84 percent oppose Ryan’s Medicare plan! And people still going to vote Republicans???

Morning Guys,

Don’t forget President Obama’s Facebook Townhall this afternoon.


Look at these amazing numbers.  We shouldn’t even negotiate with these bastards. This is a super-winning issue and we should run on it in 2012. I wouldn’t even talk to them right now, let alone compromise.

Ezra Klein:

You know what’s not popular? Reforming Medicare such that beneficiaries “receive a check or voucher from the government each year for a fixed amount they can use to shop for their own private health insurance policy.” According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, 65 percent of Americans oppose the idea — about the same number who dismissed it in 1995. And if they’re told that the cost of private insurance for seniors is projected to outpace the cost of Medicare insurance for seniors — which is exactly what CBO projects— more than 80 percent of Americans oppose the plan.

 But it’s not just sweepingly ideological reforms that are unpopular. Cutting Medicare polls poorly even if you leave out the details. Almost 80 percent of Americans oppose Medicare cuts in the abstract, while 70 percent oppose Medicaid cuts. Slightly over half of the country wants the Defense Department left alone. The only deficit-reduction option that is popular? Raising taxes on the rich. That gets the go-ahead from 72 percent of us — though, as any budget wonk will tell you, it can’t solve anything beyond a small fraction of our fiscal problem.

In general, the poll shows overwhelming opposition to the main Republican approaches for reducing the deficit — even when they’re posed vaguely. Almost 60 percent of Americans, for instance, want a mix of tax increases and spending cuts in the final deal, while only 36 percent think spending cuts should be deployed on their lonesome.

And yet, astonishingly, more people trust Republicans than PBO on the deficit. Unbelievable.



124 thoughts on “84 percent oppose Ryan’s Medicare plan! And people still going to vote Republicans???

  1. Hope y’all don’t mind if I brag on myself a teeny tiny bit here. Eclectablog got mentioned on the Rachel Maddow Show last night! w00t!

    Linky link to the video clip at Eclectablog.

  2. Paul Ryan is the worst kind of hypocrite – he voted for Bush’s wars and didn’t pay for them, the prescription drug plan without paying for it, reduced taxes under Bush while we were at war – the man is a total fake and a dangerous one to boot!

    You all should watch Lawrence O’Donnell’s piece about Trump – it’s priceless – let me see if I can link it

  3. BWD, avoid the polls just now. They’re toxic. And mean little. Just keep posting those wonderful pics of people looking at PBO with trust and joy. It’s going to be a really tough year and a half. But damage can be undone if we get wiser heads in Congress to counteract the knee jerk idiots that were elected in November. PBO will be re-elected, we won’t let anything else happen. And we have each other, here at this wonderful site. You do so much good. Thank you.

  4. Congratulations Eclectablog! That’s a BFD to be mentioned by Rachel on her show 🙂

  5. There are a whole lot of lifelong Republicans who don’t know that this isn’t their momma and daddy’s GOP. If it has an “R” behind it they’ll vote for it even when “it” is against their own interests. The Republicans have the corner on marketing to “false” fears that hide their true agenda — to take from the poor to give to the rich and to impose their draconian social agenda on the rest of us. Repubs have no interest in jobs because for their corporate masters jobs are the least of their concerns. They have plenty of workers in foreign countries. And, of course, the lazy, worthless MSM panders to whatever meme keeps the drama high and information low.

    We have to reach out to as many people as we can on a grassroots level to counter the misinformation and outright lies online and in the media. We need to know the facts about legislation and agendas and be ready to share it. We get a lot of that good information here. I post BWD’s site, among others, to my FB and Twitter almost everyday to keep my friends and fam informed.

  6. Yes, for those who haven’t seen this, it is a must-see. I’ve had my issues with O’Donnell, but his segment on Trump was nothing short of SPECTACTULAR!

