Wealth care vs. health care

Happy Easter, everyone

Couple of good reads for this morning. This Stephen L. Goldstein‘ column is the most optimistic thing I’ve read in a while. I wish I could be *that* optimistic, but it sure is nice to read something like this (Thanks, Sarah):

Wealth care vs. health care.

That choice will frame the debate for the 2012 election. As a result, President Barack Obama has already won his second term, and Democrats will recapture majorities in both houses of Congress. Everything until then is a delicious denouement, when tea party extremists will have turned the Republican Party into a blip on the political screen…


Whiz kid wannabe, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., will be the unwitting savior of the Democratic Party and cause of his party’s humiliating defeat. He issued his penny-pinching “Path to Prosperity” before the president spoke about our debt and deficit. For the unveiling, image consultants gave the Wisconsonite a new hairdo to soften his usual menacing part and ghoulish gaze, but they couldn’t change the mean-spirited, elitist strategy to which he committed Republicans: AdiósMedicare, Social Security, Medicaid; Hola — tax cuts for the drowning-in-money.

For average Americans, Ryan’s “Path” is a road to ruin. The Ryan Republican tea party would make a 65-year-old eligible for Medicare in 10 years pay nearly $6,400 more than people pay today — and force them into the private insurance market, where they probably won’t be able to afford, or even get, coverage. It swells the deficit by trillions and doesn’t achieve a balanced budget for decades. Through his calculated miscalculation and stubborn refusal to recognize that we have a spending and [ITAL] revenue imbalance, Ryan gave Democrats a gift that will keep on giving.

When Obama delivered his vision for America, he drew an election-winning distinction between his party and Ryan extremists. Cool, calm and collected, he outlined a pragmatic path to fiscal health, while reaffirming his commitment to the social infrastructure on which all Americans depend. He spoke like the wise, senior member of an accounting firm, chastening an overzealous, junior bean-counter. Squirming in the audience, Ryan, who naively expected the president to kowtow to him, was sandbagged by a pro.

Whatever plan emerges to restore our fiscal health — and everyone agrees we need one — Obama will be the winner. Ryan/tea party/Republicans overplayed their hand. Exactly 150 years after our first Civil War, we are fighting another one for the republic’s heart and soul — and wallet. Ryan promises magically to create prosperity-for-all by pledging never to raise revenue while redistributing trillions in wealth care to the rich. So, he’s led a delusional GOP to a path to political suicide. When he and other defeated tea party/Republicans are looking for jobs, Obama’s commitment to health care reform will be the only thing that saves their family finances.


Do not miss rootless’ latest masterpiece:

Since Barack Obama began to find success in the Democratic primaries of 2008 he and his supporters have attracted virulent attacks from the professional left of liberal commentariat, lobbyists, pundits, think tankers, and academics. The underlying basis for the attacks is class – the class of professional liberals/leftists, cut off from any popular movement, derives its authority, prestige, and income from its status as the official interpreter and judge of “leftism” or liberalism. That’s why they get writing assignments, TV invitations, grants, jobs in DC or NY writing position papers for liberal institutions. The term “professional left” describes a group of people who generate liberal/leftist opinion as their profession (these are not organizers). But while the professional right is disciplined and assiduous in supporting the Republican Party, the professional left is disciplined and assiduous in attacking the Democrats especially the Obama Democrats. There are three main reasons:

// go read the rest. Truer words etc….


Yea, it’s way too early in the game, but Larry J. Sabato, Director, U.Va. Center for Politics , has his first 2011 take on 2012’s electoral college. Discuss! 🙂


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  1. Happy Easter to you too BWD and the rest of the family here. Good job as always.

  2. Was watching CSPAN this morning and apparently Arianna Huff & Post has written some BS regarding the Prez.
    So I have just deleted her website from “my favorites.”

  3. I hope those people in South FL are reading the Goldstein article, since it would be a huge percentage of them affected.

    Don’t you just love the words “sandbagged by a pro?”

