Well, I had to come and share this…. ;)

So much for the break. Heeeee. Pete Souza stuff from Navy Pier night in Chicago. Enjoy.



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  1. tee hee hee Looks like a whole lot of LOVIN’ going on between POTUS & the peoples! 🙂

  2. Nice to see ya back sis BWD and thanks for the pics.

    I am fired up and ready to go.

    Well, let me invite you all also to a diary I wrote here at the Peoplesview or here at Dailykos.

  3. You’re right Ametia. He is such a people person.

    He has such magnetism and you can’t help but gravitate towards him. Such a wonderful human being.

    I really love your avetar by the way. Who’s painting is it?

  4. I feel like I remember a time when Democrats didn’t know how important the backdrop was when appearing before cameras. Looking at all that beautiful red, white, and blue in the background, I know the Obama team knows how to do visuals.

  5. I have a busy day but I keep checking in and OMG, BWD, please do get some much needed rest, but Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. This has really brought a smile to my face and lift to my step.

    I am fired up and ready to go.

    TiMT, I’ll go and check you out at DK, even tho I only go back for you or Eclectablog, I keep my account open so I can rec you two and anyone else from here. I so admire you for keeping up the fight with the entitled left.

  6. Thanks BWD for taking the time to post these pictures. They really bring a smile to my face. Now go enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  7. I was passing Foc News when I stopped as Liz Trotter was on and witching about not being able to defund NPR. Then she told the entire world: “Nobody in the US cares what is happening in Ivory Coast!”
    How ego-centric can the Republicans be? That Trotter gone senile?? What an attitude to give out to the rest of the world.
    I’m steaming.

  8. My daughter (a freshman at U Chicago) was at this event; they had a special deal for students, so she even recruited her boyfriend and another friend to go w/her. She thought it was great. I so happy she’s in Chicago at this time … she was also very involved with Rahm’s campaign, so she’s quite plugged into the Chicago political scene and will definitely be actively involved w/the campaign next year.

  9. So true, Elly. And the nicest visual is the person who stands up in front of all that red, white, and blue, and chats with the crowd.


  10. Since President Obama spoke last Wednesday about fiscal responsibility and made clear the differences between his vision and the Paul Ryan GOP plan, I am sensing that the media firewall has been seriously compromised.

    While he had our attention, President Obama took pains to explain and dispel the misconceptions about exactly where federal tax dollars are spent. He basically schooled everybody on the facts. Especially those pundits who thought the Ryan plan was so courageous. I wonder what they think about it now.

    Anyway, to reenforce the point about where tax dollars are spent, the White House launched the Tax Payer Receipt Tool a couple of days later. Next week the president will continue the focus on his deficit reducing plans with several town halls. This is just beyond brilliant and shows remarkable messaging discipline.

    There were similar tools for the Recovery Act and the Affordable Healthcare Plan where the American people can see for themselves how these programs impact their lives and community. The creativity of this White House never ceases to amaze me.

  11. ICAM, Elly in MD. The team is on FIRE with the visuals. The values the Democratic Party stands for are TRULY AMERICAN. We need to CLAIM & MAINTAIN our love for America.

  12. How wonderful for your daughter. Always good to know that young people are involved in politics.
    Thanks BWD for coming back to post these photos.

  13. Again, thank you BWD for these lovely photos. We are so blessed to have this wonderful man as our President.

  14. Well said, Ladyhawke. The POTUS practices the law of economy, when he goes before the American people. He knows the media’s game and their complicity in spinning his speeches.

    Thursday morning and even now, the media is whining about the smackdown POTUS gave Paul Ryan and the GOP, instead of reporting the facts. LOL What a joke.

  15. I long time lurker and a first time commenter. I hope to comment more frequently in the future. I used to try and participate on the OFA blog, but sadly, it was destroyed by trolls like “Becky” and “Brad”. And Kos long ago left me utterly disgusted, particularly the smug dismissals of PBO supporters, particularly BWD diaries.

    THANK HYOU BWD, Chipsticks, and Steven Benen at The Washington Monthly for giving fun, news, and substance concerning our wonderful president. It is a lot of work to keep a blog going day by day, but the effort is appreciated by so so many.

    I must admit getting bummed out yesterday by the invasion of “Becky” here to crow about the Gallup number. Rasmussan(!)’s opposing number made me feel better, but the fact is, Gallup is well-respected and the number mystified me after PBO’s strongest week in a long time. Benen mused that the message of raising taxes turns people off, even though it applies to the above $250,000 crowd because the Rethugs have owned the tax issue for thirty years and people repeatedly vote against their own interests.

    I’m superstitious about looking up poll sites, so if anyone here is not a nervous nellie about daily tracking polls, I hope today’s Gallup is even a little bit better.

    Thanks again to all who make this site an important bookmark for this PBO admirer.

  16. What an embarrassment for our entire country, to have such a statement said on that awful excuse for a news channel. I forget who Liz Trotter even is, but your use of the word “witching” in regards to her sounds about right.

  17. What a grand opportuninty for your daughter, Juli. Our youth are impassioned and focued on creative and innovative solutions to move us into the 21st century. They understand what POTUS is doing to help get America there.

    Thanks to your daughter for supporting POTUS and the process.

  18. Soooo sweeet! I love the pictures! Thanks BWD and I hope you are having a good time ‘away from home’ [even though it’s obvious you still have us on your mind ;)].

  19. Tuesday he’s in northern Virginia for a town hall to discuss deficit reduction (I wonder if senate-candidate Kaine will be there?).

