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  1. PBO has a very long stride. I’d have to run to keep up with him.

  2. I love when he wears those. I used to wear them all the time in the 80s

  3. …..and today, he gets back to work without missing a beat! When will “they” learn!!!


  5. I see the president is carrying his Ipad2, I hope he had the chance to read all 500+ comments made on line here last night. He was really amusing and Seth just reinforced what the President said. Poor Donald, just sad such an ugly soul.

  6. YES WE CAN 2012
    I hope there was some Cake to go with the big party today, I am sure there was a Celebration. After all it is MayDay ! Remember the dancing around the MayPole! May there be a jubilant spring time in D. C. today ! Love and Laughter, the best joy !

    Mr. Trump has perhaps done the best job possible to bring to light how Well Educated President Obama is. If nothing else the standard of education should be acknowledged, it will be defended but certainly in the end it will be acknowledged. I think Mr. Trump is a Sly Fox to help bring this information to view, He is giving good example of what needs to change in America. Mr. Obama has the ability to absorb the challenge and America will recognize how much change can happen once it is recognized as a path to get there!
    God Bless my President today, and your Bulls are in the semi-Finals Sir, let’s see how they play.
    Let’s move on to depletion of OIL Subsidies, Please everyone spread the word to contact your state representative, Even do one further and find out which Reps in your state accept funds from Lobby from the major Oil corporations, then call those Reps first !!This Challenge to stop Oil from Robbing our economy can quickly change if America will stand together and make them stop!

  7. I love everything about this gorgeous, funny ,tall, smart, sexy, nerdy, optimistic, silver haired fox ….oh man I could go on and on. What a man God has blessed our great nation with to lead us.

  8. USDA Official Hails Michigan Project to Improve Water Quality in Lake Huron
    Posted by Alec Lloyd, Michigan USDA Public Information Officer, on April 29, 2011 at 9:40 AM
    Earlier this month we were honored to have Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Agriculture Doug O’Brien join USDA Rural Development Michigan State Director James J. Turner at our Earth Day ceremony in Buena Vista Township. The township board of trustees was there and Township Supervisor Dwayne A. Parker served as our master of ceremonies.

    Locally known as β€œBV Township,” Buena Vista is located next to Saginaw and like many rural communities, its sewer infrastructure was in a state of disrepair when they approached USDA for help.
    The resulting project was initially funded as an Earth Day project in 2008 with a loan and an additional grant was awarded in 2009. Phase I resulted in the repair of more than 63,000 lineal feet of pipe and the installation of a radio reading system to monitor usage and lower personnel costs. This phase was substantially complete by May 2010.

    Phase II will see continued refurbishment and rehabilitation of 45,500 linear feet of the remaining defective sewer pipe and more than 200 manholes, the construction of an off-site excess flow basin, construction of a pump station, and improvements at the wastewater treatment plant. The system will serve 2,300 residential and almost 200 commercial customers and will bring the township into compliance with environmental regulations regarding pollutant discharges.

    As O’Brien pointed out during his remarks, when a rural sewer system fails, the sewage has to go somewhere. In this case, it was going into the Saginaw River and then into Saginaw Bay in Lake Huron.

  9. More than 8 million households with children in the United States are food insecure. What can you do to make sure no child in our country goes hungry? Learn more. Make a commitment. Become a champion to end hunger.

  10. Heads up, Fam. NPR just put out a story about the Prez budget cuts to home heating assistance program. I forward a link to Feb 15th press conference about the budget. So, you have something to counter the charges with. I wonder of folks on the other Obama friendly blogs would be willing to post up that news conference?

  11. So, CNN, (the tea bager channel), is letting Tramp come on at 7pm -to talk about the charges of him being a Racist!
    Whenever these guys want tv time, they just call CNN!

  12. First of all, in the recovery act, they put an increase in home heating assistance, due to the recession.
    Things are not as bad Now, so we are going back to where it was before the hike…

    Simple, really is?

  13. I wonder if he’s got a Skype account on that iPad 2 :))))

    What a wonderful job he did yesterday evening revealing for all to see just how smartly and joyously he can render a racist the laughing stock of a much wider audience than those in attendance – though many of them were certainly laughing out loud, loudly :))

  14. Hi everyone !

    I feel so good today. Last night was fun, fun , fun….

    I think my favourite part of President Obama’s speech was the song at the beginning. You know why ? Because while it was funny as an introduction, there was so much truth in that simple line in the lyrics: “you hurt my friends and you hurt my pride” . No question this whole issue hurt the President personally, but it hurts so many people. I just thought of that very very moving video of Mr. Baratunde Thrurson, the young black man who expressed his pain and humiliation last week.

