Thursday open mishmash

Hi guys,

I’m not going to be around most of the day, but here’s a new playground. Have a good day.


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  1. Our president has class….unlike those racist buffoons who try to slander him. I want you all to join me on the “Dump Trump campaign I started on Facebook. I am boycotting NBC Entertainment until Trump gets fired. Who will join me?

  2. Obama issues executive order telling agencies to improve customer service online
    By Gautham Nagesh – 04/27/11 06:55 PM ET

    President Obama issued an executive order on Wednesday instructing federal agencies to come up with ways they can use technology to improve customer service within six months.

    “Government managers must learn from what is working in the private sector and apply these best practices to deliver services better, faster, and at lower cost,” Obama said in a statement.

    “Such best practices include increasingly popular lower-cost, self-service options accessed by the Internet or mobile phone and improved processes that deliver services faster and more responsively, reducing the overall need for customer inquiries and complaints.

  3. By the way, I spent the day with my lovely photographer wife in Benton Harbor yesterday, liveblogging the protest there. Benton Harbor is the poorest city in Michigan and is 85+% African American. Across the river is a majority white community, St. Joseph, that is doing just fine. We took some stunning photos and video about the poverty and desperation in Benton Harbor and will have a photoblog up about sometime soon. At any rate, yesterday’s rally/march drew about 300 people, mostly local folks, protesting the take over of the local government by the Emergency Financial Manager, Joe Harris, who now has sweeping new powers thanks to the Republicans in Michigan. Exclusive audio of him talking trash about the city officials and union firefighters is HERE. Available only at Eclectablog.

  4. We can’t let racists and bigots get away with race-baiting anyone, partucularly our president –
    I Wrote to NBC this morning and I am encouraging others to do the same as well as boycot all things Trump. From FB:
    Contact NBC directly and let them know how you feel:
    NBC Entertainment
    Rebecca Marks
    Executive Vice President, Publicity

  5. DoT giving Minneapolis $474 million for light rail
    By Keith Laing – 04/27/11 02:51 PM ET

    Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn., will get $474 million from the federal government for a proposed light-rail system connecting the two cities, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Wednesday.

    The announcement comes despite Congress’s decision to eliminate funding for other types of trains in the recently passed budget deal.

    The deal to avert a government shutdown eliminated $1.5 billion in funding for high-speed rail this year and $400 million that was in last year’s budget. But the money for the Twin Cities light rail will come from the Federal Transit Administration.

    Making no mention of the budget Wednesday, LaHood said the train would help Minnesotans deal with rising gas prices.

    “The 11-mile Central Corridor will link the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, connecting the State Capitol with the University of Minnesota and the downtown Minneapolis business district along one of the region’s most heavily traveled routes,” he wrote on his “Fast Lane” blog. “It will offer Twin Cities commuters a convenient, affordable option for getting to work without pumping money into their gas tanks or tailpipe emissions into the air.”

  6. Now that’s funny. I get much faster, more competent and more polite service when I have to contact a federal agency by phone than I do when trying to connect with a private company – like my bank, my telephone service, or a store.

  7. Hey guys, Any of you who live in Congressional District 19 in NY. Our Tea Party congresswoman who voted for the Ryan plan is having a townhall tonight in Fishkill – We need to go and let her have it. If you live in this district or in Districts neaby, please shoe up. Her name is Nan Hayworth!

  8. It is an honor to be named a Champion of Change by the White House for my work with school nutrition programs in the Pacific Northwest. Last Friday I joined a roundtable meeting with Administration officials and five other chefs from around the nation to discuss best practices for working with schools and teachers through the Chefs Move to Schools program.

    We have an extraordinary opportunity in this country to influence a lifetime of healthy eating habits beginning with children and teens. Schools provide a perfect setting, both in the classroom and in the cafeteria. Chef volunteers with Chefs Move to Schools are ready to share their expertise to get kids excited about tasty, healthy foods.

    In the classroom chefs can teach students through demonstration or hands-on cooking experiences. It could be something as simple as seasonal produce show-tell-and-taste, or a hands-on activity to build cooking confidence. Chefs in the classroom can also collaborate with the cafeteria to promote new healthy school menu items.

  9. Good morning. I could not post comments at all yesterday 😦 I am still sad and angry about yesterday birth certificate fiasco. Today it feels like I love this president even more and he is a bigger person than me. If I was him I would say deuces in 2012 nothing is worth this much hate.

  10. Google, one of the world’s largest companies, is investing $168 million in an alternative energy project that intends to produce enough solar energy to power 140,000 homes.

