“As a European, I find it reprehensible that America hasn’t rallied around him as it normally does around a (white) president”

So, there’s this new NYT Poll pointing out that:

A plurality of Republican voters, 47 percent, said they believed Mr. Obama, who was born in Hawaii, was born in another country; 22 percent said they did not know where he was born, and 32 percent said they believed he was born in the United States.

I surfed quickly through the comments, and this one caught my eyes:

As an European I find it WEIRD that Americans are still bickering about the birth-place of Obama. I also find it reprehensible that the country hasn’t rallied around him as it normally does around a (white) president. It was one of the things I liked about the states- my president right or wrong – He’s OUR leader. Now that’s all gone.

Obviously, *we* know all that, we know that the Tea Party nonsense is 90% racism, and nothing else. They couldn’t care less about the debt or the deficit. It’s all about the black man in the White House. Benen, as always, is on point:


I might be able to spin this into a less-depressing result, noting that many of these Republican voters aren’t aware of the natural-born citizen language in the Constitution, and may not appreciate the extent to which they’re buying into a ridiculous, arguably racist, conspiracy theory with no foundation in reality.

But frankly, the effort not to believe the worst about the GOP base is a tough sell. When 47% of Republicans, literally years after the birther garbage was debunked, believe the president was born in another country, it reinforces the notion that there’s a deeply ugly strain of madness that runs through Republican politics.


Benen had another good piece today, following PBO’s Facebook event yesterday. I especially agree with this part, because just like him, I was delighted to see that PBO couldn’t care less about the GOP and their Media shills whining that he hurt their feelings, AND, that he dismiss the notion that the latest polls were somehow result of that speech last week:


In case you’re curious — I know I was — the president had not previously used the word “radical” when describing the Republican House budget plan. He’d been deeply critical, both in last week’s speech and at the town-hall event in Virginia, but Obama was even more candid yesterday.

I mention this, not only because I like and agree with the accurate rhetoric, but also because it suggests the president has been unfazed by Republican and media criticism. For much of the last week, the message has been that Obama has been “too mean” in response to the GOP agenda, and should be more conciliatory to avoid hurting Republicans’ feelings.

If yesterday was any indication, the president isn’t especially concerned with conservative sensibilities. Indeed, referring specifically to the Ryan agenda, Obama added, “[W]hat his budget proposal does is not only hold income tax flat, he actually wants to further reduce taxes for the wealthy, further reduce taxes for corporations, not pay for those, and in order to make his numbers work, cut 70 percent out of our clean energy budget, cut 25 percent out of our education budget, cut transportation budgets by a third. I guess you could call that bold. I would call it shortsighted. “


More good read: JM Ashby on why Republicans always wins the message wars:

One area where Democrats consistently lose to Republicans is in the PR department, and the cause of that is multi-faceted but can be boiled down to one thing — Democrats don’t like to lie.

It’s a heck of a lot easier to out-message your opponent if you’re willing to make up total bullshit to do so and Republicans are more than happy to do that. Republicans lose on policy, and they know it, which why they stick to buzz-words and catchy phrases like “government-takeover” and “job killing.” That’s where they win. They win on messaging.

That’s changing now, and not because Democrats have suddenly decided they are going to follow the Republicans playbook, but because Republican policy has gone so far to the right, and become so heinous, that the negative effects of their policies have become self-evident, self-incriminating, and self-deprecating.

The average American may not understand macro-economics or the complexities of foreign policy, but they do understand taking away that which is most important to them. This understanding, combined with Republican over-reach, opens the doorway to the kind of effective messaging that average voters tend to respond to without being intentionally misleading as Republicans so often are. “Repeal the job-killing government takeover of healthcare” is an inherently false proposition, but it is an effective message. On the other hand, “Seniors will have to resort to desperate measures” is both true and effective.


More and worth it


Science Park High School in Newark, New jersey is a finalist in the 2011 Race to the Top Commencement Challenge. You can see all six finalists videos here.


* * * One very serious moment: I’ve been asked to publish the link to this petition to save the life of Troy Davis, who is on a death row in Georgia despite many reasons to be very doubtful about his guilt. Please take a moment to check this sad story out. Thanks.


95 thoughts on ““As a European, I find it reprehensible that America hasn’t rallied around him as it normally does around a (white) president”

  1. Those 47% believe it because they *want* to believe it. All the evidence to the contrary wouldn’t convince them. They are the rump of American politics.

    Glad to see Jerry Seinfeld pulling out of the Trump gig. Trump is self-destructing and his name will be mud, he’s just too dumb to know it.