    Wednesday he’s in San Francisco for a townhall hosted by Facebook

    Thursday he’s in Reno Nv for another townhall (I believe Dean Heller the GOP favorite for the open Ensign Senate Seat is based in Reno).

  20. Yes, I’m thrilled that my daughter has these opportunities – and seeks them out. So cool that Chicago is THE place to be right now …

    She was at the Xcel Center in St Paul w/me the night when Barack Obama clinched the nomination (June 2008) – and she volunteered for him that year but was too young to vote. This year she got to vote for Rahm, was a volunteer coordinator for his campaign, and did a short internship w/his transition team office after his election … She even got to meet David Axelrod at Rahm’s victory party. I’m very proud of her, obviously 🙂

  21. I’m not sure I buy the ‘people don’t like their taxes raised’ theory. Every poll shows huge majority in favor of raising taxes on the rich to bring down the deficit. I read another theory that it might be gas prices….so who knows. American people need to make up their minds.

  22. He doesn’t get just the background, he gets the whole picture. Remember when he would use historical importance during the campaign to announce certain things? Remember when he used names of places such as the town of Unity for Hillary to announce her support of his bid for President,the town where they had a draw in the Primary? Remember PBO’s announcement of his run for the Presidency from the same location his hero Lincoln announced his run?
    To me his impressive campaigning comes from his writer side with a good knowledge from being a reader of history. He reminds me of a modern renaissance man, a man of many talents.

  23. Absolutely stunning.

    OT-just a reminder to anyone who wanted to help with the new weekly online/pdf pragmative progressive grassroots magazine, go here and leave a comment in the top post, and I’ll add you as a co-author (feel free to make test posts, etc.): http://theprogressweekly.wordpress.com/

  24. Yes, I agree. PBO supports everything large majorities say they support: more taxes on the wealthy, preserving SS/Medicare/Medicaid, and he made this utterly clear in one his most cogent speeches he has ever made. Perhaps some people reacted to the media saying “liberals were pleased”…Sadly, while most Americans hold liberal points of view, the label became a dirty word in politics after the seventies.
    Oh well, people are fickle and badly informed by a lazy press. Just hope the Gallup will go back up shortly (though NBC at 49% is excellent, and NBC polls are among the best).

  25. Hello, all. Just wanted to drop a quick and sincere “thank you” since I don’t get to comment much. Got my 2012 bumper sticker last week and displaying it proudly! (And, in Omaha, NE ;-)) Although, Omaha’s about a 50/50 town (I grew up here and moved back a few months ago after living in the Chicago area for over seven years). Bit of a “culture shock” with both moves, but I’m so grateful for all blessings. Have a wonderful day everyone, and I plan to be out there volunteering again, so solidarity with you all..always!

  26. Juli – I’m sure I can speak for everyone here when I say we’re proud of your daughter, too!

  27. I like the insights your comment Obama Grandmama. Thank you for them. I consider myself a pretty close observer of this remarkable campaign and Presidency, but I missed this one:

    “Remember when he used names of places such as the town of Unity for Hillary to announce her support of his bid for President.”

    I get the sense that the smartest people in their respective rooms — Plouffe, Axelrod, Rahm, the co-founder of Facebook who created Barackobama.com, the mastermind behind the delegate counts borrowed from Tom Daschle’s campaigns — all coalesced around the smartest guy in politics, and as a result we are privileged with a deeply intelligent organization.

    What a contrast to the past and what a hope for 4 more years.

  28. I’m glad you mentioned the new bumper sticker. I’m still here in Arizona–where Obama bumper sticker wearers have been run off the round, had their cars defaced, and even had people wave guns at them! I am so wary of putting a bumper sticker on my car here–and it makes me so angry that this basic freedom of speech is being quashed through vile and vicious actions.

    I summer in Massachusetts and will feel much better sporting the bumper sticker there.

    But STILL. This is America. We shouldn’t have to fear for our safety for proudly supporting our President.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

  29. TiTM: Thank you! Excellent Excellent, it seems that the PL are the same as the Teaparty;
    They think (PL) is their way or the highway, and I’am sick of their BS.

  30. BWD THanks a lot, but you do need a little break, take care of yourself we need you.

  31. “TiMT, I’ll go and check you out at DK, even tho I only go back for you or Eclectablog, I keep my account open so I can rec you two and anyone else from here. I so admire you for keeping up the fight with the entitled left.”

    Same for me. Just gingerly stepped through dailybarf to rec both of the them 🙂

    Thank you.

  32. Have a camera available at all times to document anything (gawd forbid) that might happen and file a complaint with the police.

  33. It makes it look like Gallup’s poll with President Obama at 41% approval rating look ridiculous. I wonder who they poll anyway? Everytime pictures are posted here, I see people looking at our president with smiles on their faces and I wonder how this seems to contradict the beltway narrative. Thanks for these pictures BWD. I hope you have a great weekend.

  34. Welcome DTTM. I’m happy you chose to de-lurk. BWD has indeed made us a tremendous gift with this place. And not only this place, but all the other blogs she has put in the blog roll. Thanks to her, I’ve discovered some other wonderful sites, full of knowledgeable commentary.

  35. Hi Tien Le

    I am in Pierce and we are so purple that my neighborhood is 50-50. It sounds like Whatcom is similar. I was a little disturbed at the tepid support out of Adam Smith (my rep is Dicks) for the President’s speech this week.Surprised and disappointed as well.