    The announcement, made last Monday, details the investment as part of the financing that BrightSource Energy needs to create a solar power plant in the Mojave Desert in California. In addition, BrightSource is guaranteed $1.6 billion in loans issued by the U.S. Department of Energy and an additional $300 million investment from NRG Energy Inc.

    “We’re interested in investments that have attractive returns and spur more deployment and development of compelling renewable energy technologies,” said spokesperson Parag Chokshi. “We have been active in the renewable energy sector for some time, having invested in several innovative companies through, and more recently, making corporate investments in clean energy projects, like two North Dakota wind farms, an offshore wind transmission line, and these two solar investments over the last week.”

    Rick Neeham, Google’s director of green business operations describes the need to invest in “smart capital” to transform their energy sector and build a clean energy future.

    Read more:

  11. Google is one of the largest clean energy corporate leaders in the U.S. If we had more Googles (and fewer Facebooks or Apples), it looks like we’d have a much brighter future. Hopefully, others will follow Google’s lead sooner than later on this front, or even try to one-up it. For now, though, it’s clean energy enthusiasm and investments are hard to compete with.

    With a number of recent clean energy project announcements, I thought it might be nice to run down a list of Google’s major projects of the last year or so.

    1. Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (“largest solar energy project in the world”): $168 million invested.

    Ivanpah is a utility-scale solar thermal power plant in the Mojave Desert in California that “will have a net power capacity of 370 MW (which means that it is expected to generate enough electricity for ~85,000 homes according to the DOE or ~140,000 homes based on BrightSource Energy’s utility power purchase agreement), and will double the amount of solar thermal-generated electricity worldwide.”

    (Announcement April 11, 2011)

    2. Caithness Shepherds Flat Wind Farm (“largest wind farm in world”): $100 million invested.

    “The 845-megawatt behemoth, called the Caithness Shepherds Flat project, will be sited in eastern Oregon and bring hundreds of new construction jobs to the area,” Tina wrote in December. 845 MW is enough for over 235,000 homes. The project is supposed to be up in 2012.

    From Rick Needham of Google:

    This project is exciting to us not only because of its size and scale, but also because it uses advanced technology. This will be the first commercial wind farm in the U.S. to deploy, at scale, turbines that use permanent magnet generators—tech-speak for evolutionary turbine technology that will improve efficiency, reliability and grid connection capabilities. Though the technology has been installed outside the U.S., it’s an important, incremental step in lowering the cost of wind energy over the long term in the U.S.

  12. I worked for two state governments that provided excellent customer service. Private industry is not the only entity that knows how to improve customer service in fact the only thing private industry does is make it cheaper (use foreignors) for profit. State agencies use U.S. employees and saves money for their state, cities and counties.

  13. April 27
    New iron castings foundry to bring jobs to Iowa.
    A Maryland-based company is making plans to employ 175 people at a new iron castings foundry in Iowa City.

    The plans were to be announced Wednesday at the Iowa Wind Energy Association conference.

    A news release from the Iowa Department of Economic Development says Nadicom, or North American Ductile Iron Co., of Fulton, Md., will initially focus on the wind turbine market.

    Nadicom CEO Prasad Karunakaran says the Iowa City site provides a central location that has rail and other logistical services and access to a world-class work force.

    The company hopes to begin operations by 2013. The $85 million project is subject to state and city review.


  14. (Ok… This is coordinated, and somebody is paying these folks to do this heckling of the POTUS- at these events):

    It seems that no matter where President Obama raises money these days, he can’t avoid getting heckled.

    Audience members interrupted Obama a handful of times at a 1,300-person fundraiser Wednesday night, speaking loudly enough to briefly derail him from his planned remarks.

    The first interruption came at the very beginning of the New York City fundraiser, from a few people in the audience. But their objections were “inaudible,” according to the White House’s official transcript.

    They were quickly booed by others in the crowd, and Obama made fun of them by saying, “See, there’s always something going on in New York City.”

    Shortly after that, a person in the audience spoke up again, prompting Obama to halt his remarks about his reelection campaign.

    “OK, OK, thank you,” Obama said. “All right, so let me just say – no, they can stay. I think they made their point. They’re all right. That’s all right.”

    He added, “But if any of the rest of you have something to say, let’s just knock it out right now.”

    “All right, where was I?” Obama then asked himself.

    Obama sailed smoothly for a while after that, but he was caught slightly off guard when he mentioned gas prices.

    “Four dollars,” a person in the crowd piped up to remind Obama.

    “A lot of truth tellers here,” Obama remarked.

    And later, when Obama was talking about wasteful spending, he was cut off again. “We’ve got to decide what we can afford to do without,” Obama was saying.