  4. Good morning and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. Thank you, BWD, for providing some good material early in the morning. Yes, the article by Stephen Goldstein reflects optimism, but I agree with what he says much more than with the electoral map.
    The Tea Party and the Republicans may be able to get their core supporters to vote for their platform; however, the vast majority of the electorate will not buy such a pessimistic and defeatist vision. Seniors will vote against the very real threat to Medicare and Social Security if the Republicans were to be successful. Workers will go to the polls to make sure that minimum wage, health and safety rules, the 40-hr work week and every other accomplishment of the labor movement does not disappear. Young people will vote in droves to support the President they admire, the one who will make sure that their future is not taken to the chopping block. Low income people and the poor will vote to maintain the hope and promise of improving their lot. Black and Hispanic voters will largely support the President who validates their aspirations. Women of all ages and all backgrounds will vote for the man they see as a wonderful husband and father and a gentle soul. Native Americans will vote for the first President who has fully included them in government and always stands up for their rights. Immigrants will vote for the President who is respected and loved around the world. Environmentalists will vote for the President who takes global warming seriously and tries to help heal the planet. Educators will vote for the President who recognizes the importance of a world class education. Health care professionals will mostly vote for the President who overcame a hundred years of opposition to reform and who will continue to work for improvement. …
    I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. 5-1/2 more years of progress!

  5. I would like to know for all that for all the polling done 2007 & 08, which pollster even came close to the actual results. Juts like pl, pollsters are another class making money out of people’s idiocy.

  6. Good morning and Happy Easter. I do think the Goldstein article is very good and if things remain much as they are today it is a good predictor of 2012. I also think the economy will continue improving making people more and more likely to support re-election as well. Then of course, the Republicans are likely to nominate someone unelectable because, frankly, that is all they have. I think the map above will end up looking wildly optimistic for the republicans and it is likely that it represents the most red we ever see on a prediction for 2012. There are a lot of Fox viewers are pretty easy to lead around by the nose, but even they balk at drastic changes to Medicare and Social Security and republicans are dumb enough to have embraced doing just that. It will come back to bite them.

  7. Thanks again for the early morning reads. I also have found new blog sites because of your posts.

  8. “Squirming in the audience, Ryan, who naively expected the president to kowtow to him, was sandbagged by a pro.”


    I loved reading this line and have read it over and again this morning. The gall of this guy (Ryan), after proposing to gut every social program and devy out monies to the rich, to think that the president was going to give him kudos for doing what was so hubristic and mean-spirited, that his take down was simply delicious.

    Of everything that happened during the speech that day, this was the most satisfying for me. The brilliance of president Obama and for those who continue to underestimate him at their own peril or embarrassment is just fascinating to watch.

    For those who say this president is weak, I say they are living in la la land. How many politicians you know invite their opponents to a party, provide a front row seat for them, and dress them down with such finesse that they get whiplash thinking about what just happened to them?

    Welcome to President Barack Obama’s world. Until people learn these simple lessons about this man, they will continue to be schooled.

    Excellent article. I just hope that Americans whip their heads out of the sand and quit hanging their hats on silly, but subtle slogans crafted by the likes of Frank Luntz and others, who line their coffers by doing such things, while caring less about who gets hurt in the process.

    Happy Easter everyone!!

  9. I call B** S***.

    We cannot afford the kind of optimism that leads to complacency. “President Barack Obama has already won his second term, and Democrats will recapture majorities in both houses of Congress,” is an invitation to all of us to just sit back and enjoy the “delicious denouement.”

    Victory will not happen on its own, folks!

    Get on over to OFA, get signed up for training, get your friends and neighbors involved. Give your time, and your money, and then give some more. Right this week, in my town, our party will host OFA training. If anybody there suggests that we have already won, I’ll (metaphorically) slap them silly.

    Take off the d***** rose-colored glasses. Eyes on the prize.

    The other side will not rest. Neither may we.


