David Remnick: “Irrepressible jackass, a buffoon with bathroom fixtures of gold”

David Remnick, The New Yorker editor and the man who wrote “The Bridge” – Easily the best book I’ve ever read about Barack Obama:

Trump, Birtherism, and Race-Baiting

Not long after the White House released the President’s birth certificate this morning, Donald Trump stepped off a helicopter, ambled up to a bank of microphones, and declared, “Today, I’m very proud of myself.” (One assumes this is a daily ritual for Trump, but today there were more cameras than usual.) Trump also declared himself relieved that “the press can stop asking me questions” about the birther issue and we can now move on to more important ones, such as “China ripping off this country.” What is there to say anymore about Donald Trump? That he is an irrepressible jackass who thinks of himself as a sly fox? That he is a buffoon with bathroom fixtures of gold? Why bother, after so many decades? There is no insulting someone who lives in a self-reinforcing fantasy world.

No matter. What is truly disturbing is the game Trump has been participating in, the conspiracy thinking he was playing with. And here the polls—to the extent that they can be taken as hard fact—tell a disturbing story, in which no small part of the country has believed in a variety of tales about Barack Obama. There is the birther fantasy; the fantasy that Bill Ayers wrote “Dreams from My Father”; the fantasy that the President has some other father, and not Barack Obama, Sr.; the fantasy that Obama got into Harvard Law School with the help of a Saudi prince and the Nation of Islam. There is a veritable fantasy industry at work online and in the book-publishing industry; there are dollars to be made.

The cynicism of the purveyors of these fantasies is that they know very well what they are playing at, the prejudices they are fanning: that Obama is foreign, a fake, incapable of writing a book, incapable of intellectual achievement. Let’s say what is plainly true (and what the President himself is reluctant to say): these rumors, this industry of fantasy, is designed to arouse a fear of the Other, of an African-American man with a white American mother and a black Kenyan father. Obama, as a politician, is clearly not a radical; he is a center-left pragmatist. If anything, he believes deeply in his capacity to lead with subtle diplomacy and political maneuvering, with a highly realistic sense of the possible; in fact, to many he is maddeningly pragmatic.

The one radical thing about Barack Obama is his race, his name. Of course, there is nothing innately radical about being black or having Hussein as middle name; what is radical is that he has those attributes and is sitting in the Oval Office. And even now, more than two years after the fact, this is deeply disturbing to many people, and, at the same time, the easiest way to arouse visceral opposition to him. Let’s be even plainer: to do what Trump has done (and he is only the latest and loudest and most spectacularly hirsute) is a conscious form of race-baiting, of fear-mongering. And if that makes Donald Trump proud, then what does that say for him? Perhaps now he will go away, satisfied that this passage has sufficiently restored his fame quotient and television ratings. The shame is that there are still many more around who, in the name of truth-telling, are prepared to pump the atmosphere full of poison/



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  1. He’s clearly race-baiting at this point. Let him. Just ignore the ignorance. Go Dems, Go Obama 2012

  2. Trump is just saying what the GOP wants said without any of their “serious” candidates having to say it. Trump says it and the networks cover it and the message gets out – and when he doesn’t run, the personal attacks on the president would have still got two months of non-stop coverage.

    PBO’s likability is over 70% and that makes him virtually impossible to beat so the GOP needs to some how bring those numbers down, so they’ve enlisted the odious bigot to try and do it.

    I think it will backfire spectacularly, but wish folks would start putting presure on the media who obviously know what is going on, but happily play along because it makes it easy to fill their 24 hour news stations.

    Then when Trump announces he’s not running, then the “serious” GOP can come in and say “look we just want to talk about policy differences” and the MSM will then be all over them in a love affair because “this guy is serious” and treated as an automatic top candidate simply because he isn’t a birther – Trump is just lowering the bar for the sad sack GOP candidate class of 2012. And this very same media will not have the self-awareness to realize that it’s them who gave the Trump and birther silliness the endless, breathless coverage for months because it made for easy copy.

