New study: Health reform to make health insurance affordable for nearly all families


Just like any good Republican president, this is what PBO has done for the people:

New York, NY, April 27, 2011—Ninety percent of American families living above the federal poverty level will be able to afford health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, according to a new Commonwealth Fund report by Jonathan Gruber and Ian Perry of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The report finds that new subsidies available through health insurance exchanges established under the law will make premiums affordable for most families. But the authors also warn that high out-of-pocket costs will likely mean some families will still be unable to afford health-related expenses.

“The Affordable Care Act is very good news for millions of Americans who are struggling to afford health care, going without health insurance, or skipping the care they need because they can’t afford it,” said Commonwealth Fund President Karen Davis. “The new law makes health insurance and health care affordable for nearly all families, and introduces delivery system reforms that have the potential to greatly improve quality and efficiency. If implemented well, new entities like accountable care organizations may bring even greater savings and affordability than this report predicts.”

The report, Will The Affordable Care Act Make Health Insurance Affordable? uses consumer spending data to analyze family budgets across income levels, and compares them to the costs of purchasing health insurance through the health insurance exchanges scheduled to begin in 2014, and typical out-of-pocket health care spending. The analysis finds that the vast majority of American families, even lower-income families, have room in their budgets for premiums and typical out-of-pocket costs. For example, households between 100 percent and 150 percent of the poverty level (up to $33,525 for a family of four) spend 75 percent of resources on necessities—including child care, food, housing, taxes and transportation—leaving most families in that income range able to afford some health-related expenses.

// snip

“Our analysis is promising, as the vast majority of people will be better off because of the premium subsidies and cost-sharing limits in the Affordable Care Act,” said Jonathan Gruber, professor of economics at MIT and lead report author. “However, the concerns about high out-of-pocket costs are notable and should be addressed so that people who become very sick don’t face out-of-pocket costs that they are unable to afford.”



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  1. This needs to be published and internet posted everywhere.

    Greta work PBO and BWD!


  3. This needs to be published and internet posted everywhere.

    Great work PBO and BWD!

    Sorry Great not Greta.

  4. This whole Republican nonsense is just another link in the reaching to find faults. Might as well as call him a Wig or a Federalist.

  5. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Gruber was a key architect of healthcare reform in Massachusetts under Romney. Heh.

  6. Wow! This is quite the great news. I am sure this will be in all the news everywhere! This is just what the Repubs don’t want to happen. Thanks BWD.

    Good morning everyone!

  7. Loved this snippet:

    “The Republican level of birtherism was effectively identical to that of self-identified Tea Party supporters, 34 percent of whom thought Obama was U.S.-born, while 45 percent did not.

    Which is to say that the loopy, enraged divorce from reality of the Tea Potniks has infected the entire party.”

    Fox News is killing the Republican Party. Oh, sweet irony.

  8. Morning Meta. Yes they are and it couldn’t happen to a better network. 🙂

  9. I just read PM Carpenter’s latest entry and apparently these Republicans still don’t get it. This anger is not registering with them at all.

    Nothing will wake these Republicans up except to be swept out of office in one fell swoop – for decades.

  10. Thanks for the link meta! I actually caught a segment on Ed Schultz last night when a townhall attendee asked Ryan a question about the Affordable Care Act and Ryan proceeded to respond by calling it “ObamaCare.” He received several angry interruptions by the townhallers including the one who asked the question and who pointed out that the correct name was The Affordable Care Act. The attendee also pointed out the hypocrisy of Ryan using inflammatory language (ObamaCare) while claiming that the President’s rhetoric was inflammatory.

    I smiled and said to myself, the MSM will never keep showing these townhalls like they did back in August 2009. Now the shoe is on the other foot and the Republicans are on the receiving end of the anger, lets see how many clips we will see of Ryan et al being schooled by the REAL ordinary middle-class citizens.

  11. He’ll pretend he didn’t see this and move on to the next topic. After all, he has to keep his poutrage-o-meter at a minimum level in order to secure that highly coveted gig at MSNBC.

  12. An Economics Professor at MIT?


    B-b-but Sarah Palin has a Marketing degree from four… no! five different little colleges! (We just have to make sure that the birthers don’t find out that one of them was in the bastion of non-mercanism known as Hawaii.)

