There are no red states, there are no blue states….



83 thoughts on “There are no red states, there are no blue states….

  1. Chills…. I knew the POTUS & FLOTUS would bring love, comfort, and support to the citizens of Alabama. The last pic is soooo heart rending.

  2. President Obama is a good man. I am just disgusted with a-holes like Donald Trump who keeps bringing up that nonsense about the birth certificate. He is just jealous of Obama . President Obama has way more class, intelligence and is certainly much better looking than old ugly face Trump.
    I am boycotting any and all things directly related to Trump.

  3. My God what a disaster. Prayers to the people affected by these tornadoes. Those pictures are so stark.

  4. Well to everyone this is truly a blessed time in which we live because the Hand of GOD has placed the the right person in the WHITE HOUSE to lead us through this storm of life. As they say God is always around and always on TIME when you need him most. GOD BLESS AMERICAN

  5. Please forgive me for going O/T here. I’m just trying to join others in fighting the good fight.

    Not sure if anyone wants to contact Macy’s – which has a “Trump collection” among their product line – but thought I’d share the response I got from them.

    I contacted “” – he is senior vice president of Corporate Communications & External Affairs at Macy’s.

    My email yesterday: “I see from the Macy’s website that you are senior vice president of Corporate Communications & External Affairs. My question for you is: Since Donald Trump is race-baiting in connection with President Obama and the Republican party, does that mean that Macy’s – which still carries Trump products – agrees with his racially charged remarks? Many of us who support President Obama are awaiting your answer.”

    I got this response from them this morning: “The Donald J. Trump Signature Collection has been offered at Macy’s for many years based on the response of our customers to the styling, quality and value of the products. Our offering of merchandise is not a reflection of any political viewpoint. In our merchandise assortment, we strive to meet our customers’ expectations for unique and interesting products across a diverse range of styles, categories and brands. This allows our customers to choose what they prefer.

    Corporate Communications
    Macy’s, Inc.”

    Here’s what I’m sending back: “Thank you for your response. I would tend to disagree that products from a race-baiter could possibly have ‘styling, quality, and value.’ I would like to ask one more question – I’m not a minority, but will African Americans and Hispanic Americans and others who frequent your stores now have to ‘show their papers’ before purchasing anything from Macy’s – from the Trump collection or otherwise? Many of President Obama’s supporters will want this answer.”

  6. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever even been in a Macy’s store much less shopped there. Now I know I never will. Thanks for sharing this here.

  7. I’m proud of our President and the First Lady! They are good people and what our nation needs.

  8. Devastating pictures, BWD. I’ve been sending healing thoughts to all the people there.

  9. I didn’t even know Macy’s was facilitating Mr. Chump’s cheap merchandise. I will be sending them my remarks asap. thanks for the heads up.

  10. They have so much class and I’m so tired of the President being attack just for “being”.

  11. Thank God for President Obama. What a man of compassion and courage. If there is anywhere near the quality and substance inherent in any of his opponents please let me know cause I don’t see it. The first couple being on the scene in Alabama makes the sight of the devastation a little more bearable. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  12. I looked up Macy’s email contact online last night and wrote them an email about not supporting their store when they feature clothing from a person that is disparaging our President.

    Their reply this morning was the items have been carried for many years and have been requested from the customers and it was not a political endorsement by their company.

    I still think if enough of us letting them know we are not going to shop there it may help. I intend to call their 1-800-264-0069 phone number next to report my displeasure. I will add it appears as if they are making a political endorsement and that they are supporting someone disparaging our President.

  13. I canceled my Macy’s Platinum AMEX card today and intend to send the cut up plastic to their CEO with a letter explaining how they’ve lost a 25 year ‘valued customer’ forever due to their relationship with the Vile Racist Carnival Barker.

  14. I received the exact same response. The best way to make them dump it is to not buy it. I believe it will eventually be dumped. I am proud of us for sending the email.

  15. That was the same response I got from Macy’s. Guess they have a canned response for all of us now.

  16. Eye opener Jacquiline. I never shop Macy’s and doesn’t look like I never will. What astounds me is African Americans continue to appear on his tv show inspite of all DT’s racially charged hate toward the President. How cluelsess is that? Obama/Biden 2012!!

  17. God bless the victims of this horrid storm. I keep checking to see if there is anywhere to send donations to help but I see nothing.

    Our president is such a caring yet super smart person. He is the best for these times we are living in. He saved us from a depression started by the failed former president bush and his ilk, yet manages to be there his shoulders ready for ALL of us to lean on when nature or man made tragedies occurs. What a lucky nation we live in.

  18. Time for a few video clips of our President.

    Blog story on an iphone app for PTSD.