  3. Try as they might, these wannabes just can’t change the fact that every single poll out there shows people LIKE our President. And no matter what happens, people still LIKE our President.

    This whole thing will backfire on these people just like it did with the quitter. Look at her likability factor…it’s in the sewer.

    And yet, people LIKE our President.

    Of course then there are those of us who LOVE our President.

  4. And don’t think for a second that the African-American community is not paying attention and taking serious notice. This constant assault on President Barack Obama is a stark reminder to all of us of a dark time in American history. And the bottom line is that if the Republicans and their ilk express their hatred to a black Commander-in-Chief, then what must they think about us commoners. Unfortunately, we know the answer to this all too well.

    I loved this article from Black Voices that echoed “Either way, it’s Obama who’s having the last laugh. Laugh on, Mr. President, laugh on.”


  5. All non-White communities should be playing close attention. The Latino-American community should be paying very close attention, because what is happening now will happen to a Mexican-American candidate just the same.

    Any non-White is an outsider into their little all-White club of power.

  6. As I often say, the fourth estate in US are really fifth columnists undermining the country from within.

  7. Exactly. This is a warning for all non-whites on never to trust the rethugs and the media.

  8. I completely agree with you. This past year there have been direct and in-plain-view attacks on Mexicans (Arizona SB 1070) and Muslims. The one thing that the election of Barack Obama did was to bring the racists out of the closet and into the forefront. Whether the GOP wants to acknowledge it or not, they have a serious problem on their hands with respect to race relations in America.

    And as far as the mainstream media is concerned, shame on them and their perpetuation of this crises.

  9. David Remnick is great, calling out the racists for what they are. The media should take note, but they won’t.
    If this weekend is the corespondet’s dinner, I hope PBO gets one of Colbert’s writers for his jokes and lays into these media enablers.

  10. Well, there goes another $40 to OFA. Keep it up, bigots; your foul winds will propel PBO to a second term.

  11. Trump is just next in line of the GOP’s useful idiots – it was Rush, then it was Palin, then it was Beck, now it’s Trump – somebody who will say ridiculous things attacking the President in order to get MSM coverage and then when they’re used up they’ll move on to the next useful idiot.

    Rush makes $40M a year, Palin cashed in to make upwards of $20M, Beck made $20M at his peak, now Trump probably wants his reality show picked up so is trying to raise the ratings by tricking people to tune into the finale.

    Piers Morgan got his start running the UK equivilant of the National Enquirer, now he’s hosting Larry King’s show. It doesn’t matter how you make your money – just make it, because you can use it to leverage credibility later. Anderson Cooper hosted the Reality Gameshow “The Mole” – these people are not journalists in the traditional sense of aour grandfathers – they’re infotainers who read script and travel in the same circles.

  12. Our Adeptu has a great diary at gos on top of the wrecklist calling out the perpetual louts there.

  13. Trump was said to be invited to sit at the NBC table. I’d love to see PBO joke around with everybody else, but then become dead serious and say to the effect “I hear Donald Trump is here as a guest of NBC and that he’s pretending to run for President again for free publicity for the 3rd or 4th time, I even hear he’s saying he thinks he could beat me so I say this to him – I triple dog dare you to run”.

  14. Starve the beast :-).

    There will be endless hashing and rehashing of today’s events on the networks tonight.

    There will be an orgy of self-congratulatory and faux-serious “analysis”. There will be fake sad faces and happy faces. All of them will be loving the spotlight and loving themselves talk.

    Don’t give them the satisfaction. Turn the braying jackasses off.

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  15. Calling an obviously very smart black man an “affirmative action” case would have been met with universal outrage not 3-4 years ago. Now there is crickets from any pushback in the MSM other than “we’re just telling both sides and stuff”.

    However the republican defenders are saying “Bush was called dumb and said he was a legacy admission to Yale” so it’s the same thing.

