A shameful day for America

PBO will make a statement in the briefing room at 9:45 a.m., after WH staff distributed copies of his birth certificate.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to cry a little bit now.


269 thoughts on “A shameful day for America

  1. BWD, i’m with you here. Very shameful day for America. This is just so fundamentally wrong.

  2. I believe I will join you in that. I feel sick to my stomach.

    Maybe it’s time to replay the speech on racism in America. I just can’t stand what the extremists and money-grubbers have done to our country.

  3. I am gonna cry too. As a african american woman I am sad because they have force this great gentlemen to do what 43 other presidents have not had to do. SHOW US YOUR PAPERS BOY.


  5. In seriousness though, I hope he takes the opportunity to shame the hell out of everybody – including the press. Then makes a remark to the effect “rather than talking about serious issues like the draconian Paul Ryan Budget that would end medicare as we’ve known it and skyrocket up the price for seniors Republicans and the Media decided to keep talking about this silly issue that I believed was properly debunked two years ago…”

  6. We got do something we cannot allow the media and trump and the republican party get away with this.


  8. This is so hurtful, how much more do people want to constantly belittle him. This hurt so bad because i Know the feeling.


  10. I hope he embarrasses the crap out of all of them – let America see them for the racist hatemongers that they all are!!

    We’re all with you Mr. President – I’m so proud you are my President!


  12. I hope so to, but that isn’t really his style. But it is the media that does need to be shamed, as they have been totally irresponsible throughout this whole process. And the thing is, the meme that he was not born in Hawaii is so set in so many people’s minds, that this won;t make any difference to them. They will just believe its a forgery.


  14. Why is Obama doing this? why even dignify these bastards? I don’t get it — but I support him– to whatever end, I support him — God help me, I don’t get it, but I support him —


  16. I am in tears at this moment. As an AA born and raised in this country, I am ashamed.

  17. At first I couldn’t believe that the POTUS would do this. After reading a few emails, I’m convinced that President Obama is so far above us in character – he doesn’t fall into the pettiness of anger or verbal denunciation, that he took this stand. This so reminds me of what Jesus Christ had faced. I only believe that Jesus was above pettiness of humans and his “son of God” message was misinterpreted for marketing. Just keeping honest. He, the POTUS, is the only evidence that God created man.

  18. Hi,

    I’m sure Obama’s thought this through. He thinks everything through, after all.

    I believe the birther crap is tearing the Republican Party apart, and Obama has decided to help. They have no candidate willing to run against him, and the current darling in the polls, Donald Trump, is a birther. Obama’s taking him down, and at the same time, I think, telling all the other Republicans toying with running, “Who’s next? Come and get me. I’m ready.”

  19. You all will rarely ever see me cuss but this is a damn shame in my humble opinion!

  20. What’s next Trump – now that he is satisfying you about this – now are you going to force him to show you his school grades? That is your newest tirade you racist bastard you!

  21. You know what’s worst than the Birthers? The lefties who are using this to complain about Obama being weak and giving in. Further proof they’ll be happy about NOTHING he does.

  22. I agree with you Carly. As an AA I am appalled. This joker has the nerve to try and take credit for PBO releasing his BC. My heart is heavy this morning from all of the vitriol against this President.

  23. It’s truly, truly a shameful day in America. I’m at the point where I really am not liking my country. I’m sad and on the verge of tears because the racism is so blatant and people that can or could stop some of this foolishness don’t care that they are dividing this country. They should be ashamed!!!

  24. This will be a turning point, I believe. I listened to Franklin Graham on the Lawrence O’Donnell interview and it was so painfully obvious how empty his words and hypocritical his position. It was shameful. This country has to reject this John Birch Society stuff once and for all. The President is gracefully and heroically moving us forward in our effort to form a more perfect union. Only he could do this now. Thank God we have him.

  25. This is indeed a sad and shameful day for America, the country that bills itself as the land of freedom, equality, exceptionalism, and opportunity, among other things. I’m not going to cry about this, and I’m not going to get angry about it. I will not let the republican racists have the satisfaction of knowing that any of them brought me to tears or anger. PBO can handle this, just as he’s handled all of the other mess that the GOP has thrown at him since 2009. Blacks, and some others, have always been held to a different standard than the so-called “mainstream” whites in this country. It’s just a fact of life that if you are a member of a certain group-gays, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, atheists,etc–you’re not considered to be 100% American and are often thought of as being “the other.” Please, let’s not let this get us down. There is a good reason why PBO decided to do this at this particular time. It will force the republicans to focus on the issues and it has the potential to take away one of their sources of misinformation about PBO as we enter the 2012 election cycle.

  26. I am humbled by the level of shame this hatred has rained down upon this honorable man. It is his honor that they hate so much. I hold him in my heart and prayers that no shame will wash over him.

  27. I’m in tears, too. My hands are shaking. Dear God, why have we not moved past racism in this country?

  28. I agree this is a horrible mistake by the white house…very, very, very sad indeed.

  29. I’m not heavily into social media but there is a Facebook page for the I’m In campaign, but how about a page for the “I don’t need a freakin birth certificate”? It seems as though the Facebook pages get a lot of media play when the numbers get up there.

  30. The press is not shamable. God they have a split screen with donld trump on one side and the wh press room on the other side

  31. I totally agree with you. Its becoming more and more obvious, the bigotry, the shams, the greed, the corruption. Only President Obama could have lead us through all of this, taken the slander and not returned in kind. It makes everyone on the right and the left that have wrongfully attacked him seem petty, and bitter.

  32. Trump is giving a press conference. For the first time, I agree with Tavis Smiley. Trump is “pimping the media out.”

    They are disgusting people. He is blabbing all of his nonsense and questioning his academics once again.

    Bashing China. Who thinks Trump doesn’t have any dealings with China or investors from China?

    The media needs to be investigating why Trump didn’t get drafted for the Vietnam war. He says it was because he “was lucky” and his number didn’t get called. Yeah right.

  33. Dear BWD,

    I had tears rushing to my eyes too as soon as the CNN Breaking news hit my e-mail.

    What a shame! This President has to put up with so much. Even his own identity is a matter for people to attack. No boundary. No respect. How long can decent people watch this and feel at peace with themselves???

  34. And now if this is not bad enough, CNN and MSNBC have Donald Trump live with “breaking news”. How much more horrible can this get.
    I have sent my message to the White House and I hope everyone will do the same.

  35. The President’s efforts to respect, empower and include are very powerful statements and actions.

  36. Even after PBO show this, they are not going to stop. We are dealing with some of the most ignorant, nasty, racist, hippocrits in America.

  37. But in taking this off the table it just means he’s encouraging the non-birther candidates to run which could make his re-election harder. Birthers will never vote for PBO anyways, and they scared away independents.

  38. I so agree, this is a sad and shameful day. What a bunch of idiots the media and the Repubs are. I am heartsick that our President is being subjected to this.

    I am so thankful for this community!

  39. Jackie, thank you for continually bringing this to our attention. I love going there.

  40. My president is simply brilliant. Whacked the press and the “carnival barker”. Brilliant.

  41. OMG, he went there: “carnival barkers.” Look at all of them scramble to file their “reports.” Cockroaches.

    This man is so full of class. He is schooling all of these idiots. And he’s doing it in the most effective way possible. I LOVE THIS MAN. I will fight for him and for all of us every single day.

  42. The President is speaking right now. He says we have so many serious problems and that he is amused by the “carnival barkers”, but we are not going to be distracted by this kind of stuff – we have work to do. So now the stupid talking heads will focus on the birther issue insted of the real issues they were just challenged to report upon…..geeze our media sucks.

  43. The side show is over, even if the true crazies won’t accept it. The po blackman gotta show is really an American, and all the other guys didn’t just because of the color of his skin.

