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  1. Oh I love those pictures. This President loves to be with children and it shows. Such a great way to touch reality is to be around children.

    I have the live stream on from whitehouse.gov. Have a great day.

  2. PBO just loves the kids and must be a great dad.They always catch his eye at every event. He see the future in them and just wants to always give a helping hand to all.

  3. Awesome, Possum!

    I especially love the pic of the Easter Bunny lurking over Obama Cheney-style! That one cracked me up for some reason..

  4. TOO CUTE!!!

    The girls are just gorgeous. Malia is stunning. Poor Dad, lol.

  5. MSNBC’s Chris Jansing watched the event for me. Problem is, she never came back to tell me what she saw.

    I hate what passes for media in this country.

  6. Hi PoliticalJunkessa. What a great photo of a young Obama and his baby girls! I’ve never seen that one before. Thank you for using it as your avatar. 🙂

  7. I love seeing the pictures of all the children covering the grounds of the white house. President Obama and First Lady Michelle has truly made it the People’s House.

  8. I love seeing the pictures of all the children covering the grounds of the white house. President Obama and First Lady Michelle has truly made it the People’s House.

  9. When you look at the President around children, you get a feeling why he still wnats to be President. In a world in which people are looking out for themselves and what the impact of anything is on them, he is looking towards the future. Everything he does is for the children. He knows that the things he wants to accomplish aren’t going to have the long term effects felt for a while, but he knows if we don’t start now, the world these children will face as adults will be a whole lot worse.

  10. Hachiko, isn’t it precious? When I first saw it, I fell in love with it. I love pics from a simpler time for the Obama family before the white hot spotlight :-).

  11. Adding: I think I also love this pic because it was my dad that taught me to swim at the beach, and I’ve loved water ever since. My father wasn’t nearly as dedicated as PBO was and is to his family, but I do have that positive memory…

  12. I love seeing the President interacting with children. He really loves kids. Japa, you are right you can see why he wants to be President.

  13. That little girl was NOT going to give up. She was going to finish what she started! I love that President Obama came back to give her some egg rolling technique tips and cheered her on. Is this egg rolling race a tradition that can’t be broken by the way? I know there’s a few more important things to be concerned about 🙂 but I vote to change the type of egg race. That one is just too painstaking for so many of the little ones there. But it looks like a fun day with beautiful cooperative weather, and I’m sure a good time will be had by all.

  14. Adorable! One thing of note: I remember during the Bush years what a fuss that WH made of including glbt families, and how brave those families were, insisting that their kids are american and have every right to participate in the wh egg roll too (hat’s off to those parents; that’s really took my breath away, what wonderful people).

    Today, with this wh, glbt families are included with no absolutely no fuss, they’re just welcomed. *This* is change I can believe in, and no one will ever take away my pride in the progress that we made sitting this leadership.

    OT (another reminder for people who didn’t read here yesterday)-pooties/wozzles lovers: triciawyse is running a new picture series at Norbrook’s pragmatic place. Give her a hello. 🙂



  15. I couldn’t agree more. And people may poo poo the leadership which Obamabots chose to sit in place, but I at least we’re actually getting things done, not just playing to partisanship. Our reforms might not be perfect, but we’ve gotten the ball rolling on the most major legislation of the generation in hcr and finreg reform. And we’re still not done. 5 1/2 more years!

  16. Gave me a smile and now I can go about my day with all the stresses and aggravation – lol!

  17. I remember the first egg hunt at the WH for the Obamas and the President cheering on that cute little girl. And here he is, doing that again. It’s just so sweet.

  18. My youngest son and his wife just became parents this last year. My granddaughter is around 5 months old now and the photos I see with her with her Daddy are so precious. He like Barack just beams when he is with his daughter.

  19. Malia Ann turns 13 this July 4th, and she’s going to be on the cover of Glamour by the time she’s 18. (Which is when her dad will be finishing up his 2nd term. No rest for him!)

  20. I don’t know who is having more fun, the kids or the president ?

    A true people’s president, if ever.

  21. We actually had a very interesting and cleansing, renewing weekend here in the pragmatic progressive community in terms of reasserting our voices, which had been hijacked by this really strident, bombastic voice seeking absolutist politicians and politicking by demand: turns out that one of the biggest proponents of this style of politicking is probably more libertarian than liberal, something made clear with his flirtation with the argument that a far right libertarian ticket is suitable for progressives. People finally had enough, and what resulted are some spectacular pieces.

    Reader’s Guide (warning: content analyzing the PL/pundits for people who have decided that they don’t want to read about them at all):

    Re-Rise of the Naderites:

    Dysfunctional Family Portrait:

    The Professional Left:

    The Purists of the Left: Sidewalk Superintendents of Politics:

  22. OT. Paging SR. Looks like your easter egg is about to hatch.

    Senate Democratic aides expect Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to force Senate Republicans to vote on the Paul Ryan budget plan.

    Reid hasn’t made a formal decision yet, and won’t until he returns from an overseas trip.

    The idea is to drive a wedge through the GOP caucus and put vulnerable incumbents such as Sens. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) in a political jam.

    Senate Democrats felt encouraged Friday after Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) emerged as the first Senate Republican to publicly oppose the House-passed budget blueprint, named after Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

    “I don’t happen to support Congressman Ryan’s plan, but at least he had the courage to put forth a plan to significantly reduce the debt,” Collins said on WCSH 6, an NBC affiliate in Portland, Maine.


  23. Keep the pictures coming. They are wonderful. I am so glad to see the President having so much fun. He needs the time just to play and laugh.

    I think it is Reggie Love in the Bunny suit. Although I don’t think it is tall enough to be him.
    I hope all the attendees are having a great time.

  24. Terrific. Let’s get Rubio on record with mess-up number two; he voted against the budget compromise while all of the GOP moderates supported it, and he will either vote against this budget to the wrath of the teaparties or he will vote for it which will come back to haunt during any potential presidential run.

    Great idea, Reid and SR!

  25. In one of those photos, Bo is doing something questionable in PBO’s lap…

  26. Just posted an article about which originally appeared in the LA Times, I have added a video of President Obama signing the Small Business Jobs Act which is mentioned in the article.
    At that time unemployment was 9.7 and now it is down 1 point. What he predicts will happen in his speech really is happening.

    $$$ flowing into California’s small-business loan programs


    If anyone has another use for the 3 minute clip of the president’s remarks feel free to use the video.

  27. Reminds me of a favorite “The West Wing” scene when President Bartlet tells Charlie, who has just inquired about the possibility of dating his daughter Zoe, “And just remember, the 92nd Airborne works for me.” I’m sure President Obama will have that little reminder ready when the boys come calling!

