“Obama Is Now and Will Be a Great President”

Frank Schaeffer is taking names again. This guy is awesome and fearless:

The “disappointed” left says president Obama sold out. The racist-laced Medicaid-mugging, billionaire-codling right staggers under the weight of terminal “birther” mythology (now trumpeted by moron-come-lately Donald Trump). Meanwhile president Obama continues to bide his time and looks down the road to the post-2012 reality when his patience with an impatient country, his thoughtfulness in the context of a sound-bite-entertain-ourselves-to-death era of short attention spans and historical amnesia will be vindicated.

If you think that president Obama played the Republicans in the last lame duck congress like a violin just wait until after 2012 when the rotten Tea Party will be about as relevant as 1930s hate monger radio priest: Charles Coughlin (the “father” of hate radio), is today.

President Obama has met the vile far right (and religious right lynch mob) and also met the disappointment of the shrill impatient left with a calm smile and good humor. He’s even reached out to what remains of the Republican Party languishing hock deep in the quagmire of their own frightened and wholly imagined paranoid “victim” status. President Obama has also played chicken with each new crisis and — invariably — pulled last moment hair raising victory from what critics said would be defeat…

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The disappointment on the left has apparently led some folks to concoct an alternate reality in which — in a mirror image of the loony embittered far right, not to mention in a mirror image of people like Sarah Palin who have made a profitable career out of being professional Obama haters — no matter what president Obama does they dismiss it. In other words some on the left don’t just disagree on tactics they act like jilted lovers (and/or opportunistic cynics trolling for the next book advance) and have turned their once too-ardent love into hate.

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Maybe there are some on the left who (besides selling anti-Obama screeds) suffer from some sort of psychological problem of denial and are unable to deal with the reality of what America has become and actually is: A place where progressive ideas are routinely crushed beneath the weight of the corporate state and entrenched bigotry. But THAT reality is where president Obama must function.

And he has to bide his time. President Obama did not sell America to the cooperate oligarchy that has destroyed our democracy– the Republicans did, the lobbyists did and above all the Supreme Court did. President Obama didn’t bust the unions– Reagan did. President Obama didn’t declare war on women and minorities and immigration rights, gay rights and working men and women– the Republicans and religious right did. President Obama did not create the permanent war economy of imperial gun-toting undereducated and over-armed America– the Republicans did with the backing of American evangelicals (not to mention the neoconservative Israel lobby) who believe in God-ordained American “exceptionalism.”

Trying to change any or all of this will take time. It will not be achieved by one man. And our best shot at changing anything at all is to be realistic about what one president can do.

The President’s critics left and right all had one thing in common: impatience laced with little-to-no sense of history.

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President Obama the First Lady Tax Returns are here.


The president invites us all to the first ever Facebook Town Hall:


PBO  presents the Commander-in-Chief Trophy to the Air Force Falcon football team:



141 thoughts on ““Obama Is Now and Will Be a Great President”

  1. I just read Frank’s blog on his website……the best!!!! Made me feel so good with his unbelievable defense of our President!

  2. For all the headaches about being president, they do not get paid enough smh

  3. You know,the WH press corpse has asked the stupidest questions, but lately they are getting even more desperate.
    Today,they asked about signing statements, why is he going to swing states to campaign, and oh yeah,if the S&P report gives the republicans the upper hand in the debt ceiling fight?Man, are these guys stupid. All gossip and nothing that ordinary Americans care about.

  4. I like what Carney told the press corp that the people worry more about the high gas prices than what Moody is saying. Just the stupid statements by the Republicans caused the drop in stock prices. Ryan and that bunch will wreck this country if we let them. Stay strong and fight back against them.

  5. If this is a repeat of an article posted earlier my apologies, I get confused between here and OFA

    Obama Returns To His Moral Vision: Democrats Read Carefully!


    snip ///
    Last week, on April 13, 2011, President Obama gave all Democrats and all progressives a remarkable gift. Most of them barely noticed. They looked at the President’s speech as if it were only about budgetary details. But the speech went well beyond the budget. It went to the heart of progressive thought and the nature of American democracy, and it gave all progressives a model of how to think and talk about every issue.

    It was a landmark speech. It should be watched and read carefully and repeatedly by every progressive who cares about our country — whether Democratic office-holder, staffer, writer, or campaign worker — and every progressive blogger, activist and concerned citizen. The speech is a work of art. ///

  6. EPA publishes 16th national US GHG inventory; emissions in 2009 dropped 6.1%The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released the 16th annual US greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory. The final report shows overall emissions during 2009 decreased by 6.1% from the previous year. This downward trend was attributed to a decrease in fuel and electricity consumption across all US economic sectors.