  44. Oh Lord, have mercy on your People, for our hearts are heavy over this shameful news, that our President Is being mistreated. Help us Lord, to get over this mean and hurtful feelings that we are feeling right now. Lord wipe our tears, and give us strength to move forward, Smile on us Lord, we just need to hear a word from you now, In your precious name, Amen! 🙂

  45. He is brilliant, but I am hurt by all of this. This is the media’s fault. Our media is not made of of barely any “minorities,” therefore they can go to sleep at night being pimped out by people like Trump and the crazy ass birthers. What a pathetic pathetic state our media has been reduced to. We need to bombard them with emails.


  47. I think this might be a good thing. With the President showing his long form BC, the racists have nothing to hide behind. They will have to show outright racism. Oh they’ll keep shouting but they’ll learn. Now they want him to show his grades, I hope he shows the grades and I hope his grades are all A’s. The left and right loons are slowly being shown for what they really are.

  48. Good morning everyone, I too am flooded with tears of hurt, and evil doings, as I type, but I say we must stay strong. We fall down, but WE GET UP, WE FALL DOWN, but WE GET UP.

  49. I don’t believe for a minute that Obama can take the birther issue off the table, no matter what he does. Some people won’t believe a word he says.

    But he’s taking birtherism up a notch, because it’s his choice and he obviously thinks he can use the issue to his advantage now.


  51. OMG I LOVE MY PRESIDENT!!! First my POTUS gave us sanctimonious, purist, now this amazing carnival barker. He is the best, what a perfect statement and calling out the carnival barker was brilliant. I will be using this word from now on. loving the tweets for this hash tag so much. #carnivalbarker

  52. President Barack Obama to Donald Trump and all the “journalists” who enabled him: You’re fired.

  53. I just woke up and turned on my computer… the first thing I see is that red banner on MSN and I could not believe it.. I thought BS – how do I change my homepage from this site for playing into this kind of crap. Then I go to my email- where there is yahoo/AP headlines about this same ‘release of longform bc by President’ crap.

    These are the times when I hate my country and I seriously hate the media- they are the only ONLY reason that Donald Trump and the birthers have had a voice to run this shit.

  54. I saw it as a solid rebuke to the media. As far as Trump is concerned, go ahead and keep him in the spotlight. He is a raving megalomaniac and the longer he continues to spout his non-positions and ideas the more irrelevant he becomes and is a threat to the GOP. The Republican Party is having to disclaim him and they are trying to do it on all fronts, but the press is working against them too. We no longer have a professional media, but “carnival barkers” as he said. PBO was right. We have bigger issues to face and he is the only adult in the room. It is a shame that he is forced to do this, but he may have out-gamed them again.

  55. He’s doing it because, sad as it may be, the birther crap was successful. No, Dems didn’t fall for it, but look at the polling among Republicans. Also, I don’t blame just the media in this. This is a culmination of Dems in Congress and those that love the media absolutely failing to push back on this and numerous other instances of race-baiting that the media has been happy to perpetuate. While this type of poison was being spread, so-called allies were running to media every chance they could whining about the latest way they’d been failed and betrayed by the administration.

    And truth be told, I expect them to continue acting like this. I don’t think it’s a watershed moment at all, it will be business as usual for everyone involved while the President continues trying to hold everything together.

  56. I’m really just deflated over this. Why would he do this? Why would he decide to step and fetch for these assholes?

  57. As I said above, the polling among Republicans shows that this issue won’t die at all.

  58. I have to say, I’m not bothered by any of this. I find the issue stupid and Trump an opportunist playing on the racism of some wing nuts. Interestingly, Fox News just described the presidents performance as a masterstroke right out of The Westwing.

  59. As a white American woman, I agree. It breaks my heart that our amazing president has had to endure this nonsense. I have so much faith in him, that I believe he is always doing what he needs to do to move the country forward. He does not deserve this disloyalty. He has done his job better than any president I can recall in my lifetime.

    Let’s just get him re-elected. Because we are still going to need him when this term is over.


  60. RACISM, blind hatred and greed could be the undoing of this great country, because those who claim to be of ‘high moral’ values(publicans and some dems)also, do not truly live a high moral life. Thank God for the new generation of college age and grads, who sees life in a more pragmatic way.
    It is shameful that so many can be led astray so easily, by so few. The blindness of ‘racism’, coupled with the desire to express hatred under the umbrella of ‘free speech’ is unbelieveable. Outside of the US people are looking at us and shaking their heads.

  61. Did you watch his news conference. The president was brilliant. He blasted the media and trump, even Fox News described it as masterful. He was charming, laughing and having a good time with this issue. He took their issue and crafted into a win for himself.

  62. Finally, someone who sees the real agenda of the “Part of Opposition”. All they care about maintaining the wealth at the top 5% of the nation, and keeping their Campaign donors’coffers full at the expense of the 95%. Remember this when to go to the polls and express your opinion there!

  63. The man is pure genius. He proves it just about every single day. The way he spoke about this – with humor, intelligence, confidence and perspective – just really put all those idiots to shame. He does not come to play games. Never ever underestimate President Obama.

  64. I just listened to a discussion on MSNBC by 3 journalists. It was actually a reasonable discussion. Called out the Repubs and wondering if any of the potential candidates will come out and say lets move on to the serious subjects. But they said that the base probably won’t let them.

    I loved the President’s statement. Carnival Barker is a good thing to call these guys.

  65. It is indeed a shameful day for our country, when idiots like Trump, Limbaugh and Buchannan, can be allowed to lie and spew racial hatred and no one in the media is really calling them out on it. I’m mad and we need to do somehting about it. Boycott, demonstrate…..A bunch of young people in Egypt overturned a government, for Gor’s sake, We can hit these idiots where it hurts. I for one have boycotted the Apprentice or any TV show that features Donals Trump! I mainly blame the media, though because they are a bunch of woosies and corporate coddlers! What laws do we have in a democracy when corporations when corporations can own TV network, and Fox is allowed to call teir programs “NEWS”… We live is sad times… President Obama, We’re with you all the way… Honestly, you are the only adult in the room!

  66. I feel very sad and depressed about this. While I trust President Obama’s instinct about this, I am just so sad that it came to this. My heart is heavy with tears.

  67. PBO’s words

    On Wednesday, Mr Obama described the unprecedented move as an effort to rid the US political debate of a distraction, saying he had watched, puzzled and bemused, as the birther conspiracy had built and developed over the past years.

    “We do not have time for this kind of silliness,” Mr Obama said. “We have better stuff to do. I have better stuff to do. We have problems we have to solve but we’re going to have to focus on them, not on this.”


    What a pathetic level of gutter politics. The underbelly of america is truly disgusting.

  68. I think you are right! President Obama thinks everything through. When people are complaining about his not making enough progress, he just stays calm and steady and pushes through because he always has a strategy. And in the end, when he wins, it’s clear that he was a dozen steps ahead of everyone else.

    You gotta love him. He just stays the course. His loyalty is to our country even when some of our country’s citizens are not loyal to him at all.

    He’s amazing. And he deserves better from this nation’s citizens.

  69. OOoops forgot to put a space between loved and when and I meant to place a quote in front of carnival. 🙂

  70. I just told Chuckles Todd off on Twitter: he had the nerve to say “what a sad day in american history” I said don’t you DARE act like you had nothing to do with this! You’re the sad one.

  71. Exactly. None from his own side pushed back strongly as far as I know. The frigging boneless wonders called dems.

  72. LMAO!!!!!

    No need to cry. Let’s buck up. It is what it is, and Chump, et al, are going to suffer what they have done. Everything Chump tries to touch is going to turn to shit, believe that. Even moreso than it has already.

    Time to MOOOOOVE ON!