    Off topic Am very excited got tickets to hear Bishop Tutu in May at the Tacoma Dome….What an extraordinary man.

  36. What in the world has happened to Arizona in the last few years ? A place where it was possible to elect a democrat for governor, Janet Napolitano ?

  37. SR, you mentioned the need for him to get out in front on this and it looks like he is following your advice.

  38. I’ve heard him speak and actually got to shake his hand. He’s an extraordinary man. Please share your experience here.

  39. Ariana huff’n’paint just found her new employee of the month…I wonder if she’ll show up at the Democratic Convention next year..

    From my twitter timeline:

    RT @GottaLaff: Andrew Breitbart at WI tea party rally to Dems: “Go to hell!” http://tinyurl.com/3qjcfpe #WIunion #SuckItTeabaggers

  40. That’s a shame. It’s okay to call his office and let him know that you support the budget proposal from the President. The thing is the Dems have their own budget but no one really cares, so he has to play politics and support the Progressive Caucus deal. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  41. That’s terrible and such a shame. I have a cousin who lives in the Houston, TX area and said he had to take his Obama sticker off his truck, too.

  42. He’s hardly following SR’s advice. It’s more like SR’s advice lines up with others who actually do advise the President.

  43. The MSM loves the idea that they heard something they were not supposed to.

  44. I do. I know your fears about this. We had signs stolen from our yard and a rock through our window. My niece had her car keyed and someone pasted McCain/Palin bumperstickers all over my Sis’s car back in 2008 Because they had Obama stickers on their cars.

    Sorry to say that AZ is really not that safe a place for “freedom of speech” unless it is hate speech.

    I would be very careful how you display your political beliefs in AZ especially if you are any person of color or different ethnicity.

  45. It’s a response to the cultural shift in their state and the country. Immigration and fear of the other has become the big bogeyman down there.

  46. Well I don’t think she did it for selfish reasons. The President asked her to serve and she answered the call.

    Not many people turn down a President when he asks a person to serve in a cabinet.

  47. Oh come on that’s not fair. President Obama asked her to serve and she’s doing a good job.

    I wonder if President Obama regrets to not have let her stay as Governor of Arizona.

  48. Which makes having an “open mic” and even more brilliant idea. The press is easy to manipulate. Say a little something partisan but not over the top and pretend you aren’t aware it’s being recorded and the press will jump all over it and spread it for you like crazy.

    On another topic, here is what the Tea Party and the birthers are all about if we needed yet another example.

    As one of the commenters there noted, it’s like a comedy parody of a racist denial of racism. These people are sad.

  49. He’d never admit it, but hindsight being 20/20 you leave her there to keep a lid on the crazies and Brewer would have never been heard of outside Az. Napolitano seems to be doing a good job as DHS, but who’s to say any number of national security types couldn’t have been tapped for it and done an equal job?

    Maybe she’s doing something big behind the scenes to re-order and streamline the bureaucratic behemoth that she is uniquely qualified for. I do know it’s a thankless job filled with 18 hour work days and the only time you’re ever heard from is when an attack happens or a mistake was made.

  50. I don’t think it would have really mattered if Napolitano stayed in the state as governor.

    Yeah she would have stopped the immigration bill and other crazy laws but the right wing would still be just as crazy with their anti immigrant pro gun actions.

    Like I said earlier this is a reaction to the cultural changes in Arizona and the country.
    This is why white right wingers around America are freaking out.

  51. Actually I should have said that I don’t it would have changed the political dialogue in the state if she was still governor.

  52. The mainstream media are like little gossipy and mean high schoolers. And they’re just as easily fooled.

  53. I liked his speech, as I do all his speeches, and I liked how he ended it with “Yes, we can”. I found that ending very powerful.

  54. Arianna and AOL are already trying to co-opt the White House’s new program for the military and their families; she was at Mrs. Obama’s kickoff. Could she be any more transparent, in going wherever the spotlight is?

  55. Napolitano’s term was going to end in 2010 anyway. So her capacity to put a lid on all this was going to be short term.

    This country has to FACE its demons of RAcism, Xenophobia, and bigotry squarely. So here we are. Our forces cannot cower in the face of such heinous behavior from teatards. We have to reclaim the public square else we cede it forever.

  56. And here I thought that you are Plouffe trolling bwd’s site. 😉

    Plouffe is a worrier too, isn’t he ? 🙂

  57. Welcome, DTTM, I think most of us are refugees from all those other places! This place has been a wonderful place for us. We are the ones we all have been waiting for.

    Enjoy, you will be strengthed here.

  58. Sunday Show line-ups –
    ABC “This Week” – Tim Geithner and FOUR GOP House Reps (Joe Walsh, R-Ill., Steve Southerland, R-Fla., Renee Ellmers, R-N.C., and Allen West, R-Fla.)

    NBC “Meet the Press” – Tim Geithner, Alan Greenspan, Sen. Lee (Utah), Jennifer Granholm

    CBS “Face the Nation” – Sen. Mark Warner, Rep Paul Ryan

    CNN “State of the Union” – Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Anthony Weiner, Fmr CIA Director Hayden

    Fox – Ray LaHood, Sen Coburn, Rep Chris Van Hollen

    I would have liked somebody better opposite Paul Ryan on CBS. I wonder if Schieffer will let Ryan lie through his teeth. Warner is there to talk about the “Gang of Six” in the senate that are trying to fix the budget. The gang includes Saxby Shameless so I wouldn’t expect anything good to come out of it. Other Gang of six are Mike Crapo and tom Coburn for the GOP and Dick Durbin and Kent Conrad for the good guys. Coburn, Durbin and Conrad were part of the Presidents Fiscal Commission.