  2. The 47% is why Trump is surging in the polls, they want the rude, in-your-face, “You Lie” opposition to President Obama. They will not accept somebody who isn’t willing to play that game.

    However it is unfortunate that there is literally nothing President Obama could do to even partially win the respect of these individuals.

    George Bush had 80%+ support in 2002, another 9/11 level attack and I bet President Obama wouldn’t get above 55%, and Fox and Rush would be screaming blame on PBO.

  3. Watching the President at Facebook he was so relaxed, confident, and articulate. He did a wonderful job of explaining all the issues. This guy is just so likable and so able to think on his feet.

    When he talked about how if someone wanted to create a start up company from their garage they would not have been able to get insurance before HCR. Just brilliant.

    Pieces of the entire video need to be shared daily, absolutely amazing. I will slice when it becomes available.

    Video clips for today
    Obama Budget: They Want to Give Millionaires a Tax Cut paid for by 33 Seniors paying $6,000

    Obama on education: Need better way to figure out which schools are deeply in trouble.


  4. Politicaljunkessa: Love that name. A columnist wrote, “too unsophisticated to grasp his own incompetence.” Actually it was about Beck.

  5. BWD, Thank you for the petition–and other news.

    The petition is signed, sealed, and delivered.

  6. After reading about how Ann Durham trained President Obama (seems like almost from birth!) to be nearly immune from irrationality, everything is really clicking into place about this guy.

    The Republican civility complaints were such a blatant gambit at manipulation, no one can really blame President Obama for not paying attention to an argument which was beneath everyone.

    When oh when will people figure out that they don’t need to bash, they don’t need to try to manipulate, none of this stuff will work anyway, they just have to come to the table with an open mind and some common sense. The public has rejected the Republican’s attempt to radically rework the American system of entitlements.

    President Obama is certainly in fine form this week and has been delightful to observe.

  7. Will get back and do more reading later.What an excellent post. I just listened to Diane Rehm about how Obama has done. Worst program Ive heard. She had people on who said horrible things. No one really defending him. When did she have the equivalent show about Pres Bush?
    No question, the bar is higher for our Pres than any other!

  8. I have an idea inspired by a comment TigerFist made last night. He has like over 12,000 Twitter followers, so when he tweets folks follow.

    Tiger, we are so lucky to have you on this blog.

    I was thinking, if we could get a few folks to build a similar following on Facebook, we could really have the bases covered. So if you feel comfortable using Facebook and would be willing to pass along the stories found here and at other blogs that support the President post so we can help you.

    Having just a few experts can make a big difference.

  9. WIW, I want you to know that I keep emailing your media list to anyone that is annoyed with an untruth being told in the msms.

  10. Why Europeans ? The entire world laughs at what passes for politics and news in us of a.

  11. tramp is the flavor of the month with msm. they’ll cast him aside when the next attractive thing comes along.

  12. Indeed he has GN. I am so pleased that he answered that question with the word radical.

    I have to admit I was a little miffed by the arrogant young man who felt he needed to talk about Ryan’s Bold plan and Obama’s not bold plan.

    PBO did a great job in handling that situation.

  13. Donald Trump is and has always been a media attention-seeker. For years and years and years and years. He is always ready to insert himself into a hot topic and always just so happens to be peddling a casino, hotel, book, tv show in the midst of that insertion. His last presidential “campaign” took place immediately previous to him publishing a book. Trump is being Trump IMO. I don’t believe for a minute that he’s a birther. What he’s doing is seeking and getting a ton of media attention, and unfortunately, in America 2011 the fastest and best way to get national media attention is to be a birther teabagger.

  14. BWD, thank you, thank you, thank you for posting the petition about Troy Davis on your site. My respect for you has increased even more. I have been working on this case for years and we have almost exhausted all avenues for staying his execution. His sister has been TIRELESS in trying to keep him alive. The case was circumstantial and has so many holes in it that it is deeply wrong to execute Mr. Davis. So thank you for posting the petition. I know that many people read this blog who may not be familiar with the various egregious example of criminal INJUSTICE in this country. Thank you.

  15. Absolutely, WhatisWorking — messaging and framing is all-important. I’ve been re-reading George Lakoff’s Moral Politics, in which he describes how “on message” the Bush White House was when Bush was appointed presidentin 2000, how good they were getting their conservative ideas out there and adopted as part of the national dialogue. We have smart, excellent people like yourself to work on this. We must put this at the top of our list of priorities in backing our president.