  73. Exactly. Now all the very same press that dabbled in this garbage for years is trying to pretend that they were all above it.

    Jay Carney has has press briefing questions the last two days on this and replied in exasperation.

    Trump is all over the news, and was on it today for crying out loud on CNN and MSNBC – so for Todd or anybody else to pretend they’re above this is ludicrous.

  74. (((janice)))) and hugs to all those who had to awake to the circus that is america. We all know how racist american has been and continue to be. It’s as though once PBO was elected there was a red light for MSM to be as racist as the people they cover calling it “news”. I am making a vow and I hope everyone joins me to write each and every so-called news personality and call them out, write the news ceos and call them out. Please join me in no longer watching these shows and write their sponsors. This has got to stop NOW!

  75. Please try to cheer up, Betsy. We’ve gone through so much in supporting this president since 2009, and imo, it’s been worth it. We cannot allow ourselves to become depressed and discouraged. This is exactly what the PL, frustrai, firebaggers, teabaggers, and GOP want!
    Hugs for you! (((((((Betsy)))))))

    We will triumph in the end. I pray everyday for PBO and our country.

  76. He did it now because of concern that it may spread from wing nuts to independents and has he noted CNN asked Jay Carney about it in the briefing room. He ended it with humor, a wink and a smile while calling out the media and calling trump a “carnival barker”. He was simply brilliant in his response.

  77. After watching the president, it’s clear to me now.

    What choice did he have, really? The opposition is relentless, they will never quit, and Trump gave them a new job. How did HE get into Columbia and Harvard?????????

    It will never, never end. They want the black guy OUT.

  78. Where were these “journalists” for the last two years? I love it now every journalist is claiming to be above this issue and that they or their paper/network never dabbled in birtherism for the ratings.

  79. A twitter hashtag A Sad Day In America. I donh’t know how to put twitter hashtag if anyone knows. please we must get out the ignorance of this.

  80. And I bet Fox is pretending they never pushed the birther garbage. You’ll have Beck and Hannity and O’Reilly and the Fox and Friends all pretending that it was never their issue.

  81. What you witnessed from Todd is typical behavior for those who throw dirty, and when it blows back in their faces, try to pretend they had nothing to do with digging the ditch or wiwth wielding the shovel. I’m glad you made your feelings known to him because he has been playing these stupid little games with the president ever since he was sworn in.

  82. Meta,
    Exactly, he handled this with such aplomb. I hope BWD puts the video up because the president was simply masterful. Once again he responds to racism with his usual self confidence, maturation and a bit of humor.

  83. BWD, please don’t cry too much. PBO has this under total control. He’s suffered from this kind of abuse since he was a little kid and look how tall and strong and powerful and undaunted he is today. He’s tempered like steel. He just brushes off the abuse and keeps moving forward. I’m glad they’ve published the entire document for all the haters to see. They’ll still deny it’s existence, but it makes their stance that much more pathetic and ridiculous. It was all they had to run with and now it’s gone. They’ll surely deny it’s real, because all they have is their weak tea FANTASY. I feel sorry for the chumps. They are so obviously racist and stupid and easily used by the corporate overlords. Such pathetic CHUMPS.

    I’m so glad you born, President Obama! The world sure did get lucky on that wonderful day! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you’ve done and all you’re still doing for all of us!

    OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!

  84. There are so many shameful occurrences in this country these days that it is difficult to keep track of them. However, I still believe they are confined to the minority and that reason will eventually prevail. But you are right, Maria May, the media has a great deal of responsibility in disseminating lies and distortions, though this would end if the people would collectively grow a brain and stop watching and listening to the worse offenders.

  85. It is pathetic that it came to this, but PBO was able to remove the argument for some of the repubs who tried to have it both ways. Those members of congress who kept yelling “Why won’t he show his birth certificate?” the never out and out said he was born in Kenya like the true birthers do, but they fed into that suspicion. They’re a bunch of weasels. Now those losers will have to decide how far they want to go.

    Really, what he did was say, “Here. This is the end of it, right? Right? This is exactly what you wanted, right?”

    Now, let’s see if Indiana and those other racist legislatures pass their bills that will make everybody else do this.

  86. For those who think the President should not have done this because it is capitulating to Donald Chump, we have to remember that 45% of Republicans believe President Obama was born in another country. The President has to govern these people who don’t believe he was born in their country. I suppose he feels the need to reach out to the reasonable ones among them and stop this virus, because that number is higher than when he took office.

    When you have religious leaders like Billy Graham’s son and once-respectable journalists like Christiane Amanpour giving credibility to this nonsense, somebody has to step in and say, enough.

    The U.S. no longer has a fairness doctrine, which required broadcast licensees to provide both sides of controversial public issues. So since broadcasters and the press won’t police themselves; since they’d rather talk nostalgically about great journalists like Edward R. Murrow Walter Cronkite, rather than emulate them, the President has to step in and remind them about why they were granted their licenses in the first place: to serve the public good.

  87. Neither of the party has a majority and need indies to win. This move will only resolve party hard cores to vote for their party and hopefully the indies and moderate repubs will be turned off by the treatment of PBO by the rethugs and either abstain or vote against them.

  88. Yeah, that one is really pissing me off. Because, of course, it starts down that path of . . . well, the kind of garbage Limbaugh and those other jerks have been saying for years about any African American who gets a good education.

  89. Absolutely, ladyjazz. Turn off anyone who peddles this crap and let them know you are turning them off and let their sponsors know too.

  90. Yes, Rina, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Democratic Party behave in such a nonsupportive way in regard to a Democratic President before. Most of them stood by Bill Clinton during the impeachment scam (not Lierberman, but he’s not really a Democrat).

  91. President Obama was perfect in his remarks, shaming the carnival barker and the media for devoting all their air time to this “silliness” instead of all the critical issues which are on the table right now. I think as much as he hated to have to do it, he felt it was necessary. Not that it will stop the looniest of the loonies who will keep making baseless charges against him, but it will give the media ammunition to squelch and ridicule any further talk on this. I think it will help the media to frame anything further coming out of Trump’s mouth as buffoonery. And according to CNN, it was despicable rt. wing nut and conspiracy theorist, Jerome Corsi, of swiftboating Kerry fame, who was Trump’s big source and who is releasing an ill-timed book soon, titled, “Where is the Birth Certificate?” And as noted already in the reporting on this, it again makes President Obama appear to be “the only adult in the room”, a political plus. And the Repubs are scrambling to cover their ugly tracks on this, lying again about it. Boehner said he already considered this issue settled, and Gregory said no he didn’t—-he had the opportunity on MTP to shut it down and Boehner instead said people can think whatever they want. And RNC head Priebus said—yes, we need to move on to more important issues and then blamed Obama for the birther controversy. It’s making them all look like ridiculous liars and Obama as the only sane, honest one in the room. I think it is a sad state of affairs, but it was necessary and will help to put this stupid racist-based attack to bed once and for all, not for the nutballs but for the “vast majority of the American people”, the ones with working brain cells.

  92. you have to watch the news conference. please watch it. It really shows he deserves the title of “The Only Adult In The Room”

  93. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. President Obama is my hero.

  94. I love the way he let the press have it for their silly obsession with the birthers. If they are capable of feeling shame, which is doubtful in some cases, they should have been cringing in their seats during that press conference. I think the majority of people who heard what the President had to say will agree with him that the focus on his birth certificate has been silliness and a harmful distraction from the necessary work that needs to be done.

    I see this as a way to put the whole issue to bed in the mainstream media once and for all. Any press outlet that continues to cover this issue now looks like complete and total idiots who are trying to distract and mislead the public. Let the birthers go back to being ignored no matter how “prominent” they may be (ahem, Trump) and let’s see the press step up and act like adults for a little while.

