Saturday Open Mishmash

Hi Guys,

I may not be around much until Monday, but here’s a new playground. Have a great weekend!


94 thoughts on “Saturday Open Mishmash

  1. Have a nice weekend BWD and everyone else.

    What a fantastic week it has been. 馃檪

  2. 路oooO路.路.路.路.路.路.路.
    路.路Rock Wuz Here.路.

    FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!! 馃榾

  3. Just a reminder to people whose eyes can’t take the beautiful color scheme here: you can change this from your browser.

    Internet Explorer: Go to tools, internet options, accessibility, and check ignore colors specified on web pages

    Firefox: Go to tools, options, colors, and uncheck the box which allows webpages to choose their own colors

    This changes the colors for every web page which you visit, so it might be a good idea to dedicate one type of browser to viewing bwd, and another browser for other sites.

  4. Good morning everyone! BWD, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Thank you GN for that information. I love this color but I do know some people have a problem with it.

    Late last night on the last thread I posted that I got my Obama/Biden Tshirt. I thought that was a pretty fast response. I can’t wait to wear it!

    It has been a pretty exciting week. I also hope our President gets some well deserved rest. And everyone here have a great day.

  5. Can you, or anyone, remind me how to change my avatar? I can’t even remember what I did to get this one, and it’s time to change from winter WH scene.

  6. Hi dotster, you have to change it from your wordpress account. Go to “edit my profile” and you’ll find directions for changing the gravatar. I do love that picture though.

  7. Good Morning BWD and OAITR Family. Our president had a pretty good week and I hope he’s able to recharge and spend quality time with FLOTUS and family. Bless you all!

  8. Good morning all from rainy Chicagoland. BWD, if anybody deserves a break, it is you. Hopefully it is for restful reasons.

    It has been an eventful week, and I think it will continue to be. It is obvious that Obama is in campaign mode and the Republicans are all running scared.

    I just want to thank everyone here for your insight and calm discussions of the events. I have some special shout outs I want to make.

    To GN, who I feel is someone who has the ability to lower my blood pressure better than anyone else.

    To SR for making sure we don’t forget the pitfalls out there.

    To Sheila for representing the far left (not meant disparagingly) in a calm realistic manner. As well as keeping me in touch with my Wisconsin roots.

    To jovie, who brings so many news items that would otherwise be missed.

    To WiW for all the work being done to collate information and provide us with special videos and links.

    To Tigerfists for all the tweets.

    To liberal librarian for some keen insights on the dark side that he sees in his job.

    To all those, like eclectablog and TiMT, who take time away from their own endeavors to contribute significant info here.

    I am not fully awake, so I am missing a ton of regular contributors who, when I see they have made a comment I make sure to read them. This is a growing space, but it has become something special.

    Thanks to all of you for enlightening me, giving encouragement and optimism when I start feeling a little despair, for providing humor when needed.

    This particular thread should be interesting as they usually are when BWD is gone for a while. She has drawn to this site people who have passion, intelligence, a real demand to know and spread the truth.

    I don’t know how often I will be dropping by this weekend, but even if you don’t see a comment from me, I will definitely be doing some hit and run reading.

  9. I ditto everything japa21 said. The people here have taught me so much. I am more of a listener than a contributor. So all that everyone brings to this great site it so appreciated by me.

  10. mtmarilyn, you do contribute, and everytime I look at your gravatar, I kick myself for never getting to that beautiful part of the conutry.

  11. Potentially very good news out of Iowa – Christie Vilsack looks like she is going to challenge the odious Steve King for his House seat.

    A lot will depend on the new redistricting maps, but regardless if what comes out it will become less red for King, and he’ll have a lot of new area that he has never “represented” before and some Republicans there might view him as too extreme.

  12. Good Morning Everyone

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We have kids coming to visit which is always fun.

    As part of my continuing series “being pesty for the President” – I have added 2 more video clips from the Budget speech.

    We need to get video of the President in front of as many folks as possible. His words make sense and his sincerity shows with every sentence.

    I have a web page that links to the first 3 clips and will eventually contain links to all 18 videos so bookmark the page.

    I really want to EMPHASIZE or PESTER the bloggers in our group to use these videos in your posting. Video from the white house is fair use can can be duplicated, I love sharing these clips and do not expect any credit for it – so embed these tidbits into your blog posts, facebook page or comments at a web site.

    A quote of the president’s words is a god thing (and is included with the video at my blog), but a video of the President saying those words is so much more effective.

    When you view a video there is a YOuTube icon in the lower right corner, when you click on that icon you are taken to YouTube where the video lives. There is a link below the video titled “Share” there you will information on the address (or URL) for the video, and icons to email the video or share it on facebook. If anyone is confused post here and we will help.

