Evening open mishmash

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41 thoughts on “Evening open mishmash

  1. Wonderful pictures and a wonderful day…now if I could get rid of this headache…no more phone calls please. πŸ™‚

  2. What I think I love the most, are the smiles and happy faces on all the people around the president and family. They see to spread that good feeling wherever they go.

  3. What I love about the Obama family is that they are always 100% present every waking moment, soaking up every ounce of joy this life has to offer.

  4. I agree, Tien Le. I am working on my “being present.” Not easy to stay in the moment, but it’s worth aiming for.

    Great evening mishmash. I’m glad the Obamas were able to have so much fun in the sun with so many people. The pics look full of life and joy, and I’ve been smiling all day.

    Thanks BWD, and have a good evening, everyone :-)!

  5. It’s been a pretty busy day for news considering it is the Monday after Easter.

    Here is Mitt Romney doing his best to present himself as totally unfit to be Commander in Chief.

    Here is Boehner admitting that oil companies don’t really need all those subsidies that the Republicans keep saying are essential.

    Here is Allen West saying that women are the cause of our deficits by somehow emasculating American men with all their equal rights desires or something.

    And some townhalls that just don’t seem to be going the Republican’s way. Remember when the Republicans were all for heckling at town halls? Not so much anymore.

    And just for fun, a Republican who earlier this year made this lovely comment, β€œI suppose if you’re a gay man from Guatemala who gambles and smokes pot, you probably think that we’re onto some good ideas here.”, was arrested for dui and possession of marijuana.

    Quite a collection isn’t it?

  6. My last comment is awaiting moderation. Is that because of having too many links?

  7. Anything more than one link automatically goes into moderation. I’ve forgotten that more than once.

  8. ^lilaf1, probably…

    Majority of the time, “Awaitin’ Moderation” IS my middle name. πŸ™‚

  9. I love all those pictures. It has been a beautiful day. Thank you, BWD, for sharing all those wonderful pictures.

  10. Wow! I cannot believe the effort you put into this site. Love, love the slide show. I watched on and off all day.

  11. ^charmed, FLOTUS and the crowd were cheerin’ on Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter, Willow, who was performin’ on stage for the 2011 WH Easter Egg Roll…

    It’s a “W”:

    Check out The Obama Diary, it has a pic and vid of her. (It’s on ‘TOAITR’ Blogroll.)

  12. Loved the pics. Am relying on this site since the new OFA site is not what the old site was. I also prefer this site due to the ability to not get a sick feeling in my stomach due to no hateful troll posts.

  13. LOL snoopy. I usually don’t try to put in so many links. Guess I’ve learned my lesson now. πŸ™‚

  14. I liked the campaign strategy presentation, although Messina is himself a dull speaker. It looks as if we’re all going to have to do heavy-duty fundraising to overcome the big business contributions to the Rs and it’s going to be a long, hard slog to get everything done. But the alternative to being successful is so ugly and dangerous, we have to do whatever it takes–no matter what. We can do this and we will.

  15. Thanks BWD for posting the pics. It really brought a smile to my face. It just shows that family values are not just conservative values.

  16. Thanks so much BWD. The photos give such a lovely and sweet spirit into the hearts of our President and First Family. It was even so beautiful to see Bo getting into the reading and probably so much more. We are so blessed to have such a thoughtful President and FLOTUS. Thanks again for all that you do BWD. Have a great evening everyone.

  17. I am really surprised that OFA hasn’t started handling the trolling in its website. After all, it is the prime website for PBO’s reelection. Get some paid moderators in there already.

  18. amk – That’s been a rallying cry for more than a year over at OFA – however, from my perspective, it’s been like voices crying in the wilderness. Promises were made, but not kept. Nobody can understand it.

  19. I just wanted to say that I saw your writings yesterday, and you have been on my mind today. In my thoughts.I hope that you are well, and I hope you know that you may be alone, but need not ever be lonely.We are blessed with this wonderful community that BWD has nurtured here, and we all seem to have a truly caring,compassionate streak that seems to run through all of us…you are never alone. I hope that you are well, and that you visit here often to fill your bucket, even as you fill the buckets of many others here that welcome your heartfelt comments. Hugs to you,HZ and know that you were thought about fondly today.

  20. Isn’t there a way contact the OFA administrator/site-in-charge to let them know about this ?

  21. As posted earlier at OFA in response to the excellent overview of Mr Messina:

    “As an Obama Democrat, thank you for the overview, Mr Messina.

    I do think we have to be very clear about the message – and about those who are constantly claiming to be ‘progressive’ and ‘democrats,’ but whose actions affirm otherwise.

    I am encouraged that Democrats (wisely not distracted by folk like Mr Paul Krugman) do get it.

    Please check the following at The Reid Report:


    We will want to participate and encourage much more of this type of activity as we move toward 2012.

    All the ads by House Majority PAC are here:


    And, you gotta love this from The Hill:


    “… lawmakers in the [Democratic] party are more than happy, messaging-wise, to set themselves up as champions of programs like Medicare and Medicaid while casting Republicans as defenders of millionaires and billionaires.”

    So, we have an easy metric by which to determine whether anyone claiming to be a progressive, a liberal, on the left are really supporting the Democratic Party or – as we know for several – are merely hiding their true libertarian/Republican affiliation behind the term ‘progressive.’

    If these ‘progressives’ do not focus on supporting the President and all Democratic candidates who have already clearly delineated their support for Medicare and Medicaid and their intention to have the rich pay their fair share, as opposed to the Republicans, then we know them for what they are – hypocrites – and move on.

    More importantly, we need for the Obama campaign to crystallize a message that leverages the stunningly cruel Ryan/Republican legislation passed by the House. They explicitly have four objectives: more tax cuts for the wealthy, destroy Medicare and Medicaid, crush the recovery (i.e., fewer jobs in the next 16 months), and have the majority of Americans pay for and suffer the consequences.

    Yes.We.Can. …. Do.More.Together.”

    Link: http://www.barackobama.com/news/first-look-at-our-campaign-plan#comment-191753363

  22. hi bwd i hope things get soon i pray at least once a night that good things will start happning soon anyway im new to your blog so welcome intros will help me fell at home here and at ofa so goodnight everyone keep the hope alive and you are all not alone im sure we will get allies in unlikly places so im off for tonight see ya chao

    {millton} p.s. i hope the other blog will be rid of the trolls and the haters and the whiners and chiken littles soon

  23. I don’t think family values are “Conservative values” anymore (if they ever really were). They have abandoned all sense of decency, and decided that their failed ideology is more important than human dignity or faith or value. If I want to see real family values, I look at President Obama, who lives what he says he believes in. Newt, Trump, McCain, Palin and the rest of them don’t know the first thing about family values.

  24. Obama is so BEAUTIFUL not only on the outside , but he is absolutely BEAUTIFUL on the inside it shows oh so well. I LOVE THIS MAN. OBAMA2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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