Look at all these Obamabots!

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139 thoughts on “Look at all these Obamabots!

  1. So wonderful waking up to this news today here in Germany, thanks SO MUCH for the brilliant coverage, BWD! Best day ever.

  2. Good Morning BWD. (the other coast) Thank you for this site. Well, he said that he was going to get it done, and he did. God continue to give him wisdom and protection in all that he does.

  3. The following was the status I posted just before signing off Facebook last night:
    “House Republicans are now planning articles of impeachment against President Obama for ordering an assassination.”

    I imagine over at the Mighty Orange site they’re calling for a war crimes tribunal.

    This is such a great feeling. First and foremost, I am just so happy & relieved OBL is dead. The fact that President Obama got to saunter up to the mic and announce it is just sweet, sweet icing on the cake.

  4. How can anyone in their right mind give any credit to Bush for this?

    Never mind, I answered my own question.

  5. With the more reports coming in, it is becoming clear that this operation has been done very quietly and very professionally. Kudos to the actual team who did it with minimum casualty and maximum professionalism.

    One thing is clear. Shrub’s decision to co opt pakistan as a partner on wot is a very stupid one since it’s very clear now the ISI is hand-in-gloves with the aq/taliban. It will be interesting to see how this admin treats pakistan from onwards.

  6. I ended up going to sleep last night, and just woke up to: woooooooooooooooow.

    Watching the news, people have been celebrating in downtown NYC and Times Square all night; there are people who wrapped themselves in US; people also left flowers at the wtc construction zone. The national media can try to downplay this or credit Bush or whatever; the local news is not playing that. Even the sports report showed the crowd chanting “USA” when they got the news during a Mets away game.

    Awesome tweet:
    President Obama & our Navy seals killed Osama bin Laden. The GOP killed Medicare. /p2

  7. Anyone who still has doubts at all that the national media has it in for POTUS, is servicing the elite and therefore carries water for the GOP: listening to these folks today should dispel ALL doubts.

    Bringing this absolutely perfect picture up which was posted in one of the below threads:

  8. As an ex-New Yorker, soon to be a New Yorker again all I can say is:

    Woohoo!!!!! Excellent job Mr President!

  9. Good morning everyone. I got alittle sleep last night. We have the best President ever. I am a Obamabot.

  10. Real talk, I really dont know what else one man can do in two years. My goodness.

  11. I agree with you qmastertoo what else could happen in his first term. But I rest assured that he is the one that could handle it with God’s grace

  12. Praise the Lord! To God be the glory for all He has done. I thank the Lord for leading and guiding President Obama during this time.

    Except the LORD build the house, the labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. Psalm 127:1

  13. May God Continue to Bless President Obama, and his Family, and his Administration πŸ™‚ May God Bless our Fine Military and our United States Navy Seals. Huh! what a keen, stratgeic,but quiet Assasination. May GOD BLESS the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA πŸ™‚ I tell you, this Is a *MAJOR PLUS* for this ADMINISTRATION. This makes All OBAMABOTS, feel even better about our Commander In Chief πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Lord we TRULY Thank you for our GREAT PRESIDENT, and LEADER.

  14. Lets not forget, that the repugs wanted to shut the government down. Would this operation have been possible if the government was shut down?

  15. Going to be LOTS of tired/wired people at work today! Me included:)To bed at 12:30am, up at 4:30am…not much sleep in between, too wired!The euphoria of the moment will keep me going today.
    With quiet skill and precision,this President and those SEALS carried this mission to its final conclusion. No fanfare, no chest beating,no American cowboy.This is what commanding leadership looks like!Bravo, Mr. President.This is how you do it.

  16. He is simply amazing. Cool as a cucumber while cracking jokes at the chump! His election is assured!

  17. I’m crying, right now.

    crying with tears of pride in this great man.

  18. I took a sleeping pill that usually has me knocked out in 1 – 1 1/2 hour. As I was nodding off I decided to check TPM one last time (10:30 p.m.) and there it was – WHAM! I was no longer sleepy. It was like I just drank 4 cups of coffee. I didn’t fall asleep until 2-3a.m.

  19. Some people were commenting last night that they were uncomfortable with the celebrations. I get the hesitation, but a lot of these people lost family, friends and co-workers on 9/11 and are just releasing all their emotions. by the looks of the crowds, some of these people were just children at the time.