    Someone in the audience yelled, “Guantanamo!”

    “Case in point,” said Obama, who has failed to keep his campaign promise to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

    The breaks in Obama’s flow might have reminded him of a recent high-dollar fundraiser in San Francisco at which a small group of people broke out into song to protest the detention of Bradley Manning, the private charged with giving information to WikiLeaks.

    And for his part, Obama on Wednesday acknowledged the dissent among his backers.

    “I know there are times where some of you felt frustrated, where we haven’t gotten everything done that we wanted to get done. I know you guys,” he said. “Why did health care take so long? And we didn’t get our public option. You know, it’s like, you know, what are we doing about this energy thing? It’s not happening fast enough. And, look, small business – you know.”

    He continued: “I know all of you. I’ve got a couple thousand political consultants here. And sometimes – how come Obama is not communicating properly? And it’s like we’re – and their narrative, and we have to – you know, I see your comments. And you look wistfully at the poster – remember that day in Iowa? I know. Then your friends come and talk to you and, oh, Obama has changed.”


    I am sick of these guys, if I go to a rally and hear these guys, we may just get into it. I am serious.

  15. I think he is trying to make govt more efficient, as efficient as he can. I post alot of articles from his cabinet agencies, letting you know that they are working their asses off.
    And they are, he has a good cabinet…

    FHA PowerSaver Program to offer low-cost financing to credit-worthy borrowers

    WASHINGTON – Eighteen national, regional and local lenders will participate in a new two-year pilot program that will offer qualified borrowers living in certain parts of the country low-cost loans to make energy-saving improvements to their homes. Backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), these new PowerSaver loans will offer homeowners up to $25,000 to make energy-efficient improvements of their choice, including the installation of insulation, duct sealing, replacement doors and windows, HVAC systems, water heaters, solar panels, and geothermal systems.

    U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan and U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the participating lenders (see attached list) during a tour of a family-run company that offers home energy audits and upgrades in Long Island, New York.

    “We believe the market is right for a low-cost financing option for families who want energy-saving technologies in their home,” said Secretary Donovan. “PowerSaver hits on all cylinders by helping credit-worthy homeowners finance these upgrades, cut their energy bills and boost the local job market in the process. While FHA and these lenders are jumpstarting this pilot, we hope its success will lead to a growing private sector interest in making these types of loans.”

  17. I just talked to my mom and she is also upset about President Obama not being invited to the royal wedding. I tried to explain that it is not important but she is like ” they are all ganging up on him because he is black, intelligent and better then them in everything” I love the fact that she is as protective of President Obama as I am 🙂

    Three programs aimed at leading families to economic and living independence
    WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced today nearly $110 million is available through three grant programs to help families who receive HUD rental assistance get the necessary education or job training to gain employment. One of the grant programs also helps senior citizens connect with supportive services to allow them to remain in their home.

    “All of these programs have a good track record of collaborating with community service providers to leverage the education and job training that help low-income families move to economic independence,” said HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan. “I am pleased HUD can make these resources available again to help families hard hit in these economic times.”

  19. Light Rail is a great investment in infrastructure. We heard whining and complaining the entire time it was under construction here in Phoenix, but from the day it opened, it has surpassed ridership projections and continues to be a big draw to downtown. Even the sports franchises are getting in on the act. U. S. Airways Arena offers free rides to and from Park and Ride facilities to Suns ticket holders if they simply show their ticket stubs.

  20. Funny how Gates is quitting on june 30th, right before the troop withdrawals in Afghanistan. Funny, how POTUS made petreas CIA director, right before troop withdrawals.
    He is probabaly going to reverse the surge, and bring home the 33k. Just saying.

  21. I just called and left them a message. I am so pissed every time I think about it my heart aches, I get choked up and so angry not just for President Obama but for the whole minority community.

  22. Carter returned from a three-day trip to Pyongyang having failed to meet Kim, but he and three other former state leaders — known as the Elders — received a last-minute message from the leader saying he was willing to talk with anyone at anytime without preconditions.

    “He specifically told us he is prepared to meet directly with (South Korean) President Lee Myung-bak any time,” Carter told a press conference in Seoul.


  23. A new report by economists at the liberal Center for Economic and Policy Research looks at House Republicans’ plan for privatizing Medicare from a new angle, and finds that it could increase health care costs for beneficiaries by a staggering $34 trillion over 75 years.

    You won’t find these expenditures on the government ledger. They represent the amount of money Medicare beneficiaries would have to pay out of pocket if they wanted to buy insurance policies that provide Medicare-equivalent benefits.

    The reasoning is fairly straightforward, according to CEPR’s Dean Baker and David Rosnick.

