A Certificate of Embarrassment

I’m still so incredibly heartbroken, I feel totally numb today.

NYT Editorial:

With sardonic resignation, President Obama, an eminently rational man, stared directly into political irrationality on Wednesday and released his birth certificate to history. More than halfway through his term, the president felt obliged to prove that he was a legitimate occupant of the Oval Office. It was a profoundly low and debasing moment in American political life.

The disbelief fairly dripped from Mr. Obama as he stood at the West Wing lectern. People are out of work, American soldiers are dying overseas and here were cameras to record him stating that he was born in a Hawaii hospital. It was particularly galling to us that it was in answer to a baseless attack with heavy racial undertones.

Mr. Obama practically begged the public to set aside these distractions, expressing hope that his gesture would end the “silliness” and allow a national debate about budget priorities. It won’t, of course.

If there was ever any doubt about Mr. Obama’s citizenship, which there was not, the issue was settled years ago when Hawaii released his birth certificate. The fuller document that Mr. Obama had to request contains some extra information, including his parents’ signatures and the name of the hospital where he was born, but it was unnecessary to show his legitimacy.

So it will not quiet the most avid attackers. Several quickly questioned its authenticity. That’s because the birther question was never really about citizenship; it was simply a proxy for those who never accepted the president’s legitimacy, for a toxic mix of reasons involving ideology, deep political anger and, most insidious of all, race. It was originally promulgated by fringe figures of the radical right, but mainstream Republican leaders allowed it to simmer to satisfy those who are inflamed by Mr. Obama’s presence in the White House.

Sarah Palin said the birth certificate issue was “fair game,” and the public was “rightfully” making it an issue. The House speaker, John Boehner, grudgingly said in February that he would take Mr. Obama “at his word” that he was a citizen, a suggestion that the proof was insufficient. He said, however, that it was not his job to end the nonsensical attacks. “The American people have the right to think what they want to think,” he said at the time. That signal was clearly received. Lawmakers in nearly a dozen states introduced bills requiring presidential candidates to release their full birth certificates.

It is inconceivable that this campaign to portray Mr. Obama as the insidious “other” would have been conducted against a white president.

There was a price to the party for keeping the issue alive; inevitably, it was picked up by a cartoon candidate, Donald Trump, who rode birtherism directly to the prime-time promontories of cable TV. The Republican establishment began to wince as it became increasingly tied to Mr. Trump’s flirtations with racial provocation, and Karl Rove told him to knock it off. Naturally, he did not.

Finally, his taunting and the questions of television correspondents obliging Mr. Trump got on the president’s nerves. Mr. Obama was tactically smart to release the certificate and marginalize those who continue to keep the matter alive. It is tragic that American politics is fueled by such poisonous fire. Mr. Trump quickly moved on to a new fixation, questioning Mr. Obama’s academic credentials. Mr. Boehner, and other party leaders, have a new reason to call a halt to the politics of paranoia and intolerance.


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  1. And the MEDIA still won’t let it go – it’s all birthers and royal wedding 24/7. Even the devestating tornados have gotten way less coverage today.

  2. To me there is no reason to feel heartbroken. According to somme at Whitehouse, Obama was fed up. It also allowed him to once again be the adult. Apparently, the only adult.

  3. That ’bout sums it up. To me, President Obama’s ascendancy hardly ushered in a post-racial society. He simply asked us to put our tribal interests on mute at least temporarily in order to address a nation in crisis. Clearly some folks are better able to manage that (tpv, bwd, wsy) than others (Taitz, media sTrumpet, + to some extent, the nutroots).

    Keep your head up everyone; no one said that this would be easy, and I’d rather have this foolishness out there and acknowledged than simmering in the background.

    The First Black President is treated disrespectfully by all corners in a racist country…news at 11, dog bites man. People who are capable of introspection will do so; those who insist that POTUS is their “boy” will languish in that toxicity but no one says that we have to go along for that ride.

    PBO/VPB 2012: yes we can!

  4. I agree with you BWD. I am heartbroken over the fact that the President had to release proof the he was a US citizen 2+ years after he became president. It’s an absolute embarrassment to our nation and the pain that I read/heard from POC yesterday was so sad.

  5. I want to think some more on Jovie’s suggestion that people are being paid to infiltrate the president’s fund raising appearances.

    It’s certainly possible, isn’t it? Much as I hate to think that, it wouldn’t surprise me.

  6. Nothing to feel numb or heartbroken about. Obama is a man of integrity and honor. GOP leaders ( and I use that term loosely) are not. This kind of smear has been going on since Washington’s time. The issue only gets as much weight as we give it.

    I give it none. Zero. Let the GOP and their racist teabaggers continue to sully and embarrass themselves as they devolve into fewer and fewer followers.

    Obama is a great man. He will always be a target. But please don’t forget, though time will dilute the sting and injustice of it, that they did the exact same thing to Bill Clinton. These people want to win at all costs and are willing to say and do anything. They have no class.

    President Obama rises above it. He is a king among paupers.

  7. I knew something awful had happened to America yesterday morning when I awoke to the split image of Donald Trump in front of a swath of microphones, spewing his bile, on one side of my TV, while an image of what I eventually realized was Pres. Obama’s birth certificate was showing on the other side.

    What a shock that was to my system. In my little apartment here in Queens NY, I could tell it was a shock that was reverberating around the country…and indeed the world.

    I was overwhelmed by a sudden rage. I was so angry I couldn’t see or think clearly. After a while, that rage turned into deep sorrow and I started to weep. I wept for my President and I wept for my country.

    I will never forget that day. I will never forget how that day came to be. I will never forget the people who created the environment for such a day to be recorded in our history.

    I will never forget April 27, 2011.

  8. I personally am fine; the GOP uses winks and nods to cast President Obama’s legitimacy into question in order to try to get power: when have they NOT done this (“pals around with terrorists”). To me, they no longer have plausible deniability and their primaries are thus going to be a freakshow.

    In terms of Trump, hello, it’s time for the media to stop being led by the nose by attention-seekers; I’m sick of the most virulent critics saying outrageous things to get attention, and I’m not just talking about the right wing either, and receiving that attention. The media gets a whole lot right, and I know that a lot of people are trying to push back against the racist birther story, but I wish that we could be treated like intelligent adults who are interested in informing ourselves, not merely consumers of sensationalism.

  9. Chin up, BWD. Everyone I spoke with, yesterday, correspond with, and reading at FB and elsewhere are expressing their sadness, anger and dismay about Mr. President handing over the long-form birth certificate. But they also said, he only proves over and over again to Americans of all color that he walks the high road, and the trash, the gutter-minded birthers are looking more and more like idiots.

    Take heart. I also speak with college students. They have our President’s back. They know what’s goin’ on and they are outraged. ,)

  10. Thank you for mentioning the damage caused by tornados. So many areas in this state, Alabama and Tennessee are devastated. Not sure exactly where majii and others live but I’m hoping they will all post sometime today to let us know they’re safe.

  11. Isn’t that Michael Moore, etc., with their Manning “torture” (btw, the torture accusation is a lie) so-called protests doing that? These people are crazy. I’m proud of the crowd for booing, and I think that as time goes on, people are going to become less and less tolerant of paying good money to hear President Obama, a man with character and good sense, only to be interrupted by idiotic followers of (the Cato Institute’s {!}) Glenn Greenwald and his lies about Manning’s treatment.

  12. Please let me say this about that. I am a 77 YO WASP who grew up in NY and lived in MS in the early ’60’s. While “they” may make it about race, let us NOT fall for that divisive propaganda.

    Let us say instead it is about jealousy – pure and simple jealousy. Jealousy that a young man could win a national election without selling his soul. That such a man could led us through these troubled times.

    Not only that, this man, Barack Obama, won the hearts of people around the globe.

    Let us turn the tables and embrace the Oneness that includes us all – red, black, white, yellow, male, female, young, old.

    Please, let us NOT give in to the divisive mongering and let Love abide.

  13. Surely, everyone who is a presidential candidate is vetted first to determine if they are natural born U.S. citizens! If one applies for a job at certain companies the background check is extremely extensive, how much more so to become president. The people who refuse to acknowledge this are stupid, ignorant and/or racist. My guess is all three.

    This is a very embarrassing day for America but Obama as usual has raised himself above the fray. I, as a naturalized citizen, am thoroughly disgusted by some of the racist elements in this country. All of this nonsense really shouldn’t surprise anyone; after all Bush was voted in twice!

    I am so in awe of this president and admire his grace and supreme intelligence more and more each day. He will continue to do what’s in his heart and show the American people, as least those worth addressing, that he really is the only adult in the room. There could be no better expression for this website than that.

  14. Darrelle Revis was in New York for a dinner, which is very common for ball players, but when he tweeted who he was hanging out with, I’m sure there were some body guards in the area. Revis was “hanging” with the President, as in the President of the United States.

    Revis said that it was “Crazy!” that Obama knew about the island. Darrelle, news flash, you are the BEST cornerback in the league. Some will dispute that you are the best player on defense, but I’ll go a little further. You are top 5 best players in the NFL today and you deserve all the credit.

    President Obama knows you for a couple of reasons.

    The Jets are legit, thanks Rex.
    When you have a season like you did in 2009, every notices (oh by the way, you were robbed of Defensive Player of the Year)
    Hard Knocks
    Your hold out.


