to build consensus towards lasting action. Because of that, he has saved the Democratic Party and saved a generation of youth destined for complete cynicism about our federalist system. His supporters were right to bet on smart and practical getting things done. I am so all in for 2012.

  108. And thank you, Mr. President, for signing up for another four years – which we will gladly make sure you get!

  109. I remember – and love – that photo. Thanks for sharing it tonight.

    God bless us – everyone!

  110. Wow! So many great comments! It certainly cheers me. Spent the day reading everything I could find,& regardless of some really wacky far right nonsense, our guy is a big winner & what a climax to an extroadinary week. Have always thought this man was born to be President. His calm, thoughtful,intelligent, patient way is exactly what every man seeking this office should be, nevermind how many have tried to undermine him. It seems to make him even stronger, brings to mind Joe’s comment about nerves of steel. We love you Mr President & boy! do we have your back!

  111. Don’t give up hope.
    I’ve discussed this with my sister: my attitude is…be gracious.


    1) Barack Obama did his job, while everybody was into the stupid stuff.

    2) He did what he set out to do (kill Bin Laden) while everybody bitched and moaned and did stupid stuff.

    3) There will always be people that won’t believe in Barack Obama; I refuse to waste a lot of time and/or effort with them.

    So…be gracious…and get the job done.
    It will drive the haters crazy.
    What can the haters say now?
    A lot…that does not make sense.

  112. I tried not to, but I just searched for a one-liner from Trump congratulating the President. He did in his big fat phony way and ABC News online has it, in their blog:


    The only reason I’m sharing this about that dork is because I read the first 10+ comments to this article, and they are great – if anybody wants to take a look.

  113. Someone on youtube said, “Bin Laden should have taken this as a warning.

  114. Yes to heat!! yippee.. tonight is the first since friday night. But today got up to 57 outside and stayed closed to 60 in the house. We have down coats and comforters in this neck of the woods – so we stayed wrapped up through the weekend- still I’m no lover of the cold.

    I too am in awe of this President’s mind and his ability to focus and function through all the silly madness and just do the job is beyond amazing. Like all of us here, I am thrilled to be around for this time in our history to get a bird’s eye view of him in action everyday.

    I listened to NPR today, its where I finally got a little local news, as to when our power might come back on.. and its where I heard the news about Osama. I swear they worked very hard to diminish this successful ‘mission accomplished’.
    They tried hard to make it clear that no way would this ‘help’ POTUS’s election. What a crock.. they are once again attempting to set the stage and to direct how folks ought to think about this.. and once again attempting to credit him as little as possible. I despise the media. He will not only win re-election – he will win HUGE. Anyone who tries to diminish what he has done here is truly unAmerican in my opinion.. and I will say it outloud if need be. Anyone else- McCain, Bush, whoever- would be granted carte blanche gift of the Whitehouse had they captured or killed Osama. Well my President ain’t moving out for 5 1/2 more years ;).

  115. I have been at a dinner party all night. It was great because we all agree we have a very smart President who is so far ahead of all of us. We are so thankful for him.

    BWD, thank you for what you do. When you started this site last December we were all down. You have given us all a venue to discuss and interact with each other. We have pulled each other up and we all have faith in the future and this President.

    Thank you for all you have done and Chipsticks too. You both are my life line.

    Good Night all!

  116. A video of OBL’s burial at sea is supposed to be released soon, but I think even this won’t quiet the deathers. I recall reading today that Breitbart became upset when someone asked him about being a deather. He said that someone else who writes for Big Government published the article that was being referred to. There is no way I believe that Breitbart doesn’t know what is published on his own blog. He has become accustomed to doing underhanded things and getting away with them for so long without having to answer any questions that he gets upset now when anyone dares ask him anything.


  117. Don’t forget that they also wanted him to cry, and they wanted him to act like Shug Knight.

  118. BALLS. Big, low hanging, sable colored balls.

    That is what THE MAN, Barack Hussein Obama Jr. is packing between his walkin’ sticks.

    This mission could have turned into ‘Black Hawk Down’, or a replay of President Carter’s disaster in the desert during the Iran hostage crisis. But it didn’t.

    The Prez, the Commander-in-Chief, the keeper of the hang-lows made from the special steel they must have been talking about in the stinker “Atlas Shrugged” handled that shit like a West Point-er.

    Taking his time while using the tools in the military toolbox the way a REAL Commander-in-Chief is supposed to (remember George W’s “War Czar?” WTF?) Obama pulled off a clean mission that removed one of history’s most evil SOBs from planet Earth, once and for all.

    Thank you, Mr. President. Thanks for showing us the poise, courage, and grace under pressure that must have came from growing up as a biracial kid with a funny name, raised by 2 AWESOME grandparents and a tough ass momma named “Stanley.”

    Now this country feels like it can close the book on a terrible decade. And with Mr. Obama at the helm we can spend the next few years making this coming decade one worth savoring.

    Obama 2012, bitches.