    Seriously, though, I am a small business owner and I’m doing my best to hang in until 2014, when the premium controls kick in. (These 68% annual increases are killing me.)

    Can the smart people please run the country?

  13. This is what I meant by him shooting his mouth off. From the above BBC piece

    Gen Petraeus’ office in Kabul told the BBC it had “no comment at this time” on the reports out of the US.

    In a BBC interview earlier this month, the general said he had “committed to staying here through the fighting season”, which ends in late November.

    “At this point in life you serve at the pleasure of the elected leaders above you and when they decide what the future holds obviously I’ll salute smartly and execute their decisions,” Gen Petraeus said.

    “I’ve had discussions with individuals but it wouldn’t be appropriate to comment.”

    This move defangs him and kicks him upstairs.

  14. Good Morning family. President Obama just released his origingal Birth certificate the long version. I am so angry that this has been a issue. he released the long version. Listne on cnn Al Veshi seems to be annoyed like i that he had to do this. People are just ignorant. I lost all respect for Donald chump and the republican party. He will make a statement.

  15. Hey O-family. I am very frustrated. I have not been able to post on the new Obama for American blog since yesterday. Others seem to be able to currently post successfully. I have been a member there for 3 years and was posting successfully up till yesterday. I have re-booted and re-logged in to no avail. There seems to be no way to contact any of the site administrators. Would anyone here have any idea what is going on? What about you blackwaterdog?

    BTW great article on the ACA. More confirmation that it is a good bill.

  16. I love our Governor Jerry Brown. Yesterday, he banned all travel for state workers unless it’s mission critical. He ordered state agencies to recover millions of dollars in salary and travel advances that were given to state workers but never repaid. Duh!! He’s drastically limited state cell phones and the reduced use of the state car fleet. He’s eliminated money spent on all state swag that people usually wind up throwing away. I say go, Jerry!!

  17. Wow. Great news. Let’s spread this like wild flower. And oh, let’s see what Mr. Chump Trump have to say about this:

    “Documents obtained from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service through a Freedom of Information Act request offer evidence that President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

    A memo dated Aug. 31, 1961 from William Wood of Immigration and Naturalization Services indicates that Barack Obama, Sr., was attending the University of Hawaii on a student visa and that a son, Barack Obama, II, was born in Honolulu on Aug, 8, 1961.”

    Birthers, including Franklin Graham, Chump and all the others who want to tear down this president can kiss my “RABA.”

  18. Breaking news: The White House is handing out PBO’s long form birth certificate!

  19. Africa i am so angry that these racist would belittle him like that. i am so angry. this is total disrespect. My heart goes out to the President daily. If people only knew how these racist undertones hurt. You know we deal with this daily as a AA. We have kept quiet and every chance they get, they take a shot AA, to constantly belittle us or makes us appear less than human. I am tired of this crap.

  20. The poll on that page was interesting. It reads:
    “Dana Milbank argues Obama’s capacity for complex thought can be an attribute or a liability. Which do you typically perceive it as?”

    66% of WAPO readers said an attribute. 66% get it.

  21. What makes me mad is that it comes from Ezra Klein, a political analyst who I thought was immune to the PL noise.

  22. PBO is apparently going to make a statement at 9:45 AM Eastern.

    Jay Carney showed reporters Obama’s certificate of live birth in a WH gaggle. GAH, the MSM make me sick. If you watched the DPB yesterday, Ed Henry went into high gear to press Carney on this foolishness. Carney handled it well but the whole thing just demeans the press. Even more, that is.

  23. Sorry Amk. The President will speak at 9:45 in the white house briefing room. Im crying now, this hurts, this is nothing but racism.

  24. Yes. I am incensed. These people will stop at nothing. The outright racist attitude to this president, and to some degree sanctioned by the media is just sickening.

    It is disheartening to see him being treated like this. They will just move on to something else.

    I can’t wait for this family to leave the White House. God Bless them.

  25. According to Marc Ambinder, the birth certificate release was pre-scheduled; the leak of the national security team wasn’t supposed to happen until tonight. PBO’s morning statement will apparently be about his intention to nominate Panetta for Defense & Petraeus for CIA.

    Would love to know who these leakers are.

  26. Lots and lots of news for a Wednesday morning, thanks guys. It was a great read and I hope it was not too much for my on the go group. They can’t say they did not know.