  7. It’s the messaging. The Republicans are great at it and we aren’t. The Republicans will outright lie and no one calls them on it. Democrats need to be more forceful and actually call them liars, not mince words. Who cares if they get their little feelings hurt?

  8. Good morning bwd & all.. heres a bit of trivia I picked up out of the blue last night about our fine POTUS: I was trying to remember the name of an actor from an old show LA LAW- some of you probably remember it too.. anyway I looked up the show to get the actor’s name: Blair Underwood. Well guess what- Blair Underwood went to a little known First African American President of the Harvard Law Review to gain info/assistance for the role he was playing as a Harvard educated Lawyer for the show LA LAW. Now how about that?? lol.. I had loved Underwood’s character back then and it was actually a rather ground-breaking role.. now to find that it was modeled after Barack Obama is very cool. Blair Underwood is, by the way, still friends and a strong supporter of President Barack Obama.

    Anyhoo..something fun for you all this morning~
    have a good day and I believe POTUS is doing his facebook townhall today, right? I don’t want to miss that.

  9. I agree with the idea of avoiding job approval polls. We’re going to have hundreds of ups and downs in the next year and a half and we can’t afford to let ourselves get drawn into an emotional roller coaster, even though it’s a tremendous effort not to. The collective stupidity of the American people at any moment in time is astounding,as witness the midterms. I envision a day in the future when a school child will be asked why the U.S declined as a workable nation and the answer will be..because they were too stupid.

    In the meantime we have to keep our eyes on the prize–the reelection of the president. Right now I’m taking a rigorous Spanish language course, trying to force Spanish vocabulary and usage into my 67-year old brain, in order to better reach out to the growing Hispanic community of potential voters in our area. We should all be working under the radar, quietly building our skills and base of supporters while the R’s keep spewing idiocy and grabbing the headlines. They’ve got nothing to offer, but we do.

  10. Remember that the Republicans voted to end all of the provisions of healthcare reform; therefore, the elderly are very likely not to be able to buy insurance at any price, and even if they did, the companies would find a way to cancel them and deny coverage. That $15,000 check would seem even less than paltry.

  11. Seconded dcsandy. Grassroots level campaign on policies is the only way to educate many indifferent voters.

  12. Good morning everyone. Way to go Eclectablog! We are proud of you.

    This whole thing the Republicans are doing will come back to bite them. They are crazy.

  13. Congratulations, Eclectablog! It is great to see your good work getting recognition. You see, these new sites are gaining in power and in voice. Keep on doing what you’re doing. You are making a difference!

  14. Well stated, Jackie. It’s great to see people like you going that extra mile and leaving the rubber on the road.

  15. Thx for telling us that. I used to watch LA Law all the time and remember the Underwood character well. No wonder I liked it so much. *S*

  16. Once again the problem is the professional left. Remember during the HCR debate Rahm Emanuel gave some advice – instead of using time, energy and money to threaten and run ads against Democrats to try and blackmail them to vote your way you should spend that time, money and energy educating the public on why a public option is a good idea. The nutroots threw a fit that Rahm had the audacity to tell them what to do.

    Fast forward to now, instead of slagging, smearing and attacking the President under their silly idea of “holding feet to the fire”, they could be publicizing and informing the public as to exactly what the GOP wants to do with the Ryan Budget which all but four GOP House Reps voted for. If the public turns on Republicans for wanting to raid medicare in order to give more tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires it will make it MUCH easier for the Dems and Obama Administration to negotiate with them to get a much more progressive budget passed. Make a front group with a name like “Patriotic Retirees against Cutting Medicare” and the start running ads against the Ryan Budget.

    And besides, does the private insurance industry really want a bunch of retirees on their coverage rolls? Private insurance wants young, healthy people to cover and likes nothing better to kick them to the Government program when they start being too expensive to cover.

    Finally does anybody know if the Bush Extra Tax Cuts were decoupled from the middle class tax cuts? Can President Obama just let the extra tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires expire in 18 months without the GOP being able to hold the other tax cuts hostage?