  119. Betsy — You need to remind your FB friends that Barack Obama is the commander-in-chief and that he planned this mission down to the detail. The courage of the military personnel only existed because their commander-in-chief had the courage to make the plans and authorize the mission. The military does not exist in isolation. If they think the military is an autonomous entity that is not ultimately subject to presidential control, then they should move to the country that is run by their favorite military dictator.

  120. Okay, I read your blog BWD and I am glad you are feeling better. I just am typing this out without looking above at what all has been posted since I’d like to be on the part of the blog where someone may see what I have written and respond to me.

    I am actually needing someone to console me as I was feeling really positive about this Osama Bin Laden news especially last night when my daughter-in-law who had been in the first Stryker Brigade in the Army in Iraq called me all excited about the news. We both were fawning over our President. I too was excited and watching the tv and on this blog posting with all of you.

    Well, I went to breakfast with my youngest brother this morning and since then I have been in a crappy mood. When I mentioned the phone call he didn’t say anything which I thought was strange. Then later I said something about all of the people in DC outside the WH. He then let me know that he thinks Osama Bin Laden has been dead for 8 years and this was some sort of government conspiracy that Obama just needs the poll numbers up for his re-election. I actually was quite startled to hear him say that even though I knew he hates government, is a Ron Paul supporter, and believes lots of conspiracy theories about Clinton and Bush.

    I hate knowing my own brother is crazy especially since he is an architect and is intelligent. I have not figured out if he is ideologically identified with a certain group or just believes all government conspiracy theories. Oh, yah the government actually committed the 9/11 attack too according to him. So you can see this crazy crap is personal now for me. I had gotten him to vote for PBO in ’08 so didn’t know he was this far out.

    I am glad to have all of you to share my enthusiasm for PBO with as my brother lives next door.

  121. NYT has a FP story on Operation Geronimo. A fascinating read I recommend to all.

    Around the table, the group went over and over the negative scenarios. There were long periods of silence, one aide said. And then, finally, Mr. Obama spoke: “I’m not going to tell you what my decision is now — I’m going to go back and think about it some more.” But he added, “I’m going to make a decision soon.”

    Sixteen hours later, he had made up his mind. Early the next morning, four top aides were summoned to the White House Diplomatic Room. Before they could brief the president, he cut them off. “It’s a go,” he said. The earliest the operation could take place was Saturday, but officials cautioned that cloud cover in the area meant that Sunday was much more likely.

    The next day, Mr. Obama took a break from rehearsing for the White House Correspondents Dinner that night to call Admiral McRaven, to wish him luck.

  122. Betsey-
    I was amazed at someone I thought was a friend that decided if I was going to support that antiChrist Obama during the ’08 General Election I was not invited to come to her house. I was due to visit her. I had sent her an email after receiving one of those flag salute and Muslim smear emails from her in the General Election. I had put sources she could use to find the truth and made her irate. I felt sad to lose who I thought was a friend but in the long run how could I ever be friends with her when she had that attitude?

  123. Thanks for your post. As a history teacher, this is very informative. I’m going to print it and teach this to my students. Thanks again. As for my friend, we agreed to disagree, but I am actually glad I said something. You never know.

  124. I know. She did not respond in that way to me, but she did say she had a right to say what she did (freedom of speech) and offered that I also had a right to my opinion. If I was offended, I could defriend her on FB, but we could remain friends, but just not talk politics.
    I am choosing to remain her friend, even on FB, as I have hope that maybe something I said might open her eyes.
    We’ll see. I don’t expect her to want to get together for a long time, but we’ll see. I’ve taught both her kids; we each have a kid in musical theater in college, so we have that in common as well.
    I will wait to see how it works out.

  125. I must say this:

    The brave Navy Seals who took part in this operation are my generation’s “Doolittle’s Raiders.”

    The courage, the….dare I say…AUDACITY, of this small group of soldiers, combined with the effect their mission’s success has had on their nation places this event up their in the history of this nation with Jimmy Doolittle’s raid on Japan just months after Pearl Harbor.

    It’s nice to have real, honest to goodness heroes now and then. And Seal Team 6, a bunch of unbelievably brave men ARE heroes. Our generation’s “Doolittle’s Raiders.”


  126. I think you need a link to the Conanometer. “We will crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentation of their women.” (Promise kept) 🙂

  127. my rw friends on fb are so desperate. One of them immediately heard the news that Osama Bin Laden was killed and said “we did it george bush!” and got liked by 9 other republicans. I can’t believe people would still defend that cretin when it was Obama’s plan since August that got Bin Laden with the final ordering happening last week.

    A few college republicans were kind to President Obama when bush and cheney released a statement saying President Obama deserves credit.

    However, the overwhelming majority of them are intent on giving Obama credit. I posted facts of Clinton starting the war against Bin Laden and Bush spending trillions in Iraq while not focusing on Afghanistan. Lastly, when one of my republican friends said “Great Job Obama and etc” a couple statuses down, his best friends immediately and predictably said Obama deserves NO credit for this and one of them even said, He campaigned for bringing the troops home from the middle east as if that is a bad thing lol.