  27. Thank you, BWD,for posting the article on the the Affordable Care Act. I put it on my FB page and will email it to all my contacts. You are right, this needs to be spread everywhere so people will finally understand what it means for all of us. They may even realize why a courageous President took on the all the vicious opposition to see it through and did not hesitate when the political price became steep. President Obama showed real leadership, not an obsession with his poll numbers. I remember one interview in which he said that the passage of the Affordable Care Act had been the greatest moment in his public life, even more important than his election as President. When he was asked why, he typically said that it was important to him not to be the President, but to get things done. And that’s another thing, the Republicans just don’t get. All the personal attacks on the President will not stop him from working hard, reaching for and finally achieving his goals.

  28. Sorry. I hadn’t read the comments yet when I posted that:)I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that this needed to be done to appease the lunatics.What will they say now? “Opps, sorry?” I have never in all my years seem this amount of disrespect of any democractically elected President in all my life. These people are the **** on my shoe, and just go to show that racism is NOT nearly over in this country.Maybe we SHOULD have a “civics test” in order to vote!It would definately weed these ignorant bastards out.Sorry. I’m mad.

  29. I’d bet Petraeus. He’s never been able to keep his mouth shut. Such a blabbermouth is going to be in charge of the CIA?

  30. April 26, 2011

    Department of Energy Releases Details of Tribal Summit
    Event will gather American Indian and Alaska Native Leaders, Obama administration officials, senior Department of Energy officials and members of Congress

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Department of Energy today released details of the upcoming Tribal Summit with American Indian and Alaska Native Leaders that will be held on May 4-5, 2011, at the Crystal City Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Va. The summit will build on Secretary Chu’s continued commitment to partnering with Native Americans to support the development of clean energy projects on tribal lands that will help reduce energy use, limit carbon pollution, and create new jobs for tribal communities across the country.

    “Tribal Nations are well-positioned to take advantage of the benefits of clean energy. This summit will provide an opportunity for meaningful dialogue between the Department of Energy and Tribal Nations on a broad range of energy and environmental issues,” said Secretary Chu. “Working together we can achieve important goals of President Obama’s National Energy Policy to the benefit of American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes as well as our Nation as a whole.”

    Secretary Chu has invited the leadership of all 565 federally recognized tribes, as well as national and regional tribal organizations to attend the summit. Speakers include Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, White House Deputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change Heather Zichal and White House Domestic Policy Advisor Kim Teehee.

    WHAT: Tribal Summit with American Indian and Alaska Native Leaders

    WHEN: Wednesday and Thursday, May 4-5, 2011

    WHERE: Crystal City Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Va. and live online (May 5 only).

    Additional information, including a detailed agenda, is available on the Tribal Summit page.

  31. Does anyone have an answer or suggestions to my question about posting on Obama for America? Thanks in advance!

  32. And when the birth certificate is presented, watch the press insinuate that if PBO had done this all along none of this birther shit would have happened.

    The press contributes to this nonesense. I have no use for them. How they can give Chump Trump all of this free air time to spew hate is beyond me.

    Lots of people know this dog whistle. The old guard civil rights leaders, including Jesse Jackson, are beginning to come out telling about birther concerns about PBO’s birth certificate, which are code words for this president’s race.

    In this day, in America, what a shame?

  33. BOISE, ID — Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey will join Rep. Mike Simpson at the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise on Thursday. Salazar, Abbey and Simpson will discuss the early start to the 2011 fire season in the southwest, safety and preparations for the rest of the year, and a national strategy designed to address America’s wildland fire challenges.

    Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior
    Robert Abbey, Director of the Bureau of Land Management
    U.S. Representative Mike Simpson

    Press Availability

    Thursday, April 28, 2011
    2:00 p.m. MDT

    National Interagency Fire Center, Jack Wilson Building
    3833 S Development Ave
    Boise, ID

  34. Gosh I’m not sure it’s a good idea. Now the racists will scream that he releases his college records. It’s feeding the beast.

    The only thing I’m finding comfort in is that history won’t be kind AT ALL to all those racists.

  35. The Recovery Act Strengthened Food Security for Low-Income Families
    Posted by Mark Nord, Economic Research Service, on April 26, 2011 at 2:13 PM

    Much of my work as a sociologist at the Economic Research Service (ERS) involves research on the food security of U.S. households – their ability to consistently obtain adequate food. My colleagues and I were naturally concerned about how the economic downturn that began in late 2007 would affect the food security of economically vulnerable households. It was no surprise that from 2007 to the end of 2008, households’ food insecurity increased in tandem with rising unemployment.

