Little thing called love


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  1. Made my day. Again. Thanks, bwd. Sorry to all if I’ve been chicken littling about the media somewhat today.

  2. Bless his heart. AND hers! It’s a good thing when people care about each other. Thank goodness for town halls!


  3. The Dems are on offense!

    Dems Files Suit to Force Business Groups To Disclose Campaign Cash

    Van Hollen and a group of reform advocates filed suit Thursday in federal court, as well as a petition with the Federal Election Commission, that aims to force business associations and nonprofit groups to disclose secret contributions that fueled millions of dollars in attack ads against Democrats in the 2010 midterm campaign.

    The legal steps come in the wake of news that the Obama administration is circulating a draft executive order requiring federal contractors to disclose contributions made to nonprofit groups and trade associations. Although uncoordinated, the leak of the executive order and the lawsuit pack a one-two punch and demonstrate just how determined Democrats are in overturning some elements of Citizens United before the 2012 election cycle shifts into high gear.

    Also another Republican got shut down last night at a townhall about Medicare. Where is the MSM on this? I mean they highlighted people protesting the healthcare law, but are probably silent on the protesting regarding Ryan’s “radical” plan.

  4. Maybe I just never noticed before, but I don’t EVER remember a president and first lady being so approachable and warm. He’s always being grabbed and hugged, FLOTUS too!

  5. I kind of underscores just how lacking in true leadership this country has been for so many decades. People of a certain age group are so very grateful to finally, finally have a true leader to embrace. We are so blessed to be living in this time.

  6. What I wouldn’t give for the chance … (except the piles of $ I don’t have 🙂 )

  7. Ed is touting Trump now. It started out as a joke of supporting him but now he likes his stance on bringing jobs back to America and is changing his tune. He even had the big Union guy on liking his stance too. That scares me as Ed has a lot of followers.

  8. Our President and First Lady are genuinely warm, bright, and loving people. They are the most incandescent couple we have ever had in the White House. All believers in true family values should embrace them with respect and gratitude.

  9. Yup. I have seen no other pol from any other country being so warmly greeted by the people. Both are truly people persons.

  10. PBO was great. He seemed to have even more fire in his belly today than yesterday. I loved all of the clapping and yahooing that went on when he spoke about education, the environment, and energy.

    Go OBAMA 2012.

  11. I want to say, you have got to be kidding! Apparently not. Big ed is just going back to his real party–the republicans.

    Talk is cheap–just like Trump.

  12. Well I’m not one of his followers and neither are any of my family and friends once I gave them the facts about him. Ed is an opportunist who’s jumping into the Donald Chump clown car until the wheels fall off – which they will eventually. They’re both hucksters and attention whores. The MSM isn’t interested in the news. They want to chase the next shiny object and right now that’s The Donald. We have to counter them with facts and common sense. There are people who will lap that nonsense up and there’s not much we can do about that. Let’s focus on the sane folks!

  13. Donald Trump has a near zero chance of becoming POTUS, no matter how much Ed likes him. He could barely manage to get through a morning interview on MSNBC the other day without making a complete fool of himself, proving once and for all that he’s a know-nothing whose main talent is self-promotion.

    There are a lot of Republicans who won’t vote for him either, despite the fact that he’s popular with the birther crowd.

    I guess we have to have faith that the American people have not completely lost their minds. 🙂

  14. Ed’s followers followed him into the ditch too during the midterms. People are waking up. They don’t want anymore Walkers, Scott’s, or Kaisich’s. Donald Trump is now backing off of his birther stance, therefore he will more than likely not even be the nominee. Ed Schultz used to be a conservative Republican therefore he is just going back to his roots. He is an attention seeker. Maybe he is trying to pick up some additional viewers wherever he can, because I bet his ratings at least on tv are plummeting.

    Donald Trump is losing people like Jerry Seinfield who has backed out of a fundraiser due to his “kooky” talk. I expect there will be more to come. That’s why he is trying to get off of that subject now. People won’t be kind to a rich individual that shitted on smaller people by filing bankruptcy three times to get over. What is going to do, go into each corporation and forbid them from sending jobs overseas? Or as he suggested “go take oil from the middle east?” LMAO!

  15. A little bit of Libya news:

    The United States is starting to use armed Predator drones in Libya to target Muammar Gaddafi’s forces after President Barack Obama approved their use, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Thursday.

    The unmanned aircraft, already used to target militants along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, will allow for more precise attacks against Gaddafi’s forces, Gates told a news conference.