  10. As far as 2012, I don’t see Nevada, Colorado, and Iowa as tossups. Really doubt we win Indiana again, it should be lean Red. And Georgia is probably closer for a flop than Missouri.

  11. a post by Steve benen has already ticked me off. He reports that Republicans are going to try and capitalize off of higher gas prices by bringing up bills and talking points that will give the appearance of doing something but won’t actually do anything. The media will go along of course and allow the Republicans to change the subject again. I’m just so sick of the media.

  12. I doubt anyone here is going to be complacent, but it helps to have some optimism when going into battle. I will say this, all these activist groups who are complaining about Obama need to make sure we keep the Senate and gain bigger majorities there as well. Otherwise they can forget climate change reform, immigration reform, DOMA, etc. They keep thinking Obama is the obstacle and they are very much way way way off.

  13. Interesting they think that the high gas prices will be a problem for the President. High gas prices, to my mind, play right into what the man has been saying for YEARS! That is, we need to find alternative energy sources and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.This is right in front of everyone’s faces now…do they really need the dummy stick to hit them over their heads any harder???I say, IT PROVES HIS POINT!The thought that high gas prices his HIS doing, is ludicrous.
    As for the Goldstein article,I say, spot on! He’s thinking the way I’ve been thinking for quite some time now.It’s not to say this is all in the bag,and whoever thinks that way is a fool,but they ARE the gift that keeps on giving…videos will certainly be very convienient come ad time…they can’t escape what they’ve said. People won’t buy the crap they’re trying to sell….it didn’t work the first time around, and it won’t fly now.How ironic that they will bring themselves down in the end…even WITH the bumblings of some Dems that don’t have a clue.How delicious!!!

  14. Happy Easter! Thanks for the great info, BWD. I am a pragmatic optimist. I see victory but I know we have a lot of work cut out for us. I’m in!

  15. I’m with you, Africa:)The fact that Ryan thought he would be somehow “praised” for his vision is laughable.He sat there thinking that he would get some kudos from the President, and got his a** handed to him and started whining that the President was being mean.What a fool.Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.( Well actually,there’s a bunch of deserving guys, but we get to stretch this out and watch this play out more than once!)This President is in another league.It’s called the people’s league, not the corporation’s league…and he is WAY to smart and forward thinking for the likes of the short sighted, soundbite loving Republicans.They have met their match, they know it, and they are afraid. They should be.

  16. Good morning everyone! I just came from a beautiful Sunrise Service. It is a gorgeous sunny day here in Montana. Finally, it has been a long winter and spring.

    Thanks for the mishmash and news. I do believe it is going to be a long hard fight to 2012. But we have the right man in place to fight with us and for us. I do believe that with President Obama out there the people will be there. Besides with all the things the Repubs are doing. I think most peoples eyes will be open.

    And all of us will be working hard for our President.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

  17. No way is Florida a toss-up with Rick Scott running things. We’ve tried the Tea Party way and we are extremely unhappy. Florida for Obama in 2012. Scott out in 2014. And Rubio better quickly change his tune or he’s out (and the Cuban voters will not be able to save him).

  18. Harry Reid needs to put the Ryan Budget to a vote in the Senate. Keep it in the news a little while longer after they come back from the Easter recess. Susan Collins has already said she wouldn’t vote for it – I wonder how many other Republicans would vote against it. A vote would really paint them into a corner – either they show solidarity with the House Republicans and toe the party line and open themselves up for voting against medicare, and if they break from House caucus as expose the whole Republican House caucus as extreme – the same gimmick the GOP used last congress when the Conservadems in the House would vote against or slow walk House bills.

    Harry Reid is all about protecting his incumbents this congress so he won’t have any vote that could hurt them – however I think McCaskill, Manchin, Nelson, Tester would love to vote against this budget and stand up for medicare. Similarly how would Scott Brown vote? How would Olympia Snowe vote? How would Dick Luger vote given he’s a prime teabagging candidate? How would Marco Rubio vote (knowing he has much higher political aspirations), how would Dean Heller vote knowing he voted for the budget in the House?