    The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, a response to the downturn, increased benefits in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP—formerly the Food Stamp Program). Besides providing support to those most impacted by the recession,the substantial boost in SNAP benefits created an unusual opportunity for researchers to examine how changes in SNAP benefit levels would affect the food security of recipient households. The increase in benefits, implemented in April 2009, averaged about 19 percent—large enough that we expected the impacts to be evident in USDA’s annual food security survey.

  36. I’m sure this will be Breaking News! on all media outlets. (fat chance) I guess we’ll have to pick up the slack and do their job for them. I’ll post at all the news sites I check in on every day.

  37. Tuesday, April 26, 2011

    U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood: North Dakota Becomes 31st State to Ban Texting While Driving
    WASHINGTON – U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today praised North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple for signing a tough new law banning texting while driving. The law makes North Dakota the 31st state to ban texting behind the wheel.

    “North Dakota has taken an important step to eliminate distracted driving,” said Secretary LaHood. “Thanks to the bill signed today by Governor Dalrymple, North Dakota roads will be safer for everyone.”

    The new law, which becomes effective August 1, will impose a fine of $100 on people caught texting while driving.

    With the addition of North Dakota, 31 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam have now banned text messaging by all drivers. Eight states, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands have prohibited all hand-held cell phone use while driving.

    In 2009, Secretary LaHood launched a national anti-distracted driving campaign modeled on other successful NHTSA efforts to reduce fatalities, such as its Over the Limit Under Arrest and Click It Or Ticket campaigns to curb drunk driving and increase seat belt use. The U.S. DOT has launched a dedicated website,, to provide the public with a comprehensive source of information on distracted driving. DOT has also hosted two national summits devoted to the issue, crafted sample legislation which states can use to adopt distracted driving laws, and initiated pilot law enforcement programs in Hartford, CT and Syracuse, NY.

    In November, the Department of Transportation announced “Faces of Distracted Driving,” a video series featuring people from across the country who have been injured or lost loved ones in distracted driving crashes. To watch videos from the “Faces of Distracted Driving” series or learn more about the U.S. Department of Transportation’s campaign against distracted driving, visit

  38. I just hope that the saner americans (I still believe they outnumber the racists) will see how ugly the rethugs have gone since 2008 and show their disgust in 2012. This is beyond despicable.

  39. Exactly, africa. Damned, if he does, Damned, if he doesn’t.

    The birthers, the rethugs and the third rate pos called the media have managed to lower the prestige of US in the eyes of other nations. My friends in India are incensed at the level of racism in the good ol’ us of a.

  40. Tulips…I totally understand your frustration.I feel the same way, and I’m not AA.The fact that we have all had to endure this utter BS for this long, ignoring the fact that he was elected in a landslide victory by people from every walk of life, every color and creed,is disgusting to me.We all knew that he would have to be a million times better than the “white guy” to some people in this country to be considered “valid.” I see the problem as, he actually IS a million times better, they know it, and that insenses them!All the more reason to but this stupid thing to rest and move on.When you take away the talking point, what else is there to say? Of course we all know that facts don’t matter to these morons, so, who knows.I think it’s a sad day in this respect. It really demeans ALL of us, as a country,and I find that offensive.I’m so sorry.

  41. Please make sure it is posted to all the msm and the anchors of/pundits/analyst of cable shows, as a matter of fact,every livin’ one of them, so they can’t say they didn’t know!

  42. No, but you can come here and get all the info you’ll ever need, and then some:)Go Bucks!

  43. Today, the Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the White House Council on Environmental Quality came together to launch the Green Ribbon Schools Program. This program plants the seeds to move toward educational excellence for the future by recognizing schools that are creating healthy and sustainable learning environments -both inside and outside the classroom, teaching environmental literacy, and increasing environmental health by reducing their environmental footprint.

    Led by the Department of Education, in close partnership with the EPA and CEQ, the Green Ribbon Schools program will incentivize and reward schools that help to ensure that our students receive an education second to none by improving the health and environmental footprint of nation’s schools. To prepare our children for the clean energy economy of the future, Green Ribbon schools will be those that incorporate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and environmental stewardship into their curricula.

