Tuesday morning mishmash

Hi guys,

1. Today’s schedule:

09:30 AM PBO receives the presidential daily briefing.

10:00 AM PBO receives the economic daily briefing.

11:00 AM
11:25 AM PBO is interviewed by WSB Atlanta, WKYC Cleveland, WTKR Hampton Roads, Virginia, and WXYZ Detroit.

12:00 PM
1:00 PM Carney briefs the press.

1:40 PM PBO holds a bilateral meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates.

2:00 PM
2:30 PM PBO holds an expanded bilateral meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates.

3:00 PM
4:00 PM
4:30 PM PBO meets with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.


2. But, I thought he sold out to Wall Street and they just love him!

Financiers Switch to GOP

Hedge-fund managers made a big bet on Barack Obama and other Democrats in 2008. Now, with the 2012 contest gearing up, some prominent fund managers have turned their backs on the party and are actively supporting Republicans.

Daniel Loeb, founder of Third Point LLC, was one of the biggest Obama fund-raisers in 2008, rounding up $200,000 for him, according to campaign-finance records. In the decade prior, Mr. Loeb and his wife donated $250,000 to Democrats and less than $10,000 to Republicans.

But since Mr. Obama’s inauguration, Mr. Loeb has given $468,000 to Republican candidates and the GOP, and just $8,000 to Democrats. Hedge-fund kings have feelings, too, and the president appears to have hurt them.

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3. Interesting read.

Can Obama paint Georgia blue?


4. Another interesting read:
Why Republicans May Be Skipping 2012 Presidential Run


5. That auto-bailout sure was a disaster:
Ford posts its best 1st qtr in 13 years


I guess this is true for both the Right and the “Left”:


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  1. LOL @ the toon.

    Isn’t there campaign donation limit of around 10000 bucks for each candidate ? How come so much money was paid by one man ?

  2. Ah, ha, Gotcha. Thanks donna.

    Unfortunately, as a non-citizen, I can’t donate. In 2008 cycle, I donated to Al Giordano’s Fund for Authentic Journalism. May be I’ll do it again in 2012.

  3. Good morning, good people! Another great morning mishmash to start the day.

    I worry about the dynamics of facing a very weak candidate. We need everyone voting and we need them voting for PBO. We need everyone working their hearts out for our President’s reelection. The choices will be stark and we need to join forces to overcome all the slime that will be coming from the right-wing and the third parties that will splinter off on both ends of the spectrum. We must do all we can to win. That means registering voters, joining forces in our local neighborhoods to canvass, reaching out to our friends and family, fundraising, phonebanking, entering data, having house parties, enlisting volunteers, attending meetings and rallies, setting up info tables, supporting the folks at our local OFA HQs. Let’s gear up!

  4. Good morning!

    @Charmed86 No one gets any coverage if they don’t take a poop all over this president. 29 minutes ago

    Proof=the phony donald trump birther presidential campaign. Performance artwork.

  5. Agreed; and in addition, the federal, state, and local downticket contests are extremely important as well.

  6. I agree meta. I also found Shear’s article on why Republicans are passing on running in 2012 to be a bit lacking. The single most important reason is Barack Obama who is a force to be reckoned with, not only as a sitting President with a strong legislative record, but as a masterful political campaigner who can whip a crowd into a frenzy just by having his motorcade pass through. The author seems to want to avoid pointing this out by skirting around the issue with all kinds of other reasons. The first reason about Biden made no sense to me.

  7. I am glad you wrote this. I felt the same way. Every reason was offered but the real one. I also agree with not taking anything for granted, working in unison with every once of our strength and purpose. The alternatives are plain to see now.

  8. @Gn. Help! I am trying to upload my blog picture but it doesn’t seem to work. It is there on the wordpress site but not sure why it is not uploading. Any suggestions please?

  9. April 25, 2011

    21st Annual Department of Energy National Science Bowl April 30 – May 2
    110 High School and Middle School Teams from Across the U.S. to Compete for the National Championships in Washington D.C.

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Steven Chu announced today that on April 30 through May 2 the DOE will host 69 high school and 41 middle school teams to compete for championship titles at the 21st annual National Science Bowl competition in Washington, D.C. The 110 regional championship teams – from 44 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands – will be quizzed on various science topics including biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, astronomy, and energy, as well as math.

    “The U.S. needs the best and the brightest scientists and engineers to help solve many of our nation’s greatest challenges,” said Secretary Chu. “The National Science Bowl engages students in a fun and rewarding competition, and encourages them to direct their talents toward careers in science, mathematics, and technology.”


  10. That’s weird. Twice I tried to post a link, and twice it has not posted. Why?

  11. The media will ensure no matter who the GOP candidate is that it will be a close race. Haley Barbour was trumpeted as a legit contender until he bowed out and now he’s written as though he didn’t have a chance.

    One thing that wasn’t mentioned but I bet has certain effect – the big names sitting out with eyes on 2016 won’t want a Republican to win in 2012. Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mike Pence etc will have vested interest in having President Obama re-elected, because if a Republican won, their shot at being President would be over. Timing is everything in politics and if they had to sit on the sidelines for 8 years they’d be out of contention by 2020.

    The GOP will run Mitt Romney or Pawlenty as both are safe and non-controversial. They need that in order best help the down ticket races for House and Senate seats.

  12. That cartoon nails it. The only man that seems inclined to try it again is Ron Paul, the “Adlai Stevenson” of this modern age. Stevenson ran three times for Presidency.

  13. Good Morning all. I wish everyone a happy Tuesday. Here in Cali, it’s just 6:45 in the am, and I’m off to teach US History to my 8th graders. Should be a fun day as we continue to talk about the civil war.

    Told my students yesterday, when we talked about the Gettysburg Address, that we musn’t forget our troops in Afghanistan, just like Lincoln did not forget the Union troops, and that they will not have died in vain; so I asked them to write a letter, or if they prayed, to pray for our soldiers out in Afghanistan to let them know we have been thinking of them today.

    Let’s all think of them, and be thankful for them, today.

  14. Jeesh the wording on the polls are getting desperate.
    Abc poll: For indes who think gas prices are hurting them only 39% approve of obama.

    Wow! that is a reach, the wording is UNREAL!


  15. The debates are going to kill the gop because you need more than snarky talking points in those things.

  16. So, how will a mittens/teapaw ticket would do ? I expect about 45% vote share.

  17. The nation’s largest retailer has joined a national partnership to educate customers about the proper way to dispose of unused prescription drugs. Walmart is the first of 139 supporters to launch a national educational program in over 3,500 of their pharmacies promoting the SMARXT DISPOSALcampaign. SMARxT DISPOSAL is a partnership, led by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, American Pharmacists Association and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, to inform the public about appropriate disposal of medication and the natural resource benefits of these actions.

    Flushing medications down the toilet or pouring them down the drain are two of the many ways medications and other substances can enter waterways, which can harm the plants and animals that live there. One way to prevent this from happening is by increasing awareness about proper medication disposal.

    Walmart has posted signs in more than 3,500 of their pharmacies, as well as online at http://www.walmart.com, with directions for customers on the proper disposal of their unused medications. The company will also be printing SMARXT DISPOSAL information on all pharmacy bags so customers can understand how to dispose of unused medicines in an environmentally friendly way.

    “We are extremely pleased that Walmart has joined us in our campaign to educate people on how they should dispose of their unused medication in their homes,” said U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Acting Director Rowan Gould. “Walmart has millions of customers across the country, and by providing information to each of them, we are sure to have a big impact on preventing chemicals and drugs from reaching our waterways and affecting our plants, animals and ecosystems.”


