Thursday Morning Mishmash

 Hi guys,

1. Today’s schedule:

12:40 PM

PBO delivers remarks at a DNC event.

1:00 PM  
1:35 PM

PBO departs San Francisco, California.

2:00 PM  
2:30 PM

PBO arrives in Reno, Nevada.

2:50 PM

PBO participates in a town hall.

3:00 PM  
4:00 PM  
4:30 PM

PBO departs Reno, Nevada.

5:00 PM  
5:45 PM

PBO arrives in Los Angeles, California.

6:00 PM  
7:00 PM  
8:00 PM  
8:30 PM

PBO delivers remarks at a DNC event.

9:00 PM  
9:55 PM

PBO delivers remarks at a DNC event.

10:00 PM  
10:50 PM

PBO delivers remarks at a DNC event.


2. Some good stuff from last night’s fundraisers:

‘We started something in 2008′ we need to finish’

SAN FRANCISCO — After talking policy Wednesday afternoon in Silicon Valley, President Barack Obama’s evening was all about politics as he raised millions for his 2012 re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

First was an exclusive fundraising dinner at the Presidio Heights home of billionaire chairman and chief executive Marc Benioff and his wife, Lynne. At $35,800 per person, it probably was the most expensive dinner that most of these 60 very well-heeled attendees have ever consumed.

Stevie Wonder entertained the crowd. His final song was a new one composed for the occasion, titled “Ten Billion Hearts,” about joining together to heal the world. The president was seated at Benioff’s table, and Wonder sat at Obama’s side as Benioff introduced the president, saying that in a time of many crises, “We have the right person to lead us here.” Recording artist of the Black Eyed Peas was seated at the president’s table, as well.

“I know all of you wish Stevie would keep on playing,” Obama quipped, adding that the musician’s 1972 album “Talking Book” was the first record he ever bought with his own money, at age 10. With headphones on, “I would sit in my room and pretend I was Stevie Wonder,” to the chagrin of his grandparents who had to listen to his singing, Obama said.

The president quickly turned serious, and observed that he has “a lot of friends in this room.”

“Some of you are involved in startup (businesses),” he said. “Well, I was a startup not so very long ago. So many of you took a chance on me, and it was not at all likely I was going to win.”

He said the 2008 campaign was about competing visions of America, ideas of who we are as a people. Despite the unexpectedly steep economic crisis that had set in by the time he was sworn into office, he touted gains made during his administration, including investments in education, clean energy, infrastructure and research, plus health care reform, repealing the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy in the armed forces, and appointing two women to the Supreme Court.

“For all the good work we’ve done, we’re not finished, we have more work to do,” he said. “The economy is still not as strong as it needs to be. There are still too many children out there who are in substandard schools” unable to envision prosperous futures working for the kinds of companies founded by the guests at the function.

Gas is too expensive, and Mideast instability underscores the need to move to clean energy despite those in Congress who deny that climate change exists, he continued. And the budget debate is “the most fundamental example of the choice we’ll be making” in coming years, he said. The deficit and debt are real and must be addressed, but “I am a congenital optimist when it comes to this country and I do not accept a vision where America gets small,” he said, where it can’t have the best infrastructure, research, universities and care for the vulnerable and seniors.

“The easiest thing to do is for the rich and powerful to say, ‘We’ve got ours and we don’t care about the rest,’ ” but that’s not an option, he said.

“We started something in 2008,” Obama said, adding that he wants another term in which to finish it.

From each contributor, $30,800 will go to the Democratic National Committee while $5,000 will go to the Obama campaign: $2,500 for the primary and $2,500 for the general election.

After the Benioff dinner, the president headed to a massive fundraiser at the Masonic Auditorium atop Nob Hill, for which ticket prices ranged from $25 for “Gen44” campaign activists to $10,000 for those seeking access to a special VIP photo reception. Oakland native Goapele and DJ Hope performed, and Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice addressed the crowd before the president took the stage.

Obama took the stage at Masonic Auditorium at 8:53 p.m. to a standing, screaming ovation from the 2,500 or so people who’d waited hours to see him. He acknowledged his many friends in the city, singling out from the crowd House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, Rep. Barbara Lee, Rep. Mike Honda, Rep. John Garamendi, Rep. Jerry McNerney, state Controller John Chiang and state Treasurer Bill Lockyer.

“It’s always nice to be back out west in the great state of California,” he said.

Obama said there are extraordinary responsibilities to his job, but certain pleasures as well. Flying in Marine One past the Golden Gate Bridge was among the latter — “one of the greatest views in the world” — as he arrived in San Francisco after his town hall meeting at Facebook. He noted he has 19 million Facebook friends — “which only puts me half a million behind SpongeBob SquarePants.”

“The conversation you hear in Washington is just different from the conversation you hear around kitchen tables or around water coolers, and that’s why we decided ours will be the first re-election campaign in modern history based outside of Washington,” he said; the campaign will be based in Obama’s hometown of Chicago. “I want to be hearing from the people who got us here, putting the campaign back in your hands.”

