Cutest. Thing. Ever.

From NYT Magazine wonderful story about Stanley Ann Dunham:


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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe she does:)We better not let THIS picture get out. ‘cuz he’ll change from a Kenyan to a Somali, just like that! Adorable.

  2. OMG….Barack with hair. (smile) The resemblance is scary. He is his mother’s child

  3. Ann Durham looks like her father and Barack Obama looks like both of them. That narrow face and pointed chin. I read the story on the NYT website. Very interesting, I hope he writes a book about his mother’s side of the family. It should be quite interesting.

  4. From that piece

    Over lunch, Barry, who was 9 at the time, sat at the dining table and listened intently but did not speak. When he asked to be excused, Ann directed him to ask the hostess for permission. Permission granted, he got down on the floor and played with Bryant’s son, who was 13 months old. After lunch, the group took a walk, with Barry running ahead. A flock of Indonesian children began lobbing rocks in his direction. They ducked behind a wall and shouted racial epithets. He seemed unfazed, dancing around as though playing dodge ball “with unseen players,” Bryant said. Ann did not react. Assuming she must not have understood the words, Bryant offered to intervene. “No, he’s O.K.,” Ann said. “He’s used to it.”

    Bigots are everywhere, it seems.

  5. Forget the birth certificate … now we now what he’s *really* trying to hide … 🙂

  6. OH, BWD. Thank you for that picture. That has made my day. His mother was really someone special. I do believe she knows the kind of man he has become because that is how she raised him. He is truly an Indigo child.

    Have a great day everyone!

  7. The whole piece is worth reading. She sure was a strong & progressive woman

  8. Wouldn’t you give anything to be able to look through his family photo album? I would. Bet he even has one of those just born pictures from the hut in Kenya 😉

  9. This shows the love of a mother last for all time true to the love that is given. When you get caring love and a guiding loving hand it shines through in so many ways. That what lead PBO to being a community organizer to lead those who need help the most.

  10. He recently made an amusing comment at a town hall about the pirates. He was commenting about all the crises he’s had to deal with, the financial disaster he inherited, the natural disasters around the world, etc., and with a wry little smile, he added something like, “and pirates!”, as in who could have predicted that pirates would also be on his overflowing plate. I pictured Rahm and the Pres. discussing this and being almost in disbelief that on top of everything else—-pirates! Like, what else?,
    And agree about the utter cuteness of that photo—I can see a mother’s love and pride there. She gave him a great foundation.

  11. He sure is an excellent symbol of overcoming one’s adversity even from a very young age. His character and politeness are unmatched by any pol, living or dead.

    Pity the racists would never get it.

  12. He must have just found out. I heard a huge noise 2 minutes ago. That was Trump’s head exploding.

  13. Beautiful, just beatiful, and Thanks BWD you are fast.
    Bobby Jndal said that he (PBO) is a USA Citizen and yes he was born in beautiful Hawaii,

  14. And the children/infants are still throwing rocks, they are still calling him names, and he’s still dancing around them with a smile on his face, even inviting them to stop throwing rocks and play with him whenever they want to.

    Best. POTUS. Ever.

    I am *so* all in for 2012. Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will. Finest leadership I’ve ever seen.

  15. Indonesia, like other colonized countries, was not immune to the anti-Afro sentiment that is embedded in the culture of some Latin American and middle-Eastern countries which were colonized by Europeans. Having said that, it is not clear whether young Obama would have been harrassed just as much by these children if he were fully White, since children tend to tease anything that looks different in some way.

  16. I would go one step further and say the best politician ever. Though I am not american, I have never been enamored of a pol like him. And I hate all pols. 🙂

  17. Today’s Wall St Journal…

    NEW YORK—The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose to its highest level since June 2008 after existing-home sales rose by more than expected last month and encouraging earnings propelled technology stocks higher.