  16. There are so many disingenuous people in the limelight it makes one dizzy just trying to keep up with their opportunism.

  17. Ozone hole has dried Australia, scientists find.

    The Antarctic ozone hole is about one-third to blame for Australia’s recent series of droughts, scientists say.

    Writing in the journal Science, they conclude that the hole has shifted wind and rainfall patterns right across the Southern Hemisphere, even the tropics.

    Their climate models suggest the effect has been notably strong over Australia.

    Many parts of the country have seen drought in recent years, with cities forced to invest in technologies such as desalination, and farms closing.

    The scientists behind the new study – led from Columbia University in New York – added the ozone hole into standard climate models to investigate how it might have affected winds and rains.

    “The ozone hole results in a southward shift of the high-latitude circulation – and the whole tropical circulation shifts southwards too,” explained Columbia’s Sarah Kang.

    Of particular interest was the southward migration of the Southern Hemisphere jet stream.

    These high-altitude winds are key to determining weather patterns, in both hemispheres. Much of the cold weather felt in the UK over the last couple of winters, for example, was caused by blocking of the Northern Hemisphere stream.

    The Columbia team found that overall, the ozone hole has resulted in rainfall moving south along with the winds.

  18. GMTA! I just posted that. 🙂

    The drones will be much more effective at targeting Gaddafi forces hiding in cities. Surely his troops don’t want to die in a war they can’t win?

  19. God, Ed is so ignorant it burns. The cow-boy who spouts simplistic non-sense just appeals to him. I’m not that surprised.

  20. Yes. Saw it after I posted it. I just hope this doesn’t turn into a quicksand.

  21. WASHINGTON, April 21, 2011 — In celebration of Earth Day, U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell on Friday will present a $6,000 check to the Barnard Elementary School in Washington, D.C., for its participation in GreenSchools!, a joint project of the Forest Service and Project Learning Tree, an arm of the American Forest Foundation.

    “The Barnard School is a shining example of how conservation education can be a natural part of a school’s curriculum while making a solid impact on our natural resources today and in the future,” Tidwell said. “We are planting seeds of wisdom. Imagine years from now GreenSchools! alum across the country could be working in natural resources jobs or living lives inspired by and protective of our great outdoors because of experiences like this.”

    Barnard, using the GreenSchools! program, empowers students to lead the movement of sustainability and environmental responsibility at school, at home and in their community. For two years, students, staff and community have worked together to create a healthier learning environment. The grant award from the Forest Service will go toward several school projects, including an organic, raised-bed garden and an outdoor classroom. Students will give the fruits and vegetables from the garden to organizations such as Martha’s Table, which helps to feed homeless and low-income people. The outdoor classroom will provide a space for service learning opportunities that will teach them not only how to plant a garden but why it is important to do so.

  22. What it’s turning into is a stalemate. There’ve been reports of the rebels making gains, but Gaddafi still has too much firepower. A political settlement would be much more preferable, but any proposal that keeps Gaddafi and his sons in the country is unacceptable to the revolutionaries, as it should be; too much blood has been spilled for the Gaddafi family to remain peacefully in their compound. As with all of the recent Arab revolutions, the end game is hard to discern.

  23. Me thinks ED is on something! Psychotropic stimulants, like COKE comes to mind~! He is nuts!
    And has totally lost me for ever.

  24. From the shadow on the Kenyan refrigerator, looks like he was holding a Kenyan hammer, ready to make some change happen. Did that child ever stop smiling? He was one happy toddler.

  25. Frist of all, this embargo will take about a year, to have a REAL effect. He has no supplies, no food, and no money. Eventually, he will succumb to the pressure!
    Unless, he is getting food and supplies from a secret source?

  26. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service received $280 million under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The Service is using this funding to complete several types of projects that stimulate employment and economic growth in communities nationwide.

    Use the map below or the complete U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Project List (project status as of September 30, 2010) to locate projects in your area.

  27. I think the desired outcome was a stalemate. Simply put the coalition couldn’t trust the rebels – and if the rebels overran the Gadhafi loyalists there would have very likely been years of guerrilla warfare. A stalemate leads to a negotiated truce eventually and with no air attacks and an all encompassing embargo while there will be causalities, they won’t be nearly as high as if one side routed the other.

  28. Hillary says have patience:

    “On Thursday, Clinton urged more patience from critics of the anti-Gadhafi campaign, noting that “it is always a temptation in any conflict to (want) a resolution quickly.”