He said he’s older and grayer than the last time around. “That’s all right, you’re still fine!” a woman shouted from the back, bringing cheers from the rest of the crowd.

The president continued that his memory remains strong, especially of his victory speech in Chicago’s Grant Park on election night. He remembers promising that if we work together, “We could bring about the chance that we had talked about, the change we had envisioned for our communities, for our kids, for our grandkids — the commitments we had made to each other, because that’s what the campaign was about. The campaign wasn’t about me, it was about what all of us thought our country could be.”


3. Full transcript of the fundraiser is here.


4. I hope he’ll go for it:

Obama weighs disclosure order for contractors

President Obama is considering an executive order that would force government contractors to disclose their donations to groups that participate in political activities, a move Republicans slammed Wednesday as an attempt to restrict political speech.

White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters that the administration has a draft proposal and would not offer details. But he said Obama thinks it is crucial to allow taxpayers to learn more about contractors who seek federal funds.

The provision is similar to one in a bill that Democrats pushed before the midterm elections called the Disclose Act. That legislation was part of a broader effort by Democrats and the White House to limit the influence of interest groups, which played an expanded role in last year’s midterm elections.

A string of Supreme Court decisions has freed corporations, labor unions and other interest groups to participate in elections as long as they operate independently of candidates.

Many interest groups were formed last year to spend millions of dollars on the elections, and most of the money was spent on campaign commercials that were against congressional Democrats. Many of the groups did not disclose their funding sources, leading Democrats to call for greater transparency.

// more, if you want to read Republicans reactions…


5. The president, the vice president and the first lady are all in Time’s 100 Most Influential People In The World. David M. Kennedy:

“We remain a young nation,” Barack Obama said in 2009, but he added an unsettling admonition that “in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things.” No passage in his Inaugural Address more vividly reflected the President’s vision of his country and his times or more accurately foreshadowed the vexations that were to beset his leadership.

Like FDR before him, Obama, 49, has looked beyond the near horizon. He has paid the political price of setting far-visioned initiatives on health care and financial reform ahead of short-term relief. And he has tried to persuade his countrymen to shed some of their youthful illusions: to forsake the frontiersman’s faith in unbridled individualism for a recognition of the complex interdependencies of modern life, to replace the rebel’s fear of government with the citizen’s trust that government of the people and by the people is for the people too, to stop assuming that Santa Claus will give us cheap energy forever and the Easter Bunny will pay our bills. Whatever the near term holds, history is likely to record that Obama set the country on the path to a future with fewer illusions.

6. Everybody saw this, right? Well, make sure that you’re friends and family will see it too.



134 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Mishmash

  1. Good Morning, Everyone! 🙂 The President is taking it on the ROAD. Loves it! Thanks for the pics and updates, BWD.

  2. Good morning!!!What an uplifting,wonderful way to start my Thursday:) Thank you again, BWD for this special place that I consider home.
    Before I forget,that last picture with the baby? Honestly,that about says it all for me…even little ones THAT small,know.Adorable.
    I’m with the woman that yelled out to the President that he’s still fine with grey hair.Yes, Mr. President…you are still fine!
    I caught the tail end of the President’s Facebook chat on CSPAN last night. When this man gets out of Washington, and is able to talk to real people, no one can touch him on his delivery of this core message.Hands down, HE is the Great Communicator! The pictures here show the diversity of his crowds, the smiling faces of hope and challenge.They are not old and cynical and scared….and that is a beautiful sight to behold!We know why we were all so moved to get out there and bust our humps for this truly once in a lifetime candidate…that feeling never went away for so many of us, and that’s why he will get 4 more years to finish this amazing transformation of our country, for the better.BWD, I know that you were feeling down the other day…what you have posted for the rest of us today should give you the boost that you need to put the smile back on your face, dust yourself off,and believe that we’ll all work our collective asses off to make this happen again.You should feel energized.The more he gets out of his Washington bubble, away from the “reporters” and just talks to the everyday person…no spin…well, it’s all good!Thanks for putting a smile on my face today (and just about everyday)Don’t let the little AH get you down. WE ALL GOT THIS!

  3. Wondering if I could have been “first” this morning if I didn’t write that dissertation???

  4. LOL @ “That’s alright, you’re still fine!”

    I second that heartily.

    Love the last photo of the baby with the wise, knowing smile — looking like a little, grown man.

    OBAMA 2012!

  5. Oh my Goodness, he’s looking good. The People are excited to see him, they are cheering, screaming, smiling and showing Love to our President. It’s just good to see, makes me smile, and soak up the positive energy that he exhibits. What a GREAT Welcome he’s getting. I like that, yes, I like It 🙂

  6. Good Morning IMO this is the greatest time for our President because He loves the people first and then the vision for the country. If you all will notice when PBO gets out with the people he is completely at home and happy. A true thinker loves the out doors and places of pleasure and for our President it is among the people. Boxing him in the bubble gets to him the most and thats when he looks most tired. The President believes in sitting down and talking about problems with all ideas out in the open. Then get the best ideas and get the job done.That’s what is so frustrating to the President then he looks tired from dealing with the short sighted people who are always wasting time trying to score points. If their were more adults in the process we would have a wonderful country even with the problems.