  16. Hi earthgirl, and thanks :-).

    That quote describes Trump perfectly. After watching this clown unravel, Palin-style, in the interviews on ABC and MSNBC/NBC, I had to laugh. He’s so in over his head. Who will want to work with him? Who will want to go into business with him after his attempt to trash the President? For someone who claims to be able to make good deals, he sure is looking like an incompetent buffoon — and what kind of deal would it be for anyone to partner with him. Then of course, he’ll say he’s being persecuted or some such: bullies always switch to victim mode when challenged.

    He’s another Obama foe to self-destruct before our very eyes. Of course, after he completely fizzles out, people will say PBO is “lucky” to have faced such ridiculous opposition, but the fact of the matter is, exceptional people often cause lesser people to flame out (even without them having to do anything in particular except being their exceptional selves). Trump is just the latest example.

  17. Snowbird, I get so angry when I hear things like that. Didn’t Obama have problems with her before he was elected? It seem to remember her being very snarky.

  18. Yes, as a former New Yorker (and still New Yorker at heart), I am well aware of Trump’s self-promoting shenanigans. He’s a joke.

  19. Ok, I’ve purposely been staying away from political news for the past few days, and I haven’t heard about the Trump flameout. How bad was it, and what did he say??

  20. There’s still a tiny part of me that thinks this is some sick joke he’s pulling on everyone and in a few weeks he’ll say “Gotcha!”

    But still, he’s being an ass in the meantime.

  21. Oh, I haven’t watched the town hall, just read and observed a lot of the reactions; that exchange you describe sounds hilarious.

  22. Track down the MSNBC takedown by Laurence O’Donnell. It’s all there. And it was delicious :-).

  23. He really is a treasure. I think that there are a few folks who are already doing extremely well on facebook. If you check the action thread, there’s a terrific comment describing someone’s facebook postings and how that made a difference in Maryland.

  24. Thank you for your work on this. Georgia needs to follow the recent example of Illinois and abolish the death penalty. I will keep this cause in my heart, and follow the case now that I am aware.

  25. Just voted on the Six Finalist for the Commencement Challenge. Theose are very hard choices to choose from.

    Make sure you go over and watch the videos and vote.

  26. Extremely upsetting case, made more so because he’s not the only one in this circumstance. Thank you for all of your work.

  27. Hello gn, here is a thought back in 08 campaign remember how they talked about the First lady being a angry black woman and she was not proud of America. Well MSM are back at it now trying to paint our President as a angry black man. You see he was not suppose to bring Ryan to his speech and then tell him to his face that the budget plan was a piece of junk. They can’t handle the truth to their faces.In their world you run to all the talk shows and lie about the President then act like they didn’t say it. But our President has no fear when right is on his side an in his heart. They should have learned after he went to the heart of the Muslim world and gave a speech about the way he sees the world. So when He sees something wrong ,he will tell you to your face not by surrogates. I truly believe they do not want to see him mad.

  28. I personally think that they were caught flat-footed and used a character attack masquerading as a civility complaint in order to deflect.

    President Obama told the honest to God’s truth about that plan, and laid out, without attacking anyone personally, why it is a political non-starter, as well as why we as Americans need to make better choices and pay attention because we have a decision coming up which is going to determine the face of this country and will be an expression of who we are. President Obama thinks we’re decent even if we don’t agree on everything; some members of the GOP think we’re small and selfish. It’s up to us to make our choice clear.

    “He’s mean” /rolling eyes, not even worthy of this ultra-important discussion

    I can’t believe that the media didn’t see through that civility nonsense.

  29. He’s telling the GOP base what they want to hear, and allowing them to make their thoughts, opinions, and values clear. I think it’s great. He is being an ass, but he’s Trump, what’s new. Very arrogant, often wrong, this is a media stunt and side show featuring a well known “personality” lol.

  30. Tough times don’t last but tough people do. The media is about to be off the chain, the disinformation out of the stratosphere; get ready everyone.

  31. Thank you MK for working on this case, I’ve been following it a long time and its so heartwrenching… I think there are many who support your cause.

  32. I’m late getting on BWD’s blog today, and just got finished checking out the previous post.

    This part of the earlier story about one of the President’s fundraisers last night hit home: that he arrived on stage to “a standing, screaming ovation” from the crowd.

    Just want to go on record that every day when I think of how great our President is doing, I give him my own “standing, screaming ovation” – in my heart and in my Democratic soul!