  95. YES! Let us continue to keep our president prayed up! Frankly, I wish the WH had waited a little longer until Chump (lol) had gotten way way out there. But it is what it is. And it is a sorrowful day. Worse was seeing Franklin Graham dance on hot coals under Lawrence O’Donnell’s questioning about who is a Christian. Shameful!

  96. Stevan, I haven’t liked my country since I can remember, but let us look on the up side. The fact that President Obama was actually elected is a great step forward, and though it has brought all the loonies out of the woodwork to babble on the moors, they will not prevail. They have always been with us but now they are outfront where we can see them, and that is a beginning even if it is disturbing.

  97. If its any consolation, I just read yesterday an article by a local conservative pundit that puts things in perspective, the gist of his article is that the people who believe this birther nonsense are clearly idiots (unfortunately idiots capable fo voting.

    I particularly like this common sense comment:

    In that regard, let us assume, as many birthers do, that Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama Sr. showed up at Honolulu Airport in early 1961 to catch a flight to Kenya. “Oops, you just missed the nonstop,” says the ticket agent. “Don’t worry though. Another will be leaving in an hour.”

    To a certain type of mind, that might make sense. Thanks to the magic of the internet, though, you can pull up BOAC schedules from back then. British Overseas Airways Corp., now British Airways, did indeed offer service from Hawaii to Kenya, which was a British colony at the time. But the itinerary would have gone something like this: Honolulu-San Francisco-New York-London-Frankfurt-Rome-Tripoli-Benghazi-Nairobi — with multihour stopovers all along the way. The voyage would have taken several days.

    As for the price, it would have been about half the cost of a house back then — and all for the privilege of giving birth in a Third World hospital under primitive conditions.


  98. These ideas are changing, majii, and the old breed of racists, xenophobes, homophobes, and fundamentalists of all stripes are dying off (I know, so very slowly). The world IS moving on and we must do everything we can to encourage it to do so in a loving manner.

  99. No, lisa, it is NOT a horrible mistake. It is the right thing to do now. Let the loonies move on to forgery. The more they reveal themselves, the less followers they will amass. Most of the younger generations want no part of this and they are our future, not the big white Republicans with angry red faces.

  100. Na, let’s stand up and be strong. Enough with us allowing these idiots to affect us. We will beat them just like we did last time. There is nothing worse than Palins “palling around with terroist” quip. We have known for awhile that we are dealing with the worst that America has to offer, let’s just continue to whip that ass!!!!

  101. A reporter gets Obama, and loves it

    Just after Justin Farmer interviewed President Obama, the butterflies were still jumping.

    That’s no exaggeration — it’s precisely what the Atlanta reporter wrote in an “Inside the White House” first-person account of his seven-minute Q&A with Obama on Tuesday.

    “Yes, the butterflies are still jumping. It was an honor, a thrill and a humbling experience,” recalled Farmer, one of four reporters from around the country chosen to interview Obama about the deficit. “Today, and perhaps never again, I am a guest in the home of the single most powerful and influential human on this planet.”

    Farmer also boasted that while Obama is shifting into reelection mode, he was “carefully chosen by the administration, along with a few others, to take his talking points back to Atlanta.”

    Here’s some more of what Farmer wrote about Obama:

    — “I admit as he was answering one of my questions, I did look carefully at his face. (Our chairs were oddly placed almost uncomfortably close.) I pondered the responsibility, the challenges this one man bears.”

    — “I love that the president serves his people. Naturally, there is some required formality as a head of state, but our forefathers brilliantly wrote the Constitution to demand that our president, grand in stature and notoriety, merely be here at his/her core, to serve the American people.”

    — “It is the President’s job to preserve and protect a nation of laws that affords all of us a fair shot in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Being in the building that houses the man required to carry out that grand task was a thrill.”

    — “Secondly, I took in the man himself, this man, President Barack Obama. Regardless of one’s political leanings, there’s no doubt this is a gifted and complex man. Think about what he ponders in any given day?”

    Suffice to say that Farmer’s experience was a world away from that of Brad Watson, a Texas reporter who was chided by Obama last week after a prickly interview.

  102. I am disgusted as well. But the shame is not ours it is theirs…The President brushed them off like the vermin they are. We need to strength and hope from his guidance. We are in a battle for the heart and soul of this country, lets not transform our disgust and sadness into action.

  103. oops lets transform our disgust and sadness into action. sorry trying to hurry

  104. What we need to do in addition to that is BOYCOTT.

    Time to BOYCOTT the media outlets. Emailing, tweeting them, watching them and then coming back here with “I’m so upset at what so-and-so said…” — none of that makes a difference. They don’t care as long as you’re watching.


    I posted this over at The Obama Diary, and I’ll repost here:

    By the way — if you’re sitting in front of the t.v., glued to CNN, FOX, MSNBC, for hours on end, watching Chris Matthews, Pat Buchanan, Bill O’Reilly, Christiane Amanpour, hell, ANY of them — you are helping all the lies and propaganda spread because your watching eyeballs are paying for them to do what they do. If you’re clicking on HuffPo, Politico, Salon, etc. — you are paying for the spread of information and attacks against your President. They are getting paid every time you click. Time to starve the beast.

    It’s done, and it is what it is. No time to handwring and break down. MOVE ON.

  105. sheri, I, too, sometimes hate this country, but I think it is important to channel this into concentrating on what is good and positive here. The President was elected by a reasonable majority and probably will be so again. He has brought out into the open all the negative people on both sides and now they are no longer hidden from us. We see what they are about and exactly with what we have to contend. This is a move toward health.

  106. Yes. Apparently the latest poll showed only 38% of Americans believed PBO was born in US, with 15% uncertain. What that means is the Trump’s drumbeat over the past month had actually gotten penetration into the electorate.

    What is funny to me are two things. First, who in their right mind would have allowed their pregnant 18 y.o. daughter fly to Kenya in the 1960’s? Second, didn’t Trump’s birth certificate have exactly the same format as Obama’s.

    WE need to work harder than we did in 2008, y’all! I’m In!

  107. It breaks my heart that this fine man had to prove to this country that he is an American!

    If you all are on twitter or facebook or other blogs please call the media out for the roll they played in this.

    They pranced that carnival barker around from show to show for two weeks and now they think its a sad day. The first day they gave that clown a voice was a sad day.

    Here are some media addresses. Please give them a piece of your mind.


  108. You are absolutely correct. Since this great man took the oath of office this racist crap has been out there constantly. Not once have I seen any member of congress out there defending the President. You would think the cbc would have been all over this, but they just piled on with their own trashing. And what about the “progressive caucus”, why haven’t they took a stand against this racism. I’m just sick about this.

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  110. This birth-certificate matter will back-fire on the despicable Donald… and in the long run will benefit our awesome President.
    Trump is (& always was)a large piece of turd!!

  111. I’m right there with you Junkessa.. I have been boycotting since the primaries of 2007. Not kidding. I haven’t even turned on my teevee in two years. I wouldn’t buy cable for anything. I get my news, in fact I’m probably more aware of whats going on in this country because of sites like this than most folks watching tv. I refuse REFUSE to give these ‘journalists’ or talking heads one second of my life. I really hope others will turn them all off- and write to them- heres a simple suggestion: send emails to all the national networks and just write this: YOU ARE FIRED, lol.. I think they’ll get the message 😉

  112. Recovery.gov Moves to Cloud Computing Infrastructure
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    • Freeing up resources. The Board’s staff will be able to focus more intently on its core mission of delivering
    rich content for Recovery.gov users without worrying about managing the website’s underlying data center and related computer equipment.
    • Enhanced Recovery.gov security. The improved computer security includes, but is not limited to, greater protection against network attacks and real time detection of system tampering. In essence, Amazon’s computer security platform has been added to the Board’s own security system, which the Board’s staff will continue to maintain and operate.
    • Improved accountability mission. The Board will have the opportunity to redirect more than $1 million
    in computer hardware and software to its sophisticated oversight operations, a move that will help identify fraud, waste and abuse in the Recovery program.
    “Cloud computing strikes me as a perfect tool to help achieve greater transparency and accountability,’’ said Earl E. Devaney, the Board’s Chairman. “Moving to the cloud allows us to provide better service at lower costs. I hope this development will inspire other government entities to accelerate their own efforts. The American taxpayers would be the winners.’’