  17. Just went over, read and watched. Congrats, C, on the much deserved recognition.

  18. A large part of the reason that people oppose the republican’s plans but still support republicans is that they just don’t know what the republicans are suggesting. It seems hard to understand how anyone could not know but the vast majority of people just don’t have the time or the interest to follow the debates or the news from Washington very closely. The good news is that with enough time the reality will get out there and as the presidential election season heats up,people start paying attention more. As they do, they will discover what the republicans are offering and that they really, really don’t like it at all. To those, like us, who obsessively follow politics, it seems like it’s been out there so long that it’s hard to imagine people not being aware of what the republicans are doing but the majority just aren’t. Getting the news out has to remain a priority for us because it will win people to our side. So we need to keep the issue out there and report on it over and over and over again. Each time we do we will reach a few more people who will spread what they learn to a few more and so on. We have to be patient and persistent and we will win because we have the better argument.

  19. My compliments to you Jackie.. that is outstanding of you- learning a new language.. I agree on building our skills and preparing for this election. I’m with you all the way on that and am working in my way to do the same. I plan to go full out on this election and I’m clearing the way now and throughout this summer to accomplish just that. I want to be able to focus all my energies by fall on reelctiong POTUS.. in the meantime I’ve been setting the stage as much as possible by forwarding factual info from this site and others to everyone I know.. and I’m keeping all of these postings to copy for handouts when I go door knocking. I want plenty of Fact Sheets to take with me.

  20. Hey Sequana, I had a bit of a crush on Mr. Underwood’s character at that time, so I’m somewhat amused by this info ;).

  21. Congrats Electablog,

    You and BWD deserve serious props for all that you do! Thanks to you both.

  22. If they were truly interested in pushing the president to do what they want they would take your, and Rahm’s, advice. It is much more effective to create a groundswell of support for your ideas than to berate and denigrate the people who can implement those ideas. It is much more persuasive and leaves you in a more influential position for the next battle.

    What the PL and frustrati do instead is to wear away at the political power of those they need to implement their ideas. By attacking them and eroding support for them, they make them less able to fight on their behalf and by not selling their ideas to the broader public, while attacking the only people who try to do so, they make defeat of their ideas much more likely.

    Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that they are not actually interested in seeing those ideas they support actually make it into official policy. They are too resistant to any suggestion that they are not helping and are in fact hurting their supposed cause. The vitriol and anger is so out of proportion that it is hard to take their protestations of “really, I want him to succeed in spite of the terrible things I say about him every day” to be taken seriously.

  23. Fascinating article. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. His mother and I were of the same era and out of the Midwest, so there is some understanding of the “why’s” behind some things.

  24. Bush the Elder used to talk about the “L” word, meaning liberal, as if it were a 4 letter word. We have to start talking about the “L” word, which actually is a four letter word, “liar.”

  25. Interesting bit of trivia, sherijr. I watched LA Law and remember Blair Underwood’s character well. He certainly knew a good choice for basing his character on when he saw one, didn’t he? 🙂

  26. Thanks Calidad! This is indeed a very interesting article with info that I had not known otherwise.

  27. You’re exactly right.

    And no, I don’t recall them being decoupled. Wouldn’t the Dems have had to vote on a bill exclusively for the middle class under 250,000? The kind of bill they punted on before the mid-terms.

  28. It’s also years and years of GOP programming them to believe the GOP is better on the economy. I mean look at the mess Bush left, many of the very same members in Congress now were rubber stamps for those very policies.

    Also Fox and others have made facts meaningless – people can pick and choose what they want to believe and brush off what they don’t like as “partisan lies”. A Republican that hears President Obama speak the gospel truth will not believe him because he has a [D] after his name on the ballot, which means he’s lying.