  18. Release Date: 04/25/11
    Contacts: Megan Crandall , 202-912-7411

    BLM Facilitates Renewable Energy Development on Public Lands through Rules

    In support of the Administration’s work to develop environmentally-responsible renewable energy on public lands, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) moved today to facilitate right-of-way (ROW) applications for lands with wind and solar energy development potential. Specifically, the BLM will publish tomorrow in the Federal Register rules that would allow the BLM, when necessary for the orderly administration of the public lands, to temporarily segregate lands in a wind or solar energy right-of-way (ROW) application from the location of mining claims or other land appropriations.

    Under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, the BLM is charged with managing the public lands for multiple uses. Under existing regulations, lands included in a renewable energy ROW application or within an area identified by the BLM for such ROWs differ from lands proposed for exchange or sale, which can be closed to the filing of mining claims. Lands included in a proposed ROW, however, remain open to appropriations such as the location and entry of mining claims while the BLM is considering the application.

    Since 2006, the BLM has processed 24 solar and wind energy development ROW applications. In two proposed ROWs, mining claims were located after the applications were submitted but before the ROWs could be authorized. Over the past two years, 437 new mining claims were located within wind energy ROW application areas in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming, while 216 new mining claims were located within solar energy ROW application areas.


  19. WOW! What terrific news. Slowly but surely, we are climbing out of the misery of W’s Lost Decade. No bubbles this time. Slow, steady growth.

  20. You guys remember it has taken John McCain all this time to get over the defeat by our President. These old guys dare to face this music again. Goes to show how their egos is wrapped in politics.

  21. Creating Investor Certainty in Large-Scale Solar
    By Stephen Lacey,

    Helped by government loan guarantees and growing investor confidence in the technologies, large-scale solar PV and CSP developers have made some headway in recent weeks. But there are plenty of headwinds too.

    The U.S. Department of Energy announced three major loan guarantees totaling $4.5 billion for large projects in the Southwest, including Solar Millenium’s 1-GW parabolic trough project in California; BrightSource Energy’s 392-MW power tower project, also in California; and SunPower and NRG’s 250-MW solar PV plant in Arizona.

    In addition to these funding announcements, BrightSource filed for a $250 million IPO last Friday – just a month after securing hundreds of millions of dollars from Google, Alstom and NRG Energy. (For a story on the IPO, read yesterday’s REW piece from Ucilia Wang.)

    Outside of the U.S., Areva Solar was awarded a contract to develop a 44-MW compact linear fresnel (CLFR) CSP plant at a 750-MW coal plant in Southern Australia. That project will be the world’s largest “solar booster” plant using supercritical steam to supplement an existing power block at a coal facility.


  22. The primaries will be interesting, both for President and other Congressional seats. The mainline GOP (whatever that is any mroe) will have to really marginalize the TP candidates, and that may mean catering to the extreme base. But once they do that, they potentially suffer big time in the generals. And your point is correct. Just how much active campaigning will those people do for whoever the candidate really is?

  23. Good points. However, since the corporate establishment is absolutely DETERMINED to put a republican in the WH in 2012, I don’t think they’ll let a weak candidate get the nomination. Mitch Daniels and Jon Huntsman are seriously considering a run and I see corporate america and corporate media getting behind those guys because they’re “electable”. What I’m asking myself is how those guys, especially Huntman, are planning to cope with the extremists. And are they going to endorse the lunacy of Ryan’s budget ? ( Well I can see Daniels endorsing it but Huntsman ? )

    The more I think of it, the more I see that President Obama was very very clever to embrace the deficit debate with full force. He positioned himself as the man with the “balanced approach” , the man asking for “shared sacrifice and shared responsability”, the man refusing to solve the problem on the backs of vulnerable people. What’s even better is that the majority of americans agree with this approach. We’re already seeing a real push back against Ryan’s idea of more tax cuts for the wealthiest americans, and this alone puts serious republican contenders in an “interesting” position to say the least…

  24. Company receives lease for landfill solar project
    Monday, April 25, 2011 at 9:17:38 AM – by Danny Vo
    The city council in Salem, New Jersey recently approved a lease agreement for a company to begin building a large solar power generation system at an unused landfill.

    The lease, granted to Landfill Powerhouse LLC – a division of Vis Solis – will pay the city $257,000 per year, according to a report from the Courier Post. The company will soon begin installing 22,000 solar panels at the site, which will be capable of generating 5 megawatts when at full capacity.

    “The key differentiator with my client, Vis Solis, is that we’ve developed solar before, on landfills, most of which they still own and operate today,” Joseph Scarpa, a realtor with Green Paradigm, the company that brokered the deal, told the newspaper. “Vis Solis is excited to be on this project, and we hope this will be a stepping stone for similar projects throughout the area.”

    This move is part of the city’s attempts to take part in New Jersey’s generous solar incentive programs, as well as similar initiatives offered by the federal government.

  25. Trust me, the GOP could nominate a sack of potatoes and the media will turn it into a horse race. They will eventually convince themselves and others that the sack of potatoes has a real of chance of winning. Soon enough they will have that sack of potatoes winning the presidential debates. There will be debates over who’s more American and of how the sack is within single digits in the mid-western states. The media never fails to make something out of nothing. Heck, in 2008 when the election was just a week or two away, supposedly good journalists where writing columns like “How McCain Can Still Win”.

  26. Company to develop solar farms in Massachusetts
    Monday, April 25, 2011 at 12:19:30 PM – by Danny Vo
    A small development company recently won a large contract to begin installing solar power generation systems all around Massachusetts’ coastal towns on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

    American Capital Energy, based in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, recently announced it won an $85 million contract from the Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative, according to a report from the Boston Business Journal. The plan calls for the company to build about 18.2 megawatts of solar power generating capabilities on 10 capped landfills in seven towns. The venture is being financed by private investors.

    “U.S. electrical needs could be met if all the capped landfills and environmentally compromised lands known as brownfields nationwide were used as solar farms,” American Capital Energy CEO Tom Hunton said, according to the news source.

    In all, participating towns will likely cut energy costs by $1.4 million in the first year, the report said.

    Many local governments are now turning to solar power generation in an attempt to reduce the high cost of the electrical bills they pay for municipal buildings and other properties.

  27. Sounds about right. Pawlenty will not be a good VP candidate though because he’s not an attack dog personality and trying to play that role he’ll end up trying too hard and will either come off as phony or too mean which will turn folks off.

  28. This is a conundrum years in the making and caused in part by the internet helping to usher in transparency. What is attractive to the GOP base is unacceptable to the mainstream and that situation is becoming more and more difficult to finesse, as the winks and nods to the base show up on youtube with less room for plausible deniability for swing voters.

  29. To the GOP base, Huntsman is a straight up Obamabot and they do not want him on that ticket. Daniels presided over the Bush-era spending spree which swing voters hated. Neither of these candidates is as strong as the media is attempting to paint them IMO.

    Trump/Palin for the GOP’s you’re fired/I quit ticket!!! (forgot where I first saw that but it’s so cute).

  30. More than one link will automatically have you waiting for moderation. However I have found that if I try to link to The Obama Diary (found in the blogroll) that it won’t process or show up.

  31. There desperation is showing. They are really thinking about crashing the economy for this debt ceiling vote, thinking they can frame it as obamas fault, and then get the cuts they want.
    But, as always, and I don’t know how, but POTUS will take care of us, might not be everything we wanted, but he will minimize the republicans hostages taking plans.

  32. That was our own japa’s. And I stole it shamelessly. 🙂

    How about rubio/huntsman ? Satisfies both teh crazy & moderates ?

  33. That is not necessarily the case because the Republican primary has to come here to SC and other southern states, and remember states like mine love the most “conservative” Republican. Romney couldn’t even close it out over McCain or Huckabee. If the Republican primaries were mainly in more moderate states I would agree, but I don’t think that we can draw the conclusions that Romney/Pawlenty will win the primaries unless they are the only ones running.