    Total emissions of the six main greenhouse gases in 2009 were equivalent to 6,633 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. These gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride. The report indicates that overall emissions have grown by more than 7.3% from 1990 to 2009. Emissions in 2009 represent the lowest total US annual GHG emissions since 1995. These numbers reflect the most up to date data at the time of publication.

    The transportation end-use sector accounted for 1,745.5 Tg CO2 Eq. in 2009, which represented 33% of CO2 emissions, 24% of CH4 emissions, and 65% of N2O emissions from fossil fuel combustion, respectively.

    Fuel purchased in the US for international aircraft and marine travel accounted for an additional 123.1 Tg CO2 in 2009; these emissions are recorded as international bunkers and are not included in US totals according to UNFCCC reporting protocols. Among domestic transportation sources, light duty vehicles (including passenger
    cars and light-duty trucks) represented 64% of CO2 emissions, medium- and heavy-duty trucks 20%, commercial aircraft 6%, and other sources 9%.


    That is for 1 year… Lisa Jackson is kicking azz.

  7. How did the S&P report give the GOP the upper hand? They are the ones that don’t want to raise the debt ceiling.The S & P is a warning to the GOP to raise the debt ceiling.

  8. Yes, Frank Schaffer is fearless and might I add awesome.

    He has a spine, so he does not have to hide behind the usual jargon of “although I don’t always agree with him”..bla, bla,bla… that some suppporters and pundits use as a prerequiste or disclaimer before they can compliment the President.

    I am so thankful for people like Frank who use
    their platform to state the facts in a straightforward, non-apologetic way. KUDOS.

  9. President Obama has made federal disaster aid available to California communities that suffered damage in the March tsunami.

    The tsunami caused an estimated $50 million damage, with the harbors in Santa Cruz and Crescent City being hardest hit.

    In Santa Barbara, fierce waves turned the harbor into a tidal pool, sweeping away a barge that was used for the city’s commercial fishing operation and nearly destroying a 200-ton crane barge that became unmoored in the tumult. In Ventura, a city sailing dock broke off and at least one boat was lost at sea, authorities said. In Morro Bay, a dock came loose in the waves.

    California has already declared a disaster in several coastal counties, and the federal aid would come on top of that.

    “Federal funding is available to the state and eligible local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations on a cost-sharing basis for emergency work and the repair or replacement of facilities damaged by the tsunami wave surge in Del Norte and Santa Cruz counties,” the Federal Emergency Management Agency said in a statement.


  10. Just wanted to make a quick note. Jovie posted a lot of good econ and environmental news at the bottom of the last post. Just in case people missed it. Thanks jovie.

  11. If the global climate catastrophe is averted as a result of the world getting its act together and the USA finally catching up on a commitment to reduce greenhouse gases, guess what the Republicans will say? “See, we told you it was a hoax.”

  12. Meanwhile, down here in Texas where we’ve had thousands of acres burn, our manly “go it alone” secessionist Governor Goodhair is now demanding Federal aid.

    And he’ll get it. Not because he earned it, but because ordinary Texans, some of whom hate Obama’s guts, are still Americans and are to be helped, not hated.

    I hope they’ll be just a wee bit grateful….

  13. Love the photos of the AF trophy awarding ceremony. President Obama always has such a good time with these kind of events, and so do those who are being recognized, those in his presence. President Obama’s good and kind spirit is contagious. He shines in all kinds of settings with all kinds of people. A remarkable human being.

  14. Love, love, love Francis Schaeffer and I relate to him as a kindred spirit on so many levels. Another phenomenal piece by him.

    Viva Obama!

  15. PBO is getting more and more white hair, although on him it looks good. Too much stress in that job, so it is nice to see him kidding around with people to relieve some of it.

  16. Rep. Luis Gutierrez is a idiot !

    This guy says that he might not support Obama in 2012 because of immigration reform. The fact is that he should be asking the republicans in congress to start drafting up an immigration bill with the senate and white house since they won’t do it. Also president Obama had to deal with so many issues from health care, the economy, financial reforms (other regulations), etc. So getting a immigration bill through Congress when the republican are anti immigrant would be a really tough haul and near impossible.

    Also I heard he pulled an Ed Shultz and told Hispanics in 2010 to sit out the election because of immigration. So this idiot is willing to hand over they keys to a far right radical Republican party that wants to destroy universal health care, medicare, medicaid, SCHIP, head start, student loans, public education, food stamps, investments in clean energy, EPA, training programs for the poor, etc. just because he didn’t get Immigration reform ??? What a fool !