    If there was a Senate vote and 6-7 Republican senators voted against it, it would be a big story and give the Dems a major talking point to run on in 2012 to take back the House. And if they toe the party line than the Dems still paint it as extreme and have attack points against Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe, Dean Heller and any challenger to the up-for-re-election Dems as the whole Republican Party would have shown they’re for destroying Medicare.

    I’ll be supremely disappointed if Harry Reid doesn’t bring the Ryan Budget to a vote. It’s a no-brainer.

  19. Complacency? My dear friend, I’m the worst pessimist ever. Plus, I jinx. It’ll be probably better for PBO if I’ll stay as far from him as possible…

  20. President Obama is already out in front of this – he’s been talking about it in townhalls, Holder is putting together a commission to look into possible illegalities/price gouging with speculators etc.

    I think the GOP want to make this an issue because they know the prices will go down and they want to claim credit for it when it does.

  21. Agree agree times 1000. As a Floridian I want to see if Marco Rubio (The Republican Obama remember) will vote to end Medicare with all the seniors in this state.

  22. I agree. Not to mention the GOP is all about giving Big Oil tax cuts when they’re making record profits. The GOP is against investing in renewable, clean energy – I believe PO mentions that the Ryan Budget wants to cut funding in this sector by 70% while giving more tax cuts to Big Oil and not touching the $4B given yearly in subsidies to oil companies.

  23. I know Obama is out in front on this but I think the media will focus on what Republicans are saying. They do most of the time, especially on subjects that are complicated. The media tends to go with the simple minded first and then catch up to the facts when its too late.

  24. I can’t see it happening yet, but the President Obama needs to contest it because it helps greatly in building organization capabilities for down ticket races now and in the future.

    Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez (ret) is rumored to be Parry Murray’s star recruit. He’s a Latino-American from South Texas – both areas needing organizing so he’s potentially a good “get”. Now he will have to convince folks he was the fall guy for Abu Ghraib and really didn’t know what was going on, and we don’t know how good a campaigner he is – but I think the high ranking military man could open doors and minds for Dems in Texas that would otherwise be bolted closed.

  25. The Sabato map really depends on who the eventual GOP nominee is. A Daniels or Pawlenty map would look different than a Romney map, which would look different than a Huckabee map etc.

  26. A concern I do have is I believe Obama is out of the country (In Ireland and England) – so it will be all GOP all the time.

  27. Oh, BWD…I pray hard EVERYDAY!!This is from the man that runs the Democratic Party in AZ..http://azdem.org/blog/gratitude_must_be_earned/ After the idiot Gov vetoed the crazy birther bills,I guess some thought that Dems should “thank” the governor:)I’m with Cherney on this one…these people are crazy! Tell me why you think there’s a chance here, because I live here, and I don’t see the nutcases going away!

  28. AGREED! AGREED! AGREED! Let’s see who’s for wwhat, and put it on the record. Someone say, “Got balls?”

  29. Don’t worry joe…if you read bwd’s action thread, you will see just how deeply invested us rosies are in President Obama’s reelection, a commitment which extends beyond words and into donations as well as boots, sandals, slippers on the ground. We’re really in action not merely for President Obama’s reelection, but to put the gavel back in the hands of the wonderful Speaker Pelosi and fire the lazies in Congress who have not done one thing to create jobs, and OFA is also committed to doing everything possible to hold onto the senate.

    That’s a tall order.

    No worries, and don’t be frightened by the optimism. Let it help us all to become more determined to make these goals into a reality.

  30. I live in Arizona BWD and I honestly thought President Obama would take it in 2008. I am not so optimistic, though in 2012 because after all Governor Brewer was swept into office on SB1070 and I think we have too many crazies here now. We have lost thousands and thousands of Hispanics. I will keep hoping and work by butt off again for 2012.