  16. No, Chump should be ignored by the President at that dinner. His ridiculous ego gets off on any type of attention — positive or negative. I would love to see him and his silliness eluded to, without being named. That would drive him nuts.

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  17. That would be great. But the poor widdle news media haz a sad already. They just can’t believe that they had anything at all! to do with the perpetuation of this birther story. Moi? they’re asking, incredulously. They can’t believe that Obama insinuated they had a role in elevating the “carnival barker” and giving the bulk of their programming over to this “silliness”. They were just “covering the story” I just heard some of them say on Andrea Mitchell. Yes, without ever calling out the lie, without ever calling it racism, without ever reporting the truth which is their job. And wonder of wonders I just now heard Andrea ask if they can now call it what it is—-racisim. Maybe their enabling role in all of this is starting to dawn on them and they will be more apt to call a lie a lie and question the motivation of the next buffoon pushing the lies. Or am I dreaming?

  18. Amen! LOL @ “foul winds.”

    Obama 2012 🙂

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  19. Amen!!!!! I’m so happy I purchased Mr. Remnick’s excellent book on President Obama. He describes this individual perfectly.

  20. I really doubt that anything is dawning on them other than the big mean President hurt their precious feelings. Does Andrea think she needed permission to call it racism? LOL

  21. Yeah, really, nothing is going to dawn on these jokers. They will talk into the cameras no matter what. They love to hear themselves talk! That’s why I don’t watch.

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  22. While I find “birtherism” as disgusting as anyone else here, I feel that the President of the United States wouldn’t go in front of the camera’s and the microphones about this issue just because Donald Trump began to “trumpet” it (sorry, no pun intended).

    He said that the issue was “disturbing the political discourse” or words to that effect.

    Secondly, you won’t take down the racism behind it with a single, short appearance in a press conference, and certainly not by giving into the “demands” to produce a birth certificate.

    All this leads me to the conclusion that there must be far more behind this on the President’s side than meets the eye in the US.

    Note, for instance, the upheaval in Africa (North African search for democracy, the split of Sudan, unstable regimes in the South, like Zimbabwe).

    I think the Obama administration needs him to distance himself just enough from his African ancestry to be able to function as an independent arbitrator and benefactor there …

    Otherwise, the continent will simply turn to the Chinese (as it has already done) for its needs.

    Remember: The President of the United States has the possession of almost infinitely more intelligence (as in CIA) than the richest entertainer-on-the-loose private citizen.

  23. That poor-excuse-for-a-journalist Ed Henry framed the long form birth certificate as “what the White House says is evidence…” or something like that.

    You honestly don’t know how this country got to this place.

  24. God, I would like Colbert himself to get in front of those “journalists” and give them a piece of his mind.

  25. joy reid of the reid report certainly has an interesting question, via twitter:

    Did the media spend this much time on trig trutherism? Would a fake presidential candidate who’s a trig truther get media attention?

    Actually, I’d have to say yes. A really outrageous “the rent is too damn high” trig truther would indeed get attention. However s/he would not race to the top of the Democratic field, in contrast to how popular Trump became with Republicans. Says something about the respective parties.


  26. As vile as the racist segment of our very diverse Nation is, the President, once again, acted as a mentor to all Americans in the importance of the challenges we face and the process of democracy in facing those challenges.

    If you listen to the ~ 5 min, he leveraged the ‘carnival barker silliness’ into a civics lesson for everyone.

    He chastised the press by noting that they all cut in on their regular programs to cover his statement – which they normally would only do for a ‘national security’ issue. And, then followed with how the bulk of what they spent their time on during a week in which Ryan’s cruel catastrophic legislation passed the House and he gave a major speech on his plan was on the nonsense of his place of birth.

    He then spoke directly to the ‘majority of Americans’ in informing them of his awareness of the very serious issues they and the Nation are confronting and that neither he or they should be distracted by silliness from addressing those issues.