    Geithner pulls double duty, likely to talk about the ramifications of not raising the debt ceiling, and will probably be backed up in that endeavor by Greenspan on NBC. The FOur GOP House Reps get to talk about their Ryan Budget support hopefully. West is ripe for the picking in Fla in 18 months.

    CNN is an absolute freakshow – Trump, Rand, Weiner. Will they all be on at the same time? That could be must-see for the trainwreck potential.

    Fox with LaHood, Coburn(Gang of Six) and Van Hollen is probably the best we could hope for.

  59. LOL! Definitely a trainwreck. I heard a rumor somewhere that Trump once contributed to Weiner’s campaign. Actually I read it on a T-bagger site, and the Teapubs were convinced that Trump is a liberal disguising himself as a “birther,” trying to spoil things for a legit Republican candidate in order to make it easier for PBO to win.

  60. I wonder if the gop will still be licking their wounds on the shows tomorrow about how mean President Obama was to them.

  61. From Jake Tapper….
    April 15, 2011
    Obama issues a “signing statement” saying he won’t follow the part of the budget bill that he thinks violates separation of powers.Jake Tapper reports:
    One rider [to the bill] – Section 2262 — de-funds certain White House adviser positions – or “czars.” The president in his signing statement declares that he will not abide by it.

    “The President has well-established authority to supervise and oversee the executive branch, and to obtain advice in furtherance of this supervisory authority,” he wrote. “The President also has the prerogative to obtain advice that will assist him in carrying out his constitutional responsibilities, and do so not only from executive branch officials and employees outside the White House, but also from advisers within it. Legislative efforts that significantly impede the President’s ability to exercise his supervisory and coordinating authorities or to obtain the views of the appropriate senior advisers violate the separation of powers by undermining the President’s ability to exercise his constitutional responsibilities and take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

    Therefore, the president wrote, “the executive branch will construe section 2262 not to abrogate these Presidential prerogatives.”


  62. Wow…why would anyone want to watch this garbage? Surely there’s something better and more uplifting to do in life. Take a walk, get a coffee, play with your kids, work on that novel. Read a book. Lordie.

  63. Hi WiW..I want to thank you for your insightful blog…I’ve been tweeting all the entries and tracing the links created…You generate A LOT OF CLICKS just having sane content…Imagine that 😀

  64. Per Althouse site:
    Tapper said: “And then-Senator Obama said he would “not use signing statements to nullify or undermine congressional instructions as enacted into law.”

    I seem to recall that candidate Obama said – no signing statement unless clearly unconstitutional – anyone else remember it that way?

  65. I don’t recall, but nobody is going to vote in 18 months based on this signing statement. Maybe Tapper should worry about the political silliness that all of a sudden the GOP is concerned about czars when they didn’t seen to give a damn during the Bush Administration.

  66. I have thoughts. It’s true and it’s sickening.I had my sticker on my car and chose to remove it because my daughter drives my car more than I do. It made me afraid for her, since anyone that breathes can get a gun around here.No training?check.No background check?check. No waiting period? check. Breathing?Good to go!These people are flat out, without a doubt, batshit crazy and ignorant as a stump. Not everyone, of course, but a big enough amount that I don’t want to chance my daughter being run off the road in the night.Only free speech that happens around here, is the speech “they” agree with. Frightening.Thank goodness you can get a reprieve in MA. in the summer.I’m from CT…sometimes I wonder why I’m here.

  67. “I will issue signing statements to address constitutional concerns only when it is appropriate to do so as a means of discharging my constitutional responsibilities,” he wrote, without providing specific details on what would fall under that definition….
    “”[S]uch signing statements serve a legitimate function in our system, at least when based on well-founded constitutional objections. In appropriately limited circumstances, they represent an exercise of the President’s constitutional obligation to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, and they promote a healthy dialogue between the executive branch and the Congress,” Obama wrote.


  68. great diary – I recced it but could see the conversation was not one worth having as soon as I saw themselves pounding each other on the back for labeling President Obama’s deficit commission the “catfood commission.”

  69. I’m pretty sure that Liz Trotter has been a wicked woman for decades so senility is probably not the issue . .

  70. Oh Dear, Ms. HuffnPuff will do ANYTHING to make herself feel relevant. Now that she has blown her liberal “street cred” she has to find something else to be in the spotlight.

  71. Thanks Tien Le
    I remembered it very vaguely. Jake Tapper is a gold star of the Professional Left.

  72. This was a counter rally segregated away from Palin unfortunately.

    I’m glad she went right to Madison though, will keep the recall efforts motivated. She spoke right in front of an AFP banner, not even hiding the Koch financing of the rally. I wonder how much they paid her for the appearance.

  73. Thanks Tien Le

    I think the Obama 2012 campaign should re-enact the site “fight the smears”. Geezzz with a national media so incompetent and so lazy, there needs to be an army of debunkers armed with facts and links. This fabricated controversy is an example.

  74. BWD….thanks for the pictures, they are awesome!

    The other day I posted a message worrying about Obama’s latest approval rating in the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll. Many of you posted messages saying that we should not worry about it since it’s still very early and these things don’t mean alot in April of 2011.