  33. I wish it were more clear that we’re not choosing among them but rating them on a 1-5 scale. If you really love what one of those schools is doing, then give it a rating of 5! If you think they need to keep working to improve, then give them a lower rating. Or base it on how badly you want the President to have that school as one of his three choices. I went with “Oh, Mr. President, you totally have to see what these kids are doing!” when I made my ratings.

  34. I was visiting some of my favorite blogs, and found something very revealing about Greenwald on the Reid Report


    “If you’re a political junkie, you’ve been hearing vague rumblings about former two-term New Mexico governor Gary Johnson for a minute. Tea Party Libertarians (as opposed to the “hands off my Medicare, ban abortions” corporate Christian rightists who dominate the tea bag set) have been itching for him to run for president for a long time. He’s their ideal candidate if they can’t have Ron Paul (and unlike Paul, he didn’t seek perpetual office after promising to live by term limits.)
    It’s not just teabaggies. As Dana Houle recently posted, following a lengthy encomium to Glenn Greenwald in Out Magazine, Greenwald, who is portrayed as a progressive on cable television and in the blogosphere, is a Gary Johnson fan, too, though as Houle points out:

    His written output suggests that Greenwald is politically engaged primarily by civil liberties and security state issues. He writes comparatively little about economic quality of life issues like wealth and income disparities, life opportunities and other forms of economic and social justice, including the rights of workers to act in solidarity to form unions and collectively bargain through their labor unions. And now, in learning he’s open to supporting Republican Gary Johnson, we see enough to know it’s almost certain he doesn’t share with liberals and progressives the core belief that the government has a necessary and essential role in taming the excesses of capitalism or of addressing our existential challenges as a species.”


    Seems to confirm what most of us thought about GG.

  35. ‘Afternoon, Everybody

    And, firstly, I ALWAYS appreciate your commentary GN. Along the lines of your having difficulty believing the media was having trouble with the “civility” nonsense….(and, indeed, it’s nonsense)

    Under the heading of we should NOT be surprised comessss Chuck Todd (I just do NOT understand how he is in the position of chief political correspondent).

    Chuck is saying that the President is “softening his tone” toward Paul Ryan. I’ve listened to last Wednesdays speech about four times, now. NEVER did I hear the President personally attack Paul Ryan. I seem to recall, at the least, Paul Ryan calling the President: “The Campaigner-In-Chief”. But, I don’t recall at ALL any kind of name calling by PBO of Paul Ryan’s person. As you are saying, PBO told the “honest to God’s truth” about the Ryan PLAN.

    If anything, the President hit the Ryan plan even HARDER at the Facebook gathering by saying it was “radical”.

    In point of fact, Paul Ryan is backing down his name calling of the President. Check this out. But, because, during the Facebook Town Hall PBO spoke of Paul Ryan’s person and said he was a “patriot”, his tone is “softening”. Annnd, Todd presents, himself, that PBO hit Ryan’s plan harder as well.

    Now, with this kind of wiggly logic, and it is ALL OVER the MSM, you, with as sharp as YOU are, can’t be surprised by anything that they would miss or mess up.

  36. Well, this is really bad show number two, then, Snowbird42. And, I heard some of it today and turned her off. But…

    Last Thursday as she had a show about PBO’s vision speech, some callers were, accurately imo, were saying that what was happening was “Class Warfare”. Now, HOW it could be seen as anything else is beyond me. But, Ms. Rehm was having NONE of it and forbade callers and the panel from using the term (she gave a weak reason as to why).

    So, it may well be that Ms. Rehm has some difficulty with PBO herself. I can’t think of anything else such that she now, twice in two weeks is doing what she’s done.

  37. Here’s what I love about this conversation. Remember when folks were wishing the President had given that speech in primetime instead of in the afternoon? People are still talking about that speech! This is a speech that virtually no one saw compared to his SOTU or his great Tuscon miracle, and yet it is still a topic of conversation. It is still influencing the political discourse when pretty much nothing the Republicans have said lately has had any ability to dominate the narrative. The President’s comments during that speech and in other venues is winning the cycles over and over during the Congressional recess. Freakin’ genius.

  38. Been saying that the sensationalism leads back to the right wing for years. Not nice to see it confirmed, but can the media please stop acting like this guy is a Democratic liberal? He’s an over the top attention-seeker, bomb thrower, who has absolutely no regard or caring about the consequences of his desire to sit a right wing libertarian in the US WH. He’s cultivated a cult of personality who believe his every word. He represents and speaks for no one but himself and that smallish following.

