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  1. Second…maybe……hopefully. 🙂 PO is THE best!!!!! Thank you, God, for allowing us to be blessed by him and his family.

  2. There is the old saying about wearing your heart on your sleeve. While it is true that most of the time our President keeps his emotions under wraps, looking at these pictures you can tell how much what he has been seeing and hearing impacts him on an emotional level.

  3. Looking at these and other photos, the devastation, the pain, so hard to get your head around it. I look at the president and Mrs. Obama, listening comforting, not standing on ceremony; clasping hands with both of theirs; hugging and holding people that they have never met; how blessed we all are to have their hearts, minds and service. Such a stark contrast to the way the people of New Orleans were treated after Katrina.

  4. japa, what occurs to me is that President Obama doesn’t use emotion to manipulate people or put on a show. But when he needs to reach out and offer comfort because it can help someone else, his heart is indeed on his sleeve. Just a stellar human being.


  6. These photos are making me cry inside! 😦 God bless our President, First Lady, and all the victims.

  7. What beautiful, beautiful photos–all heart indeed. Where were the discussions of this appalling devastation in our media? Real lives are affected by the kind of natural disasters that have swept Alabama. Yet Americans are treated by the media as children who can’t take the harshness of life (unless it’s vulgar violence and sex) and are incapable of empathy. Thank God we have a president and first lady who model empathy in their daily lives. If people would open their eyes and really look at him, they would learn so much.

  8. I would hope the visit by the President and first lady will bring some attention to what has happened to these people from the media.

  9. Most definitely, gn. I love the president and his family. these pics are heart rending, the compassion and love is palpable.

  10. Which is exactly why when you see these emotions, you know they are sincere, not just something he puts on because he thinks he is supposed to. Without a doubt, one of the most genuine Presidents we have ever had.

  11. Someone made mention of homes in places that are prone to natural disaters do not have basements. It’s key to have that solid foundation. What a metaphor for the people to start buiding a strong spiritual physical foundation.

  12. Spent hours steamed up about Trump today.

    Then I saw the President’s remarks in Alabama. And now all’s right with the world.

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a First Lady visit a natural disaster site with any former president. Was so glad to see Mrs. Obama there, giving comfort to the residents – but probably not as glad as they were, to receive her beautiful hugs!

  13. Beautiful post from Crooks & Liars

    I Almost Want to Rip Up My Own Birth Certificate.

    I am a white Jewish American. My family escaped–often in a sprint, sometimes prostrate on the bottom of a rowboat—Cossacks and communists and Nazis so that I might be here today. Many of them didn’t make it.

    I live in the middle of Los Angeles. Gay people are everywhere and considered as normal as anyone else. Black people too. Persians, Buddhists, Sikhs, astrologers and witches are ho-hum. My mechanic is Pakistani. I probably run into more Latinos everyday than I do white people. When I grew up, our mayor was black. Today our mayor is Hispanic. No one seems to notice.

    It is a privilege to live like this. It is lovely.

    And obviously I reside in La La Land because yesterday, Birth Certificate Day, punched me in the mouth. I was stricken, paralyzed with rage.

    To see laid bare the brazen racial hatred coursing through the blood of so many millions of people who also call themselves American, well it actually made me cry. I’d thought, in 2011, that we were better than that. We aren’t. We are still desperately sick. And it made me ashamed before all of those that we continue to torment.

    I should have known better. About ten years ago, I went to a wedding in Memphis, Tennessee, which included a preliminary lunch at the home of some fantastically polite and generous white people in the suburbs. They fed us lavishly. Laughed at our jokes. Expressed real interest in our pursuits and lives back home. They loaned us their car. They offered us a place to sleep “anytime.” They were basically the nicest people I had ever met in my life.

    Then the 40-year-old woman who lived in this beautiful house asked what we had planned that night. “We’re going to check out Beale Street,” I answered like a typical tourist. Her face flinched a fraction in disappointment and concern. “Oh,” she said. “Don’t you think it’s a bit dark down there?” “Dark?” I smirked like an idiot. “The whole place is lit up like high noon in neon lights.”

    And then we elected a black president.

    I know racism persists. Arizona, “Ground Zero Mosque” and “Mau Mau” are ominous signs of this despicable cancer. But I was not prepared for this buffoon, this nauseating jester of unflagging privilege, to amplify this revolting malice. To feed his ugly sucking egomania, Donald Trump opted to speak for those people in Tennessee and so many others. Black people, he lied again and again, are not good enough to be president. Black people are not good enough for Harvard. Black people are lesser. Illegitimate. Frauds and Conmen. It is high time that these people relearned their place. In short, he raved, “The Blacks” are Not Us.

    read the rest here, it’s good.

  14. Thank you for finding the video so fast. I was glad to hear POTUS tell the media what the mayor said about not wanting the media to forget about them.

  15. I just read that article from Crooks & Liars. That is how I feel too, and I’m sure every other sane person in this country feels the same. Thanks theboysisters for posting.

  16. He is such a kind and empathetic President. You can tell that he genuinely feels for the folks in Alabama.

    My heart goes out to them all.

    On the last thread someone was asking for the email address of Lawrence O’Donnell.