    Unfortunately, some other people posted messages saying I was some “troll” and that I am really “Becky.” I am not a troll and I am not Becky. I have no idea who Becky is. All I was doing was asking for some feedback about Obama’s low approval ratings in the Gallup poll. As an Obama fan I was worried about it. I worked in 2008 to help get Obama elected, will do the same in 2012. I have donated to Obama in the past and will do the same in the future (assuming I get a job). I wish Obama could be president for the next 50 years….HE IS THE BEST PRESIDENT OF MY LIFETIME!!!! But what bothers me is that some of you were calling me a troll and and that I was some person named Becky from some other website just because I was concerned about Obama’s approval rating. I mean BWD was also concerned….does that make her a troll as well? NO WAY.

    I don’t want this site to be like others in that people are called names and accused of things they did not do or people who they are not. There are other websites like that and I think you all know what sites I am talking about. We are better than that.

    Anyway, that’s my rant. Sorry about that but I was very upset when I saw on Friday night there were posts calling me names just because I was concerned about Obama’s and his approval numbers. We should be able to talk freely here, especially if it’s based on facts.



  75. It took me less than 30 seconds to find that on Google, so what’s Tapper’s excuse?

  76. TiMT, Thank you for a brilliant diary. I just had to visit the DKos to see the reaction. I was hoping to see some honest apology for mischaracterizing what the President said and did. Sadly, all I saw, in many of the commentaries, is the predictable circling of the wagons in support of the cult of Obama haters.

  77. I love you Aquagranny, but on this one I must respectfully disagree. I think Janet Napolitano took the job not because of ambition but because the President asked her to be part of his team. If She was really ambitious she would have remained a Governor because governors stand a much better chance of advancing by either running for the Senate or the Presidency. Unfortunately the same is not true for Cabinet Secretaries. You know, as the saying goes, some times hindsight is 20/20. I am very proud of the President for picking outstanding women leaders as Cabinet Secretaries. All of them are, in my judgement, doing outstanding jobs.

  78. Hang in there Dennis. People are just tired of all the hating and trolling, so it’s difficult to know who to trust to not spin info in a negative manner.

  79. Dennis
    try not to worry. Corporate is is what corporate does. They manipulate poles.
    What matters is our ground game and the conditions on the ground. That is what we got to concentrate on. So GOTV and or Fight the smears.

  80. Dennis, I am sorry you were called names or suspected of being a troll. Unfortunately, ome people get very defensive when some potential negativity comes up. Hang in there and stick around. You are not the only one who has been criticized.

  81. Great mishmash, thanks BWD! I hope the First Family is having a restful and enjoyable weekend and I hope the same for this OAITR family.

    If anyone needs to feed their POTUS jones while BWD is taking some well-deserved time off, The Obama Diary has some great posts up with PBO pics and video clips, including some of PBO back in 1995 and 1998. They are awesome, and besides looking like a teenager, Barack Obama is the same man now that he was then.

    Have a great weekend everybody :-D!

  82. I completely agree. There had to be something very strange with the Gallup sampling. That being said strange numbers appear from time to time and we probably have no reason to be overly concerned.

    Poll after poll is showing that Americans want taxes raised on the rich. I’m thinking that this Gallup sample did not include enough days for the message to become clear. Obama is doing his best to change the course of this 30-year careening ship and it’s going to take time. With each public event, Obama will emphasize how dangerous Paul Ryan’s budget and the Republicans in general are to our American ideals. Give it some time to sink in.

    And other than the few, noisy nuts at dKos, many PL’ers were very, very supportive of Obama’s speech and Obama’s week in general. Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, even the nervous nellies at Stephanie Miller (Stephanie herself excluded) were thrilled.

    Remember something: if our base votes and enough ‘independents’ we don’t need to convince everyone else. And in a decade’s time when we’ve made strides to return America’s greatness, we will be on the path to returning to the progressive ideals that have made America great.

  83. Yep. He’s incredibly consistent. What strikes me the most is how this young man in his thirties could display so much wisdom.

  84. How is Gabby Giffords doing these days? Is she in any danger of losing her position in the House?

  85. Thanks for your reply, Faith and strong analysis. I’m fretful about polls more than I should be, mostly because they have the ability to create a narrative pushed by the media which voters then latch onto.

    The hope is that PBO’s strong drawing of a contrast between his vision for America and Ryan’s Ayn Rand Dystopia Nightmare vision WILL become clear to people over time, regardless of media spin.

  86. Wisconsin Recall efforts have enough to recall Sheila Harsdorf. They currently have 110% of the necessary signatures, but will not submit them but rather keep collecting with their goal of getting 125% to stand up to Republican challenges of signatures.

  87. Here is a pretty good breakdown of the districts and how they voted in the Prosser/Kloppenburg election from a member over at Swing State Project –

    District 2 (R. Cowles – R) – 57.9% Prosser
    District 4 (L. Taylor – D) – 73.4% Kloppenburg
    District 6 (S. Coggs – D) – 77.5% Kloppenburg
    District 8 (A. Darling – R) – 58.8% Prosser
    District 10 (S. Harsdorf – R) – 50.5% Prosser
    District 12 (J. Holperin – D) – 55.4% Prosser
    District 14 (L. Olsen – R) – 54.7% Prosser
    District 16 (M. Miller – D) – 69.8% Kloppenburg
    District 18 (R. Hopper – R) – 52.8% Prosser
    District 20 (G. Grothman – R) – 74.3% Prosser
    District 22 (R. Wirch – D) – 51.2% Kloppenburg
    District 24 (J. Lassa – D) – 54.9% Kloppenburg
    District 26 (F. Risser – D) – 82.4% Kloppenburg
    District 28 (M. Lazich – R) – 69.6% Prosser
    District 30 (D. Hansen – D) – 50.01% Kloppenburg
    District 32 (Dan Kapanke – R) – 57.7% Kloppenburg


  88. Okay and what’s really going on with Bradley Manning. Some people in my neck of the woods are still claiming he’s being “tortured” “treated detestably” and that Dennis Kucinich has supposedly been granted permission to see him.