  20. It’s potentially the end of an era, at least I can only hope that the media considers 9/11 over already; that’s what I think that people were celebrating. I can definitely understand that hesitation about the celebrations though.

  21. I remember Dorothy mentioning that the Prez look tired on another blog and now, we know why.

  22. 30% of Americans are blind with their own stupidity and prejudice.

    Now, if everyone center and left of center voted with the same reliability that Republicans do, this 30% wouldn’t matter. If wouldn’t even matter in some of the Southern states.

    Let’s wrap our heads around this: President Obama was dealing with the worst outbreak of killer tornadoes in U.S. history, constantly monitoring and directing what has been an increasingly successful weakening of al-Qaeda over the last 6 weeks or so; and masterminding the killing of Osama bin Laden. Plus everything else on his plate.

    And here is what MSM chose to obsess over: his birth certificate and Donald Trump, whose idea of ‘investigation’ is reading right wing websites.

    I’m so damned proud of my President

  23. The other day my husband was saying that it would great if PBO could take down Bin Laden before he starts the draw down from Afghanistan. When we heard the news this morning, he was stunned and then his face lit up. Wow, what a stunner and what a feat–performed, once again, with all the quiet efficiency of true professionalism.

    The take down of OBL probably wasn’t planned for this moment, but the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Just when the pygmy Republican contenders are planning their tentative steps into the presidential arena, PBO cripples them at the knees,right after delivering a sweet coup de grace to jerk Trump on Saturday. I was reminded of wannabe and pipsqueak,Ricky Santorum, saying recently that the president has “no vision.” Oh, Ricky, Mitt, Tim, Sarah, Michele, etc., you aren’t fit to shine his shoes, let alone assess his vision. Thank God for this beautiful, brilliant,visionary and oh so successful president.

  24. I too hesitated about the celebations but I understand the need to let off steam. There has been so much fear put out that we have to vent.

    Those of us who love this man have a real chance to say “I told you he is a great man”. I am so proud of all involved

  25. Sad thing is, the haters will hate him even more.He was right on so many things all along, and they hate that he’s the one that did the deed.I, for one, will celebrate the evil ones death,and the utter irrelevance of the idiots in our midsts.

  26. Special thanks to SEAL tema 6 and JSOC. You guys rock!!!
    And thank you Mr President, all this and with no leaks. WOW!

  27. Contrary to the opinions here & gos, I don’t have any problem at all celebrating this evil man’s death.

    And why is cnn still pimping this as ‘breaking news’ ?

  28. Did you notice how many BUSH peeps were on last night? Every channel, and Now we go to former BUSH, blah, blah, blah. LOL.

  29. I really hope they release the photos though. I think that people while they are excited will get skeptical very quickly without “proof.” Its just the way that the human mind works.

    I am so proud of this President, Leon Panetta and the CIA, The FBI, and the special operation forces. I am proud of all of our men and women in the armed services.

    I told my hubby that it seemed strange to be celebrating a man’s death, yet it seemed appropriate. Although people are “celebrating,” really it is a lot of fear leaving, and closure for those individuals that lost loved ones and friends on the 9/11 attack.

    President Obama is a genius period. He was able to watch the operation in real time.
    Not to make this political but some people are passing around a video showing GWB proclaiming “I don’t know where Bin Laden is, and frankly I don’t spend too much time thinking about it.”

    In the words of Joe Biden”Barack Obama will kill Bin Laden and send him to hell.” That was when they were running for the WH.

  30. Perhaps you answered your own question with the phrase “right mind?” /winks

  31. EXACTLY! I can tell you all, that our service members really, really wanted this guy. And Once Tier 1 Army(delta Force) and the SEALS knew where he was, his moments on this great EARTH were decreased- ten fold.

  32. So that’s how my husband heard? He saw it on a crawl on ESPN, so he yelled to me last night.

  33. They will, it probably happened in the wee ours of the night. I imagine so the Radicals can not go visit his gravesite or dig it up.
    Trust me, they have it all on tape.