  28. The question will the dem senate caucus hold true 100% or backstabbers like ben nelson throw the wrench in the works ?

  29. Some dogs love to do that. It’s annoying/embarassing when they do, but particularly if you’re President, it must be doubly annoying!

  30. They held just fine for the budget compromise. Blue Dogs would looooove to vote against this radically unpopular budget. Americans simply do not want to toss Medicare/Medicaid/SS. POTUS says we can get our house in order without doing that, and I see no reason that even Blue Dog Dems wouldn’t get behind that. The GOP needs to really be held accounable for this Ryan plan, and it appears that Reid plans to do so. All of those House Reps in purple districts voting for this? Will come back to haunt.

  31. orangeman bites the dust again. The law firm he appointed to fight for DOMA just upped and quit. But his point man in that firm vows fight for his real overlords.

  32. I think it would be an easy for for all of the Dem Caucus because nobody wants to vote on destroying medicare especially at the same time as giving millionaires more and permanent tax cuts. The only stray votes would be Nelson of Nebraska, McCaskill in Mo and Manchin in WV and I can’t see any of them voting for the draconian Ryan Budget.

    OTOH Brown, Snowe, Luger, Heller, Rubio, Kirk, Collins, Murkowski could all stray from the party line or not and either choice would open up a can of worms for them.

    If 5-6 GOP Senators vote against the bill it will further allow the Dems to paint the bill as extreme – the same game McConnell/Boehner played when the Conservadems would block HCR or FinRegs. In those cases you’d hear Boehner and McConnell saying “See the far left agenda is even too far for moderate members in their own party”, well the shoe would be on the other foot.

    One key would be to get this vote done before the gang of Six release their bill because if they wait until after the bi-partisan gang bill comes out it would give the GOP cover to vote against the Ryan Budget.

  33. FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!! 😀

    +############### ++++ +++++###########++

  34. What if snowe, brown et.al. abstain from voting ? Would that hurt their reelection chances ?

    Looks like harry is still dilly dallying.

  35. Why I want us so start seriously thinking about optimism as a political strategy and choice, and want us to start seriously thinking about handwringing, even when things look dim. Because folks like this delight in that handwringing and use it to form damaging media narratives:


    Obama’s Awful ’70s Show Echoes Jimmy Carter
    by Eric Alterman
    April 25, 2011

    But the two men have a great deal in common in their approach to the presidency, and not one of these similarities is good news for the Democrats or even for America. Both men rule without regard to the concerns of the base of their party. Both held themselves to be above politics when it came to making tough decisions.

    [. . .]

    Well that was the ‘70s, you say, and America is a different country these days. True enough, but while history never repeats itself, political patterns do. More and more, Democrats are starting to worry they that they have a more um, colorful version of Jimmy Carter on their hands.



    My emphasis. At some point, the worrying becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. I’m not making any judgments here because I’ve worried and wrung my hands too. But going forward, I think that it is beyond legitimate to ask whether it’s a good idea to deliberately choose to be optimistic as an extremely powerful politicial strategy…

  36. I personally think that it would. Brown especially has to make a compelling case that he has abandoned the teaparty extremists.

  37. Difference between dem punditz and the repug punditz – they both blame the dems. No wonder there is a untrue public perception that dems cannot rule.

  38. I think this is the best First Family to ever live in the White House. When I was young we would go to the Easter Egg hunt but only as far as the Park across the street. There were no organized activities other than what we bought with us.

    This looks like so much fun, too bad my grandchildren are too cool to participate.

    Bo is not a bad boy, he is just trying to get the president to pay attention to him. He wants to play.

  39. Bam, there it is. And I’m personally quite sick of it. I read that excerpt, then re-read it, and still cannot detect how this piece is in any way shape or form helpful to progress. It’s just ridiculous. And I don’t want to give people like this the satisfaction of imagining that President Obama’s base is depressed, unhappy, and pessimistic. Many of us are not.

    Optimism=choice. 🙂

  40. Thanks BWD, grrreat pics of our hospitable athletic President and First Family…

    It’s The People’s House! 🙂

    2011 White House Easter Egg Roll

    http://www.whitehouse.gov/eastereggroll (w/soundless video(?) 😦 and 2011 Easter Egg Roll Schedule)

    Btw, The Obama Diary has pics and vids! (It’s on ‘TOAITR’ Blogroll.)

  41. Well, as I’m sure you know by now, gn, I agree wholeheartedly, and this is the sort of thing I always advocate: staying positive, being stubbornly optimistic, and squashing hand-wringing and chicken-littling.

    When in doubt, let the credo be: “Never Let Them See You Sweat!”

    I have had to learn in life, and can relate strongly to this characteristic of PBO (as it is clear he had to learn this early on, too) — never give an adversary the satisfaction of thinking they’ve made me fearful, anxious, nervous, sad, angry, etc.

    After a while, it becomes second nature, and my emotions are saved for REAL emergencies, REAL events, REAL situations — not pettiness or goading.

    That is why I refuse to make money for the MSM, cable news talking heads, faux progressive websites that sell out to the highest corporate bidder, or any other entity that peddles fears, lies, or alarm. They won’t make money off me sitting in front of my t.v. screen or computer monitor gobbling up what they’re selling and becoming emotionally charged as a result. All the email protesting in the world doesn’t mean a thing to these people as long as folk are sitting there watching them. All they care about is the eyeballs (and the ad dollars they represent). I refuse to be a sucker.

    I maintain that it is *revolutionary* to present an optimistic (not to be confused with polly-annaish), forward-thinking, resolved demeanor with consistency. It is easy to devolve into worry and the-sky-is-falling thinking and behavior. And then what is the result? Paralysis.

    But when one disciplines one’s mind to move toward a positive vision no matter what, there is more energy and more passion to accomplish one’s goals. And a lot more fun along the way.

    Our President is the ultimate model in this regard, and we should follow his example.

  42. And, see, folks clicked on the link, got depressed, and then spread the doldrums, lol. Case in point :-D. More exposure for that author, more money in his pocket. I don’t spread links of doom…I guess we’ll learn someday, LOL!

    Have a great afternoon/evening, everybody 😀 😀 :-D.

  43. Solaria Dedicates New Manufacturing Plant, Solar Arrays In California
    in News Departments > New & Noteworthy
    by SI Staff on Monday 25 April 2011

    comments: 0

    Lt. California Gov. Gavin Newsom and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Western Administrator Jared Blumenfeld presided over the dedication of Solaria Corp.’s solar power manufacturing plant and solar arrays at the company’s global headquarters in Fremont, Calif., last week.