  17. Rep. Luis (please give me immigration reform) Gutierrez, Dennis the menace, Anthony Weiner (do I need to even make a joke), and Bernie (the Cornell) Sanders need to either be part of the process or get out of the way.

  18. Look at all those handsome young men in uniform smiling with their Commander-in-Chief (who wears the mantle extremely well, I might add). Just gorgeous!

  19. All your repeats are even appreciated. Some of us don’t see it the first time. I don’t believe you have repeated. Your hard work is so appreciated WIW!!! I am in “AWE” of your talent and the wonderful resources you are giving to all of us.

  20. I’m declaring the Tea Party as a functioning body dead. Call it: 18 April, 2011.

    Seriously if the two ‘stars’ of the ‘party’ can only muster a few hundred followers total between them for their rallies, then hey, that’s just mortality.

    Wake at eleven…beers all around.

  21. I’m for getting those dems out the way. It’s amazing to me how these folks (senators and representatives) want the president to do their job. What is he doing to push forth the agenda? Does he think a republican president will help further the immigration bill to his liking? No wonder the electorate is discourage with politicians (especially democrats) and stop voting all together. We need to hold ALL accountable.

    I am going to call Mr. Gutierrez office in DC and the DCCC. Enough is enough.

    (773) 342-0774 (Chicago) or
    (202) 225-8203 (Wash DC)
    DCCC phone number: (202) 863-1500

  22. POTUS looks like he is having so much fun!! 🙂

    Frank Schaeffer is amazing at laying things out in such straight forward terms!

  23. Well said! so true! it will take all of us to make sure he gets back in for four more years, with a chance to complete some of the hard work that is still ahead.

  24. Rage-a-maniac GG unleashed his minions, via twitter, on a wonderful, crisp, visual of the socio-pathology of the jealous that rootless posted at The People’s View, yesterday. The minions were met with what they deserved and rage-a-maniac GG has been caught altering his twitter posts 🙂

    Can you imagine the twitter storm the very special Frank Schaeffer has likely ignited among the worshipers of rage-a-maniac GG 🙂

  25. Never worry, WIW, you are like a lighthouse in a turbulent ocean, always signaling with the very best of intentions to help us steer safely to a destination of enriching information.

    Thank you.

  26. Does he know that a bill is in the works, and that Politico reported a few days ago that PBO called Senator Brown (MA) to see if he would be willing to vote for the bill? IIRC, Senator Graham is also working on the bill along with some democrats. Representative Gutierrez is making himself look stupid if he’s in Congress and is not keeping up with what is going on regarding PBO and immigration reform. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot by telling Hispanics not to vote in 2012, as if a President Palin, Gingrich, Trump, Huckabee, etc will take on immigration reform when they have sooo much fun bashing Hispanics and other “brown” people. He is in Congress, and he should introduce an immigration reform bill. I’m sure PBO would back the bill.

  27. We should be so lucky. The carbon we have already put into the atmosphere will guarantee further warming. We face a catastrophe–only the size of the catastrophe is marginally within our control.

    And when the catastrophe is apparent to all, the Rethugs will blame the liberals, somehow.


  28. Let GG have his snit fit. I’m glad people are speaking out against him, calling his name specifically, and identifying him as a rabble-rousing liar. This is long overdue. Frank Shaeffer is uniquely qualified, imo, to call GG and the others out because he was a member of the far right religious groups that helped to send us down the path we’re on today. GG is old enough to know it, too. Mr. Shaeffer has expressed sincere regret that he and his father hurt this country in so many ways, and he has spent his time exposing the inner workings of the far right religious groups and their connections to the GOP.

  29. I’m sure glad this site is here.

    Every day, example after example of why that feeling I had all those years ago about how this Obama guy would probably make a good president was not such a crazy feeling after all.

  30. Yep, but the headlies (that’s not a typo) I just read basically said that S&P were warning us to get our deficient under control–nothing about the debt ceiling. Making it sound like those serious Republicans have to teach that freewheeling Obama a lesson.

  31. Great photos! Wouldn’t it be great to see the Obama family changes over the next four years too! 🙂 Just think PBO may have all grey hair by then and Malia would really be dating by 17 years old at the end of his time in office and Sasha would be a teenager too.

  32. Another indication? “Atlas Shrugged, Part 1” — yes, they’re making it a trilogy — only pulled in $1.7 million on its opening weekend, and it was in a few hundred theaters.

  33. A trilogy…ha! Wow, with box office receipts like that, what could possibly go wrong? Pretty sure they’re going to have a devil of a time getting theaters to agree to show the next movie. That’s just delicious.