    34 trillion, you say?

  24. Good morning to all:)I was off the computer for a good bit yesterday…my own exile,but could not escape the ugly.Saw the video of Oily Tatters and the woman needs to be committed.Someone really ought to be honest with her and tell her she needs serious help.Donald was all about Donald, as usual.The Remnick piece pretty much says it perfectly.Does anyone know where his clothing line is made? Any guesses???How about CHINA! Oh, the hypocracy…so many important things to accomplish for our country, so much greatness yet to achieve, so much more equality to work on,but we can plainly see the Republican vision of dumbing down America is alive and well.When we as a country long for our instant news devoid of facts,when we worship celebrity and entertain the notion that someone as egocentric as Trump “could” be President…the man clearly is only concerned with himself, and as long as he is only concerned with himself, he will never be a good fit for the country….among other reasons.The only person that should feel any shame, is him. He’s repulsive.Thank you PBO for being the adult.Again.

  25. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced today $30 million in funding for a second round of Promise Neighborhoods grants to be divided between a new set of planning grants and implementation grants. The Education Department plans to announce the application process in the coming weeks, which will be available to eligible applicants-non-profits, institutions of higher education and Indian tribes — and include a 60-day deadline from the date the application is released. Winners will be selected no later than Dec. 31. This second round of Promise Neighborhoods funding was made available through the Department of Defense and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act of 2011, passed by Congress on April 21.

  26. I read he isn’t attending because of security issues/costs. The list that was printed is those who were invited and are attending. I really don’t think the Obamas weren’t invited. Protocol and all that.

    The British government is having a State Dinner for him in May (I believe). The first one for a U.S. President since 2003.

  27. Explain to her that no other Presidents were invited either. This is a private affair and the attention needs to stay on the Royal couple, not on our President. The media is trying to make it a big deal but it is not working. Remind her that they have been invited by the Queen for a visit in May and I believe to stay at the Palace. That is a first.

  28. I will. I’ve told my mother to stop watching his show since see is disgusted with him. I hope she does. I want to boycott his sponsors like we did Glenn Beck. We need to write the african americans who are on his show too. I imagine they have a contract but I would ask to be “fired” and tell him why on air!

  29. They never even go after republicans, all their anger is towards democrats. I am telling you, the green party is just like the far right, they hate democrats. Just saying!

  30. With all the hub-bub over the faux concern of PBO’s BC, I heard that the Phoebe Snow, jazz blues, R/B singer, “poetry man”, passed away two days ago. She was one of my favorite singers, She died at the young age of 61yrs old. She slowed her rising singing career to care for her disabled daughter who passed in 2005. Rest in Pease.

  31. I have been following your blog and tweets about Benton Harbour. Great reporting! Thanks for keeping this travesty in the forefront EB.

  32. Ooops…I thought jovie was honored as a Champion of Change.

    But you do provide many interesting and informative post so on that count keep up the good work jovie!(:

  33. TALLAHASSEE — Solar and biomass energy companies mourned the loss of a sure job development opportunity Tuesday as the Senate’s budget chief put a spear through a bill to spur renewable energy in Florida.

    “I’d pronounce that one dead,” said Sen. J.D. Alexander, R-Lake Wales, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee after he indefinitely postponed a bill that would have allowed Florida’s largest electric companies to raise electric rates as much as $375 million a year for five years to develop alternative energy.

    “I think it’s a terrible idea,” said Alexander, a citrus grower. “I can’t believe we’d ask Florida to pay $1 billion in additional assessments with zero regulatory oversight. I think that’s fundamentally not right.”

    This is the third year the bill has been the priority of Florida Power & Light, and it is the third time the bill has died. The only thing new this year is that the Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity joined in the chorus of opponents to argue against the bill.

    KOCH brothers, you say? HMMMM!

  34. That sort of defeated attitude is exactly what the GOP is betting on. I know if my AA ancestors had gave in to hate mongers we would still be pickin cotton. Our president is not a quitter especially with so much left to complete.

  35. The money that they paid to get into the fundraiser will be use for PBO re-election. I think it is dumb of them to give money to PBO ,but heckle once he ge there. Politico probably glad to tell this story. They like writing negative articles on PBO. I am glad the audience booed them. I hope the audience contiues to get bigger so that they can drowned put the naysayers like they did at one of his rally in 2008.

  36. Jovie you are right about them never calling out the Repubs. However I will add a slight correction: Their anger is towards Barack Obama, not the Democratic Party. The same disrespect we see a la Donald Trump is harbored by these folks except that they prefer to diguise it with other “policy” issues.