    It worked!

  113. CHRYSLER BAILOUT PRAISED – From FT editorial: “The latest news from the car industry shows that state intervention can be successful … Fiat, the Italian carmaker that invested in Chrysler on the latter’s exit from bankruptcy, has said it will exercise an option to raise its stake in the US auto manufacturer from its current 30 per cent to 46 per cent. As a condition for the deal, Chrysler will repay a $7bn-loan it received from the US and Canadian governments during the financial crisis. This is a good deal, both for US taxpayers and for the car makers.” http://on.ft.com/g3F84k

  114. Totally. I am just so angry I can’t even think straight. But it’s just another day in the life of being Black in America, even the President of the United States is not immune.

  115. You’re right, PoliticalJunkessa, but we must follow up and let them know WHY we are not watching and let the sponsors know we have topped watching. But, would I be collaborating too much by still watching Rachel Maddow?

  116. I’m not having a bad morning. Neither is the President. :-).

    Keep the good news coming…

    —PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!

  117. Also, in light of the bills that Republicans are introducing in their states to force candidates to produce their long form birth certificates to get on the ballot, it seems a good move. Let the rest of the candidates struggle to release their long form birth certificates.

  118. I don’t want to get overly dramatic about this, because the President wouldn’t. And it doesn’t matter what race any of us are, I know. But as a white American woman, I am sick to death of this bigotry and the double standards that have hit our President at every turn. Sick. Of. It.

    Hopefully, his addressing the birth certificate one more time will bring whole scores of Americans over the invisible line, at last, so more will – finally – judge President Obama on the content of his character going forward. That is my hope, and I’ll continue to send good thoughts to our First Family every day.

  119. What a cowardly little POS.

    The fourth estate in US is truly fifth columnists. The earlier the american realize this and hold them accountable, the better they will be.

  120. I didn’t watch the presser/statement so I appreciate the comments. I have to admit, when I first heard this was going to happen on my way to work this morning, my first reaction was WTF? Why would he give in to the ridiculous demands when the birth certificate (although not the long form) has already been out there/

    It isn’t going to really change anybody’s beliefs on the issue, as those who think he was born in Kenya or the moon will still believe all of that. So what is the purose of all this?

    Well, reading the comments, I have come to the conclusion that this was a brilliant manuever. First of all, just like in the budget/deficit debate, he waited until the moment was ripe. He let Trump and all the other idiots dig their own graves.

    Secondly, he has nicely and with humor chastised the media. And they do know that. The question is how they will respond. If they continue pushing the inane stories, then they will lose credibility. If they atctually start reporting on what the issues are in a semi-sane (full sanity is impossible with those people) then the President wins.

    Thirdly, the RW base is still going to push on the birther issue so the potential Republican candidates are really between a rock and a hard place. If they totally dismiss the idea that the President was not born in the US, they lose a lot of the base. And that base is still essential. However, if the give it at least a little credence, they lose the moderates and independents.

    If we look back over the last few years, really from the moment of Obama’s 2004 convention speech, we will see a lot of points in time that could be considered watershed moments. None of them produced dramatic changes, but all of them helped push this country forward a little bit.

    I think today will be another one of those.

  121. Amen Lulu!

    Viva Obama. 2012 and beyond.

    —PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  122. As you know by now, Saint Roscoe, that’s preCISEly what he did.

    You did catch how he slammed NBC’s “politics correspondent”, Chuck Todd, before he even began.

    Our msm is NOT serious and it is debatable whether after PBO TOLD them how ashamed they SHOULD be, if that will occur.

  123. The President is off to tape Oprah show and then onto three fundraisers, where you know he will discuss this in a light fashion.

  124. Very sad, indeed. However, I just watched video of the President’s statement, and as usual, he came out looking like the only adult in the room.

  125. b/c, as usual, the MSM was beginning to BUY into this trump nonsense. They just will not let it go! Amazing, how they just play things in loops.
    Meanwhile, Ryan gets off the MSM radar. HMMMM!

  126. Your welcome Sheila. I understand why people are upset but the president handled it so well that he made it one of those moments that reminds you why you are proud to have voted for him.

  127. Yes, I just saw pics of he, Michelle and Mama Robinson getting on a plan to Chicago. All three looking just smashing.

    The good thing is that now, when he goes on Oprah, the issue is settled before the interview and people can see him looking good and confident after the fact.

    Not bad timing :-).

    —PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  128. “I am speaking to the vast majority of americans”

    Go Mr President. A classy response.

  129. Agreed Dotster,
    I’ve noticed the media immediately picking up on the presidents characterization of trump and using it (i.e., clown/carnival barker).

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    Right; I know a soul can’t actually be seen, so we’ll need to run some scientific tests to ascertain whether you do in fact have a soul sir.

    First, do you have you an ounce of human decency?….No,
    A shred of honesty or compassion?…No,
    a drop of moral virtue, No, an iota of dignity or modesty? No, No.

    Sir, have you no shame at all? No.

    Trump, You’re Fired.

  132. If this kills further media interest in this sick issue, I would be happy and as you say, the birthers will be once again relegated to the slimy sewers they crawled from.

  133. I’m with you, smartdemmng. I’m not bothered either. He continues to rise to the top :-).

    —PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!

  134. Here’s a comment that makes sense from the Site That Shall Not Be Named:

    “I have an entirely different theory.

    In Colorado, we just had a bill introduced, similar to Arizona’s, regarding “proof” of being an American citizen, in order to be allowed to hold office. I think Obama is getting out ahead of this issue as it is now showing up in multiple states. It only takes ONE state to keep a candidate off the ballot in 2012 to change the balance of power and turn our entire electoral system into an absolute disaster.

    I believe this is about shutting down the latest birther avenue being designed to keep him off the ballot.

    Smart, smart move, in my opinion.”

    So releasing this now was a threefer: 1) This gave the President a chance to chastise the media, in front of the media and the nation 2) it exposes, more profoundly than his combover does, how much of a fraud Donald Chump is and 3) it’s electoral strategy. If President Obama doesn’t appear on a state ballot, that affects down ticket contests.

    It will be interesting to see if one of these state measures backfires. Suppose a GOP candidate or tea partier, for whatever reason, is not able to produce their long form birth certificate.

    My guess is, that if John McCain plans to run again, that would explain why Gov. Brewer may have been persuaded to kill the AZ birther bill.

  135. Several thoughts

    This is painful.

    Subtext of birtherism: PBO’s mother’ character

    Impact of birther madness: the disappearing (verb) of all of the President’s family (midwestern whites, Asian Americans, etc)

    This morning was both an immigrant and race “moment”

    DK is now the site where the radical right and left meet and share race baiting tripe…which may account for its radical reduction in traffic. Why go to dk when there’s Red State and fox.

    This is a sad moment we will get past.


  136. I say telling them the WHY is great, as long as we turn them OFF.

    All our handwringing, listening because “we need to know what they’re saying,” emailing, calling, venting…all that does nothing. They don’t care!

    Boycotts are the most effective tool. Look what Color of Change was able to do to Glen Beck’s show. If you starve the beast, they will change their ways. Or perhaps they won’t, but at least they won’t be making money off of us.

    If people could walk everywhere for a YEAR during the Montgomery bus boycott, I can damn sure turn these asshole carnival barkers off!