  34. I was already in bed, had a lot to do this morning before catching a flight. My local son called and told me to turn on the TV for a news story. I figured by the time I got the TV on and the channel he wanted me to watch, whatever it was would be gone. Boy, was I wrong. Ten minutes later my Army son called from California.
    He served in Afghanistan and Iraq and has a good sense of what this really means. It won’t stop terrorism, but from a psychological POV, this is unbelievably important, both for the troops overseas and the people at home.
    A lot of people will try to downplay this and divert credit away from Obama, but the fact is, if this had been under Bush or McCain, the place would have been bombed, innocent civilians would have been killed, and a lot of the positives would have been lost.
    The American people know that Bush failed to get Osama and Obama succeeded.
    This doesn’t automatically assure reelection, but it definitely helps.

  35. Ha! Too funny. No doubt, we’ll hear some further convoluted spin from Dana what’sherface [final press person for the previous occupant] and Rudy G. How can they celebrate the end of the mastermind of terrorism when they claimed that none of it happened on their watch?

  36. Jovie, so true. This was done the right way by the right people. Doesn’t matter who does the ordering if the people doing the task aren’t up to the job. Personally, I hope that their names won’t be known for a while, as their families will definitely be targets.

  37. But the corporate media/aides in the war inc. efforts are pushing the “we still need to be vigilant.” This said to me PATRIOT Act Forevah and the paranoia continues.

  38. The Pave low AH-53 helicopter is desiigned to go in at tree tops, jam radar and see things at night no other helicopeter can see, they are very bulkey and top speed is classified.
    That is my ride, btw. LOL!

  39. jovie…I don’t care.They are included in the “idiots in our midst” as far as I’m concerned:)It’s a good day, and I celebrate the President and every unknown soldier that had a part in this.The rest are just running their mouths…verbal diarrhea,as my husband says:)

  40. AND, what about the news casters and journalist who mis-pronounce osama and obama all the time?
    I have already heard it 3 times since last night.
    Then, they quickly catch themsleves, but is it a mistake or a mind PHUCK to put in peoples head that Obama might be a muslim?
    A thought: As a professional news jounalist, you should remind yourself not to screw that up(before you go on air), but noooo…

    I wonder.

  41. It’s wanton and insidious. I have been watching BBC all day and not one person, either their guests or their newsies, mispronounced his name even once. Pathetic american media.

  42. Now Hillary to have a press conference. She has been pretty hawkish on pakistan. She played the role of bad cop to perfection.

  43. The incoming chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) said President Obama deserves credit for the killing on Sunday of Osama bin Laden.

    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) praised Obama and specifically credited Obama for “refocusing” U.S. efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which Wasserman Schultz asserted led to bin Laden’s death.

    “President Obama’s leadership in making the targeting of Osama Bin Laden our highest military and intelligence priority, warrants our gratitude,” Wasserman Schultz said in a statement. “He deserves credit for refocusing U.S. efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan to root out terrorism which no doubt helped lead to this historic announcement.”


  44. One New York Democratic lawmaker took a shot at President George W. Bush amid the celebration over the slaying of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

    “This is the ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment President Bush only fantasized about,” Rep. Gary Ackerman said on CNN, referencing a 2003 speech by Bush in which he announced the end of major combat operations in Iraq in front of a banner that read “Mission Accomplished.”


  45. They could fix that “problem” by calling him “The President” instead of Obama, which I find insulting.

  46. I have been surfing the web reading comments. The right are making all the noise that this is no big deal that Bush started it. They will never accept that Obama really was in charge.

    It is really going to be interesting now.

  47. I was incorrect in an earlier post: I guess the Pakistanis did NOT know about this raid.

    So Repubs have found a wedge to dampen this immense victory.

  48. I love DWS. I absolutely, totally love her.

    She is the voice the DNC needs. Tim Kaine was an unmitigated disaster. This is how to message.

    Thanks, Debbie.

  49. Yeah, what else is new ? Probably they will spin this Obama’s katrina … yet again.

  50. On Monday 2nd May 2011, @markknoller said:

    Dir of Natl Intelligence James Clapper hails raid on bin-Laden compound.

    “Never have I seen a more remarkable example of focused integration, seamless collaboration, and sheer professional magnificence as was demonstrated by the Intelligence Community in the ultimate demise of Osama bin Laden.”

  51. I always enjoy your comments, faith, yet I don’t consider Kaime a disaster in the slightest. He had his own strengths and admittedly oration wasn’t one of them. But he did a lot to build up the DNC as an organization which is an asset to President Obama as well as other elected Dems, and shore up the latino vote (which likely saved Reid’s and Boxer’s seats). DNC chair is more than what we see in the media.