  89. Thank you for that. It didn’t answer my main question where I wonder if her current seat is in danger of that whole 90 day rule? You know that thing in Arizona that says that if a Rep isn’t able to perform the duties of his or her office that a special election can be called.

  90. Hey Politicaljunkessa, I love your gravatar of the President with his two little girls when they were just wee babies. Our Prez looks a little different there, squatting on the edge of the water in his swimming trunks and sporting facial hair; nevertheless, he looks as handsome as ever. Was he in his mid 30s in that photo?

  91. Hey Dennis, I wrote about the same thing, for the same reason, and my name is Betsy, maybe they thought I was Becky, whoever she is. Don’t worry, BWD runs a tight ship and knows that you and I support the President.

  92. Hi newcenturywoman,

    Well Sasha is about 10 now and she was an infant there, and PBO will turn 50 this year, so I would think he was anywhere between 38 and 40?

    Lucky little girls :-)!

  93. I don’t think even the Az GOP would do that. I mean they have a strong House majority, so it’s not like they need to seat for the vote. Also I her constituent services are still being ran and other Az Dem Reps have taken over being the voice of her district in the House.

    If the GOP did make a move, I’d think there would be a huge backlash and either Gabby’s husband or top aide would run and win in a landslide.

  94. That story turned out to be completely and totally overblown. PJ Crowley, who called Manning’s treatment stupid and counterproductive, acknowledged that no rules are being broken, and Manning is definitively not being tortured. This story was hatched by Greenwald and Hamsher, with no retraction or correction to their torture allegations when information running counter to those allegations indisputably emerged.

    OT-everyone looking to have a say in theprogressweekly’s aesthetics; please feel free to browse fonts, and make suggestions about the ideal fonts to use: http://typekit.com/fonts

  95. This is the only recent thing I’ve found: http://www.truthout.org/my-experience-dealing-department-defense-regarding-pfc-manning-has-been-kafkaesque/1302764400

    Of course we’re being asked to accept Kucinich’s interpretation of the Constitution here. Apparently this new outrage is over the unwillingness of the military to allow private meetings with Manning.

    Here’s something that seems fairly clear-headed regarding why information about Manning’s treatment might not be forthcoming: http://liberaljag.blogspot.com/2011/03/bradley-manning.html

    I welcome input.

  96. Could you provide me with more specifics please?

    Regarding type fonts, I’m a fan of Times New Roman, but I don’t see it on the list. I like fonts with serif because they’re easier to read.

  97. Sure! Here’s a longer article. Crowley states that he stands by his remarks that Manning’s treatment is stupid and counterproductive, but it is simply not torture. That accusation was a fabrication which to my knowledge has never been retracted.

    PJ Crowley:
    Crowley was speaking at an event at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology when a student asked him why the U.S. is “torturing” Manning. Manning is currently detained at the Marine Corps base in Quantico, Va. on multiple charges, including aiding the enemy.

    In his op-ed today, Crowley flatly rejected the notion that Manning is being “tortured.”



    He goes on to say that he still doesn’t like Manning’s treatment, but for me, the article ended right there. For months, we have been hearing that Manning is being tortured, there are websites even set up to discuss nothing else, yet when the rubber met the road, the person in the WH who was probably the most sympathetic to this story “flatly rejected the notion that Manning is being ‘tortured.'”

    People still believe otherwise because those responsible for creating this story have done nothing to set the record straight.

  98. Kucinich is one of several people caught flat-footed by the purity swarm which created that story, a story which has turned out to be false. They have pivoted onto a new meme that Manning is being “bureaucratically tortured,” and Kucinich’s accusations of “kafka-esque” hurdles seems in line with that.

    Because at the end of the day, we were told that Manning is being tortured, yet that story has been flat-out contradicted by Crowley and Manning’s own father (who said he’s visited his son 8 or 9 times, that his son looks good and had no complaints).

  99. Reid Report with videos of Manning’s father’s interview:

    The Bradley Manning saga gets still more intriguing. Brian Manning, Bradley Manning’s father and himself a military veteran, has told PBS’ “Frontline” that he has visited his son “8 or 9 times” (we have previously been led to believe that Manning supporter David House and Manning’s lawyer David Coombs have been his only visitors) … and that from what he’s seen and heard from his son, the young Army private is “doing fine.” It’s a flat contradiction of the torture claims that have taken hold in the media and pro-Manning online community.

    The father read in a defense attorney filing that his son was possibly being sexually humiliated (another story which has been debunked as being overblown). So the father went to 60 Minutes to complain about that. The interviewer, who seems to have believed the Manning torture claims, prodded the father to say that Manning’s condition was poor, as you might expect with someone who’s being tortured. Well, Manning’s father replied that, no, his son is fine, his son looks good, and his son doesn’t even complain about his treatment, although the dad always asks how things are going in that capacity.

    His dad has no reason to lie. He doesn’t even think his son is guilty, because he doesn’t think that his son had access to all of the records which were leaked. There’s no way in the world that Manning is being tortured yet is doing well and looks the part.