    I am a real american
    Fight for the rights of every man
    I am a real american
    Fight for what’s right, fight for your life

    When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside
    You gotta take a stand, it don’t help to hide
    Well, you hurt my friends and you hurt my pride
    I got to be a man, I can’t let it slide

    Hey, I search for the complete lyrics of the song and I kind of love the rest:

    I feel strong about right and wrong,
    And I don’t take trouble for very long,
    I got something deep inside of me,
    And courage is the thing that keeps us free

    I wonder if the song could be used in one way or another during the campaign…..

  15. More leadership from President Obama per NYTimes Editorial you all should try to read:

    “The real problem is not Medicaid. Contrary to most perceptions, it is a relatively efficient program β€” with low administrative costs, a high reliance on managed care and much lower payments to providers than other public and private insurance.

    The real problem is soaring medical costs. The Ryan plan does little to address that. The health care law, which Republicans have vowed to repeal, seeks to reform the entire system to deliver quality care at lower cost.

    To encourage that process, President Obama recently proposed a simplified matching rate for Medicaid, which would reward states for efficiencies and automatically increase federal payments if a recession drives up enrollments and state costs. The president’s approach is better for low-income Americans and for state budgets as well.”

  16. Oh I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Trump. He’s so good for ratings now….

  17. Well, the big solar plant that the Feds approved in Cali, has been delayed ue to Turtles. Yes, Turtles.
    As in, their is 3500 they need to move to sompleace secure, before they builkd the plant.
    At least, they care about that stuff.

  18. Dare we hope that the presidential campaign will be about POLICY ? And that REAL debate with REAL facts will take the stage ?

  19. Right, but I had someone FB the article in a panic and I had to refer him to the press conference. NPR is actually late and did not present it as such. So, I used the video to refresh folks memory.

  20. What is name/artist of the song? I would like to listen to the whole thing.

  21. Where did the Seth video end up please. It is not in the buffoon diary anymore.

  22. I think it’s great that they’re trying to protect wildlife in this process. Thanks for sharing that. I think turtles are cool.

  23. It was actually due to a spike in energy costs that then went down to pre-crash rates, so the funding was lowered accordingly. This is just one of those radical lefty freak-outs that has no basis in reality.

  24. I had to wear them for 8 years while I was attending Catholic school so I have no love for saddle shoes! πŸ˜€

  25. PBO sure has a long stride. He’s on the move and multitaxing. When he is finally out of office I wonder if they will ever find another that can fill his shoes and get as much done as quickly as he can?

  26. Thank you Maritza, I just came back on and found your post of the website I was looking for.

  27. Bobfr – I agree – most were laughing uproariously, except for the poor WaPo reporters at Trump’s table … who looked like they wanted to smile, or cringe, but the buffoon was right next to them!

    Why would they invite/sit with him in the first place? Some people think it was a set-up by WaPo against Trump, but I think his is the kind of “story” they just really wanted to get as an exclusive, no matter who or what moral issue was involved.

  28. Breaking!!!!
    The President is to make a statement to the nation at 10:30 PM tonight. The subject matter has not been disclosed. No idea what could prompt this sudden announcement.

  29. Yep…just like to counter with the right information and not get overly concerned about their overreaction. The fact that they’re dragging this out of mothballs says to me that they’ve got nothing better to do.

  30. I think so too. Targeting leadership was not something he wanted to be a part of.

  31. Thank you so much meta. I really don’t feel like turning on the news right now; whatever POTUS has to say, I’d rather hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, bad or good.

  32. Just heard on CNN …. the speech is “regarding national security”


  33. My neice just told me he was here in chicago, i live like 20 blocks from his home and whenever he is in town we have to re route. But their was no press.

  34. Mark Knoller:

    “This suggests an announcement of unusual importance – but WH officials not yet will to give on the record guidance on the subject.”

    Looks like NO ONE is leaking…..

  35. John King is saying the same thing. Bin Laden has been killed.

  36. CNN says three US sources confirm death of Osama bin Laden. And others…

  37. President needs to brief Congress Intel, Allies – and they leak it.

    I don’t think it matters – everybody will wait for President Obama.

  38. Osama Bin Laden is dead he has been killed. reported on MSNBC

  39. Gawd. it’s highly irritating to hear the whiny wolfer and john going on and on.

    Why can’t you fucking wait till there is an official announcement ?

  40. It’s unbelievable. I honestly thought he’d never be captured or killed, but would die in isolation somewhere. Unreal.

    And because I’m petty, fuck you John McCain, Joe Lieberman, the Republican party in general, and any assholes who have put down President Obama as “weak on terror”.