    Totally agreed about DWS as an excellent selection though!

  52. I beg to differ. Bush or McCain could not have pulled this off in any way.

    The resources would have stayed in Iraq. They would have made belligerent, inflammatory comments that would have shut down any intelligence. They would have used no diplomacy at all.

    Even though it’s being reported that Pakistan knew nothing about this, someone in some position of authority knew about it I’m sure. Someone that Obama’s administration was able to communicate with like an adult. Someone who could communicate that there is a chance for a new Mideast with young people who are ready to embrace the 21st century instead of the 12th century. That the time is now. And the Obama administration knew who to talk to in ways that have been non-existent for the last generation.

  53. Pakistan was never a reliable partner in fighting terrorism given their ISI covertly siding with and abetting them. It’s a slap in the face for pakistan that obl was found inside their own country and that too practically next door tho their famed army.

  54. Yeah I saw that. I chalked it up to the heavy presence of Bushists all over this story spin, spin, spinning. More gratifying were the reports of ordinary people saying “this is great, and now we can get out of these wars soon.”

    /hi conlakappa!

  55. lol, yup. The Mets vs. the Phillies went into the wee hours of the night. People at the stadium got the news on their phones and started chanting “usa.” First and last time Mets and Phillies fans will agree about much of anything.

  56. This is what I call LEADERSHIP PBO has to be one of the best leaders in the world, brilliant,he thinks before he acts.

  57. Congrats to Mr. Obama, his national security team, and the special forces involved in this operation that led to the death of OBL.

    An appropriate video for the occasion, courtesy of the movie Team America:

  58. It is a split, the president of Paksitan(whose wife was assasinated by alqaeda) is with the US, (mostly), BUT the Paksitan intelligence can be bought out. So to speak!

  59. Who cares ! Thee people are a part of the 25 % that stuck with Bush to the very end. The majority of Americans are not on the internet listening to these people.

    Everyone knows that Obama called the operation and under his watch Bin Laden was killed point blank. No amount of BS can change those facts which will go down in the history books.

  60. Bingo. The history will record that bin laden was killed under Obama watch. The shrub 23%ers will never let go off their delusions.

  61. Don’t you think he was handed a pretty robust DNC after Obama and Democratic victories in 2008?

    I defer your knowledge on the subject — I don’t pretend to know the details of how he shored up Latino support.

    Oration may not be the only thing a DNC chairman needs, but strong, confident messaging is required in that position and he lacked it. He never appeared to believe strongly in his party. The DNC message comes from the DNC chairman. DWS has a talent for messaging simply but effectively, with passion and/or outrage as the situation requires.

    I think a better focused and messaged DNC chairman could have mitigated some of the losses in 2010. I think Tim Kaine was interested in keeping a tepid position in order to run for the Senate.

  62. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came out with strong words for Al Qaeda Monday morning, celebrating the killing of Osama bin Laden as she said the fight against terrorism is far from over.

    “You cannot wait us out. You cannot defeat us,” Clinton told reporters at the State Department. “But you can make the choice to abandon Al Qaeda and participate in a peaceful political process.”

    She said of bin Laden’s death: “Even as we mark this milestone, we should not forget that the battle to stop Al Qaeda and its syndicate of terror will not end with the death of bin Laden. Indeed, we must take this opportunity to renew our resolve and redouble our efforts.”
    P 44-

  63. And every time they say things like that, they look just a little more un-American. EVERY American citizen should do what Democrats did after 9/11 and support their President at a time like this.

    Their pettiness speaks volumes.

  64. OT: I am reading about the State Dept getting ready to approve a oil pipline from alberta, down to our oil refineries in Texas.
    In other words it goes straight into our Country and NOT OPEC!
    This would bring oil prices down and burst the bubble of oil speculation.
    It has been apprrved by the EPA, so last minute permits now in the making.

  65. I went to John Dickerson’s article at Slate: if the Pakistanis did not know specifically about this raid, Obama made it clear last night that their counter-terrorism efforts were important. That’s what I heard last night and conflated it into the Pakistanis knowing about the raid.

    Someone knew. The right person knew. When the history books are written about this, this will be Obama’s triumph: an ability to revive intelligence in this perilous area.

  66. This is food for thought…thanks, Faith. I guess we’re all agreed that DWS is going to be terrific and that Kaine is going to make a good senator. πŸ™‚

  67. I had heard that the jobs numbers for April were not that good. Due to the weather problems, I’m sure, but that never shut up the naysayers.