  44. “The schools taking part in this initiative will help kids connect what they’re learning in science class with the world around them, allowing them to envision solutions to tomorrow’s challenges while living healthier lives today,” said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. “By making green living a part of everyday learning, Green Ribbon Schools will prepare our children to win the future by leading our global green energy economy.”

    The Green Ribbon Schools program reflects President Obama’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency, and preparing today’s students for jobs in fields that provide clean energy solutions.

    EPA Administrator Jackson and CEQ Chair Sutley joined Secretary Duncan at the announcement at a ceremony planting a tree at the Department of Education’s headquarters. The Texas live oak they planted is the same tree that is depicted in the Education Department’s seal, symbolizing the Department’s commitment to securing our nation’s future by promoting student achievement and fostering education excellence.

  45. They are showing Donald Trump commenting on the President releasing his long form birth certificate. OMG what is wrong with our media? Really? This is disgusting. How sad and pathetic. A man that has not even declared that he is running for President. I am so heated right now. Who believes that Trump has no dealing with China? Someone needs to investigate his dealings with China.

  46. Secretary Locke Kicks Off CODEL to Korea

    This week, I’m visiting the Republic of Korea, one of the United States’ closest allies in the world, and one of our most important trading partners. Last December, President Obama signed a landmark trade deal with Korea that could boost annual exports of American goods to Korea by up to $11 billion, supporting at least 70,000 U.S. jobs.

    But the deal still needs to pass Congress, which is why this week, I’m leading four Members of Congress on a fact-finding mission that will demonstrate firsthand how this trade deal will lead directly to more sales of American goods and services abroad and more American jobs here at home.

    Korean and U.S. businesses are already collaborating, innovating and trading together like never before. This week, members of our bipartisan delegation – which includes Representatives Dave Reichert and Jim McDermott from my home state of Washington and Representatives Joseph Crowley and Charles Rangel from New York – are getting to see this up close.

    Tomorrow, we visit Pantech, one of Korea’s largest mobile phone makers, and a major buyer of U.S. technology. More than 60 percent of the production equipment at Pantech is made by U.S. companies, and you’ll find plenty of American-made components in their phones, like scratch resistant Gorilla Glass from Corning and microchips from Qualcomm.

  47. Thank you so much BWD. It’s a great read.

    I’m so grateful for this blog, BWD. It helps me keeping hope.

  48. Executive-led Trade Mission to South Africa
    The United States Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, U.S. Commercial Service is organizing a Trade Mission to South Africa September 19-23, 2011, to help U.S. firms find business partners and sell equipment and services in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.


    Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa


    September 19-23, 2011


    The South Africa Trade Mission will provide U.S. participants with first-hand market information, one-on-one meetings with business contacts, including potential agents, distributors and partners so they can position themselves to enter or expand their presence in the South African market. South Africa, with its well developed business and financial sector, its indigenous multinational enterprises, substantial foreign investment, and well developed infrastructure, is often seen as the point of access to develop markets throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Subject to prior consultation and confirmations, mission participants will have the opportunity to explore contacts with local firms active in the region and will have the option of extending their stay for additional business development activities in South Africa or meetings in neighboring countries.


    Targeted sectors are:

    Sustainable and Efficient Energy Technologies, Equipment and Products
    Productivity Enhancing Agricultural Technologies and Equipment
    Skills Development

  49. Hugs to you, Tulips.I know that a hug won’t take the sting and hurt that you feel away…there are ugly, hateful people in the world,and though we try to think it’s has slapped us in the face again.Hate is fueled by ignorance.We need to stop the stupid. The “good” news is, that the people that think like this are probably going to keel over soon, and young people just don’t feel this way…there is hope. There is always hope:)

  50. OR, ask him some polciy questions, he obviously has no clue. Ask him if he supprots the Ryan plan? LOL! OUR MSM is being played by one of the best con artsist of all time…

  51. It also tells the GOP, if they EVER need a distraction, they can peddle this crap all over the news, and the MSM will eat it up! Sadly.

  52. The wingnut spin on Petraus to the CIA is that Obama is keeping him from running in 2012.

    I HATE both moves – seems pretty incestuous in that the CIA Chief goes to Pentagon and Petraeus goes to CIA.