  15. Amen. I LOVE your comment.

    Wallowing in sadness, fear, etc., does nothing for our cause.

    Our President is “No Drama Obama.” He’ll be okay and so will we!

    Viva Obama 2012 and beyond!

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  16. I think on balance it’s a good thing he did produce it just because it is too much of a distraction no matter how irrational it is. I think as supporters,it’s important for us to post factual comments in response to fake doubts anywhere they appear. We knew they would not stop spreading their lies no matter what Pres. Obama produces, but now we must confront them to knock them out into the extreme fringe where they belong.

  17. I think on a selfish level, all of us supporters of this magnificent man and president, just want to distance ourselves from the shame that this race-driven revolt has cast on us. I have to believe that even reasonable republicans are embarrassed by not just the birthers’ face in the media, but the acrid taste of bigotry.

    *stepping down from soap box now* 🙂

  18. More:
    CB Darrelle Revis was invited to attend a private dinner with President Barack Obama tonight, the Associated Press reported.
    Revis’ agent, Neil Schwartz, said the star corner spoke privately with Obama for about five minutes and was shocked to find out the President knows about Revis Island.
    “The president said to me, ‘How is the island?’ I laughed and said, ‘It’s good and I’m keeping it covered,”’ Revis said in a statement given to his agent.
    “Deep down, I can’t believe it that the president of the United States would know about Revis Island. It was an incredible experience.”
    The dinner was at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in midtown Manhattan.

  19. Can we respond to this absurd incident with the first ever bwd OFA money bomb?

    I’ll match the first five people’s $10 donation pledge for a total of $50. In honor of the media sTrumpet, as well as POTUS’ visit to my hometown yesterday (love you POTUS) OFA will receive a few bucks from me; who’s in! 🙂

  20. It is always incredibly hard being the first. President Obama is the perfect example of grace under pressure. He is the only adult in room, literally. I love him, I continue to pray his strength in the Lord, and God is still in control of everything at all times.

  21. As someone tersely summarized what our President did yesterday – he looked straight at the American people and ‘ripped the white pointy hoods’ off the racists.

    I’d say that he did a particularly effective job because from the NYTimes Editorial to countless other rational assessments, the ‘birther’ issue is now being called just what it is, blatant racism.

    We were going to have to have this conversation because racism, as all of you know, is at the heart of the Republican demagoguery we have witnessed since the moment the President took his oath of office.

    We were going to have to have this conversation because this Nation’s deepest weakness remains it’s unfinished business of tolerance, it’s incomplete fulfillment of the very reason it exists – the ever-perfecting democratic stewardship of the inalienable rights of EVERY person.

    What the President did yesterday was the beginning of that conversation. He indeed ‘ripped the white pointy hood’ off the head of Trump, Palin, Bachmann, Boehner, Beck, Paul’s Ron and Rand, and so many others.

    Now, let’s have that conversation with every Republican as we remind them that their attacks on Medicare, Medicaid [and Social Security], on the social compact that is America, is ample evidence that they are still fighting the Civil War, they are still striving to enslave anyone who is not white.

    BWD – please take heart. If anyone knew what he/she was going to face by becoming the first black American President, President Obama most certainly did. He knows how much unfinished business this Nation has with the issue of race. And, he is the person best qualified, for countless reasons, to lead that conversation. He is doing just that, calmly, compassionately, but firmly.

    The ‘pointy white hoods’ are on the floor now, we are looking straight at the racists and we should all be sure what we see when we also look in the mirror.

    As a 64 y/o white male, I had that conversation with myself before I was 16 and I have lived with the answer every day. I love my fellow humans no matter what the color of their skin is as much as I love myself.

  22. Seriously; this is a farce. And it’s telling that they’re so convincing, so persuasive that they must resort to playing purity spoiler and seeking attention from a captive audience. They betta watch it, people are getting less and less tolerant of the abuse heaved towards POTUS; disagree with this or that but these displays of disrespect are going to continue to be met with boos IMO.

    Enough with them; see downthread, let’s have a moneybomb for OFA today.

  23. “Friend —

    If it were easy to do the big, meaningful things we believe will make our country better — if it were quick — someone would have done those things long before any of us showed up.

    We’ve chosen to do something hard.

    You know that our victories so far have been hard won: taking the difficult steps necessary to put our economy back on track, reforming Wall Street excess despite an army of lobbyists against us, and making health care more affordable and accessible despite well-organized opposition by those who profit from the status quo.

    You also know we have not yet done everything we set out to do — not nearly.

    But that’s a reason to work harder, not to let up. That’s why we’re building this campaign now. And you have to take ownership of it.

    So I will be direct: Can you step up and make a donation of $5 to get us started?


    We’ve had the chance to make historic changes that touch every American: from passing a law that says women should get an equal day’s pay for an equal day’s work to removing 100,000 troops from Iraq.

    Those things and every other important change we’ve made happened because people like you built an organization to win an election in 2008.

    The stakes are even higher this time.

    As I’ve spoken with supporters who are helping get this campaign started, I’ve met folks who are frustrated by the pace of change.

    I understand that. But we knew this wouldn’t be easy. The kind of change we’re working for never comes easily.

    Now is the time to begin again, and build the campaign that will shape our country’s future.

    Thank you,



    money bomb time

  24. There was also talk of Sasha hearing talk on the playground from the other kids and I think it was starting to get to her. She’s the more sensitive of the 2 girls.

  25. I agree with you Junkessa. We can’t let them beat us down. We have to stay positive and energized and no matter what they cannot take this from us – we elected Barack Obama to the highest office in land. Whatever they do, they cannot change that fact!

  26. Now, McSame wants the US military to go into syria. Sure, why not? While we are at it, why not Nuke Iran? These war hawks should be jailed for treason!

  27. Some of the country’s biggest Hispanic-American celebrities are headed to the White House for a relatively intimate chat with Obama on Thursday.

    The star-studded list of 12 includes “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria, “Ugly Betty”’s America Ferrera and Cuban-American producer Gloria Estefan. They’ll join Obama and his aides Valerie Jarrett, David Plouffe, Melody Barnes and Cecelia Munoz in the Roosevelt Room.

    Obama’s periodic reminder to the Hispanic community that he hasn’t given up on an immigration bill isn’t much of a surprise. Last week, before a three-day trip to the Southwest and the West Coast, the White House crammed more than 70 assorted religious and Hispanic leaders into the East Room for a consultation with Obama.

    Thursday’s meeting, heavy on the TV personalities, movie stars and journalists, appears to be all about disseminating the White House’s message. The platforms of Noticiero Telemundo anchor Jose Diaz-Balart, Cuban-American model Lili Estefan, who is the host of “El Gordo y la Flaca” (“The Fat Man and the Skinny Lady”), and Don Francisco, a Chilean television personality, reach enormous Latino audiences that the White House would be remiss not to tap into.

  28. This is a diary of faith.

    I can’t say that I’ve ever been much of a person of faith. Sure, as a child I went to church and mouthed the usual Catholic professions, but deep down I never really believed them. By the time I was 14 and in high school, it was left up to me whether or not I’d go to church, and I quickly decided that sleeping in was a much more preferable way to spend my Sunday mornings than going to a church that had no meaning for me. While in part that was a decision borne out of pure teenage laziness, in part it was also an acknowledgment that I no longer believed.

    Once I no longer believed in God, it was much easier to not believe in many things — but mostly in the capacity for goodness of my fellow human beings. If it was difficult to believe in an invisible God who seemed to have no impact on the world’s daily turning, it was even harder to believe in my fellow humans, when their failings were there, glaring, staring me in the face every day — the pettiness, the smallness, the greed, the general selfishness. Through most of my twenties I was rather jaundiced and nihilistic; I was cynical because cynicism seemed to be the only valid response to a world in which it appeared that one prospered only by doing what was expedient, not what was right. I was definitely a child of Reagan, but rather than adulating him he made me despise the world that he brought forth.

    This isn’t to say I had faith in nothing; I had faith in my family, which was always borne out by results; and I had faith, mostly, in friends, although in my life most of my friendships have been for a season, not forever. But faith in some grand overarching ideal? No, none of that.

    Then I started to change my life, bit by bit, deciding that continuing in the unhappy groove I was in would lead only to ruin. I came across a doctor who was conducting experimental drug therapy for stuttering, and contacted him, and I’ve been on the drugs and fluent ever since then. I went to grad school, got my library degree, and wound up in a job that I love, more than any job I’ve ever had — which isn’t hard, since before I became a librarian I pretty much hated all my previous jobs. I had, at last, found faith in myself, however haltingly it came about.

    And then there came Barack Obama. I have to admit, I was an early Edwards supporter. I liked his rhetoric, and his championing of the poor. He was telegenic and had a good backstory and I thought he would make the best candidate to move us away from the Bush regime. I knew nothing about Obama, and thought the country would vote in a white woman as President before it would a black man.