    The story is an unretracted fabrication, and I’m so sad to read that people are still getting so caught up in it. A portion of the left is being converted into a group of people as misinformed and easily manipulated as FoxNews viewers, and it’s truly unfortunate that some of our media leadership would choose to do that.

    Thank God for pragmatic progressive blogs.

  100. In response to all you guys who replied to my comment about Janet Napalitano.

    First, I just ♥ all of you and I know that wasn’t a fair comment, just a cry from my heart about what we have endured here since she left us.

    Janet is a great woman, so intelligent. I worked her campaigns here. I know why she did what she did and why PBO wanted her in his cabinet.

    My comment was totally unfair and not right but we needed her in AZ. As soon as she was gone the crazies took over our State. They were always there but she stood against them so strong.

    Sorry, if I offended anyone and I still admire Janet Napolitano so much. She has an even harder job now and I’m sure she can stand strong but we miss her here in AZ.

  101. LOL. One of the front pagers, Hunter, on Daily KOS today TOTALLY plagiarizes Pres. Obama’s deficit speech. He writes about the pessimism of the Republican’s vision of the US. Does he mention Obama’s name once? Of course not!! It’s hilarious.

    His post today is what a little 5 year old girl would do — overhearing her mom’s conversation with someone else and then she goes to the playground and repeats as much as she can remember as her own little story. RFLMAO.

  102. Greetings Everyone

    Happy Sunday

    I found this video which I hope you will all share, Great – down to earth – explanation of the budget.

    I hope we can send this to folks once a week until it really sinks in.

    There is a protest in our community tomorrow targeting B of A for paying no taxes. I would encourage everyone to participate in these types of protests.

    You can find a local event by visiting the moveon.org website.

    If Congress and the President see us marching for higher taxes, it makes their job easier. It also gives a chance for Democrats to make the news instead of just the tea party.


  103. I’m just wondering if you know from which country this “news” organization hails from?

    Here’s a clue… It’s not the U.S.

  104. and I meant to inclose “organization” with quotation marks as well. Sorry, gotta go. Duty calls.

  105. I watched that interview just now and wow…I’m sorry but I think his father might think Bradley did exactly as he has been charged. He claims Bradley is innocent, but there’s a clear disconnect in his words and facial expressions. He does not come off as someone who is being honest, and I think the interviewer attempted to call him on that.

    The very fact that Bradley Manning joined the military against his own wishes makes him a prime candidate to do something harmful to the country. Not once did Mr. Manning categorically state that he thought his son was patriotic. He dodged the question twice.

    And I’m sorry, but for the interviewer to categorize isolation as somehow improper when we all know that many many non-military prisoners in this country endure those same conditions is misleading at best.

  106. Why do I have this visceral, knee jerk reaction to every single thing coming out of moveon.org? I’m actually starting to hate them.

  107. A question. Can anyone explain how I can add a photo above my initials?

    Hope all well with everyone on the board and that gallup has improved–FINGERS CROSSED (too superstitious to look! a quirk of mine I’m trying to conquer).

    Thanks for the tech help.

  108. I understand that at times MOveOn has criticized the President, however at times so has Rachel, who can still be supportive, and so has every news channel (even those who write a good article now and then).

    In our community there is no other group that is protesting text dodgers except this group so I will support them. I believe asking big companies to pay their fair share is a good idea, I agree with the concepts in the video but if you don’t want to share it with friends I respect your decision.

    My attitude is that there are the “right wing republicans” and then there is everybody else. All the interest groups need to work together, even groups we have been disappointed in before. The time for grudges is over. IMHO a protest in support of higher taxes for corporations supports President Obama’s position. Today MoveOn has an article on the front page which states “Obama Caught On Tape Being Awesome” so I recommend we visit the site. Next week the headline may not be supportive so I won’t recommend it.

    I guess what I have trouble with is the idea of “hating” or “turning our back” on a group that has the potential to help the president and support our principles because in the past they have been critical of the President. When we decide who to support by that standard, we may end up with a very limited group of partners.

  109. So true…remember when the press heard Schumer on a conference call telling his caucus to use the word extreme to descibe the Republicans? The MSM made a big deal about it because they thought Schumer had made a gaffe b/c he didn’t realize the press was on the line. But when asked about it Schumer didn’t seem to care, he just used the opportunity to call them extreme again…perhaps the Dems are playing the MSM with its gotcha games…

  110. There is US uncut http://www.usuncut.org/

    My dislike of moveon.org goes back to pre-Obama administration. I don’t like their tactics or their politics. They make a bad name for grassroots organizers.

  111. BWD – we can’t help ourselves – we just have to keep connecting! Its’ impossible to switch off Obama – he is our lifeline. We just need to know where he is and what he is doing.

  112. I am really annoyed with them especially this weekend – they planned a rally the day Passover starts – how dumb and disrespectful is that?

  113. I agree. They are all about drama and less about being results oriented. B of A, like most corporations, pays taxes that they are legally required to pay. It’s the tax code that is the issue. We ALL take advantage of legal tax breaks. Why should corporations volunteer to pay taxes that they aren’t required to? That’s just a dumb thing to protest.

    Sorry but that moveon.org video imho, is a little too snarky and cute. It’s meant to make fun of republican talking points and positions but I end up feeling talked down to while watching it.

  114. Thanks for all of your useful suggestions What is Working.

    About Move.On, they have the best intentions but are sometimes utterly tone-deaf to the mostly moderate sensibilities of the voting public. Their “General-Don’t-BETRAY-us” ad was a marketing disaster and let the media shift focus from an important debate to a trivial one.