    Panetta is just going to Defence because gates wants out and PBO needs somebody there to carry on the cutting that could get through the Senate without much fuss. Early in PBO’s second term I expect Panetta will retire as well. Also in order to get Panetta in he needed to throw the GOP the bone of Petraus to the CIA – no way in hell I trust Petraus in the CIA though, not at all.

  53. I had to turn it off. The guy is WAY over his head, but since he’s such an egomaniac, he can’t stop himself from wanting all the attention.Like I said before, the stupid needs to stop.

  54. God, Trump is on CNN. I’m in tears right now. Now he’s talking about the hate in the Senate. GOOD LORD , TRUMP…WHO WHO WHO is feeding the HATE ????????? THE REPUBLICANS !!!

    Bill Maher was right. That fool is RUNNING. He’s just saying: “I think I’d beat Obama.” GOD people he’s going to be the candidate who tells people what they want to hear. He’s going to fool americans into thinking that everything is simple. People, this guy is dangerous. I tell you.

  55. The thing is, I don’t like petraes either, but he is highly qualified. Very smart and nobody knows the players more than he. Just saying.

  56. If they were paying attention, he just kinda did! This President is a much better person than the majority in that room….in this country.

  57. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan today announced that Texas will receive $830.8 million to support education jobs.

    “There is a huge sense of urgency to get these funds out the door,” said Duncan. “These education dollars will help Texas keep teachers in the classroom working with our students this year.”

    The $10 billion education fund is supporting education jobs and is being distributed to states by a formula based on population figures. States can distribute their funding to school districts based on their own primary funding formula or districts’ relative share of federal Title I funds.

    During the past 2 1/2 years, the Education Department has been able to support 300,000 education jobs through stimulus funding provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. A July 2010 report from the independent Center on Education Policy found that 75 percent of school districts that received stimulus funds expect to cut teaching positions.

    Dept of Education-

    TEXAS, you say?

  58. He plays the MSM and has many political advisers. What I want to know is, how did he know the Birth certificate was missing? Obviously, the President’s team took it to show it to the press.
    Which leads me to believe, He has peeps inside the WH? really? That is scary!

  59. Not to worry…the skeletons in his closet have to need a new closet:)This from the man that hasn’t voted in a primary in 20 years?This man that knows how to run a country, yet can’t keep his own finances in order and declared BK umteentimes?This guy that was a Dem now an R? THAT guy???

  60. Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs María Otero will deliver remarks at the U.S. Department of State’s first Earth Day 6k Walk for Water event on Wednesday, April 27 at 11:30 a.m. outside the Department’s 21st Street entrance near the corner of Virginia Avenue NW.

    The Earth Day 6k Walk for Water was organized to recognize the nearly 900 million people in the developing world, most often women and girls, who walk an average of 6 kilometers to bring water for their families. The task of collecting water keeps children out of school and limits their opportunities. It also prevents women from engaging in other, more productive economic activities.

    The event is open to the public. Interested participants can register for the walk by emailing:

    Media are invited to attend the event, which will begin at 11:30 a.m. and end at 1:30 p.m.

    For more information regarding the walk, please contact: Janice DeGarmo, Bureau of Administration, at (202) 647-4461 or

  61. Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs María Otero will deliver remarks at the U.S. Department of State’s first Earth Day 6k Walk for Water event on Wednesday, April 27 at 11:30 a.m. outside the Department’s 21st Street entrance near the corner of Virginia Avenue NW.

    The Earth Day 6k Walk for Water was organized to recognize the nearly 900 million people in the developing world, most often women and girls, who walk an average of 6 kilometers to bring water for their families. The task of collecting water keeps children out of school and limits their opportunities. It also prevents women from engaging in other, more productive economic activities.

    The event is open to the public. Interested participants can register for the walk by emailing:

    Media are invited to attend the event, which will begin at 11:30 a.m. and end at 1:30 p.m.

  62. The Governments of the United States and Peru will hold the third meeting of the Subcommittee on Forest Sector Governance and the second meeting of the Environmental Affairs Council on April 27, 2011. They will hold the first meeting of the Environmental Cooperation Commission on Thursday, April 28, 2011. A public information session for the Subcommittee, Council, and Commission also will be held on April 28 at 3 p.m. at 1724 F St., NW, Washington, D.C. The press is invited to attend the public session and the presentation of the U.S.-Peru Joint Communiqué.