    I have included a video clip of the President from July 2010 where he discusses stimulus projects that help veterans, and then spends about 2 minutes talking about PTSD.

    This president handles so many issues. No matter what story I am covering in my blog, there is support from President O, or FLOTUS or VP Biden, etc.

    Smartphone App Helps Troops, Vets Manage Stress

  19. I already heard on the radio ABC news that the Alabama citizens have not seen FEMA anywhere. Guess they are going to try to make a slow response argument to paint it as if Obama is not doing anything for them. He couldn’t have been down there any faster to observe and promise help to them.

  20. Good for you, they have already heard from me in the form of cancelling my Macy’s Credit Card. I was a loyal Macy’s customer for many years, but I will never shop there again. The only way to fight back against these corporate fascists is hit them where they live: profits.

  21. I originally missed your beautiful comment yesterday and only just now saw it. Thank you for sharing your story.

  22. well maybe we need to bring it to their attentions. NeNe leaks, Star Jones and I forgot the rapper, Latoya Jackson, Dionne warwick.

  23. He’s such a wonderful person – but, of course, all of you know that.

    Does anyone have an email address for Lawrence O’Donnell? I want to do some follow-up on his 27 April program. Thank you.

  24. The Republican Governors said they were there yeaterday and Napolitano.

  25. Try contacting local churches. A lot of them were first with the goods after Katrina. You could also try the county Sheriffs. They can sometimes direct you where help is most needed.

  26. majii and all from southern states, please check in to let us know you and yours are ok. Please! 😦

    The hometown of a dear friend was flattened (GA). So much devastation…

  27. Good to see Obama putting the bull behind him and getting to the real job he was elected to do: helping and bringing comfort to the people.

  28. Yes they do. I can’t begin to describe what it meant to the people of Arizona when they came here after the shootings in Tucson. They brought comfort and support that so many of us will never forget.

  29. I’m disappointed that the Shuttle launch has been postponed due to bad weather and technical difficulties.

  30. Oh my goodness. Thanks for that info. I never have watched Chump’s show so have no idea of the sponsors. My husband is retired from Macy’s. However, 34 of the 35 years it was May Dept. Stores so it pains us to say he is retired from Macy’s. Truthfully, he isn’t. Thirty-four years vs. one year–no contest. I most definitely will call and register my opinion.

  31. ABC is LYING. Yesterday, while I was watching my local television station which pours into Pensacola from Mobile, they interrupted with a conference call from the Governor, the Ala. Senators and Mr. Fugate, the FEMA representative.

    The Governor thanked the president for quickly sending FEMA down. Shelby, on the other hand was trying to under cut, saying that he is glad that FEMA is there, but hoped the president would come see. Little did he know at that time, the announcement had already been made that POTUS was coming to Alabama.

    Lies, damned lies by the ABC channel. They just never freaking stop. Sheesh.

  32. My husband and I watched an episode of his show about three weeks ago at the request of my daughter that is an associate of ACN which had a challenge for the celebrities. Now this was before the bru ha ha birther incident. My spouse was disgusted with the way Dionne Warwick was treated by Trump. My husband asked me why are these people selling themselves out to this man? He stated that Dionne was an Icon in the AA community and here Trump is talking to her like a nobody, my spouse said that Trump is a racist. I was disturbed by the way Nene was going after Dionne, the ghetto stereotype is what this show is pushing. I have never tuned in since.

  33. I think that think this BS from Trump didn’t start until after this season was taped. I think with all these “realty shows” you have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

  34. Thank you Aquagranny for checking. I called NBC and have left a message for Mr O’Donnell.

  35. awesome. I sent my email advising them that if they continue to facilitate this disgraceful man (I included links to him cursing and links to his racist remarks) I will be canceling all my cards with them. I have this special membership rewards thing that I pay x amount for every year I also advised that I will be asking for refund for the rest of the year. I am very disappointed in Macy’s.

  36. I have never watched his show but aren’t all these reality shows taped months in advance?

  37. Well that would be a blatant lie. Even early yesterday morning the first news feeds I was seeing pertaining to fema etc was that the Gov said he spoke to potus the night before and that potus had assured him anything the town needed would be available. Fema has been there since yesterd. Why does news people feel they have to keep baiting the American people….jeeez.

  38. Our President and first lady are such compassionate people. Thank you BWD for posting these photos. Is there any video of this visit?

  39. Thank you so much for not only your first letter to him, but also for your followup.

    I’ve just sent mine informing him that our long-standing account with Macy’s will be closed and we will not shop online or in any Macy’s store until they remove racist Trump’s merchandise.

  40. “getting to the real job he was elected to do: helping and bringing comfort to the people.”