  34. Ambinder reports that an unnamed White House source says the Admin is most worried about Pawlenty should he get the nomination. Presiding over a split State congress in Minnesota he never did anything extreme, he’s got a compelling life story in that his father was a regular guy angle(a trucker) to run on as well and is boring enough to not have any personal life foibles.

    Daniels was Bush’s CBO when the Clinton surplus became the Bush deficit. He tries to run away from this saying “judge m on my record in Indiana not when I worked under somebody else” and blames the dotcom bubble for the Clinton surplus and 9/11 for the deficit. Daniels also has called for a “social issue truce” which doesn’t sit well at all with the RR, and said temporarily raising taxes needs to be on the table to tackle the debt/deficit.

    Huntsman will have trouble in the primaries getting any foothold. And if he does, that 2008 RNC Convention vid where he waxes poetic about “Sarah!” will really haunt him in that he’ll either have to double down saying he does still support Palin, or run from her saying “They made me say it”, at which point he’ll anger the Palinistas.

  35. rubio has an ugly vote against the budget compromise and will have another ugly vote for the Ryan budget if Reid brings it into the senate. He’s already on record as supporting it.

    IMO the GOP simply doesn’t have any good options. The teaparties are too disruptive to their primaries (see, Delaware + Nevada) and the concessions upon which they insist are too damaging for the politicians during the generals. The Democratic base simply isn’t as crazy by a longshot (with the exception of the noisy effort to create a left-wing teaparty which hasn’t gained much steam).

  36. Pawlenty is making a big play for the Iowa evangelicals, if he wins there I assume that would carry over to SC. Romney can’t appeal to the RR as a Mormon, and Daniels called for a “social issue truce” (not to mention he hasn’t declared yet). Newt, Santorum, Cain and the rest are too fringy to matter at this point.

    You’re correct though in that Huckabee could jump in late and win the Religious conservative states on name alone. I’m unsure about Bachmann if she does run, not sure if she’ll be taken seriously enough to make noise in the primaries. I suspect she doesn’t run either.

  37. Former White House senior adviser David Axelrod will headline a fundraiser next month for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s reelection campaign, according to an invitation obtained by POLITICO.

    The event is the latest sign that in Wisconsin, all politics is national – and that Barrett can still draw support from the network he built during his 2010 campaign for governor.

    Barrett, who was recruited by the White House for last year’s race, is running for a third mayoral term in 2012. As one of the top Democrats in the state, his name is also high on the list of candidates who might run against Gov. Scott Walker in a potential recall election.

    Barrett’s event with Axelrod will take place in Milwaukee on May 25. See the invitation here:


  38. I see huntsman more as a veep material at this point as a sop to moderate repubs. The top of the ticket would be daniels or rubio, most likely latter.

    Any takers on that ?

  39. Interesting points. However, I don’t agree with your last paragraph. The republican establishment wouldn’t be happy with a candidate as weak as Romney or Pawlenty. They are VERY determined to put the republicans back in the WH in 2012. For the record, I don’t think the republican power brokers were “that” interested in winning the presidency in 2008. Better let the democrats clean the Bush mess and get blamed for not doing it fast enough. But now that the economy is getting better, they want to get the rewards of the democrats’ work.

    If there is some justice, it won’t happen.

  40. It’s a stupid game to placate the teaparties and keep them on board with the GOP instead of splintering off. Boehner already showed his hand by literally trekking to wall st. and asking those bankers how much room he has to play games. I mean is that stupid or what? But Boehner is between a rock and a hard place. The GOP’s business interests have no desire for a market collapse; he will raise the debt ceiling.

    Can we get a countdown clock for getting Speaker Pelosi back?

  41. goopers are adept at living down uglt votes. So, I don’t see that as a handicap for rubio. Are there any skeletons in his FL cupboard that we might exploit ?

  42. Remember how Rusty hired a law firm with taxpayer dollars to defend DOMA in the courts? Oh-oh, not so fast.

    Behind A Major Law Firm’s Decision To Ditch Its Defense Of DOMA

    When the Atlanta-based law firm King & Spalding announced on April 18 that it would represent the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, it apparently didn’t realize what a mess it had made for itself.

    Exactly one week later, the firm reversed its decision, prompting a high-profile partner — former Solicitor General Paul Clement — to resign publicly, and House Speaker John Boehner’s staff to issue a statement criticizing the firm for “its careless disregard for its responsibilities to the House in this constitutional matter.”

    As public relations debacles go, this was a doozy. But the firm must have calculated that the alternative would have been worse. In the intervening week, a series of public and behind-the-scenes developments made it clear that the firm would suffer recriminations for defending what many of its top clients and future recruits — not to mention gay rights advocates — consider to be an anti-gay law.

    Sources with knowledge of the backlash confirm that one of King & Spalding’s top clients, Coca Cola, also based in Atlanta, directly intervened to press the firm to extricate itself from the case.


  43. “Inside the DHS, which is slated to begin filming shortly for a premiere in the fourth quarter, will chronicle the behind-the-scenes workings of the Department of Homeland Security and its personnel, including Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano,” the Deadline.com blog reports.

    Bureaucracy is so hot right now. Always, actually. The unscripted series was ordered by AMC, home of “Mad Men,” and will be produced by a team that includes Craig Piligian, creator of the off-putting yet strangely addictive reality series, “Dirty Jobs.”

    But Homeland Security? Not the Agriculture Department? Sure, there are some gripping moments along the border, and the TSA pat-downs gave us lots to talk about over the holidays. But the really good stuff — counterterrorism — likely won’t make clearance for AMC cameras.

    “We’re not looking to do an expose of the Department of Homeland Security, we actually want to go in and look into the day-to-day (workings) of the people and what they do to keep us safe,” Joel Stillerman, AMC senior VP for original programming, told Deadline.


  44. Keep the news coming, Jovie. I so look forward to all your postings. So much stuff to pass on. Thanks for all your work!

  45. I wonder if they were better vetted than that clown from Dallas last week. I wouldn’t have wanted to be the staffer who arranged that interview.

  46. No. It was just one link. Never happened before.I read the comments the other day about that very same thing, but I wasn’t trying to post multiple links. Thought it was odd, is all. Thanks, SR…

  47. Apparently, trolls have been quite busy flagging some pro-Pres, Obama sites as spam in wordpress, facebook, disqus, etc., causing the sites to automatically filter posts out. The problem is solved by running links through link shortener programs like this one: http://goo.gl/

  48. Well, Ron Paul is in, he is forming a exploratory committee today… Him and HANNITY got into it last night, PAUL blasted HANNTIY for this Sharia law nonsense that neo cons love so much! LOL!

  49. The good news is that the republicans are likely to nominate either a crazy person well liked by the Tea Party or one who appears more mainstream who won’t inspire the republican voters to turn out. In the first case, the crazy candidate will inspire people on the other side to turn out in force to avoid having someone like that win and in the second case the republican voters will stay home. Then add in the inspirational qualities of the President on the campaign trail, the record of all the horrid Republican governors which will taint all republican candidates and I think Democrats will be turning out in large numbers.

    We still need to work to get people registered and at the polls but I think the republicans are doing all they can to help us with that lately and I doubt they will be able to stop themselves from continuing to do so.

  50. I mean, seriously, whomever brought this mess to an Atlanta firm was not thinking things through. Atlanta=chocolate San Francisco. What a fail, but thanks to those in K&S who did the right thing in the end.

  51. You’re right. While it would be great for politics if the recovery were really fast, the slow steady growth we are experiencing is undoubtedly better for us in the long run. And I think the growth will naturally pick up and gather speed over time.

  52. ambinder is usually pretty god with inside gossip but this seems a bit too much.

    Or may be PBO team is trying to set up teapaw the fall guy by making him the face of repubs now when their popularity is heading for the dumps ?

