We’ve got your back too, Mr. President. We love you (Now with comments)

Guys, I’m not going to post anything related to that crap. I’m sorry.


59 thoughts on “We’ve got your back too, Mr. President. We love you (Now with comments)

  1. I am so glad that I am alive to witness the brilliance, grace and class that is President Barack Hussein Obama.

    What a life changing gift.

  2. I am still numb with sadness and anger but I am determined to channel all that energy to get him reelected.

  3. POTUS Obama, I hope that when you land in the EU, we have enough warmth and good will for you to remember- just for a little while- we all have your back.

  4. This continues to make President Obama look like the reasonable adult and the Republicans look like whining children still not over 2008. Going to be great to see the reps and senators twist themselves in knots over the extra crazy from the Birthers.

  5. BWD, you are far too emotional about some stuff such as todays long form release….lol. Why do you want to cry?

    Cheer up. This is a really good thing for Obama. Not because it will shut up the morAns because it won’t. They are already starting in on demands to release his school records now….lol

    The Birthers…which after today will probably become the School Transcripters or whatever, just make the GOP out to be even more silly than people already think they are.

  6. to bwd: you are a sweetie pie. It’s going to be just fine.

    to JustRR: even better, it makes the press look like the sensationalists which they are, because Trump could not have gotten this much attention if they didn’t eat up the most shrill and ridiculous anti-POTUS content. And yes, it is not a nice development for the GOP’s leadership and answering to moderate voters. Hence, the instant character attack by the GOP and its professional left asssets: “he’s weak.” They got nothing.

    You go, POTUS! A lot of people are understandably upset right now, but I have always thought that this story is good for the country; bring the bigotry out to light, and out into the open.

  7. Let us always remember what an example this President is to every honest and fair-minded person. He is respected and deeply loved by many, many people around the world. The dirt that the hatemongers try to throw on him will just end up in their own faces. Barack Obama cannot be diminished by the lies and insults of these people. They are so far beneath him; they do not deserve our attention. Let’s please all focus our minds on the work ahead: the re-election of the best President we have ever known.

  8. Fred, you have to understand how painful it is to a lot of people to see POTUS treated this way. It is very painful for them, as they feel as if President Obama does not get the level of respect which he deserves, and this feeling is correct.

    I’m taking it easy on POTUS’ supporters who are livid and dismayed into tears that in the year 2011 we still have elements in this country who are too racist to act towards their own best interests and that’s on both the right and the left. I can understand that reaction.

    I personally am happy to see some people getting unequivocally called out who needed to get called out, and light shone on the media’s excess. But I can most certainly understand how dismaying this incident is, now that POTUS has ripped the bandaid off.

  9. Yep, we’ve got his back, and they look great on their way to Chicago. They’ll be fine, and so will we!

    Onward and Upward :-)!

    –PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  10. Grace and dignity indeed! Head and shoulders above his detractors. With all their small-mindedness, their pettiness, their ugliness, their depravity — they still can’t change the BOLD, IMMOVABLE FACT that Barack Obama is President of these United States.

    Viva Obama! πŸ™‚

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  11. this president, this man is pure class and fully focused. He is truly toaitr. This move is excellent it denies the classless unserious hotair trumps any credibility and cover that they have been getting from the unserious media, at the same time focusing attention on the serious stuff of the Ryan Ruin. The gop wanted this distractions as cover from their budget mess.

  12. Your avatar is especially appropriate today, :-). Jay-Z said it right: “Get that dirt off your shoulders!”

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  13. I have to say that his morning I feel particularly grateful that we have this wonderful community here. Thank you so much BWd. And thank you to all people who make such positive and encouraging commentaries. At first I was saddened and worried about this move by President Obama but now I feel much better.

    President Obama makes the haters look so small. So small.

    Last thing: the horrible Jerome Corsi, who was at the heart of the swiftboat campaign against John Kerry, has made a book against President Obama. The book is going on sale very soon. The title: “Where’s the Birth Certificate ? ” Can we just LAUGH at this LOL ?
    I know President Obama’s decision probably didn’t have a lot to do with the release of Corsi’s book, but you can’t help smiling at the timing ha ha ha…

  14. Look, you are talking about a country that elected G. Dubya the texas dummy……TWICE!

    The world already knows the US is filled with idiots so this is nothing new to them. It should not be anything new to the sane half of US voters either.