    “The opposition that rose up spontaneously was not a trained militia,” she noted. The “vast majority” of insurgents “had never participated in (any form of military) activity before.”

    Clinton said Washington has “a lot of confidence in NATO” and is pleased with the performance of America’s allies in the conflict.

  29. Sen Ensign is resigning! Meaning Gov Sandoval will name his replacement – it could be interesting. Sandoval is a Republican, but if he named Heller who is the odds on favorite for the GOP nod in 2012, it could create some drama around the seat and seem like a cooked deal and give Berkley something to run on.

  30. I saw some of this and it was really glaring that he did not once mention what PBO had done to stop job losses and create jobs with the Recovery Act, saving GM, all the new Trade Deals and the recent manufacturing numbers which are up significantly. He ignored all that and said no one is talking jobs, middle class failing etc.
    PBO not only talked and still talks jobs eg being created by a green economy but investment in science, education etc but is creating them but will in all liklihood be slowed down by the whack job Repugs.

    Ed is either very very dim or devious. Who knows, he may be both.

  31. Ralston saying it’s definitely Heller who will be named and there will be a special election for his House seat.

    Heller being named makes this seat much more likely to stay GOP unfortunately.

  32. According to Ed’s website:
    Leo Gerard, President of United Steelworkers International joins the 3rd hour of Thursday’s show to discuss Donald Trump’s comments about bringing jobs back to America.

    Info to contact the union if you saw the show and want to remind unions that Trump (!) is not a friend to organized labor and this is now reaching the level of betrayal considering what POTUS has done for folks and the willingness to entertain nonsense:

  33. He’s totally misinforming his viewership. IMO I’m sorry, but that channel is an asset of the right wing, period. I know that there are some bright spots here and there but this sounds to me like straight up propaganda. For anyone to compare POTUS with Trump on labor issues and declare Trump as superior is for that person to *lie.* It’s too blatant now to keep pretending that we’re all allies, and perhaps if we just all talk more, they’ll stop lying. IMO they’ve only just begun.

  34. That’s an interesting perspective. I don’t know if I totally agree with it — I think if that were more the case, then NATO would’ve stuck to enforcing the no-fly zone, rather than going after Gaddafi ground forces as well. But as conflict management, it makes sense. Hopefully the people around Gaddafi will realize they’re in a no-win situation, cut him loose, and get together with the NTC and work out a way forward. Violent overthrows rarely work out well for the vast majority of people — e.g., I think think Ivory Coast is in for a long period of instability after this civil war — but the rebels really had no choice. The only thing that has been certain from the Arab Awakening is that what comes next will surprise us.

  35. We were so used to the lightning — and mostly peaceful — revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt that we expected all the dictators to fall. Most dictators got to their positions by being ruthless, so that was a bad assumption to make. We’re just at the beginning of the Arab Awakening, not even close to the middle.


  37. I totally agree. And I can easily see a scenario in which Ed’s promotion of Trump has a few folks asking whether they are making a mistake by relying on Ed for information.

  38. I found it interesting, from that article, that the rebels took the border town on the Tunisian side. I hadn’t even realized they were fighting over there. The addition of the drones will make a difference. The rebels were also calling for strikes in the south where Gadaffi is staging weapons he’s brought in, and then the weather changed.
    Events are happening more slowly than we might like, but I seriously doubt we are headed for a stalemate with Gadaffi still in charge anywhere, anytime.
    PBO is just proving that if one has to fight a war, one can, at the least, be smart about it and limit the civilian casualties. No Shock and Awe for him.

  39. Oh me too! I got to shake Michelle’s hand during her campaigning for PBO in the primary but I would love a hug from our Prez or Michelle. They are such warm real people.

    Btw, Michelle is very tall and just as beautiful in person as she looks in pics and video.

  40. He needed that hug, and she was the angel there to give it. Beautiful photo. Thanks BWD for this site.

  41. I could not agree more. Well said.To be accessable like that to the people that you are charged with governing and caring for, is quite amazing.I am touched by the warmness and sincere caring this POTUS/FLOTUS show the people of this country that they have the opportunity to meet. I am just reminded of GWB wiping his hands on Clinton’s shirt ( I know that was Haiti, but I think George doesn’t much like “common folk”.)This President seems to revel in the masses…and they seem to give him strength and recharge his batteries.What I would have given to be that woman today:)

  42. The following is from a Stevens Point, Wisconsin Area Retired Teacher Association
    (SPARTA) member.

    Forwarded from George Alfsen, SPARTA member:

    Kathy Nickolaus in Waukesha forgot to save? Really?

    by ColdFusion04

    It was with great interest that I watched the press conference of
    Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus. You see, my “day job” is in
    the field of information technology, and I was tuned in to her every
    word regarding her use of Microsoft Access to tabulate the county wide
    vote totals.