  53. They have no candidates without baggage/big problems. Huntsman has the Obama/Mormon problems. See TOD’s Bill Maher clip on Letterman to appreciate the Mormon hurdle.
    Daniels is of Syrian descent, and since the Repubs have invested so much in exaggerating a Muslim threat which in their ignorance includes opposition to Arabs, I see that as a big prob to his winning the nomination. As someone on Salon wrote, they won’t like that he “pals around” with other Arabs. And he has a wife and family who are “scared to death” (Daniels) of the media scrutiny and are not at all thrilled about his candidacy. And his wife left him and their 4 daughters a few years ago and married another man who she then divorced after a couple of years and remarried Mitch—so there’s that too. And Daniels said he would have supported Haley Barbour if he had remained in the race, which gives you a clue about Daniels’ judgment and politics. Ugh.

  54. Good morning, BWD and TOAITR family! Thanks for the great morning mishmash. I don’t think any Repub wants to run against the President. But we need to be working in each state. The local elections are so important. After seeing what is happening in all the Repub states. We need to take them back.

    Have a great day everyone!

  55. April 22, 2011 – For immediate release:
    Patrick-Murray Administration Announces Federally-Funded “Smart Building” Training Program
    Using thermal imaging to measure heat loss and building assessments, program will help Massachusetts builders construct highly energy efficient homes
    BOSTON – April 22, 2011 – The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) today announced a new federally-funded program, “Smart Building: High Performance Homes,” which will train Massachusetts builders to use thermal imaging-enhanced building assessments to boost the energy efficiency of Massachusetts homes. .
    The US Department of Energy (DOE) awarded the Commonwealth $350,000 to fund activities that improve energy performance of Massachusetts buildings, including the Smart Building training. Massachusetts is among 24 states sharing $7 million in US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Building Energy Codes program, which, according to the DOE, has dramatically reduced energy use and carbon pollution and saved an estimated $16 billion for US consumers since its start 20 years ago.


  56. Dallas is probably a difficult state to find neutral reporters. However, our president is pretty good at dealing with hostile interviewers and the rude interviews tend to make only the most conservative viewers happy. The independents and left leaning viewers don’t like the disrespect and it actually usually backfires on whoever is being rude. It riles up and motivates the people who already support the president and makes those on the fence more likely to tip in the President’s favor because he comes off as the rational, polite, reasonable and better person. So irritating as it is to watch these types of interviews, in the long run, I don’t think the Obama team really minds when one or two slip in.

  57. Parking ramp will feature new LED light fixtures created by Acuity Brands

    BLOOMINGTON, Minn., (April 22, 2011) – On Earth Day, Mall of America® announces its plan to replace 5,400 metal halide and high pressure sodium fixtures in the parking ramps with specially designed new fixtures featuring Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology from Acuity Brands, one of the world’s leading providers of luminaires, lighting control systems and related products. The installation will begin in July of 2011.

    “To continue with our dedication to being environmentally responsible, we are thrilled to announce a project of this magnitude,” said Rich Hoge, director of technical operations for Mall of America. “It is incredible to be able to reduce our parking ramp energy demand by two-thirds or in excess of an 800KW demand reduction.”

    This conversion project, the largest of its kind in the United States, will reduce energy consumption in the ramps by two-thirds. The energy saved is enough to run Nickelodeon Universe for six years or power more than 11,000 homes for a year. The benefits of LED beyond lower energy consumption include better performance in cold temperatures, a life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours, no use of mercury and directional efficiency. LED lamps are also a powerful way to reduce light pollution, which has become a concern across the country.


  58. Hi Jovie
    I agree with you. They really have no idea who or what they are dealing with right now. Also, I am really surprised that the media, most positive blog sites and even on this site what a stroke BRILLANCE it was allowing Ryan to reveal his budget first. The trap was so clean, clever and inescapable, I smile everytime I think of it. The Debt Ceiling issue is going to be the same!

  59. I agree that it was brilliant and that the GOP was cut totally flatfooted is obvious.

  60. There is a performance artist — a European, I believe, though I can’t remember his name — one of whose “performances” was defecating and then not wiping himself, afterwards running about a European city with skidmarks on his pants for a couple of hours. Do you suppose he was Trump’s inspiration?

  61. Daniels and Huntsman each have a serious vulnerability, you’re right. Sometimes I forget that. As for Pawlenty, I don’t know… He doesn’t look as a strong leader and in the end I don’t imagine the independants choosing him over PBO.

  62. No way a GOP presidential candidate lives down supporting the Ryan plan, none. As someone just noted, that was a masterstroke and is key to 2012.

  63. April 26, 2011
    Pilot parking project in San Francisco
    encourages users to, “Circle less, live more.”
    We’ve all had those days where parking is just impossible. We circle endlessly, idling our engines, clogging traffic lanes, and watching the gas gauge slip down while we wait for a spot to open up. The clock ticks; greenhouse gases and frustrations rise.

    With gas prices hovering around four dollars a gallon, none of us can afford to waste fuel like that.

    That’s one reason I’m excited about SFpark, a new service funded by our Federal Highway Administration that provides real-time information on parking availability and pricing in San Francisco–before you leave home.


  64. The GOP has an incredibly weak field. There’s no escaping that, and it’s something to clown and celebrate. All of their candidates are duds for one reason or another. I personally am not fretting and am on the offense about this.

  65. lol!!!! Loving what he sees in the mirror is Trump’s inspiration. He really tickles himself, he finds himself so wonderful. He loves to lead the press around by the nose and is IMO having the time of his life. This is what he’s wanted for years: complete press attention, a television show with people having to pretend to kiss his behind, and a high platform to trashtalk some national figures. He is in heaven. And I don’t care because it helps Dems.

  66. I supported Tom Barrett in the last gubernatorial race and will support him if he chooses to run again but he has not done much to address some of Milwaukee’s major problems. Not only are we the most segregated city in the country, there if 50% unemployment in the African American community here and the poverty rate in that community is even higher. The state of our public schools is disgraceful. I understand that he inherited these conditions and he certainly cannot work alone to alleviate them, but sometimes he seems strangely laid-back. He is a good man, but I am not sure he is making the right decisions in regard to the city. By the way, I am not making a comparison here with President Obama, whose calm, thoughtful demeanor I see as a strength rather than a weakness.

  67. The high-gas-prices-are-Obama’s-fault meme is the latest GOP talking point. Their trolls are online enmasse spreading that nonsense. I wouldn’t be surprised if their corporate masters are manipulating the prices to drive them higher just to have something (else) to blame on the President! SMH

  68. April 21, 2011

    Los Alamos County Completes Abiquiu Hydropower Project, Bringing New Clean Energy Resources to New Mexico
    Secretary Chu Highlights Completion of the Department of Energy’s First Recovery Act-Funded Hydropower Project

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu issued the following statement on the completion and startup today of the Abiquiu Hydropower Project in New Mexico – the first hydropower project funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to be completed nationwide.

    “Today marks a major milestone in securing America’s clean energy future as we celebrate the completion of the Department of Energy’s first major Recovery Act-funded water power project. By increasing renewable energy output at existing hydropower facilities, we can create clean energy jobs, bolster our nation’s economic competitiveness, and contribute to America’s diverse energy portfolio,” said Secretary Chu. “The Abiquiu Low-Flow Turbine Hydropower Project highlights the clean energy potential and local economic benefits that come with the environmentally responsible use of our rivers.”

    The project received a $4.5 million Recovery Act grant from the Department of Energy’s Wind and Water Power Program, which was leveraged with $4.5 million from the private sector to fully fund the project. The low-flow turbine will increase renewable energy generation capacity by 22 percent at the Abiquiu facility – from 13.8 megawatts to 16.8 megawatts. The new turbine will produce enough energy to power 1,100 homes annually and will supply clean energy to Los Alamos County, including DOE’s Los Alamos National Laboratory. Hydropower projects at both new and existing facilities will play an important role in meeting President Obama’s bold but ambitious goal of generating 80 percent of America’s electricity from clean energy sources by 2035.


