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Posting this comment from Liberal Librarian. I have nothing to add to this brilliance.

This is a diary of faith.

I can’t say that I’ve ever been much of a person of faith. Sure, as a child I went to church and mouthed the usual Catholic professions, but deep down I never really believed them. By the time I was 14 and in high school, it was left up to me whether or not I’d go to church, and I quickly decided that sleeping in was a much more preferable way to spend my Sunday mornings than going to a church that had no meaning for me. While in part that was a decision borne out of pure teenage laziness, in part it was also an acknowledgment that I no longer believed.

Once I no longer believed in God, it was much easier to not believe in many things — but mostly in the capacity for goodness of my fellow human beings. If it was difficult to believe in an invisible God who seemed to have no impact on the world’s daily turning, it was even harder to believe in my fellow humans, when their failings were there, glaring, staring me in the face every day — the pettiness, the smallness, the greed, the general selfishness. Through most of my twenties I was rather jaundiced and nihilistic; I was cynical because cynicism seemed to be the only valid response to a world in which it appeared that one prospered only by doing what was expedient, not what was right. I was definitely a child of Reagan, but rather than adulating him he made me despise the world that he brought forth.

This isn’t to say I had faith in nothing; I had faith in my family, which was always borne out by results; and I had faith, mostly, in friends, although in my life most of my friendships have been for a season, not forever. But faith in some grand overarching ideal? No, none of that.

Then I started to change my life, bit by bit, deciding that continuing in the unhappy groove I was in would lead only to ruin. I came across a doctor who was conducting experimental drug therapy for stuttering, and contacted him, and I’ve been on the drugs and fluent ever since then. I went to grad school, got my library degree, and wound up in a job that I love, more than any job I’ve ever had — which isn’t hard, since before I became a librarian I pretty much hated all my previous jobs. I had, at last, found faith in myself, however haltingly it came about.

And then there came Barack Obama. I have to admit, I was an early Edwards supporter. I liked his rhetoric, and his championing of the poor. He was telegenic and had a good backstory and I thought he would make the best candidate to move us away from the Bush regime. I knew nothing about Obama, and thought the country would vote in a white woman as President before it would a black man.

But Edwards never went anywhere, and Hilary carried the taint of too many disappointments for me. And then this man, Obama, came out of nowhere, and started winning. And I started listening to his message. It was a message of faith — not in him, never in him, but in ourselves, in what we can do when we band together and say “This is what we want”. That’s what his opponents fail to realize: we follow him and support him because in doing so we’re following and supporting ourselves. We see that we’re innately decent, that we want what’s best for ourselves and our fellow human beings, that we want to make a world that’s more fair and just for us and for those that come after us. He makes us see that we are basically good — not, as I thought in my younger years, basically selfish and small, but large, encompassing endless possibilities. He’s not the Messiah; but he allows us to see that the universe is within us. And he gives us that word, “faith”, that we can, through our actions, make the world better, more fair, more just, and that we’re in the majority, not those who say “we can’t”, or “we shouldn’t”, or “we won’t”.

So, in the beginning of my middle age, I have faith again. I still don’t have faith in God — but as I told one of my patrons yesterday with whom I discuss religion, I’m a “hopeful agnostic”. But, even after the events of the past two days, I have faith in many — perhaps the majority — of my fellow citizens. And I believe the faith is not misplaced.




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  1. Hi Tigerfirst88,

    My 2nd time to be first…by one minute.

    Thank you BWD for giving us a reason to smile again. So nice to see so match love bestowed on our President and First lady.

  2. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @BorowitzReport: President #Obama was pulled over by a cop last night and asked to show his freshman year report card. #TFB #news

  3. He looks so tired in that video. I wish he’d done that one on an up day. He needs a hug.

  4. I LOVE those pics of FLOTUS with the kids. *sniffle* She’s just gorgeous — inside and out.

    *~*~*~*~*BWD*~*~*~* I know the last two days have been tough on your tender heart, but I say THANK YOU for continuing to update the posts and provide a place for us despite your feeling down.