  41. And now BBC joins the speculation race citing of course ‘american news sources’.

  42. John King seems so disappointed that it happened on PBO’s watch. He said this was a statement that “George Bush would have loved to make”. Can you imagine that?

    Wow I’d love to see Boehner’s face and McConnell’s too. Dumbasses.

    Talk about “presidential decisions” ha! Donald Trump. This ain’t beancake.

  43. BWD, the picture you posted of him striding in his golf shoes with a pretty serious face
    makes me speculate this might have been when he found out about bin Laden.

  44. Richard Engel is calling the news breathtaking–says the troops will be overjoyed and that their missions have not been in vain. “This is a turning point for the Global War on Terrorism.”

    Hooray for President Obama.

  45. Rumors say he was killed a week ago in a missile strike. Needed time to confirm – have the body.

  46. George Bush never wanted Bin Laden captured. If he were captured or killed, it would undermine his reasons for continuing the war in Iraq. I think that’s why Bush abandoned the effort in Afghanistan in the first place. I think they got close to getting Bin Laden many years ago and backed off it to justify the Iraq occupation.

  47. I know. He is so transparent. He can’t help but continue to inject George Bush. And you know PBO, I want to wager will talk give Bush some kind of credit, even if he doesn’t deserve it.

    Yep. King seems dejected that Bin Laden is caught on POTUS’ watch.

    But he can go suck on a sour lemon.

  48. OMG what a day! US has had custody of the body over a week but were waiting for DNA evidence. Who is soft on terror Republicant’s? President Obama is now a shoe in for 2012. Now the words can be said-Mission Accomplished! Al Jazeera announced it. This happened in Pakistan. President Obama has always known that Pakistan was the area to focus on. OMG take that Dick Cheney…

  49. The press has no reverence for matters of national security? I hate our damn MSM. They can’t keep their foolish mouths shut and allow the President to handle this?

    They could be rehashing last nights event(kidding) while they wait instead of fueling speculation and anxiety with there baseless babble. I’ld like to wring their F’n necks!

  50. I agree with you about letting the President make the announcement. They are wanting to take the wind out of his sails. No credit to PBO by guessing the announcement. I was tuned into CNN to see the Don Lemon interview of Trump when the wait for the President’s announcement is to happen. Wolfe was okay about it and not telling even saying there was wild speculation on other stations but CNN was being thanked for waiting. Then John King came on and announced it without fanfare.

  51. All the networks are confirming that Bin Laden is dead. I seriously thought he was already dead.

    OMG! Let this news be true.

  52. CNN is doing its best to point out that this process of getting Bin Laden has “begun in the previous administration and then continued in the next administration”

    Ha ha ha… watch the GOP trying to spin this…

    Bush NEGLECTED Afghanistan. Give me a break…

  53. In Pakistan ? Wow. The pl were all poutraging about all those innocents being killed by Obama while conveniently forgetting hundreds of people killed by aq and taliban.

  54. That isn’t going to work. The Republicans have to be crapping their pants that a Democratic president just got OBL.

    The best thing this is the anniversary of “Mission Accomplished”. I love it. Obama can actually claim “Mission Accomplished”.

  55. As much as I want our Prez to take his time and prepare, I’m getting sick of hearing these pundits! COME ON ALREADY.

    *repeats to herself “patience, patience”*

  56. They are like kindergarteners that cannot keep a secret. As soon as Dad comes home they say, “Guess what Mom did today?”
    Yes, the news always has to be first. Atleast they didn’t get it till the last minute. If he has been dead for a week.

  57. Killed outside of a mansion in Islamabad, Pakistan! Not a missile, but possibly a military raid – shot in the head.

    Islamabad, Pakistan!!!???!!!

  58. POTUS is always cleaning up the mess left by his predecessors. Now, some of these talking heads are doing their best to give George Bush some credit.

    Go figure.

  59. Send your prayers to President Obama and his team of speech writers. At this minute, they’re trying to find every correct word. This is an incredibly important speech. President Obama has to find the right way to speak to the arab world and avoid a backlash.

  60. Yah! He has to go through the correct channels before announcing to the public and the world.
    Hey maybe it will override Celebrity Apprentice. Hee hee.

  61. Compare and contrast.

    BBC chyron – US media reports say bin laden is dead.

    CNN chyron – bin laden is dead

  62. Damn straight! If they had finished what they started during the Bush administration this could have been long, long ago ended. They don’t get to take credit for this, try as they might!