  69. Those folks don’t faze him I so agree…remember our discussion about Ann Dunham’s choices while raising President Obama, including the anecdote about her not letting adults help him handle the situation of the kids throwing rocks and racist names. No two bit egotistical reporter is going to faze this man, and their rudeness excites wingnuts but turns off moderates. Best POTUS ever.

  70. Thank you for all of your information, jovie. I find myself with less and less to say these days (I think I’ve emptied my basket), but I always come here to read and learn what I am too lazy to research myself. And the positive aura is always a healing burst of energy. As gn has stated, “optimism is revolutionary.” Which may be why so many revolutions have had uncertain results — because they are based on pessimism rather than optimism.

  71. Another hour on tv about rehashing whatever the great orange satan’s poutrage du jour. Not to mention recycling those same negative pundits that MSNBC uses to tell us what the President should be doing or what he isn’t doing.

    I haven’t missed him and I won’t be watching when he comes back.

  72. That interview was a reflection of the unprofessionalism and disrespect of the “reporter” and not on the President. Anybody who thought that lame brain bested the president won’t vote for him anyway.

  73. EPA administrator: ‘Nothing to fear’ from climate regulations
    By Andrew Restuccia – 04/26/11 10:43 AM ET

    Environmental Protection Administrator Lisa Jackson said Tuesday that the public has no reason to fear the agency’s pending climate regulations.

    “I believe there is nothing to fear from common-sense use of the Clean Air Act to begin to put this country in the direction of moving towards addressing our greenhouse gas emissions,” Jackson said during remarks at an energy conference in Washington.


  74. Maybe President Obama will propose some new cuts in the defense budget ? Cuts PRE-approved by the Pentagon ? God I would love to see how repubs would react to that…

    On the other hand, I would love to see a clean vote on the debt ceiling. The last thing I want to see is the validation ( even if it’s mostly optics and not reality) that a party can hold the global economy hostage in order to gain something, on policy or on political points.

  75. Solar energy deal inked

    Published: Apr 25, 2011

    Solar Frontier has signed an agreement with Granite Construction Inc. to provide 1.2 MW of thin-film solar CIS technology at Granite’s aggregate and hot mix facility in Coalinga, Calif. The monetary value of the deal was not disclosed.

    The installation will supply up to 50 percent of the total energy requirement of the facility and is considered one of the largest solar installations at an aggregate facility in the United States.

    Power Gen-

  76. Thanks: WBD, and happy Monday Yes the cartoon
    says all if any GOP candidate thinks can beat Obama they have all ready announce long time ago, So Mr President We are ready to go, and our money it’s on it’s way.

  77. Well, if Ron Paul can help in calming the republican crazy witch hunt over muslims, good for him. And good for America.

  78. A new facility that Lakeland Electric officials call a solar farm will be built at the west end of the runway on Hamilton Road and will generate enough electricity to serve 2,000 homes.

    It will be the biggest solar farm at an airport in the country, Lakeland Electric officials said.

    The city utility will make an announcement about the new 45-acre solar farm at 2 p.m. on Wednesday at the Sun e_SSRqn Fun Fly-In.


  79. Yes, I would love to see an across-the-board, full court press for any seat up for election in the next cycle. We need good candidates and good fieldwork in all 50 states.

  80. Yep. Winning the WH is only one part of the equation. How PBO can advance an agenda for change if the republicans get control of the two chambers of Congress and/or republicans in State governments do their best to undermine everything PBO is tryng to implement?

  81. I’ll give Maher kudos for his Letterman appearance. I’m still not watching his show.

  82. Actually…

    But, WE won’t let ’em!


    I’m a “Obamacrat”…Obama/Biden 2012! 🙂

  83. That is the thing with these PLers, (except for Cenk), they go up and down on this president. They are predictably inconsistent. Now, I mentioned Cenk, I do not think he has ever said anything nice about POTUS! Me thinks he is a NADERITE.
    My theory is, that Liberals are split between being a democrat and being in the Green Party.

  84. I understand where you are coming from with that point but I doubt it.

    Oil prices were even higher back in 2007- early 2008 when Buh was in office. The speculators are just looking at profit.

  85. Unfortunately, it’s also too true, he was written about in a long article in ARTFORUM. This is what much of the “art” world has become today.

  86. So Ron Paul is running for president.

    What is this like the 10th time he has run for president. The guy is a crackpot and his ideas don’t work in the real world.

    Like his opt out of the gov’t idea. LOL !

  87. Posted by Glen Johnson April 25, 2011 06:34 PM
    E-mail this article To: Invalid email address Add a personal message: Your e-mail: Invalid email address
    Sending your articleYour article has been sent. By Glen Johnson, Globe Staff

    Live by the op-ed, die by the op-ed.

    Expected Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney learned that today, when he made an apparent gaffe in what has become the favored form of communication in his carefully choreographed pre-campaign run-up: the newspaper op-ed column.

    The former Massachusetts governor found that when you virtually limit your media exposure to written columns, as opposed to unrestricted media questions, you can control your message — but you also leave no one else to blame when there’s trouble.

    In a piece for the New Hampshire Union Leader, Romney again excoriated President Obama for Standard & Poor’s announcing that it was changing its long-term view for US treasuries from “stable to “negative.”

    While the rating agency retained the country’s AAA bond rating, Romney jumped on its warning (which, incidentally, was directed at both to the White House and Congress).


    Not coverred by the MSM.

  88. Thanks for all of this good news, BWD!

    Funny how the NYT piece said one of the reasons that Republicans don’t want to run against PBO in 2012 is the 24/7 “media glare.”

    Guess they all have something to hide.

    Aren’t we lucky we have a President who does so well in the media glare? Who has done well since he came on the national scene several years back. Has no scandals attached to him or his administration. “Lucky,” indeed. Thank you, Mr. President, for being a leader the world can admire and respect.

  89. Good Morning, BWD. The mishmash articles are indeed interesting. Thanks.

    Good Morning, Commenters. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

    Me, I’m enjoying the fact that the Republicans can’t make up their minds about running for president. Just shows me how much confidence they really have in their positions; they can only argue them confidently (in a battle to lead the country) if they perceive their opponent as weak. IMO they should be so convinced of the value of their policies etc for the country that they welcome the opportunity to argue them before the entire country and to ‘fight’ for the chance to lead. How ‘patriotic’ is it to back off because you don’t think you can win? What does that say about your commitment? …. On second thoughts, it is quite ‘partiotic’ to admit that your policies do not stand up to scrutiny and to back away so that someone more serious, and credible, can govern. 😉 😉

  90. Well Cenk is just not even entertaining to me, nor remotely bright. He comes across as very dull and plodding. I don’t watch Bill Maher’s show, but at least I know he has that spark of brilliance and insight that allows him to put in such a great appearance like this one on Letterman. Bill’s very smart. Cenk is an oaf, and proudly ignorant — and dull, dull, dull.

  91. This raises an interesting question. It is true that non-citizens like our friend amk cannot contribute to a political campaign. Fair enough. But now the Supreme Court has held that foreign CORPORATIONS can spend as much money as they like to influence the outcome of American elections. Something doesn’t compute here. Anyone???

  92. A Poll out today shows that Trump and Huckabee are tied in W. VA.

    The Chumpster is now apparently claiming that the President didn’t have good grades and it is “questionable” how he could have gotten into Harvard. Give me a break. The President graduated magnum cum-laude. He is getting more pathetic by the day, but it is scary that Republicans are taking this jokester seriously.

  93. pj I was wondering what you think of cenk; this comment leaves me confused as to whether you think he’s smart or not…lol.

  94. Ha! Ha! Ha!Ha! Had a good laugh at both the ‘sack of potatoes’ single digit win, as well as where. 😆 😆

  95. What an indictment of the GOP as a “political party” that a current reality show star is their presidential frontrunner! lol lol lol lol.