  32. Good morning and Happy Easter Sunday.

    Yesterday, a bwd reader, kasai, posted the cutest video, which contains a very old and traditional form of West African praise of an outstanding community member, created for President Obama a few weeks previous to his first presidential election. It’s delightful:

  33. Happy Easter everyone!

    As always, thank you BWD for all that you do and all the contributors here.

    Everyone have a blessed day!

  34. I couldn’t agree more. Fauxgressivism is a trojan horse and virus which turns liberal assets into weapons against themselves. People really and truly need to wake up before it’s too late. Just recently, there was a gambit to sell some right wing libertarian as a good presidential choice for liberals and progressives. It could not be more obvious at this point that a bunch of these very loud new media people are advocates for the right wing., willing or inadvertent, doesn’t matter.

  35. I live here, too, Jackie.I thought back in the day when Californians were flooding to AZ because homes were getting too expensive in CA, that those folks would finally give us the push over the top that we needed to at least become “purple”. Not so much.I think much of this has to do with the fact that there are too many retirement communities here,and maybe THIS year, that will be a good thing considering what the Republicans want to do to Medicare and SS…we shall see.I also think that the majority of people are just going about their lives and never pay any attention to what’s happening with their govt, both on the state level and on the national level.These old folks think that this Republican party is the same one they always voted for 40 years ago!!! This is the same place that thrives on scaring the old folks.The corruption in this state is like none I have seen before, and I’ve been around the block a few times!Public officals here are filthy dirty…case in point, MCSO and Arpiao…want to read up on that,go to Phoenixnewtimes.com.The gov is a joke,sheriff’s office under Federal investigations,county atty’s office has troubles, and these poor fool’s think it’s great that we have our very own state gun!Please explain to me why it is that you think AZ has any chance of brain activity…would love to hear your take:) Thanks.

  36. I think that President Obama is asking the GOP to stop playing games and doing mean-spirited things to the American people, and step up to the plate as a real conservative opposition party. Some are rising to that challenge; clearly many are not, especially in the House.

    President Obama succeeded in doing something I’ve been wishing for, for a very long time: convincing the American people that it’s the Republicans with the extremist, elitist, childish ideas, not liberals. Aside from some media buffoons who unfortunately confirm a caricature of liberals, we’re in general reasonable, pleasant and have lots of good ideas. President Obama is terrific.

  37. Those Midwest toss-up states? I doubt they will make the mistake of electing GOPers again–not after what their new governors have pulled. I think all that union busting up there has awakened a sleeping giant that will not forget in 2012. I’m looking at WI, OH, MI, and possibly IN, where their governor chickened out after seeing what was happening around him.

  38. I think one of the main reason they passed the immigration bill was to have Hispanics leave in droves so Arizona stays in the red. They saw the writing on the wall for them with the Hispanic population.

  39. I “like” so many comments here. Is there some reason we don’t have a “like” button. I’m sorry trying to get used to posting stuff. I spent an hour yesterday “flagging” posts on FOXNEWS.COM where people were actually calling the Prez “coon” and the n-word.

  40. I don’t know, if people are out of work and gas price still high, they will take their anger on the president. People never use their heads in these situations, look how quickly they gave them the keys back.

    To be honest, I think it’s time for something very creative to come out of the WH. Something that will have real and serious and immediate populist effect, because this state of funk we’re is worrying me very much.

  41. I so totally have read that line over and over. It’s like watching an instant replay of a great catch in baseball repeatedly. Can’t get enough of it. Many thanks to the person who brought that to our attention. Made me very happy.

    Regarding the “President is weak” meme…this line explains it. I had to look up the term sandbagging because I didn’t know how it applied to this topic, and I see that it has to do with the appearance of weakness to place one’s self in a better position in a competition. So he ‘appeared’ weak on purpose, to make Ryan think he had the President painted into a corner. Then Ryan shows up to the speech to hear this ‘weak’ President only to find out the Master was in the house and taking his sorry @$$ to school. Sweetness itself.