    But Edwards never went anywhere, and Hilary carried the taint of too many disappointments for me. And then this man, Obama, came out of nowhere, and started winning. And I started listening to his message. It was a message of faith — not in him, never in him, but in ourselves, in what we can do when we band together and say “This is what we want”. That’s what his opponents fail to realize: we follow him and support him because in doing so we’re following and supporting ourselves. We see that we’re innately decent, that we want what’s best for ourselves and our fellow human beings, that we want to make a world that’s more fair and just for us and for those that come after us. He makes us see that we are basically good — not, as I thought in my younger years, basically selfish and small, but large, encompassing endless possibilities. He’s not the Messiah; but he allows us to see that the universe is within us. And he gives us that word, “faith”, that we can, through our actions, make the world better, more fair, more just, and that we’re in the majority, not those who say “we can’t”, or “we shouldn’t”, or “we won’t”.

    So, in the beginning of my middle age, I have faith again. I still don’t have faith in God — but as I told one of my patrons yesterday with whom I discuss religion, I’m a “hopeful agnostic”. But, even after the events of the past two days, I have faith in many — perhaps the majority — of my fellow citizens. And I believe the faith is not misplaced.

  29. Bob, They want to enslave poor whites, as well. It’s a sad thing that most whites aren’t able to recognize that one simple fact, and they continue to get played by the Republican Party and vote against their own best interest. I don’t get it.

  30. Hello everyone. I have not even had a chance to fully read thru the blogs yet but just thought I would post a quick note of encouragement for those feeling down.

    Do not let this garbage discourage you in the fight for our support of PBO and all he has accomplised. Then they win.

    Since following PBO and all the ups and downs since 2007, I have found what works as therapy for me is when I speak up/fight back in whatever way I can. So today I sent a detailed scathing e-mail to the publicity and communications people at NBC stating my disgust and how appalled I am of their promotion of the racist carnival barker Trump.
    Also told them that I would be boycotting not only NBC but also the sponsors of that circus they call a show.

    Hitting the send button on that e-mail was very therapeutic.

    I am signing whatever boycott petitions that come my way.

    We might not be able to be out there on the stump with PBO but we can help him fight in whatever way we can.

    Thanks Donna for the e-mail addresses for the 2 NBC execs.

    Keep the faith. I am a 20 year cancer survivor so have been fighting for a lot of my life. God has blessed me. I have faith that he will continue to bless our PRESIDENT.

  31. Repeating from the below thread; anyone in the NY-19 district, please consider showing up to your freshman GOP congresswoman’s town hall and asking where she got the mandate to vote for Ryan’s budget-busting, Medicare-slashing agenda:

    One GOP Rep. who I’d love to see questioned about the Ryan budget in her town hall tonight:

    Nan Hayworth, NY-19 (Peekskill area)
    When: Thursday, April 28, 2011, 7:00 p.m. ET
    Where: Deerpark Town Hall, 420 Route 209, Huguenot, NY 12746
    Questions: (845) 206-4600 (Hayworth’s office)


    If you live in this district, please consider going to this townhall and politely asking Hayworth why she supports the radical Ryan 2012 budget and why she is so hostile to Medicare and SS. Pass the word.

  32. I’m moved to write something today that I started to think about some weeks ago, while reading the very moving comments on racism on the left. I am a 60 year old white woman. My first real look at the news was when JFK was assassinated, and my teens were filled with images of great horror and great hope — dogs, hoses, tiny frightened faces in buses surrounded by mobs, little girls being escorted to school by marshalls. RFK’s and MLK’s assassinations. Life Magazine was our source of images then, and those were great photographers, so the images were searing.

    The images were also of unbelievable courage standing squarely in the face of all this. And hope that after the convulsive years of protest things would be better. And they were, at least officially. No one ever ran on a segregation platform after the mid 60’s, certainly. But I don’t think I could have imagined, in my optimistic teens, that it would take 50 years for a black man to become president. (Or even longer for a woman.) And that once elected we would see the kind of racism that we are seeing now. As a lifelong liberal, it’s very hard to see it on the left.

    I have immense faith in Barack Obama, and feel, as powerfully as I’ve ever felt something like this, that he is held in the hands of the great spirit grandmothers, who are taking care of him, and through him, the planet. So I accepted his desire to deflate this particular gaseous mess, and thought he did his usual excellent job of making so many look idiotic. But I hated that he felt he had to to this, and I was heartbroken at the depth of the pain expressed here and at TOD. But I was also stirred beyond words, as I was when we were discussing racism on the left, by the dignity and faith expressed by so many here in the face of something that so easily brings rage in its wake.

    I do feel that PBO is ushering in something new. He’s not the only one, by any means, He has good company in other leaders, mainly in some amazing women around the globe, especially in Africa. The “European era” (or, as I prefer to it, the age of the doughy white guys) is coming to an end, and the world will be a different place. Certainly far more feminine, and far more diverse. And people know it, and some are fighting it tooth and nail. I’m still optimistic, but I have to say I have a lot more respect for how long things take, and how entrenched the fearful and greedy are.

    But I’m going to emulate the people here, and my president, and his amazing wife, and forego rage as much as I can, and operate with dignity and faith, and put my trust in those grandmothers.

  33. Birthers are doubling down – from Media matters:

    Here’s an example of the kinds of “questions” Bolling now has. After noting that the doctor that signed the birth certificate had “passed away,” Bolling pointed out that the doctor’s wife and son both were unaware that he had delivered President Obama. Bolling asked: “If you gave birth to the president of the United States, don’t you think your family would know about it?”

    The doctor died in 2003.

    Let that sink in for a second.


    In 2003, of course, President Obama would have been a State Senator from Illinois. This also would have been bfore the DNC Convention Speech that first put Barack on the national map politically.

    Unless Bolling is saying the good doctor is a time traveller.

  34. My Therapy is to take action so….

    There are about a dozen advertisers who appear to sponsor Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice television show. These advertisers, by financially supporting Celebrity Apprentice, lend support to Trump’s vociferous, racially-charged “birther” movement against President Obama – and lend support to those who don’t accept our U.S. President as an American. Even with the release of the long form birth certificate, the Birther Brigade, led most recently by Donald Trump, has refused to concede.

    Given that, many of us have decided to protest in the form of a consumer boycott against these advertisers (many of which, by the way, have no published CEO e-mail addresses . . . hmm). If you’re a birther, read no further. If you, on the other hand, are pro-American and against the birther movement, please send the following letter to the following Celebrity Apprentice Advertisers . . . and share.

    Continue reading on Examiner.com: Celebrity Apprentice sponsors: Dumb Trump’s show or we’ll dump you – Chicago liberal | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/liberal-in-chicago/celebrity-apprentice-sponsors-dumb-trump-s-show-or-we-ll-dump-you#ixzz1Kq4PP6M0

  35. I love your posts, Bob! 🙂


    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  36. Well said, LL. I am a flat-out and unapologetic atheist, but I have faith in the simple goodness of most Americans and especially this President.

    I also have faith that Intelligence, Knowledge and Human Decency will always overcome Stupidity, Ignorance and Blind Hatred.


  37. There’s no use responding to the particulars; they’re racist, we knew that they weren’t going to let this go with the long form birth certificate and they haven’t let it go, because vital records are hardly the point. That’s why I know this made everyone angry and sad, but I’m glad that POTUS released it, because it strips off plausible deniability that these folks are just wackos rather than people hiding their disdain for POTUS behind a ridiculous ct; this is racism pure and simple.

    Good to know that they’re acting true to form and doubling down, proving this theory.

  38. The one I just loved yesterday was that the BC said “African” for his Father. The birthers said this couldn’t be legit because in 1961 blacks were called Negro.

    THE MAN WAS AFRICAN from Kenya. You know the place where they all claim the President was born. Just senseless crap like this that makes your blood boil and confirms that they are all a bunch of ignoramuses.

  39. They are always saying the our Pres doesnt show feelings, is cold. Well yesterday his feeling were there for all to see and I think he is better for it.
    He is an amazing man to take the disrespect and rise above it.

  40. Right now there are OFA activities across the country to get involved in. One way to help the President and yourself is to reach out to others, please, if you haven’t already done so, consider signing up and getting involved. My conversations with fellow supporters have been so inspiring and uplifting.

  41. Phenomenal, LL. Just phenomenal. Thanks for sharing your heart. I can relate in many ways :-).

    Have you read Frank Schaeffer? I love his stuff. Having been raised in a rigidly religious environment, and having come to my own sort of calm non-religious spirituality, I find a kindred spirit with him…and you.

    I Amen you line about following and supporting PBO because we’re following and supporting ourselves. I have said something similar to that before — though not as eloquently. I voted for PBO for MYSELF. I voted for the person who was most living to maximum human potential because I want to live to my maximum human potential. I want to see it in action, and emulate it.

    That’s why I’ve made up my mind to *enjoy* every. single. day. of his 8 years as President and not let it pass me by due to fear or other distractions. I don’t want to look up at the end of my life and say I let this historic presidency pass me by.

    Well, I didn’t mean to say all that. Again, I enjoyed the read :-).

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  42. Liberal Librarian, that was pure and simple the best thing that I have read all day.

    I take my hat off to you sir.

  43. Loving the comments today. Reminds me of the old saying “kill them with kindness”. Well PBO is one of kindest people we have around here. He’ll just keep on showing repukes how ugly they are, just by being his normal kind self.

  44. Wait, Lawrence O’Donnell went to Harvard and thinks that there is a fundamental decency in the executives of NBC Entertainment? NBC is desperate for viewers…they shows all suck and nobody is watching them. For the combover to say that his is the most popular show on NBC speaks volumes about how lacking in fundamental decency these executives are. They’re afraid of the combover? That’s the bottom of the barrel.