  13. Odious does not begin to describe King, he is far worse than that. It is one thing for somebody like a King or Bachmann to be elected one time, but multiple times definitely says something about the electorate in those areas.

  14. Patty Murray might have scored another top recruit – this time for the Texas open senate seat –

    WASHINGTON — Democrats appear to have recruited retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez to run for the U.S. Senate in Texas, setting the stage for a potentially competitive race in 2012 for the seat of retiring Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

    Former Texas Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes confirmed that Washington Sen. Patty Murray, the head of the Democratic Senate campaign committee, was referring to Sanchez Thursday when she said that Democrats were very close to announcing a candidate in Texas.

    Sanchez, reached by phone at his San Antonio home, said, “I can neither confirm nor deny.”

    While Sanchez, the former top military commander in Iraq who was forced out by the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, wouldn’t speak about the Senate race, he did discuss his career and political philosophy.

    “I would describe myself as during my military career as supporting the president and the Constitution,” Sanchez said. “After the military, I decided that socially, I’m a progressive, a fiscal conservative and a strong supporter, obviously, of national defense.”

    Sanchez, a Rio Grande City, Texas, native, said that he was shaped by his upbringing.

    See the link for more –

    Now this guy does come with some serious warts that will have our side up in arms – his military career ended due to the Abu Ghraib scandal and fallout, though he was cleared by the Army and insists he never knew about it. However to attack this in Texas would be attacking George W. Bush, so Republicans would have to walk a fine line. It seems like the deck will be cleared for him, so only outside progressive groups might attack hard on this issue.

    San Antonio mayor Julian Castro is a definite rising star (often called the Dem’s own Marco Rubio), but he’s only 36 years old and I think he’s smartly looking at the Governor’s Mansion as his next political step.

  15. Virginia Foxx is another one, and the Dems had a really good guy running against her last time in Billy Kennedy, but her district is ruby red and she won with 65%.

  16. gn,
    Thank you so much! I love this site but the dark background is very difficult on my eyes. Do you know how to fix it for Google Chrome? I looked on the Tools options and couldn’t find where to change the background web color.

  17. I love it!!! Pres. Obama clearly won this week. I love it. Go Dems, Go Obama 2012

  18. The Dems seem to be really gearing up for next year, throwing some high profile people out there. I don’t mind a true fiscal conservative, one who believes that in addition to spending cuts you need to raise taxes. Taking the TX seat would be a major coup and it would be a situation where Sanchez’s coatails could extend to Obama.

  19. Great – thank you!! A good way to start the weekend with Pres Obama’s Saturday address – reinforcing his deficit message.

  20. Hey japa, thanks for the shoutout! I’m testing out new themes for our draft newsletter blog, so this project is humming along and nearing a stage at which I’m going to put up a draft edition, and then ask people to make a ton of edits and suggestions. How do you like this look (one option of several)

  21. Big kudos to president Obama and Harry Reid for accomplishing so much for we the people again, and for keeping our American values secure. I appreciate their hard work very much.

    Now lets see if others will. My gut feeling is the same old people that went out and voted us into this mess in the 2010 midterms are gonna be selfish and will continue to stand with the GOP. They will support this disgraceful Paul Ryan, cut medicare give fat cats tax break budget bill. They have already proven themselves to be very selfish and I believe they will not consider or care how this will affect people like myself in the future. I don’t know what the Republican party put in those particular folks milk but no matter how sour it gets, they continue to love them.

    Imagine if the Dems had passed such a disgraceful bill when they controlled the house. *sigh* *disclaimer obviously I am not talking about ALL seniors. And certainly not the fierce ones that post here…..especially not overseasgranny and others who I adore so much. 馃榾

  22. Thanks for looking and commenting. Although I’m putting together the first (draft) edition to speed things along, I really hope that this is a group effort with people feeling free to contribute as little or as much to it as they please. Everyone knows people who don’t really like the news and choose to not watch it every day, if at all, and don’t want to hear about the right wing or the small loud group of irate lefties, etc. Hopefully this is one product of many which can appeal to those people who wouldn’t mind a weekly feature.

  23. TiMT – Yes, a great week to be a Democrat! (Well, that would be every week.)

    And enjoy your weekend, BWD. We’ll be good on the playground. 馃檪

  24. GN, that looks great! I am so impressed and grateful for all the work you guys are doing. It is going to be a wonderful contribution.

  25. Thank you japa21. I do love where I live. Every morning when I look out my window, I give praise for what we live. We are blessed.