    —PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  137. Correction:

    UGLY subtext of birther talk (no “ism” which elevates it to a coherent set of ideas): the President’s mother’s “character.”

  138. Exactly japa. As usual the President wins. Yes, they got him to speak about the issue one more time but he did it his way and not theirs and he shamed the press in the eyes of the public at the same time. They can continue covering the birthers but it is at risk of their own credibility. The true birthers will continue to insist he wasn’t born here but they don’t matter to the majority of the people here. The President comes out once more looking like the only adult in the room and the press looks like pandering fools who let this issue come to a ridiculous extreme just because a reality tv star led them on. His opening remarks about how they wouldn’t have broken away to cover what he say about any of the truly important issues but rushed to cover the birther issue was very, very true and sure to strike a chord with millions of people.

  139. I like that: “You are FIRED!” That is a winning message :-).

    —PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

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    President Obama Comments
    Obama said, “We are in a lot of conversations with the major oil producers like Saudi Arabia to let them know that it’s not going to be good for them if our economy is hobbled because of high oil prices.”

    Letter to Congress
    In a letter to congressional leaders , President Obama urged them to take steps to repeal oil industry tax breaks.



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  142. I just arrived to my office and I’m so fricking mad I can’t even contain myself! That this President is forced to call a press conference to respond to his birth place issue is downright ridiculous. Watching the President on TV this morning broke my heart and I could’ve done anything to erase the pain I could see on his face. Then I made the mistake of watching Chuck Todd go on camera saying things like the President’s calling a press conference is like watching reality TV and that the President is telling people to talk about important issues like the budget and Medicare and yet the President is on his way to Chicago to tape Oprah. According to Chuck Todd the President is also not serious. I can’t believe the silliness of the media, even the so called liberal media are a waste of time and a big joke. Chris Mathews spends a whole week talking about Donald Trump and the birther issue pretending that he is on the President’s side but we all know that is not really the truth. He is merely perpetuating the myth and prolonging the conversation on the birther issue for ratings. Same goes for Anderson Cooper, devoting two whole days talking to Donald Trump on this non-issue and all the other anchors who felt a need to ask questions regarding this issue. By having the main stream media devoting so much time to this shit is actually making it sound like a legitimate issue when we all know it is not. Shame on you Anderson Cooper and Shame on you Chris Mathews! With friends like these who needs enemies. They should’ve left the birther issue to the fringe right and hate radio where it belongs instead of bringing it main stream. People like Donald Trump are jealous because with all their wealth and privilege status, they will never be President of the United States of America whereas a black skinny kid with long ears and a funny name IS the President of the United States.

  143. There is the other side of your argument. If we don’t watch to counter what is being propagandized to the viewers we will not be able to counter the lies. Remember the campaign stop the smears with fact checks? If we put our heads in the sand how can we keep on top of countering the lies? Lies are hard to stop and grow but need to be stopped. We have an election to win.

  144. I’ve been boycotting without even meaning to boycott. I haven’t watched U.S. mainstream news in years. I hardly ever watch network entertainment programs. They’re making very very little money off of me. Most everything on television is crap.

    I can’t even begin to express how furious I am that this man had to show his “long form” birth certificate. Where in the Constitution does it say that you have to be born in the US to be President? You don’t. You have to be a “natural born” U.S. citizen. That means that one of your parents was a citizen. That’s it. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, yet no one questioned his right to run and hold office. It’s disgusting. It’s racism, purely and simply. If it wasn’t clear to people before, it should be now.

    And now that vile man Trump is taking credit for PBO releasing his certificate — but he’s still saying that it needs to be “examined”. What a disgusting, vile, reprobate human being. I thought that once I had moved away from NYC I’d be done with him. Now he’s everywhere. I’m heartsick at the moment.

  145. Hopefully this will lead to some introspection on the part of the US media, the whole sensationalist and shameful affair.

    President Obama was raised to rise above, and I suggest that we follow his example in this instance. The GOP is in tatters with this birther base, the media is shown as petty and willing to cover *any* garbage, so long as it’s sensational. I’m riding with POTUS on this one and will hold my breath in terms of media people looking in the mirror and asking about the quality of media reportage we as Americans are receiving.

  146. I am crying and I am hurt, but I trust my President. He is the most remarkable President that I have see in my lifetime. He cares about a person’s life. This is an honest and caring man. Let us lift him up in prayer more than ever today.

  147. And as a white person, I’ve been thinking of Canada since Jeb Bush was elected governor of my former state! I’m with you!

    At least I got out of Florida and am now in the midwest – half way there!

  148. Racism is so deep seated in this country as it seems to have a strong (if unstated and perhaps even unrecognized) hold on some of the left and quite a chunk of the Dem establishment (who can forget how the Clintons campaigned against Barack Obama in 2008???). I continue to be shocked as to how easily Dem House members bash President Obama (as they did over the tax compromise) when they themselves have been piss poor about standing up for much of anything for, well, decades.

  149. Great analysis. We need critical thinking above emotionalism, though I too was pissed. But after hearing PBO speak, he assured me it was the expedient thing to do.

  150. The birther nonsense just proves that this nation still has a portion that is proud to be ignorant.

    Honestly, Mr. Obama could have been born on Mars and most Americans wouldn’t care. The birther nonsense is so silly, even many prominent Republicans aren’t buying into it, one of them being Mittens.

    Mitt is a hypocrite of the highest order, but even HE accepts that Mr. Obama was born here in America.

    And IF the birther nonsense was legit, then how come Hillary and McCain/Palin didn’t use it against Mr. Obama back in 2008? We all recall how Hillary and McCain/Palin brought up Wright/Ayers/ACORN against Mr. Obama, but not his birth certificate.

    Let these birthers run on their birther conspiracy theories. It’s telling how they ignore the birth certificates of the 43 presidents before Mr. Obama. I’ve never seen George Washington’s or Thomas Jefferson’s birth certificates, so does that mean they weren’t born on American soil and thus weren’t American citizens?

  151. A little bit of recent history. Laurent Gbagbo’s main complaint against Alassane Ouattara was that one of his parents came from a neighboring country, thus he wasn’t a “full-blooded Ivorian”, and thus not able to legitimately run for president of Ivory Coast. With PBO having to release his birth certificate, we’ve descended to the politics of a Third World nation that has just gone through a civil war. Be proud, America, be proud.

  152. Lorraine – Thank you (and all of the others) for the comments. I’m calming down and back in business, supporting the President and looking forward.

  153. The fact that several reporters and heads of organizations were shown the original birth certificate during the campaign should have ended the controversy at that point. Where were they when the questions kept coming up in the press?
    Trump moved on to belittling PBO’s education and trying to move it to a question of affirmative action. That is what Pat Buchannon was talking on Chris Matthews’ about. In some ways it just points out the stupidity of Trump and Buchanon. However, our President is right the actual facts of the Ryan budget are ignored when the press concentrates on spreading rumors. They have become the Enquirer instead of a legitimate news source.

  154. Chip..I agree “Trump show us your soul”. It would be a very empty, vile image.
    That being said..this is a sad day for America, when our President must do what no other American president has had to do. Now he must “prove” to these idiots that he was not a “terrible student”? Show us your grades! Have we seen G.W. Bushes grades? Trumps? Why must this President prove himself in ways no other elected official has? We all know the answer, yet the media lets the crazies go on and on. They have no shame. I am an American too but I feel so ashamed of what we have become.

  155. … because the important issues were being ignored. The press was not telling people what the Ryan budget would do to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security or that it actually increased the deficit and handed lots more money back to those who didn’t need it while taking away from the middle class and poor.

  156. I understand what you’re saying, but very, very, very little action follows people viewing these shows for hours on end. They simply watch the shows, get demoralized, and vent. Then repeat the same thing the next day. It’s an addiction.