    We Appreciate You!

    President No Drama Obama will be okay, and so will we!

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  5. So glad LiberalLibrarian’s post is being showcased. It was powerful and beautiful.

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  6. Liberal Librarian: So do I, and I admitted it freely on DKOS (don’t know if you were a member) I’m no political wonk, but my people instincts are well honed. I’m rarely wrong. One CAN trust BHO. Nice post.

  7. Wonderful post, LL. I only wish I could express myself as well as you. I feel a lot of the same things.

    I’m 71yo now, so I remember the JFK days well, but I was so busy with little kids then, most things passed me by. I’ve never had such a strong tie to a president, so the good and the bad brings on such emotion.

    You’ve said a lot of things that will make me think about why that is. So thank you.

  8. Hey Tien Le, I think PBO looks very serious in the video, because he knows this upcoming election is going to be a fight for the future of America going forward vs going backwards.

    As gn said before, I rolling with the President all the way, no matter what.


  10. Hi BWD, great to find a notification in my inbox that a new post is here. Today I have started doing what I probably should have done some time ago: I am sending detailed, individual emails to all the media contacts that I have to let them know that I am boycotting their programs. I’m not even half way done, and I already feel a lot better. But nothing brings my optimism back like pictures showing our wonderful President taking care of business, being the great leader that we know him to be, always with a smile and his unyielding civility and openness. I hope you will emerge from the sadness of yesterday and continue to give us all the important news we might otherwise miss – so we can be more effective supporters and help ensure 5-1/2 more years of leadership and much more progress to come. Thank you for being there for us.

  11. LOOK what ever has happend in the last couple days one thing is for sure, this Man and this family are LOVED, RESPECTED and ADMIRED. OBAMA 2012 ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU OBAMA!!!!!!!!!

  12. I found Liberal Librarian’s diary of faith to be very poetic. I regret that she has not yet found faith in God but I believe that day will come. It is only by faith in God that President Obama has been able to endure all the slings and arrows that he has suffered and accomplished all the things that he has done.

  13. Just read on BBC that Gen Petraeus’s job will be filled by Marine Corps Lt Gen John Allen. Isn’t allen the guy who was against ending DADT ?

  14. what his opponents fail to realize: we follow him and support him because in doing so we’re following and supporting ourselves.


    One thing which I’m learning from POTUS: he takes it to that next level because he is so self-possessed that people’s opinions insofar as they are irrational…those opinions are irrelevant to him, you can tell, not the people themselves, but the irrational opinions. Thus he can pity the behavior while loving the person and genuinely sympathizing with their fears. I’ve seen him do this over and over; he’ll have a flash of anger/temper, then this empathy/sympathy kicks in. It’s remarkable, admirable, and something to copy.

    The current buffoonery is what it is; I think that some of it was play-acting (Trump), a bunch of it pathetic (racist birthers), and a bunch of it behavior which I hope is modified (the media who follow sensationalism).

    I hope that everyone cheers up and starts sucking the birther story of oxygen. Same racist fools acting up; the only thing which is new is that increasingly, people are trying to move beyond it.

  15. Sequana, first of all, let me say if that is your pic at age 71, you are a find looking woman. Notwithstanding that, you have experienced life, so just share what’s on your heart, just as you did. Thank you and may I say, You Go Girl!!

  16. Thank you so much for that piece! I want my President to get off the defense wrt his would-be abusers, and said as much; he has so much to be proud of and doesn’t deserve to think that he’s been abandoned due to the despicable netroots.

    My comment:

    “…start caring less…”

    I couldn’t be more in line with such an effort, and I actually wish that President Obama would stop acting as if there is anything rational about the toxic soup of grifters and their credulous audiences who scream their frustration to the base daily and insist that we must feel the same.

    Only the biggest of fools would have expected nirvana in two years, and I’m personally pretty sick of pretending that this propagandized thought process is rational.