    Once again, he demonstrated who the only adult in the room is. I also do not think we will see him give any attention to the conspiracy nuts (racists) again and he will use this instance as a way to answer all the continued silliness, and the underlying bigotry, with ‘I told you to get serious and I meant it, next question.’

    Yes.We.Can. … Do.More.Together

  27. Well, our dear President already referred to him a ‘carnival barker’ during the press conference 🙂

  28. At first I didn’t understand why President Obama would do this but I understand now. The media has been harping on this by talking about Trump and all of this non sense instead of not talking about real important issue facing this country.

    The majority of Americans don’t care about this birther crap and they believe the president was born in Hawaii. The media should shut the hell up and do their freaking jobs.

    And remember people there are still a large amount of people in this country who like the president and respect him. Don’t let the bigots/ far left wackos/ and right wing idiots get you down.

  29. I recall reading about the hateful lies and words about JFK and MLK and how a number of people in this country rejoiced when they were killed. Now everybody in this country acts like they loved them.

    It’s like they say when you try to change society a number of people will hate you and view you as an enemy but after you die everyone loves you and makes you out to be a hero.

  30. I agree with you. And the main reason is that Dems do focus more on the issues than sideshows. Not to say there isn’t some who like the sideshows, but it generally falls behind issues. Even during the 2008 election, there was next to no real discussion of Trig’s birth on the Dem blogs. In fact, the only person who made much of it was Sully, and after a short while, most of his readers started going after him on it. Of course, he still is harping on it.

  31. I read now that Harry Reid is going to put Ryan’s budget to a vote. I think PBO wanted to end this media circus, so he can shift the focus to the budget war – which is not only the most important thing, but also a winning issue for us. For that, he was willing to go through the humiliation of this morning.

    He’s probably the best man I’ve ever “met”.

  32. Hey Saint Roscoe, are you there? Just saw on TPM that Harry Reid is going to make the Senate vote on Ryan’s plan. LOL!!!

    stay tuned folks.

  33. I agree with you on everything except the humiliation this morning. I don’t think he was humiliated. I think the media and specially Trump were humiliated. I think President Obama did what he does best, use a moment of potential difficulty and turn it into a learning moment.

  34. if someone put a gun to my head, I couldn’t produce my long-form birth certificate. Have no idea what it look like, have no idea where to get it, because the hospital I was born at has since closed. The only birth certificate I have is one that has similar information to what the President has already released.

    It’s an absolute crock of shyt, and it’s only because this President is BLACK.

    BUT….politically, I think it’s brilliant of the President.

    Because, guess what, folks?

    The President knows what I know….


    There will be a poll taken next week, asking now, if the Republican Birthers are satisfied…

    the answer to that poll will be NO.


    Because it’s not about the Birth Certificate…it’s about him being a Black Man.


    And, once that poll is released that reveals that POTUS even releasing the Birth Certificate doesn’t make a DAMN BIT OF DIFFERENCE WITH THESE PEOPLE…

    The albatross that is the Birthers will be hung around the GOP going into 2012 like an anvil.


  35. He always, always, always puts country first. Politicians with this total unselfishness are very rare. America is lucky.

  36. Booyah :-)!

    -–PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  37. I think the event was humiliating. I think Michelle looks incredibly sad in the photos today. And I have to agree with Adam Serwer:

    this marks a level of personal humiliation no previous president has ever been asked to endure. Other presidents have been the target of crazy conspiracy theories, sure, but few have been as self-evidently absurd as birtherism. None has been so clearly rooted in anxieties about the president’s racial identity, because no previous American president has been black.

    This whole situation is an embarrassment to the country.


  38. go sr, it’s your birthday, go sr, it’s your birthday:

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) confirmed on a conference call with reporters Wednesday that he’ll force Senate Republicans to vote on the controversial House GOP budget.

    Let’s get it all on record. Great decision, Maj. Leader Reid!

  39. I’m with japa; he knows how racist this country can get and he knows how small people fan those flames. Exasperation is more like it; it would take a whole lot to humiliate this man as he thinks in pure logic and pities irrationalism rather than resents it. I do bet Michelle was pissed, and for good reason.