  7. Good morning everyone! That last picture is a treasure. The POTUS just loves kids and people. Yesterday was such an uplifting watching the President at all of his events. I really hope we can get this country to put away “childish” things. Thank goodnes we have an adult in the room!

  8. Starting to feel like 2007/2008 all over again isn’t it? 😀

    By the way, for those of you who did a facepalm when Rachel Maddow called me “Electablog” on her show the other night, check the tweet she sent me:

    Apology accepted!

    I hereby submit to @Eclectablog my mispronunciation apology! Keep up the ace work on #BentonHarbor and #BigGovtConservatism in MI.

    (And she’s following me on Twitter now, too : )

  9. I’m so bummed! the President is coming today to Los Angeles, and I can’t take off work to go see him!!! 😦

    The only consolation I have is that the last time he was in LA, I saw him and shook his hand. I really wanted to hug him, but I didn’t dare with the Secret Service looking at me with their stern eyes.

    We hosted an “Are you In?” kick-off meeting here in our neighborhood, and we all took photos with our handmade signs saying that we were in! It was a lot of fun, and I think people got energized and motivated.

    I have glanced at some comments here and there on polls, and I just want to make a comment.

    I seriously wouldn’t not give too much credence to polls. The President is faily stable in his approvals, and quite frankly, polls don’t matter, people actually going to the polls and voting is what’s important. Plus you never know what the future brings.

    But for those who can’t give up the polls, you really can’t trust the polls until 3-4 months out before the election. Even then, it’s not always an accurate predictor. Voters and particularly ill-informed Americans, don’t have a very good memory, and they typically fall back on the last 4 months when considering their opinion.

    Very classic example, 1 year prior to the Iowa Caucuses, President Obama was dead last in the polls, but he ended up winning the Caucus. What made the difference was all the hard work leading up to the event.

  10. And that is what the MSM always wants to cut out – all that cheering, screaming, smiling and showing love – to PBO, because it just doesn’t fit with their lies about how unpopular he is and what a failure he is. Same reason that BWD’s wonderful diaries were attacked on the Orange Satan. I could handle an hour’s video on just all that love alone.

  11. Two quick comments:

    Our company uses SalesForce extensively. Knowing how a lot of the management of my company feels about the President, I wonder how long that will continue if they find out about this.

    Secondly, this line from the Kennedy quote really struck me.

    And he has tried to persuade his countrymen to shed some of their youthful illusions: to forsake the frontiersman’s faith in unbridled individualism for a recognition of the complex interdependencies of modern life, to replace the rebel’s fear of government with the citizen’s trust that government of the people and by the people is for the people too, to stop assuming that Santa Claus will give us cheap energy forever and the Easter Bunny will pay our bills.

    The myth of individualism has long been a part of American culture, even though the very essence of cooperation and leaning on and helping your fellow citizen is exactly what helped and drove the creation of this country. People don’t like having their delusions torn away from them, specially by a man who looks different from them. That is part of what is making the struggle hard.

    Fortunately, the Republicans are doing a good job of helping the President make his point.

  12. I know I closed the italics. Only the first paragraph was supposed to be in italics.

  13. Good she is following you now. Maybe next time she blows it on PBO you might gently set her straight.

  14. Congrats, EB. I’ve been a fan of your work for some time now. Continue to plug away — I know you will be rewarded :-).

  15. And what about cspan? They seem to happily wait for those annoying calls, after the townhalls -that he gives. I would say, that 90% of the incoming calls are vitriolic. By design? HMMMM!


  16. Good morning BWD and peeps!

    Don’t post much but I read every day. I’m a novice to politics and some of this stuff goes right over my head, but thanks for breaking it down for me to absorb…slowly…chunk by chunk. Forgive me for looking over your shoulders and all the heaving breathing as I

    I was watching Rachel when she mentioned Eclectablog and I went “WHOA!” like a lot of folks, then saw the tweet. Congrats.

    This site is the best and I still snicker whenever one of the Permanently Pissed Crowd at You Know Where mentions BWD and this site…dripping with disdain and trying to be dismissive…not realizing that their comments say more about THEM and the fact that like Windsong…she STAYS on their minds. Hehehehehehe. Mission Accomplished.

  17. Good for her. Eb, You should try to snag some face time with her. Get the real progressives views across for a ‘change’.