    They’ll get it, or they won’t. This Obamabot has zero desire to remain enthralled with the opinion-making of the deliberately obtuse and the malicious.

    Thank you for saying this. Mr. President, if there’s any critique I have, please get off of the defense and proudly trumpet your achievements, which are significant. The PL parasites can go pound sand; they are lying with the claim that “you made them do it,” or their abusiveness is a product of your actions.

    That felt good lol. God bless them all; I’m glad to be on board with my POTUS “from the beginning” and am with this effort until he is seated again.

  17. At the end of the day, he is a good man making hard choices and trying to be the president of all Americans not just the ones who voted for him…just like he always talked about on his campaign. It’s just that it is damn hard to get people to actually admit that is exactly what he always said, and not what what they chose to hear.

  18. I so agree, Karen.

    There is currently an immense amount of lies and spin designed to attack President Obama from every possible angle. He’s called a torturer with zero basis; he’s called an illegitimate non-citizen with zero basis; he’s called a socialist with zero basis.

    The delusion which some folks have is not something which came from nowhere. It is the product of months and months and months and months of nonstop spin. I truly want to get serious about fighting back, and that to me doesn’t mean watching with hopeless despair as msnbc hosts ping back and forth between supporting President Obama and lying about his track record. It means redoubling efforts to spread the word.

  19. I live in a red county and our local newspaper leans right in most of its coverage. Today the paper ran an editorial (not an LTE) about the idiocy of the birth certificate movement (explicitly identifying it as racist) and condemning Republicans for allowing the far right to take over the party. It even stated that the R’s were handing the Democrats a gift for 2012 if they-the Dems–have the smarts to take advantage of it. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was reading the editorial correctly, but there it was–a big fat condemnation of the fact that the R’s are abandoning the middle class, the poor, the sick, minorities, unions, teachers and all pretense of compassion and creating a mean-spirited party for, by and of the rich.

    When small town conservative middle America starts getting it to this degree, the worm is turning. To which I say, it’s about time!!

  20. Some days I feel wise, some days less so. You caught me on one of my good days. LOL

  21. Jackie, this week has been brilliant. I know that a lot of people are still really upset, but some good was definitely done here.

    OT-awesome tweet, by muhajabah:
    “Messaging” is often used as a complaint by ppl who think if Obama just says magic words, liberal policies will be passed …



  22. “Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel is scheduled to attend the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner this Saturday, but it’s his wife, Amy Rule, who will be sitting at the better table during the annual event, in which news outlets compete to bring the biggest names in politics, government, media, entertainment, and the arts…..

    The Mayor-elect has also been in the coveted position of being on the receiving end of a presidential one-liner. (In 2009, when the dinner was held on the eve of Mother’s Day, President Obama said, “This is a tough holiday for Rahm Emanuel because he’s not used to saying the word ‘day’ after ‘mother.’”)”…More

  23. I truly think this has become a monumental cluster f*** for the GOP. No political party can survive when its most extreme elements take the steering wheel. When even right-leaning newspapers are telling the GOP that they’ve gone way too far, that is a sign of an imminent implosion. The GOP counted on a country that was more fearful than hopeful; they placed their bets on the wrong horse.

  24. Well, I’m more than humbled by BWD’s generosity in highlighting my scribbling. As I said, it was something that had been stewing for a few days, but yesterday’s events crystalized the themes.

    And Gaye, I’m male. LOL. Not all librarians are women, although I do love working around such intelligent, confident women.

  25. You. are. on. fire. today.

    Thank you bwd family of commenters, tpv family, wsy family. Great analysis all around.

  26. This is very much off the subject, but I can still remember very well the day the Librarian “allowed” me to get my very first library card. I was thrilled. More thrilled that she would let me take home as many books as my 5 year old arms could carry every week. Once I figured out that Run, Jane, run stuff, I was flying. For me, libraries are sacred places and will ever be.

  27. I’m so glad that I can come here and read a statement of faith without it, and the person who wrote it, turned into some kind of feeble-minded caricature.