  40. So glad I’m heading to basic on June 28th for 2 months (no tv, cellphone, or media). It’s going to be a crazy summer.

  41. Mr. President I am so sorry it comes to a shameless pursuit of shifting focus over your Birthright. I am so very sorry, ashamed and embarrassed this happens in the America I stand for. Awe Hell, Everyone knows Donald Trump is the AntiChrist, come-on, really…. go take the oil from the countries who use our soldiers, really Mr. Trump how much American history are you familiar with, oh what ? What was that Mr. Trump ? You studied constitutional law ? Not only does this( so eloquently put Mr. President) “Carnival Barker ” who is quite prejudiced in his thinking to ask about the birth rights of our President, He now wants to raise question on Education, not how his children were privately educated and he knows absolutely nothing about inner city schools needing help because I am sure Mr. Trump in his infinite wisdom would never let his building enterprises not give to the community by helping with all his building and construction knowledge that could help our schools for improvements. It is ok though I can understand that even though he has all the Money to spend (More than Mitt) on campaigns that since his children were educated privately his opportunity to help or know how to help the community schools in the areas he profits from in Jersey and Manhattn particularly that he would not know how or recognize the need of help since his children were educated privately!
    OH and One more thing Mr Trump, you cringe when people do not show you respect, but your complete disrespect of referring to my President with only his last name is OutRAGEOUS Stop IT ! Give Mr. President the respect of his position, even if you choose to campaign or try to get nominated I should hear your Mouth refer to our President as Mr. Obama, President Obama, and not only referenced without title or respect by saying only a surname. It sickens me to think you Mr. Trump could imagine being president not to mention you cannot buy it. Not in a million years sir, Go back to your Ivory(Trump) Tower and remain there !

  42. I’m always here or somewhere close by. Reid probably checked in with the at-risk incumbent Dems and got the go-ahead that they’re comfortable voting against the Ryan Budget politically. Politics is about power, and this is a heavy tool to use against the Republicans. He needed to get this on the floor before the Gang of Six released their budget (if they ever do), because that would have been the cover the GOP used to vote against the Ryan Budget (though I suspect they’ll still try to use it – “We should wait for our colleagues findings first”).

    I think this will give Brown the opportunity to vote against it without much fall out though, it will be more interesting how Snowe, Luger, Rubio, Heller vote on it. Tester has cover (if he needed any) in that Rehberg voted against it in the House (one of only four Republicans), I think this is an easy vote for McCaskill as well, Conrad is retiring and Nelson needs to shore up Dem bonafides, and this would be a pretty painless way to do it.

    Collins said she will vote against it, which paints Snowe into a corner as same state same party Sens usually try to vote the same way (we saw it with Lincoln and Pryor last year). which makes me believe Snowe will vote against it. Brown is a mortal lock to vote against it. Heller voted for it in the House, so he’s in sort of a pickle in that if he votes against it now the GOP in Nv will worry he’s running hard to the middle, and if he votes for it he will be on record not once but twice to cut medicare and give billionaires tax breaks. If there is 5-6-7 GOP that vote against it it becomes a very public rebuke of the House Budget and allows the House Dems to attack the House GOP as extremist.

    This means that Reid decided the political gain from this is greater the the possible harm of alienating/angering the same moderates he’s putting on the spot in the GOP. There is rumors that Reid was considering putting the DREAM Act up for a vote again, I wonder if he tried to leverage votes for that by promising not to put the Ryan Budget to a vote in return.

    Sen. Corker is another who could be in a bind with this. If he votes against it he could pick up a primary challenge, and if he doesn’t there is a real attack point against him in a seat he only won 51-48 against Harold Ford Jr.

    Wicker is safe, Hatch will vote against it as he’s deathly afraid of being teabagged (too bad Huntsman didn’t come back to run for the Utah senate as an indie), Barrasso is also worried about a teabagging. KBH is retiring so it’s up in the air, Kyl is retiring as well.

