Heads-Up: Reno Town Hall at 2:50 ET.

Watch it here.


38 thoughts on “Heads-Up: Reno Town Hall at 2:50 ET.

  1. Great picture. Home today because I can’t sleep.
    For those of you who missed the Facebook town hall yesterday, I have this:


    There are actually four parts if you go to the livestream.com page for the townhall, but the fourth part was the after-townhall.

    I haven’t listened to it all myself, but it sounds pretty good.

    A request: I have found that the code is hard to use in an individual post, so if someone else has a blog, could they please post any videos that they find on these town halls?

  2. Sorry about your insomnia, Carol. I suffer from it intermittently, and it just sucks. Feel better.

  3. Thanks Mr. President the country you envision is the kind of country I want too. One where we invest in each other and our mutual future.

  4. I caught part of it…very fun. He’s so relaxed and is clearly enjoying himself. FYI: clearing up a misconception from his comments. We won’t be producing 40% of the world’s advanced batteries in five years. We’ll be producing 40% of the world’s advanced battery CAPACITY!!! Big difference. What is needed is a place to put those batteries and a way to use that capacity. I’m thinking electricity storage for the smart grid, but I’m no engineer, so it might be pie in the sky to believe that’s an option.

  5. Tien Le

    As an electrical engineer, I can tell you electricity cannot be stored, not in the like water.

  6. Not even overnight…or between peak? Or stored long enough to move it from the place it’s been created to the end user?

  7. Very technical townhall, and very, very informative. I loved it.

    One thing I noticed: when you go to Share underneath an upcoming livestream you get an embed code so that a person can access the live stream from the page.

    It could be useful the next time around.

    For Blackwaterdog:

  8. Nope. Not even for a second. Them’s the break with the physics part of it.

    As for ‘power storage’, there is a concept called pumped storage. In short, it is about moving water up and down a dam during off-peak and peak hours respectively. Very expensive and the net efficiency is negative (since it takes more power to pump up the water than the power realized when it is running down). Very few such plants in the entire world.

  9. Wow, the two of you are speaking way above my head…I’m going to have read it again and learn something.:)

  10. So why are there batteries in people’s homes who use solar power? The energy doesn’t stay in those batteries? What about batteries that are in cell phones that get recharged?

    From what I’ve heard a lot of energy is lost moving it from wind farms and solar plants to the end user. So using batteries as relays won’t work to cut down on that seepage?

  11. BP will distribute an initial $1 billion for key projects while state and local officials complete a broad review.

    BP has reached an agreement with key state and federal officials to set aside $1 billion to begin restoring parts of the Gulf that were damaged by last year’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

    Under the agreement, BP will distribute an initial $1 billion for key restoration projects while state and local officials complete a broad review aimed at determining how much the company must pay to make up for the spill’s effect on natural resources in the Gulf.


  12. April 21, 2011

    Los Alamos County Completes Abiquiu Hydropower Project, Bringing New Clean Energy Resources to New Mexico
    Secretary Chu Highlights Completion of the Department of Energy’s First Recovery Act-Funded Hydropower Project

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu issued the following statement on the completion and startup today of the Abiquiu Hydropower Project in New Mexico – the first hydropower project funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to be completed nationwide.

    “Today marks a major milestone in securing America’s clean energy future as we celebrate the completion of the Department of Energy’s first major Recovery Act-funded water power project. By increasing renewable energy output at existing hydropower facilities, we can create clean energy jobs, bolster our nation’s economic competitiveness, and contribute to America’s diverse energy portfolio,” said Secretary Chu. “The Abiquiu Low-Flow Turbine Hydropower Project highlights the clean energy potential and local economic benefits that come with the environmentally responsible use of our rivers.”

    The project received a $4.5 million Recovery Act grant from the Department of Energy’s Wind and Water Power Program, which was leveraged with $4.5 million from the private sector to fully fund the project. The low-flow turbine will increase renewable energy generation capacity by 22 percent at the Abiquiu facility – from 13.8 megawatts to 16.8 megawatts. The new turbine will produce enough energy to power 1,100 homes annually and will supply clean energy to Los Alamos County, including DOE’s Los Alamos National Laboratory. Hydropower projects at both new and existing facilities will play an important role in meeting President Obama’s bold but ambitious goal of generating 80 percent of America’s electricity from clean energy sources by 2035.


  13. April 21, 2011

    DOE and HUD Announce Lenders to Participate in New Pilot Program to Help Homeowners Pay for Energy Improvements to their Homes
    FHA PowerSaver Program to offer low-cost financing to credit-worthy borrowers
    WASHINGTON – Eighteen national, regional and local lenders will participate in a new two-year pilot program that will offer qualified borrowers living in certain parts of the country low-cost loans to make energy-saving improvements to their homes. Backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), these new PowerSaver loans will offer homeowners up to $25,000 to make energy-efficient improvements of their choice, including the installation of insulation, duct sealing, replacement doors and windows, HVAC systems, water heaters, solar panels, and geothermal systems.

    U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan and U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the participating lenders (see attached list) during a tour of a family-run company that offers home energy audits and upgrades in Long Island, New York.

    “We believe the market is right for a low-cost financing option for families who want energy-saving technologies in their home,” said Secretary Donovan. “PowerSaver hits on all cylinders by helping credit-worthy homeowners finance these upgrades, cut their energy bills and boost the local job market in the process. While FHA and these lenders are jumpstarting this pilot, we hope its success will lead to a growing private sector interest in making these types of loans.”