  34. I went to the townhall event today in Chicago – the one with the guy from the WH and they were discussing what the admin had done for people of color. I got there late and missed the list but during the Q&A it was quite obvious that there is a black version of the PL, a black frustrati…some of these people weren’t there to listen and learn…

    The WH guy Michael Blake even had to tell one guy who wouldn’t listen ‘I”m here to help you.’ But when the lady with the tea party-like sign that said where’s the change walked to the front while her friend asked a question, I was done…couldn’t take any more of the foolishness. Hard questions, constructive criticism is one thing. I don’t mind that and Michael Blake seemed like a brother who could answer the hard questions but some of those people had agendas-they didn’t ask real questions they made statements. Cornell West would have been proud. I felt a little embarrassed for Chicago…they really should have promoted this event beyond the Sole Patrol at WVON…so that there would have been more of a diverse point of view represented…sigh

  35. Time to primary some of these whiners. Sorry Luis if you don’t have your own presidents back don’t expect me to have yours.

  36. I love that Schaeffer did not mince words in calling out the birthers for the racists they are. The Pennsylvania legislature has decided to plunge into the idiot pool by proposing that presidential candidates show a long-form birth certificate if they want to appear on the ballot. Its a blatantly racist effort to offend the president and throw sand in the gears of his re-election campaign. Obviously, a lot of the newly Republican dominated legislatures are going to go this route in order to harass the president and make his life more difficult.

    Fortunately, it won’t work. I was assured by the DNC that the president’s name will appear on the ballot in all fifty states, no matter what obstacles get thrown up and that they are gearing up for massive voter protection measures across the country. Actions like the Pa legislatures also help to energize supporters and make them spitting mad enough to get off the benches and into the game. I, for one, am so angry at the stupidity of this state government that I will walk on hot coals to make sure these idiot lawmakers eat dirt in November 2012.

  37. Wouldn’t it be hysterical if their darling couldn’t get his or her long form birth certificate? I mean Hawaii can’t be the only State in the Union who refuses to release long form certificates.

  38. I heard him on the radio this morning, promoting the event on the Warren Ballentine show. He was so well-spoken. Sorry to hear so much foolishness met him at the town hall, but glad you went.

  39. Oh yes, in that case, their newly minted legislation would slide into oblivion because(“wink, wink”)it wasn’t really intended for the white guy.

  40. Brewer actually vetoed the birther bill down in Arizona saying it went too far. I don’t know what her angle is other than the fact States can’t trump federal law when it comes to candidacy requirements for the Presidency. Maybe they don’t want these laws on the book because if PBO meets the requirement then the birthers lose their issue OR that state would then be accused of being in cahoots with Obama for obviously falling for a fake.

    There was even something about showing a circumcision certificate in lieu of a long form birth certificate in the Az birther bill.

    It’s really getting crazy out there. Absolutely nutso.

  41. Somebody needs to smack down Trump and hand, for bringing all this garbage back up to the forefront again for his silly publicity games. Where are the folks who led the Beck boycott – time to boycott Trump and NBC.

  42. Here is the ColorofChange website. You can petition them to go after Trump’s advertisers as they did Glenn Beck. I pass this around at OFA. It’s time to go after this fool!

  43. Wasn’t it you, SR, who reminded us that his silly little show is up for renewal next month? That’s what this whole nonsense is all about.

    Frankly I’m glad it’s being brought up now because it makes the GOP massively uncomfortable by making them look petty and, you know…not serious. How can anyone look ‘presidential’ and continue to harp on this nonsense? Anything that reinforces the brand of Radical Republican works for me.

  44. That nut “Pastor” Jones is planning a protest in Dearborn, Michigan right outside it’s biggest Mosque. For those who don’t know Dearborn Michigan is the biggest Muslim community outside of the Middle East. And he says he’s coming heavily armed – even lists all the weapons he is bringing with him and his security detail.

    Basically he’s looking for a war it seems. Police have asked him to move his protest to city hall and he has refused. He wants his religious war, and he’ll exploit US freedoms in order to get it. I don’t know what the answer is with this guy – other than a well placed bolt of lighting.

    If this isn’t incitement I don’t know what is.

  45. US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama made $1.8m (£1.11m) last year, mostly through sales of the president’s books, tax returns show.

    The couple’s income dropped from $5.5m in 2009 and from $2.6m in 2008, a decline the tax documents attribute to slower book sales.

    Mr Obama’s salary as US president was $395,000.

    They paid more than $500,000 in federal and state taxes and donated a total of $245,000 to three dozen charities.