  39. Well, until they take a hard look at their own elected officials. I see the US as coming back from the edge of losing its position as Leader of the Free World and any rejection of Obama may tip the balance. We only lead because we have moral authority. Lose that and we are just another country and the Europeans will look elsewhere.

  40. The proof that he’s developing a sort of cult-like following is how his proponents swarm over comment sections of blog pieces which are critical of him. Even when he was bashing GWB I found him somewhat shrill. I would read him once in a while, but his constant insistence that we were in a near-fascist state of affairs always seemed a bit over the top for me.

  41. Thanks for the link! So LOD does something good for once? I’ll have to watch it when I get home and have faster internet.

  42. Speaking as a New Mexican – Johnson never was a Republican. He spent 8 years building prisons and alienating teachers then reached an epiphany that if you can’t keep drugs out of prisons how are you going to keep them out of schools. So he wanted to legalize marijuana. The GOP was not in the mood for that debate and shut him down. Basically he spent 8 years vetoing bills. That’s why the Teapartiers like him. They believe the US can function just fine without any government at all. Still waiting for some southern state to show the way to TP paradise by just refusing to convene a legislature.

  43. I wonder how many of his minions would be aghast at his fawning over a hard libertarian like Johnson? I’m sure they’d explain it away.

  44. Yup; we’re talking about that downthread. I predict a third party spoiler with the loud support of gg, Hamsher, Arianna, Michael Moore, etc. These people are just…you know what, they are attention-seekers who don’t care about the effects of their actions. Deeply selfish people.

  45. Precisely. He uses sensationalism to key people up and keep them in a super-high emotional state. Calm people are less easy to manipulate. His shrillness and willingness to say horrifying things about President Obama has bought him lots and lots of media attention, just like Trump. Real piece of work, that guy.

  46. How many people actually read this guy anyway? How is his voice any more effective than any other over-the-top loudmouth? Does he have a Glen Beck type following? Or just a bunch of keyboard warriors who love controversy? I never heard of him before I came to this blog, frankly. Still don’t know who he is. Just a name on a screen.

  47. May GOD continue to bless President OBAMA with grace, favor, wisdom, strength and protection in the Name of JESUS!

    May GOD bless the United States of America!

    Let’s continue to stay truthful to our values: JUSTICE, EQUALITY, FAIRNESS, HONESTY

  48. No, you’re exactly right. And I’m helping him, talking about him. This is the attention which he wants. Thanks tien le, I’m refocusing onto a positive subject for the remainder of the day.

  49. The next gopper star is gary johnson, who declared today. Watch the msm droll all over him next week. Already some kossacks are. 🙂

  50. He’ll be sunk as soon as his advocacy for drug legalization gets prominent play.

  51. Exactly. If he’s a republican, then these kossacks are…oh noes…republicans.

  52. I also hear the PL over and over say why didn’t he come out earlier? He should have said it before.
    My thoughts are PBO has a sense of perfect timing. He especially needs to have perfect timing when the media plays their little tricks of over exposure and totally ignoring events. If he did say things earlier and often people just stop listening. He lets and encourages the other side to lay out their talking points and ideology and lets the media loop it so everyone understands it before coming out against it. He then has time to get all of his arguments laid out so the public can have a choice.

  53. Actually I’d like to change PBO has a sense of timing to PBO has an evolved political sense of timing.

  54. Just a note to the article you cited, Dorothy. I believe Bill Maher was not anti-war when the Iraq war began — he only turned against it after it was clear we were losing.

  55. Exactly, Obama Grandmama. Those who believe the President should have been hammering the same points repeatedly are those who have never moved beyond the intellectual age targeted by “Sesame Street”.

  56. Though I never subscribe to the idea of “My President right or wrong”, I do wonder why so many of the President’s Party have not rallied round him as they did previous Democratic Presidents, especially since he is performing well. I think the competitive spirit has now reached the heart of our culture and has poisoned the well. It begins in pre-school and is carried through all segments of our culture.

  57. I’m a children’s librarian. The kids I read stories to and help are of Sesame Street age. They are MUCH more mature than the PL.

  58. I have many politically-active friends and I’ve never heard any of them mention Glenn Greenwald. Just another narcissist shouting to the “choir”, none of whom can sing.

  59. I was happy to sign the petition, but I wonder if anyone here knows how effective internet petitions are, as it seems the signatures could so easily be fudged. Same for internet polls.