    Lawrence O’donnell –

    I got this from the email addresses page at my blog WhatISworking > Resources > email addresses.

    I have added the VP of communications Kathy Kelly to the page.

    When you guys send email, if you can add the email address I will continue to snag them and add them to the page.

  17. Yes we are BWD Thanks for the Update and vidio I was looking for it.
    This President is the hardest president I have ever seen and he is so caring. so to the other side give this man same respect.

  18. Thanks for this amazing article! Makes me want to create a Willow Smith-inspired song called “Rip Your Papers!”

  19. And, it is people from states like this (Alabama) who have been acting so racist against this President. I mean, asking to see his birth certificate, college papers, etc.

    Of course, it is not all southerners, but a lot of the racism does still seem to come from this region.

  20. Wonderful job by the President and such a great contrast to the day-late, dollar-short, “heckuva job Brownie” nonsense we saw from his predecessor. He spent time with people who’d lost everything and listened to what they had to say, was incredibly gracious in his praise of Republican officials who have never been his supporters, and said supportive things not only about the assistance his administration is offering, but about the American people in general.

    And he said it on Fox News. Suck it, Fox! Tell the people watching that clip that he can only talk in front of teleprompters or his birth certificate is a fraud or we need to see what kind of grade he got in English 101 back in 1978. Once again President Obama and his wonderful and caring wife Michelle showed what they’re made of.

  21. Exactly. You just can’t see him dealing with people who are hurting and still say he is cold. He may not be quick to show anger but he is always quick to show compassion.

  22. Once again this situation shows what a disgrace our media is. They will spend hours and hours highlighting Trump and acting like his racist allegations are serious business but will gloss over the pain and suffering of American citizens as if it is only worthy of a brief mention then back to debating whether the President did the right thing by trying to put an end to their obsession with covering the birthers.

  23. Thanks for passing this along. It is wonderful to see so many people speaking out and finally calling out the racism inherent in the right wing attacks on the President. It is wonderful to see that there are many, many Americans of all races and creeds who are sick of it and sickened by it. It is past time we faced what is going on and start acknowledging it instead of pretending that it has nothing to do with the color of the President’s skin. Hopefully it will continue to be called out and those who persist on using or winking at racism will keep hearing from the rest of us that enough is enough.

  24. WiW thanks for all you do!

    Yes PBHO is, and yes he does…

    And, may all who are affected recover quickly!

    If anyone wants to help, go here:

    Red Cross Responds in 11 States to Spring Storms’ Aftermath…

    Also, as professorx10 says, “…It is media activism time.” You may want to add this to your “Take Action” list:

  25. And I just checked the 3 network stations in Birmingham, Al. Only NBC has a story on the President’s remarks, and of course they couldn’t end it on an up note so the closing was about the jobs lost at NASA. ABC and CBS had almost nothing on his visit. One had videos of his plane arriving and departing but nothing in between. The other mentioned that Obama said he had never seen devastation like this and no other reporting on his comforting, unifying remarks. They had vids of their mayors and gov, but not of President Obama. It gets really tough to change some of these regions in the country, or at least get the people to begin to think a little differently if the news media there refuse to do their jobs. It’s infuriating.

  26. Thank you President Obama. I just love seeing positive things about you here on this blog after reading and hearing so much negative.

    You are a fantastic President and I just can’t wait to vote, support and campaign for you.

  27. This one finally made me cry.
    From Pragmatic Progressive:
    And then there was yesterday — the day the most powerful man in the world, a former Senator from the Land of Lincoln, a graduate of one of the most prestigious universities in the world, and a Nobel Laureate… a decent man, a loving man, the father of two little girls and the man who won the Presidency by the cherished traditions of a free people exercising their plebiscite was forced to capitulate to the devils of our most heinous natures.

    This moment in American history — sure to be long recorded – made my skin crawl.

    The 44th President of the United States was made to prove (yet again) what no other president or presidential contender in U.S. history has ever had to prove — ever. Forty-three other men had never been hounded to do anything so patently absurd or determinedly humiliating.

    But it wasn’t about his birth certificate. Be certain of that.

  28. Sent to Chris Matthews today:

    I tried to watch your show today but when you opened with a Pres. Obama poster facsimile with Trump’s face, I immediately turned you off. Why are you giving him the pleasure of watching you play snippets of his vulgarity? I cannot believe you do not know that that is exactly what he wants. I will not watch you anymore until this Trump virus runs its course.
    It really hit me like a slap. How dare he do that as if it is okay.

  29. Good for you. Its as if Matthews is fixated on trump. He just can not get enough and devotes a good portion of his show it seems each day on this. The day he had pat bucklann on there spouting his racism made me sick to my stomach.

  30. Yes,

    The media acts as if it is somehow President Obama’s fault that this “birther” controversy has gone on as long as it has. Talking about why did it take so long for him to show his birth certificate.

    When the question should be: why did he have to show it at all!

    After all, no other President before him had to show theirs!

  31. One would think that the terrible storms that have been raging throughout the world would wake up the doubters about climate change – we know that won’t be so.

  32. God sent this fabulous Man to lead this Great country. God bless the OBAMAS……. OBAMA2012!!!!!

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