    The article states that Obama “failed to keep his campaign promise of closing Guantanamo” as though he single-handedly refused to close the center despite having the unanimous support of the Democrats in congress to do so. It’s this kind of disingenuous reporting that makes me question the motives of these hecklers. I put them in same bin as Donald Trump where this President is concerned.

    It’s either “show me your papers, boy” or “do exactly as I say, boy.”

  37. Thank you for all your hard work, EB. You’re awesome!

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  38. From what I understood, heads of state are not typically invited to Royal Weddings. For e.g., the President of France, Sarkosky was not invited. So this is normal protocol.

    In any case, if President OBama (and FL) were to attend a ceremony like this, the focus would be on them, and not the “Royal Couple.” Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be for all concerned? Can you imagine hearing shouts of “Obama!” while the chariot is leaving the Church?

  39. Sarcozy wasn’t invited either. The policy, they said, is political leaders are not invited. So what? He has more important places to be on the 29th–with Gabby Giffords watching the Shuttle Launch in FL with his family.

  40. I watched the event live, and this report — and/or interpretation — may be a bit overblown.

    He was interrupted by laughter and applause waaaaaay more than by any hecklers. I heard only one shouted comment, but I couldn’t make it out. All I know is that it didn’t throw him off message, and the people were showing him LOTS of love. It was actually one of my favorite talks of his. He was tired and a bit quiet, but still in good humor and sharp wit.

    I encourage everyone to view it for themselves :-).

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  41. Thankfully, the event I went to here in SF was nothing but LOVE.
    I do wonder who is fronting some of these people where the price of admission is in the thousands.

    I also noticed last night that PBO left the stage without shaking any hands, which is a RARITY.

  42. As tasteless as these interruptions are I actually don’t have a problem with them. As long as they are not yelling racist slurs or non facts. The president handles these sort of things perfectly.

    Obviously msm will make a big deal about the heckling but that is nothing

  43. I think the GOP had attach the reapeal of ACA to the FAA bill if I’am not mistaken. I think it failed. If the GOP attaches Ryan plan as an amendment, it will definately failed the Senate. Some of the modrate republicans senators alraedy said that they would not vote for Ryan’s plan.The GOP is in a tight spot.

  44. Please let your mom know that despite the MSM trying to make this an issue protocol is that only royalty from other monarchies are invited to royal weddings. No government officials other than close friends of the family are invited to this private wedding.

  45. If I had a choice for one or the other I’d choose the last space shuttle launch.

  46. I was at the rally in NYC Town Hall. Amazinbgly, with an open admissions ticket I found a seat ten feet from the podium. Nobody around me could figure out what the hecklers were saying. New Yorkers were New Yorkers and heckled back.

    At the beginning of his speech (his current stump speech), PBO looked very tired, it had been a full day (birther stuff, Oprah, Chicago fundraiser, three fundraisers in NYC). He seemed to draw energy from the crowd. It was not a barnstormer speech, it was quiet and strong and serious. A wonderful mix of people in the audience. Very appreciative. We all left with determination to get to work.

    I think we need a 2012 battle cry, similar to “Fired up, Ready to go”. Any thoughts?

  47. Ridiculous overreach. I don’t get it, but the GOP wants to go all in with cutting taxes for billionaires while cutting medicare for seniors and the disabled.

    They think they have the Administration over a barrel with this as there is no way he’d ever let the American economy default. However I think there is real potential for Boehner to fracture his caucus with this. The GOP is risking the whole economy to get tax breaks for billionaires off the backs of the old and disabled.

  48. He didn’t shake any hands because he was tired. He had a long flight from Chicago to New York and he did three fundraiser, so yea he is tired.

  49. Good Lord how much lower will these lazy disgraceful people go? *smh*

    jovie thanks for all the news. I don’t know how you do it but much appreciated. 🙂

  50. Thanks mayread3, I just call and left a message for Rebecca. I chasten C-SPAN Washington Journal host this morning for trying to keep this birtha mess alive under the guise of a constitutional question about the meaning of “natural born citizen”.

  51. God’s Blessing be upon you today and Everyday Mr. President, May God surround your family and you with Safety and Pure Love.
    Thank You Mr. President for your wisdom and strength of character.
    God Bless YOU ! I thank you for the perseverance of rising above so much ignorance in our society and accepting that the need to know (Education) is where our Nation will beneift the most !
    God Bless You and Your Family !

  52. I want to see *Trump’s* college transcripts, especially without all the hand-shaking and whatnot that may have gone on between the college and his father…not that I’m saying he bailed him out…just, you know, asking the question

  53. Please let your mom know that she can take the msm to task by their spin on this scenario.(writing in, twitter,facebook,comments etc). Remember people, it is about constructive ways of keeping the msm on their toes.