  45. Very well written analysis – my B-I-L said on election night “This will bring the nation’s shadow side to the forefront”, and he meant in a good way. Our secrets and darknesses are much more damaging – shining the light on the ugliness of racism is the only way to begin a deeper healing process. I’m enormously relieved that there are media outlets actually speaking the “R” word, finally, and perhaps President Obama sensed that this might finally happen.

    We are a deeply xenophobic nation, but not more so than many others. It seems to be part of our lizard brain reality that we automatically fear the Other. What I know from my life experience is that once The Other is identified personally, it’s much harder to keep the hatred and fear going. My gay friends who came out in the ’80’s ended up being beloved in their neighborhood. Once I got to know the young black men in my building I stopped being nervous about them.

    President Obama is uniquely suited to the breaking down of dozens of stereotypes that have plagued people of color in the US – that may be part of the reason he’s such a threat to the power structure. It’s easy to overlook racial inequalities as long as you keep the myths alive. It’s harder to support them when a man like Barack Obama is front and center.

  46. Okay, that one is actually hilarious. Like, truly comedically hilarious. I can’t even be mad at that one because it gave me a real, belly chuckle. I’m sure The Onion would be jealous. Hee!

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  47. I do read Frank Schaeffer. I find his life story fascinating — from Religious Right warrior to a man atoning for his past intolerance.

    I’ve been meaning to write something like this for a few days now, but yesterday’s event crystalized the themes. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

  48. Coming from you, that is high praise indeed.

    And glad you’re back. I was actually thinking just now that you haven’t posted in a while.

  49. That was absolutely beautiful, Betsey. Thank you for sharing :-).

    You all are on a roll today! *sniffle*

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  50. I just signed the petition that I will boycott the sponsors of his show – that is the only thing that ever works with these people as Glen Beck saw – people boycott and the sponsors quit these programs.

  51. BTW, I read everywhere that President Obama doesn’t show his emotions, that he is too cool (not in the way that we all love to use the word cool – cool as in not warm) – I don’t understand where anyone sees that in him – you only ever have to watch him with ANY child to know how warm he is.

  52. Why yesterday’s unveiling of the long form bc was a political masterstroke is precisely because PBO knew it wouldn’t convince the hard core birthers; anyone with an ounce of grey matter could guess that they’d challenge the bc’s authenticity. When they did so, it would put those who’ve harnessed birther energy in a a very difficult spot: continue siding with them, to their own destruction, or say “ok, that’s enough”, and risk alienating a large voting bloc, again to their own destruction.

    I’m in a much better place today about yesterday’s events. To paraphrase Rumsie, “You work with the country you have, not the country you wish you had.”

  53. !0.00 from me, GN.

    I am not heartbroken. I think of the bell curve. Most of America is not at the ends.

  54. Ax!!!!

    I keep seeing your avatar appearing in the “Like” row, but you haven’t posted :-(.

    I miss your stuff! Hope you’re doing well. Throw us a historical bone every now and then :-).

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  55. Thanks for this, Betsey, it helped ease a little of the hurt. I’ve similar intuitions — yours are so beautifully worded! — and I hope we’re right.

  56. The Carnival Barker lies. If his show was the most popular then he woudn’t need this sorry publicity stunt to try and boost it’s ratings to get future seasons. Maybe he’s auditioning to bring his show to Fox.

  57. They have to double down. Whenever we present proof to these people we activate their cognitive dissonance and they dig in deeper to protect their fragile brains from harm. It’s simple biology to which they are victim. They literally can not help themselves. These are not critical thinkers. They depend on making the other inferior to feel good about themselves. They literally ARE racists. It’s who they are with their every waking moment and every intake of breath. We knew this was going to happen. So did our President.

    In a way this is a blessing, because the deeper they have to dig to hang on to this ‘truth’ of theirs, the more they define themselves outwardly what they feel inwardly. As stated above, the pointy masks have been removed and we can now label them as racists with impunity. And to their faces if need be.

  58. Thanks for this great post, BWD.

    This morning I woke up to the greatest moment of truth-telling I have witnessed from ANY news station in a long time.

    I caught the news on a local, independently-owned channel. It had on a graphic of CNN.com’s top headlines, about current natural disasters and the birther issue. (The birther headline was titled “Marginalizing Obama.”)
    The song playing in the background? Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.” I kid you not.

    I don’t know if the music choice was intended to be random or not, but it was hauntingly fitting for the news of today…

  59. Dear Liberal Librarian, there is no way I can thank you enough for posting your diary. I am an 80 year old AA raised in the jim crow south. The faith that was mine through all these hard fought years was at a serious wavering point over the past couple of weeks.

    You renew my hope/faith that we are indeed a majority.

  60. With people rising up all over the world — including here — we have to keep the faith that justice will win out in the end. I’m sure your story of faith would put mine to shame, but don’t give up. We WILL win.

  61. Dear ones,

    Our dear POTUS has nothing to be embarrassed about. Not do we, who support equal rights and respect for all. The embarrassment lies squarely on the shoulders and in the hearts and minds of those who have been pursuing our first black-skinned President in spite of the undeniable fact that he is also 1/2 white. He is a representation of ALL of us, even those who refuse to accept. Let’s STOP being embarrassed and STOP pointing fingers and put our energies full-out in getting him re-elected, always reminding the forgetful of all he has done for ALL us! (even those who defy health care for all and then say “don’t touch my Medicare”. Pity might be a better emotion?

  62. I think I finally see why so many people on this blog are out and out angry about the birtherism, and to me it’s simply another manifestation of this:


    The difference is that I think that it is just dumb, while a lot of people see disrespect, racism.

    I’m going to write something dangerous here: I think the President’s handling of this “issue” shows that his thinking is close to mine.

  63. That’s not dangerous to write at all. I think PBO recognized a political problem, and turned it into a political victory. The birthers will still be birthers — even time traveling back to the delivery room wouldn’t convince them. But yesterday makes it almost impossible for any political figure who wants to be “respectable” to continue stoking birther nonsense. PBO put them in an impossible position.

  64. Yes – moneybomb to OFA. I sent my $100 to re-elect the best President in my lifetime and will continue to work hard registering voters, talking to others, and donating as often as I can afford it.

    I would like the email address of NBC corporate so I can tell them I’m boycotting their entire lineup until they fire the despicable racist Donald “Carnival Barker” Trump.

  65. LL, what a moving comment. Thank you for having the generosity to share so much of yourself with us.

    I think you summed up pretty well the core of Barack Obama’s political action, and why he’s a truly exceptional leader.

  66. WOW!!! Wonderful!!! Your story is that resonates with many and should be shared with others on a national basis. Please submit as an editorial.

  67. MANY of the birthers are those “religious nuts” Frank Shaeffer talks about. He knows them very well and says they’re not reachable with reasoning. They’re totally divorced from reality.

  68. I’m in for $20. Sis and I already pledged to each give at least $20. per month. I can do May’s contribution today.

    ♥ GN for thinking of this way to show our support for the Prez.

  69. To all in the BWD Community we must lead with our heads held high and our voices clear with no fear YES WE CAN. Lead all those out there who worry, that our President Obama is the guiding hand we need at the helm of the ship of state. Because as you can see any other hand out there will wreck this country. Just keep the faith and work hard to keep our President in place and get him some strong partners in Congress.

  70. It is past time for the news media to act like news media and not entertainment media. News should not be a matter of pushing the most sensationalistic things they can find in a drive for ratings regardless of fact. They have an important place in the success of our nation it is time we all demand that they fulfill it or be replaced by those who will. Their job is not to give equal time to all who want to talk but to sort through the talk and distill the facts about the subjects that are vital to this nation. If they continue to refuse to do so, then we the public must refuse to patronize them and support only those who will do so. Donald Trump should never have gotten any coverage until and unless he officially filed a candidacy for the presidency. Until such time he should be left trying to get himself booked on entertainment media because that is all he is.

    What is sad about all of this is what it says about our news media. They have a great deal of power over what people know, or think they know. When they spend years giving birthers a platform and their nonsense is not immediately, completely and factually refuted, they are just spreading misinformation and betraying the whole reason they exist. The birthers themselves are idiots and racists but the media who have elevated them and given them airtime are worse than that. They know what the birthers are and they know that everything they say is a and has always been a lie but they didn’t quash it because it was “good for ratings”. That isn’t journalism.

  71. “It’s easy to overlook racial inequalities as long as you keep the myths alive. It’s harder to support them when a man like Barack Obama is front and center.”


    Thank you!

  72. Saint Roscoe – I’m shaking my head in disbelief. Why or how would the doctor know in 1961 that he had delivered the future President? These “Birthers” are just plain stupid.

  73. You’re right. We can’t control what others do but only how we react to them. Now is the time to recommit ourselves to rising above and pushing forward. We can win, we are winning already-thus the fear and backlash, but we can’t quit. So let’s follow the President’s example and move on to the important issues of the day. Let’s help turn the conversation away from all the bigoted nonsense and back to real issues that need attention and information. The news media can’t be counted on to steer the conversation so we have to try to take the wheel. If we and other websites focus on other issues we can make a difference and perhaps succeed in changing the dialog. It’s worth a try at least.