  115. I am always delighted to see the joy and love in the expressions of those persons meeting the president.

    Yet the naysayers in the bias media would have us believe a large segment of the population hates this man.

  116. I don’t want to sound childish when I say they “do it too”, but they (liberal groups) do the same thing. I don’t expect them to always be on Obama’s side but I just wish these groups would target the right obstacle instead of the president who is, way more often than not, in agreement with them on the issues.

    In this instance the obstacle to getting these companies to pay their fair share is Congress.

  117. Hear Hear! Congress is the problem. Take a page out of OFA’s book and rally people around changing the laws. The tax laws need to be simplified…get rid of the loopholes. Now if MoveOn were to make a really clever ad that dealt with the loopholes that need to be eliminated, maybe then I’d be encouraged. They just don’t know how to effectively advocate for positive change. Total amateurs.

  118. Thursday, April 14, 2011
    U.S. Department of Transportation Gives Over $2 Million to Help States Improve Pipeline Safety and Prevent DamageWASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) today announced $2.010 million in grants for 24 states to improve pipeline safety. The grants will help states establish or improve underground pipeline damage prevention programs.

    “Accidents caused by digging are 100 percent preventable,” said Secretary LaHood. “These grants will help states save lives and prevent damage to pipelines by creating or improving existing state safety programs.”

    The Department is providing grants to projects that involve the key elements of effective pipeline damage prevention programs, including increased communication between pipeline operators and stakeholders, the use of technology in locating pipelines, and partnerships in employee training and public education.

    On April 4, 2011, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood launched a national pipeline safety initiative to repair and replace aging pipelines to prevent potentially catastrophic incidents. Secretary LaHood called upon U.S. pipeline owners and operators to conduct a comprehensive review of their oil and gas pipelines to identify areas of high risk and accelerate critical repair and replacement work.

    Secretary LaHood also announced support for federal legislation aimed at strengthening oversight on pipeline safety, as well as plans to convene a Pipeline Safety Forum on April 18th in Washington, DC, to gather state officials, industry leaders, and other pipeline safety stakeholders in order to discuss steps for improving the safety and efficiency of the nation’s pipeline infrastructure.

    “These grants will help states minimize risks and enforce State laws dealing with damage prevention,” said PHMSA Administrator Cynthia Quarterman.

    The State Damage Prevention (SDP) grants were established by the Pipeline Inspection, Protection, Enforcement, and Safety (PIPES) Act of 2006. The award recipients are:


  119. Monday, April 11, 2011
    U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces More Than $319 Million as Repayment for Repairs to Damaged Roads and Bridges Emergency Relief Funds Will Help StatesWASHINGTON, DC – The U.S Department of Transportation will provide more than $319 million to states across the nation to cover the costs of repairing roads and bridges damaged by a variety of natural disasters, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced today.

    “Restoring vital transportation links requires immediate attention so people can get back to their daily routines and activities,” said Secretary LaHood. “We stand ready to provide the financial backing so states can make repairs quickly and without hesitation.”

    The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will provide a total of $319,710,818 from its emergency relief program to 28 states, Puerto Rico and American Samoa to reimburse them for damages caused by storms, flooding, hurricanes and other natural events.

    “Restoring roads and bridges is critical after a natural disaster or catastrophic event,” said FHWA Administrator Mendez. “We want states to know that we will reimburse them for work that is necessary to get roads and bridges back in service again after an emergency.”

    Among states receiving funding, Tennessee will receive $39 million for storms and flooding, North Dakota will receive $33.5 million for flooding in the Devil’s Lake region and Rhode Island will receive $26 million for flooding.

    The money will reimburse states for fixing or replacing highways, bridges and other roadway structures such as traffic signs, guardrails and lighting. Costs associated with detours, debris removal and other immediate measures necessary to restore traffic flow in impacted areas are also eligible.

    The FHWA’s emergency relief program reimburses states for the repair or reconstruction of federal-aid highways that were damaged in disasters and catastrophic failures.

    FY 2011 Emergency Relief Funding


  120. I would be careful who this is leaked by? Remember the leadup to the afghan surge? How the penatagon lied to the President, and he only found out after he made the decision, to send in lore troops. He knows, that the Peantagon has its own politics.
    Not to worry.

  121. No. Her “agitation” is all about destroying President Obama, real issues be damned.

  122. I’m really ignorant about this because I wasn’t paying attention. I reread this article, and maybe I missed something but I didn’t get a sense that something had been leaked. But you’re right, the Pentagon has its own agenda; I just have no clue why they would want to extend the time when troop withdrawals would occur. Is this a budget thing? They don’t want the gravy train to stop?

  123. The Prez is at 44% in today’s Gallup. Up 3! Don’t let polls distress you 18 months out from an election 🙂

  124. Also thinks that Atlanta Ga is Birmingham Alabama by looking at the linked to map 😉

  125. I heard Michelle O say Malia was going to be a teenager this year so she must be 12 almost 13 now. I think she was 10 in ’08.

  126. I read on a blog earlier that at the regular election time which would be in ’12 she would most likely lose her seat due to her incapacity to do her job. The unlikeliness of holding a special election prior to the regular election came into play when someone in the AZ State government made a comment about replacing her soon after the shooting and was overwhelmingly criticized and stopped in his tracks.

  127. Well, I’m not afraid (pulls out my Obama regalia). They may be able to bully 1 or 2 of us, but they can’t bully us all.

    The question is, who is they? This is the question which seems to divide our nation.

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