  18. The U.S. electric power sector is changing and modernizing in response to societal and
    market forces. Power companies face a business imperative to meet increasing pressures
    for cleaner, more efficient energy that will safeguard public health and protect the world’s
    These forces are already transforming the industry. Significant capital investment has
    been flowing in recent years to cleaner technologies such as renewable energy, energy
    efficiency and natural gas-fired generation. Investment to clean up and modernize the
    nation’s existing fossil fuel generation fleet has already begun to contribute to a cleaner
    energy future.
    New air pollution rules expected this year from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    will further accelerate these trends. And – as this new Ceres report shows – they will have
    a major added benefit: significant job creation.
    Meeting new standards that limit sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, mercury and other pollutants
    will create, in the report’s own words, “a wide array of skilled construction and
    professional jobs” – from the electricians, plumbers, laborers and engineers who will
    build and retrofit power plants all across the eastern U.S., to operation and maintenance
    (O&M) employees who will keep the modernized facilities running.
    The report finds that investments driven by the EPA’s two new air quality rules will create
    nearly 1.5 million jobs, or nearly 300,000 jobs a year on average over the next five years
    – and at a critical moment for a struggling economy. The end product will be an upgraded,
    cleaner American industry, along with good paying jobs and better health for the
    nation’s most vulnerable citizens.

  19. What is always startling to me, japa, is that I always meet with cooperation and kindness from Americans, even those with whom I know disagree with me politically. They are always ready to lend a helping hand. It is difficult to reconcile this behavior with the selfishness expressed is the politics of so many.

  20. When I heard Rachel say Electablog I yelled at the TV it’s ECLECTABLOG! Guess she heard all of us. This is so cool that you are getting well deserved attention!

    I feel this is better than 2008 because we know what this man can do.

  21. japa, why is your company management so anti-Obama ? Any policy reasons ? Or is it prejudice ?

  22. I watched the Facebook town hall. Our President is at his best when he is speaking directly to the people. What a difference to hear intelligent questions and answers that do not go through the msm filter.
    That picture with the baby is priceless.

  23. Thanks BWD – this site is AWESOME! Already sent today’s mishmash to my FB BFFs and Tweeple. 😀

  24. The American people, as a rule, are some of the most generous and giving people in the world. But what they resent, frequently, is being told by a big bad government how to be generous and giving.

    They harken back to the “good old days” when there were barn raisings and all sorts of charities to take care of the poor. They forget the part where those were always hit and miss, more often miss.

  25. “People don’t like having their delusions torn away from them, specially by a man who looks different from them. That is part of what is making the struggle hard”

    Wow, this is so accurate. Another way to put it is that in politics, it’s harder to tell people what they need to hear than what they want to hear.

    This makes me think about the Trump phenomenon. He’s the posterchild for telling people what they want to hear. The promotor of delusion, of oversimplification. Heck, all of the GOP candidates are doing the same, to various extents.

  26. Quick question on campaign finance laws. Is unused money from a primary campaign able to be used in the general?

  27. Turned on the news this morning: “Obama slipping with Hispanics”.

    He has days and days of people flocking to see him (newsflash Chuck Todd: just look at BWD’s pictures every morning!) and that’s barely, if ever, covered.

    And in spite of them, seniors are learning what Republicans want to do to them and the future of their children.

    We keep plugging away. Thanks, BWD.

  28. hehe..A tweet from a t-bagger upset with Lawrence O’donnell:

    RT @PaulyCicero: @lawrence Dear asswipe, can u just feel it all slipping away? Sorta like the piss that runs down ure leg when Obama speaks..?

  29. CGI America To Be Held in Chicago on June 29-30

    New York, NY- President Bill Clinton announced today that he will host a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting focused on creating jobs and driving economic growth in the United States. The meeting, CGI America, will be the first CGI event solely dedicated to economic issues impacting the U.S. and will take place in Chicago on June 29-30, 2011.

    “CGI America will bring together leaders from business, nonprofits, and government to develop new ideas for generating jobs now in the U.S.,” President Clinton said. “CGI members have already improved the lives of more than 300 million people around the world by making nearly 2,000 commitments. More than 250 of those commitments, worth $11.6 billion, are addressing challenges in the U.S. At CGI America, we will focus that innovation and urgency to get people working again.”

    Read more:

  30. A basic “culture” is certainly at play Japa. Coming from history. The armed struggle for Independance, maybe ?

    However, I think that in this modern era, the Reagan effect has to be taken into account. “Governement is the problem” has been the mantra of the past thirty years in the GOP and has been pushed and pushed by corporate powers who have a vested interest in making government as powerless as possible.

  31. That cute little baby boy looks like a little 70 year old man! Like he’s seen it all already and knows POTUS is the best leader this country has seen in decades. LOL!

  32. And Chuck Todd was doing his best this morning on the Daily Rundown trying to point out liberal discontent with PBO (I guess people shouted a few things during his Nob Hill speech)and even trying to insinuate that Pelosi and PBO are not close…just wait till his second term 😀 and Pelosi’s second stint as Speaker:D We’ll see how close they are – it’s going to be a glorious, progressive time. Yes, I’m very optimistic LOL….

  33. For the eight communities in the Merrimack Valley Mayors and Managers Coalition, a recently awarded $50,000 federal grant should make it easier to integrate individual clean energy initiatives into a regional master plan.

    The idea of creating one clean energy master plan to suit several communities will make larger, bundled projects more attractive for bidders, as well as give communities a tangible energy strategy, said Dennis DiZoglio, executive director of the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission, which received the grant from the US Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration.