  15. It sure looks like he’s trying to lighten the moment for Michelle, doesn’t it? I never cease to be amazed about the depth of character and compassion in this unbelievable man. He truly stands alone in that whole beltway crowd, the whole lot of them. Again, they all look like shallow, selfish fools in comparison.

  16. From the results of 2010, I truly do think that there is a class of low-info swing voter who does not realize that today’s Republican party has become radicalized. Why not give the GOP a little slap by keeping their birther problem front and center, while at the same time, taking on the media for their sensationalism and choice to constantly entertain over the top buffoonish critics of this POTUS on both the right and the left? There are people who are legitimately upset that in 2011 we’re still having “show me your papers boy” moments; I can’t blame them, but I’m grateful to POTUS for what he did here. I can’t help but sense a feeling of a premeditated skit.

  17. *PERFECT.*

    has made a book against President Obama. The book is going on sale very soon. The title: β€œWhere’s the Birth Certificate ? ”


    /Karl Rove reaches for the advil

  18. Now that the Birth Certificate is out, I wonder what other conspiracy theories will replace it? The problem with answering these sort of unfounded accusations is that it never puts them to rest– only creates room for new ones. But I am behind the president. I guess the admin. thought this was the time to do it, so they did it. Now let’s just see what else the crazies have in store.

  19. Birtherism aint going nowhere, because it’s not about the birth certificates; it’s an expression of bigotry and contempt by hardcore GOP base voters, and that’s certainly not changing.

  20. As much as I’m enjoying having PBO as president, I am looking forward to seeing what he’ll have to say about the whole birther madness when he writes his memoir.

  21. When I read about the release, I honestly thought it was Onion type farce.

    WE think it is humiliating, but POTUS is a politician. I would imagine it was nothing but a tactical decision for him. He and Michelle are probably just rolling their eyes and pitying the fools. Our side will get stronger with each “humiliation.”

    Best POTUS ever.

  22. I have his back, too. But I have a hard question to ask everyone here, and since I’m white, I will admit I have no idea how to fight this. I received a video from my daughter this morning, that she says is being posted around Facebook and she was told also posted at Tea Bagger/Birther sites. I’m going to give you the link to the video, but be forewarned that it is very difficult to watch.

    My question (her question), HOW in the world do we fight this kind of smut, when this video was obviously produced with black people taking part? I’m confused. Please help me to understand why this video has been put out there? Because if I don’t understand this, I’m at a loss to answer my daughter’s questions about why this deplorable video has been produced?

    I feel like I just fell down the rabbit hole. 😦

  23. BWD, yes WE do on both counts…

    Hugs to you, everything IS gonna be alright…Change IS hard, it ain’t easy. But, WE’ll make it through these challengin’ times!

    And, WE Shall continue to Overcome!!!

    Oprah, here POTUS and FLOTUS come…

    By the way, @Oprah, @OprahWinfreyNet and @kinggayle are on Twitter!

    I’m a “Obamacrat”…Obama/Biden 2012! πŸ™‚

  24. The idea that Donald Trump, who is a self-caricature, could possibly humiliate President Obama makes me chuckle. People who are familiar with Trump do not take him seriously; this is just one more media stunt in a decades-long career of them, and not even the most embarrassing stunt of his.


    I hope that you’re doing well!

  25. This video is supposed to be a parody? I’m sitting here still upset and very confused. 😦

  26. As a black person I am ashamed of this video. I shouldn’t have even clicked on it, but I was curious. Look, ignorance comes in all colors. I don’t know that there is a way to combat it.

  27. But it’s supposed to be a parody. And I don’t find it helpful at all.

    I guess you are right. I certainly have been ashamed of the worst of my fellow white people for decades.

    I just know my college-aged daughter is having a very difficult time this morning because of this video, and I guess I just tell her what you’ve said.

    Thanks for responding, SAB. We all need to hold hands hard and walk forward together, even if it means having to look straight at the negativity while we do. ,,,(


  28. We have to remind ourselves that we knew all along that these yahoos were blowing smoke. We were intelligent enough to vote for this man, to elect him as our President and to “have his back” on a daily basis when loud mouth knuckle draggers screamed for his head. To watch in awe as he continually showed these fools for what they were, with humor, intelligence and great wit. Everybody take your right hand and reach back to pat yourself on the back for having the good sence to choose this man. Then close your eyes and just imagine how bad things would be if we had elected McCain/Palin.