  68. The United States is treating Osama bin Laden’s body in “accordance with Islamic practice,” a White House official says.

    President Obama announced Sunday night that American forces killed bin Laden in Pakistan and that they took his body afterward. He said no Americans were harmed in the fight.

    Asked how bin Laden’s body will be treated, a senior administration official told reporters on a conference call that “we are ensuring that is handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition.”


  69. There have been reports over the last month of breaking up this and that terrorist cell. They shot holes in the organization (pardon the pun). So when this raid happened, al-Qaeda doesn’t know where to turn. How weak are they? Who are the intelligence sources for the U.S.?

  70. I think that they weren’t told until they started scrambling fighter jets against the helicopters which left the compound and were on their way out of Pakistan. Loose lips sink ships; my completely uneducated guess is that much of the Pakistani government and military is sympathetic with the goal of defanging Al Qaeda, but it only takes a few high level people in secret sympathy with Al Qaeda to undermine a huge amount of intelligence work, thus they weren’t told ahead of time. I think that bin Laden might have had a highly placed source in the military or government—had to have to; I mean, how bold was it for him to be sitting in a huge compound in a suburb of the capital, just chilling, with women and children living in there as well?

    I’m sure that now, however, the Pakistani military is all in that compound, searching inch by inch. Hopefully they will find information about Al Qaeda as an organization which will facilitate some arrests and less deaths.

  71. That government is in a complex situation and walking a tightrope as well.

  72. This is indeed true leadership. Quiet, competence, discipline and most importantly, results. Breast beating and chest thumping may be viscerally satisfying but it doesn’t hold a candle to actually getting things done.

  73. This does make it hard for even the most rabid anti-Obama folks to continue pretending that he is not a good President. They have been so wrapped up in 9-11 imagery and have used it for so long as a way of saying that republicans only can protect America. And now they have to live with the fact that a Democratic president has managed to do what they could not for nearly 8 years.

  74. Wow, BWD, you have out done yourself.

    Thank you.

    I am so glad about how this Pres Gets things done.

    No Drama. No Trumpets. The Obama Team didn’t even send anyone out for a Victory tour.

    But look at Dick Cheney on TV.

    Imagine if the Bush people had the information as the pres did last August before the Nov 2010 elections?

    They would bomb first for political reasons and ask questions later.

    The pres and his group made sure and went and GOT OBL. No US personnel was harmed.

    May God Bless pres Obama and the USA.

  75. Oh my god. The knucklehead of an anchor on cnn asked one of their pundits “wouldn’t it have been easier to have bombed that place instead taking this risky operation ?” (shakes head)

  76. The host on the washington journal mentioned how Bin Laden was killed saying “He was shot in the eye” and “Officals said that you would know his profile when you see him”.

    From my twitter timeline:

    BREAKING #NEWS : Unconfirmed image of #Osama Bin Laden’s corpse as shown on a private tv station in Pakistan http://twitpic.com/4sckk5

  77. They can try to pretend that Bush had something to do with this but the people aren’t fooled. Bush spent his entire term after 9-11 ignoring Bin Laden. He even said that Bin Laden didn’t matter at one point. But, the celebrations last night, the palpable relief and sense of justice that is felt across the nation last night and today, show that Bin Laden did matter to the people of this country and to the world. He may not have been the only threat to peaceful people but he was a threat who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people around the world. Seeing him paying for his crimes is a big deal and no amount of spinning in the world can turn this into a Bush or a republican victory or an unimportant event to the world. It only makes those who try look petty and unworthy of attention.

    It is a day for all Americans to be happy. There should be no trying to spin this as anything but a victory and anyone who tries will not find themselves looked upon well. This touches the hearts and souls of the people in a way that propaganda can’t. We, the American people, know that this is a day we have long awaited and that we are now seeing thanks to the current President and the current military team.

  78. Yes, and burial at sea was chosen exactly to prevent his gravesite from becoming a pilgrimage point. I’m sure the pictures will be forthcoming very, very soon as well as the results of the DNA testing so that there can be no doubt that OBL is definitely dead at the hands of US troops. This administration is way too smart to mess up that part of this operation.

  79. Buried at sea (according to Islamic customs) is probably the smartest way to do it as any land burial would become a shrine if his body was given back to Saudi Arabia for example.