    The meetings will be chaired by Tiffany Prather of the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, Department of State, Amy Karpel of the Office of Environment and Natural Resources of the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, and Alvaro Diaz from the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism. The heads of the U.S. and Peruvian delegations will also read the Joint Communiqué at 5:00 p.m.

    The public session is open to the press from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Due to space limitations, only writers and stills may attend the public session. Press may begin arriving at 2:45 p.m. at 1724 F St., NW. Media representatives who wish to attend the public session should RSVP to Matthew Lawrence at (202) 395-3230 or

  63. Of course Preibus jsut blamed the President for this Birth certificate distratcion.

    I knew it was the Presidents fault for not showing his birth certificate. Crazy RNC assholes.

  64. makesense4tulips, why do I suspect you never really had any respect for Donald Trump and the gops? Neither have I.

  65. Donald Trump claimed he knew that the long form birth certificate had been lost, though he refused to reveal his source. Maybe it was the Angel Moroni?

  66. I can’t believe all this. First we have Chimp and now we have Chump. It is like a comedy act over there.
    And Chump demanding spoils for helping the Libyans – take all their oil! This man is mad, as in crazy. Perhaps he thinks we got the Eiffel Tower when we freed France in WWII. Buckingham Palace is ours after we helped England. Oh, I forget, the Libyans are…Muslims; I guess we can take anything we like from a Muslim country.
    And Chump taking on China and telling them what to do!? I’d love to see the result of that one.
    Somebody needs to put that ugly comb-over right into his big mouth where it really belongs.

  67. I see your point. What I’m saying is that he will introduce into the conversation a lot of false assumptions that people who are scared and unknowledgeable, many of them “independants”, will believe. So President Obama and democrats will have a harder time convincing people that things are not so simple. They’ll have to first debunk all sorts of myths that Trump will put out there.

    As I’m writing this, though, I’m beginning to wonder if we could see the repeat of the 1996 scenario, where the presence of Ross Perot was of great help in the reelection of Bill Clinton…. So from a political point of view could Trump could be a good thing, even if from the angle of the “education of americans on complexity”, it’s not such a good thing ?

  68. A long copy of President Obama’s original birth certificate is now online for the world to see, but the question remains: Why wait?

    White House counsel Bob Bauer told reporters on Wednesday that Obama’s short-form certificate, which the so-called birthers had discounted as insufficient legal proof of the Obama’s birth, was the only legal document issued by Hawaii’s Department of Health after 1980.

    The White House is also claiming that until now, the status of Obama’s birth was not in question.

    “There was never an issue that that wasn’t a birth certificate from any credible media outlet,” White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer told reporters. “That was good enough for everyone until very recently.”

    Unmentioned was Donald Trump’s recent rise in polls and media coverage as the real estate mogul stoked the conspiracy theory that Obama wasn’t born in the United States.

    According to the documents the White House provided online, a request was first made for Obama’s “long form” certificate on April 22, less than a week ago. That request, by Obama’s personal counsel, Judith Corley of the Perkins Coie firm, was accompanied by a letter requesting two copies of the document from the president himself.

    After Hawaii public health officials waived the state’s documentation rules in recognition of Obama’s status as president, Corley returned from Hawaii with the documents Tuesday night.


    You see, and Trump knew that his birth certifcate was missing! How the hell? Should not the MSM ask him about that?

  69. He is speaking to the WHITE independents who like tough guys. His political advisers has told him that is how GW won!
    World has changed, but…

  70. Good find, jovie. To partner with those peoples who actually understand our deep connection to the earth is extremely wise.

  71. President Obama has three fundraisers in New York City Wednesday night, and each has different rules for press access set by the White House.

    The New York Daily News reports that Obama plans to “mingle with guests at the home of Sharon Elghanayan, a psychotherapist who married former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine last fall,” then “schmooze with fat cats at a high-dollar fund-raiser at the Waldorf-Astoria,” and finally “address fans at a Roots concert at Town Hall.”

    The access for the press increases with each event. The White House said in guidance to reporters: “The first event is print pool only, the second event is pool coverage and the third is pooled for TV, open to pre-credentialed correspondents and still photographers.”

    White House reporters’ concerns about access were brought up with press secretary Jay Carney on Monday, when the CBS News reporter Mark Knoller asked how the administration decides which fundraisers allow full coverage and which are limited to just a print pooler. He called the policy inconsistent.