    Officials highlighted the importance of public-private partnerships that have made California a worldwide leader in solar technology and are bringing manufacturing jobs back to California.

    Solaria designs, manufactures and markets silicon PV modules and systems to solar system integrators, project developers and electric utilities. The company has expanded its global capacity to 50 MW and says it plans significant expansion next year.

    SOURCE: Solaria

  44. It’s been called California’s second gold rush: the clamor by large solar companies to stake a claim in southern California’s open deserts and capture one of its most abundant resources — sunlight.

    While many cheer the cleaner energy and economic possibilities utility-scale solar development may bring to a job-starved region, some environmentalists, Native Americans and others are critical of the process, saying it’s running roughshod over threatened plant and animal species and culturally sensitive areas.

    The California Energy Commission and federal Department of the Interior have approved eight major solar projects in Southern California since last year, including seven projects in the deserts north and east of the Coachella Valley. All but two of the approved plans utilize largely undeveloped public land managed by the federal Bureau of Land Management. The projects are expected to generate:


  45. “Whaddaya talkin’ about Willis?!” (R.I.P. Gary Coleman’s best voice)

    I’ll take optimism over pessimism, any day!

    Btw, I BELIEVE in PHBO, “warts and all” and his ‘Movin’ America Forward/Win The Future’ Agenda…

    I’m a “Obamacrat…Obama/Biden 2012!!! 😉

  46. WASHINGTON, D.C. – Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today released a report that assesses climate change risks and how these risks could impact water operations, hydropower, flood control, and fish and wildlife in the western United States. The report to Congress, prepared by Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation, represents the first consistent and coordinated assessment of risks to future water supplies across eight major Reclamation river basins, including the Colorado, Rio Grande and Missouri river basins.

    “Water is the lifeblood of our communities, rural and urban economies, and our environment,” said Secretary Salazar, “and small changes in water supplies or the timing of precipitation can have a big impact on all of us. This report provides the foundation for understanding the long-term impacts of climate change on Western water supplies and will help us identify and implement appropriate mitigation and adaptation strategies for sustainable water resource management.”

    The report, which responds to requirements under the SECURE Water Act of 2009, shows several increased risks to western United States water resources during the 21st century. Specific projections include:

    a temperature increase of 5-7 degrees Fahrenheit;
    a precipitation increase over the northwestern and north-central portions of the western United States and a decrease over the southwestern and south-central areas;
    a decrease for almost all of the April 1st snowpack, a standard benchmark measurement used to project river basin runoff; and
    an 8 to 20 percent decrease in average annual stream flow in several river basins, including the Colorado, the Rio Grande, and the San Joaquin.

  47. Willow Smith set to perform in under 25 minutes. I’m way too anxious to see a 10 year-old perform.

  48. Posted by Amy Mund, USDA Colorado Public Information Officer, on April 25, 2011 at 11:21 AM
    Jonathan Adelstein, USDA Rural Development Rural Utilities Administrator joined Colorado Rural Development Director Jim Isgar and representatives from Colorado’s congressional delegation for a ceremonial presentation at Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association, Inc. in Windsor, Colorado.

    The entity was recently awarded a $43 million Rural Electric Loan to connect 2,069 new consumers while building 54 miles of new distribution line. The funding is a win-win project for the co-op, the consumers are helped by offering a better and more reliable product and the co-op will be able to increase efficiency. The loan will allow the entity to make improvements to 186 miles of distribution lines. The project also includes $6.7 million in smart grid technologies, which will be used for technology, such as advanced metering and can provide data to consumers and utilities to better manage power use and costs.

    The utility staff hopes the funding will not only increase efficiency of delivery but allow consumers the opportunity to lower their bills by being able to reduce peak hour usage.


  49. Posted by Wayne Maloney, USDA Office of Communications, on April 25, 2011 at 9:48 AM
    Dignitaries from the Southcentral Foundation were joined by Alaska local and state officials, and Senator Mark Begich last week for a groundbreaking ceremony marking the start of construction of a new primary health clinic to serve Alaska Natives in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough and surrounding areas. When completed, Alaska Natives living along the Parks and Glenn Highways will no longer have to make long drives to Anchorage to receive routine medical care.

    The project was made possible through a direct loan and a guaranteed loan from USDA Rural Development and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act). Besides providing construction jobs, the facility, when completed, will employ about 200 professionals. Services provided include primary medical care, dental, behavioral health, optometry, health education, wellness and traditional medicine.

    In a letter to Katherine Gottlieb, President and CEO of the Southcentral Foundation, Alaska Rural Development State Director Jim Nordlund noted that “Our participation in this project is a demonstration of President Obama and Agriculture Secretary Vilsack’s commitment to American Indians and Alaska Natives, and the important historic, cultural and social values embraced by America’s indigenous populations.”

    The Valley Native Primary Care Center is the latest in a series of investments made by USDA in rural Alaska to support clinics, hospitals and the provision of emergency medical services.


  50. The HUSSC is a key component of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative to end childhood obesity within a generation. Schools participating in the HUSSC voluntarily adopt USDA standards for food they serve at their schools, agree to provide nutrition education and provide opportunities for physical activity.

    Alabama has 63 schools currently certified as HealthierUS Schools, with 715 schools currently certified in the entire nation as of April 14, 2011. This puts Alabama in an elite class thanks to people who have the determination and will to make it happen, like Wynette Shine, cafeteria manager for F.S. Ervin Elementary School and Peggy Terry, Wilcox County Child Nutrition Program Director.

    “Proper nutrition and physical activity are just good things to do for the kids,” said Terry. We just needed to document what we were doing and send it forward for the (HUSSC) award.”

    The “Little School That Could” certainly makes it sound easy to reach the top.


  51. “So, how fortunate are you? Are you free? Can you eat?”
    -Excerpt from JCPA Hunger Seder Haggadah

    On Thursday, April 14th, US Department of Agriculture Under Secretary Kevin Concannon and several representatives from the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships joined Members of Congress and members of the anti-hunger community to observe an annual “Hunger” Passover Seder in an intimate gathering at the Capitol Visitors Center. Sponsored by the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), this third annual Hunger Seder, and over 40 others like it across 22 states, told the traditional story of oppression, struggle and ultimate liberation, but with a unique voice and group of participants. Similar Hunger Seders were held across the country, coordinated by JCPA. Collectively, the group reflected on an oppression still present in our communities today– that of hunger and poverty — and asked each person to renew their dedication to justice and pledge their efforts toward nourishing and protecting vulnerable people in our communities.