  29. Trump promised to release his financial records when President Obama releaseD this Birth Certificate. OKAY, MR. TRUMP, PUT UP OR SHUT UP! BET HE CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT!!

  30. As a British Citizen, who has followed American politics for many years, I do not recall anytime in history when an American President’s citizenship was ever questioned, until this history making President was elected. By the way, I absolutely admire President Obama and all he stands for. I traveled to the US to witness his inauguration and I fully intend to attend the next one. What I find so hard to grasp is how could such a blessed country like the US be so cursed with so many hate crazed bigots. These ugly bigots were so visible during the McCain /Palin Presidential campaign and I find it incomprehensible that the US media continues to give these crazies so much air time.

  31. I didn’t watch the video. The title told me enough. I would tell my daughter that Teabaggers didn’t corner the market on stupid.

  32. Our U.S. media is an embarrassment. We have few real journalists left.

    Today I see the talking heads going after Donald Trump and the Birthers. But if they would just put it to rest after today, the Birthers would lose their voice. It’s deplorable how the media uses drama to report.

  33. I really didn’t want to post the video, but didn’t seem to have a choice if anyone here was to understand what I’m upset about.

    I will tell my daughter what you’ve said, as well. Thank you for responding to me.

    I continue to fight the bigotry and racism, and I continue to hail this President. He’s the best leader we have had in many decades. I wish all citizens of this country would wake up to the gifting we have in him.

  34. Kay, I’m an African American, and when I clicked on the Video, and just for a few seconds, I Immediately clicked off. Because Really, It’s OFFENSIVE. I don’t care WHO made It. Just tell your Daughter, there’s nothing to make of It, but, there’s good and bad, everywhere, period!!!

  35. Thanks so much, Luci!

    I also told her that some people will make money doing the worst. This guy producing these offensive videos is making loads of money, I assume, on the back of his brother in Office. It’s very sad to me.

    Bad Karma.

  36. Certainly in this country, founded on the principles that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, all candidates for President going forward will be required to produce their long-form birth certificates before being allowed to run for office. After all, we wouldn’t want to leave ourselves open to the criticism from other countries that we continue to discriminate based on race, color, gender, sexual orientation, wealth, etc., etc. Life, liberty, and JUSTICE for all.

  37. 85% of the population personally like the president and his family.

    15% are pathetic losers who yearn for a magic spell that will make Obama never to have been Prez.

  38. In addition to that, not one Republican came forward to stop this nonsense. I don’t care what Andrew Sullivan thinks, this issue was not hurting Obama in the polls. They were not convincing anyone who wasn’t already convinced of their delusions.

    When the entire Republican party cannot find an ounce of character to call this b.s. for what it is, yes Mr. President — they look petty and silly.

  39. I love all the positive comments about our Beloved President Obama and agree. His star will continue to rise. It will be awesome.

  40. BWD,

    Are you having problems w/your site? 3Chics entire “Birther Thread” got shut down and comments closed. Ametia published a part 2 “Birther Thread” and the comment section is now closed also.
    I smell fish and it ain’t Friday!

  41. I heard Jerome Corsi on the radio a couple of nights ago about how he had information about the president’s birth that would be a bombshell. When I heard the president released his long form birth certificate, I image corsi’s book tour will be a total bomb. hahahahahaha!

  42. God, how I have lost respect for Andrew Sullivan in the last few months. I used to go there every day but now I literally forget to do so. I seriously forget. The dumbing down of the now mundane and rambling Sully via the Daily Beast has lost me bigtime.
    Forget Andrew!

  43. I came upon this YouTube video tonight, and it sums up the shame I feel for our country regarding today’s sad events much better than I could ever do. It’s worth the 7 minutes.

  44. Manny OKE – I totally understand what you are saying – our country has a lot of nuts – what can we say?
    Thankfully enough of us have the good sense to realize what we have in our President – a once in a lifetime President! I’m thrilled that I lived to work and see this man elected – and I plan on helping to get him re-elected!

  45. This video made me so sad. I suspect there are a lot of African American people in America feeling similar feelings that he shares.
    I remember how I felt the night he was elected as a white woman in America – hopeful – hopeful that racism would not continue to be a stain on America – if anything it has gotten worse because it is disguised – birth issues, how he got into good schools etc.
    We have a long way to go America – those of us who are offended by racism have to be more vocal in confronting it.

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