    Of course the conspiracy theorists will spin new tales about it.

    I believe burial at sea is allowed in Muslim customs if the body would otherwise be at risk of being dug up and mutilated if buried on land.

  80. Not only that, but it was a pleasure to see how depressed and unsatisfied John King and david Gregory was, immediatley after this announcment. They did not know what to do, or say.
    Maybe this is why: right before the election of 2010, joe scarboro asked halperin if thier is anything that the dems and the president can do form losing the hOUSE?
    Halperin replied, short of killing Usama Bin Laden, Nothing.
    Another Point:
    They know this will help this President’s re-election campaign immensely! So, now to the spin.

  81. Indeed, that attack isn’t going to work to well in 2012 now, is it? Can you imagine any republican trying to say that and then being hit with the question, “What about Osama Bin Laden?”. It just won’t work. They have nothing left but gas prices and as more and more people realize that the gas prices are being artificially inflated by the usual wall street types that won’t carry any sting either. It’s amazing what competence in governance can do for a President, isn’t it?

  82. I expect nothing less. And if they would have used drone strikes and just vaporized the place they would scream “How do we know he is really dead?”.

    There was more risk put on the Seals/DF who conducted the raid, but capturing Bin Laden alive or securing his body for 100% proof of his demise was vitally important and the success of the mission will save countless other lives.

    It was a ballsy call, but the correct one. If it would have went wrong, it could have greatly effected his re-election chances.

  83. Indeed THIS is what the fools at Faux and, likely to be duplicated at Dfaux, did:

    as usual. I’d say “unbelievable” but it isn’t.

    So Bush said he hardly ever thought about Bin Laden any longer, that he wasn’t important to him. President Obama, to the contrary, made it a priority to get the terrorist murderer of so many world citizens.

    All the PL fools who have been trumpeting the President’s “weakness” need to have a nice dinner of crow tonight after they finish wiping the extensive egg off their faces.

  84. I read somewhere this morning that they knew where Osama was in March but he was with alot of people and Obama didn’t want alot of colateral damage so he wanted to do a precision strike. One of the comments said the Obama was stupid to wait, what if we hadn’t got him. I believe this shows Obama does not believe in random killing. I am proud of our President.

    I am an Obamabot and an Obamacrat.

  85. Exactly right. And the vast majority of Americans look at people like them on a day like today and just shake their heads in disbelief and pity. Disbelief that anyone could pretend that somehow Bush was responsible for something he clearly had nothing to do with and even more clearly bungled for nearly his entire time in office. And pity for the extreme amount of hatred they have a president who so clearly doesn’t deserve it no matter what you think of his policies.

  86. That is quite the picture. I know that Obama made sure there is proof to be shown. He won’t leave anything to chance. He takes care of details.

  87. I am so happy…. actually I have been happy for hours now since our POTUS told us about the death of the terrorist. President Obama did what he said he would do. He put in the command, our amazing special OPS did what he ask them to. The facts outweigh the sentiment that right wingers want to spin so I don’t care what they say. Their faces probably hurts with the egg drying on it.

    God bless our strong smart hard working president Obama.

  88. coach, is it April Fools Day? Seriously, articles of impeachment!

    Why, because he did not ask for their permission. HOly cow.

  89. Ineffective messaging:

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said:

    Osama bin Laden is dead, killed in a targeted U.S. operation authorized by President Obama.

    This is the most significant victory in our fight against al-Qaida and terrorism, but that fight is not over. We will continue to support our troops and the American civilians who are fighting every day to protect our homeland.

    Nine-and-a-half years ago, Osama bin Laden masterminded the horrific attacks against the United States that killed nearly 3,000 people. As we remember those who were killed on that dark day in September and their families, we also reaffirm our resolve to defeat the terrorist forces that killed them and thousands of others across the globe. Because of courageous Americans in our military and intelligence community, their leader is now gone.”

    Effective messaging (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz):

    β€œPresident Obama’s leadership in making the targeting of Osama Bin Laden our highest military and intelligence priority, warrants our gratitude,” Wasserman Schultz said in a statement. β€œHe deserves credit for refocusing U.S. efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan to root out terrorism which no doubt helped lead to this historic announcement.”

    There’s nothing wrong with Harry Reid’s statement. He’s absolutely right about everything he said. But does it help Democrats? Does it help our President? No.