    The grant comes through the Global Climate Change Mitigation Incentive Fund, which was formed to support projects that aim to decrease dependence on fossil fuels, curb greenhouse gas emissions, and enhance energy efficiency.

  34. And all these jobs are local, high quality jobs that can’t be outsourced.

    And don’t forget about the jobs created by maintaining the new upgraded and created facilities. Someone will have to do repairs from time to time, replace worn components, guard the facilities.

    As someone who battles asthma, don’t forget the other savings due to healthier air.

  35. I noticed that too! Chris Jansing was really trying to sell that meme…smh They know that despite their best efforts the president still has a base of support…and they can’t stand it.

  36. Maya Soetoro-Ng the President’s sister was on The Talk yesterday discussing her book called “Ladder to the Moon,” which is a tribute in essence to her mom. Listening to her made me tear up. She discussed their mom and her passion for living, and teaching her lessons. She described their mom as “telling us that she loved us 100 times a day.” She talked about how her mom also woke her up in the wee hours of the morning to watch the moon, just as President Obama says she did him. I know that they miss her dearly. She sounds like a remarkable individual, and she instilled some amazing qualities in both Maya and President Obama. Then Maya discussed how President Obama stepped in almost like a father to her, and took her on college tours, and took her to “community organize” in Chicago one summer. She described him as a “great” brother then and now. It is so heart warming. Here is a clip

  37. She’s a classy woman that way…we may get frustrated by her at times, but she is a smart woman that tries her best to tell the truth about issues that others won’t touch. We may disagree at times, but to my mind, she does what the majority of “reporters” refuse to do. Investigate the facts.She’s a grown up and can admit when she’s made a mistake….glad she’s following you:) That can only be a good thing!

  38. Monday, April 11, 2011

    U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces Agreement to Create Crucial Rail Access for the Port of Vancouver
    Project Eliminates Freight Chokepoint, Stimulates Regional Economy

    WASHINGTON – U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced today that work can begin on the West Vancouver freight access project in Washington State now that an agreement has been signed between the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Port of Vancouver.

    The project, which received a $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s TIGER II (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) program, will make safety and efficiency improvements for the entire Port by creating access and eliminating a freight chokepoint.

    “Building better access for the Port will help move goods in and out of Vancouver more quickly,” said Secretary LaHood. “This will help business and create jobs, and the ripple effect will benefit the entire region.”

    The West Vancouver Freight Access project will improve freight rail entry and exit from the Port and eliminate the current switchback operation at the at-grade crossing through the BNSF Railway Vancouver Yard, reducing the possibility of train collisions and alleviating congestion.

    “TIGER grants are all about supporting projects that will positively impact the community and region,” said Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez. “This port improvement project will stimulate the economy and increase the Port’s competitiveness.”

    The grant was awarded as part of the TIGER II program that the Department announced on October 30, 2010. The projects chosen demonstrate their ability to contribute to the long-term economic competitiveness of the nation, improve the condition of existing transportation facilities and systems, increase energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improve the safety of U.S. transportation facilities, increase livability and create or preserve jobs quickly.


  39. Thanks Jovie for this article. I like it so much when you find those optimistic news and you share it with us.

  40. So true. Regarding the struggle for independence, there is a myth that this is exactly what the rugged individualism is all about. And true, it was the true “citizen soldier” in action.
    However, if each colony had tried to go it alone, it would have been a complete failure. It was because of the “union” made up of the separate colonies, banding together under a central force, thus ampliflying their power and strength, that they succeeded.

  41. I’m glad to see another southerner here at TOAITR, CeeJay! I’m from GA, and if I didn’t have this and other pragmati blogs, I’d go nuts from all of the nonsense that surrounds me!

  42. I second this. Jovie provides with with such important information that the MSM never makes a sound about. All of these items deal with piecemeal projects, providing jobs here and there. However, add them all up and see what you get. Real, meaningful improvement not just at the local level but at the national level as well.

  43. That has been going on for decades at C-Span. That was the first place the nasty Republicans would call in on the Democrat’s line to spill their bile to the world. C-Span is good for covering Congress and events and speeches, but after that it stinks. They operate like OFA’s blog does right now, and get all the trolls.

  44. BWD I can not thank you enough for this site. I am so very happy to get such wonderful news and for it to be shared with like minded individuals and thanks to all of the commentors as well.

  45. Hi Majii! This place is so needed and I’m glad that more pragmatic sites are gaining in popularity. The negativity today is daunting.

  46. Wisconsin Democrats are pulling the trigger on a fifth recall campaign, Greg Sargent reports, with the Dems set to file signatures targeting GOP state Sen. Alberta Darling, as control of the state Senate now appears to be up for grabs in the battle over Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-public employee union agenda.

    The state Dems told Sargeant that they collected approximately 30,000 signatures to trigger a new election against Darling, providing a very large buffer above the 20,343 minimum signatures required — and presumably a whole lot of votes on tap in a recall election, too.

  47. Why did the government finally step in? Because the idea of personal charity was not adequate to the job. Americans needed the institutional support of the government to at least make a dent in certain beleagered classes of people.