  42. Oh, TOTALLY! No doubt about it…tens of thousands left in the cover of darkness to go to a place they hadn’t lived in years!! As AZ gets more and more hispanic, rather than embrace the people and their culture, they demonize them. The Hispanic population is NOT the problem here…the fat, old racist white guys are.They have not yet come to that realization.The majority of people here continue to vote against their own best interests, believing falsely, that the brown people are evil and out to get them. I bet my right arm that none of them even KNOW a person of color.

  43. it’s all about just staying in the game until the 4th quarter. Can’t bring out the game changer now.

  44. ‘Happy Easter wishes!’ to all who commemorate the occasion, and a “Enjoy the long weekend!” to those who don’t. I’m actually looking forward to visuals of the White House Easter egg hunt. Sure hope they get good weather so that the children (and adults?) can have loads of fun.

  45. Hi ladyjazz. Nate was not a pollster. He was more of an aggregator of various pollsters and constantly adjusting his numbers, based on the regression analysis of individual pollsters and their predictability. In the end, I agree he got the best prediction, both in primary and in GE.

  46. I agree with Lynn re: GA and MS. I am very encouraged by the new census data. Although we do have to worry about voter suppression nationwide, it it especially bad in the south and midwest.

  47. Whatever. Ever since she tried to sell the story that HuffPo supposedly isn’t liberal, that should have been enough for people to see through arianna. She has no basis for critiquing *anyone* in my opinion. Good for you for choosing to take her out of your life.

    For some real analysis and a nice long good laugh check out wsy’s comments of the week (I’m always so touched when they pick out a comment of mine): http://weeseeyou.com/2011/04/24/wsy-comments-of-the-week-13/


    Thank you GN…for reposting this video.

    Peace and Blessing to all on this beautiful day!!

    Let us rise to this occasion, in helping President Obama finish what he started:-)

    If I had my way, He be President 30 more years.

    Much Love!!!

  49. I have far greater belief that this Administration’s policies to lay the foundation for new, real, sustainable job growth will work.

    I welcome the debate about high gas prices; I’m pretty sure the President does as well.

  50. “…If I had my way, He be President 30 more years…”

    Kasai, I 2nd that! 😉

  51. All the Democrats should be on the offense in every single race in every single district across the land. That’s what the Republicans did in 2010…they ran people against incumbents who were considered safe and won. No reason we can’t do the same.

  52. There’s nothing complacent about optimism.

    This columnist’s view of the future has just as much credence — actually, more so — than a doom and gloom view.

    Different people are motivated by different things: some by anger, some by hope, some by positivity, some by fear.

    The point of this article is not to present a “rose-colored view” and lull people into complacency. It is simply to detail the failings of the teabagging right and a likely outcome of their crazy behavior.

    I like it when people are bold in pointing out the idiocy and smallness of the teabaggers, and to be honest, I get a little perturbed when folks snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by chicken-littling even in the face of obvious success.

    If it had been a republican president who had dressed down a democratic congressperson, people would be fretting and saying it was the end of us.

    But here you have a brilliant takedown of little Ryan’s joke of a budget and what are people doing? Fretting and saying it was the end of us. LOL!

    I embrace articles like this that boldly predict success and call out the madness. The future may or may not turn out exactly as the writer predicts, but he damn sure is telling the truth as it stands at this moment in time.

    Happy Easter, everybody :-)!

    Can’t wait to see the White House egg roll pics…

  53. Short term gain, long term pain. They’ve alienated a generation of voters who will still move back to the state once national comprehensive immigration reform happens (probably in 2013).

  54. I agree the article was arrogant, but we deserve some arrogance from time to time. We can’t wring our hands 24/7…they’ll wear off. Having some confidence, and yes even some cockiness running up to the next election, and by that I mean the NEXT election, which in my case is this November, is a good thing.

    It’s fun to have a winning message for a change. I do spend time recruiting volunteers and can tell you that there isn’t even an iota of complacency out there. Nobody has rose-colored glasses on–quite the opposite. They’re p*ssed off and ready to work.