  18. wesleya17 – Oh, I so agree with you. I think it all goes back to his mother’s loving hand and thoughtful guidance. Think how proud she’d be of him now (as you can tell by the body language in the photo, she was then).

  19. This is probably why he doesn’t let the hate he encounters faze him. He’s learned how to deal with it, to not let it affect his determination to march forward. He always puts his focus on the positive, all the decency and fairness that he sees in the majority of the American people.

  20. I thought this was interesting—“who believed her son in particular had the potential to be great; who raised him to be, as he put it jokingly, a combination of Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, and Harry Belafonte”.
    I think she might have known, and this re-enforces one of my beliefs, that children will rise to parents’ expectations.

  21. FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!! 😀

    +############### ++++ +++++###########++

  22. This is just so true. It shows the value of home training. Some folks on the national scene act like they were raised by a pack of wolves in the forest, and cannot understand any language other than the tantrum. President Obama’s home training stands in such contrast!

  23. Just totally adorable! I think his mother was a remarkable and phenomenal person especially since she showed such courage and openess during the 60’s …pre civil rights.

    Is it any wonder then that President Barack Obama is the outstanding, unique, remarkable human being that he is?

    We are truly blessed to have been given the gift of these two phenomenal people. I am glad that we here on this site recognize this even if others want to bury their heads in the sands of denial.

    Thanks for this BWD. I am sure this helped to brighten your day after feeling a little down yesterday. It sure brightened mine.

  24. After reading this article I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness. The president’s early years sound as though they were interesting, yet entwined with a good amount of pain. While I understand his mother’s want for him to be unaffected when children and adults made fun of him, did he feel as if anyone was “in his corner”? Did he feel alone?
    The one thing we’ll hopefully never have knowledge of is his and his mom’s private conversations, and I hope that at least she comforted him in private.

    The coldness of this world sometimes brings me to my knees.

  25. I was just listening to one of our late night Irish talk show hosts talking about meeting PBO two years ago. He said: “When someone with such great charisma walks into a room, believe me you KNOW he is there!” He went on talking about all the Kennedy’s in the room and kiddingly described them as “lots and lots of big, white teeth.” Teddy would have loved that description.

    And, yes!, PBO will now be in Ireland for a day and 1/2! No more 5 hour stuff. Hoping to stretch this out, if anyone important is reading this, a day and 1/2 is very disappointing as we were hoping more for a week.
    The painting of Moneygall continues. And there is a new Irish O’Bama song being rehearsed.

  26. I want to see this new fantastic movie coming out

    Barack Of The Caribbean

    He is just a gorgeous sweet little guy and his mother is beautiful.

  27. h/t sepia@wsy: p m carpenter’s a genius and I’m not being my usual hyperbolic self.

    The Allegory of the Katrina

    Somewhere, deep in the roiling bowels of Progressives HQ, there is a Ministry of Platitudes, housed next to the SubMinistry of ‘But,’ which itself sits across from the Bureau of Professional Despair. Rigorous minds here attend, and by remorseless rote they learn. All manner of fuzzy math, misconstrued polling, questionable history and distorted hermeneutics are taught with indefatigable verve — of the sighing, despairing kind, of course.

    These are the students of the Platonic Ideal. They leaveth their cave of darkness and entereth the world of light (see above) and then re-entereth the unenlightened world where, yea, verily, they maketh the clueless to lie down with them, the epiphanous, the blessed ovine. It is glorious. It is a gleaming Paradigm of Goodness and Vision and Purity.

    And, in a word, it’s pretty much useless.


    From the comments:
    Reality is a mistress that the [Professional] Left parted with many years ago, and they seem to be in no hurry to meet up with her any time soon.


    Oh my goodness gracious, it is a piece of beauty.