    Plus, how many people need to watch the same nonsense (again, putting money in their pockets) in order to organize an effective response? Surely not many!

    All these corporate media whores care about is numbers, which = $$$$. You could be a mad viewer, a sad viewer, a depressed viewer — you could email and tweet them forever. They don’t give one little damn as long as your eyeballs are on the set. Have they changed their reporting in all this time? NO!

    I knew all about the birther nonsense without once watching CNN, FOX, MSNBC, or clicking on HuffPo or Politico. I choose how I get my info. I don’t sit at the filthy trough of cable news and swallow what they’re selling.

    Look how effective the Color Of Change boycott of Glenn Beck was. Look how effective the Montgomery Bus Boycott was. In a fraction of the time spent protesting, marching, writing, calling, etc. — change happened by hitting them in the pockets.

    We need to be stronger, smarter, and wiser. Just my strong opinion.

    —PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  157. Morning All

    When I watched the video, I saw the President making lemonade out of the lemons Repubs have hurled at him. He was able to make points about the economy, jobs, gas prices, budget. He talked about treating each other civily and not villifying opponents. To me he looked mature and the press and the repubs looked childish and incompetent.

    It seems like he played the hand he was dealt in a way that showed his maturity, intelligence and concern for the American people.

    I was not as distraught as many here. To me it was just another in a series of shrewd moves he makes constantly. He is always turning the tables on opponents and taking the high road which ultimately allows us to win (us being average folks).

    Whenver I get discouraged and wonder if it is worth it to blog, or picket Bank of America, or attend a meeting of Democrats, I say to myself.

    “I will quit when the President quits. If he can get up every morning and be hopeful about the future – so can I.”

  158. Just say to Chuck that the’re losing listeners. Lots of them. It’s the only language they understand unfortunately.

  159. Let’s remember that until NOW PBO could not get a copy of the long form to release. IMHO republicans made a political calculation that they could ride birtherism, because they knew that by law in Hawaii the long form is not released. They also knew that as long as there was a Republican governor a copy of the original birth certificate would never be released. Well that changed in January and Governor Abecrombe – a democrat and a BFF of Barack Sr. – promised to find a way to release the long form. It took four months to figure a legal path to the form’s release.

    Chuck Todd. What a horse’s ass.

  160. I’m with you LL. I don’t remember the last time I watched cable or network news on t.v. Probably some time during the 2008 primaries.

    Buck up, we’ll be okay. We made it through Rev. Wright, we’ll make it through this :-).

    Chump has dug his own grave. His reputation is shot. What he planned for someone else will backfire on him.

    —PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  161. thanks for the list Donna.. I’ve been boycotting them for three years.. but I’m happy to write them and tell them what I really believe about them all.

  162. I have been reading some analysis on this move by commentators I respect who seem to think this is classic PBO. He is using this opportunity with Trump to get out ahead of these states who are passing birther bills. He wants to make sure he is on every ballot even in red states as this affects turnout and will help Democrats down the line.
    Trump is the least of his worries they say.

  163. gn…I wouldn’t hold my breath with the media somehow seeing how they were/are part of this craziness. They fed it, and keep on feeding it. This monster continues its destructive path. Trump get more and more air time ..WTF! They love it.

  164. I am ashamed of my country this morning–ashamed of all the racist, greedy, immoral institutions that have been allowed to grow and “prosper” here by their media handmaidens and ashamed of huge swathes of ignorant Americans who have allowed their minds to fester with bigotry and hate.

    Our president will rise above this because he is a good and decent man who has a deep sense of his own self worth, a loving family, a huge support system and because he knows in this heart that so many millions of us love him.

    All the rest of us have been tainted by this ugliness because the dark underside of our country has been exposed in such a disgusting and repellent way that the hatemongers and buffoons have been exposed for what they truly are–soulless and racist. They are not worthy of our respect or attention. They are the heart of darkness.

    I feel revulsion for what many in this country have become and sorrow for what this nation might have been if it had not allowed hatred and bigotry to take root.

    If this country is to have a future, the good people, the ones who demand fairness and hate injustice, have to be found and mobilized–door by door, phone call by phone call. The choice could not be more clear. We are fighting true evil in its ugliest guise. And we have to win.

  165. I think it was needed as the lie was making headway into the Independent camp. It was doable to let it go to show those that were racists when it was fringe but not when it was showing in the polls to be gaining headway into the general electorate. PBO is tough not weak.
    In listening to a Progressive Radio show this morning I noticed the bc move was talked about. The only criticism I heard was they shouldn’t let PBO pound his fist on the podium in making a point. Thought that was an interesting take as that commentator usually goes for the weak president point. It just goes to show you can’t please them no matter what you do. I really don’t know how anyone could ever want to be the leader of our country.

  166. You are welcome, my dear. Smooches. President Obama has been conditioned for times like these. I pray for him daily that the Lord directs his steps and covers the pot hold before he comes to it.

  167. I say Amen to this, WIW:

    “I will quit when the President quits. If he can get up every morning and be hopeful about the future – so can I.”

    —PJ (BOYCOTT THE MEDIA. Stop helping them attack your President!)

  168. gn, I’m sorry but if you hope to see some introspection from the US media you will be disappointed. Every time something happens and it’s clear the media is partly at fault, they are rushing to absolve themselves of any responsability.

  169. The media may continue to spend time on Trump and his silliness but I do think that the President’s statement will resonate with the public. The public is already pretty sick of the media and this statement just laid it out there about how stupid and misplaced their coverage is for all to see. I think there were millions of heads nodding about how the media wasn’t covering what the public wants to hear and is always wasting time on stupid stuff like birtherism. I think it will also make a lot of the “unsure about the president’s birthplace” people sure now and they too will be ready to move on. If the media doesn’t move on, they will find more and more people who are disgusted with them and tune them out. There are so many alternatives to cable news and newspapers these days. The media seems intent on driving an information starved public away. And the President just called them out. I really do see this as a last chance for the media to do its job before losing what little relevance they still have with the public. I think the public will see it that way as well.

  170. Thanks, jovie!

    This is great! I live in GA, one of the foulest cesspools of ODS that has no basis in reality. Mention PBO, and you get instant vitriol, all based on rw talking points. It’s very rare when we to get any positive reporting about PBO here from any news outlet/paper. Maybe what Farmer wrote might just change a few people’s minds.

  171. And it’s going to agitate the hard core right, because this has zip to do with birth certificates and everything to do with race. The most “colorblind” people are about to endure the spectacle of “but but but was the ink red or blue,” in terms of them not letting this issue go. I’d assert that the unhappiest person in politics about this matter right now is Karl Rove. This doesn’t make the GOP primaries any easier for them.

  172. While i can understand why he’s doing this, i also can’t imagine it doing any good. Already the “What took him so long” questions are popping up. I’m sure that by tomorrow some “expert” will appear on Faux news proclaiming that some t was crossed correctly or that the typeset wasn’t quite right and that the long form is “obviously” in error.

    Oh, and the dumbest comment i’ve seen is where they’re blaming Obama, and not the birthers, for that idiot army Major was discharged. To which i say BWAHAHAHAHA! Glad the U.S. won’t have to pay his salary or pension.

  173. It has never had anything to do with any actual doubts about the President’s birthplace. It has always been about proving that the black guy can’t be legitimate to a group that refuse to accept anyone other than a white male as President. There is no basis in rational thought for birtherism so no amount of proof of legitimacy will ever be accepted by them. But, what this does do, is to keep the easily swayed, low information voters from being swept up by the nonsense. They may not really worry about birth certificates but they do tend to believe that “where there’s smoke there’s fire” and that leads them to doubt. This release should put those people back on the side of rationality and show the “smoke” is nothing more than prejudice. It also was a not so subtle dig at the media’s credibility as a source for accurate information. That will also help with that same segment of the population who truly are much more concerned about the financial state of the nation, jobs, and the future for their children than they are about birth certificates.