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is exactly what the DNC needs.

  90. Just got up about 30 minutes ago, after sitting up reading DKos and watching the news on MSNB until 3:30 my time in NM. I had been away from the news all day and into the night while I sat watching Masterpiece Theatre on PBS. When my show was done I decided to flip to MSNBC and WOW… the news was quite jolting.

    I’m an Obamabot, too! The crowds in the streets were awesome! I wonder how many Tea Bagger Praytriots were out on the streets to celebrate? haha

    This is a great day for our President and our nation. This is a signal to everyone, especially the al Qaida, that when Mr. President of the U.S. says he will get the job done, he will.

    I also find it interesting that interrogators were getting the information they needed from Guantanamo prisoners.

    Oh! There’s Jame Rubin on MSNBC now giving his take on all of this. Rubin, who said Barack Obama was not experienced enough to be Commander in Chief. Pfft. Eat your words and choke on ’em, Jamie! I used to admire Rubin a whole lot before the primaries when he endorsed Hillary. How many are eating their words having said the same thing about Barack Obama?

    Well, I should just refrain from bringing up old stuff, and concentrate instead on how I’m proud of our President, today!

  91. Many thanks to the Armed Forces, their families and all the White House Administration. May God continue to bless President Obama and his family. President Obama is a great leader and a force to be reckon with and I love him and his family. Another job well done! Thanks.

  92. All those people who said he was inexperienced are now eating their words. Obama is one of those people who doesn’t need experience, he uses his intelligence to rely on the people with experience. He knows how to chose the right people and ask the right questions. This man is so far ahead of everyone.

    I pray for his continued safety and that of his family. Our love goes out to him.

  93. DWS has to watch out for trying to overtly politicize it – even if the GOP would have – Th GOP and Fox Propaganda will use that to distract and attack “Democrats are using the killing for political gain when it’s an American victory and the kudo’s goes to the military for carrying out the very dangerous mission!!1!”

  94. Members of the President’s national security team will be at Press Sec. Jay Carney briefing today at 1:00 PM Eastern.

  95. Hi backatcha! Bushists and an awareness that oil companies/war-machine builders are big advertisers. Gotta make that paper!

    Did the Mets and Phillies game to into extra innings? I joked to my husband that it would while continuing to be as boring as it appeared to have been in the first inning. He’s a Mets fan.

  96. From the comment section of that article, I found this:

    Show Your Gratitude send the Navy SEALs a postcard:
    NAVY Udt-Seal Museum
    Place page
    3300 North Highway A1a
    Fort Pierce, FL 34949-8520

  97. Really? A lot of people? Because it would seem OBL would get inside that complex and never leave.

    No phone, no internet, burned their garbage rather than let trash haulers take it away. He was hiding. Why be in any large group?

  98. * channelling Lee Greenwood *

    And I’m proud to be an Obamabot
    For the man who keeps us free.
    And I won’t forget the fights he’s fought,
    to save my rights for me.

    And I gladly stand up
    next to him and defend him still today.
    ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this man,
    God bless the Prez today!

  99. I began thinking that perhaps this important event will help somehow in the Israel, Palestinian peace process. I think something big is going to happen this summer since September will probably be the point where this will all come to a head no matter what.

  100. I work at supporting the President’s vision, Democratic election efforts and general community building projects through OFA in a rural rural Republican county. I also work to win over Dixiecrats in our local Dem meetings. While I would have worked just as hard had this event not happened, this gives our OFA efforts some high octane fuel. We are reaching out to potential volunteers, and building momentum for the 2012 campaign. I anticipate that we will be busy having one on ones with many recently inspired people following this announcement. It couldn’t happen to a better endeavor, IMHO.

  101. I met with Tim Kaine as one of a group of OFA community organizers and I think the world of him since that event. I thought he really “got” the President, supported him tremendously, and was a very unique, intelligent, sincere and passionate leader in his own right. He will make a world class Senator in my opinion.

  102. I think the meme that going after terrorist leaders one at a time is ineffective is going to be one of the big messages the Right spinmasters will be using. Bush used that when he was questioned about not catching Bin Laden and seemingly giving up the chase. I saw the clip of him saying it and then thought, wow, they have just resurrected the same spin on the Right to suggest that the killing of Bin Laden is no big deal on Cspan this morning.

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