    I think the fact that republicans still love bush and even love palin and the whackjobs bodes well for Obama. They are so out of touch.

  128. I do believe that Trump is a Teapublican smoke screen. They are using him just as they have used Limbaugh, Beck and Palin. There is no seriousness in a Trump campaign. They are all being used to distract the Teapubs underhanded dealings and to distract from the real candidate they will try to promote.

    I noticed an article that stated Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass) who won Ted Kennedy’s seat, has decided to do a tour in Afghanistan— the day after our President successfully completed his mission. He’s a moderate who may not make the Tea Party muster, but I think he’s a moderate, so he may be a plausible candidate.

    Brown’s quote from Huff Post: “As a Lieutenant Colonel in the Massachusetts Army National Guard, I have service obligations that I fulfill each year. Following in the tradition of other lawmakers who have completed their military service requirements overseas, this year I have requested to conduct my annual training in Afghanistan. Doing so will help me to better understand our ongoing mission in that country, and provide me first-hand experience for my duties on the Senate Armed Services, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs committees.”

  129. This is a really wonderful story/parable, desertflower! This is the kind of wisdom we all need; especially our young people.

  130. “What annoys me the most about the PL is their blatant historical revisionism.”


    “I see that the PL has finally mastered the art of the big lie, right alongside the GOP”

    Very well said GN! These two sentences of yours go to the heart of the real problem with what, these days, passes for political analysis, from both the puritan left and the far right. Both groups have substituted mythology for real history in order to justify their attacks on President Obama.

  131. You should have also told her that a mature grown up person ought to carefully listen to what the President said. The President was effusive in giving credit to the brave men and women who carried out his directive. To assert that the President took “all the credit as usual” is a BOLD FACED LIE! And the military would never have executed this act if PRESIDENT (and not her pejorative “Obummer”) had not authorized it. It is like saying that if a football coach calls a winning play, that is executed by his players, that only the players deserve the credit and not the coach.

    I am sorry, but these people keep repeating lies and we let them off the hook! Your friend hates the President, and it really does not matter what he does well, she will always find an excuse to trash him. The fact that she calls the President of United States “Obummer” is clear proof that she must never be taken seriously. Of course no one can tell you what friends to keep. That is something you have to decide on your own

  132. Thank you Sherijr I really love BWD’s site and the wonderful people who comment, or share information, here.

  133. That’s great- what an ass. Yes- let’ go to Afghanistan or Iraq,as a sitting Senator to do training, and cause a ruckus and security issues,and disrupt and potentially endanger the troop there. why so he can look”heroic”. This is a stupid gimmick and like Bush in a flyboy suit.

    I hope the state of Massachusetts gets a fricking clue and boot this ass out of office.

  134. You express all my thoughts and feelings so well, and I feel very, very grateful for your wonderful blog! Thank you!!

  135. It WILL be interesting to see if the barkers on MSNBC now adopt a more pro-Obama line. It’s hard to say you’re on the “left” like MSNBC is and attack the president as a waffler, cold, without core convictions when he’s just taken out America’s Enemy #1. Today I probably won’t go back to MSNBC, but as always I’ll be keeping an eye on them through you wonderful people on this blog. (And, yes, nintendo, my jaw just DROPPED when Ed said he was an “Obama supporter”. They really do exist in their own reality.)

  136. Thanks, BWD, for what you do/say each and everyday…

    And, whenever you feel like givin’ up, just remember this:

    PBHO said, “WE don’t quit. I don’t quit!” 😉

    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

  137. Desertflower, thank you for citing this legend here, It is beautiful. I am in awe of your writing, actually there are so many talented writers that I find myself reading all the comments here, TOD, TPV, and some of the many blogs on the right.

    BWD thank you and god bless you for all the work you do everyday to give us positive news about this Great President and his administration. You are the person that made me realize that the people who I thought wanted more and better Demeocrats, actually were more interested in making money. When I found out that you started your own blog I now come here daily to find out the real news, not misinformation that was leaked.

  138. LL I admit when I saw this yesterday I was upset, but today I realized the only reason I know of Sirota at all is because of the GOS. I doubt most people know or care what he has to say.

    I have faith that the American people know that killing Bin Laden, was the only option the Navy SEALS had.

  139. Blackwaterdog, you rock! You are needed. I have lots on my plate right now, and haven’t been commenting much anyplace, but I still visit here lots.

    Your work ripples through Obama’s supporters. I read this, and forward pieces on. My Facebook page has a friend who forwards you every day.

    Yes. We. Can. But, it won’t be easy.

    Please keep it up.


  140. BWD: You have a way of expressing my deepest sentiments & extraordinary admiration for our brave & brilliant President. I read many of your blogs w/tears in my eyes…stemming from the pride we both feel for this awesome man.
    Thank you soooo much for all your blogs & fabulous photos!!!

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