  28. Washington, DC – As part of the Obama Administration’s efforts to reduce U.S. oil imports by one-third by 2025, Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced new steps underway at the Department of Energy to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles. This includes the availability of $5 million in new funding for community-based efforts to deploy electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure and charging stations. He also outlined a partnership with Google Inc. and more than 80 EV stakeholders to help consumers find charging stations nationwide. Secretary Chu and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood made the announcement on a conference call with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup, and St. Paul Mayor Christopher Coleman – leaders of three of the nation’s nearly 100 Clean Cities Coalitions.

    “The Department of Energy’s Clean Cities initiative is bringing together local governments and industry to demonstrate the benefits of advanced technology vehicles and help communities use less oil and gasoline to power their vehicles,” said Secretary Chu. “The initiatives announced today are just the latest steps in our broader efforts to reduce America’s dependence on oil, improve our energy security, and save families and businesses money.”

  29. Greg Sargent gets it (h/t Woody/Extreme Liberal):

    “Here’s the thing: Trump’s candidacy is largely a problem of the GOP’s own making. It’s a symptom of circumstances Republicans have spent the last two years tacitly cultivating as an asset. Republican leaders have at best refused to tamp down the most outlandish right-wing conspiracy-mongering about the president and at worst have actively enabled it.

    The result: A substantial portion of their base believes a complete myth about the president’s birth certificate, and Republicans are stuck with a candidate shameless enough to exploit the issue without resorting to the usual euphemisms more respectable Republicans tend to employ when hinting at the president’s supposed cultural otherness.”


    Two thumbs up!

  30. President Obama looks so cute. His mama is a true beauty. He looks just like his grandfather and mama.

  31. I completely agree, I have a picture with the President and Grandfather Dunham together, the are twins.

  32. Agriculture Secretary Vilsack and EPA Administrator Jackson Meet with Farmers, Ranchers, and Renewable Energy Leaders in Iowa

    WASHINGTON, April 19, 2011 – Today, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson met with farmers and ranchers in Iowa to discuss USDA and EPA’s joint efforts to ensure that American agriculture continues to be productive. Vilsack and Jackson highlighted the cutting-edge conservation measures producers have pioneered over the past decades and met with renewable energy leaders to discuss agriculture’s role in making the nation more energy-secure.

    “The farmers and ranchers we visited with today – and hundreds of thousands like them around the country – are our nation’s first and finest conservationists. They understand better than anyone that you cannot continually take from the land without giving back and they have taken incredible strides to protect the land they rely on,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “USDA will continue to work hand-in-hand with EPA to ensure that both agencies are pursuing common-sense regulation that will let farmers make the decisions they feel are best for their own operations.”

    “These opportunities to talk with farmers on their land and see their operations at work are incredibly valuable. Open communication and transparency are the essential first steps toward protecting air and water quality and ensuring the health of farming communities,” said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. “Agriculture is part of the foundation of the American economy. EPA’s mission to safeguard clean air, clear water and productive land is a critical part of sustaining farming jobs and productivity, and it’s vital that we communicate and work together on these issues we share

  33. Secretary Vilsack Highlights Renewable Energy Opportunities During Midwest Visit

    Inver Grove Heights, Minn., April 20, 2011 –Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today highlighted renewable energy contributions to the Minnesota economy while touring CHS Inc., the nation’s largest agricultural cooperative and one of the nation’s largest suppliers of ethanol fuel, and then led a renewable fuel stakeholders meeting.

    “The Obama Administration is working to transform the United States into a global clean energy leader because renewable energy created from a wide variety of biomass here in Minnesota and across the nation will create a new generation of jobs, reduce dependence on foreign oil and enhance national security,” said Vilsack.