    Lots of green energy news that the MSM ignores! Sigh.

  14. The amount of power that can be stored in batteries is miniscule. How long you think that ups power for your computer (which is basically battery power converted to ac power) last ? It will typically run out in a hour or two. How many such batteries you need then for your home to keep it going ?

  15. And by the way, batteries cannot transmit power one place to another. They can only store power and a very small amount at that. the power loss you talk about from the generating source to the end-user is called the transmission loss, which is unavoidable – again it is the physics.

  16. USDA Awards Grant to the University of Hawaii to Help Prevent Childhood Obesity in Minority Populations

    WASHINGTON, April 20, 2011 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture today announced a $25 million grant to the University of Hawaii to develop obesity prevention strategies among native populations in the Pacific Region, continuing USDA’s commitment to meet the rising challenge of obesity in the United States, especially in American youth.

    “We know that in order to win the future, we have to win the race to educate our children. That means that our kids must be healthy so they can learn and thrive,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “Improving childhood nutrition remains a key priority of the Obama Administration as we work to ensure our kids are ready to out-compete in an increasingly globalized world.”


  17. U.S. Government Proposes 19 New Solar Projects
    Source: Cooler Planet, Danny Vo 03/09/2011

    As part of its continued effort to meet goals related to increasing America’s use of renewable energy sources, the U.S. Department of the Interior recently released a list of 19 sites for solar, wind and geothermal power generation projects.

    The Depart of the Interior’s list of sites includes three large solar power generation facilities to be built on public land that could receive permits by the end of 2011, according to a report from Dow Jones Newswires. Currently, these sites are being developed by a number of private solar construction companies.

    If these, as well as the 16 other wind and geothermal sites, are built in the future, the power generated by them could end up being more than 4,000 megawatts of electricity, the report said. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management, which is overseen by the Department of the Interior, has final say on which permits are granted.

    The U.S. government is currently attempting to initiate a great number of federally funded renewable energy products to reduce the national reliance on fossil fuels and create a more sustainable energy policy.

  18. CT solar projects receive $2M


    The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund awarded $1.98 million to 14 solar projects on Thursday, under its new program to encourage investment in renewable energy inside the state.

    Because of cuts in funding, the Clean Energy Fund had to be choosier in what renewable projects received state money. Prior to this year, projects received grants on a first-come-first-serve basis until the fund ran out of money. The new program requires projects to bid against each other.

    The Clean Energy Fund received 29 applications for this round of funding, and staff screened them down to the 14 awards on Thursday. The projects have until April 29 to accept their funding awards. If all 14 are built, they will generate 800 kilowatts of electricity.

    Wesleyan University received the largest award of $638,000 for a 182-kilowatt solar installation on its Middletown campus.

    Other large projects include a $325,000 award for an 84-kilowatt installation at Newtown Public Works. and a $288,300 award for a 198-kilowatt installation at Bridgeport Central High School.


  19. Well, that did not work out to well, and I do not know how the hell the right keeps doing it. But, in Wisconsin, the GOP just got 3 more recalls of Dem state senators.
    Thus, this is a wash. Time to Move onto the National election, they have to much money in local races. It is what it is!

  20. The only Obama news that made every single site I’ve checked was that he was heckled by his own supporters. Applauded and cheered and loved by thousands at every stop, but the only thing that is reported is a few dumbos singing some dumb ditty. Our news media is totally irresponsible and reprehensible, damaging to our country.
    As President Obama said today, if you watch the news you would get the idea that he’s been raising everyone’s taxes like crazy. It’s pitiful that he has to be the one at these stops to try to set the record straight, asking how many are aware that they got a tax cut. Does he have to buy air time to report the news, to tell the people the truth, to do the news media’s job for them? GRRRRRR!

  21. The law of unintended consequences. How glad are we that our President did not get involved in that quagmire?

    Even still, just because they get enough signatures for a recall doesn’t mean the election itself will produce a recall or a new candidate. That’s still up for grabs and is anybody’s guess how it will turn out. There’s still the chance to recall Scott Walker. Long, long way from over.

  22. Not a wash as I understand it the Dems got six recalls on GOPs and the other side got 3 Dems. It doesn’t actually mean they lose it has to come to a vote yet so it is not the time to give up. The Dems need to get the vote out for both their own side recalls and to put people in for the GOP side.

  23. It is frustrating and reprehensible on the part of the media that they refuse to cover the President unless it can be seen as negative. We so desperately need an impartial, dedicated to fact news network in this country!

  24. Hey Dotster, the media is my biggest gripe – I truly have nothing but contempt for them all. We have to do everything we are able to get the real news out, imo.

  25. Rachel Maddow mentioned last night that there is something “hinky” about those GOP recalls. (Fraud involved)

  26. Good point, Tien Le, I saw a blog post today in which some PLer was asking why the president has been so quiet while the republicans have been wreaking havoc in certain states. I think the president is doing the right thing by staying out of these states’ affairs. The right would like nothing more coming up to an election year than to be able to say that PBO is being a dictator, and saying that he is overstepping his bounds. He told the citizens in these states NOT to give the keys back to the republicans, they didn’t listen, and now they have to deal with the situation they find themselves in. This PLer is trying to get a new attack against PBO started, but it’s not going to work. I notice that very few of the PL devote a fraction of the energy they use accusing PBO of things on attacking the republicans for their very real overreaches. It is always the ground troops that put in the work while the PL sits around thinking of new ways to undermine the president, and us.

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