    The couple donated to three dozen charities. The largest gift, $131,075, went to the Fisher House Foundation, which provides humanitarian assistance to families of wounded US military personnel.


  46. I think incitement is exactly what he’ll be charged with. Weird how these people just don’t get the whole Freedom of Religion thing. He needs to be committed to an institution, frankly. So sad.

  47. Is there any way to gather a crowd of good people to protect the mosque…like when they protect funerals from these freaks?

  48. Frank Schaeffer did a wonderful job exposing the craziness from both the left and the right. At the same time, he also mounted a vigorous recitation of the President’s achievements despite the hostility against him, from both the left and the right. Of course this is exactly what our own BWD does so well every day. I am elated to see other bloggers joining BWD in spreading the good news about this good man we elected President and who actually has turned out to be an excellent President.

  49. I sure hope the Muslims there don’t take the bait and ignore that freak show and the accompanying media clowns.

  50. Thank you WIW for sharing. You are really another treasure on this site. I personally respect and admire your passion for focusing on positive news and positive messages.

  51. “Heavily armed” !!!

    Is there a law that could be used to arrest this guy ?

    I don’t know if we can count on the Governor to do something, since he’s a far-right ideolog….

    Can President Obama order some feds there ? Like in the sixties, when things turned ugly and JFK had to act to protect the blacks…

    As if President Obama (and America) needed another crisis on top of everything…

  52. For Jones, I’d suggest a snug jacket that makes him feel like he’s giving himself a nice, big hug, and it should be worn in a cushioned room.

  53. Very well said majii!. I am really amazed at the idiocy of these Democrats who think that they are advancing their cause by attacking people who share and support the same cause. Gutierrez should be out there mobilizing Hispanics, and everyone else, to vote against the real opponents of immigration reforms, instead of joining the Obama bashers. There are many instances when mounting an economic boycott makes sense. But calling for a vote boycott makes absolutely no sense; except if your goal is to guarantee that Republicans win.

  54. Each one of those grey hairs is for US and every American citizen and of the world who he cares about…OBAMACARES and he has the grey hairs to prove it.

  55. I know who Mike Blake is! He was one of the campaign workers that film makers shadowed on movie “By the People” the documentary on the election of Barack Obama.

    Wow too bad it was such a waste of time. People who come just ready to shout are not really interested in solving problems. They’re just there to fulfill some narcissistic need to bitch and pretend they are the only ones who matter.

  56. Hello Family….

    I am in community-organization-mode. I protested this afternoon in from of BofA in my city from 3 to 5PM. We received a ton of honks from cars passing by and no one against us. On tax day in which so many Corporations paid no taxes and hard working people paid ten to 1000’s times more. I am FIRED UP….


  57. I wonder if the potential Republican presidential candidate will also be making public their tax returns?

  58. It may have something to do with the economic downturn, I’m afraid.

    That we have to work so hard for climate change is appalling in the 21st century.

  59. He is an idiot. We have to put up with his idiocy in Chicago. He has one issue and doesn’t give a damn about his own constituency. Remember, he was a holdout on health care reform and other important progressive issues that would seriously impact the lives of people living and working in his district.

    He’s irrelevant. Latinos are not staying home because Gutierrez tells them to. The jackass.

  60. I think a buffer zone of good people would go a long way toward preventing problems. Remember the guy who took the Qur’an away from that nutjob who was going to burn it? Something like a community drawing together to protect the Mosque would help.

  61. Did you hear that Jan Brewer VETOED such a bill in Arizona today?

    Yes — THAT Jan Brewer!

  62. Would you believe that Arizona has not issued “long form” birth certificates for over a decade? So the legislature was demanding something that the state does not even give. Unbelievable.

  63. They don’t care if they bring the entire country to its knees, as long as they win. They’re unconscionable.

  64. “This is long overdue.”

    So very true, majii.

    I will give rage-a-maniac GG zero slack unless he repents.

    If he needs a role model for repenting he needs look no further than Mr. Schaeffer, for sure.

    Thank you.

  65. He wants to do the typical PL thing, and say that he pressured the President into doing the right thing.

    OT – but somehow related – I heard Thom Hartman this morning say that Sen. Sanders has introduced some bill ten years ago about some topic which hasn’t amounted to anything… and I thought “why aren’t they complaining about the lack of progress on that bill after ten years, but they have no problem complaining about President Obama’s “failure” to reverse every bad thing ever done in the history of this country within the first two years of his presidency”? Double standard, indeed.


  67. Very important to note that when the article was published, General McCrystal issued an apology. Did General McCrystal complain at the time that the Rolling Stone article was not accurate ? NO. NEVER.