  174. It’s also a little slap at the media. They are falling all over themselves to cover this bs yet I need to come here to read jovie links in order to get excited reporting about something which actually matters and helps the country: strides we’re making in developing alternative energy.

    What an indictment on the national media.

  175. Honestly, I can’t help but wonder if Trump is just purposely bringing up all these ridiculous Republican memes in order to highlight just how stupid and racist they really are and when he makes his “announcement” on his show’s finale it will be to say “psych!” to everyone and call out the media and the republican base for going along with him just because he has a tv show. At least that is what I hope to see happen. Because, as obnoxious as Trump is, I can’t believe that even he really believes this garbage.

  176. gn, I am with you on rolling with The President. I was just watching MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Tood, and Chris Matthews, they know they have been throughly checked by PBO and were trying to make excuses for their irresponsible behavior.

  177. If you’re using firefox, go to the page you want to be your home page and click the little house icon next to the url address. How about making TOAITR your homepage?

  178. thanks Tien, I’m on explorer but I like your idea of changing my homepage to this site, excellent idea 🙂

  179. Co-signed. POTUS is many things. A step-n-fetch is not one of them, and I’m surprised that people would throw around such a serious charge based on this.

  180. Birthers will not go away because the president does, indeed, have a long form birth certificate. They’re racists pure and simple. Nothing will change that so he didn’t do this to satisfy them. The president, and rightfully so, is trying to redirect the MSM clown car back to “real” news. They were becoming obsessed with this birther crap and Sideshow Don.

  181. April 27 2011,

    America is once again facedwith the curse, RACE baiting.

    A party with 45-51%, 3 polls say, have such believe that the president of these United States, is not a USA citizen.

    Shame, shame, shame, Shame on the media.

    Shame on the racists.

  182. Great comment Lulu I completely agree. I think President Obama was magnificent. He called out the msm for their bs. He knows the “birther Issue” was being used by the media to take the focus away from Ryan’s and the Republicans budget, that they passed in the house.

  183. You are so right about boycotting! We pulled the plug on our cable provider 8 months ago and the only time I’ve regretted it is …. never. We told them we were leaving because who needs all the commercials, the lies, and the lousy programming. 600 channels and nothing worth looking at? That’s sad. They asked us to take 2 months to think it over and then were quite nasty when we told them we were not missing them at all.

    I’ve never visited FDL, HuffPo I only see by accident, clicking on a link without forethought. I visit the NYT and NPR websites if I’m looking for news. I once counted on the Great Orange Satan for facts, but no more!

    Donald trump is a joke, I think he knows he’s a joke, and I hope his exploitation of racism is noted ofte, by many, for a long time.

  184. Amen Sheila — Rachel Maddow (the only member of the media I don’t think I could give up!) had an amazing segment on everything the states are doing with birther bills and voter-suppression stuff. While I knew vaguely that was going on all over the country, it took Rachel putting it all together for me to see that it’s a coordinated, concerted effort by Republican governors and state legislators to ensure President Obama’s defeat in 2012. Lord knows where the funding comes from, but we can guess. I am hardly a conspiracy-theorist and I don’t think Rachel is either — it’s just another level on which the administration and the campaign has to fight.

  185. Like all of you, I was heart broken that the President felt the need to produce the long form of his birth certificate. I tried to listen to Donald Trump as he gave his press conference this morning, but it made me so angry that I found myself spewing curse words at him and turning down the volume on the tv. As we all know, the “birthers” used the birth certificate issue as a reason for them not to recognize the legitimacy of the presidency of Barack Obama. Now that this issue has been taken away from them, they will come up with other reasons to rationalize to themselves that PO’s presidency is illegitimate. But the reality of the situation is, as so many of you have already said, it is and will be just racism pure and simple. In recognition of that, we as a group need to keep our eyes on the prize and that is to do whatever we can to re-elect President Barack Obama.

  186. Boycott their advertisers.

    Patronize responsible media.

    Unplug from their money-driven madness

    Be the new media. Journalism is Dead.

  187. Great, perfectly put, comment Lulu!! Our President has always played chess, and brilliantly, so we must assume he has his reasons for doing this. I believe in him and I trust him to have a reason for this! We love him and have his back! But a good part of me just wants to see some justice for these racist fools who only see color, not people.

  188. This is putting a light on the haters of this country, in a way i think this is very good for President Obama, because now trump has to speak about real issues that he knows nothing about, and America will see what a CLOWN this piece of dog POOP really is. And that goes for all the other idiots who think they can beat OBAMA. I promise you, this, like everything else so far WILL backfire, just wait and see. I LOVE YOU OBAMA…….. OBAMA2012!!!

  189. Okay that sounds wicked cool and I need AMK to explain it to me, cuz…split water? Huh?

  190. I have had a problem posting on the OFA blog today and when I came back to my email I had several emails from BWD. When I actually checked all these new emails there was no comment here at the bottom of them. I went back through all of them to this one to find my last comment here post. I seem to be having problems today.

  191. No America looks even better than Canada,As a latino I love USA i love OBAMA. Don’t let the haters win. WE, You and I will beat all those haters and make America what it is, a land of opportunity for all. God bless you. I stand with you friend.

  192. Just heard Trumps so proud of myself press conference. Because of him in Trumps words (yawn, swear) we can now get onto important things like running the country.

  193. Wicked smart. See how high fuel prices produce innovation and the determination to solve problems? Great stuff.

  194. My thoughts are why when Trump said his question of why Obama didn’t just put that out there in the first place didn’t the press tell the facts that the original birth certificate was shown to representatives of the press, the Hawaiian Republicans and Democratic Legislators and representatives of some organiziations during the 08 campaign? A good news person would stop him with truth.

  195. If no other good comes from this than shutting up that stoopid Elizabeth what’s-her-name on The View, then I’ll be happy.

  196. Indeed – the President had to use the weight of the office to get that long form certificate. Let’s see some of these lower forms to get theirs in states that have already converted to electronic formats. Not to mention that these long form certificates actually have no legal standing…

  197. Reminds me of the Great Flag Pin Scandal perpetrated by the very same Sensationalist Carnival Barkers during the ’08 Primaries.

    Remember? Our brilliant Barack just showed up one day wearing a flag pin.

    End of story.

    Wish I had 10% if his cool under fire.


  198. Indeed this is a shameful day in America. The rest of the civilized world has just looked down further on America, and we are nothing more than laughing stock. How dare America tell other countries how to treat their people, when the black American President gets no respect, and is treated as persona non-grata. But I’m not wororied for PBO, he is a gentleman and he can take their hatred. Funny, but the more they hate him, the more he excels. I pray everyday for our loving and compassionate God to encircle PBO in His arms, and cause His angels to protect him. And I know those prayers are being answered. Thank you God for President Obama, and please continue to bless him and keep him safe each day.
    As for trump, he is jealous because even with the proverbial gold spoon in his mouth, he could not get into Colombia or Harvard University. The black man had the grades and made it to the top, and donald trump is steamed. Go PBO, I’m on your side!!! God loves you, and so do I.

  199. Well said LL. I have also been boycotting the MSM t.v. media since 2003 because of their enthusiasm in supporting the invasion of Iraq. During the 2008 I occasionally watched Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. But I stopped doing so after they joined the PL in attacking the President.

    It’s really a sad day in America when Donald Trump, a self indulgent rich man, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, is allowed by the media to set himself up as the final judge who decides the legitimacy of a sitting President who was duly elected by the majority of the people, and the majority of electors as required by the Constitution.

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