    The Haggadah was customized to speak to the experience of hunger in our communities, led the group, cup by cup, through four new promises about hunger:

    We will feed our communities today.
    We will seek out those in need and act to nourish ourselves and our neighbors.
    We will use our power to persuade our leaders to act to abolish hunger in our communities.
    We will create a world where all Americans and all people are free from hunger.


    So, our govt does not work for us, aye tea baggers? LOL!

  52. I second the idea that it’s revolutionary to be optimistic. Certainly these days it is. As you say, optimism is not polly-anna-ish, but, to me, the confidence that you can solve problems that arise, as they inevitably will. I also join you in refusing to be an eyeball on the news, except from sites where real analysis, problem solving, and forward thinking are going on. I’m not going to read the article because I have no interest in the hand wringing. All these people, writing and speaking all these millions of words, could be actually thinking, making proposals, analyzing different approaches and what they would mean. Instead they’re all shrieking away about whatever they can to keep the national adrenaline flowing. It’s a ridiculous waste.

  53. There is a gos reclist diary about one million strong FB of PBO. It shot to the reclist in a short time thereby proving the silent majority is still with PBO.

    So chin up, bwd.

  54. April 7, 2011
    Enlarge image
    Spc. Dean Kalogris from Headquarters Company, Fort Bliss, Texas, charges the installation’s command sergeant major’s electric car. The cars, which are made from recycled plastic and can reach speeds of 25 mph, are driven by base leadership as a demonstration of their commitment to helping keep energy costs down.
    Courtesy of U.S. Army/Maj. Deanna Bague
    “Army green” may lead the average person to think about the color of uniform fatigues or an original Army Jeep their grandfather’s garage, but U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE ) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is helping the U.S. Army with a new program that will have Army installations across the country thinking “green” — all the way to net zero.

    Funding from DOE’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) is enabling NREL to partner with the Army to jump start the “Army Vision for Net Zero” program. All agencies in the federal government are looking for ways to meet mandates to reduce energy as a result of Executive Order 13514, “Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance.

    It expands energy reduction and environmental performance requirements for federal agencies so that they will take the lead in creating a clean energy economy. The executive order calls for new buildings to be net zero energy by 2030, and seeks a 30 percent reduction in water use and a 50 percent reduction in waste that goes to landfills.

    The National Defense Authorization Act also mandates that the Army produce or acquire 25 percent of its energy from renewables by 2025. Through the Vision for Net Zero program, the Army will look for ways to manage its installations not only on for net zero energy, but for water and waste as well.


  55. NREL is the only federal laboratory dedicated to the research, development, commercialization and deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Backed by 33 years of achievement, NREL leads the way in helping meet the growing demand for clean energy.


  56. I think the President enjoys seeing others have a great time in life. He is a peoples President. He is filled with so much love that the children just move into that beautiful energy space of his. I love my President.

  57. Please check the following at The Reid Report:


    We will want to participate and encourage much more of this type of activity as we move toward 2012.

    All the ads by House Majority PAC are here:


    And, you gotta love this from The Hill:


    “… lawmakers in the party are more than happy, messaging-wise, to set themselves up as champions of programs like Medicare and Medicaid while casting Republicans as defenders of millionaires and billionaires.”

    So, we have an easy metric by which to determine whether anyone claiming to be a progressive, a liberal, on the left are really supporting the Democratic Party or – as we know for several – are merely hiding their true libertarian/Republican affiliation behind ‘progressive.’

    If these ‘progressives’ do not focus on supporting the President and all Democratic candidates who have already clearly delineated their support for Medicare and Medicaid and their intention to have the rich pay their fair share, as opposed to the Republicans, then we call them what they are – hypocrites – and move on.

  58. Posted by Kevin Concannon, USDA Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services, on April 25, 2011 at 3:09 PM
    Millions of those who receive nutrition assistance from the federal government are children. Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our kids and so, at USDA, we are working to ensure that kids are being served safe, high quality meals.

    To emphasize this priority, Secretary Vilsack has just announced that Kansas State University was selected to establish the Center of Excellence for Food Safety Research in Child Nutrition Programs. Their important work will provide science-based support to improve the safety of USDA foods, particularly those served in schools and child care settings.

    Children now eat as many as two meals a day at school. Which makes it clear that the school food environment plays a more vital role in kid’s health and welfare, and USDA takes that responsibility very seriously.


  59. I’ll be surprised if it goes to a vote because Reid is in incumbent protectionist mode and will not bring anything to the floor that would hurt any of the at-risk incumbents. So if Nelson or McCaskill or Manchin say it would be painful then he’d probably not bring it to a vote. Also Reid will need seven Republican votes in order to get anything passed this Congress and if he puts this to a vote to hurt them then they’ll be much less likely to vote the Dems way on anything. Of course these are both ridicuous in that if it hurts any incumbent Dem to vote against the Ryan budget than they’re not Democrats and their seat is likely already lost anyways. And Snowe, Collins, Luger, and other so-called GOP moderates didn’t help Reid one iota the last congress. Besides what is going to get passed when you have a teabagger House who voted for this very budget in almost lockstep?

    I could see Reid not bringing this to a vote as part of a negotiated deal where he’ll get key votes elsewhere – things we’ll never hear about. Maybe of immigration or energy/climate or even on the 2012 budget – in a don’t make us vote on this one and we’ll play nice on the debt ceiling. I hope this is not the case, but the Senate never gave a damn about the House anyways, and Reid’s job is a helluva lot easier with a split congress.

  60. WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD, Hawaii – In efforts to provide a clean source of “green” power and control nearly any source of electrical power within an existing grid, Col. Douglas Mulbury, commander, U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, hosted a formal maile lei untying and demonstration of the Army’s first-ever smart-charging micro grid, Friday, outside the garrison headquarters, here.

    “This prototype underscores our stated goal to become the Army benchmark for environmental stewardship,” Mulbury said.

    The Smart-Charging Micro Grid, or SCMG, system consists of 25 kilowatts of solar power array, 200 kilowatt-hours of battery storage and four plug-in electric vehicles. The system powers four electric vehicles and has the ability to provide instant backup power to support three buildings for 72 hours, including the garrison headquarters.

    “Using the sun’s plentiful power here in Hawaii, this simple carport is a power management system, capable of supplying electricity for the two, three-story buildings on the left, and our garrison headquarters – totally independent of the commercial power grid,” Mulbury said, as he described the system while standing under the photovoltaic upgraded carport.