    Let’s say that I’m pretty suspicious of this Pentagon report. And that’s the most polite way to say it.

    The “Village” going nuts in 3…2…1…

    What makes me so mad is that President Obama is put into a very difficult position. To defend his decision of firing McCrystal, he has to imply that the Pentagon report is inaccurate.

    God. I’m so SICK of all the BS thrown at President OBama.

  68. Wonder why they gave him a jersey with number 23 on it instead of the customary 44?


  69. There’s no shenanigans there, PoliticalJunkessa. Go watch the video. The explanation is cute.

  70. Can’t view the video now, but I wouldn’t think there were any shenanigans, I was just curious :-).

  71. Navy gave him 44 last year, and they didn’t want to be the same as Navy at anything. 23 is PBO’s highschool basketball number.

  72. I take back embracing the local television interviews – the Dallas jackass was obviously auditioning for Fox News or Rush Limbaugh’s news break guy with his obnoxious and overly rude interview. He came in with an overt agenda and wouldn’t even let the President finish answering the question before arguing it.

    And now he’s bragging about how tough he was in it.

  73. Blake definitely seemed like a very smart, capable person. They said he even gave out his phone number and email address (I was late so I misses it) but its a shame that people had their own agendas. Even the WVON host Matt Mcgill who hosted the event last night is talking this morning about how things got out of hand…smh. But he said Blake is coming back so hopefully the next one will be better…

  74. If you watch the video they explain it is his old basketball number. They were trying to be different. Obama liked it.

  75. I saw that over at The Obama Diary. What a jerk. I think he is auditioning for Fox News.

  76. Cute. Thanks! 23 *is* a legendary number, funny that he had it in high school. Nice little story.

  77. Yes, it was a masterful stating of the case against both right and left wing critics. And I am happy to see it. I feel a real trend has started of the real base of the Democratic party pushing back on the nonsense from both sides against this President and his record.

  78. You are right and intelligent people everywhere understand that, but Cantor has come out saying that it reinforces the Republicans because they are the “serious” ones about attacking the deficit and that the report means they should continue to posture about holding the debt ceiling (and the world economy) hostage until they get concessions to do such important things as eliminating Medicare and funding for Planned Parenthood. And of course the media, who always follow the republican lead when it comes to talking points, lap it up and repeat it as if it were true instead of actually thinking for themselves about what the report actually means and pouncing on Cantor for his stupid statement.

  79. This so-called investigation by Mr. Child sounds suspect to me. He could find no one to interview to collaborate most of the accusations in the article. If these men are still in the service, they would be subject to discipline so I guess they would not rat on a fellow officer, who by the way, RESIGNED AND APOLOGIZED Mr. Child.

  80. That need to start all praise with pre-emptive criticism is a meme we need to ignore. Those who despise this president have demanded it by making irrational claims that anyone who approves of anything the President does must begin expressing that approval by stating that they are not a mindless, unthinking bot by first and foremost beginning all praise with a declaration that while THIS time the president did okay, he totally screws up and disappoints us all other times. It is dishonest and intended to intimidate. Don’t let them make you do it. It is intended to be sure that even victories by the President are seen as aberrations so their nonstop hatefest can continue without any real tempering by those who don’t agree with them. If you begin all praise by stating that you don’t always like what the President does then it validates the criticism from others, no matter how invalid that criticism may be. They can then say, see even the bots think the President is screwing up by pointing to all the disclaimers they insisted be put in all praise if we want their precious eyeballs to read through the entire post we make. In reality they devour each and everything we write so that they can try to fight back against it so don’t fall for their insistence on the disclaimer. And don’t respond to demands that you make a list of ways the President has failed you either. They will demand that in comments if you don’t use the disclaimer and sometimes even when you do.

  81. I just now sent an e-mail to him about his ‘interview’ skills. What a rude moron.

  82. Maybe I’m being too cynical but I can’t help wondering if he does indeed know that a bill is in the works and that is why he brings this up now. That way he can claim to his constituents (most of whom have no idea that anyone is actually already working on a bill) that he “made the president do it” and run on that.

  83. At times I wonder why he even wants a second term. He must love his country to put up with this BS is all I can figure.

  84. They are going to have devil of a time getting money to even film parts 2 and 3 with that kind of disaster at the Box Office. I have a feeling this will end up being a trilogy that’s missing 2 parts.