  74. Jayne – pets and children are the best judge of humans. I love my President’s smile. I love the way my President looks at his family and the way he reaches out to them. This man shows his warmth through many gestures. Love my Presdient and will continue to support him through his re-election and the next four years. May God continue to protect him and show the way to a kinder future.

  75. Yes and no. The birther movement is clearly racist and the disrespect shown to President Obama is out of control. To me, there’s no use in disputing the obvious.

    That said, this being a country with racist elements, many of whom form the core of the GOP base is a dog bites man story to me. That the Trump played to this racism for vast amounts of attention and was propelled to the top of the GOP’s candidates list is Trump being Trump (known attention-seeker), and the folly of the GOP (which has courted the racist vote for years; this is what they get). So I’m not gnashing teeth or very upset, but that’s not indicative of an opinion that there’s no racism or disrespect at play; just the opposite, this is life in the US. Not sure that POTUS would agree with your contention that racism isn’t playing a role here; whether he’d say so publically is another matter, but this is not a post-racial America by any means.

  76. While I’m heartsick that it had to come to the point of PBO requesting a dispensation from Hawaii regarding their state law to publish a long form birth certificate when he published the same birth certificate we all use for official purposes, I’m also in awe at his ability to rise above the stupid and profane.

    Take heart, bwd,; PBO is the master of the long game.

  77. Bingo; and the conundrum for them is that for the GOP base, it is not very respectful to *not* be a birther, or at the very least, sympathetic to birthers. Game on.

  78. Self control is not lack of feeling and only the most superficial people can’t see that this President feels things deeply and is a very caring person. He is dignified and controlled but he is not cold. On the contrary he is warm and friendly. What he is not is reactionary or a bully. Hardly traits that are attractive in a leader. Those who criticize him for being “cold” are actually just hoping to goad him into acting more rashly so they can criticize him for losing his cool. It’s not going to happen though. That’s not the way he rolls.

  79. GN, There were protesters at the NY Fundraiser yesterday?

    I have not see that.

  80. As a child of Cuban immigrants, what’s heartening is the number of Cuban-Americans included in the list of attendees. I’ve never understood my ethnic group’s antipathy towards Democrats. Now that the first generation is dying off, those of my generation and younger are more firmly rooted in the US, and don’t automatically pull the lever for the GOP.

  81. Saint Roscoe, thanks for posting. We knew that it would be something else for these birthers. The good news is that they look even crazier and desparate with all of us knowing the core of this stupidity is racisim.

    That said, at some point someone is going have to mention to these nuts that little “doctor-patient privelege” thingy that would kinda stop him from ever volunteering to his family the names of his former patients. Therefore, despite his death in 2003, they still wouldn’t know in 2008. Let alone, connecting the dots to a single patient among hundreds, he delivered during his entire OB/GYN career. Oh, birthers make my head hurt ;-).

    One of the saddest things about racism — aside from it even existing — is the mental gymnastics it makes people go through who are trying very hard not to come off racist. All it does is demonstrate how much they are…

  82. gn, I just went to GOS to rec Eclectablog and Kucinich has a (rec listed, of course)post re: Bradley Manning. He is undermining the meaning of torture. He is choosing to feed his ego and campaign coffers instead of attending to his constituents’ needs. All I can say is: WTF?

  83. LL, you have stated beautifully the way I feel and why I support this president as well. It isn’t all about him but rather it is about his ability to get us to come together and to rise together. I do believe that the majority of the people are good people who truly care about their neighbors and fellow countrymen and who want to live in a fair and just society where everyone has a chance to succeed. So many politicians appeal to the cynical side of voters. They use fear and anxiety to make people work against things instead of for them. President Obama is someone who works for things. I like that. It’s what I want to see happen and I think most people feel that way too. Fear can motivate an instinctive response but it doesn’t produce lasting change. Only hope can do that.

  84. Bravo, Bob! I went to bed last night feeling, angry and sad but also proud of my President. He truly is a model of dignity, grace under the vilest of circumstances.

    I’ve heard people say: “Well, he can handle it because he’s had to deal with it all his life.”

    I say that as the duly elected President of the United States,he should not have to “deal” with the disrespect, not only to his person, but to the high office he holds. He should not have to deal with the slurs and lies on his character, his intelligence or his accomplishments by a puny bunch of pissants.

    If this were limited to the fringe of nutcakes, it would be one thing but this behavior is pervasive all down the Republican line and is supported by MSM and the so called PL.

    Imho, the Repugnants have made a huge blunder. I speak only for myself but I believe there will hardly be a person of color or ethnic minority left in the US who would ever vote for any Republican again.

    I’ve been stopped and had to show my ID when driving near the border. I know what it feels like, albeit in a small way compared to PBO’s experience, to have to prove you are a US citizen in your own country and going about your own legitimate business.

    The double stupids are also busy alienating Seniors with their attacks on Medicare and SS.
    I predict a landslide in re-electing PBO for four more years.

  85. Awesome, thank you g! Totally agreed, that most Americans don’t even think like this birther racist bs. The GOP courts this vote, and they just got caught. That’s actually productive if people think about it.

  86. Thanks LL!
    …I wish I could run for office (US House, my current rep. is none other than Paul Broun the wacko), even if only to push some issues and shed some light in our public discourse, but it turns out (much to my surprise) that as a University of GA employee I would be forced to quit my job roughly six months prior to the 2012 elections. I could request a leave of absence, but not only would I be unsure of regaining my position, but more importantly I simply couldn’t do without the income for six months. Of course one could say that there is no use running if you don’t have more money than I do, but in this internet age there is a lot I could do just from home…posting video speeches etc. Below here is the section from our Board of Regents policy statement on the subject. If anyone happens to know anything about such policies at other universities I’d be curious.
    Thanks, Chip, I can be reached at chip@chipshirley.com

    Here’s the policy from our BOA policy manual…
    Board of Regents Policy Manual— Political

    As responsible and interested citizens in a democratic society, USG employees are encouraged to fulfill their civic obligations and otherwise engage in the normal political processes of society. Nevertheless, it is inappropriate for USG personnel to manage or enter political campaigns while on duty to perform services for the USG or to hold elective political office at the state or federal level while employed by the USG.
    Therefore, the following policies governing political activities are hereby adopted:

    Employees may not manage or take an active part in a political campaign which interferes with the performance of duties or services for which he or she receives compensation from the USG.
    Employees may not hold elective political office at the state or federal level.

    Employees seeking elective political office at the state or federal level must first request a leave of absence without pay beginning prior to qualification as a candidate in a primary or general election and ending after the general or final election. If elected to state or federal office such person must resign prior to assuming office.
    Employees may seek and hold elective office at other than the state or federal level, or appointive office, when such candidacy for or holding of the office does not conflict or interfere with the employee’s duties and responsibilities to the institution or the USG.

  87. This is exactly why people need to consider making tracks from that place. That these folks would lie about torture speaks to a diseased mind. I personally cannot consume that bs; let them contribute their trip towards the hard right wing libertarianism that better suits that space. When I heard that the originator of the false torture claims is allied with the freaking Cato Institute, that was it for me. Holding hands with the right wing in order to launch attacks against the WH; free country, but I’d advise people to consume as little of that media product as possible.

  88. It is just moving the goalposts once again. First they wanted a birth certificate. The Obama campaign complied and it was supplied. Then that wasn’t enough and now they needed a long form birth certificate. Now that has been supplied and it still won’t be enough. Nothing will be enough for them and the President acknowledged that. The certificate was not produced for them, it was produced for the media. They now have no excuse for allowing birther talk to go on or appear on their programs or editorial pages. They now have an obligation to shut down such talk and move on when it is raised in front of them. The birthers will always demand more but the sane people now have no cover for allowing them to do so in respectable media if they want to remain in any way respectable.

  89. So utterly true. The GOP would love for us to continue to turn away from the Ryan budget and their plans to take away services for the poor and elderly in order to give the rich more money to not spend. That’s a much bigger story to me than the fact that racists are disrespectful to POTUS (news at 11).

  90. Apparently; but people who were there said that they couldn’t even make out what the hecklers were saying anyway. Just stupid behavior IMO.

  91. I agree and what they are doing is making us stronger. AA and Whites, latino we know you can’t judge all for the few. we must stick together and scream our disapproval of this crap. See he united and they want to divide.

  92. LL, could that be because some blamed JFK for the failed Bay of Pigs fiasco? I’m hazy on history but wasn’t it Nixon who got Castro to release people from prisons?

    People hold on to stuff like this and pass it down. I’ve seen that in my own family.

  93. Ambassador to India Tim Roemer resigned his post citing personal, professional and family issues.

    He’d be a top recruit for the Dems if they could get him to run for the Governorship or Senate in Indiana. Of course he has two children heading to college soon and that is very expensive, maybe he’s looking to land a lucrative private sector job.

  94. Funny, I just decided to make my first contribution to Obama/Biden 2012 today after yesterday’s deplorable day in American history.

  95. Oh, LL that was just incredible. Thank you for sharing that with us here. What a journey you have had.

  96. That was mostly it, and Republicans were seen as being more anti-Communist than Democrats. But after the Bay of Pigs, the first generation of immigrants were never able to trust Dems again. They still saw Cuba as their homeland, and really had no desire to make permanent homes here in the States. Those of us born in this country don’t have that same attachment to the “old country”. Bless my mother, though: she’s always been a Democrat, and me and my oldest brother have always been Democrats as well. (My middle brother is just a curmudgeon… lol)

  97. It was obvious from the beginning that there were racial overtones coming from certain Republicans and Tea Party folks, etc. on every issue President Obama touched. But he was smart enough to not go there.