    The pilot program is a prototype designed to help make the installation energy independent. The U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center, or TARDEC, along with private industry, created the prototype.


  61. lol, bwd, don’t you see how this is how people like this want us to feel? They are choosing to spread this depressing content in hopes that it does become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and they’ve been doing this forever. Please don’t be depressed; you are contributing to such a wonderful lifting of authentic voices of the base! You are a solution, and a pretty major one. I swear I wish the WH would call you and reassure!

  62. April 21, 2011

    From the Executive Office of the President; Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ); Washington, D.C. 20503

    Federal Agencies Release Performance Benchmarks for Energy and Sustainability Goals; Target Opportunities to Improve Efficiency, Reduce Pollution, and Eliminate Waste

    Today, Federal agencies released, for the first time, their scorecards on energy sustainability performance. These scorecards enable agencies to target and track the best opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce pollution, and eliminate waste. Under Executive Order 13514, President Obama directed Federal agencies to lead by example in clean energy; and to meet energy, water, pollution, and waste reduction targets.

    “You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” said Jeff Zients, OMB Deputy Director for Management and Chief Performance Officer. “Keeping Federal agencies on track to meet energy and greenhouse gas performance standards through the OMB Scorecard on Sustainability/Energy should reduce the cost of government by a cumulative $8 to $11 Billion by 2020.”

    Based on scorecard benchmarks, each agency will update its Sustainability Plan to address areas needing improvement, and to expand on successes. Agency Sustainability Plans, which are required by EO 13514, are due in June, and are posted publically on agency websites.

    “To meet the President’s ambitious energy and environmental goals, agencies need to know where they stand,” said Nancy Sutley, Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality. “The agency benchmarks established in these scorecards provide a useful measuring stick to help agencies stay on target to save billions in energy costs over the next decade.”


    There, that should be enough good news for y’all. Now, I Gotta go to the park to walk my dog, and then Cookout time! BTW: You guys know I would feed you guys if you were here? Right? LOL.

  63. You’re right; I won’t link to this again and will be far more disciplined about bringing negativity into this space.

    I lean polyanna-ish (although I am capable of handwringing and have done it) and so I appreciate the reality checks from worriers. But you’re right: optimism as a choice is a revolutionary act. We’re getting better and better, working out kinks right now. 😉

  64. True…and as I stated before, our President will be experiencing his real “Katrina” when the girls start dating!!!

  65. I thought that the little stank “a more um, colorful version of Jimmy Carter” would be a tipoff that something’s not clean in the water with that article. Apologies for bringing this person’s foolishness here, but I wanted to make a point about optimism/handwringing.

    I spent a wonderful weekend reading a very vigorous pushback against some hairbrained scheme to support a third party libertarian challenge with a hard right winger on the top of the ticket; presented by a “progressive” big media voice. The pushback was so beautiful, there are so many people who are determined to make things happen in 2012; let’s not pysche ourselves out ahead of time.

    Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will!

  66. The three-phase Portsmouth Naval
    Shipyard project is helping the Navy
    meet its energy, water, and carbon
    dioxide (CO2) reduction goals—
    all while making badly needed
    improvements to the shipyard’s heating,
    cooling, electric and infrastructure. This
    helps the shipyard meet its mission
    and increase security while meeting
    national goals to reduce the Federal
    government’s demand on limited
    energy resources and reduce pollution
    and green-house gas emissions.


    Woops. One more…

  67. Absolutely, gn. If you can’t conceive of a beneficial outcome, how can you act to help bring one about? If you believe that the ideal can actually occur, you’ve made the first step toward doing what you personally can to move toward it. As Wittgenstein states so succinctly: “What is conceivable can also happen.”

  68. Yes, glen Greenwald has endorsed libertarian Gary Johnson, b/c Gary wants to legalize marijuana!

    Not kidding! Glen Greenwald is a Racist and always has been. Maybe they can smokeout together…

  69. Breaking: Hayley Barbour wil not run for WH:

    (Reuters) – Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour said on Monday he will not run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 in a decision that came as a bit of surprise.

    After spending weeks visiting the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, Barbour issued a statement saying:

    “I will not be a candidate for president next year. This has been a difficult, personal decision, and I am very grateful to my family for their total support of my going forward, had that been what I decided.”


  70. BTW: I want to know how the HELL can the Taliban, who obvioulsy need fighters, can breakout 450 prisoners from a kandahar prison?
    Apparently, they dug a tunnel? WTF? Something is fishy in denmark.

  71. That little Willow Smith is something else! I just finshed watching her perform on WhiteHouse.gov. Thanks for the pix BWD. My girlfriend took her kids to the event today and they had a ball. She said the Obamas were awesome. President Obama is so comfortable around kids and vice versa – you can’t fake that!

  72. Likely means Mitch Daniels is in. I think Daniels is more dangerous than Barbour would have been.

  73. I beg to differ – Mitch Daniels is personally responsible for the end of the surplus, and ushering in the current deficit. He’s also got the same hair-brained ideas that the rest of these silly governors are playing with – i.e. end the middle class and social safety net, as we know it. I hardly think he’s particularly dangerous.

  74. here is jim messinas first web video to us all:

    The effectiveness of David Plouffe’s online briefings to supporters in 2008 came from the fact that they were genuinely fresh and direct, news to reporters and junkies as well as casual supporters.

    One interesting point from this one: Obama needs, again, to “expand the electorate,” he says.

    “This is not 2008 — we have to assume every single day that e have to build something new, better, faster, and sleeker,” Messina says, promising to make ’08 look “prehistoric.”

    He also warns that Citizens United has “fundamentally changed the way campaigns are funded.”

    One line I sort of doubt: “Grassroots will run this campaign.”

    No need to make over-broad promises on the first date…


  75. Smooches, gn. You’re a sweetie :-). Sorry if I come across as too gruff on this point, but I believe so strongly in not letting the bastards get me down!

  76. Exactly!

    Just because somebody wrote something and posted it on the internet doesn’t mean they know what the hell they’re talking about. LOL! And there are a lot of know-nothings posting a whole lotta words in cyberspace ;-D.

  77. This is just a small lol but my oldest Grandson who wishes he could vote for PBO next year asked me this yesterday: “Granny will you show me how to roll up my sleeves in that cool way that President Obama does?”

  78. You’re not coming off as gruff at all, and you’re a major sweetie like everyone else here. I’m not taking this continuing debate and discussion personally; we’re trying to come up with a very careful formula in terms of keeping it real versus “if you can conceive it, you can achieve it” as sheila so brilliantly notes below. This is a very difficult editorial point of view to create technically, hence, the ongoing meta.