    So I decided to make a little voting database in Microsoft Access 2010
    and 2007, to test her story.

    Results after the jump…

    Nickolaus says repeatedly that she imported the data into Access, but
    through a process of “human error”, she “forgot to save”. Then come
    the tears, repeatedly, throughout her presser.

    Here’s the problem. Microsoft Access (any version) doesn’t ask you to
    save. When you enter data into a table, it automatically updates the
    underlying database. If you close the database accidentally, the data
    you entered (or imported, in the case of Nickolaus) remains. If you
    stop to take a phone call from your buddy the governor (for example),
    your data will still automatically save.

    For further proof, I asked my 8 year old daughter to try to enter data
    in my little Access voting system mock up, and not save it. She
    couldn’t do it. She tried all sorts of things, and the votes still

    I entered 10,000 votes for Prosser, and closed the database. No save
    prompt appeared. I came back in, and there were the 10,000 votes!
    Thanks Bill Gates! I entered 20,000 votes for Prosser, and did a hard
    shutdown of my computer. When I booted back up and reopened the file,
    the 20,000 votes were there! Thanks again Bill Gates!

    Bottom line: Nickolaus is clearly lying. Not only did she insist on
    having her own private system based on some of the most unsecure,
    pedestrian computing technology available (Seriously? Access and
    Excel controlling such an important part of our democracy?), but she
    apparently assumes that nobody else has ever used Microsoft Access.

    On an almost daily basis, I recommend to my business users to avoid
    Microsoft Access, due to the almost complete lack of security and
    auditing within the tool. It’s good for keeping track of your grocery
    list, perhaps. But not an election.

    It’s difficult to imagine being any worse at stealing an election and
    lying about it. Honestly.

    Update: It was pointed out in the comments and some messages that it
    is possible to add validation to data submission in Access, using
    Visual Basic or other macros. In other words, it’s possible to add a
    button to “save” the data. This is true, if one was concerned enough
    about security and accuracy to add validation that doesn’t exist
    natively (Does Nickolaus strike you as someone overly concerned with
    extra security and accuracy?). However, during the press conference,
    Nickolaus speculates she may have inadvertently turned the macros off.
    If this were the case, it would have allowed the automatic saving,
    not the other way around. Bottom line again: Her story doesn’t add
    up, and it doesn’t pass the IT smell test.

    Note from Jack: I used Access to keep track of all the
    ticket-purchasers for the CWE convention. It is an extremely
    complicated program to use without training. Even the “Access for
    Dummies” book is tough and thick. One of my complaints about Access
    was that everything you enter (once you hit the enter key) is saved.
    When you go to shut-down, the program nevers asks if you want to save
    – it aready has, which is totally different from Word and Excel. I
    agree with ColdFusion04.

  43. Very moving! this picture speaks valums and character of our President priceless.
    Thank you BWD you always surprises us, and please tell us what can we do for you, you are olso priceless for us THANK YOU.

  44. The People’s View, underreported story:

    President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board has shocked the business world by ruling that Boeing illegally moved production from Washington State to punish the labor unions.

    The US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) says it will seek an order to require Boeing to place the second 787 production line in Washington state, in response to charges filed by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) 17 months after Boeing selected North Charleston, South Carolina to host the site.


    I really and truly need to get more personally disciplined about not reacting so strongly to the PL. I have no doubt but that we’re going to be just fine.

  45. From the Twitter feeds I follow, it seems that Gaddafi is being supplied by routes from Algeria and Chad.

  46. I hope Trumka comes to ED’s show and gives him a piece of his mind. And calls Trump out for the fraud that he is.

  47. It occurs to me, not having heard him myself, that perhaps Ed is egging Trump on because his birtherism is good for us, and can only hope that is the case.

  48. I don’t know if I agree with this. Companies can locate wherever they want.

  49. BWD – the only thing I would change in the title is the word “little” – when it comes to this President nothing is little -right?

  50. I think you skipped over two key sentences there:

    “Acting general counsel Lafe Solomon says the NLRB “found reasonable cause to believe that Boeing had violated two sections of the National Labor Relations Act because its statements were coercive to employees and its actions were motivated by a desire to retaliate for past strikes and chill future strike activity.”