    Thanks now to the folks who are using the terminology that tells the truth.

    History will be very interesting. I wish I were going to be here in a hundred or so years to read about this time in America.

  98. Beautiful, Betsy and I loved your tribute to the “grandmothers. Not to trivialize your wonderful words but I have great faith in ‘Granny Power.’ ♥

  99. I know I was glad PBO put out the fire about the birth certificate yesterday. The journalists again failed when they let the “finally he did something about it” meme continue. He had already approved of some journalists, HI state legislators and some organization reps to see the long form in Hawaii and authenticate it during the campaign. The journalists should have been saying this all along.

    I knew the whole charade was being promoted by the media for ratings and controversy. I disagree with the present day journalism that is practiced. I feel the media has a role to play in informing the public of facts, not in taking sides or creating controversy.

    I was saddened by the racists viewpoints and feel bad about this happening. The end of Rachel’s show yesterday had a really well said commentary with a guest commentator.

    I am enraged over Trumps actions. So much so that I would boycott his products if I bought any. I did quit watching Apprentice and emailed NBC about that. Some think they should drop his program but I want it to get carried again so he will have a reason not to run for president. I heard that his suits are made in China. I wonder if we wrote an email to the stores that carry his products if that could help. Aren’t his products carried in Macys? I feel like Trump should suffer for his behavior. He is stirring up racism and that endangers our President. I thought most racist acts were illegal too. I do know there is freedom of speech but when does it become like yelling fire in a theater?

  100. I think that many of us — myself included — were not ready for the forces of reaction striking back after PBO’s election. The fact that he was elected AT ALL was such a shock and a historical moment that many of us thought, “Well, that’s that. We have changed.” And, of course, the person who knew things would be tough was Obama himself.

    The past few months have been the slap in the face we’ve all needed. We know now how much work we have to do.

  101. I remember watching a Primary campaign rally on tv where anti-abortion activists started creating a ruckus and of course the cameras highlighted them. I was convinced PBO handled it expertly when he quelled the boos of the crowd and started talking about their right to have a different opinion and saying how tough a decision it is on the issue. He went onto talk about both sides of the issue and how he came to his decision on the issue. How he felt that giving the woman the right to make the decision along with the father, her parents, her pastor, her doctor or those around her to support her and supplying birth control to avoid the problem and help to those choosing to keep their children really highlighted his stand. All the while the activists were quietly escorted out of the arena. I also watched a rally clip of Bill Clinton yelling back at a protestor and getting into the fight. I thought of the two different approaches and admired PBO even more. PBO is amazing and he just needs our continued prayers.

  102. Dennis, go home. It is so tragic that elected officials can not give up the spoils they earn.

    Dennis has had a long run. Maybe he should consider turning it over to another dem.

    Alas, Dennis knows that he can not be replaced.

  103. The DCCC keeps sending me emails asking for contributions. I think I’m going to politely write back and say that while I would love to contribute, I’m not going to give money that would go to the likes of Dennis Kucinich or Luis Gutierrez or any of the other prima donnas who keep stabbing their supposed leader in the back because they haven’t gotten their ponies yet.

    Ok, maybe not so politely. 🙂

  104. I am so sorry so many are saddened by PBO handing over his long birth certificate. I was sad it had come to this too, but see it was politically necessary. Individual states were starting to develop birther laws to have candidates be on their presidential ballot. Independents were starting to believe Trump. I think he found it necessary and while he showed it he also taunted the press for their role in the “silliness” and called Trump a Carnival Barker. It of course is not put to rest by those racists that will try to discredit him at all costs, but it should give journalists and Independents pause.

    I just want to get back at Trump somehow!!!

  105. Obama Grandmama – You are right – I had forgotten about Trump products at Macy’s. Here’s info (below) from their “press room” website page. One question I will ask them is: Since Trump is race-baiting in connection with President Obama and the Republican party, does that mean that Macy’s – which carries Trump products – agrees with his racially charged remarks?

    Media Contacts
    MACY’S, INC.
    Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio and New York, NY

    Jim Sluzewski, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications & External Affairs
    jim.sluzewski@macys.com, 513-579-7764

  106. Race and Class warfare is what the Republican party has been reduced to.

  107. BWD, I know this is tough. It is hard, yes. But you know, yesterday, I was sad, very sad. Then I got angry and I cried. It hurt me to the core to see this president being treated in this fashion and all of it sanctioned by a do-nothing media.

    But I woke up this morning determined more than ever to work harder than I have ever for this president. I was also heartened by the fact that, the incident is angering people into action.

    I listened to Tom Joyner show and there was a woman on there who had weeks ago, called for boycotts against the chump. She was back this morning talking about it. And there is talk that twitter and facebook are abuzz with talk about boycotting all things chump, including his casinos and everything else. People power will be at work here.

    As well, there is a petition by color of change going around. My sister who lives in the D.C. area said that hosts of two of the black radio shows she listens to are calling on their listeners to boycott this fool.

    For those of us who are mad enough, it is time to get even. I have sent letters to NBC telling them how I feel about this. I told them that I will encourage everyone I know to boycott their products. Small steps.

    Today, indeed is a sad day in American history, but I respect this president more than I ever had. I know there was a compelling reason for his stepping out to do this, something more than just for himself.

    Take heart, this too, shall pass.

  108. wow I am just catching the tail end of this nomination speech by PTOUS…Dang he looks extra beautiful today. I love my President and he remains classy and better than everybody imho.

  109. Here’s the text of my email:

    While I would love to contribute money to the DCCC, as I believe that we need a strong Democratic majority in the House, I’m afraid that it would go to fund Democrats like Dennis Kucinich and Luis Gutierrez, who do nothing but stab President Obama in the back. Until I can be assured that my money won’t go to their re-election campaigns — as they seem to do quite well in raising funds from a certain segment that likes nothing but to beat up on the President — I’m afraid that I won’t be able to contribute to the DCCC.

  110. You should keep a copy of what you just wrote as it is invaluable to you. It is such a succinct history of your own self. Thank you for sharing. I understand you better now and even see some similarities of how I felt in discovering Obama.

  111. LL – Every time I get a request for funds from the DCCC, I check to see who has “signed” the email. Twice, I’ve sent it back – once it was signed by James Carville and I think the other time was Anthony Weiner – telling them to get people to sign their funding requests who actually support President Obama.

    No thanks, DCCC – I’ll contribute via the President’s campaign. At least I feel good about his “signers.” (In fact, great!)

  112. I am not sure I want NBC to cancel Trump’s show as I see that renewal of his show is a reason for him to decide not to run for President in 2012.

    I am thinking more along the line of asking merchants not to carry Trump’s product line due to his racist behavior towards our President.

  113. It was a Sad Comentary on ALL of Americans. Each and every American with an decency should hang their heads in complete shame thanks to the Media, The GOP, birthers and birther-wanna-be Donald Chump!

  114. We should do a massive boycott of any and all sponsors on Donal Chumps show, write all the AA contestents to ask to be fired and tell him off!

  115. Unbelievable in the 21st Century, this is happening in so-called America – land of bigots home of the racists. People of color has been treated like this since America was formed. The First black, hispanic, female, other-than white anything is treated as if they are undeserving no matter how hard they have to work to achieve.

  116. Dang, that’s a very good editorial by nyt.

    Are they still peddling the birther nonsense on cnn ?

  117. President Obama is our “Jackie Robinson” of the 21st century. I had hope that this country had moved beyond race when the president got elected and in general it has, but the GREEDY CORPORATE MEDIA HATE MONGERS AND THE GOP ARE DETERMINED TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY.

  118. Amen.

    This stunt and future stunts are geared to divide us. It will not work! The Corporatist and their GOP toadies are in a fight for keeping power over us workerbees and political survival.

  119. I went to wiki to learn more about Joe McCarthy and while I was at it, I searched wiki for the combover, and wow…pretty funny stuff. This guy once owned WWE! He’s all over the place politically.

  120. Excellent I Macy’s will reply, my wife shops at Macy’s a lot and she will talk to the Manager herself. It was very smart of PBO to do this, and we the people will respond on election time just let’s forget Trump for now he is history. Did anybody watched lawrence O’donell show last night? well he call an NBC
    to inmeadiatly fire Trump, he was realy on fire.

  121. To be like McCarthy, the combover would have to actually hold office, something that he has never done…all he does is say he’s going to run for governor or president. He never actually runs for office. So he can’t hold hearings and alas he’ll never be censured. And he’s already outlived McCarthy.

  122. This is a big deal and I hope the President does sign it, but the fact that it’s being reported that he might, I think it’s more to put pressure on the Congress to act.

    One thing I would like to see is the third party Dem groups releasing donor names under the same rules that apply to donating to candidates directly.

  123. Donald Trump can’t afford to run for President. Who will give him money? They know he is a total joke! The GOP religious right, teagaggers, and decent republicans will not vote for him. He is clearly tainted now that only the racists in the north will vote for him and the southern racists won’t vote for him because he’s from up north who they don’t trust.