    Your points and that of sheila, tien le, mel osario, tao jones, and a bunch of other advocates are very well made and persuasive in terms of using positivity to draw in and create positive outcomes, as are the points of bwd, sr, japa, jovie, tulips, and others who feel like we can’t just go into a complete bubble while we are emphasizing the positive.

    We’re getting there. I just wanted to make a point about using optimism not as a personality trait but as a deliberate, specific campaign tool. Yes we can! I love you all very much, this is a great community.

  79. Amen, Betsey!

    I always ask myself, “well who in the hell are you?” whenever I hear of one of these pundit’s dumb opinions. What have they done? Do they know history? What’s their track record? Usually they’re just pulling stuff out of their behinds.

    They love getting people worked up, because then people keep tuning in or clicking, which = $$$$. The best way to shut it down is to not partake at all.

  80. More dangerous than Barbour. Barbour is a stereotypical deep south Republican politician, almost a cartoon character.

    Daniels has his warts – everything you said, and the fact he called for a social issue truce in order to tackle the budget that didn’t go over well with the RR and said raising taxes might be necessary with will piss off the Club for Growth folks.

    I think Daniels would play to the same target audience as Pawlenty – three could be a crowd with Huntsman as well.

  81. Yup; a bunch of these “experts” are just people who like to accumulate stank remarks about President Obama in effort to persuade other people to abandon POTUS. Part of what we do here is to tell the other side of the story, and raise our voices in objection to this depiction of the base. I tell ya, the media.

  82. “If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.”

    And I’m choosing to conceive of an exciting campaign season as POTUS has the GOP for lunch, as he did Ryan. Yes we most certainly can, again!

  83. Looks like it was a budget compromise. I’d bet the GOP made it their mission to go after HSR because it’s an Obama Administration favorite and getting it cancelled in Cali would be a big deal. I’ll bet other states who need to negotiate budgets with the GOP will all happen to see HSR funding at the top of the Republicans axe list for negotiating purposes.

  84. Why do these reporters always have a little something smart to say? Who do they think is going to be out on the street drumming up support for our vision for the country? Yes we’re being organized from the top with lots of input from the grassroots, but this is our campaign, we’re going to have to rely upon and nurture each other, and we’re going to have to face down a challenge as big in scope as anything we’ve ever seen with a corrupt media and money flying everywhere. The only people capable of doing this are the grassroots, end of story.

    Ben Smith: thanks for the little stank remark; this is your country too, and unless you want some SS-ending freak show in charge of it, you’ll tighten that little fresh mouth up.

  85. NBC couldn’t let Fox have all the GOP Presidential Candidates on their payroll. They felt left out.

  86. With a unemployment rate of 12.3% , they need to take the money and create jobs.

  87. I agree with your points – he’ll be competing for the same crazies on the right, but we weren’t going to get those votes anyway, right? I doubt he’ll go over well with the moderates. I think Huntsman is more of a threat with the moderates, who won’t care about his Mormon faith like the radical right will, but will like that he worked for President Obama. However, Huntsman also has the Palin swoon hanging over his head from the 2008 convention.

    I still can’t think of a worthy candidate on the right that can really come up with good alternative strategies and touch the same amount of thinking voters as President Obama. The Conservative agenda is based on failed policies, and it really doesn’t matter who’s delivering the lies/lines. It’s really a battle of the “thinkers” versus the “feelers”, and that’s where we have the real danger. People who are thinking can see the wisdom and moderation in President Obama’s agenda and tactics. People who are just feelers are a mix of ideological purists, bigots, uninformed folks who just vote on the most popular or most recognizable name or the sound bites they see on TV, plus those who are terrified of change – even if they can see that it’s good, and the corporate shills who’s only emotional driver is greed.

  88. This is a compelling reason for Californians to get more Dems into the statehouse next year. Thus they will have an opportunity to get rid of the hsr roadblocks in Cali and beyond. These state and local elections have consequences, as POTUS tried to tell people last year.

  89. Except for a teeny fact, Senator Collins: Paul Ryan’s budget adds to the deficit.

    Anyone who still aligns themselves with the Republican party is completely lost to me.

  90. Well, one more down. I wonder who is going to be left standing.

    Thanks for all the news, Jovie!!!!!

  91. That’s why I want Reid to force them on record with this. People like Collins don’t realize that the middle has shifted away from them. Americans aren’t viewing radical plans to ultimately destroy Medicare/Medicaid/SS as we currently know them as “courageous” or a good starting point. Let folks like Collins continue to make remarks which can come back to bite them. The Ryan plan is the gift that keeps on giving, no one likes it but the media.

  92. Isn’t that a violation of campaign law ? It’s disgusting how the rethugs always break or stretch the law and get away with it. Fvck the media.

  93. God forbid the PL should help this President succeed instead of their petty childishness. God.

  94. Is Mitch Daniels the short Elmer Fudd looking dude?

    If so, put a fork in him. He’s done. Next!

  95. ben smith is a two bit hack, gn. Stupid one liner snarks is all he is good for.

  96. If Parenthood wasn’t on NBC I would not mess with them anymore. What the hell are they thinking about?

  97. Actually he said something about using two words for any young man who comes calling on his daughters: Predator Drone.

  98. The thing is that the writer from the LA Times is happy that high speed rail is stuck in the mud right now. He says that we should be investing in our Airports and roads which I agree with but we are still the only industrialized country in the world without high speed rail.

    They act like high speed rail is something evil and Americans will hate it.
    Some people in this country just refuse to move into the 21st century. All they do is look to the past.

  99. Agreed. Daniels has a bad history that will weigh him down. He will sink like a stone.

  100. Watched the video of President Obama encouraging that little girl to keep working on rolling her egg to the finish line and it was so great to see her keep on keepin’ on and finally winning. That’s Barack Obama all over! Never give up and you’ll WIN!!!

    OBAMA 2012, YA’LL!!! Hope you’re all volunteers with Obama for America!! Hope you’re all IN!!!!

  101. Ass backwards is what it is. People were comfortable in the 90’s and the early 21st century is mostly disaster after disaster. They think regressing is the way to fix it.

  102. BWD why read such BS if it bound to be negative especially if it is from the Daily Beast. Your tolerance level is low so please don’t follow the trail of this nonsense. Don’t invite into your life.