    President Obama cut taxes, and yet the majority believe he raised them? How is that possible? People don’t pay attention, and just fall into long established memes – liberals ate tax and spend, Conservatives are fiscally responsible and better on National Security/Defence.

  29. The real problem is that Dems actually like to talk about policy and economic policy, even including Medicare, etc., is stuff that makes people’s eyes glaze over.

    Republicans talk ideology. “reduce debt” is easy to say, but to actually talk about how causes problems, so they prefer not to do so. But just by talking about it, they are showing how “serious” they are about it.

    Let’s face it, there has been more mention in the media about Republican’s desire to reduce debt than about Obama’s actual plan to do so. Therefore, Reps are serious and Dems dither. That is why the R’s get a higher trust level right now.

    However, I do see the Dems doing a better job of messaging and that will turn around.

  30. Yes, one of the interesting things about that character- was that he had so much.. character..and integrity.. so learning he was based on Barack Obama is rather cool and informative.

  31. Seriously Lila.. what a good head he had to recognize who to emulate/pattern this character after.

  32. Going to see the President tonight. I’m hoping he springs another new slogan like he usually does when he’s in SF. Can’t wait!

  33. No one every said they were smart. For over 30 years the wrong people have been run the show in corporate America and the Government. Just look at the condition of our Country. In 2010 why did the Republican gain power in the House again? If people thought that the Republican would change in 2 or 4 years they were sadly mistaken. Instead of working with Democrats and the President they went further right. Now a lot of people have buys remorse, and instead of getting ahead of the economic situation we are being set back even further. I say we need to get control of the House again and at least 62 seats in the Senate to get back on track. The funny thing is that what the Republican what is what we had during the Clitton years, they just want the credit for it. They don’t care if they ruin the Country to get there.

  34. As long as it’s not about “clinging to guns and religion” as I believe that one came out of San Francisco as well. 😉

  35. I saw that, Eclectablog, though I think she called you Electablog. Congratulations, and keep up the great work of disseminating this important information about your state.

  36. That’s why I wouldn’t worry too much about the polls, BWD. There might be a few that show dropping support for Obama every now and then, but there are dozens that show plummeting support to downright disdain for the GOP. Boner’s support has dropped like a rock since January and two polls came out last week that showed Democrats have a realistic chance of taking back the House in 2012. The GOP is much, much more unpopular than Obama

  37. Apparently whoever put the “false” birth announcement in the Hawaii papers all those years ago. I do not know how to put a smiley-face emoticon in here or I would.

  38. Great work eb. Do you think she might have you on the show? That would be amazing. All of your fans could see an expert at work. dr

  39. I agree, dcsandy, though sometimes it is disheartening, as many people even when presented politely and patiently (I hope) with the facts still want to cling to the “certainty” of their misinformation. I came across a few lines from Robert Browning this morning that fit the bill:

    “Rather I prize ethe doubt
    Low kinds exis without,
    Finished and finite clods, untroubled by a

  40. After watching Rachel Maddow’s show last night, any soi-disant “progressive” who is not concentrating on defeating the Republicans in 2012 has no interest in the welfare of this country.

  41. Good morning all Congratulation Eclectablog1 keep up the good work. The messaging from the dems is delivered to the wrong people. They have to get out to more urban areas. The president needs to speak to the poor, he need to come out in the inner cities and tell what they are doing. He spend to much time in the suburbs and on colleges. If he came out and told what they were up to the response will be overwhelming. That is why he is having trouble. The poor don’t have facebook,

  42. You are right Kefauver. Even gov Christie trails Obama by a considerable margin in NJ on every issue polled. And don’t get me started on Rick Scott in Florida. That’s why Trump is being used by the MSM as a way to distract the public from the horrible, pathetic performance of the GOP in general.

  43. I believe that the frustrati BELIEVE they care about the welfare of the country, and that their values are similar to ours, but the incessant ranting is most likely a transference of their personal frustrations onto the political scene. I’ve done this myself, though usually against the Republicans. It is important to gain a sense of detachment if one is to be effective politically and socially, difficult as it may be. President Obama is a fine example of this.