  63. It’s credit to this admin that they kept this a secret for a week, if it is indeed true.

  64. Brian Williams says the leak came from Congressional staff members making calls on their own. Probably GOP staffers.

  65. Translation – US Media is entirely irresponsible, and all about showmanship. They report news before it’s happened.

  66. Michelle Bachmann is on the House Intelligence Committee…she’s probably the leak.

  67. It was reported that Eric Cantor was called by Biden and briefed. I don’t think Biden would leak that.

  68. The WH informed the press corps that a big announcement was happening tonight. Some of them are saying that some journalists were actually told what the details were, but I am not sure about that. All I can say is that it is a miracle that this was not “leaked.” God Bless this country and our First Family.

  69. On a lighter note, from dkos

    “While a stunt double filled in for me at the White House Correspondent’s dinner, I flew to Pakistani airspace where I parachuted in, gained the trust of local villagers by pretending to be a Muslim, tracked Osama Bin Laden with the information I got from the locals, and then strangled him with my bare hands after beating him at chess.”

  70. And those congressional staffers should be ashamed of themselves. Shame, shame.

  71. Co-sign! America needs to demand a better information system…corporate MSM is a major
    contributor to our political dysfunction.

  72. And of course, Congress is taking its monthly “week off” for “constituent work”. Unbelievable how much time they are taking off, when there is so much work to be done. So all the Congressional people need to be tracked down, all over the country it seems.

  73. Bush deserves no credit. Obama was the one who put more troops on the ground in Afghanistan and started the covert operations in Pakistan.

    This is Obama, the administration and the current military leaders victory. Not Bush and the media can’t try to give credit to him.

    It’s 2011 Bush has been out of office for almost 3 years now so yeah right !

  74. Nice to see this is coming from dkos – even they hsve to pause the hate-fest.

  75. LOL!

    Anxious to hear from President Obama, this
    is certainly a speech that must be delivered with care. Another reason the MSM should not be engaged in the act of speculation.

  76. Bush only deserves “credit” for all the dead Americans and Iraqis who died while he took his eye off the ball to go chasing revenge in Iraq.

  77. I’m just learning of the Osama bin Laden issue and don’t know details, but let’s remember, MSM, that President Obama once said he doesn’t speak about a topic until he fully knows what he’s talking about. There are ramifications if this isn’t true or didn’t happen as reported at first blush, and the President puts his name to something false or even partially correct.

  78. Bush neglected Afghanistan . Obama campaing that he will take the fight to them.

  79. Glad to be here to share this announcement with all of you. Too bad the press had this much time to deflate the announcements impact.

  80. I see what you mean. But Obama is not going based on the information from the media. This is from the CIA, the military and I’m sure other agencies around the world including Pakistan.

  81. This is why I love my Roku. I’m watching BBC News right now, avoiding all the US talking heads. Useless bunch of fake journalists.

  82. Remember the other day when the news was released that the #2 guy in AQ was killed? Think maybe that’s when this happened?

  83. There is no way Obama is jumping the gun here, pun intended. He would triple, quadrapule check before he says “mission accomplished” unlike you know who.

  84. U.S. mainstream media (which doesn’t include Fox”News”) cannot be trusted…

    I’m waitin’ for PBHO’s Statement!

    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012! πŸ™‚

  85. Yep and the Democrats and Obama need to declare victory and stop the Republicans from lying when all of the facts come out.

  86. This is a big fucking deal (to quote my favorite VP)! What an accomplishment! Congratulations to our men and women in uniform and to President Obama! I’m so proud!

  87. Yes, they just had ANOTHER week off. I went to a Jeff Flake town hall in Arizona, and it was no more than a slick partisan spin-show, with a complete framing of the Ryan Budget so that people were not really allowed to voice their strong objections. And this was an audience of seniors. Flake was asked why he voted against allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. He said he wanted to make sure big pharma had the needed profits to invested in R & D.

    And no one even protested THAT! It was a bunch of Republican zombies in the room, and we few Dems that sneaked in were pretty annoyed at the way it all went down.

  88. I can’t believe it’s about the draft announcement taking so long, if this was known for hours if not days. Not to mention this would have been something planned for given that there could be counter-punch plans set by Bin Laden that would happen the moment he was killed.

    Why would they announce a 10:30 and an hour later it’s nothing but talking head blabbering.

  89. I already know what both the Republicans and the PL will say: What took him so long?

  90. BBC going to their Kabul reporter to get the local reaction while wolfer and king are still engaged in a mutual jerk of speculation orgy.

  91. Yes! He always said Iraq was a wrong war that we needed to not take our eye off of Afghanistan. Some didn’t listen well and just thought he was against all wars. Then they acted like he lied to them when they did not listen to what was said.