    I know I keep saying it but this community has given me so much strength and joy!

    Now off to a busy day!

  26. Interesting article. However, I’m puzzled about a couple of their comments. And why don’t they talk about the changes in the payroll taxes ??? It makes me QUESTION the validity of their analysis. They say some low-income people will pay MORE taxes ???

  27. How would we get things to you to put in the magazine? Are you the only one currently wioth access to actually post something

  28. I don’t know if I’m too thin-skinned when it comes to President Obama, tigerfists, but this interview irritated me. Am I the only one who doesn’t really understand what Mr. Chase wants to say ? What is the thing that President Obama doesn’t understand because “he’s young” ?

    Oh … and I hope Mr. Chase has NOTICED that this president has made the large investment EVER in clean and renewable energy and that he’s talking about this subject ALL THE TIME. I hope Mr. Chase has noticed that the administration has raised the fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks. I hope Mr. Chase has noticed that the administration is promoting high-speed rail.

    And this while dealing with multiple foreign policy crisis and an economy in free fall.


  29. I just added you as an author if you want to put up some test links; everyone involved in this project who wants to get added please go to theprogressweekly and make a comment.

  30. amk, you and all the others that give us a perspective from around the world are some of those I forgot. It is always important to know how we are viewed by those outside our borders, and I thank you and all the others that bring that perspective to this site.

  31. Murray has indicated they’re going to challenge six current GOP held seats in 2012 –
    Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Indiana, Massachusetts and Maine.

    Nevada has Rep. Shelley Berkley declared and the DSCC and Reid Machine backing, hoping for Gabby Giffords in Az, and now Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez in Texas. Looks like it will be Rep. Donnelly who’s district is being gerrymandered to make it more red. He wouldn’t have a chance against Luger, but Luger is looking like he could get teabagged out in a primary. I haven’t heard any names in Maine yet, but again they’d only have a chance if Snowe is teabagged out and doesn’t run as an indie.

    Massachusetts is an interesting case. Here’s why we can’t get any Dems to declare – Sen. Kerry is expected to get a cabinet gig in PBO’s second term, meaning his seat will be opened to a special election. And unlike running in November where the Reps would have to give up their House seat to challenge a pretty popular and well funded Scott Brown, they could keep their seat while running in a special election and not face Scott Brown.

    So it looks like Murray will have to find somebody outside of Congress. Alan Khazei and Setti Warren are the most rumored though I don’t think Warren would have much of a chance, Khazei could be interesting as he’d offer something completely different.

  32. I’m so impressed with what you’ve done so quickly! Great format and execution. This should be fun.

  33. Thanks Marilyn; I’m going to add you as an author as well, because you previously stated that you want to be involved. You can try out the site, put up some test posts, etc. Do you have a wordpress account, and can you comment at the site so that I can add you?

    I have to get a typekit account after which we can start to talk more about design and aesthetics; I prefer less aggressive typeface but I’m open to the group’s decision.

  34. Hey, that’s the least I, as an obamabot, can do. 馃檪

    I am now in Kenya on business. While I was whiling away the interminable wait at the airport for a local flight, I was browsing bwd’s site. Curious folks around me caught my eyes and the smiles began. Got to talking with them and I was telling them about the birther amurikkans feeling about that “Kenyan muslin” at WH and there was a burst of laughter. These folks are damn proud of PBO and are thankfully unaware of the vitriol he faces day in and day out.

  35. That’s such a great history lesson on how we got into this mess. I’m totally downloading that clip to my hard drive for later use. Thanks, girlfriend.

  36. The only person I see with a chance against Scott Brown is one of the Kennedys, but he already said he won’t run for office.He was like 5 points within Scott Brown.

  37. wordpress really couldn’t make things any easier, and that’s just a quick draft and shell for people to come in and start creating this project. Thank you so much for your suggestions.

  38. To some degree I love the TPers simply because they basically gave us Nevada and Delaware and possibly Colorado last year. I have a hunch if Snowe faces a serious TP challenge she may do a Spector and at least go independent and probably caucus with the Dems.
    I have heard there may be a serious TP challenge to Luger, which would normally be a shame, but he has played to the right too much.
    Like you say, Massachusetts might be interesting. I wonder if there is a chance anybody would try to TP Brown as he has made some TPers pretty angry.
    If Giffords is capable, that would be nice, but I have heard that her recovery is not all that great.

  39. Brown is polling high, but I believe it’s a mile wide and an inch deep. He wasn’t really challenged last year, it was all about Coakley and his voting record in the Mass. State congress wasn’t much of an issue – it was an election of personalities.

    He’s voted party line when McConnell demanded it, meaning he’s really no different than electing DeMint or Coburn in Mass.