  85. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump is just doing a bit of performance art with this birther stuff. I can picture him on his show’s finale revealing that his investigation has actually turned up irrefutable proof that the President is indeed who he says he is and that all the people who jumped in to support him based on him lying about the President are idiots who just proved that the Republican party is all about hate and not about political beliefs these days. Trump is kind of slimy, has terrible taste, is pompous and a bully but I don’t think he is actually stupid enough to believe birtherism. We’ll see but I just won’t be surprised if it doesn’t all turn out to be a huge episode of “punk’d” on the republican party.

  86. Kudos to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for vetoing this nonsense “birther bill”.

    Gov Brewer statement….
    “As a former Secretary of State, I do not support designating one person as a gatekeeper to the ballot for a candidate, which could lead to arbitrary or politically-motivated decisions,” the governor wrote in a letter addressed to the Arizona House speaker.

    go jan 🙂

  87. She pretty much had to. Hawaii is far from the only state that doesn’t issue “long form” certificates. I’ve never had a long form for myself, my husband or my kids. We have certificates that look just like the President’s though none of us was born in Hawaii. That is what the state issues and is the only valid form we can use for passports, driver’s licenses, etc. Any state that required a long form would end up losing the vast majority of presidential candidates from both parties and thereby disenfranchising their own people.

  88. I know that Pat Tillman’s family isn’t happy at all at the thought of this. They blame McCystal for hiding the facts of Pat’s death.I do wonder about this….

  89. Let’s not get TOO excited about crazy Jan’s one good choice.And I really mean ONE!She never met an antiabortion bill she didn’t like,nor a corporate tax break,lest we forget those headless bodies in the desert that never were?The woman is incompetent and evil. Hey, Jan! Where’s the jobs??????

  90. Geithner gave an excellent, quick interview on MSNBC earlier. On Medicare – It doesn’t matter if the expenses are shifted from the government Medicare plan to individuals as either way the money spent will hurt the country’s economy.

    Simple. Direct. High medical expenses will kill the economy. And it went right over their heads.

  91. I don’t think it’s even legal. How can a state trump the national eligibility requirements? Also long form doesn’t exist in some states. What would happen when he qualified in Az, would the birthers and their conspiracies then turn on Az?

    Also there was something weird about circumcision records able to be used in lieu of an acceptable long form birth certificate.

  92. It is standard in US Politics now for major candidates to release their tax statements. I’d be shocked if the GOP candidates didn’t release theirs.

  93. That’s okay. Wingnuts will love it, swing voters just might be another case. IIRC, Bill O’Reilly took a lot of heat for his rudeness during that superbowl interview. Bullies love that “tough guy” schtick; everyone else, not so much.

  94. The interviewer probably made far-right listeners happy. But a lot of independants hate that kind of disrespect. So I don’t think an interview like this hurts President Obama politically.

  95. One of the absolute best protests I’ve ever seen:

    Environmentalists vs. kkk; the environmentalists put on a clown show to match the white supremacist clowns. Perhaps something similar can be done to use mockery and humor to address this utter buffoon going to Michigan.

  96. Wow gn, I hadn’t seen your comment before posting mine. Great minds think alike LOLOL !

  97. It just speaks to the utter extremism of the GOP in that state, that this ridiculous law would have cleared the legislature in the first place. The GOP base is radical. People spend so much time railing against President Obama and the Dems, that the insane nature of some of the thinking of part of the GOP base is not really taken as seriously as it should be.

  98. Both of you are correct. There is still a strong part of our society that believes, even if you don’t agree with the person sitting in the Oval Office, the Presidency itself deserves some repsect.

  99. Schaeffer’s article spoke 100% to my issues with the obstructionist left and right freak shows. Every repub should hang his/her head in shame that a selfish opportunist like Trump is leading polls to be the repbulican nominee. How embarrassing! I read a tweet (made only half jokingly) that Trump is going to announce his presidential run on the season finale of The Apprentice. It wouldn’t surprise me!

    On another note, the pix were great, BWD – I love looking at pictures of our handsome president!

  100. Just left a message on the comment line that everytime I go to send them a check I see a comment by Messrs. Weiner or Guiterrez and then I don’t send the check.

    I hope everyone calls and leaves a message.

  101. Hi everyone – I NEED to come on here everyday to lift my spirits because here in Florida our legislature is destroying not only our State but the ideals that are the very definition of the USA!