  124. I indentify with what you said too Betsey. I am a little older than you as I just qualified for Medicare this last year. I thought of myself as White most of my life only finding I am also Native American when I was 38 years old. My tribe was disbanded from the time I was young until it was re-established when I was an adult. I am on the tribal rolls and living on the reservation today. My children do not have enough blood quantom in them to qualify for a roll number.

    The years of assasinations, Civil Rights, and the Vietnam War came when I was in high school and college. They did have impact on our lives and helped shape my sense for a need of fairness and colorblindness.

    I remember in high school leaving my high school social club when they tried to tell me who my friends could be. They didn’t want my Jewish friend to sit at the table with us so I moved with her to a different table and no longer participated in the club. I have always felt no one should feel that they are above someone else. I am against the feeling of class superiority.

    I feel everyone has something to give of value. I raised my own children with that philosophy. As a teacher now retired I also actively sought a way to display my students’ gifts to help them feel good about themselves and empower their image of themselves. They then were free to achieve at their highest level.

    I have felt discrimination in my elder age as a tribal member through community involvement outside our tribal community. I sit on our tribal education committee today trying to give back to my tribe. I had not faced that kind of discrimination before as a White member of the community. I do not pretend to have the same history as those on this blog since I am not African American so know you bring a saddness felt for President Obama deeper than my own experiences give me. I do know my sense of fairness and feeling that all should be treated the same do give me a feeling of belonging here I would never trade away.

    My own four grown children are all Obama supporters as are their married spouses too. It is interesting that my oldest son is in a mixed marriage with an African American and their eight year old daughter is mixed as she would like to say like President Obama and she is aware they were both born in Hawaii. My youngest daughter just got engaged to a Jewish man. So I see my philosophy may have rubbed off on my children too. This daughter’s best friends are gay as she has been in the entertainment world.

    I am proud of this intermixing and only wish there was more of it to abolish this racist behavior. I know the next generation is not as racist as our present generation. I also notice my parents’ generation being more racist than ours. President Obama is breaking barriers and setting such wonderful examples for us. I am proud to be a follower of this exemplary man.

  125. LL, As elated as I was the night then-Senator Obama was elected to serve as President, I knew the going was not going to be easy. I knew that ideologues on the far right would continue their hatred. I knew the ideologues on the far left, who thought he was their own personal savior, would be very angry that he wasn’t able to turn the world around in one month flat. I knew it was going to be extraordinarily difficult for this brilliant, intuitive, and empathic man.

    What I didn’t count on are forces I wasn’t aware of then, and I’m not sure that even now I fully understand those forces. I do know that he was surrounded by darkness, by dark, dark shadows during the healthcare debate. But, he was protected by Light, by angels. Even though he wanted more for the HCR bill, what he and other lawmakers were able to get into the bill was a clear victory. Remember that although hcr isn’t able to help every single person, it is clearly a victory of life on this earth over death for many.

    What I also don’t understand is how so many Christians allowed themselves to be puppets for those who don’t care about their fellow human being. Clearly, Christ called us to love our neighbor – it is the second greatest commandment. Yet so many turned their back, didn’t (and don’t) care about the betterment of God’s people. They received the words of those who wished to destroy and they drank those words as if they were water for a parched mouth. And it saddens me to the core.

    Then there are the “progressives”, right? Except many of them are not. Those who are not have tried to disrupt progress every step of the way. One cannot be considered a progressive if one tries to disrupt progressive legislation. I do not accept their claim of being progressives as valid. There are some who are progressives, who wanted to do the right thing, but they’ve come to believe the lies, the memes of PBO being the same as Bush, of PBO being a sell-out. Also very sad.

    It is not easy for this man and those working with him to get good legislation passed because of the forces working against them and I’d like to say that it will get easier. The darkness will get stronger, but eventually the light will come. As President Obama asked us to listen to our better angels, we must. It is an absolute. I struggle with this… this better angel stuff. When I hear of hate-filled words, I want to blast back as hard as I can. It is not always easy for me to find the quiet, peaceful place within from which to speak.

  126. I like that last name it made me laugh for the first time after reading all of the low-down, dirty things they are spewing about our President

  127. I wonder if the President is going to shame them again during the White House Correspondence dinner. They deserve nothing less.

  128. The old phrase of Be Careful What You Ask For comes to mind on asking NBC to dump Trump’s show as if he is renewed he will not run for President in 2012. I don’t want him as a candidate against Obama as I would hate for him to in any possible way be near the Presidency.
    I think boycotting his products now like at Macys, not watching his tv show next season or boycotting his advertisers then when his new show is happening might be better politically. Getting rid of his show so he is free to run for the presidency against our guy may not be the best political decision.

  129. All – I just received a response from Groupon, who were listed as a sponsor for Donald Trumps reality show. I wrote to them last night, unsubscribing and letting them know exactly why I was doing so. They have disputed that they are sponsors of trump or his show. (The fact that they wrote back so quickly must mean that they’ve been bombarded with comments from disgusted subscribers – although NBC is yet to respond). Can anyone verify? Response below:

    Thanks for your feedback.

    We don’t directly advertise with that television program. In fact, almost all of our advertising is done online. We work with various networks like Google, Yahoo, and AOL to run our ads across their networks of websites to reach the largest audience possible.

    Though this network includes some ad space on NBC.com (and by default, The Apprentice homepage), we are not a sponsor of Donald Trump or The Apprentice.

    We will definitely pass your feedback along and look into measures we can take to try and be even more selective in our future advertising.

    I apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Please let me know if I can help you further.


    Adal R.

  130. I just put this on The Obama Diary with the link. I thought they might like to get involved.

  131. Beautifully stated Bob, as usual. You have such a good soul and heart. dr

  132. Typical weaseling out Theo. The other guyz did it. The same weasling out given by the ‘progressives’ at the gos for the right wing ads.

  133. Indeed. The paper released yesterday has no legal standing and cannot be used to verify identity. The paper delivered three years ago is the official document that can be used in a court of law. So, apart from seeing the signature of the President’s mother and delivery doctor, there is nothing on this form that was not already known. Absolute stupidity.

  134. Why Barack Obama Is the Real Donald Trump

    Donald Trump built his headline-grabbing, undeclared presidential run — and a double-digit lead in early GOP 2012 primary polling — on the theory that President Barack Obama isn’t actually American. If Trump plans to keep on running, now that a copy of the president’s long-form birth certificate is posted on whitehouse.gov and the Obama “Birther” conspiracies have been, or should be, all but put to rest, he’ll have to fall back on the belief — held by no one more strongly than himself — that his own famous combination of conspicuous wealth and in-your-face bravado will be the winning formula for the nation’s next chief executive.

    Speaking to press gathered on a New Hampshire tarmac Wednesday, Trump said that he was “really proud” to be the one who forced Obama to make his birth certificate public, and then quickly pivoted to his latest charge about Obama’s admission to Harvard Law — that he’d “heard he was a terrible student, terrible.”

    In his version of things, Trump’s the great American rags-to-riches story, and Obama is the suspicious, out-of-touch law professor. His pitch hinges on the public buying Trump as a one-man money factory who can solve America’s problems by telling China’s leaders “We’re going to tax you 25 percent” and ordering the Saudis to bring down the price of a gallon of gas.

    But when you look at the two of them side by side, it’s hard not to notice that Obama is the real Horatio Alger story here, and Trump is more like Richie Rich — comfortably drafting off of someone else’s American dream. Forget about birth certificates. Here’s why Obama is the real Donald Trump:

    The Millions

    Trump’s appeal is based largely on his moneymaking prowess, but he rarely points out that he made his money the old-fashioned way: by inheriting a multimillion-dollar real estate empire from his father. Obama’s millions pale in comparison with Trump’s reported billions, but with brisk sales from best-selling books, Obama made his fortune the even more old-fashioned way: He earned it.

    The Market

    If the business of America is business, then America’s most important statistic is the Dow Jones industrial average. It dropped all the way down to the 7,000s after the 2008 financial sector collapse, and Obama nursed it back to the 12,000s. It doesn’t matter how many club invites that Trump — the businessman — hands out for his Mar-a-Lago golf resort, he’ll never top what Obama’s done for the investor class.

    The Automobile

    Trump says that he’s never personally gone bankrupt. He’s just taken his companies into bankruptcy and “used the laws of this country” to make himself richer — something that no one really begrudged him or ever seriously doubted.
    By contrast, Obama kept the big-three automakers from going under by taking a page out of Trump’s playbook: He borrowed money, bought a stake in General Motors, forced it into bankruptcy, revived the company and preserved thousands of jobs.

    The World

    To hear Trump tell it, he’d waltz into any conference room in the world, pound his fist on the table and have China begging to buy American goods at whatever price he sets — while extracting oil money from the Saudis for U.S. protection. But it was Obama who got Russia to go along with economic sanctions on Iran; it was Obama who squeezed concessions out of a South Korean trade deal after that country got shook up by North Korean attacks; and Obama’s the one simultaneously raining missiles down on the heads of Muammar Qaddafi and the leaders of al-Qaida.

    The Automobile

    Trump says that he’s never personally gone bankrupt. He’s just taken his companies into bankruptcy and “used the laws of this country” to make himself richer — something that no one really begrudged him or ever seriously doubted.