  54. Say hello to cheaper hydrogen fuel cells Los Alamos scientists document utility of non-precious-metal catalysts LOS ALAMOS, New Mexico, April 22, 2011—Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists have developed a way to avoid the use of expensive platinum in hydrogen fuel cells, the environmentally friendly devices that might replace current power sources in everything from personal data devices to automobiles.

    In a paper published today in Science, Los Alamos researchers Gang Wu, Christina Johnston, and Piotr Zelenay, joined by researcher Karren More of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, describe the use of a platinum-free catalyst in the cathode of a hydrogen fuel cell. Eliminating platinum—a precious metal more expensive than gold—would solve a significant economic challenge that has thwarted widespread use of large-scale hydrogen fuel cell systems.

  55. You mean loud,brash,racist Chumprump went to college? How come he always sounds so ignorant and puerile?
    Ah yes, I forgot, as is said,’you can’t rent breeding and buy class’!
    I have never understood the fascination with this man,re anything he says or does…truly, I haven’t. But I guess the old saying of money talks and bullsh*t walks!

  56. A story today about electric vehicles on Wheeler Airfield. I had to add a clip of President Obama talking about energy and electric cars and trucks. It is amazing how so many of the good stories that are shared here are subjects he has been promoting and predicting since he came into office.

    I continue to believe that if we can push stories that contain good news and have video of the President the public will support him.

    Military Electric Vehicles Smart Charging

  57. Spread this cliep

    Obama Energy: We are going to have to out innovate the world

    If you can’ figure out how to send this just go to the WIW blog, it is a top story.

  58. I was born in St Joe my sister in Benton Harbor. We lived in BH. Moved to New Mexico in the 1960s. Not relevant information bit how many times do you hear either town in the news?

  59. You are right about this and yes it is time for us to fight. I really hope the african american community starts voting each and every time. I am volunteering for the president campaign this summer, GOD willing. I also feel hurt even though i want to fight even harder for him to get elected but part of me wants to say ” Damn America you deserve Trump, Palin and all those idiots”

  60. Very cool – and congrats on the national recognition, which I’m guessing isn’t your first.

  61. You know, we rail against the politicians, we rail against the corporations, we rail against the media, and all justifiably so. But where, in all of this, are the people? They have hearts and minds and yet they do not use them. As Howard Dean told us so simply long ago, “You have the power.” And, really, we do. We still have votes despite the efforts of Republicans, whom the people continue to vote into power,to take them from those who will vote against them. We have the choice not to buy into the celebrity culture. We have the choice not to watch Donald Trump or to buy products from disreputable blackguards. We have the choice not to base our votes on what we see in advertisements, which would render meaningless the amount of money available to a given campaign. I know that the skeins of the corporate-military complex are deeply entangled throughout our entire culture and it is difficult to avoid them, but nonetheless, we have choices. Would it ever occur to any of us at this site to base our votes on political ads? The only surprise in what the Republicans are doing now is the alacrity with which they have acted. We here all know what they are about without having to rely on soundbites. I want to believe that every person, with enough encouragement,will open to their own wisdom and capacity for love like a flower to the sun, but, in the face of the ignorance and indolence of the American public, it is increasingly difficult to think this way. When I walk about this country, I meet with kindness and cooperation (admittedly I lead a somewhat-sheltered life), but when I look at the national scene, I see racism, xenophobia, ignorance, rage, fear, and I am at a loss to reconcile this with my personal life. I have been disillusioned with the voting public since I can remember, but never has it run this deep. When I see the disrespect with which this President has been treated on both the right and the left, I despair of this country ever pulling out of its nescient self-absorbed bubble of might-makes-right, white like me, self worth comes from fame and fortune, entitled empire mentality. I admit that even the best in our current government buy into the idea of American superiority and its right to use force to maintain that, and I deplore it, but this will never change until the American people change. And they refuse to use the means offered to them to do so, and thus to change the culture. I do have some hope that the current unrest here and around the world will have positive benefits in the long run, but right now, I see mostly darkness.

  62. moose67 – I agree. The federal government agencies I’ve contacted over the years are quick and dependable (online or by phone), and you always get the information you need from the first person who responds without having to be transferred to others. But continuous improvement is PBO’s goal, so I applaud him yet again!

  63. Truth is, generally speaking, I’ve found the Indians in customer service to be much more knowledgeable, polite and helpful than the Americans. Not that I approve of outsourcing, but can’t help noticing this.