  55. Don’t go there and read that stuff! You will not change their minds.Facts presented to them only make them dig in harder. Facts mean nothing.Reason means nothing.Poison.I used to do that, and have been called all kinds of names, and been told to go back over the Rio Grande where I came from.(I’m a white woman from Connecticut:) Been called the “c” word.They love to do that because they don’t understand how to have a debate or exchange of ideas that don’t include name calling.Don’t waste your time, or sacrafice your blood pressure on them.

  56. Yes, I love the message of asking people how they feel about paying $4 a gallon for gasoline while giving the Oil companies $4 Billion dollars in subsidies?

  57. No idea, just thought to spread the word because I know how many people used to love those pet picture diaries and would like to participate in them again.

  58. I think the Professional Left was infiltrated by some Righties that wanted to find a new niche. At the same time they could be pretending to be the voice of the Left and converting some to their own side. They could also be sabotaging the Dems and make money to boot. It took me awhile to come to this conclusion.

  59. Oh,happy day! I can only hope that the hispanic vote comes out en masse next year to stand up for themselves.It’s so ugly around here, I can hardly stand it.

  60. I think people get mixed up thinking that one who listens to what others’ have to say and is respectful of them is weak. The world and other country leaders appreciate that.

    President Obama is not weak. He attacks the ideas and actions not the person. In one townhall I remember he said Rep Ryan is a good man that wants to help his country, but his plan would not. PBO is brave to explain in detail to their face why their plan would not work all the while being respectful of them.

    The opposition attacks the person as well as lying about their ideas infront of the cameras. Then will backtrack on what they said when caught, proved wrong, or find it is an unpopular stance.

  61. Like during the initial campaign fight as if we are ten points behind at all times. Also remember we have lost some supporters so we need to work doubly hard. We have even more reason to need PBO now than before due to seeing the GOP plan for we who are in the middle. We must keep our Democracy.

  62. I think I’m finally done processing all the information out there about Bradley Manning. I didn’t know squat about this topic a week ago, but after reading various articles and people’s comments and watching that video of Frontline’s interview with his father, I’ve arrived here:

    There are all kinds of really, really big issues facing us in the here and now and people are making a big deal out of one military brat who wanted to punish his father for forcing him to enlist?!

    Bradley Manning is a flea on an Elephant’s butt.

  63. Happy Easter Everyone.

    Meta just posted the latest picture of the First Family at church service this morning on OFA;


    Our little Sasha is growing into quite the young lady.

    What a beautiful First Family we are blessed to have.

  64. Happy Easter everyone. I have to go now to get ready for the Easter meal with relatives.

  65. Ya gotta feel for the Secret Service detail…they can’t join in the joy and inspiration even in church. I’m so amazed by their focus and dedication.

    Beautiful picture.

  66. I keep saying the same thing as you do Obama proved the so call polls so wrong that they look pathetic.
    Please,please stop thinking about the phoney\\\\FAKE lady HP she is a Republican she will always be, let’s move on with our own
    positive agenda to re elect the President.

  67. Thank you Tien Le. I think you’ve boiled it down quite well. I have only read and heard a little bit about this guy that the PL wants to make an issue out of. He is in the military and what he did make not have started WW4, but he could have done irrevocable damage and may have for all we know. These Bradley Manning lovers have zero followers and unless this is all the MSM has, they will not run with it and be associated the PL’s in making this guy a hero.

  68. To all those celebrating today, have a wonderful holiday.

    The First Family attended church service this morning at my sister’s church – Shiloh Baptist Church in Wash. DC. She said it was a great service. When President declined to speak when asked if it wanted to. It was about the service and not the President. My sister said that Malia had her head on her’s daddy’s shoulder practically the whole time.