  34. U.S. Department of Agriculture Releases Benchmarks to Meet Energy and Sustainability Goals

    Sustainability scorecard

    WASHINGTON, April 19, 2011–Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its fiscal year 2010 scorecard on sustainability and energy performance. In six of the seven sustainability areas covered by the scorecard, USDA meets or exceeds requirements. Using the scorecard as a benchmark, USDA will identify and track opportunities to reduce pollution, improve efficiency, and cut costs. Under Executive Order 13514, President Obama directed federal agencies to lead by example in clean energy; and to meet a range of energy, water, pollution, and waste reduction targets. Based on scorecard benchmarks, USDA will update its Sustainability Plan, which is required by EO 13514, by June and post the updated plan on USDA’s Sustainable Operations website at

    “This scorecard serves as an important tool to help us develop targets to reduce waste and increase efficiency in our operations,” said Robin Heard, USDA’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Administration. “We are now armed with data so that we can address areas needing improvement and expand upon areas where we’ve had success.”

  35. Pro-Walker forces have their first Dem Recall as they’ve got enough signatures to recall Sen. Holperin. Holperin is in real trouble in his district went hard Walker and hard Prosser more recently.

  36. These state senator races are meaningless, they will just ship in KOCH brothers busloads and gotv on election day, like they did in the judicial election.
    Thus, Focus on the NATIONAL election, where we can meet them head on with numbers and money! Just saying…

  37. Yes and no. Judicial election was MUCh closer than it should have been. I mean prosser got 55% in the primary to Kloppenburg’s 25%. Also these seats depend on districts, the Court election was at large.

    Flipping a net three is key for Wisconsin in that they’d take back the senate majority and block the Walker agenda, potentially blocking the anti-union bill if it’s forced back for another vote if found to have violated the law in rushing to pass it.

    In reality they have to only flip two seats in that one GOP state Sen voted against the bill.

  38. Conditional Loan Guarantee to Support California Solar Generation Project
    Submitted by G. Simmons on April 12, 2011 – 3:08pm
    Secretary Chu just announced an offer of a conditional commitment for a $1.187 billion loan guarantee to support the construction of a new, large-scale photovoltaic solar facility in San Luis Obispo County, California.

    The California Valley Solar Ranch, sponsored by SunPower Corporation, will be the largest utility-scale photovoltaic project in the country to combine tracking technology with an innovative monitoring system, which will maximize solar collection and increase annual energy output by approximately 25 percent.

    The project is expected to create more than 350 jobs, produce enough energy to power 60,000 homes, and avoid more than 430,000 tons of carbon pollution each year.

  39. Remember though this is not an article written by someone who actually knew our potus, his mom or anyone in his family. This writer is setting this sad tone.

  40. SolarWorld and Avidan Management, an owner and manager of industrial and commercial real estate, say they have completed a 4.26 MW roof-mounted solar installation, which utilizes 17,745 SolarWorld modules to generate power for tenants located at a distribution facility in Edison, N.J.

    The solar energy system, built on a 17-acre roof of the 656,255 square-foot facility, will produce more than 5 million kWh a year, the companies say, adding that Solar Nation designed and installed the system.

    Avidan Management also has undertaken a comprehensive retrofit of the building’s lighting to upgrade the system to energy-efficient standards and has improved the building’s insulation to maximize the facility’s overall energy efficiency, the company adds.

  41. Local races are To vulnerable to big outside money. Just saying.
    Until the left gets more organized in local races, this is a fact. We can certainly start the framework, but the right has been doing local races for eternity, and we just started. LOL!

  42. Too adorable!!! So fun to see some new photos of this amazing man.

    The NY TIMES article quotes President Obama as saying he was raised to be Einstein, Ghandi and Harry Belafonte and I can see all three in him all the time. No wonder he’s such a superior human being!


    OBAMA 2012!!!!

  43. I’m glad to hear he will get to spend more time in Ireland.

    The two weeks I spent in Dublin and GB is still one of my favorite vacations.

  44. Oh, that made me cry.
    He’s still used to it, and that’s the saddest thing of all.

  45. Just looked out my NYC office window, and yes, there may be a bit of what looks like chipmunk fur stuck to the glass. Guess Donald’s head did explode! 🙂

  46. This picture immediately reminded me why I go back and back to listen to MLK’s “Mountaintop” speech”.

    “I might not get there with you, but I have seen the promised land”.