  44. Hi Tulips, Obama is polling quite well in the urban areas which usually vote straight Democratic year after year. It’s the surburban Independents who are the problem – and who will decide the 2012 election. He’s also going to the colleges, where there are lots of young people, many of whom actually come from POOR urban areas and are first-generation college students. This demographic is also important in helping him get re-elected in 2012.

  45. Muf’s mom: This piece is a long read that details how very wonderful this Paul Ryan is. The author of this article has spawned a ‘Paul Ryan for Pres.’ He’s a repub. that wants to do away with Medicare as we know it, which in turn opens the door to privatize SS. What’s with this site that you posted?

  46. Wow!! Congratulations Ecletablog good job, and keep it up.
    Thanks BWD we always looking to you wonderful mismash, and please relax about those so call polls I really do not know who the (F) are they polling, but I can tell you that everybody here in my comunity in the Wine coumtry support PBO and I will make sure.
    So we are ready for the Twonhall meeting today
    all my children and grandkids are ready.

  47. Jayne: Did you by any chance link to Muf’s Mom’s link that she posted? Did I miss how Ryan has a plan in place to destroy the social programs in the U.S.?

  48. Congradulations! Made it to the “big time!” You’ll get a raise, right?:)

  49. Very interesting:)All I remember is that my OB/Gyn looked like Jimmy Smits!

  50. The poor have no everything been done, they had the first event here in chicago at one of the leading black churches, discussing what he has done. He sent valarie jarrett. He has to come out as much as he do for other areas. Their is a lot that is not on college campuses. i am aware of the polling, the polliing are for those who use land lines, most of the poor use cells. He has to hit those largely black and latino high schools as well, he they would love to come out and canvas,

  51. Yes it was very, very good O’donnel did a great job trump think we are all stupid.

  52. ohhh Jimmy Smitts- another hotty. Heres a laugh for ya: speaking of Ob/gyn’s… mine was named Dr. Zipper. Not kidding, lol.

  53. Yes, she did. A common mistake. It wouldn’t be so bad but there actually IS an Electablog website out there. I had a major facepalm moment when I saw it.

    Good news is that she linked to my blog on the Maddow Blog this morning and spelled it correctly.

  54. Hahaha! I think quite a few of us came from DKOS. We graduated, and want to look forward not back!!

    🙂 🙂

  55. I agree tulips. He should be making these speeches in the economically deprived parts of the country to give them the hope that someone really cares about them.

  56. Good deal! I’m glad Rachel is bringing up this Michigan fiasco.

    I think we are witnessing the rise of the Amateur Left–no disrespect intended in that, BTW.

  57. I think that the Amateur Left is utterly fantastic. I like the grassroots feel and less ego-driven content.

  58. Dems need to unify and stop with the senseless backbiting and squabbling. They can message just as well as the GOP when they choose to talk in unison; I’ve seen it before. But we have elected Dems listening to some extremely divisive advice and acting like fools; they need to understand, they’re going to rise or fall with POTUS, particularly Dems in marginal areas. And I have to say that if POTUS is not reelected, I will lick floors and crawl through glass to see folks in safe seats like Weiner primaried out, and I doubt I’m alone. These primary threats will fizzle out and have zero steam if POTUS wins reelection IMO.

  59. That is way too funny. You know that Underwood actually co-authored a series of detective/mystery novels? And the central character is an obvious vanity character; those books are actually quite entertaining.

  60. Democrats in Congress really need to get their bullhorns out and message these numbers.

    Republicans don’t read Ezra. They listen to FOX. We all need to send this information out, and not just to the choir. Post this everywhere.

    But yeah, I know what you mean… it’s disgusting that they can’t see that Obama is the one implementing the right policies and strategy to turn red to black.