    “The NLRB says, “The complaint does not seek closure of the South Carolina facility, nor does it prohibit Boeing from assembling planes there.”

    They broke the law, and the next plane to be assembled should go to the Washington workers.

  51. Wisconsin Democrats, who have been waging a campaign to recall Republican state senators and take a majority back in the chamber, are now firing back at the Republican counter-campaigns to recall the Dems. On a conference call with reporters on Thursday morning, state Dem chair Mike Tate and attorney Jeremy Levinson predicted that they would able to successfully challenge the validity of much of the signature-gathering effort by Republicans — which Tate repeatedly called a “racket.”

    “At the heart of the Republican effort from the start was a mercenary spirit that naturally used deception and fraud to gain signatures,” charged Tate. “In the coming days, you will see affidavits from citizens in these targeted districts who were deceived into signing petitions by the Republican roadies who often refused to identify themselves by their real names.”…more

  52. The President just this week spoke about the need to create NEW, highly skilled manufacturing jobs of the future. This nonsense about “bringing manufacturing jobs back” is misguided, because there will always be some country that can make commodities with cheaper labor. Bringing those kind of jobs back simply leads to a race to the bottom – and we want to chase the future, better paying jobs – and lead the world. The Eds and Trumps don’t understand that – and they don’t care.

  53. When I first saw this pic..I thought of you BWD:-)

    I also wished it was me…:-) What a beautiful moment for that lady…and The President.

    Thanks a bunch BWD

  54. overseas granny

    I teach computer classes at the local JC. Access does save automatically. Please encourage the person who wrote this to pursue it. Anyone who knows Access, knows it has autosave.

    She really isn’t a very good liar, using the Save excuse is very lame, it is so easy to discredit.

    One more little thought, Access is not that hard of a program to use. It is the basic database program most folks I know use. All of the others databases are even harder.

    She should not have had trouble using the program, once the data is entered, preset formulas would have been in the program that could tabulate the results.

  55. I was wondering why I loved President Obama {and family} so much because I’ve never felt much for any other president before But I just feel that he has a warm and caring spirit and it shows, even when under pressure from all directions. That lady was giving him a hug for all of us that can’t reach him right now. I pray each day and thank God for him. love and hugs to you all also

  56. So hope all of you know that CNN is running live of President Obama’s event in LA and it is one big wonderful party and the President is soon to appear:

    I had posted this earlier but at the bottom of the comment stack and wanted to get it closer to the top so perhaps more would see it.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.MORE.TOGETHER!

  57. This is the 9:55pm event or the 10:50pm event? Assuming it’s the former with the Prez being fashionably late?

  58. He always looks like he just stepped out of an issue of GQ. I think this suit tonite is brown or close to that. He looks good in it.

  59. I was thinking that it may not be solely about the re-location, and that maybe it’s about dishonesty on the part of Boeing, St. R. Time will tell as more details emerge.

  60. I have to disagree Sequana LOL. I don’t like this color on him. It seems to me the color makes him look grayer and older. I prefer him in navy blue or charcoal grey.

  61. I think he is the most unselfish President America has seen in a very very long time.

  62. The real question is why did the county allow her take the database off the county system in the first place?

    I agree with SPARTA member. I am a certified Microsoft trainer and Nickolaus is full of crap. Access is a great database system as long as the tables and the relationship (tables are connected by having the same unique fields, e.g. SSN or License number) are set up correctly. The only thing you can save (e.g. Click File, Save from the menu bar) are the designs of the table, forms, queries (questions you ask of the database, e.g., how many customers gave the product an excellent rating.). Entering individual votes, are saved when you advance to the next record or person in this case.

    But the real question is not about Microsoft Access. It’s why the County Council allowed her to take the voter info off the county system? I hope that makes sense.

  63. And when you delete something it just gone. You can’t recover it once you delete records.

  64. Sequana you are right he could have been a model if he wanted to. Such a gorgeous man. He is a silver fox that gets better with time. Naturally beautiful is my president!!!! 😀

  65. I can’t even begin to imagine what it may be like to be Mr. Obama. The pressure the responsibility. Also knowing that so many people look up to him, adore him and so many disagree and hate him. I adore him and pray for him and cry for him. To me it seems that he is in the right track for an overwhelming victory in 2012, I for one am doing everything possible to make that happen……… OBAMA2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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