  60. I’ll have to watch again but I felt the young man who asked the question was mocking people who described Ryan’s proposal as “bold”. I felt he was totally on the side of President Obama.

  61. I totally agree. I made a similar comment in the mishmash thread this morning.

  62. We have to brace ourselves indeed. The more President Obama makes sense and has a chance to capture the support of independants, the uglier and dishonest the opposition forces will become.

    To be blunt, I think that in 2008 the establishement didn’t care that much about the WH. The economy was getting so bad, better let the black democratic President get the hate for that.

    Now 2012 is another story. They WANT the power back. And they’ll do ANYTHING to get it.

    Disinfo, fabricated scandals ( about him or his friends, his colleagues), fear-mongering, back-stabbing from gop allies within the administrative apparatus, you name it…

    It will take a great deal of concerted efforts, patience, and even prayer to get through it all and to come out as the winners. But it can be done. It WILL be done !!!!!!

  63. Truth to be sure, but they still have to have a candidate who doesn’t completely suck who can string two sentences together and sound even a fraction as authentic as our President.

  64. The republican carousel of fools continues to go ’round and ’round, where it stops no one knows!

    meanwhile, PBO is out kicking ass, taking names, and raking in $$ for his re-election.

    PBO has been on fire this month for sure, lets just see how crazy those teabaggers get, bring on the republican primaries!

  65. Amen. BWD. Amen. While I support pot legalization, I don’t think it will comel by supporting third party candidates with no chance or by demanding Obama say “pot is good” at a town hall meeting right before his re-election bid. Barney Frank has has a bill out for years, but they don’t seem to put much energy behind supporting his bid and helping Congress get behind it.

    Jane Hamsher is likely to set the
    whole thing back for years

  66. Please don’t think I am knocking Sesame Street; it’s just that the repetition, which is desirable for young children, usually does not appeal to more mature thinking patterns. And I agree that second childhoods are not desirable in the political arena.

  67. It’s not just because he’s black that has caused all the discourse. It’s also that he is not part of the establishment. He’s not part of the Plutocracy and skull and bones and all that crap like the Bushes. He’s not part of the traditional political establishment like the Clintons. So everyone from all sides see him as an outsider.

    Those are all very good qualifications and exactly what America needs right now but establishment does not care about that. They only care about power.

  68. I think Fred said something very important. The President is not part of the establishment, Democrat or Republican. He is actually the ultimate outsider, and as such knows our problems and desires, and represents all of us who are outsiders. Those who are used to wielding power because of background or money just cannot stand it that someone came to this office by merit and brains alone. We celebrate that.

  69. It really isn’t surprising to me that so many republicans choose to believe Obama wasn’t born here. It is a proxy for the perpetual horror that for the first time, a US president doesn’t look like them. For the nativist level of these folks mindset and existence, it is only a short distance to believe any kind of nonsense for affirmation of deeper beliefs and fears.

    It is also an article of mistrust of the most basic kind of Obama not being one of them. I really don’t get so angry at that as I do the more subtle racism and racial anxiety coming from my fellow white liberals. It is again, I think, a basic trust issue, but is more related to finding a scapegoat for their childlike expectations for more pure liberal results from Obama’s governance and it’s legislative products.

    The thing that really pisses me off about white liberal racism, is the apparent license they feel to get personal with their criticism of Obama. The “pussy” thing/ Or “capitulator” and general emasculation rhetoric coming from some corners. Stuff you did not hear with their criticism of Bill Clinton.

  70. It’s even worse if he doesn’t actual believe this nonsense, because then he’s cynically prepared to destroy the fabric of this country, and the integrity of a good man who happens to be the President of the United States, simply for a few bucks. It’s debase, and really, horribly evil, disgusting and greedy.

  71. The President knows how to handle bullies, who are essentially cowards. When confronted, they back down, then play the victim. He has handled Ryan beautifully.

    I noticed in the Time 100, Scott Walker is the one who wrote the ode to Paul Ryan. That tells me everything I need to know about Paul Ryan, if I didn’t know it already. People are defined by the company they keep.

  72. This was the essence of the President’s most striking statement from the Facebook town hall, when he talked about balancing the budget on the backs of those who are helpless, poor, have no clout and no lobby – he’s fighting for those people, and everyone else with power is on the other side,fighting against him. We’re lucky that he’s the most powerful person in the world – but many forget that his power comes from us.

  73. Stop reading Grenwald, Hamsher and the rest of them. Their criticism has absolutely NOTHING to do with Obama’s policies! It’s personal for them. Exactly why only they know for sure.

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