    Thanks BWD. ,)

  61. Yup; they continue to provide cover and a life boat to Republicans. And they encourage elected Dems to stay assembled in a circular firing squad rather than following the absolute best strategist in play right now, President Obama.

    They are such a hindrance to their own stated goals.

    I said last night, let the PL and fauxgressives storm off the field without even trying, and stand on the sidelines telling us that we’re doomed. We don’t have to listen to them. They’re a group of lousy players small in number, loud in mouth who IMO were never crucial to the game in the first place.

  62. This is really interesting, because Blair Underwood is currently playing POTUS Elias Martinez on the NBC series The Event. I wonder if he had a second interview with President Obama for this role?

    Can’t wait for the town hall! So close and yet so far away.

  63. Massive amounts of spin and disinformation. We are locked in an information/media war at the moment.

  64. I think it would be quite lovely if the summer organizers program had heavy urban involvement. Our areas vote straight Dem, which is very true, but we are able to get ourselves to less predetermined places and assist Dems there in whatever capacity is needed. Hiring a bunch of these kids as OFA organizers would go a very long way towards even further strengthening an already strong bond between POTUS and urban America.

  65. Hey there GN- I didn’t know about his writing.. very interesting.. so of course I had to google it.. the character is called Tennyson Hardwick it appears. Nice to see you as always 🙂

  66. Now that is interesting. Well wiki writes that Underwood did speak at events on behalf of (Senator)Barack Obama during the election.. so I wouldn’t be too surprised if they had some phone calls, since then, sounds like they’ve built a friendship over the years.
    I’ll have to check out that show too, thanks.

  67. That’s right! And as bwd noted, half the country can’t even name the Republican who they’ve heard the most about. All of the attention and focus is upon President Obama, and much of that attention is really negative. I’m pretty excited about 2012.

  68. I heard her and cheered. but did you see the diary that refuted what Rachel said?

  69. I know that I was able to change my own Father, and Mother’s mind to vote for Obama in the Primary in ’08, but it wasn’t easy. They were both Republicans and agreed to let me change their party affiliation to vote in the Primary. They then stayed with the party and my Mom voted the same in the GE. My Dad died one day after he cast his vote for Barack Obama in the Primary.

    The only way I was able to change my Father’s mind was to bring him some sort of article or political stance each day for months. He read it then we talked about it. Over time he decided he liked what BHO stood for and most of all liked his character. I knew once I convinced my Dad my Mom would follow.

    Now that my Dad has died and my Mom shows signs of not remembering things it will be harder to convince her to vote for him again. That is mainly due to her reverting back to old ways, not understanding or remembering things due to age, and that it is her nature to just vote for someone else if things are not going how she thinks they should be going.

  70. You sound like mb but with no purity, whcih is a nice voice even if less than rosy from time to time. 🙂

  71. Congrats, Eclectablog ! Seems like Rachel’s team, if not Rachel herself, is becoming aware of “pragmatic” blogs like yours !!! I’m so happy that your outstanding work is being noticed and recognized !

    I hope they’re reading this blog, and “The People’s View” too. Eclectablog, now that you know that at least someone has noticed you in Rachel’s team, please don’t miss any occasion to bring their attention to the work of deaniac, rootless, p m carpenter, blackwaterdog, Chipsticks, etc. Collectively, all you outstanding bloggers can do A LOT to “extract” Rachel and some others from the PL bubble !!!

    Big, ENORMOUS thanks for what you do, Eclectablog !

  72. BWD sure seems to let stupid voters get under her skin.

    What I do is remind myself that these are the same voters who elected G Dubya the texas dummy TWICE. Probably the dumbest president ever! In the middle of probably the dumbest war ever. And yet they re-elected him.

    So voters are dumb! Full stop! That hasn’t changed.