    Unless you have been under a rock or lost in a cave….. with all due respect I gotta say, President Obama has been for the 2plus years he has been in office, saving our nation from a depression, gave us health care reform, saving our auto industry, getting the disgraceful DADT repealed, race to the top, wall street reform, etc etc….are all huge “help and “comfort” to we the people. I won’t even bother listing the amount of man made as well as nature made disasters that this man has “help and comforted us through”.

    This horrid disaster is just another one of countless others he has handled with grace, empathy and candor. I am sure there are more to come and he will remain the classy loving shoulder we all have come to respect and depend on in these times.

  41. I’m glad that made your day, as I know that this has been a tough week. Unfortunately, I personally don’t click there for the good or the bad anymore as I consider the overall product so incredibly untrustworthy. Seems as if they like Obamabots to “balance” out the toxic content and that just doesn’t interest me. The challenge we’re facing is way too high to waste time around people looking to depress, deflate, defeat Dems, and particularly this POTUS. I know that sounds harsh but dkos=tar baby. Love you, bwd. 🙂

  42. Thank you so much BWD,and you said it perfectly.
    There are no red states,nor blue states, we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA we are one people,This President is the most compasionate
    with a heart of GOLD, he is a perfect human being, and The GOP should have the decency to give him that much.
    O.K I so Freaking tired of talking about Trump, he is finish, and let’s move on please.

  43. Just a small ct thought but I wonder if they deleted his email address. Dons, tin foil hat and runs, lol!

    Glad you called and left a message. I will look to see if I have a fax number for them but I don’t think I ever had one. I need to get more organized. Little scraps of paper just don’t “pull the weeds” as my Granny used to say.

  44. So sorry about your friend’s hometown, Starshine. Try not to worry too much. There are widespread power outages, cell towers will be down. Just keep sending positive energy and thoughts to all there.

  45. lol, there are some wonderful people still there, and I don’t mean to tarnish them. Still glad that they were able to uplift you!

  46. Me too, and I hope this doesn’t put too much stress on Gabby. This is her first real trip away from hospitals and rehab. But she’s a real trooper and her recovery has been remarkable.

    They are talking about a GO on Monday. I’m so hoping this will be so.

  47. Thanks for asking, starshine! I’m in Macon, GA, and we’re fine. Seems like we dodged a bullet this time. We sure got hit in 2008, though. My home suffered significant damage then. We were blessed this time around, but in Forsyth and Jackson, some lives and properties were lost. One couple that had recently adopted an 8 year old was sucked out of their home by the tornado and died as a result. I feel so sorry for this little girl. She hadn’t been with the family long. Some of my former students from Forsyth are reporting on FB that their homes and properties were damaged, but there was no loss of life.

  48. Amen, Kelly, Amen. “May goodness and mercy follow him all the days of his life.”

  49. BWD: I just click the other side to see you,
    and wow your are totally amazing, yes I was so sick. and mad that many of them were attacking, so I just STOP clicking there. We are more confotable in this site and thank you for everything you have done for all of us. We will always respect you, and be with you.

  50. I hope that they take their time, and any little thing that is out of order, I hope that they keep pushing the launch back. I remember watching with horror as they talked about some tiny styrofoam component caused that crash in 2003 and led to the death of the entire crew. I’d rather that people feel disappointed and annoyed with the delays than to live through something like that again.

    Thanks NASA, and take your sweet time making sure that everything’s perfect.

  51. Yesterday I wrote to the senior vp of communications at NBC about Trump’s show (which I’ve actually never watched) and got the standard form e-mail back thanking me for my opinion. It’s obvious that they’re counting numbers now, trying to figure out how big a deal this is and what impact it will have on them to renew his show. I told them the usual stuff that the renewal of his show would signal to viewers that NBC condones racism and that I would work to support a boycott of NBC and the show’s sponsors until such time as this buffoon was taken off the air.

    The more e-mails they get, the harder this issue ill be for them to ignore, so please keep them coming. The e-mail I used is:

  52. Yes to that GN and I’m sure our Gabby feels the same but I can’t help a bit of worry about the stress on her right now. I’m so selfish. I want her back in AZ, well and healthy as soon as possible with her Hubby right by her side.

  53. I read somewhere a long time ago that every email/letter they receive counts for 100 people who feel the same but don’t take the time to write. So keep those cards and letters coming folks. Each one counts more than you may know.

    Thanks for the link and reminder, Jackie

  54. On that note, Groupon has dropped Trump in terms of advertising. Good for them, I can remain a loyal customer.

  55. I’m puzzled by this as well. Similar to many here, I’ve never seen his show but have seen the commercials and was beyond stunned to see African-Americans continuing to support this racist, narcissistic, charlatan.