  96. This seemed to float under the radar – I didn’t hear about it until I read if over at The Peoples View, but the Spureme Court refused to bypass lower courts to expediate the HCR Constitutionality challenge yesterday.

    This means opponents and AG’s will have to go through the regular process of lower court challenges and appeals up the food chain until it eventually gets to theSupreme Court.

    What this does do is gives the ACA more time to become entrenched and grow in popularity over the next year as it will take at least a year now to work it’s way up through the lower courts. Now it could also plop this case on the Supreme Court schedule right in the middle of the Presidential Primary, but given it’s such a political hot button I believe the SC would delay it until after the elections in November 2012.

    Nothing can be read into this ruling as to how the Justices might view it, as it’s pretty standard not to big time lower courts and expediate cases – SCOTUS likes to have the arguments percolate up through the lower courts.

    Read about it here as The Peoples View -http://www.thepeoplesview.net/2011/04/what-supreme-courts-refusal-to-expedite.html

  97. gos pl alert

    kos has an fp poll piece about rethugs are all so “excited” about 2012 (gimme a break) while dem base is ‘demoralized” and of course how obama should listen to the ‘base’. and of course, the usual whiners flooded that ‘diary’- I’m so starting to hate that term now.

  98. Challenging his nationality and now his intelligence based on nothing – how can it be anything other than racism? But Trump says he’s liked by “the blacks”.

    I think the same folks who went anfter Beck’s advertisers need to go after The Apprentice advertisers.

  99. And oh by the way, kos is shamelessly taking credit for what happened in WI. I called him out on that.

  100. DK and the like are not “the base” they “debase”.

    It’s like the childrens game of telephone when “The Professional Left – We Debase” is perverted to become “The Professional Left – We’re The Base”

  101. Daymn, you raise a very good point hgerhard. I can easily drop 3,000 bucks on PBO’s campaign, if I am allowed to do that.

  102. Could not care less about what those folks are saying; let them be led by the nose by this blatant bs, and continue to feed themselves that toxic media product. Free country.

  103. They are always claiming to be the base yet their sites have the same demographics as the teaparties. But if you look at the pragmatic progressive sites, they all seem to be way more diverse and much more reflective of who supports Dems. It’s such a joke. And a media trick. A blatant gambit to hijack our voices in order to have more authority while making “demands” of someone who out-classes and out-smarts these folks by some exponent. Who needs it. Live and let live, but I find it useless.

  104. What is Kos talking about ? Poll after poll has shown that the Democratic base is more fired up about this election than the Republicans.

    And polls were showing this back in Jan. before the Republican governors started acting crazy and the house Republicans embraced the Ryan Budget plan. And some of these polls were shown on Daily Kos.

    One of the main reasons for the jump in excitement for 2012 is because Obama is on the ballot.

    Daily Kos like other posters have said are playing games and they want to hurt President Obama and Democrats in any way shape or form.

  105. FDL is still telling lies about the ACA because the PL have been trying to undermine it from the start. They want President Obama to fail so they can continue to write more hit pieces to build drama and bring in revenue.

    These people are not real liberals or Democrats they are people looking to make a quick buck, and some are crazy far left nutjobs.

  106. ‘I find myself with less and less to say these days…, but I always come here to read and learn what I am too lazy to research myself. …’

    That is exactly how I have been feeling for the last little while, Sheila! Thank you for voicing it so well. A part of me was wondering if I started to feel this way because I can’t vote or donate (and therefore feel ‘guilty’ that I’m not really involved), but hearing you express a similar feeling helps. Now, I’ll accept that my reaction is a natural ‘low’ that happens to us all periodically. In any case, I look in daily to absorb the atmosphere, even when I have nothing to say. 🙂

  107. They use these polls to shape the narrative, just as they did in 2010. That space is ridiculously badly run IMO and it’s editorial vision of winning by losing and governing by tantrum/red meat makes just about no sense.

  108. Yup; that’s a positive development and a really good piece as well.

    Now, even though this is simply the Court refusing to hear the case before it has a chance to work through the lower courts, this is an important victory for both health reform advocates and President Obama. First and foremost, it will let health reform be implemented unimpeded while it works through the court process. As time goes by, more and more of it are implemented and more and more benefits become part of everyday life, which, once instituted, people will not want to give up. Among the benefits already in place:

    * No more pre-existing conditions discriminations against children.
    * No more getting dropped when you get sick.
    * No more “lifetime” limits on benefits, and annual limits being phased out too.
    * No copays for preventive care in new plans. Free preventive care in Medicare.
    * Insurers have to spend 80-85% of your premium on providing actual health care.
    * Adult children up to age 26 can now be covered under their parents’ plan.
    * 35% tax credit for small businesses to cover their employees.
    * Major expansion of drug discount programs in Medicare as well as community hospitals and health centers.
    * High risk pools in all 50 states to last until exchanges become available in 2014.
    * Establishment of a federal long term care insurance (CLASS) program.
    * Grants to start establishing health insurance exchanges started being awarded a month ago.


    tpv is really catching fire in terms of a super-smart and fearless pragprog space. I’m loving this blogging community we’re seeming to form here in the ObamaDem new media.

  109. SR – Great idea. I’m off to see if there’s already a campaign up to boycott advertisers on The Apprentice.

  110. There’s at least one Facebook page up, with a small following so far (Boycott “The Apprentice” & Donald Trump), but it looks as though people are starting to get into this call for action …

  111. LOL ! Yeah I know.

    It seems like the far left believes that losing is better if we don’t reach perfection.

    The logic behind this is astounding and not in a good way. Which is why they now like to talk up FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, Carter by changing the facts. It makes no sense.

  112. Ain’t that tha truth…

    And, the GOPTeaParty IS “hard at work” continuin’ to do so:

    Voter Suppression/Intimidation, anyone?

    The GOP’s 2012 Campaign Plan – Disqualify Eligible Voters: A tide of new stricter state voter ID laws proposed by Republicans targets presumed Democratic voters.

    ….REPUBLICAN LAWMAKERS ARE RESURRECTING ONE OF THEIR PARTY’S FAVORITE but most cowardly tactics to quote, win elections. THEY ARE SEEKING TO CREATE NEW BARRIERS TO VOTING BY PASSING STRICTER VOTER ID LAWS intended to prevent the very electoral segments who helped to elect President Obama in 2008 from receiving ballots in 2012, particularly the young, poor and elderly, according to voting rights groups.

    “Touted under the guise of addressing so-called ‘voter fraud,’ the proposals are PART OF A QUIET BUT COORDINATED EFFORT TO REDUCE THE VOTING STRENGTH OF MINORITY VOTERS who saw greater turnout in 2008,” reads the Advancement Project’s new report, “What’s Wrong With This Picture: New Voter ID Proposals Part of a National Push to Turn back the Clock on Voting Rights.” “The 2008 elections saw record turnout by black and brown voters, offering a glimpse of what a more equitable voter participation might look like. The photo ID proposals are part of a concerted effort to turn back the clock on voting rights.”

    The Advancement Project, a non-profit voting right law firm, said there were bills or new laws in 32 states requiring voters to present specific forms of government-issued photo IDs to get a ballot. Most states now require voters to show ID to vote, but those can range from driver’s license to bank statements to utility bills. In contrast, the proposed or just-passed bills–in Texas, Missouri, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Minnesota and Ohio — would only accept non-expired photo IDs from the federal government or state in which they vote.

    “These photo ID proposals stand to create second-class citizenship for classes of voters, particularly racial minorities, senior citizens, young voters, people with disabilities, immigrants, the working poor and students, who are disproportionately less likely to have current state ID or face substantial hurdles to getting one, who stand to be turned away or denied a regular ballot,” the Advancement Project report said…

    THE BEST REMEDY FOR ELECTORAL DIRTY TRICKS IS HAVING CANDIDATES WHO INSPIRE HIGH-TURNOUT ELECTIONS — exactly what Obama did in 2008 and the Democrats failed to do in 2010. No amount of partisan voter suppression will amount to much in a year when 132 million Americans or more vote, as they did in 2008. In 2010, in contrast, when the politicians now pushing the restrictive voter ID bills were elected, 44 million fewer people voted nationwide.