  64. I told her that MY president is the most popular, most intelligent, charismatic, you all get my drift person in the whole world. He will take over the wedding day spotlight without even trying, it will be like william and kate who (no offense he he) On top of that the security detail for him is intense and presidents are not invited. So she is better now, she is just protective like a lion with her cub when it gets to the president esp during this “frump combover I hope he files for bankruptcy soon and goes down in the most heinous painful way chump’ fiasco.

  65. Pragmaticadult – Please know that huge parts of the majority community are devastated, too. We’re in this together. I’m so ashamed of what’s going on, I could slap certain people in their ugly faces.

    But we will continue to win, even though it’s a tough road at every turn.

    Obama-Biden ’12

  66. Gramiam44 – Great news! And I still laugh every time I see your screen name – love it.


  67. mayread3 – If you go and have the time, would you report out on this tomorrow? Would love to hear the … er … verbal shoutdown at Ms. Hayworth!

  68. Exactly. They show no greater grasp of facts, history, and nuance than do the rightwingers. And if they didn’t call out the white (wo)men in the party — most notably the Clintons, Gore, and Edwards — for their failure to push progressive policies, then one can come to no other conclusion than that they are motivated by racism, whether they recognize it or not.

  69. soldier*1 – Please know that with every hurt comes a warm hug from many of us. As my mother used to say, “You just have to keep going.”

  70. Has anyone thought to mention when Mr. Trump spoke so out of turn over the Birth Certificate, remember he smugly stated that he would share his tax statements once the Birth Certificate was proven. He is really as Mr. Obama so eloquently stated ” a Carnival Barker “and if you intend to run for government and step out of the “Ivory (Trump) Tower ” then you absolutely are required to disclose everything…. Wait and Watch he will contrive some reason the taxes do not need disclosure as he is really not able to run for President at this time. He is not a reasonable candidate, therefore he is only tooting his horn to bring media in for his personal advancement and free advertising. Look at how much air time he has achieved with no money in advertising. Such Media attention… I think the Media is a bunch of raving lunatics when they acknowledge this foolishness. ,So Mr. Trump what day will you disclose your taxes ?? We are on pins and needles waiting for that to happen !!
    Oh Yeah so Mr. Beck, Mr Limbaugh, and the rest of the Hecklers out there in Media, why aren’t any of you calling out Mr.Trump to do as he claimed !! I presume you are trying to keep from further embarrassing your Tea party. Ha ha ha– had a good laugh didn’t we!!
    Mr.Reid, I commend your tenacity, make em vote!

  71. thanks so much for your report. I missed watching the speech live on the CNN feed last night but I watched the last part of it that Chipsticks put out last night. He really spoke from his heart. His love for his country and the people of his country is so obvious, so profound. It breaks my heart when I think that many accuse him for not being “american” enough.

    President Obama needs every bit of support and love we can give him. And I don’t know how, but he has to find ways to take some rest. He often looks tired these days. This campaigning in addition to governing makes his schedule more insane than ever.

  72. is an alternative. One that will check the website to make sure it’s safe to link to…I believe Google is the only url shorting client that does that.

  73. Have you gone into retirement yet? The SSA might answer your questions, then if you ask the same question later, you can get an entirely different answer. Then if you show them the information from their own pamphlets, they have no idea what you’re talking about. With all the boomers getting ready to retire, they could stand to simplify the process, or train people better.

  74. Really?! I have never had a positive experience with a call center, especially in Indonesia…talk about clueless. I hate, hate, hate outsourced call centers.

  75. It’s more than ridiculous, SR. It’s simply outrageous. Taking the american economy AND the global economy hostage in order to impose their agenda while the electorate NEVER GAVE THEM THIS MANDATE. I mean… destroy Medicare ? Giving more tax breaks to the wealthiest americans ? AMericans DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS.

    To think republican had the nerve, the nerve… to complain when President Obama and democrats worked to implement ideas THEY HAD CAMPAIGNED ON…

    The intellectual and moral deterioration of the GOP never ceases to amaze me.

    Have you read “Conservatives without conscience” by John Dean ( a republican) ?… Good read, I tell you.

  76. I’m pretty sure they write the checks to get into the events, then stop payment on the checks. There’s no way in heck a bunch of narcissist attention grabbers are going to give up their real money to do this sort of thing.

  77. He didn’t have to contrive anything to get out of sharing his taxes. He simply pronounced, “Gibbs is a loser.” In his mind that’s the end of that discussion.

  78. Boehner’s between a rock and a hard place. There is simply no way to placate the teaparties and govern effectively; they’re too extreme, and every single one of these freshmen from the 2010 GOP wave needs to be called on it.