    She is with us, like Dr. King – not assassinated outright, but done away with by an inadequate health care system, unworthy of a civilized nation.

  47. hello like minded, have not being posting lately instead reading the wonderful comments on this blog, is being a pleasure
    now i must say jovie has been splendid and an asset to this blog with the kind of info he/she brings to our collective knowledge thank you cause i can not possibily imagine MSN would have do there work anyways, so keep us informed you are kickass

  48. Tammye Treviño, Administrator for Housing and Community Facilities Programs, and USDA Rural Development State Director, Vernita F. Dore participated in groundbreaking ceremonies for three different schools in Dillon County on Monday, April 18, 2011.

    “The impact this facility will have on the students of Dillon County is immeasurable,” said Treviño. “Today there is serious competition across this state, this country and the world. For Dillon County to compete, modern facilities such as the ones we start today are a must. Students in this county are competing against students around the globe who have an advantage by learning in facilities that are superior to what exist in Dillon today. Starting today that is changing.”

    With photo…

  49. BWD that is an adorable picture of PBO is his lovely Mother. The resemblance of PBO Mother and his daughter Malia is really remarkable.

  50. This is another huge winning issue for Dems to get behind. It’s also why I want any Dem third party groups to divulge all their donor names – so then the GOP groups can be attacked for their continued secrecy.

    Secret donor money is a kin to bribes because there is no public accountability.

  51. Why does the MSM not report, or ignore, stuff like this? The MSM does this consistently, which leads people to beleive all the doom and gloomers. Sigh!

  52. I disagree. This is a union effort, and unions are organized bigtime. That they were nearly successful (or were successful pending the outcome of this investigation into the sudden finding of thousaands of votes), speaks to just how organized they are and how willing voters are to undoing the harm which they did to themselves in 2010 due to the misinformation. Think about it: voters were asked to throw out an incumbent judge based upon Walker’s misbehavior. A metric ton of people do not like to involve overt politics in judicial elections, and some overcame that reluctance and voted against Walker by proxy anyway.

    If I were one of those Republican senators I would not be sitting pretty; I’d be sh**ing bricks.

  53. Because we have media people who are invested in a certain narrative (POTUS sucks!) and because they are ego-first at this point in time, those egos need for President Obama to fail in order to be proven “right.” The problem is that for POTUS to fail, the country will be hurt. Misaligned incentives. I’m hoping that more and more people swallow the ego hit and just admit that they got caught up in excess.

  54. Deputy Agriculture Secretary Kathleen Merrigan was invited to address the participants at the American Indian Higher Education Consortium’s 30th Annual Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota, earlier this week. During the presentation, the Deputy Secretary highlighted the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food effort. She outlined the critical connection between farmers and consumers and the importance of local and regional food systems to increase economic opportunity in rural America. In addition, Deputy Secretary Merrigan informed the audience that 50 percent of U.S. Department of Agriculture employees will be eligible for retirement by 2013. It is anticipated that many job opportunities and possibilities will become available. Therefore, USDA will be seeking college graduates with a variety of educational backgrounds to replenish its’ workforce.

    The Deputy Secretary also met with tribal chairmen and tribal college presidents to hear their concerns with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and how the Department can and already has helped their communities.

    POTUS is using his cabinet more and more to tout accomplsihemnts. About time. He can’t do it, he is to humble. LOL!

  55. Best POTUS ever. I feel so lucky to be a part of this time. This man will become an enormous icon that represents the best of the USA.

    Except for the whiners and rock throwers.

  56. lol@y’all negotiating for more POTUS time with the promises of a new O’Bama song. Shameless, overseasgranny!

  57. That part is true, GN. The song already exists. You CAN help me think up something to entice him to stay longer. I think he should bring the whole family because the FGOTUS would enjoy Ireland. Cliffs of Moher. Rock of Cashel. Ring of Kerry. So much to see. Green looks good on FLOTUS.