  92. I heard that local news programs are saying this is a good news for Obama, the troops, and 9/11 victims.

  93. You know what they say about the arc of history…

    So proud of our president and his team.

  94. Sheesh. wolfer reading a message of susan collins. Can’t wait susan till the prez speaks ? Rethugs are despicable.

  95. Now Susan frigging Collins is releasing an official statement!! President Obama needs to get in front of the cameras and address the nation. He might be the last one to comment on it with all the jackass leaks from the GOP.

  96. I hate watching CNN but have it on because of the bin Laden situation. There are cheering crowds outside of the White House now. Looks like all young people (at least from what they’re showing on CNN).

    It’s a fine show of support for President Obama and his administration and their strategies and tactics, and obviously we are all glad if this news is true … but I do worry about our military in other lands who might suffer backlash.

  97. From what I hear the delay is due to contacting everyone that needs to be contacted before announcing.

  98. Don’t worry – nobody will be quoting Susan frigging Collins tomorrow.

    Here’s PBO

  99. Oh My BWD…will have huge suprise in the morning…..:-) I know how down she was….oh well…well God Works in mysterious ways!!!

    Way to go Mr. President…..


  100. The BBC reports that Pres. Karzai of Afghanistan will be making a statement as well. Perhaps the delay is to coordinate the statements?

    Oh, here he is now.

  101. Folks, I think BWD is sleeping. Poor soul, she’s not living this in real time.

  102. And now the confirmation directly from the horse’s mouth, as it were. Straight down confirming that laden was killed in a US operation.

  103. I have been gone for 3 days. I couldn’t wait to catch up on all that has gone on. And this happens. This is all amazing. I don’t know that I can take this all in. This man is so amazing.

  104. Perfect. Eat it rethugs, what with your constant wanton mispronunciations of the Prez.

  105. I am so happy for Obama and our entire nation on this one. Now I am wondering what Fixed news and the professional left are going to say although I really shouldn’t be too concerned with those TROLLS.

  106. The thing is that he need to find the right words when talking about this situation. It’s not that east making a statement right after a major even happens.

  107. What a President he is. What a great statement. This is our President. I am so emotional. We are not at war with Islam.

  108. Not a week ago like the press was saying but he was killed today.

  109. You beat me to it lol. I wrote my comment ( further in the thread) without having seen yours.

    I can’t WAIT to see her reaction tomorrow !!

  110. I’m sorry but this is a game changer for 2012. Obama signed off on the covert operations in Pakistan and got Bin Laden.

    The republicans are toast. It’s a great day for America and the world !

  111. I think we’ve already established what they’ll say: What took him so long?

  112. Yeah, I don’t like the cheering crowds – that will not play well abroad.

  113. Great, great speech by Obama. He really emphasized that America is not at war with Islam, that Pakistan helped in this mission and that OBL was not an ally to Muslims.

    This is what happens when we put adults in charge of our country.

  114. People singing the anthem in front of the White House is just amazing. What wonderful news to hear…don’t think I’m going to sleep for a few hours now!

  115. People are gathering outside the White House. Interesting. Hunh. I guess the public isn’t as jaded as I had thought.

  116. God bless you, President Obama! God bless our military men and women and counterintelligence operatives.

    I encourage everyone to retain the President’s words in their minds and not fall victim to any commentary from the media or others who have no clue how to strategize or lead or get the job done.

    God bless America!

  117. No gloating at all. Just reassuring the muslims that US is not war with them and hinting that bin laden was not a worthy muslim. Well played sir.

  118. It was a great speech, askew. Straight-forward with facts, no brush-clearing-cowboy-arrogance. With all respect to the former president. (cough, cough)

  119. Pardon my language for a second:
    Times like this make me SO GRATEFUL that this guy is our President.

    BTW, I didn’t know Wolf Blitzer’s wife was a 9/11 victim…

  120. The President even called Bush. What a man. He all this without bragging about it. This is a man who knows how to get things done.

  121. BWD is with us in spirit! Ahead of the “pack” of Obama supporters!

  122. HAHA I bet Mitt Romney and the other GOP contenders are pissing in their pants right now.

    They called this man weak with little experience and he got Bin Laden while only being in office for 2 1/2 years while Bush the idiot was going into Iraq and spending money and letting troops and Iraqi’s get killed.

    No apologies Mitt, No apologies ! LMAO !

  123. Yes, this MISSION was ACCOMPLISHED…

    Yes HE Did…Yes WE Did!

    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012! πŸ™‚

  124. SR, I was watching cbs news earlier, the WH correspondent said that lengthy delay is common/normal.

  125. I wonder who will finally be the Repub candidate? What are they going to run on? This man is doing it all. We all can gloat for awhile, then it is back to work. We must not let this man down. He is doing amazing stuff for this country and this world.