    Most seniors lived in poverty without SS. Most died of preventable or treatable illnesses until Medicare. Charity was not enough and would be damn near impossible now.

  48. Oh congratulations to you EClectablog- this recognition is very well earned. Thank you for what you do.

  49. No problem. MSM only reprots our govt making mistakes, liek this latest FAA flap! But, their is lots of good it is doing, as you can see!

  50. I hear a lot of this. Uninformed people who would be Obama supporters think HCR is going to take away their jobs.

    Democrats have failed miserably in framing this issue. The perception is a little better but nowhere near where it needs to be on this issue.

  51. That is so great to hear. The Wisconsin Dems are doing a great job. Are they getting good people to run?

  52. So, boner and his neo con contigency, went to IRAQ and Afghanistan, and released a letter to POTUS! Basically Saying, don’t you dear leave Either country, blah, blah, blah! LOL!
    They are just trying to cause trouble for when POTUS announces troops withdrawals in july, they are going to slam, him, and the MSM will, be on their side! You watch!

  53. As an addition to this: we have a home improvement show on our progressive radio station on Saturday mornings (local, progressive-leaning home improvement show).

    The host said a few weeks ago that if you’re building or doing any repairs on your roof, EVERYONE should at least look into individual solar or wind power. The prices are coming down, the Feds are kicking in, and many states are giving tax breaks as well. He said the return on your investment: 3-5 years, which is inccredible.

    The worst ‘investment’? Windows. It’s all a scam and takes 15-20 years to actually recoup energy savings.

  54. Obama jabs ‘climate change deniers’
    By Ben Geman – 04/21/11 07:42 AM ET

    President Obama called out Capitol Hill’s “climate change deniers” Wednesday night at a Democratic fundraiser in California.

    Obama, speaking at a San Francisco event for donors, called rising gasoline prices an economic drain on drivers and said curbing oil reliance is a “national security imperative.”

  55. Seriously Kels – you nailed it and made me laugh too.. adorable baby who looks very old and wise 😉

  56. I wish they would actually acknowledge that the prior President signed an agreement with the sovereign nation of Iraq requiring our departure from there. Staying beyond the agreed upon time frame would, in effect, be a reinvasion of the country.

  57. Google, Inc. is about to take the guesswork out of finding an electric vehicle charging station. The Internet giant has partnered up with the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and other stakeholders to use Google Maps as the primary platform for coordinating a database that provides up-to-date information on the whereabouts of EV charging stations nationwide. The project is being conducted through DOE’s Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center, which already features an online alternative fuels location finder that includes EV charging stations.

    $5 Million in New Funds to Kickstart EV Charging Stations
    The new partnership is coordinated with a $5 million funding program from DOE, which will pair up local governments with private companies to speed up the development of an EV charging station infrastructure. On the government side, that involves updating and streamlining permitting procedures for charging stations, as well as developing a framework of incentives to encourage the use of EV’s by consumers, businesses, and organizations. On the business side, that means the arrival of new opportunities for companies that design and construct charging stations to expand more rapidly and create new green jobs.

    Electric Vehicle Explosion
    EV’s are already starting to make inroads into fleet vehicles, including government fleets, so the new initiative isn’t starting from scratch. It also has a head start as part of the Clean Cities Initiative, a DOE program that has been going on since 1993 to reduce auto emissions. The $5 million will be doled out on a competitive basis, so it will be interesting to see how that affects the dynamic between state and local governments, given that at least some of the probable applicants are located in states where governors have already turned down funding for federal transportation projects (namely, high speed rail).

  58. YUP! But you know our lovely MSM will not say anything about that! furthermore, NATO has devised another plan, in conjunction with Karzai, to leave afghanistan by 2014, leaving only trainers and a small counter terror force behind!
    The MSM does not want to report this, instead, they skip over it and go right onto Obama this and obama that crap! Sigh!

  59. So these nutz are kneecapping their own president from another country ? Treasonous bastids all.

  60. God, I’m so tired of these incompetent, short-sided, delusional clowns, and of their corporate allies in the military-industrial complex.

    What those neo-cons are forgetting is that the people won’t be on their side. Americans are not interested in open-ended commitments. And the fear tactics won’t work anymore. Enough.

  61. Well, in some cases jobs were lost due to HCR, mostly in companies that sell the private medicare policies. HCR took away their gravy train of unearned money and some other things that made those policies less attractive to seniors. Sales go down, sales people have to find work doing other things.

  62. I hope he/she was referring to the birther issue when he tweeted about something “slipping away.” I follow Media Matters closely, and it looks like many of the birthers are very upset because they’re receiving quite a bit of push back on Donald “The Chump” Trump’s birther nonsense. I encountered a rw poster there on yesterday who was asking “why” O’Donnell, Matthews, Stephanopolous, and others, think the birthers are nuts. I tried to explain to him/her that one might be considered a little “off” if one persists in pushing an issue that has already been successfully resolved. Many of the birthers just don’t seem to “get” that it’s been verified that PBO was born in America.