  103. AMK…please explain this to me. Why did the firm quit? Vows fight for real overlord? I’m clueless.

  104. King & Spalding is a law firm which Speaker Boehner engaged to defend Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in light of the Obama administration’s determination that this legislation is unconstitutional and refusal to defend it any more. It’s an Atlanta-based firm, and Atlanta happens to be the chocolate version of San Francisco in terms of a glbt-tolerant city, and thus they put a great deal of pressure on King & Spalding to not accept this engagement. The law firm announced today that they are dropping this engagement; one of the lead partners, Bush’s former solicitor general, quit in protest of the firm’s decision.


  105. The firm quit, but the lawyer (some shrub minion) wanted to continue. So he quit the firm and is going ahead with the trial to serve his real overlords, boner & co.

  106. I’m sorry because I actually brought this here, not bwd, who merely reacted to it. I will avoid bringing articles of this type into this space in the future. Sorry everyone!

  107. BWD…I wish you had been sitting in the coffee shop with me today when I had a one on one with a new OFA volunteer. I was waxing poetic about how optimistic I am about this country and the new trajectory we’re embarking upon. I was my very own ‘one voice can change the room’.

    I think there is a tendency among political junkies to lose sight of just how great this country really is and how wonderful our young people are and how our diversity makes us strong. This is why I love what What Is Working does for us all every day. She helps us stay in touch with all that is great and good about our Nation.

    If I had a frustration about any of our process, it’s that the President’s message about how optimistic he is about this country and progress in general and winning the future, isn’t being internalized sufficiently to serve as a solid backdrop message that overrides the pessimism and hand-wringing.

    Why is the message coming from the MSM and pundocracy more appealing and easier to believe than the President’s message? Why are people so chronically mistrustful of the American people? Why can’t we focus more on the better angels instead of the demons and demonizers. Is there a such thing as angelizers? Is that something we could all strive to become?

  108. Which begs the question: Why are we tracking that mud in our own house? Why do people insist upon posting that garbage here? It helps no one.

  109. I’m wondering if they really even care what happens. It seems to me they just want to be mad — that’s what drives them. No real vision for either present or future, certainly not much sense of history. They just like life-as-endless-tantrum. PM Carpenter had a good thing on this. He was talking about the right wing, but it applies to the PL, too: http://pmcarpenter.blogs.com/p_m_carpenters_commentary/2011/04/of-bombthrowing-and-sidelines.html

    And I agree that the line about a more colorful Jimmy Carter was…um…disgusting. At least they keep tipping their hand, so we know where they’re coming from.

  110. Jovie, I want to thank you for posting all these links to positive things that are happening in regards to energy and the environment with this administration.

  111. Hahaha (h/t miranda@wsy):

    Haley Barbour won’t run for president; wants to devote more time to catchin’ them Duke Boys.
    Twitter – 3 minutes ago

  112. Two bits of news:

    1) Dumb News: Donald Trump continues inching his way even closer to calling President Obama a “stupid colored fella”, as “Teh Donald said in an interview today that “Obama didn’t have the grades to get into an Ivy League school like Harvard.”

    (Trump to Teabagger Translation: “Just a dumb ‘black’ who went to Harvard thanks to a quota”)

    Yay Donald! Here’s hopning your ignorant, classless, racist ass becomes the GOP nominee!

    2) Good News…Home sales were up last month by 11.1%, and the average home price is close to pre-bubble / 2001 levels.

    Historically speaking the real estate sector has always been one of the legs on America’s economic chair, so to speak. Considering the recent growth in GDP and drop in unemployment has taken place WITHOUT ANY help from the real estate sector is pretty amazing. But what is VERY encouraging is the possibility of a resurgent Real Estate sector around the corner, and the economic turbo-boost this would represent to the economy.

    Couple that with interest rates that are STILL at 50 year lows and we could see the economy turn WHITE HOT at just the righ time. Say, beginning of 2012? Can you say “sailing to a 2nd term via landslide?

    That is all. Tip your waitress, pray for your local Teabagger, and try the veal! Best in the city! 🙂

  113. I was surprised to see Daniels getting some kind of an award from an Arab-American group, and when reading the article I learned that he is Syrian, which I never would have thought. (his name) His paternal grandparents were immigrants from Syria. I hate all his typical Repub style of conservative governing—free rein to big biz/corps., but he does have a brain and has a 75% approval in Indiana. I know that many Repubs have been begging him to run, especially in light of all the Trump nonsense.

  114. This is so cool. The message coordination right now is at an all-time high. For a third party entity to be pushing the same message as the White House, and for Reps from the House pushing the same message at home with their constituents is positively spectacular.

  115. So now that Trump’s “investigators” in Hawaii have come up empty-handed, he wants to change the subject and move on to the next issue of PBO’s college grades? No Mr. Trump, you finish what YOU started. What have YOUR “investigators” found regarding our Pesident’s birthplace? We are waiting and have been waiting for some time now.

  116. Late to the party, I have to jump in here and defend Reid. He is one of the smartest, craftiest politicians I have seen in my life. The meme that he is weak comes out of the far left and is far from true. I have never heard a hint from the President that he has ever been unhappy with Harry. Reid is just not one to ever throw a Hail Mary pass when there is a great chance of losing a battle. He is more like a spider waiting for his prey to get into the web and then he wraps them up. Plouffe and Reid both know how to count votes and who to persuade and how to do it.

  117. Seriously, is there some reason this information had to come from Ben Smith when the same thing was in our in-boxes today? I would love it if stuff that makes its way to this blog from the campaign actually came from the campaign, unfiltered by snark.

    Same thing applies to news from Huff Post. Most of the time all that is required to get the same news story, usually from the source, is to take a key phrase from the story and Google it to find the original source. Post the original source, not the filtered source.

  118. “But the two men have a great deal in common in their approach to the presidency, and not one of these similarities is good news for the Democrats or even for America. Both men rule without regard to the concerns of the base of their party. Both held themselves to be above politics when it came to making tough decisions.”

    I am sorry but if this is supposed to be serious political analysis, the esteemed writer is insulting our intelligence. The President has made tough decisions because he deemed them crucial for the benefit of the country. The President’s base, as the polls repeatedly show, supports his decisions. The only disgruntled people are the self anointed pure progressive who, it should constantly be repeated, are not his base.”

    Let me also add that it is people like Eric Alterman who created such disunity in the Democratic party that gave us Ronald Reagan. They seem to be at it again. Defeating Democrats pays off for people like Alterman because they are always tapped as pundit voices of the opposition; positions that pay very well during Republican rule. Meanwhile, the masses they claim to represent bare the brunt of destructive right wing policies.