  43. I still think that the entire scene was humiliating. I agree that it’s impossible to humiliate this man – he’s so above all this crap – but I still cringe.

  44. Aha, I got you. Certainly we don’t look that great here as a country today, do we? I see what you’re saying and agree!

  45. I dare the GOP controlled states to go ahead and pass the birther laws NOW. Precisely because they swore to high heaven that their intentions were not about President Obama.

    So if not, let’s see them vote on their convictions that hey are ONLY trying to safeguard the legitimacy of the presidency.

    Go ahead vote now!!! Let’s see how many of your own wingnut candidates will “qualify” to be on the ballot

    “What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them.” — Pres. Obama (1/20/2009)

  46. You’re right, GN. Whenever these high-profile American stories are put out there for all the world to see, I always go to the Guardian UK to get the pulse of what the world is thinking about the United States. Here is the link from the Guardian this morning regarding the damn birth certificate:


    What a sad day in American history that will be remembered forever.

  47. Very good point. If it wasn’t about Obama, than the laws should still go through and not all of a sudden lose interest and dropped.

  48. I do, too…

    IRS, where ya at?

    YES. WE. CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012… Make History like in 2008!

  49. PoliticalJunkessa, I agree 100%. Please Mr. President, just act, just like Trump Is an *ant*. Don’t EVEN mention his name. IGNORE, Is the key, for this BULLY

  50. Just called the Reno office and Las Vegas offices and told them I support senator reid for bringing this to the senate floor.

    to contact him

    Bruce R. Thompson
    Courthouse & Federal Bldg
    400 S. Virginia St, Suite 902
    Reno, NV 89501
    Phone: 775-686-5750
    Fax: 775-686-5757

    Washington DC
    522 Hart Senate Office Bldg
    Washington, DC 20510
    Phone: 202-224-3542
    Fax: 202-224-7327
    Toll Free for Nevadans:
    1-866-SEN-REID (736-7343)

    Carson City
    600 East William St, #302
    Carson City, NV 89701
    Phone: 775-882-REID (7343)
    Fax: 775-883-1980

    Las Vegas
    Lloyd D. George Building
    333 Las Vegas Boulevard
    South, Suite 8016
    Las Vegas, NV 89101
    Phone: 702-388-5020
    Fax: 702-388-5030

    or send an email using his website


  51. BWD, I agree with you. It was Embarrasing. I was OFFENDED! When I read the Breaking News from CNN, on my computer this morning, the tears flooded my face, without having to think about It. I was truly HURT! I also agree with you again, on how I somehow felt from looking at the pictures of POTUS and FLOTUS, going to Air Force One, PBO, appeared to be comforting our First Lady. I picked that up right away :-(.

  52. You know, as you all have, I’ve been sitting here throughout the day, occasionally feeling really bad about what our President endured this morning.

    In trying to come to grips with it, I called to mind that Abraham Lincoln (I’m living in Illinois now, and think more and more about him as the days go by) used to suffer being called (among many horrid names) a monkey. Back in the 1860s, he was drawn in a newspaper cartoon as a monkey along with a copy of The Emancipation Proclamation – and he endured all kinds of bitterness because of both his appearance, his background, and his deeds as President – before and after his election and throughout the Civil War.

    He is now called out by many as our greatest President.

    When I did a search for some of the slander they put on Lincoln, I accidentally came across an independent filmmaker blog – and this story which mentions the “monkey” slur. I’m sharing it because there are quite a few “lessons” in this article, which might help lift us up … I hope somebody else gets as much value out of it, as I did:




  54. Who loves this country and ALL the people in it more than our President? We are the luckiest people on the planet.

  55. Chris Matthews is livid. Check out the second show. He is playing hardball, he lashed out at the tea party guy and told him this is not funny.