    By contrast, Obama kept the big-three automakers from going under by taking a page out of Trump’s playbook: He borrowed money, bought a stake in General Motors, forced it into bankruptcy, revived the company and preserved thousands of jobs.

    The World

    To hear Trump tell it, he’d waltz into any conference room in the world, pound his fist on the table and have China begging to buy American goods at whatever price he sets — while extracting oil money from the Saudis for U.S. protection. But it was Obama who got Russia to go along with economic sanctions on Iran; it was Obama who squeezed concessions out of a South Korean trade deal after that country got shook up by North Korean attacks; and Obama’s the one simultaneously raining missiles down on the heads of Muammar Qaddafi and the leaders of al-Qaida.

    The Transcript

    And now that he’s lost the Birther issue, Trump is complaining about his “friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything, and they can’t get into Harvard” — suggesting that the island-reared son of an exchange student and a hippie woman needed affirmative action to reach the Ivy League.

    So what if he did?

    If you work backward from Obama’s magna cum laude showing at Harvard Law, you have to conclude that the president had the right stuff all along, regardless of his college GPA. But what’s noteworthy about Obama isn’t his grades or where he went to school. It’s that as a charming Harvard lawyer straight from central casting, he could easily have taken his talents to Wall Street and made partner in a major firm or been the top legal guy at a big hedge fund. Instead he went into public service and, later, politics, eschewing millions of dollars more than he already makes now.

    Obama and Trump have both lived charmed lives. They both went to posh prep schools and hold Ivy League degrees. They’re both rich and famous, and neither one has ever met a microphone he didn’t like. But that’s where the comparisons end. One guy’s a casino boss and pageant promoter.

    The other is the President of the United States.

  135. He already produced proof of his citizenship back in 2008, with the only legal document that can do that. The paper provided yesterday has no legal worth, since it is not used for anything but records management by the state of Hawaii. What they wanted was to see if there was any mention of religion or to point to his father’s citizenship to further their meme that the President is not the same. This has nothing to do with proving citizenship. It has everything to do with racism, period.

  136. Gloria, This is a little off topic, but I want to tell you that I have always been taken by your beauty.

  137. The “long form” looks like the photocopy of the hospital record of my birth that I have at home. That record is NOT a birth certificate, as I found out a few years ago. I had to send away to NY for a copy of my official birth certificate to get a new SS card, as I had lost my old one. The SSA is very clear about what qualifies as a birth certificate for its purposes; one of the main things is that the certificate has to have an embossed state seal. What ever the state says is its official birth certificate is.

    It will be interesting to see if all the states with birther bills go through with passing it. If they don’t, it’ll be yet another black eye for the GOP.

  138. JoJo, I completely agree. If he did win the nomination, I feel confident that he would not win the presidency. He is too ugly and brazen for the majority of people in this country.

    I also think the repugs will find a way to destroy him if he continues to run for president.

  139. OG, Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for standing with your tribe–your heritage. To know where we come from and to appreciate that history is what makes us whole.

  140. A very good piece, tbs. I loved that closer.

    The other is the President of the United States.

    Yup. As simple as that.

  141. Orly,empty headed bigot, Tates tried that line last night. She also said that they have proof that Obama’s SSN is a forgery. These people are truly insane.

    For those who are racist, the suspicions will never stop. It is just something we have to live with.

    I wrote a really nasty email to chuck todd and andrea mitchell last evening about their lie that they have been forced to continue to talk about birtherism because they are reporters and it is the news. BSBSBS!!!

  142. Great comment Lila…beautifully expressed my feelings about our (mostly) complicit media with the embarrassingly dishonest stories that they helped to deliver to the public about our President without doing their job of fact-checking.

    The MSNBC nightly crew; Chris, Lawrence and Rachel, have been the only honest campers of late and they have thankfully been on fire the last few weeks.

  143. Amen Lilaf! As a former reporter and newspaper owner I am fed up with infotainment passing itself off as legitimate. How I miss David Brinkley.

  144. I first stopped watching the network news when the news window kept getting shorter as more commercials were packed in, and topics of substance were eschewed for “human interest” stories. At the time, cable news was in its infancy, and was generally hard news.

    Then came Fox, and that upset the apple cart. Everything became sensationalist and tabloid. I still watched CNN, as this was before news had a large presence on the internet.

    Now I have such a wealth of news sources from which to choose, that it boggles the mind why anyone would limit themselves to just US media. With my Roku box, I can choose between watching BBC World, France 24, AJE, or NHK World. I can read papers from all over the world, and blogs such as this. Information is leaving the gatekeepers, which sometimes means that people believe bad information. But in the end everything evens out.

  145. I donated when President Obama officially announced that he will be running for reelection. This morning I went to the OFA website and will be giving them a small monthly recurring donation.

  146. Oh, LL that comment was beautiful! This is the same reason I got involved in the President’s campaign in 2008, and why I will continue to support him and do what I can to reelect him.

  147. I am with you jlb. Nothing to that

    I give directly to the president. As I understand it, when Obama does his fund raising talks, half of that money goes to the DNC.
    That is where it should go. I got that letter from Carville too. After the way he attacked Obama during the spill, I will never forgive for

    Kucinich and Luis Gutierrez have been back stabbers for a long time now. Always showing up on msnbc to bitch about Obama. Of course the other one is Weiner.

  148. Thanks Donna

    I went to the page and sent a note to each person. It is theraputic. I hope the show is cancelled and if he runs it would be a gift to the President. He couldn’t win an election for do catcher.

  149. Chip, Good to see you here. Did all in your area make it through the storms safely?

    When I found out which district Broun represents, I was genuinely surprised.

  150. And Lawrence isn’t hosting his show tonight? Chrisy Hayes is hosting.


  151. I just sent a scathing email and plan to start a public campaign among my circle including Facebook, to boycott Macy’s and NBC and any entity that promotes this cretin’s goods. I hope he drowns in his own flood of venom.

  152. There’s something on The Obama Diary that Groupon has decided to block its ads from The Apprentice website.

  153. I wonder if anyone is going to ask Donald Trump to show his full birth certificate, if he runs for President?

    And, that goes for the rest of the Republicans and conservatives that run for President!

  154. Thank you Lilaf1 for speaking Truth to people who pretend to be journalists. Any one who doubts what you said only needs to compare the media treatment of 9/11 “truthers” with their treatment of the “birthers.” Besides, I don’t know of any Democratic politicians who subscribed to the notion that 9/11 was a plot by the Bush Administration to justify the war in Iraq. Yet, quite a few Republican politicians have winked and nodded when it came to this insane “birther” issue. And, the MSM has been there willing to oblige them, and give them a pass, without challenge.

    The MSM is still giving this spoiled, self indulgent millionaire/billionaire, Trump, a pass; giving him unprecedented media coverage to spew his racist disrespect of the President.

    I am sorry but I no longer regard the vast majority of the people in the MSM as real journalists. If they were indeed real journalists this “birther” story would never have made it to prime time.

  155. Exactly! Why isn’t the respected media pointing this out? I know when my daughters were born I signed some documents. But I also know that the legal birth certificate, in my possession, used by my daughter to apply for her passport, looked exactly the same as the birth certificate President Obama posted on line in 2008. No one at the State Dept. Passport Bureau demanded to see her long form. The so called long form may have details of birth, with my signature on, but it is not the same official birth certificate I had in my possession. Moreover, the official birth certificate contains the official seal of the sate where you were born, but never the signature of your parents or the Doctor who delivered you!

    Clearly this was never about legitimate birth certificate for the President. This was all about a subliminal propaganda campaign to undermine his legitimacy as a dually elected President of the United States. I am sorry to say, but I think the MSM have been complicit in this right wing campaign.

  156. GN, I really appreciate your calm wisdom. We know that this birther thing is all about racism. We also know, that despite President Obama’s election, a substantial number of Americans are still racist. But we also know that there are some cynical people who exploit race to mask their intentions of screwing the poor (including, by the way deluded birthers and teabaggers) while protecting the rich.

    I think we also now know that there are people who pretend to champion the interest of the poor, but, who, upon examination, turn out to be self serving people who care less about pragmatic progress than they do about making money and appearing on t.v. as the gurus of the progressive movement.

    The most important message I’ve learned from your commentaries is that it is time for serious people to avoid being marred in silly debates with people who are not at all serious about using every means to solve the monumental problems facing this country. What we need to focus on is using every resources to support this serious president. In the process we have to follow his example of wiping off the dirt, including the infuriating disrespect he has received from all corners: the Right, the left, the MSM, congressional members of his own party, and some African Americans who claim to speak for the people.

    There are really serious issues like the Ryan Budget that we need to focus on. As angry as I am about the humiliation of the President- and by extension the African American people- that necessitated him to do, what no other President has done-produce evidence to support his already published legal birth certificate. We still have to stay focused. TiMT at TPV said it best: “success” in re-electing President Obama would be “the best revenge” to this vicious revival of naked racism.

    Thank you for your wisdom, focus, and fearlessly self confident comments. This is what we need at this time!

  157. President Obama has my family, as well as my undying loyality, respect and love. President Obama will go down in history (not his story) as the best President of The United States.

  158. BWD, don’t be heartbroken. Remember: birthers have devoted years to foaming at the mouth about this. PBO took five minutes out of his day to destroy them utterly. It’s not worth getting upset about.

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