    By all objective standards, President Obama, in his first two years in office, has accomplished more than any other President, since FDR,. Many of his legislative successes depended on him working closely with a Democratic Congress. Only a lazy person who does not pay attention to policy can make such comments as those made by Mr Alterman. But then again it may not be laziness. Rather, it may be part of the PL’s coordinated attacks to undermine this President to facilitate the election of Republican president.

  119. Well, first you gotta buy him some seriously expensive shirts with those extra buttons and great cuffs. That is so cute!

  120. Thanks, Bobfr, for sharing these excellent ads. I totally agree with you that any one who claims to be progressive should “focus on supporting the President and Democratic candidates who have already clearly delineated their support for Medicare and Medicaid and their intention to have the rich pay their fair share, as opposed to the Republicans….”

  121. You can watch pretty much any NBC program on Hulu…less invasive advertising, not as much money in their pockets.

  122. Tien Le, I am with you! I didn’t need to read Politico because I already received Messinas’ message via my e-mail. I suppose that people who are not yet part of OFA benefited from this info.

  123. I totally second that. Why give them a click when we can get it straight from the source?

  124. Here is John Boehner’s Kenyan’s birthcertificate. We are all Kenyans now. lol.

  125. Agreed about people not yet being part of OFA, but the info could have come here from the OFA blog if someone here is still reading it. I’d like to see more OFA blog info cross-posted here for those of us who don’t go there much if at all.

  126. Well said. I think Reid is the unsung hero of the first two years of the Obama administraiton. What Reid was able to do in the HCR battle is nothing sort of miraculous. Nancy Pelosi was absolutely wonderful as well but she had more room for error. Reid had none, absolutely none. He needed ALL the democratic votes. I’ll never forget his little press conference on december 24th ( or 23th I’m not sure) where he looked dead tired and told everyone he couldn’t wait to just sit and watch the rabbits in the garden ( paraphrasing but you get the point lol…)

  127. ^Tien Le, like this…

    From: Jim Messina, barackobama.com

    Subject: Video: First look at our campaign plan

    Date: April 25, 2011 2:41:10 PM CDT

    Lillie —

    I want to show you a quick presentation I’ve been giving to the first staff coming on board here in Chicago, outlining our strategy to win and our overall approach to this campaign.

    In the weeks and months to come, we’ll ask grassroots supporters like you to meet with one another and local organizers to take the first steps to victory on November 6th, 2012.

    But before we begin meeting in living rooms and backyards across America, it’s important that we communicate with each other about a set of principles for the organization and our overall strategic thinking about how the race will shape up.

    The most important aspect is this: Our campaign will be grounded in President Obama’s experience as a community organizer. This notion of ordinary people taking responsibility for the organization at the neighborhood level is not only the way to win, it’s also the way politics ought to work. Our campaign will be an example of innovation and efficiency, but it will also be an example of civic engagement at its best and most rewarding.


    http://my.barackobama.com/2012-First-Look (Emb video?)

    This plan will evolve as we get feedback from grassroots supporters like you over the weeks and months ahead. That’s already happening — as you know, we’ve already started the process of having one-on-one conversations with people in every state to gather thoughts and ideas, and thousands more talks will take place over this spring and summer.

    But this briefing should give you a sense of our current thinking about how we’ll build an unprecedented grassroots campaign to win — with you leading it.

    Thank you,

    Jim Messina
    Campaign Manager
    Obama for America

    Messina on Twitter?

    I’m a “Obamacrat”…Obama/Biden 2012! 🙂

  128. I don’t know if the man is racist. What I see is a man with deep anger issues; a man who has a narrow view of reality, and an unhealthy attitude that makes him always attribute the worst motives to people who disagree with him.

  129. Ditto, Thank you Jovie

    I am glad you stayed here. You are a vital source of information. We need you through 2012 and to help get PBO re-elected.

  130. I think California should utilize more urban areas to capture solar energy because that’s were the use is most needed. I somewhat agree that we should not destroy our open lands with these hideous turbines when you can put them in cities, on homes, federal, state, business rooftops. Just my opinion.

  131. While this article is depressing and way off the truth. I am most troubled by this comment which I find racist. Why is the reference to the President’s color meaningful or necessary. “Democrats are starting to worry they that they have a more um, colorful version of Jimmy Carter on their hands. …”

    I for one resent it.

  132. I, for two, resent it. I did a double-take when I saw that, because it was so clearly a racist statement.

  133. Because he is black, and there is racism in both progressive and republican media.

  134. I read that too, and all the commentary with it. It really encouraged me and gave me some anmunition with people that think GG is the cats meow;

  135. I so had to LOL!

    This grandson is thirteen, he raided his Grandpa’s closet for old dress shirts and ties. He wears the shirts untucked over jeans but wants the sleeves rolled “Obama style.”

    Ties are strictly for school dances and “special occasions” They are not knotted like you would expect but are some how wrapped around the neck in an odd way. This is “way cool” and girls “like it.”

    I so love my grandchildren.

  136. /floored

    you’re good people, aquagranny. tell your grandson that he made someone’s day in another part of the country please, because he really just did. you raised a very nice crop.

  137. After reading snippets of Trump’s letter about Gail Collins I demand to see WRITTEN PROOF that he graduated from grammar school.

  138. i want to see *the receipts* that the thing on his head is hair and not a sentient being as weeseeyou commenters have recently alleged.

    “show me the receipts.”–whitney houston

  139. No way!

    He’s too full of himself already because he told me “girls like me a lot.”

    I told him a few things about being a real “man” and a gentleman like his Grandpa and his Dad.

    I do love him so much but I won’t feed his adolescent ego and he knows he has to answer to me. Granny Power, I love it!

  140. LOL! love that one from WSY, what’s scary is it probably did better in school than he did.

  141. What a beautiful day to have an easter egg party and outdoor activities at the white house. I love the first lady’s dress and the whole family looked so happy. It looked like everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you BWD and The Obama Diary for sharing.

  142. ROTFLMAO!

    Barbour was never a viable candidate. Now he has his fifteen minutes while MSM discusses this non event.

    I think I will now take a spa day tomorrow in fond remembrance of Haley Barbour, RIP.

    Barf, barf, laughing……………………

  143. ROTFLMAO even more.

    Trump is the biggest joke since Sarah Palin. The Repugs are so over cooked. Stick a fork in them, they are so done!

    However, we should keep our eyes out for any surprises.

  144. WHOOOO designed Mrs. Obama’s fabulous grey and yellow dress (the one she wore to the Easter Egg hunt)?? Does anyone know? 🙂

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