  126. Exactly. Letting back the rethugs will ruin your country as well as us, the rest of world

  127. Osama Bin Laden is dead.

    Sorry, I just had to write that for myself. This is such an amazing feat. I’m overwhelmed.

  128. To give W a little bit of credit, he released a statement congratulating Obama and the military for getting OBL. Good for him for acknowledging Obama’s role in killing OBL.

  129. A poster on W.e.e see you told me that Fox News posters are even saying that President Obama got him and did a good job.

    LMAO ! You now it’s bad when a number of right-wingers are telling thr truth and giving credit to Obama.

  130. And Obama credited GW for saying we are not at war with Islam too.

  131. I wonder if my daughter in DC is infront of the WH now? Probably not since she just sold her car.

  132. My daughter-in-law just called me elated knowing I would be too. She was in the Army in the first Striker Brigade into Iraq at the beginning of the war.


    My prez said he would get this guy he sure did. πŸ˜€

  134. Look at all of them now. I saw some at first, and now there’s tons of people, most of them young!

  135. Blackwaterdog! Yo, bwd! Wake up! Our Commander in Chief just got the bad guy of all bad guys!

    Thank god for our brave troops (Go Navy Seals!) and thank god for our awesome President.

  136. lmao, Darnell! I promise, the same thought was going through my head – Somebody wake BWD up!!! πŸ˜€

  137. A victory for our President, he never gives up, just puts his head down and keeps working.

    We can all go to bed grateful to have him as our President. Of course we do that every night.

    Good Night All

  138. uugghh, david gergen now with his raspy, know-it-all punditry on cnn. Sheesh. get some new talking heads cnn.

  139. You never know, she might be there! They all seem very young, in their early to mid 20’s. If so, most were around 10-15 years of age when the towers were hit.

  140. Can’t wait for BWD wakes up and hears the news. This last week has been a real tough week and ending in a great week. I don’t know if I can handle all this emotional up and down. But I am so glad He is my President.

  141. Early on I had it on CNN, but could NOT take it. Switched to MSNBC. Really glad when Brian Williams took over from David Gregory.

  142. I have chills running up and down my body.

    What a difference a President makes. What a difference true leadership, intellect, focus, morality, and integrity make.

    I remember when Bush the Lesser declared Mission Accomplished after going into Iraq of all places. What a misadventure which cost us lives, money and world standing. Then he basically gave up on finding the actual mastermind of 9/11. How decrepit he was.

    Now, 10 whole years have passed. Thank God for President Barack Hussein Obama. That speech was epic, fitting of a Commander-in-Chief who truly is fit for the task, cares about American lives, and was born to do this.

    As for the remnants of the teabagging media and ungrateful survivors, I just pity them. The majority of us know the truth, and the truth continues to be revealed more and more each day. The truth will stand, and this day will go down in history. Nothing can change that.

    Viva Obama 2012 and beyond!

    β€”PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!) (But I’m making an exception for tonight and I’m watching ABC and CNN )

  143. It is a good day for the US and the world. I thank the military, the intelligence community and our Commander in Chief for this victory. It is wonderful to see the spontaneous celebration outside the White House. This country has been waiting for this day for a very long time and it is good that it has finally arrived.

    One other thing about the timing of the announcement that made me smile is that Celebrity Apprentice was interrupted on the West coast in order to bring the President’s speech. Take that Trump, just in case last night wasn’t enough of a hint that you aren’t anywhere near the league of the President in importance, competence or capability. Your oh so relevant experience of “firing” celebrities for failing to “win” your pseudo business tasks is shown for what it is – petty, silly entertainment that gets pre-empted when events of real importance happen in the world.

  144. I’ll give Bush credit for that. I was thinking of the contrast of Bush announcing Saddam’s capture..

  145. You can’t keep denying the President credit when he keeps racking up wins for the American people no matter how jaded you may be. I have a feeling that we will be hearing more candidates decide not to run against President Obama next year after this night.

  146. The best irony is that today is the 8th anniversary of shrub’s mission accomplished dumbery. Shrub was so prescient that he pre-predicted. πŸ™‚

  147. The street reporter on msnbc said she spoke to a young man who was in the fourth grade when the twin towers were hit.

  148. Yes, our President is all class. Thank goodness we had the sense to elect him and he had the courage and the devotion to country to run.

  149. I’m watching Brian Williams on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow is in the crowd at the White House, and is calling in telling what’s happening.

  150. I predicted that Osama would be caught/killed under this president! Something just told me it would happen! Hurray! I sort of wish they had caught him alive so that he could stand trial and answer for his crimes, but this is probably better.