    Do not be fooled by the posturing about ballot security and voter fraud. The democratic process is based on real debate and on an electorate voting. More people voting mean a greater consensus for governing. THE HEART OF THIS MATTER IS NOT WHY DO ELIGIBLE VOTERS LACK SPECIFIC GOVERNMENT-ISSUED IDS; IT IS WHY THE GOP DOES NOT WANT THEM TO VOTE, OR THEIR VOTES TO COUNT IN UPCOMING PRESIDENTIAL, CONGRESSIONAL, STATE AND LOCAL ELECTIONS.


    I will NEVER FORGIVE the majority of the Congressional Dems (House/Senate) votin’, w/GOP, to DEFUND ACORN…ACORN had done nothin’ wrong!

    Besides “goin’ viral” and GOTV, what else can WE do to combat/minimize this?

    Also, WE need to pay attention to what’s happenin’ in the midwest, especially Michigan. Of course, there’s Florida, Texas, Arizona, South Carolina, et al:

    Rachel Maddow: Michigan High School is Ground Zero for US Politics http://pulsene.ws/1oKJg (Eclectablog (and Extreme Liberal) IS coverin’ this and Michigan, in general!)

    Civil Rights Movement 2.0, anyone?!

    I’m a “Obamacrat”…Obama/Biden 2012! 🙂

  113. They’re really worried about the day after the 2012 elections because when President Obama is re-elected, what will be their money maker then? Attacking the President who will never run for elected office ever again? Dem primary candidates would be at least two years from declaring, so they’re really going to lose their money making capabilities from 2012-2014.

  114. They’re not even the far left; they’re just media consumers of a very specific and boutique media product, one which services the elite in a roundabout fashion. I think that it’s reprehensible to feed that stuff to large audiences but there’s nothing I can do about it; free country.

  115. This is totally OT, but, I tend to read fantasy novels as a total escape from the everyday world. And I found a quote in one that is a pretty explanation of the difference between the Republican Party as it is now constituted and the Democratic Party. Republicans would edisagree with the following and Democrats would agree with it:

    “It is not enough to wish for a better world for the children. It is not enough to shield them with ease and comfort. …if we do not sacrifice our own ease, our own comfort, to make the future’s world a better one, then we curse our own children. We leave them a misery they do not deserve; we leave them a host of lessons unearned.”

    Hit me right between the eyes.

  116. The american reaction to gasprices still surprises me.
    Your price level is still extremely low.
    In Holland we pay at least the double at the pump.
    And nobody seriously thinks our (conservative) government can do anything about it, although in fact a lot of the difference is going into taxes.
    Of course there is some grumbling but everyone knows that if we lower those taxes some other taxes will have to go up and the air will get a lot dirtier. So all the smart rightwing young things are buying Toyota hybrids.

  117. They say that being President of the United States is the hardest job in the world, but really, being the #2 guy in al-Qaeda is the worst job in the world.

  118. I think, V C, it’s okay that some of us are not as involved. I do what I can to get Democrats elected in my area and to make my thoughts known to my political representatives, but politics is certainly not my first passion, or probably even in my top few, and I tend to approach the subject in a humanistic manner. And after having been in the blogosphere for a few years, I think I’ve said everything I have to say without discussing technicalities, which I’m not qualified to do, though I greatly appreciate reading the comments of those who are, as it’s the way I learn.

  119. I know, jovie, but I hardly ever hear about them anymore. And their last Presidential candidate was Cynthia McKinney, not exactly a major vote gatherer.

  120. I do not read DailyKos any longer. I quit that site long ago along with the Huffington Post.

    I do hope that the Dems will start hitting on these winning points fast and furious. Americans are paying attention and we need to hold their attention. The Ryan budget proposal and the Medicare issue is huge and it needs to stay front and center as well as the rebounding car industry. We have never been able to count on the media and we still cannot. Maybe I am missing it, but I do not see the messaging that I hoped I would. I think we should also be touting that the Democrats are the real fiscal conservatives. Repetition, repetition, repetition.

  121. I will say this, Jeremy, Ron Paul was cogent regarding the war in Iraq during the last Presidential primary. However, that was his only fine point and you are right, he is a crackpot. I would truly like to know his technical ideas about how to return our country to the gold standard.

  122. SR I agree. I think that is why they are doubling down on the hit piece and attacking the president. And since 2010 they have just started to lie about almost everything.

    After 2012 when Obama is re-elected they won’t have much to talk about. By then the economy will be much improved, the conflict in Iraq will be done, Afghanistan will be winding down, among other things and like you said President Obama won’t be running again.

  123. I know lots of people involved in the protests in Wisconsin, and literally NONE of them read Kos, much less blog on the site.

  124. “Ideologue for sale”—yeah, I’d pass, but I’m sure that the right wing is going to be hiring in hopes of convincing the country to sit a Republican post-2016. Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and the “serious” candidates who are sitting this 2012 arsewhooping out are going to want some strident ideologues who are used to attacking Dems; these folks have quite the resume doing so…

  125. The Republicans can’t seem to find a single candidate to run, but yet Republicans are happier about 2012. OK.

    I am so tired of these people trying to act like they are the base of this party — all these former Republicans.

    It’s like they are out to sabotage the Democratic Party.

    I have no respect for any of them.

  126. The good news is that Jeb Bush will have been out of politics for a long, long time and Chris Christie will have quite a long record to lose on.

  127. Keeps them off the streets. The outrage de jour phenomenon puts me in mind of something I read long ago regarding the first viewing of films by people who had never seen such before: those in tribal Africa or in remote rural sections of India. I can’t remember the films shown — they may have just been anonymous footage — but when asked what they had seen, the viewers all mentioned only things that had relevance to their lives: a chicken here, a basket of grain there. The questioners were perplexed as they did not remember these things being in the films they had shown, but on returning for a closer look, they found a chicken at the very bottom left of the screen in one scene, same with the other things mentioned, just details having nothing to do with the general imagery. I do not in any way mean this story to denigrate those who were seeing films for the first time. Their “interpretations” were perfectly understandable in light of their unfamiliarity with the medium. But it is difficult to excuse the same sort of mindset seen in the frustrati who jump from ephemeral detail to ephemeral detail looking for an object on which to attach their perpetual rage. Are they truly that naive to have no idea of the larger picture — do they have no concept that the political scene has many more dimensions than what they see and hear about in their favorite media outlets, many of its machinations unknown to the media and general public? Have they no concept, for example, that a President steps into a vast and labyrinthine system already in place, subject to all the revisions by Presidents who have gone before? I understand anger at much of the injustice that is endemic in our presentday society, but when I see those who concentrate only on those details which they can relate in someway to President Obama’s “failings”, I know I am witnessing someone who cares far more about attacking the President for personal reasons of their own rather than a person who genuinely cares about the issues.
    Their agenda is pathetically transparent, though maybe not to themselves.

  128. Exactly. Every other poll I have seen have shown Republicans to be dissatisfied with the crop of candidates, yet these guys find a way to tell us that we are demoralized.

    I refuse to let them try to shape the narrative for this election like they did in 2010. They are so bent on seeing this president fail that they continue to try every trick in the book.

    Despite having seen the havoc Republicans have wrought on states across the country, these guys continue this mess.

    One thing I know is that they don’t give a whit about the poor people that they use as a foil to further their agendas.

    I have just had it with all of them, no use, no respect. They are all like used car sales men and women and it doesn’t matter how much they hurt other people as long as their bellies are full.

    Go figure.