    But he is a likable guy, and will have a lot of money. Murray might need to find somebody who could self-fund. And nobody say Ben Affleck.

  40. I love the color scheme here, though I understand that some people’s eyes might have some difficulty. Fortunately, mine don’t.

  41. And you just made me think of something: another feature which I’m going to add at some point today or tomorrow is a discussion space which will only be visible to authors so that we can discuss each week’s edition amongst ourselves, compile links, have editorial discussions, etc.

  42. I really don’t expect Giffords to be able to run. There will just be too many real questions around her injury. I just hope there is a Plan B and that it isn’t Rodney Glassman. I can’t believe Murray would challenge in Az with Glassman as her candidate.

  43. Just came across this quote from Ike that pretty well sums up PBO’s argument against ryan’s budget proposa

    “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”
    ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Have a great weekend, all!

  44. luger was a big disappointment for me. He towed the party line on all critical issues since 2008. A pathetic boneless wonder.

  45. Well, japa, we should all thank you for your incredibly-intelligent and reasonable comments which are always informative and a pleasure to read. I have difficulty relaxing into the blogosphere as a social network — the one in the outer world presents more than enough challenges for me — but everyone here contributes to a positive and civil atmosphere and I think all of us are greatly appreciative of that and blackwaterdog who makes it possible. And yes, I am far left, but I never expected my government to be so, especially since the populace is not. What is being done now by our President is absolutely the best I’ve seen in my lifetime (can’t say the same for Congress, however), and I still have hopes that we will all evolve to want peaceful, fulfilling lives for everyone on the globe.

  46. gn, I think it looks good too, though I found the light backgrounds a bit dazzling to my eyes, perhaps because I just came from here and it was such a change?

  47. I agree and thank all of you too. This blog has been a real blessing and I love reading all that everyone contributes to the discussion. Such intelligent and wonderful people here and that includes you, japa.

  48. Mubarak’s former ruling party dissolved by court.

    “An Egyptian court has ordered that the former ruling party of ousted President Hosni Mubarak should be dissolved.

    All assets of the National Democratic Party will be seized and handed to the government, the supreme administrative court ruled.

    Mr Mubarak is under detention in hospital awaiting questioning on corruption allegations.

    His two sons and a growing number of ministers and officials from his ruling era are also facing investigation.”

  49. Kelly, some are beginning to think differently. The policemen and firemen’s unions in Wisconsin endorsed Walker and they have turned against him now, as have many other voters who voted for him in November. Why do the voters need a crisis of such proportions to begin to know what these people are about?

  50. An apropos quote for today, indeed. And it pretty much sums up today’s republican party values – preserve the privileges of the rich at whatever cost to their principles.

    Hope you have a great weekend too, coachjdc. And everyone else here as well.

  51. In my day-to-day quest to push back against the far left, I found this link that shows exactly who voted in the Senate to prevent the shutdown of Gitmo. 90-6 they voted.

    Don’t tell me the President didn’t keep his promise. For one thing, we can only say promises weren’t kept AFTER he leaves office. This is simply a promise he hasn’t kept YET.

    Got me a hard fact/truth from that list of Senators…both of mine voted to keep Gitmo open. I can now ask any potential volunteer I encounter who is on a high horse about Gitmo if they called the offices of Senators Murray and Cantwell on May 20th, 2009 to ask them to vote against this amendment?

  52. So you think we should go for a more intermediate color? What does everyone think of the gray (I just switched the color)?

  53. Talking of TX loonies, whatever happened to the presidential ambitions of their good hair govnor ? Is he going to be sprung as the manchurian candidate in the last minute by rnc ?

  54. My two Democratic Senators were 1 yea and 1 nay. I’m proud that at least one of my senators was among the 6 who supported the President. It amazes me that people insist on blaming the President for Gitmo not closing when the facts show so clearly that it was congress that blocked it against the President’s desires. It is a clear red flag that you are dealing with someone who is adverse to reality when it comes to President Obama if they chastise him for Gitmo still being open. Anyone who states that is not worth arguing with because they are so deranged in their opposition that facts don’t matter to them.

  55. There is so much press about how many more Democratic seats are up for re-election in 2012 than Republican held seats. It is nice to see that the Democrats are not only going to fight to retain their current seats but are looking to really challenge some of those Republican seats with strong challengers. This is what we need to do every time.

  56. I want to return to and look at it after I’ve been away from here for a while, as I think the change from black to white/grey is a little startling. I love the way Clinton’s and Biden’s hair rhymes with the white background, however. And I certainly have no problem reading anything as it is now. I like the simplicity of the layout.