  151. Relax roscoe. You can’t seriously expect people to celebrate the moment. Sure there will be threats but I am sure this admin will have it under control.

  152. He not only signed off on the final mission but redirected our efforts in the war out of Iraq and into Afghanistan/Pakistan. This couldn’t have happened without that change in strategy. The republicans truly don’t have a chance running against President Obama. We still need to work hard and get out the vote but this will definitely make all those “inexperienced” complaints look even sillier than they did in 2008. The President is simply incredibly capable and effective as a leader.

  153. I also prayed that Osama would be caught on this President’s watch. Let us give thanks for this victory today. When President Obama listens, thinks, and follows through. Let’s give thanks for our President. He is amazing. But we must continue to pray for him.

  154. Ladies and gentlemen. Please watch this video. MAKE IT VIRAL. We must never forget. Because the GOP will try to take credit for this. We must NEVER LET THEM forget.

  155. Yes indeed — apparently the mission was carried out some time in the afternoon on Sunday . .

  156. No – I’m hearing that it happened Sunday afternoon and that Obama gave the final orders on Friday . .

  157. Another lighter dkos moment

    I just received an (un)official transcript of the phone call between President Obama and George W. Bush:

    Bush: Hello?

    Obama: Hello, George. This is President Obama.

    Bush: Oh hi, Barry. You finally locate that egg salad sandwich I taped under you nightstand? Heh heh.

    Obama: Secret Service found it on one of their sweeps during my inauguration. Good one. But that’s not why I called. George, I’m excited to tell you that our forces have actually located something bigger: Osama bin Laden.


    Obama: Bin Laden, George. We got him.

    Bush: Uh.

    Obama: You still there?

    Bush: I uh. Sort of thought he was a myth. You know like Santa Claus and Thomas Jefferson?

    Obama: No, he’s real. Well he was. We kind of shot him.

    Bush: Oh! Wow, well done, Barry. cough Hey cough I think I swallowed a bug or something. Gotta go.

    // click.

  158. so glad!!! congratulations to the US military, to Leon Panetta, and to President Obama. WAY TO GO!!!!

  159. Folks… Brian Williams just said that the death of Hitler was announced on May 1st, 1945.


  160. What an amazing night!!! Our President just never stops topping himself. I did not see this one coming nor did I ever imagine that it could be done as surgically as it seems to have been done.

    Just think of it: He authorized this mission on Friday and he somehow managed to smile and joke his way through the WH Correspondents’ event on Saturday, not knowing whether the plan was to work. He has some much discipline and focus and he truly knows how to get stuff one.

    When will the American people come to appreciate the greatness and extraordinary leadership that we are so blessed to be witnessing??

  161. Folks, as I’m watching the crowd near the White House, I’m thinking…

    There is an emotional release happening right now in all America and I think it will help TREMENDOUSLY in healing americans from FEAR. And I dare hope it will help heal some of the division.

    This is big.

  162. WOW!! Woke up for no reason at 4:30 am and flipped on the TV for no good reason, and….WOW!! Oh, yes, another campaign promise KEPT!

  163. Think back to the supposed Somali pirate crisis President Barack Hussein Obama had to deal with early in his first term. It came out that he had to approve a covert operation to rescue a bunch of Americans on that ship, and that the covert US operation succeeded.

    Now we have this today a couple years later. His speech tonight was amazing, and it’s safe to say we’re entering FDR-area with President Obama. FDR certainly had incredible challenges that Barack can’t even comprehend, yet FDR never had to deal with the media climate and melanin challenges that President Obama has to deal with on a daily basis. A truly amazing chain of events!

    I literally watch almost no MegaMedia coverage anymore of anything, yet I watched a few minutes of NBC tonight while waiting for President Obama to speak. They had on Richard Engel live from Libya, and he was putting tonight in the context of all the various uprisings throughout the Arab world, and talking about how tonight marks “the end of an era” in the Arab world. I was struck by this account, especially as it was coming from Benghazi, but of course, Gregory David rudely interrupted for no reason whatsoever, and proceeded to let Andrea Greenspan blabber on about nothing in front of some books, and a bunch of others ramble about nothing. Eventually, Engel comes back making a bunch of interesting points.

    I can’t help but think back to President Obama’s Cairo speech, which was so ignorantly maligned by Republicans and their fluffers in the MegaMedia, and how one can clearly trace all these historic developments in the Middle East to being helped by President Obama’s actions. Amazing. Obama/Biden 2010 indeed!

  164. Somebody commented earlier that when President Obama said “What a week”, at the beginning of his speech saturday night, he wasn’t thinking ONLY about the birther issue !!!!!