  56. I am with you. I do not watch any of the new shows, don’t watch MSNBC anymore unless it’s posted on this site. I am through with televsion. I wish I could cancel my cable teevee or reduce the channels and save myself a lot of money. I get what I need to know from the Internet. I can read what someone says or not read it.

  57. Everyone knows you never never ever attack a white woman and question the parentage of her child. They would demand every Democrat to apologize for what another Democrat said. Look what happened to David Letterman and he’s jewish. The attach on him was unrelenting that he had to apologize. They even wanted candidate Obama to make a statement.

  58. I cringe for all the young black male children and men who can’t understand why so many people hate the president. He’s smart, articulate, proud, confident, hard working, well respected by world leaders throughout the world, yet here in america, the white male/female racist media hates him. For years we were told we could be anything we wanted as long as we worked hard in school, got good grades, accepted into college, that there was nothing we could not do. I fear so many young black men are going to be convinced that is no true. It is a very sad day today. I have gone from being sad, dejected, angry and back to being sad again.

  59. Joan, I agree with you and BWD. His book is absolutely amazing. The interviews, the history,the things I learned are huge. It is fantastic. Much better than the other two I have read.

    I would strongly recommend it to everyone.

  60. amk, you got that right. That is all they care about anymore is a “hot” story. Rumors and innuendos. It is truly tragic.

  61. OMG Lawrence O’Donnell is tearing into NBC for their complicit enabling of Donald Trump. Wow, just wow.

  62. This may just be the watershed moment that causes the Left to unite behind PBO. It’s reminding me of the McCarthy – Army hearings in the 1950s, where McCarthy was finally called out for his red-baiting.

  63. The MSM are the WEAK. the MSM are the ones who push the racist memes. The MSM are the ones who try to cover, after their cover is blown.
    Blank the MSM.It is as simple and not so difficult as this. Blank them good and proper,And, at the same time keep their feet to the fire with any slackness they focus on via twitter, facebook,letters,protest etc!
    Turn it back on them!

  64. I, on the other hand, do not think he was humiliated one bit. PBO understands the nature of things,the limitations of people, , and by now has come to expect certain types of behaviours from certain quarters. Why? Because it is what these folks do and what they are capable of.It does not affect him as much as it affects us. He probably just got tired of the games and decided that it was time for him to straighten things out, so that the distractions would not overtake his next move.
    Of course it is undignified; of course it is disrespectful; and of course it shows up what America has become, but I say, follow your leader and move on very constructively and positively. Hold the MSM responsible;grill them, shame them and keep their hands filled with having to defend their actions, so that they do not have time on their hands for the slime, foolishness and triteness!

  65. Never doubt that Pres. Obama is a master political tactician AND strategist. In my cursory perusal of the reaction to the bc disclosure, the general tone has been derision of birthers and Trump. The GOP looks small and petty. Genius, pure genius.

  66. Donald won’t release his tax statements. He a total idiot! He has brought himself into the spotlight, now let’s all see when the skeletons in the closet are exposed. He wouldn’t run for president, he is just an egomaniac getting publicity. If I had hair like his , I would hide! His face He has a snarl that makes me want to vomit. GO AWAY DONALD TRUMP!

  67. Rubio will vote for it – he is a Tea Party favorite – he’s just like Ryan – a pretty young face with no heart!

  68. When one is classy, as is the case with our President, one almost always comes out on top.
    Based on everything I know about “The Donald” he is SO damn proud (of what is the burning question?!) that he has painted himself into a corner – some of his “friends” like Donny Deutsch say that he is serious about running – based on all the press he is getting and the fact that the man is like a vampire needing blood when it comes to press, he either is forced to run or else his show is picked up and he states that he is, after all, a business man and business comes first. He has made a first class ass out of himself throughout this entire episode – he makes everyone on his shows call him Mr. Trump but he never calls our President Mr. President or President Obama but instead calls him Obama – that shows not only a lack of respect for our President but a lack of respect for our country – he’s a disgrace and a chauvinist pig to boot!

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