  57. Sounds great; I’m going to change it back to the blue for now, but this is a really dynamic little project, and any and all little ideas like this are welcome; I’ll try them all out to help us settle on a final look. Off to set up a typekit account so that we can play around with fonts.

  58. That whole teabaggers using the primary bludgeon to oust moderate Republicans is starting to wear thin I think. The Tea Party doesn’t even really exist right now, if it ever did. They can’t muster much of anyone to a rally or a convention right now; they have no leadership and no fund-raising body. They’re just a bunch of rabble who can’t spell and whose popularity is circling the bowl. I sincerely doubt they could mount a genuine primary challenge much of anywhere. I

    I think they suffer from the same over-inflated sense of importance as our radical self-styled base. They also suffer from the same lack of electable candidates with which to mount a primary. It still costs money to win a primary and I think that Corporate America has come to realize that the Tea Party has lost its value for anything other than ‘energizing’ the base. I think that having a bunch of unruly radicals in the House is more trouble than its worth.

  59. I very much like the message contained in that quote, but then I love the President’s position! 馃檪

  60. To me too. Except for his appeals for START, he has followed the party line 100 percent of the time.

    The only generous explanation I can find is that he wants to keep his seat ( has to pander to tea-partiers) in order to eventually rebuild the party.

    But he’s probably a believer in supply-side economics. That MYTH seems to have nine lives like a cat.

  61. I am in Ma. Mike Capuano could give Brown a decent fight, but Brown is well liked here.

  62. The issue is Capuano would have to give up his House seat to challenge Brown, or he could win re-election for his House in November and then run in the special election for Sen Kerry’s seat when he is nominated and confirmed as the next Secretary of State.

    If Dems want better candidates to challenge Brown, they need to make it clear that the Brown challenger gets the special election spot should they lose to Brown. This would both motivate top candidates to get in, and motivate the Dem primary losers to work hard against Brown, so they could have another shot for the Kerry seat in the Special Election that would happen not six months later.

  63. White House Situation Room had major upgrades/expansion under Bush and is state of the art.

    The living quarters and the oval office are probably old though, like any 200 yr old house that was last gutted during the Truman Administration.

  64. Why do they need a crisis of this disproportion to think differently?

    I myself have wondered about that and when I try to combat GOP lies with factual information I get the equality of lying argument. So many that listen to Limbaugh, Fox etc believe that both sides lie equally so my info is no better than theirs. They just dismiss it as Far Left lies. I think that is why when the actions motives become undeniable they finally get it, if they don’t forget it.
    I am so sorry that the census redistricting timing came just when the GOP took over in the midterm elections. Now they get to redraw the lines with the GOP mainly being in control in most states.

  65. This vote of the chicken Dem Senators after the GOP made everyone scared to have those horrible terrorists tried in the USA. The meme gathered credence with the MSM and the Dems did not fight back on it and feared not being re-elected if they voted against it.

    The sad part is those same Senators have been on the Progressive tv and radio shows slamming PBO for not shutting down GITMO. The hosts do not hold them accountable but go along with their complaint.

  66. Wish the White House had the same situation room as in The West Wing tv series!

  67. I still can鈥檛 understand these republicans in Wisconsin. The other day I was having lunch with my friend who is a republican and with lots of money. The only reason she is working is to get health care. UW system provides an excellent health care coverage. We were paying only $60 a month but once Walker鈥檚 budget get through it will go up to $250 per month. She thinks it is not such a big deal. I pointed out even though it is not much for us, for janitors, secretaries etc. it is about 15% of their pay. Most of them have to get a second job to survive. Then she was ranting about these people collecting unemployed insurance. It seems one of her students refused to take a job because it pays less than unemployed insurance. I tried to make her understand as a full time student that may be the best choice for the student because it gives the student more time to study and be successful in college, but noo. The amazing part of the whole conversation was about the budget that passed gutting Medicare. She think it is horrible that she will not be in Medicare and but she is not worried since it will never get through because democrats wouldn鈥檛 allow it. But will she ever vote for a democrat answer is NO. What is wrong with these people?

  68. Thank you Tien Le for sharing this information. What is really amazing is that, for the most part, criticism of President Obama is based on lies. I was angry with my senators for voting for this Amendment, but I did practically nothing to let them know. Thinking back, I am ashamed at my inaction. Nevertheless, it is both unfair and deceptive, for the so called progressives, to exclusively blame the failure to close Guantanamo on President Obama .

  69. Actually I did tell one potential volunteer who was swooning about Sanders that I questioned Sanders’ sincerity after learning about his vote on this matter. He didn’t have an answer for that.

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