    One GOP Rep. who I’d love to see questioned about the Ryan budget in her town hall tonight:

    Nan Hayworth, NY-19 (Peekskill area)
    When: Thursday, April 28, 2011, 7:00 p.m. ET
    Where: Deerpark Town Hall, 420 Route 209, Huguenot, NY 12746
    Questions: (845) 206-4600 (Hayworth’s office)


    If you live in this district, please consider going to this townhall and politely asking Hayworth why she supports the radical Ryan 2012 budget and why she is so hostile to Medicare and SS. Pass the word.

  79. That was the absolute cutest story; the widow of the doctor who delivered POTUS was just over the moon with delight to realize it. No matter how malignant the intent of his detraactors, seems as if good things just continue to happen and good people just continue to climb out of the woodwork for this POTUS.

  80. Congrats – these are the kind of stories America needs to hear about – we are supposed to be one America – if one person bleeds, we all bleed.
    It is stunning to me that in 2011 we haven’t fixed the problem of poverty and racism in this country.

  81. No one on this site should ever refer to that bully as Mr. Trump – he should be Trump always – since he doesn’t have the decency to call our President Mr President Or President Obama he should never get respect from anyone! When the press questions him they should call him Trump and if he calls them out about it they have perfect response to give back to that school yard bully!

  82. I tried to remember to refer to him as Donald Chump. It has a much snappier ring to it and you are right. It’s never mister.

  83. These people are nuts. Paying thousands to shout out stupid shit. Privileged little brats is all that is.

  84. There is no way they are actually contributing. Anyone can write a check then stop payment on it.

  85. Didn’t watch that garbage to begin with. I’m definitely not considering any other venues he owns as well.

  86. The .ly domain is controlled by Gaddafi’s telecom ministry. The less traffic we send to it the better.

  87. Really? On the clips he looks fired up from the word go. I love when he says “i am barack obama and i was born in hawaii the 50th state” lol what a man. He brushes drama off like nobody else.

    Anyway, I am glad the supporters are helping him when he is seemly down. Thanks for the inside info. 🙂

  88. Honestly…I’m not sure, LadyJazz…he sure doesn’t speak as if he knew anything…funny how the only affirmative action those guys like(Not that brainy Obama required much) is the kind you get with Daddy’s money.*that’s* a marker of superiority…achievement is for suckers.
    I’m reminded of that time in the Wire when the cops find out that Stringer Bell laundered his drug money by investing in condos…McNulty said “Drug dealer…it’s worse than that…he’s a *developer*.”

  89. When I had to contact the IRS a few years ago to settle a tax issue, the most helpful, polite lady stayed on the phone with me for 30 minutes while we sorted everything out.

  90. Excellent points – I also agree that people need to realize their power, and that we really aren’t powerless against these corporations and social insurgents. Corporations need us to make their profits – case in point, success of the Whole Foods and Glen Beck boycotts. Ads shouldn’t be the fuel for making life-altering decisions in elections. People like Trump shouldn’t get air time, and they wouldn’t, if we weren’t watching.

    You’re absolutely right.

  91. Trump certainly didn’t pass a basic civics or American history class — he knows nothing about how government works. He actually made Palin look like a scholar.

    And yet we heard a NH woman say that she still didn’t like Obama and believed that the BC was in some way forged. John King barely pushed back and neglected some basic facts. This Idiot is willing to listen to Donald’s ideas because he’s a ‘successful businessman’ and that qualifies him to be President.

    This is what we’re up against.

  92. I’m going to start calling PBO Dances With Stones. His mockery and calling out of those who have been throwing rocks at him is reminiscent of the story told about him in the new book about his mother which is scheduled to be out soon. He apparently suffered through much taunting and bullying as a child in Indonesia since he was a foreigner and black. In one incident related by an old family friend from Indonesia little Barack, then maybe 8 or 9 years old, skips ahead of his mother and encounters a barrage of rocks and taunts from other children. His mother’s friend described her amazement at his mother’s response, which was to say “He’s used to it” and his, which consisted of dancing around to avoid the stones and laughing at his tormentors. Talk about life lessons. We saw a little bit of that when he released his birth certificate and sarcastically commented that the press would not have interrupted programming for an announcement about national security, but they did for a ridiculous story about his birth certificate. He called them out with a smile on his lips and just enough edge to cut them open and lay bare their pretensions.

  93. Thanks PJ. Sometimes, heck I would even say many times, we too here get distracted by the msm spin. Best to get the stuff from the horse’s mouth like

  94. By the way, I want to thank jovie and whatisworking for their fantastic informational posts here. They give a bwd a run for her money. 🙂

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