  129. I agree totally. But it won’t stop the GOP from trying and there’s going to be lots of money flying around to media “activists” who are willing to bash Dems. Ton of it flying around right now in fact.

  130. Good Morning all

    Today an uplifting story of students

    UMass Students Transform Campus Lawn into Permaculture Food Garden

    When posting the story I added a video of Michele Obama talking about the whitehouse garden.

    Once I got this idea to include video of the President and First Lady in many of my standard blog posts it became very simple to make connections. Please share the story with all the gardening folks you know.


  131. This whole birther issue is a huge distraction perpetrated by the msm and their rethugs cohorts to divert attention from the ryan’s curse of a plan. Fvck the rethugs enabling media.

  132. That is a great quote Japa21. I have also heard that Dems believe people are basically good and the Repubs believe people are basically bad.

  133. I lost my connections to the progress weekly. I was sent an email but when I cleaned out my old stuff I lost it. Could you please send it to my email again?

  134. Wow! Over here, President Obama is NOT a Republican, and the comments aren’t full of enthusiasm-gap pimps!

    Love It!

    We are going to win in 2012. I don’t now if it’ll be by 1 EV or 300, but we’ll win. I don’t have much patience for anyone who follows politics and still needs to be motivated or lacks clarity when it comes to distinguishing between the two major parties.

    Sorry to see Ezra Klein (who called the Ryan plan courageous) continue his march to the dark side. Could an MSNBC slot be opening soon?

  135. This is very good news. The US is far behind in replacing those energy wasting incandescent bulbs. I hope more places do this.

  136. I really do think he’s auditioning for a tv gig. I try not to watch MSNBC, but it seems every time I’m channel-surfing, there he is pundificating about what President Obama has done wrong.

    As we all know, there is some kind of rule that keeps an unapologetic Obama supporter from having a show, or even guest hosting.

  137. Out of desperation, the pl has resorted to straight up lying. President Obama as a republican is a lying meme which is not new because I saw it floating around dfox before I left that toxic space. A lot of these pundits just aren’t that bright, and because there’s so much disrespect for President Obama in the media, these nonstop lies are tolerated. Ezra sounds pretty dishonest here.

  138. (h/t rikyrah@wsy)

    To add: booman had a very different take. Not sure that I agree with it, because I think it’s pretty stupid and it’s dishonest to claim that President Obama’s policies and philosophies mesh with even moderate Republicans of old, but for anyone looking for a more generous view of Klein’s remarks:

    The Dems Are Holding Our Lifeline
    by BooMan
    Tue Apr 26th, 2011 at 12:01:01 PM EST

    Ezra Klein’s unassailable observation, that the president more nearly resembles a moderate Republican of early 1990’s vintage than a socialist Muslim born in Kenya, will probably be misinterpreted by a lot of progressives as an insult. But Klein’s point is not to complain about Obama’s policies, but to defend them as thoroughly mainstream. That is why Klein documents the support prominent Republicans displayed for an individual mandate in health care, Cap and Trade environmental policy, and sane tax policy, before those policies were offered by a Democrat. I think Klein is mostly interested in the possibility that Republicans are moving right, not out of any shift in principles, but out of a simple refusal to cooperate with a Democratic president.
    What is of more concern to progressives, however, is that the political landscape has shifted so far to the right that Democrats are now being labeled as radicals for proposing Republican solutions to our problems. I don’t have a solution for this. At least, nothing comes to mind in the short-to-medium term. As I have argued for two years, the way our system is set up constitutionally, combined with the rules of the Senate, and exacerbated by the Citizen’s United ruling, the minority has effective veto power and the minority is completely in the hands of corporate interests.

    Real change is possible, but extraordinarily difficult. Only fate can tell us whether we’ll be able to change the composition of the Supreme Court. No amount of lobbying or organizing will have any impact on that whatsoever, except insofar that it keeps a Democrat in the White House in case a conservative judge leaves the Court. We aren’t going to abolish the Senate and the Senate’s failure to change its rules after the unprecedented obstruction of the last Congress proves that those rules are unlikely to ever change. I haven’t even mentioned the media, but that is just one more example of out-sized corporate influence in our politics. We can strengthen the reach of citizen-journalism, but we can never match the reach of the major networks and radio syndicates.

    What’s going on in the Republican Party isn’t sustainable, but as long it lasts, the country actually needs a caretaker that represents the silent majority of sane people. That means that the Democratic Party has the heavy responsibility of being a welcome home to people who were moderate Republicans in the early 1990’s. This is not a necessity driven by ideology. It’s driven by the loss of a responsible alternative to liberalism. It’s also driven by the simple impossibility of overcoming the effective veto-power of Senate Republicans over all congressional legislation. The rise of the DLC took us to much the same place, but for a different reason. Klein might be right that the GOP has moved right simply to remain in clearly-defined opposition. If that is true, the limited success of the DLC had an unintended consequence. The quest for corporate financing moved the Democrats temporarily to the right, which led the right to march over a cliff, which left the Democrats holding onto the rope, trying simply to keep the whole country from slipping over the edge.

    Things would be bad and unmanageable even without a Great Recession and unending military commitments all over the globe.

    I’m sorry to paint this depressing picture, but this is what things have come to. Progressives need to look at long-term solutions, but they also need to keep a tight focus on the here and now. Things can definitely get worse. There is a lot of dead weight, and it’s uncertain that we can hold on.


  139. japa
    I have one that really reminds me of the repugs…….”He who loves least controls the relationship”.

    The repugs love least this country thus only we and Pres Obama can protect the country from their hatred.

  140. I’m sorry, but there is always an excuse with some people. The failure of Progressives (whatever that means these days) is our own. Booman doesn’t even touch upon the utter contempt many that too many on the Left have for people who are different from them.

    They don’t care for people who enjoy pop culture, or don’t read much nonfiction, if they read at all. They don’t get sports or it’s symbolic importance. Many hate, hate, hate the South and have no intentions of leaving their safe confines to come down and help organize people because they see most of those people as hopelessly dumb-assed.

    If you don’t really care about people that are supposed to benefit from your superior ideas and values, then how the heck are you that much different from the phony populists on the Right?

    We don’t have our own house in order. Many people are calling themselves “Progressives”, but demonstrate by their words action and inaction, that they are something else.

    As someone,over at you know where, put it, we have a bunch of “situational progressives, and “I hate the Man” types sucking up way too much oxygen on the Left. I would add to that list the legion of prominent ex Republicans that now profit off Obama/Democratic Party bashing directly or indirectly.

    Nope, sorry, no more Fox News, or Rush, or TradMed, centrists, corporatists(whatever that means)or Citizens United, please. If folk half a world away can organize, revolt and even overthrow dictators, on the cheap, using made in the U.S. tools, then we have no one to blame for our failures but ourselves.

    The first step in overcoming a problem is being able to admit that one exists.

  141. The difference is we have no public transportation in most of the country and many Americans have long commutes. So, our percentage of income going to gas is much higher than most Europeans.

  142. Ain’t that the truth. I think we’ve killed at least 25 people who have held that position.

  143. Extremely well said. And to make matters worse, here we have a model of organizing on display which POTUS used to aid in implementing clear progress, and rather than replicating that model, they tear it down and tear down the progressive reforms which it ushered in.

    The media, both national and new, has been incredibly unhelpful to the cause of progress, and they need to stop deflecting with the constant wh focus.

  144. Someone once suggested that a group of us foreigners should set up a company, and then donate through that company to PBO’s campaign. Citizens United makes us citizens, if we’re incorporated, right? At first, I was against the idea, but on further reflection, it sounds right. The fact is, what happens here affects the whole world. We should have a say, especially if there are enough crazy people here threatening to ruin it for the rest of us 7 billion people…

  145. Don’t forget that Huckabee has been running continuous ads to end health care reform (and more people will be feeling the benefits in 2011), and he made some nasty comments about President Obama a while back.

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