    Just like what is happening in Wisc, Ohio and a few other states that have crazy right wing leaders in charge, the latest our GOP group is doing is making sure it is hard, if not impossible, for people in our state to register to vote – especially women and students! There will be new requirements if your name has changed – guess who that impacts? There will be new requirements for what ID you need to show – guess who that impacts? Plus, several weeks ago the governor decided that those who had paid their debt to society in prison and were now supposedly free and able to resume a “normal” life, would have to wait FIVE years before being given back their right to vote!! I would think that would be unconstitutional I guess it isn’t!! Lastly, even though we won a Fair Districts battle with over 60% of the vote, our governor has held up the process so that it won’t take effect until right before the election so that candidates won’t even know what their districts will be!! There are over 400,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans in Florida (Grayson stated 600,000 – don’t know which is more accurate – at any rate, we have a LOT more Democrats!) but the GOP is doing EVERYTHING they can to make sure the Democratic voters won’t get to vote!!

  102. What gives me hope is that Debbi W-Schultz, the new head of DNC, is very well aware of this. And she’s a hell of a fighter.

    But the fight will require an enormous effort from the grass-roots. People who were not involved in 2008 will have to get involved this time.

  103. I found this on the web. Some GOP insiders see Trump as a means to win the WH in 2012:


    “GOP activists in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina appear deeply intrigued by, and open to, a run by Donald Trump, the publicity-loving business tycoon and host of NBC’s “The Apprentice,” even as he perpetuates falsehoods about Obama’s citizenship and questions the legitimacy of his presidency.

    “I hear more and more people talking about Donald Trump,” said Glenn McCall, Republican Party chairman in South Carolina’s York County. “He’s got people fired up.”


    “”It’s a wide open field,” and that’s fine, said Kathy Pearson, a longtime party activist in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She said Trump is “a TV celebrity and obviously a successful businessman” who is “saying what he thinks.”

    “What’s going on right now is very good, very healthy for the process,” said Cindy Costa, South Carolina’s Republican National Committeewoman. Voters want “someone who is a good leader and understands business.” She has long admired Romney, she said, and “I’ve been pleasantly surprised” by Trump. “He’s actually more conservative than I had thought.”

    Trump’s three marriages don’t seem to be a major issue among conservatives, for now at least.

    “All his ex-wives are happy,” said Joni Scotter, a Republican activist from Marion, Iowa. Ordinarily, she said, GOP caucus voters “are hard on people who are divorced.”


    So much for those Family Values, huh?

  104. Register at Gravatar.com and upload the picture there. It will show up on any site/blog that uses gravatars.

  105. Jayne,

    that sounds like what they did in the 60s to prevent AFrican Americans from voting.

  106. They explained it in the video. They didn’t want to give him a #44 because the Navy did that last year, and they wanted to be original. So, they used #23 because that was a number he used when he used to play sports – and as the President says, “before Michael Jordan” used the number.

  107. The education and budget speech 2-3 minute sound bytes are listed below. I encourage you to spread them to family and friends, include them at Facebook and twitter, and insert the URL in comments you make on MSM blogs. Folks may not be wiling to listen to a 45 minute budget speech but will listen to a 3 minute sound byte.

    Obama on Education: Race to the Top costs 1% of education budget


  108. Part 2

    Obama’s Budget: Republican plan paints a vision of our future that’s deeply pessimistic.


    Thanks so much for your efforts, it is very encouraging to have places like this where folks can pass along the message. MSM showed about 1 minute of each speech, if we work together we can help get all the President’s words out there.

  109. What if a woman wants to run, and she doesn’t have the long form birth certificate? Is she disqualified from running because she can’t produce a circumcision record? What a ridiculous bill.

  110. I sent his teevee station an email about his lying by saying that the president didn’t want to be questioned about his answers, and I reminded them that Watson’s bias is anti-American and hurts his, and the station’s, journalistic integrity. I went on to question whether the reporter had his own political agenda he was intent on pushing in spite of the facts. I included a little remedial history lesson on the important role of the media in providing accurate information in a democracy as envisioned by the founders.

  111. I read on MSNBC that the reason Brewer might have elected to veto the bill is because of the negative impact that SB 1070 has had on the state. Plus, with the circumcision and religious-related parts, the bill was sure to be challenged as a violation of the First Amendment, and the state has already spent too much money in the federal challenge to SB 1070. I do know from following The Phoenix New Times blog, that many of the business people want no more extreme anti-immigration bills or any other bills that will cause further boycotts of the state.

  112. Again thanks WIW, for your GREAT work!

    I just looked in on Talking Points Memo and they have a thread where the Arab League is honoring Gov Mitch Daniels, Ind R, and calling him “The Only Adult in the Room” I think BWD should sue for totally misuse of her “name” I can’t comprehend how you could call the man who was budget director during Bush and hid the cost of 2 wars and the new Medicare law. I am so mad.

  113. Republicans everywhere are a minority and therefore do not believe in fair elections. We just need to be that much more on our game.

    Fired up. Ready to go.

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