    I’m tempted to go somewhere, you know where it is, and write some thoughts centered around some of the points shared in the comment. I will refrain from doing so because I know how the situation would devolve.

    To author of the comment, I am appreciative of the sharing of that story. As we progress further into the election cycle, we will need all the positive energy we can muster as we fight the guardians of fury and frustration from both sides.

  28. Oh, we encourage parents to get their newborns library cards. We want to hook them into the system of learning from the very first moments.

  29. LL, I was so stunned when I read your declaration of faith on the other thread, that I couldn’t respond prior to BWD frontpaging this.

    It is not always easy to trace back one’s faith journey, whether there is a religious element to it ot not. It is even more difficult to bring it into the open and share it with others. And it is even more difficult to present it in as eloquent, sincere and meaningful way as you did.

    Thank you.

    I won’t go into my own journey, suffice it to say that my faith is involved in two areas. My faith in God and what that entails, and my faith in my fellow humans. It would be easy to lose both of those faiths, and yet every day, despite the misery we see around us in our world, and despite the ugliness in the way many people treat others, my faith actually grows.

    It grows because I chose to look beyond the ugliness and see the beauty as well. My faith in humankind is not a faith that says all is good, but rather a faith in the potential being able to be reached.

    At the age of 64, I don’t know how much of that potential I will see, but I do know that seeing our President face the world as he does, with sincerity, humor and yes humility, I haqve my faith increased.

    LL, I want to thank you for triggering in me that little bit of introspection.

  30. Well beyond wisdom, LL, that essay is a masterpiece of empathy and hope.
    Thank you!

  31. Thank you for sharing with us. I had to revise my comment before posting because I did make a gender assumption.

    I wish we could turn your comment into an Obama/Biden 2012 commercial. I have no doubt that your words will resonate with the vast majority of people, even some who are not on our side. Only the worst of both sides would find objection with what you shared.

  32. And we’re not pundits, we’re not keyed in to the Beltway “wisdom”. We live in the real world, and we see what’s happening, and we hear what people say. People may not agree with the President’s policies, but dammit, he’s the President. You debate him on issues, not character assassination. He’s the president of those who didn’t vote for him as well as those who did.

    There’s always been a fringe in this nation that ascribed dark motives to those in power; however, now that fringe has almost taken over one of the two major parties. If the GOP doesn’t want to go the way of the Whigs whom they replaced, and guarantee Democratic dominance for the next generation, then they need to start acting like a responsible, LOYAL opposition, and not a social club for the most unhinged and dangerous cranks in the country.

  33. Yesterday I commented that this week may well turn into another of those watershed moments. TRhere have been so many over the past few years created by our American President.
    We spoke yesterday a lot about him calling out the media and the racist carnival barkers pushing the whole “not a American” meme.
    But he alos put the onus on the Republicans in Congress to approach our problems in a serious manner with serious solutions, not some ridiculous deficit increasing, Medicare and Medicaid destroying, increasing the wealth on the top 2% at the cost of the other 98% type of budget.
    Let’s see if they respond.

  34. Agreed. Repugnants have managed to alienate most all people of color and ethnic minority with this birther crap. I totally blasted some bigot jerk today who said “latinos don’t support Obama. They are too conservative and most can’t speak English and don’t bother to vote”

    My Response:

    What do you think? What facts do you have to support this? You think we will vote for the very people who demand that we “show papers” and want us to leave our own country just like they did to our President yesterday. Latinos are not muy loco. Are you?

  35. What you wrote was a beautiful, heart felt saga of your journey to where you are now. It deserved to be repeated so more people could see it.

    I had to chuckle a bit. One of my SIL’s is a reference librarian.

  36. While I have faith in the majority of my fellow citizens, I have almost none in the House GOP, except for this: politicians want to preserve their positions, and ever since the first heady days after the 2010 elections, things have been going from bad to worse for the GOP at all levels. They expected a cowed President; instead, he’s used their own weight to throw them to the ground again and again, as the most expert aikido master. They expected a “mandate” from the electorate, or at least acquiescence and apathy; instead they awakened and enraged us to the point that their jobs are in danger. This alone makes me believe that Boehner and a rump GOP caucus will try to cut deals with PBO and the Democrats. And they’ll still likely have their lunches handed to them come November 2012.