  73. I see your point gn. But I still believe “some” energy has to be directed at limiting the damage the PL is doing.

    Up thread, Eclectablog mentionned that Rachel mentionned some of his work in her show. And that gives me hope. Some of the PL are rational enough to “wake up” to the bad dynamic that is happening right now. Rachel, Joan Walsh, Eugene Robinson, and others are REACHABLE in my opinion.

    The articles of Eclectablog, deniac, rootless, zizi, p m carpenter, Benen, and others,…. the compilation work of BWD, Chipsticks, and others, the hundreds of comments on all the pragmatic blogs, all of this CAN HAVE an impact.

    And about those congress people who are behaving selfishly, or are caught in the pl bubble without realizing that the PL don’t speak for the majority of democrats… well, time to wake them up too. If the “true” base decides to call them out, to inondate their offices with complaints about their counter-productive behaviour, it CAN HAVE an impact.

  74. Yep. Not only he needs them to vote, but I think he’s trying to recruit as many as possible to become active, work for OFA, etc.

  75. If the President isn’t re-elected, then we’ll all have much bigger problems than primarying the Weiners of the world. Just look at what they’re doing now – imagine how much worse it will be if they get real power!

  76. I really don’t like Blair Underwood’s character on this current series (although, I really liked his character on LA Law – now I know why…). This character he’s currently playing seems to be a little weak minded and rash in his decision making. I know he was asked early on whether this role was fashioned after President Obama, and he said that it wasn’t. I think he’s supposed to be Cuban in the series, as well.

    Interesting tidbits.

  77. I’m back to add : Eclectablog, your article of today about the big picture in Michigan is OUTSTANDING. I hope all the local people in OFA and in democratic circles help spread this information. INONDATE the local journalists with phone calls and e-mails !

    As for us, what we can do is continue to spread your word in the blogosphere, e-mail Rachel and other national voices who can have an impact.

  78. Thats a great idea gn, It will teach them how to organize give them a since of helping and belonging to something.

  79. Actually trust has shifted from republican to democrat, I suspect that it will shift more and more, at least I hope.

  80. Well, thank you very much. It took quite a bit of research to sort it all out and it was tough to present it in words only. I felt like I needed photos and pictures with arrows and stuff like on CSI or something 😉

  81. I don’t even know if they were ever on the field at all, unless the field is only cyberspace. And they obviously don’t understand the rules of the game. Now, admittedly, I would like to see the rules of the game changed quite a bit to allow for much more enlightened and compassionate play, but right now, let’s make sure we have enough intelligent players on the field . . . oh, I’ve lost the thread of this silly metaphor, but I second your articulate last sentence, gn.

  82. Another blogger calls Greenwald out for his dingbat attacks on PBO:

    “None of this is to say that we should not criticize President Obama and push him to do more. But the danger of the Greenwald approach is that by focusing so much on disappointments from Obama, we threaten to reduce turnout among Democratic partisans and to leave average voters with the perception that the person they most associate with progressive politics has no base of support. The result of such impacts is to throw elections to Republicans, just as occurred in November 2010. What purist progressives like Greenwald seem to miss is that criticism should be done constructively, that progressives need to do their jobs of building political support for progressive policies, and that we also need to praise the President when he does the right thing. The Winning Progressive blog is all about getting progressives involved in taking those steps. It would be great if Greenwald and his followers would join us in this critical endeavor.”


  83. Thank you for the link. I loved what George and Lawrence had to say about Trump the trump.

  84. I heard her and thought of you. Nice. I was proud that I knew who you were and that I read your blog almost every day.

  85. I read it. It was very interesting and I feel that I understand where Obama is coming from even more. She was a very unique person and mother. A great read.

  86. I think the tax cuts for all was the package for 18 months for middle class, and 2 years for the rich, so I think the whole thing will have to be renegotiated.

  87. Silly metaphors are my absolute specialty sheila. It actually tickles me, a lot, that someone as unbelievably smart as you got tripped up in one of my convoluted nonsensical mazes.

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