  165. Overseasgranny, I’m happy that you can share this with us !

    There are thousands of people outside the White House, and at Grand Zero !!

    NOW if BWD could wake up !!!

  166. From the NYC celebration: A US soldier holding a handmade sign that says “Obama – 1, Osama – 0”.

  167. Can somebody explain to me why there are only veterans of the BUSH administration commenting on MSNBC ??

  168. Well said, bonkers. I only watch MSNBC sporadically now – didn’t even know Chuck Todd’s haircut is now making him look like Friar Tuck – but had it on tonight because I had no choice. I just had to hear what was going on. But all of the people you mentioned (including David Gregory’s accidental use of the name “Obama” when he meant to say “Osama” – grrrr) made me cringe.

  169. Maybe your message to her woke me up on the way past. I’ll re-transmit from closer to her.
    Wake-up, BWD! Now!

  170. Will donald, the chump, be demanding the osama’s death certificate ? What a effing maroon.

  171. I would hazard to guess because they don’t have jobs, whereas Obama administration officials are busy planning to prevent blowback from the killing of OBL.

  172. Keep talking please. I pretty much only have Faux and CNN available, although AJ and Sky are covering it sort of.

  173. I’m watching BBC World through my handy dandy VPN tunnel. I can’t bear to watch US media.

  174. Should be a lot of Republicans deciding this morning not to run against PBO in 2012.

  175. Not just that. He ordered the mission on Bin Ladin. Then he visited the tornado site in the morning, toured the space center in the afternoon, and gave a stellar speech in the evening. Then destroyed Trump on Saturday night, plays golf on Sunday morning and announces that hell has frozen over on Sunday night. Amazing.

  176. PJ – I can’t get past your “Bush the Lesser” phrase. OMG – so funny. Thanks!

    Now, I’ll go back and read the rest of what you posted.

  177. tnmtngirl – I did the same thing! So glad Brian’s on. In the “old days,” I would have watched Peter Jennings – a real reporter.

    I also tuned in my local PBS TV channel earlier – out of desperation. They were having a live auction and the announcer stopped to mention that Osama bin Laden had been killed and the volunteers who were manning the phones all cheered. Kind of nice that it was local – but a little surreal.

  178. That’s the picture of a man who can delegate and delegate it to responsible and competent people.

  179. Yes, PBHO IS…


    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012! πŸ™‚

  180. Because all MegaMedia outlets exist nowadaze to serve as propaganda outlets for their billionaire owners. Wasn’t always the case – most major news networks believed in the “pursuing of truth” in support of the US Constitution as their goal, instead of chasing advertising dollars, but sadly those days have been gone for quite some time.

    Doesn’t matter what any individual within in the MegaCorporation thinks, since they all have to do what the boss says in order to keep their paychecks. I know since I used to work for them. It’s that simple.

    Control the Message and you control the Masses. Hence, teebaggerz and Republicans in general.

  181. Indeed. No former horse association officials running covert ops in this administration.

  182. Yes – It was quite amazing to be treated to both Andy Card and Tom Ridge and then a written statement from Condi Rice.

  183. The New York Times online front page has a special column headed by the word, “Obituary” before it lists Osama bin Laden. The further I get from the President’s announcement, the more surreal this is becoming!

    Yes. We. Did.

  184. He barely got the “Andy” part of “Andy Card” out and I was hitting the remote.

    Good grief.

  185. Words escape me.I am so proud of this President, of our military men and women,and so proud of the courageous men that carried out this dangerous mission.I feel kind of numb, like this hasn’t sunken in yet.Hate to mention this, but since OBL had a boatload of money, do you think the US will freeze/take his assets and be able to put something back into the coffers?Better yet, take the money and give it to the victims of his massacre.I can only imagine the treasure trove of intel they got from OBL compound after the raid. I hope that info gives us a lot of what we need to know to take these AH’s out and stop other attacks from happening, here and around the world.
    2 1/2 years of an intelligent Commander in Chief in charge. Eyes on the ball the entire time.Never wavering.I’m so proud to call Barack Hussein Obama my President!

  186. The villa in which he was killed had a value of millions of US dollars, according to the BBC. We had an image of him living in caves and holes in the ground, and was instead living in a multi-million dollar compound.

  187. Thank you for asking and answering the question – it’s been driving me absolutely crazy to see one failed Bush security staffer after another commenting and giving their half cent on this successful mission.

  188. While the US went further and further into debt fighting the war in Iraq…

  189. Just goes to show – if you want to catch a Muslim, elect a Muslim to do the job! πŸ™‚

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