  58. Posted by Kathryn Sosbe, Office of Communication, U.S. Forest Service, on April 19, 2011 at 4:49 PM
    Fourth-grade teacher Theresa Artman sat her students in front of a large monitor in her Austin, Texas, classroom. But they weren’t alone.

    The Joslin Elementary School students were just some of the thousands of children across the country who watched the April 13 webcast of PollinatorLIVE from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Tamberly Conway, a conservation education coordinator for the U.S. Forest Service hosted the show.

    PollinatorLIVE is a multi-agency conservation education program lead by the Forest Service that provides teachers and students with informative and interactive ways to learn about pollinators.

  59. Historians have actually found documents proving pirates openly practiced universal healthcare, supported gay piracy and heavily taxed the rich — this photo is irrefutable proof that it’s been part of Obama’s plan his whole life…this is good news for John McCain

  60. That’s such a compassionate thought starshine.

    For me, I think, whose life doesn’t or hasn’t involved some degree of pain or disappointment at some time? Even being born hurts both the mother and the baby.

    His mom, by not fighting that battle for him, and by not encouraging him to behave confrontationally with those children, was teaching him to be his own person and to not allow *anyone* to have veto power over how he feels about himself. They were behaving badly; she probably told him to feel sorry for them even though they were trying to do mini-POTUS injury. This is all speculation, but I’m sure that he had his lonely, abandoned feeling moments, as well as moments of wanting to fight back and lash out. But what his mom did for him made him into what he is today, which is the *only* person who could have just come in like this and got this country together considering the grave condition we were in, close to a major depression.

    To me, this story is not a sad one because it indicates that his mom gave him the gift of self-possession (it couldn’t have been easy for her either, watching how people were treating her child). That self-possession allows him to really enjoy people without judging, because their opinions are no threat to him. Outstanding piece of emotional technology, and invaluable in his current job.

  61. (Reuters) – A high-tech U.S. research agency will get $130 million for programs that could one day decrease the cost of solar power and lessen dependence on rare earth metals used for alternative energy, the U.S. energy secretary said.

    The funding, which partially came from this month’s federal budget deal, will go to five new programs at the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, or Arpa-E.

  62. I’ve taken 2 trips to Ireland and I definitely agree that the Obamas need to stay longer so they can see the Cliffs of Moher and the Ring of Kerry, etc. Just a beautiful country.

  63. What an adorable picture. Thanks for this fantastic article. His mother truly made him what he is today. His self confidence comes from what she taught him.

  64. WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama plans to attend the April 29 launch of space shuttle Endeavour, adding even more star power to NASA’s second-to-last shuttle launch, according to a White House official.

    The president will bring his wife, Michelle, and two daughters, Sasha and Malia, to the launch, now scheduled at 3:47 p.m. a week from Friday

    Sources close to the discussion said several factors played into his decision to attend.

    For one, Obama already plans to be in Florida that day for a commencement address at Miami Dade College. Secondly, the Endeavour launch carries major significance — beyond the emotion expected to accompany the sunset of the 30-year shuttle program.

    U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., severely wounded during an assassination attempt in January, also is planning to attend and watch her husband, Endeavour commander Mark Kelly, lead a crew of six into orbit. Supporters see the trip as a sign she is recovering from her gunshot wounds.

  65. The S. Dunham article is a must-read and I’m pleased it as number two on the NYT’s most emailed. It is thought-provoking, a bit sad, but suffused with a kind of defiant strength which coursed from mother to child.

    The final quotes from PBO are the most unguarded I have ever heard him say about his mother. They also reveal, once again, that BHO
    is supremely grounded, tough as nails, but also aware of all the contradictions which make us what we are.

    A wise man who sadly, is all too often one of the Only Adults in the Room along with Michelle, and I must say, Nancy Pelosi. Does she ever run rings around Boehner!