  69. You should read what is going on in Florida re. voter suppression. Their crazy rt. wing gov, Rick Scott and the Repub legislature is running roughshod over that state. They passed a bill making it illegal for 3rd parties to register voters—-didn’t like the campaign to bring thousands of AA voters on board the last time, obviously. And a whole string of other new regulations making it tough for Democratic constituencies to vote. I’m in shock about what’s happening there in other areas as well—-Scott telling EPA that Fl. will not abide by its clean water standards etc. —because who needs clean water other than every living thing. Wants to let the polluters have free rein. It’s really a crime what is happening in that state—-a lot of long-term damage is being done by Scott and the Repubs who control the entire state. Dems can’t stop them.

  70. I saw him interviewed on the subject, and he made it clear that it was all fine and dandy with him. He’s as conservative as they come.

  71. As usual, P M Carpenter has an excellent essay this morning that I hope you all will read:


    In it, he notes:

    “Because you’re not governors; you’re tea-heaving anarchists. You’re not regular Army; you’re renegade snipers. You’re not respectable campaigners in support of respectable candidates; you’re ill-schooled agitators and prehensile bombthrowers and manifest racists and orgiastic nihilists.”

    To which, I added a comment – Please allow me to suggest that the above is also a perfect description of the poutraging fake Democrats aka ‘professional left’ demagogues and their minions.

  72. Bobfr, I Just read it. Really excellent essay! Your comment there was also spot-on.

  73. Happy Easter all.

    Larry Sabato, could not use his “genius” polisci crap in 2007 to predict sen Obama’s nomination. He did use the same lame polisci crap to pick sen Obama as winning the presidency. But here he is 18 months out predicting the out come of the states?

    LS, how many of the 9 states that Obama won, that Bush carried in 2004, did you predict?


    LS, the 2010 census has a wrinkle in a few states for TBGOPers, what say you? Oh, an LS, the economy is coming back, recovering, thank you, what is your prediction informing you this time?

    Yep, I thought so.

    Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    Funny how Stanley Anne Dunham fooled Trump and 47-58% of TBGOPers depending on the polls, believing and wishing that pres Obama is born outside USA. That mother of this pres, SAD, sure knew that one day her son would be president. I liked her predictions better.

    LS, as the Cee Lo Green song says, Forget You.

  74. I have to disagree a bit with you. While being too optimistic may lead to overconfidence some optimism is essential to keep people motivated and active. It is also a fantastic selling technique. A happy, optimistic salesperson will always sell more than one who is gloomy and angst ridden. The same holds true when you are trying to see your ideas and policies as when you are selling a more tangible product. If the independent voter sees a happy, optimistic, confident Democratic party they want to join in on the fun and are much more likely to listen and be swayed by your arguments. Anger and worry is off putting and drives people away. So keep up the optimism and the smiles while continuing to sell our ideas, our goals and our president to our friends, families and neighbors. Be positive and you get positive back.

  75. This is a brave and excellent blog article from Cherny – thanks for sharing! Really bold.

  76. Indeed – there are a lot of lives that have been lost or endangered because of the acts of this little brat. He committed the crime, and now must face the consequences.

  77. One last word about optimism and “rose-colored glasses”. It certainly doesn’t mean sitting back and just watching events like a movie – at least not to me. What it does mean is that the energy, the pride and the positive outlook of the optimist are far more persuasive than the constant fight against positions that are palpably uninspiring and often absurd. What I want to tell my neighbors is, hey, I’m here to share with you a vision for the future. We are not helpless in our desire to overcome inequities and we all believe in something better. Our President has made a great beginning – now we need to make sure that together we will continue on the road to recovery and future growth and stability. We do not need to accept the gloom and doom that some want to spread to make us pessimistic and insecure – just so they can pursue their own agenda. We have history and the plain facts on our side and, yes, I am damned proud to active in this campaign!

  78. I’m a UVa alumna who loathes Sabato with the heat of a thousand burning suns. He’s a hack at this point. He’s phoning it in while not disclosing that his center is backed by right wingers. I think he’s being too cute and precious by half in trying to create a narrative about Virginia, North Carolina, Florida as well as other “tossups.” Let’s just say he’s getting ready for his closeups…

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