  63. You guys are just fantastic today with all the info!

    I’m just so over joyed by this blogg site as well as others listed here. So much info that you do not see on other sites.

    And congradulatons Electablog, great work you’re doing in MI.

  64. Excellent, excellent, excellent, BWD you did it again with your excellent Mishmash.
    We watched the Facebook Town Hall with l0 of our neighbors, They all were so impress with this magnifecent man they have never seen PBO as they did yesterday, They all think he is a very smart President, young, and in such excellent shape, and we all agreed that he is a President for this particular time the 20th century. After Sushis and wine I asked them to send their donations tp Obama campaign, they all will pony up 100$ each.

  65. After all that fire and brimstone over the impending phase-out of incandescent light bulbs, lighting giant Philips has stepped in to pour oil on troubled waters. The company has just launched a new energy efficient light bulb that looks and acts just like an incandescent light bulb. At a 28 percent energy savings, the company’s new EcoVantage light bulb is designed to satisfy 21st century federal energy efficiency standards while preserving the classic 19th century styling.

  66. I know they got good candidates against Kapanke and Hopper. They’re getting folks that ran against them last time or State House reps, not going the new candidate route because they’ll more easily be painted as a Union lackey. They get already elected officials or folks who ran for the seat previously and it can be said they are not union plants but rather folks who cared about the seat and the district enough to represent it before Walker came into office.

  67. GOP are filing recalls against 3-4 as well. Their deadline was April 25th I believe in most of the cases, so they waited a bit later in the process meaning they probably have less of a buffer if too many signatures are thrown out.

    The GOP attack point will be the senators ran from their duties. However the fact that the GOP stripped out the union busting out of the budget and forced it through the way they did and now it’s in the courts will give the Dem Sens a good defense – “Look we knew it was wrong, that they were trying to force anti-union measures through a budget, and by stripping it out saying it wasn’t a budget measure they admitted we were right. And they they forced it through illegally and now it’s tied up in the courts”.

  68. amk:

    I got into it with someone yesterday over the same issue. She said Obama is destroying small businesses by the health care reform, I told her to change accountants. I really don’t know why they say that, do you?

  69. They are also acting against the wishes of the American people. I know they read the polls, and the polls show that the majority of Americans want us OUT of Afghanistan and Iraq. I’m one of these people, especially since I discovered a few weeks ago that Karzai used Jones’ burning of the Koran last month to stoke anti-American hatred. One of his former officials let the cat out of the bag. Many of the Afghan people didn’t even know the event had occurred until Karzai decided to politicize it. He should be left to handle his own problems, with a little support from us in critical areas of need.

  70. The fact that our poverty rate has hovered around 20% for as long as I can remember should tell them that something is not right, especially in light of our past wealth which we squandered.

  71. Chuck Todd is full of Shit and he knows it, the people asked very intelligent questions yesterday. Whenthe WH press aske questions they are all about got you questions for sound bites the MSM are a bunc of arsess.

  72. All EV’s and alternative fuel cars should come with GPS what would be programmed with car specific fueling stations as well.

  73. We have Michelle Bachmann to thank for the faux outrage over the new light bulbs v. the incandescent bulbs. She pretended to act as if it was the Obama Administration that was pushing the new bulbs when GWB signed the bill that would phase them out back in 2007. She was in Congress at the time and didn’t open her trap. She’ll do anything for attention and to raise funds for her campaign coffers. I’ve been using the new bulbs for at least 4 years now, and I’ve seen a decrease in my electric bill.

  74. THa’s is a bunch bull Hispanics do like Obama I can tell you for a fact a do know a bunch of them. remember when he start running? The MSM were saying he is Not black enough, white people are not going to vote for him hispanics are not going to vote for him, just look he is the president. So please stop believing in what the MSM is telling you.

  75. It is difficult to find good people to run even in local elections because the amount of money that needs to be raised is becoming more staggering with each election. And even in the best of circumstances, it is not always possible to say exactly what one thinks, which is difficult for people with strong opinions. The local party has tried several times to get my husband to run, but we have neither the financial knowhow nor the motivation. I have great respect for principled politicians who are willing to enter the current fray and do what it takes to play the game successfully, even if it means compromising far beyond what one wants and courting those one might find personally objectionable. This takes a great deal of strength and thoughtfulness, but many people of principle find they are unable to do it. The system needs some drastic overhaul if we are to recruit many good people at all levels.

  76. The only thing I can say is that they NCR, specially if it improves, threatens the purpose of the company.

  77. To the MSM on Facebook hall meeting yesterday,
    Sheryl Sandberg said PBO is “one of the most POPULAR PEOPLE ON THEIR WEB Facebook” with more than 19 million FANS. So to the MSM ‘F U”

  78. The policy in Afghanistan has been deplorable from start to finish, beginning with our reaction to the Russian invasion. I understand the President was in a tremendous bind when he took office and was faced with the fiasco in that country, but I certainly support his withdrawal of troops as I can’t see what remaining there will accomplish. We should never have gone in.