  66. You mean the father of his father right ? I have never seen a photo of him.

  67. dotster, this is soooo utterly true. And barring the parents, children will rise to the expectations set by other adults in their lives such as teachers and mentors. Terrific insight.

  68. typing problem…

    should read is at number two

    most unguarded I’ve ever heard be, not say


  69. Beautifully said.

    We know that some of this article will be used by the haters from the right ( Her mother was pretty outspoken about the “establishment”).

    But in the end, this is just noise. Pathetic noise.

  70. He’s not from Kenya! Obviously, he was born on the high seas, the son of a pirate!

  71. I couldn’t agree more. My Miss Cleo prediction: 15-20 years from now, everyone is going to have been an Obamabot the entire time. In terms of the new media, people who ran bwd out will be singing her praises and discussing how much they helped to build this community. You see, they were just using “tough love” to make the POTUS and his supporters better will be how this is rationalized.

    Just watch.

  72. I agree; very unusual upbringing which might have completely handicapped another child. POTUS sailed through beautifully and it appears that the pain caused by his mom’s eccentric choices greatly enhanced rather than destroyed President Obama. His grandparents seem to have a lot to do with that alongside POTUS himself, as his mom is correct, he’s very special, very gifted, and well able to tolerate and even thrive in these unusual circumstances.

  73. gn – May I share with you something my son thought of yesterday.

    He thinks Trump will not actually run, but instead has decided (since he doesn’t care what anybody thinks of him personally) to run as a birther and teabigot sympathizer and maybe even worse, so that he will absorb all of that lunacy onto him – like a sponge. People will point to him like he’s “that one” who thinks such ludicrous things. And Trump has enough media play to grab a crowd.

    Then, when Trump announces he’s out of the 2012 election, the other Republican runners can come out and say, well, he was crazy and we know better and we’re real conservatives, and we’re taking back our party.

    So Trump would make himself the sacrificial lamb, on a lark, and this would actually allow the Romneys, et al., to run not against the “base” but against Trump.

    I just found that so interesting (although it would be warped on Trump’s part … and thus, kind of believable).

  74. Yes — there is a great picture of Obama sitting on the back of his grandfather, who is lying on the beach in Hawaii, with their heads next to each other — his grandfather has exactly the same long, thin face with the pointy chin as Barack and his mother do. The resemblance is very striking . .

  75. It seems that way from the article — but the product of this unusual upbringing would tell us otherwise as all signs indicate that he is an amazingly emotionally balanced and happy man .

  76. That’s a very interesting thought, but it still doesn’t solve the GOP’s base problem. Trump is not a birther because he believes this nonsense. Trump is a birther because the easiest way to get a metric ton of media attention is to be a birther teapartier, and the easiest way to obtain credibility and popularity with the GOP’s base is to be a birther teapartier. That simple. And it speaks to the conundrum which the GOP is in: they can’t get someone through their primary who would keep the base but who wouldn’t repel swing voters. The same is not true of Dems, a far more legitimate political party.

    The Trump run is almost a performance art piece expressing the above. His motivations and who is really behind this “campaign” are opaque; I lean a certain way but either way, this is really good for us. The GOP desperately wants to put the birther issue to bed, yet it’s all over the place, and the base is gobbling it up.

  77. Hi Jovie
    I so appreciated the energy and environment postings. I am an evironmental freak!
    Thanks so much.

  78. Trust me, everything I am hearing from friends and family is Wisconsin is that they are organized. Plus, the recall elections will not all be on the same day, s people from one district can go to another to help GOTV.

    This one district may be hard to defend, but the anger is much deeper towards the Republicans tha toward the Dems, so that will be the more motivated base.

  79. I am so surprised that I could learn new things about this man and his family – I thought we had heard everything.

    It really tells you a lot about why President Obama is such an extraordinary father – when asked what he liked best about being President one of the two things he stated was being able to be “home” after work and have dinner with his family.