  56. I sent this 2nd note to NBC:
    Your placid reply did not denote any understanding that this is not just about that one show, we are not watching any NBC show or buying any products advertised until that race-baiting, dishonorable insect is removed. No one who disrespects the President of the United States should be given such a forum. Further, it is difficult to imagine your station condoning this behavior if the president happen to be white.

    It is your call. The ball is in your court!

    S. Stewart

    Lutherville MD

  57. I’m from Alabama. In fact, I live just an hour from Tuscaloosa (where the President & First Lady toured today) and two hours from Birmingham–two Alabama cities where most of the devastation of Wednesday’s violent storms took place. My nephew and neice were in a house struck by the storm in Tuscaloosa, but thank God they weren’t hurt physically. My neice, however, is still suffering flashbacks from having to step over dead bodies when the two of them left their house to find safe shelter after the storm.

    It is simply unbelieveable what has taken place in Alabama. But there seems to be a positive message and a blessing in all of the devastation. First and foremost, relatively few lives were lost (not to diminish the importance of any life taken). But it could have been a lot worse based on the massive amount of destruction that took place –in areas with high concentrations of businesses and people huddled together during rush hour in two of the state’s largest cities with lots of apartment buildings in one college community and lots of homes and businesses in outlying suburban areas.

    Secondly, an amazing aspect of the whole horrific event is that it sheds a bright light on just how important “government assistance” really is. It is so ironic that three of the nation’s leading critics of “big government–Republican U.S. Senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions, U.S. Representative Spencer Baucus, and recently elected Republican Gov. Bentley have all been hostile critics of the democratically-led federal government and of what they perceive as President Obama’s “socialistic” policies. They’ve all attacked the President’s “liberal” policies in an effort to reverse the new Healthcare law, cut Medicare/Medicaid, block efforts to raise the ceiling on the national debt, etc. One of them has even gone as far as to question the president’s birthplace(yes, another birther). Yet, now these same men find themselves having to “ask” the federal government–and President Obama–for help. Three of them (Shelby, Baucus, and Gov. Bentley) are actually from Tuscaloosa which was hit hard.

    Not surprising, President Obama has promised that he will make sure Alabama gets all the federal assistance possible to rebuild. Our President is doing this because he is a man of honor–one who doesn’t hold a grudge. I do believe, however, our republican leaders from Alabama have some serious soul searching to do.

  58. And, here are these GOPTeaParty-elected officials (governors, mayors, senators, representatives, et al), who want small government, w/their “hands out” wantin’/needin’ help from the BIG, Bad Federal Government… Remember, it’s the problem. It doesn’t have any solutions!

    Of course, those same people are “Yellin’ for PBHO.” He cannot be everywhere and he cannot do everything!

    Just like at the federal level, each state is suppose to have its’ own emergency (response) management organization which consists of the public sector…first responders, EMS, police, firefighters, et al…

    NOW, if the Governor (like Perry, Christie, Jindal, Barbour, et al) cannot handle that state’s emergency(ies), he/she declare ‘a state of emergency’ to receive help from the BIG, Bad Federal Government!

    How ironic!

    YES. WE. CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012

  59. this is harsh. These Southern states who vote Republican, are ‘keeping their own money’ instead of paying their fair share of taxes. Have no services, yet have the temerity to bitch about Obama’s response?

    Let them secede. Please. Let Rick Perry pay for his own hurricane rebuilding. Let them ‘keep their money’ to buy junk at Wal-Mart and have no weather service, no warning service, no disaster response. I’m furious.

    I just heard a state congressman from Missouri say “Keep the levee. Let Cairo [IL] flood. Do you know who lives there?”

    Black people live there. So let them drown so the sainted white farmers who go to church and vote for someone who advocates the killing of people of color can be safe. With Federal help that they don’t want to pay for.

    Frankly, where is the Democratic outrage? republicans scream their outrage if they sneeze and Obama doesn’t say “gesundheit”, but there is no universal outrage over blatant racist comments from elected officials day after day after day.

    I’m spitting mad.

  60. They don’t care though. They think New York, and California and Illinois and Massachusetts should pay for it. Which they do. Because these people don’t want to pay taxes. They want to ‘keep their own money’. Tell me how a couple of grand of taxes from a middle income family is going to repair Tuscaloosa? Tell me how! Besides, they spent that money at Wal-Mart of for the newest iPhone. It’s absurd.

    What should be shouted from the rooftops is that Paul Ryan and the band of Crazies would neuter the Federal government’s ability to respond and/or predict terrible events like this, in order to give oil subsidies and tax breaks to Donald Trump.

    It’s that simple.

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