  79. Yes, it’s amazing how much actual helpful information can be passed on when bloggers are not constantly sparring with one another.

  80. The thing that seems to be missing from this article and the one it links to is information about how long these bulbs last and how hotly they run using halogen technology. I, for one, hate halogen lights. And I so don’t trust Philips when it comes to lighting…too expensive.

  81. jovie, thank you for this. We have been using some of the new lightbulbs (they do not fit in most of our fixtures), but they are aesthetically-displeasing.

  82. Maybe,… BUT the ‘dissertation’ gives BWD and the rest of us all a hug. 😉 🙂

    Have a wonderful day, EVERYONE!

  83. Jovie, when the time comes and people pay attention, President Obama will talk about the NATO agreement.

    Given the fact that the republican propaganda machine is so powerful and that MSM never does its job properly, I think that President Obama has adopted the only strategy possible: he lets the opposition make its case, he doesn’t get into the conversasion until everyone has pushed their false narrative and stupid arguments, and THEN, he talks, pushes back against the stupidity and brings back everyone to reality. He litterally looks like “the only adult in the room”.

    This strategy has its downside, because it lets the false narrative take root in a certain segment of the population. On the up side, I think this strategy of President Obama will pay off in the long term with the majority of americans. After a few occurences, people will realize that President Obama always makes sense and they’ll WAIT for him to step in… they’ll realize that the noise they’re hearing is just that: “noise”.

    Look at the budget debate. Ryan presenting his radical ideas, MSM falling for it, everyone freaking out, and then, President Obama comes in, CRUSHES the opposition and changes the conversation. And people, slowly but surely, realize that he’s the one who’s reasonable, the one who is promoting the best way forward.

    I’m confident President Obama will “win” the budget debate. He’ll throw a few bones to the republicans but he’ll win on what’s the most important. And this victory will help him for other debates to come.

  84. Wonderful video – she is so warm, sincere, and honest in this interview. A wonderful woman. I wish Barak’s mom could have seen him become President.

  85. Faith, I am hearing that most food kitchens have bare cupboards and can really use donations. As the cost of food [damn speculators] increases, those who are still donating may not be able to do more.

  86. Good job, mel! I love this part: “They all were so impress with this magnifecent man they have never seen PBO as they did yesterday.” This is what changing minds and hearts is ALL about! I also loved the sushi and wine part!!:-) Thanks, mel!

  87. Wow mel how encouraging !!

    Do you think some of them could be persuaded to become members of OFA ?

  88. Not really, Sheila. GWB signed the agreement before he left office that states that we must leave Iraq by a certain date. As part of the agreement, the Iraqis DEMANDED that we leave, and it was included in the agreement GWB signed.

  89. Wow, just wow, EClectablog ! I’m so happy your wonderful work is getting attention !!

    Take good care of yourself and we’re all behind you !!

  90. Another thing, Eclectablog !

    I hope that through your wonderful blog, Rachel and her team will begin to pay attention to people like BWD, deniac, rootless, zizi, p m carpenter , etc…

    I have said that in the PL community some people are reachable and Rachel is one of them. She has to be “saved” from the PL bubble. And if she becomes more careful about all the spin and distorsions some “leftist” blogs are pushing, she can influence others for the better…

    For the record, and I’m repeating myself, I think that yes it’s important to stay positive and use most of the energy in building a progressive PRAGMATIC community. However, like it or not, the prominent voices of the left can have an impact and “some” effort has to be made to limit this negative impact, and even, turn things around, bring some of those “voices” back into the “positive” camp.

    I’m thinking of people like Rachel, Chris Hayes, Joan Walsh, Eugene Robinson, Ed Shultz ( yes even him…). Because I think at their core they are very decent people who care about others, and most of all, have maintained their capacity to look at FACTS.

  91. But you also risk continuing to prop up folks who go every which way and that and ping all over the place at crucial moments because they can’t take the heat. I admire and can see the good sense in an effort to appeal to these folks. But for me, my primary media task is building up stable spaces rather than appealing to an elite who are quite frankly less talented than a bunch of people who offer up commentary for free and for no other reason than that they love this country and don’t want us to miss out on this fantastic leadership, particularly POTUS in his second term with POTUS-Reid-Pelosi trifecta if we bust our behinds and get that back in place.

    The Professional Left distracts, deflects, and defeats.

    Their motives are immaterial because their damage is severe and permanent. We cannot afford these people IMO but I cannot dismiss the good sense of what you say considering their existing audiences. It’s a conundrum.

  92. I’m surprised about your numbers on windows.

    Maybe the return on investement is better in the coldest parts of America ?

  93. I’m wondering if it would help that journalists who push back against the issue would go further than saying “it has been debunked”. Would it help if journalists kept repeating more specific details like for example the then republican governor of Hawaî said that it was non-sense, his long birth certificate was verified by officials, etc…

  94. I wish they would say which group the Republicans are popular with, the Repugs are so cowardly they cannot declare anyone for president, they only have circus clowns like Trump saying he wants to be president.

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