  37. Same here. I was a tomboy playing with my brothers and their friends. One summer my father took me to the library and I got a library card. The maximum number of books I could check out was 13 each day. That summer, I read 13 books a day. I started reading all the children’s books then ventured into books for pre-teens and teens. It was the best summer ever. As a resident in Pasadena, CA, we voted to fund librarys. I wish we do the same for the public schools.

  38. Thanks, BWD, for re-posting Liberal Libraian’s eloquent and powerful words. My hope is that this will go viral.

  39. Thanks BWD. I just wanted to say something about good leadership and what a difference a good leader can make. How many of us ever wonder what happened to Bin Laden terror threats and the color-coded reactions? Were they always real or were they exploited and amplified by Repugs for political gain?

    Obama snuffed out of Bin Laden the oxygen of publicity and let him quietly wither in his cave, unnoticed and unmourned.

    As we pray for Obama’s safety we must always remember how thoughtfully this man has steered this ship of state and secured us all.
    God Bless.

  40. Yep, I was a member, but rarely posted, as even then I could tell it was sliding into a dark place.

  41. JoJo, forgive me for using you, but I just read on Think Progress that Groupon has decided to draw their advertising from the donald’s television show.

    They have addresses for all of the sponsors so that we can write to them and tell them how we feel.

  42. I always tell my mom the best mother thing she did was dutifully take my sister and I to the library every week—for story hour and to check out the maximum number of books. I did the same for my 3 girls. It’s the best gift you can give your kids, a love of reading.
    And to LL, thanks so much for your wise words.

  43. Hey Gn, you can not start too careless, because you are so instrumental in helping America move forward. You said something the other day on a thread, forgive me for paraphrasing; “I am rolling with The President”. Then do it, know matter what.

    What BWD and you do for this community can not be put in words and the last thing we need is you giving the expression that you are throwing in the towel, even if you are not, Perception means a lot.

    I tried to express this once before on here: President Barack Obama (PBO) is gifted with an attribute of life that most human beings are not, and that is Wisdom. You can not learn it, it can not be passed on to you; you can not buy it. It’s a gift. A person endowed with Wisdom appears to be out of touch with society, especially the situation of the moment.

    Everyone opines on what he should do or what he should have done and when he should have done it. Realize this; A person of Great Wisdom acts always in the right time which, I most say is always the most inconvenient time for those of us that operate only on intellect and knowledge.

    Be encouraged!!

  44. Well said RanMan; thank you! Just to be clear, I was quoting pm carpenter who advised that we “start to care less” about chronic malcontents.

    Definitely rolling with the President, and thank you again for counseling patience and perseverance. Yes we can!

  45. Also glad to see this post highlighted. I became bitter about politics after the Kennedy and King assassinations – not really bitter, more like utterly hopeless. I’ve had moments of being pleased by someone in politics, but nothing that’s come close to how I feel about President Obama. I didn’t really understand why until I read this comment earlier today and got some clarity – he appeals to and nurtures my better angels. He moves me away from cynicism and toward hope. I trust him implicitly to do the best that can be done in the situation he’s in because he trusts me to do the same. He’s not telling me what’s best, he’s cheering me on to do what I believe is best.

  46. Yesssssss!!!! Hopefully the first of many dominoes to fall for Chump!

    Thanks for the news, Dorothy.

    ––PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  47. Bravo LL

    Your writing came straight from your heart and uplifted ours. It is so wonderful to be a part of this group of caring, smart and supportive bloggers.

    Keep it up, we need you.

  48. Thx. *S* Actually I think I had just turned 67 in that pic and not bothered to put up a totally current one.

    It comes from all the good living I do.