    “What we do provide is access to these fundraisers in a way that I think is certainly as great as previous presidents, if not greater, and that we believe that’s important,” Carney replied. “But how each one is decided I think is based on the ways that we have approached this in the past.”

    At Wednesday night’s first fundraiser, which will be open to just a print pooler, Obama will mix and chat with “big donors” on Fifth Avenue, the Daily News reports.

  72. Let’s be calm, Lovepolitics. Even though I think many Americans are uninformed and uncurious about the facts, I do not believe that they want to hear the tripe that Trump peddles. I admit that I am disheartened that such a coarse creature has come this far (as is the case with many of our “politicians” today), I do not think he will triumph. Let him be and let’s worry about the true problems in the 2012 elections, e.g. the Republican governors’ attempts to suppress voter registration and voter turnout in elections in their states.

  73. Just after Justin Farmer interviewed President Obama, the butterflies were still jumping.

    That’s no exaggeration — it’s precisely what the Atlanta reporter wrote in an “Inside the White House” first-person account of his seven-minute Q&A with Obama on Tuesday.

    “Yes, the butterflies are still jumping. It was an honor, a thrill and a humbling experience,” recalled Farmer, one of four reporters from around the country chosen to interview Obama about the deficit. “Today, and perhaps never again, I am a guest in the home of the single most powerful and influential human on this planet.”

    Farmer also boasted that while Obama is shifting into reelection mode, he was “carefully chosen by the administration, along with a few others, to take his talking points back to Atlanta.”

    Here’s some more of what Farmer wrote about Obama:

    — “I admit as he was answering one of my questions, I did look carefully at his face. (Our chairs were oddly placed almost uncomfortably close.) I pondered the responsibility, the challenges this one man bears.”

    — “I love that the president serves his people. Naturally, there is some required formality as a head of state, but our forefathers brilliantly wrote the Constitution to demand that our president, grand in stature and notoriety, merely be here at his/her core, to serve the American people.”

    — “It is the President’s job to preserve and protect a nation of laws that affords all of us a fair shot in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Being in the building that houses the man required to carry out that grand task was a thrill.”

    — “Secondly, I took in the man himself, this man, President Barack Obama. Regardless of one’s political leanings, there’s no doubt this is a gifted and complex man. Think about what he ponders in any given day?”

    Suffice to say that Farmer’s experience was a world away from that of Brad Watson, a Texas reporter who was chided by Obama last week after a prickly interview.



  74. Actually, Bush “won” via the Republican Supreme Court. The only thing that facilitated his re-election was 9/11 and even that might not have saved him had the Democrats put up a better candidate.

  75. You give the man too much credit.He’s a reality tv personality,with no personality.He’s got more junk than the dump.Let him run. It scares the crap out of the “serious Republicans.” They made their bed, now they get to lie in it! I say, bring it!Did I mention his affairs???

  76. No, I think the response now is, “What took so long?”and Trump is taking credit for “finally” getting this done:) SUCH A DOER!

  77. Thanks desertflower. Are you a Buckeye. I’m a Buckeyes fanatic. Go Bucks and Go Jim Tressel!!

  78. My President what a man!! tell Boehner and Ryan, and , and forgot his name, and ?? to run, being that they have so much to say about what the president is not doing! why don’t the senior publican house and senate leaders to go run!! step down from congress and the senate and run!! tell the governor of arizona to run! where is corker and alexanders?? they let the chump, i mean circus balker get ahead of them..
    interesting!! palin made her money.. blackburn.. who?
    people need to wake up and be prepared to go vote in 2012, or we will really feel hell on earth… we should have learned a great lesson from the past mid-terms..

  79. The Republican Party is now made up of just tea party members, I believe – so they are one in the same. I don’t think there are any sane people left who are calling themselves Republicans.

  80. Wow, indeed! What a great personal account from this reporter. Thanks for digging this up for us, Jovie!

  81. Are they “fans” or voters/supporters/constituents? Are they “fat cats” or donors/constituents? The media are like teenage kids – they are not professional. I hope they are thoroughly roasted at the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend, they deserve another spanking.

  82. If people are that stupid as to believe that things are easy, then they will learn the hard way.

  83. $100 fine?! That’s not exactly a deterrent. No satisfaction for the people who have died or been disabled or maimed as a result of some A****** texting while driving.

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