  80. You know I think you are right. The poutage
    crowd will be bragging–I voted for Obama, I campaigned for Obama, and I even gave him money.

  81. Jovie, I wanted to thank you for providing all these great links to what this administration is doing, that usually don’t get reported on.

  82. Yet he will sign a draconian law of birtherism, if the legislature passes it.

    Jindal, an anchor baby.

    A supposedly smart man?

  83. Just brilliantly done as always.

    The pictorial with Mama and toddler, Obama is just as sweet as candy.

    No Doubt, after reading the 7 page article over at TPM this morning, I feel for Stanley Ann Dunham.

    All her influence and sacrifice, we are getting the benefit.

    May she continues to rest in peace.

    BWD, your simply the very best. Thank you for your work.

  84. Yep, the very image of a Somali pirate. I’m sure they wear hats like that.

    Someday, we’ll look back on all this “birther” idiocy and laugh.

    Meanwhile, this is a wonderful illustration of what a great parent can mean to a child.

    Shiver me timbers! It’s Half-Pint POTUS!

  85. The photo is adorable. Just a cute little boy excited about Halloween and spending time with his mom. Very sweet.

    I was much taken with the story of what he went through in Indonesia, and think it has a lot to do with the almost superhuman calm with which he deals with attackers. However, it seems also to answer the question of why he describes himself as struggling with the issue of who he was as a half-white, half-black teen in Hawaii. I’ve seen comments from people saying that his color was not made much of in Hawaii, but he seemed rather focused on this issue inside his own head. The Indonesia story explains it. He was still processing what he went through in Indonesia, that sense of otherness and the personal attacks launched at him just for existing, and it must have made a huge impression. As a sensitive, highly intelligent apparently black young man being raised by white grandparents in an environment dominated by Asians and whites there must have been quite a bit of ruminating about just what it all meant and where he fit into everything. He’s carved out his own niche in the world. He self-identifies first and foremost as Barack Obama, human being and American, and then as a black man living in America but enjoying the benefits of multiple heritage. He is truly unique and his story is uniquely American, for while he was not fully accepted in Indonesia it was still possible for him to rise to the highest heights in this great country. How anyone could question the patriotism of someone who has been through such an experience escapes me.

  86. So true, I am one of those kids who given just one ounce of encouragement that I could succeed, succeeded against terrible odds to graduate, go to college, earn a degree, persist until I achieved the american dream to a career and a good middle class life, buy a home, give back to my community and family. Just like so many and our president, my family was on welfare, food stamps, handouts, etc., most of my life. I feel I must pay it forward to so many families who find themselves in need can one day pay it forward too.

  87. So true, BWD…

    He is very much aware of the need for a safety net…which without one from your family or government…who knows how or what could have happened. With the R’s and greedy Corporations wanting to remove that safety net. All I can say, they must be stopped!

  88. and The Donald Trump is the worst human being EVER! I am so glad Lawrence O’Donnell is hitting him hard each night.

  89. That’s a good meme, Republicans are raised by a pack of wolves or sharks….they only care about their own survival and the ones that through them chum (also known as the poor. elderly and middle class).

  90. No, his white grandfather, Stanley Durham Sr. The picture of the two of them on the beach when PBO was just a little boy.

  91. Where was Stupid & Pathetic while the mortgage companies and Wall Street was riping people off?

  92. Remember starshine, children are much more resilent than adults. Thanks to his mother and grandparents, he learned coping mechanisms that have served him very well which is why he is so focused and not reacting to every slight light like The Donald and other insecure people who constantly attack our President.

  93. Well jojo, I’m one of the “L word” people, a liberal, and thus, the tools of survival which you listed are not a “handout” to me, they are the bare minimum which any sane and decent society would make sure that each person has: a meal in their stomach and a roof over their head.

    I am SO proud of you; I never knew your background.

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