  49. The 5th pic of him getting of the plane with the other guy saluting just him “wow this intelligent African American man is the PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES. This man who was barely known before 2004. Now has some people losing their minds because he is better than them in so many difference ways. He just embodies and oozes greatness

  50. I saw this on Wikipedia under barker occupation description

    Perhaps the most famous fictional barkers are Billy Bigelow, the protagonist of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic stage musical Carousel, and Tin Man, a supporting protagonist from the 1978 musical film The Wiz portrayed by Nipsey Russell. Bigelow, in turn was an Americanized version of Liliom, the protagonist of Hungarian author Ferenc Molnár’s non-musical play Liliom, on which Carousel is based. Donald Trump became 2011’s biggest carnival barker on April 27, 2011 when President Obama decided to release his birth certificate to the public.

  51. You’re right, they are loved and RESPECTED. By millions of people.

    Folks, let’s send them messages of respect and appreciation through the Wite House website!

  52. What a great memory LL! My nephew sent me pictures of his 3 year old daughter getting her library card and taking out her first books. She was hugging them to her chest like little doll babies. It teared me up because I have always been a voracious reader.

  53. I agree about the love of reading:)LL,beautful post. Just beautiful.As far as the love of reading thing goes, when I read what you wrote, I thought of my son.My daughter is 3 years older than he is,and when she was in kindergarten, and reading,ALL he wanted was to be able to read like his sister. He would cry and say, “Mom, just teach me how to read!”Like it only took 20 minutes:)Well, I did work with him to teach him to read, and when he finally learned, and he read to me for the first time, I cried my eyes out, and thought to myself, now he’s free!No one can keep him down, no one can tell him that he can’t find out about whatever interests him.To this day (he’s 16) he’s a voracious reader, sometimes reading multiple books at the same time, and finishing them quicker than I ever could:)Sorry, LL…the library was ok when he was younger. No more. He wants his precious books to read over and over again…bookstore guy, all the way!I have always tried to impart in my children the love of learning.No one can ever take that away.

  54. Good evening wonderful TOAITR family. I have been away from the computer all day and am now just checking in. I love reading all these great comments. All the people involved here are so special. Being a part of all of this is so amazing. LL, you statement touches all of us. I can relate to what you say. Thanks for the great words.

    Yesterday was such a down day, the today we realize what it did was tear away the covering from the Repubs racism. People are finally talking about what this really is and how embarassing this is for the country. I think we all will be speaking up more. Not allowing these racist to keep working and saying the things they do.

    Because of this site and all the ones on the blogroll we are all stronger and very “Fired Up and Ready to Go”.

    Thanks for all of you for all you are doing!

  55. BWD- I used to follow you ‘religiously’ on DKos, but after the 2010 election, i needed a serious break from all politics for a while. Way too disheartening. When i visited again a couple of weeks ago, saw that you also hadn’t posted since back in Nov; searched, and found your blog here — and get to follow you religiously again. :-> Much more impt to me than following any of the back and forth or anyone else on DKos.

    Thx for all you do — your hope, faith, and belief in the goodness of your fellow human — just like PBO.

    Onwards to 2012–

  56. BWD – Thanks for sharing LL’s story. Makes us all feel like we’ve just been given a hug.

    LL – And thank you for giving us an insight into your mind – and soul!

    I, too, was raised a Catholic and – although I’ve had many “lazy Sundays” in my life as you draw for us – I still feel a huge joy from my beautiful religion.

    I have a friend who had a similar upbringing, who now questions whether or not there even is a God.

    She’s also heavy into science, and once in a while we chat about whether science could ever disprove God, etc. (We are both heavy Obama supporters, so we are otherwise like-minded, as you can see!) Neither one of us tries to convince the other; we just respect each other’s viewpoints. As I told her, I understand why some people would question the existence of God, even though I don’t, mentioning it was indeed why they call it “faith” – you either believe it or you don’t. I explained, “I choose to believe in God with the free will God gave me.”

    I hope you can see the joke in that!

    (She did!)

  57. And, of course, he is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the military man who was saluting him, and the entire U.S. military.

    Wow, again.

  58. This is good news for America if republicans are finally pushing back against their extremists. It could make things easier for the legislative agenda of President Obama in the next two years.

    I have to admit though that from an electoral point of view, I hope the tea party continues to create some problems for the GOP leadership. I want the GOP to pay a very high price in 2012 for their despicable behaviour but most of all, I want President Obama to be re-elected easily, with democratic majorities in Congress, so he can continue to implement his agenda.

  59. Oh, I can see the joke. LOL.

    My girlfriend is a woman of faith — not the kind of faith that judges but the kind of faith that embraces. When we first started dating (10 years ago!), I was much more doctrinaire in my agnosticism. Now I’m much more interested in the different spiritual paths that humans have adopted because of what they say about the human condition. My gf and I can now have pretty expansive discussions about religion and spirituality.

  60. I’ll accept a smaller Democratic majority if it means we get a more sane GOP opposition. The country just cannot function where one of its two major political parties is in terminal dysfunction, but still has enough support to upend everything.

  61. Where can I find a video of the President announcing the new appointments.
    that picture of him cracking Leon Panetta up cracked me up.

  62. I just want to thank all of you for your so kind words, and want to share my favorite quote in all of English literature, from “Ulysses” by James Joyce. I think it’s a blueprint for how we can go forward for the long next 18 months.

    Force, hatred, history, all that. That’s not life for men and women, insult and hatred. And everybody knows that it’s the very opposite of that that is really life.

    What? says Alf.

    Love, says Bloom. I mean the opposite of hatred.

  63. If The Donald passes as a serious candidate with the GOP then you know Mr. T has a shot!

    “I pity the fool who asks for my birth certificate”.

  64. Did this already get mentioned? Baratunde Thurston’s video was mentioned by the AP? Then that mentioned was posted on Al Giordano’s Facebook? I’m so glad.

  65. Its all they have. Lies. They lust for power like it was meth and don’t care who gets hurt in their quest for it. Or use of it. The GOP to me is just a party of power junkies looking for a fix.

  66. It’s amazing to just sit back and look at he has accomplished just from 2004. Amazing

  67. Thanks for sharing that beautiful statement of faith Liberal Librarian. You know, President Obama is the first person I ever voted for that won. And I’m half a century old now. It was a long time coming but he was worth waiting for:)

  68. I agree America needs a sane GOP. I just want them to lose, badly, in 2012. They won’t change if they don’t pay a harsh price for their despicable tactics of the past decades. The Southern Strategy, the hate machine, the propaganda, the lies, the distorsions, the shadowy money, everything…

  69. They won’t change until they lose big for many many cycles, not just one. The best thing that could happen to this country is a good twelve years of strong Democratic leadership based on the Obama model of Respect, Empower and Include. Getting stuff done. Efficiency and Progress. All the stuff I voted for and got.

  70. I did the same thing with my four children. Only I took them to the library every two weeks and we got ten books each. I had a shelf on my bookcase way up high. Library book time meant washed hands first and sitting down with no other toys. I’d get their books down and we would all read for an hour and sometimes more each day in their younger years. They continued on their own as they got older.
    I always advised my students’parents that was the best way to ensure their children getting interested in reading. I always encouraged my own kids to pick whatever book interested them. My kids all were in the gifted and talented programs. They all got good grades. They all graduated from college with academic scholarships. Three got their Masters and one got her Law degree. I attribute a lot of it to their start with going to the library.

  71. Hey, I hope you can watch part of Rachel tonight. She actually used Eclectablog’s stuff and pronounced his name correctly. It is so great to see him get the attention he deserves! I don’t usually watch Rachel but happened to turn to it tonight.

  72. Rachel Maddow has highlighted a lot of the Union busting bills coming under the GOP in many states. I thought that would be good for the Dems. A winning formula for support for the Dems.
    Today Rachel had on that Massachussetts predominantly Democratic State legislators voted to strip out bargaining rights in their state. The Unions are up in arms against them. So in effect the Dems are doing exactly what the GOP is doing. WTF!!! We lose everything if we lose the advantage with the Union workers. We are no better than the GOP party. That really made me wonder what is going on! What are they thinking?

  73. Rachel also mentioned that the MA State Legislation which was predominantly Democratic voted to not allow Unions to bargain. The Unions are up in arms against the Dems for doing that. We lost our advantage with all of the GOP tactics with this decision. I am thinking we may need to email the MA Gov to not sign the bill. What can the Dem legislators be thinking?

  74. Hi Tien. Saw the video. He is saying that he is trying to use sunlight as the energy source to split water (H2O) to release the hydrogen in it. Well, it takes a lot of energy to split water. So how much of solar energy is captured determines how much of hydrogen is obtained. Hydrogen has always been recognized a source of energy (example hydrogen fuel cells). But the problem is storing of hydrogen safely since is a very dangerous explosive when it mixes with oxygen when its purity falls below 95% i.e. any mixture which is less than 95%/5% of hydrogen/oxygen is a bomb.

    A lot of dedicated research with its attendant failures (remember Thomas Alva Edison hundreds of failures before he successfully invented electric bulb) is needed in the alternative sources of energy. That means very smart people willing to slog it out and face failures without flinching.

  75. Thank you so much! This is so interesting to me and I’m very grateful to have your input to help me make sense of it.

  76. My pleasure Tien. As an engineer, I am also interested in the field of alternative energy sources. With the human population growing beyond sustainable limits, we’re going to need them as well as expanding food resources.

    I just hope that the others here don’t feel we are threadjacking. 🙂

  77. Thank you I needed to calm my senses. The pictures reminded me of what is truly important. I should be familiar with the racist attitudes of some in this country, I really hoped that most of them had died off.

    I can only pray that one day we will live up to “One Nation under God with liberty and justice for all.”

  78. Well the senate in Mass has to vote on it and according to what I have heard there is no certainty that it will be passed.

    This does not look good but I hope that it doesn’t pass and if it doesn’t it won’t hurt.

    I just want to know what the Dems in the Mass. house were thinking ?

  79. Okay this is the link to the article explaining what is going on in Mass.

    This bill is more about healthcare for public employess than their right to organize. But according to the Senate leadership it seems like the bill will either be changed or not make it. And that is my opinion.

  80. BWD thank you, as usual, for the beautiful site you have provided for us.

    LL, your beautiful expression of faith went straight to my heart. I wish I could write like that.

    Congrats to Eclectablog too for getting well-deserved recognition from Rachel tonight.

    This blog rocks!

  81. I saw that on Yahoo’s soccer blog. It was so cute. And now Arsenal is trying to sign a player in utero. 🙂 (You have to follow English football to know that Arsenal is well-known for signing young players.)

  82. Thank you BWD. and get some rest. Good night to all of the wonderful family here. God bless you all,

  83. Macy’s has a line of Trump clothing please call the store and tell them to not associate themselves with an American Racist. I read this on another blog…

    “Macy’s sells a line of Donald Trump shirts and ties while proudly displaying a big photo of the biggot in their flagship store. I called them today to complain. They said it would be considered if they heard enough complaints: 800-264-0069

  84. Liberal Librarian, I wish I could write from the soul as good as you can. 🙂

  85. Gn, forgive me for replying back so late. Know this, I always looking forward to BWD and Your conversation. Thank you!!

  86. It should say “, I always look forward to BWD and Your conversation. Thank you!!”

  87. Their isn’t a day that goes by, that I don’t appreciate this blog and its post. Thank you so much.

  88. Other than the fact that I am not a librarian, this post could have been written by me – I signed up for Edwards not knowing that Obama was going to announce – I jumped ship the moment he announced and started my OFA group that day.
    I too have struggled with faith and am also, as she so beautifully calls herself, a hopeful agnostic.
    I just finished reading his commencement address and was so moved by his reads – as I almost always am. I hope all of you read it – it will move you to tears.

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