“The withdrawal from Afghanistan will be significant…I still think we should close Gitmo” (UPDATED)

Excellent clips from the president’s interview with AP:


ETA the best clip of all 🙂


74 thoughts on ““The withdrawal from Afghanistan will be significant…I still think we should close Gitmo” (UPDATED)

  1. This is great. Thanks for the wonderful clips.
    BWD you are the greatest. Today I shared this website with a dear friend who is one of those wonderful people fighting the battle for all of us here in my home state. She has been really feeling depressed and the stress of work is getting to her. She said there is very little good news out there. I told her she has to start reading this wonderful site. All you wonderful people here have restored my faith in people and I am uplifted everytime I come here.

  2. Wow! I don’t want to hear another peep of criticism about the president’s position on Gitmo and terrorist trials from anybody on the left. This is a clear and compelling statement of his views on the matter and anybody who chooses not to understand is being willfully obtuse. I also like the fact that he is very clear that our troop commitment in Afghanistan will end and the process of withdrawal will being soon. He does not believe in endless war and this is what people need to hear.

    I love the clip about his re-election. He isn’t getting into the weeds of election strategy or even talking about opponents, he’s framing the whole issue in terms of his role as president and his overriding concern for working Americans. This puts him in a commanding position, while still making him very human. It’s a real masterstroke made all the more powerful because he’s sincere about it.

  3. What I didn’t add is that she works in politics. Something I could never do.

  4. I second that mtmarilyn. Thank you so very much BWD for All that you do to make this an informative place to be daily. You also have kept this site with a very focused eye for details, and making sure that we all respect each other here. This is a wonderful space to come to for me. Thank you, BWD.

  5. The article by Jonathan Alter is excellent. I have always enjoyed his articles as well as his book on the President. I hope that Mr. Alter is writing another fine one. Thank you, Jovie for the post here.

  6. Thank you BWD, once again!

    And, with what the House Republicans did today, I assure, in my entire lifetime, Americans will never face a starker choice than the one they will have in front of them on Election Day 2012.

    The only imaginable similarly stark choice, in my lifetime, would have been had RFK Jr not been assassinated and run against Nixon.

  7. … and I smiled when President Obama said during the interview that he’s more worried at this point in the election cycle about doing his “day job.” That’s the only thing I don’t worry about! We know he has his day job covered beautifully.

  8. I love this site – I don’t remember who turned me onto it but it always make me smile and feel part of a shared community – the Obama community!

  9. Oh, I like that — being part of the Obama community:) This is the first blog I’ve ever called home. My boyfriend’s on board (he’s a Dem), and last weekend, I showed my best friend (he’s a Republican)around. You never know what can happen when people hear/read some facts.

    Thanks blackwaterdog for making this a wonderful place. President Obama is The Man!

  10. The MSM is surely milking that outlier gallup poll. I’m confident in PBO. He has done so much. Thanks for posting these clips, BWD.

  11. In that vein, here’s a wonderful tweet: steveweinstein Next week is Good Friday. Today is Kill Medicare Friday. (Appropriate since Jesus hated health care. & old people.) #SeeYouInChurchPaulRyan

  12. My wife just called me from her studio. She listens to NPR as she paints.

    David Brooks was on and said he thought President Obama’s speech on Wed was outstanding and he was going to sleep now because he knows President Obama is going to be re-elected in 2012 and that’s that 🙂

  13. This is so funny on the GOP’s vote to move the retirement age to 70 for SS:

    “Panic ensued. In the House, legislation passes by a simple majority of members voting. The Dems took themselves out of the equation, leaving Republicans to decide whether the House should adopt the more-conservative RSC budget instead of the one authored by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan. As Dems flipped to present, Republicans realized that a majority of their members had indeed gone on the record in support of the RSC plan — and if the vote closed, it would pass. That would be a slap in the face to Ryan, and a politically toxic outcome for the Republican party.”…more


  14. Let’s hope that this story about Congressman Allen West of Florida and his vote to end Medicate as we know it is the first of many. The die is cast.


    Somebody had better explain to Allen West how many senior citizens are in his district. He represents Palm Beach and the retirement mecca Boca Raton. And he voted on Friday to end Medicare. Meanwhile, the guy who wants his seat is raising a ton of cash.
    From the in-box, the DCCC previews the shape of things to come for Republicans who voted to privatize Medicare and replace it with coupons:


  15. More recovery! I just read that my newly adopted state of Massachusetts now has “only” 8% unemployment. And last fall the people voted to be taxed MORE money in support of their education system, one of the best in the country. In addition, MA Gov. Deval Patrick and former-Gov. Jim Doyle (from my former state of WI) have joined forces to get out front on supporting the health care reforms. It’s great to see Dems coming out in support of President Obama’s agenda.

  16. I’m watching Prez-O replayed on C-Span now…He’s speaking in Chicago at a Rahm event from yesterday…BHO just said…”I wasn’t born here{in Chicago}…”.[Brought down the house.]
    “But I became a man here”.

  17. Please consider sending Minority Leader (Speaker) Pelosi some love because I know you are all going to love the following from her floor speech today:

    “Here we are. Yesterday we observed the 100th day of the Republican majority in Congress. In that 100 days, not one job has been created, not one job agenda is in the works. And what are we doing? We are here to abolish Medicare instead.


    I have heard our colleagues say that the budget deficit is immoral. It’s been immoral for the 8 years of the Bush Administration. I didn’t hear anybody say ‘boo’ while we were giving tax cuts to the rich, having two wars unpaid for, and giving a prescription drug bill to the private sector. Democrats are committed to reducing the deficit. We have demonstrated that we can during the Clinton Administration, and we will. We are committed to strengthening the middle class, to growing our economy, to reduce the deficit and to creating jobs. The Republican budget fails to do that and the Republican budget will not have Democratic support. We are here as one of the previous speakers said: ‘Now is the time.’ Now is the time to preserve Medicare, and Democrats will.”

    Full text here:


  18. I saw that too, and wondered who they polled? It seems so at odds with what I’ve been seeing in the clips, etc.

  19. Just realized there was a new thread

    Greetings Everyone

    Have been busy or I would have joined in the discussion more. the budget speech was just so impressive I decided to cut it up into sound bytes and encourage everyone here to spread the clips around.

    I have made 18 clips of his speech, each segment is just so good, it is amazing. Each day for the next 18 days I will post a new video clip and will also link to a web page that has the transcript of that part of the speech.

    We need to get him in front of folks, to see him talk, to listen to his words is to decide to support him. Since MSM only plays 1 minute of the 45 minute speech and then moves on to more news the next day, we need to keep his message in front of everyone we know. The URL for his speech needs to be in comment sections of CBS, ABC, NBC,etc. Facebook, tweet, and email.

    If after 18 days, he hasn’t made another amazing speech, then we will do it again.

    So …. Clip #1
    We Are All Connected – This makes Us a Great Country

    When you view the video there is a YouTube icon in the lower right corner, you can click on that and be taken to the YouTube location. You can copy and paste that location into a wordpress blog, email, etc.

    I also have instructions for copying the video on the web page that holds the video clip and the transcript.

  20. Maybe but he flips back and forth. Do you remember him being so exuberant after PBO’s 2004 Democratic Convention speech and then, PBO fell out of favor with him ah gain.

  21. It’s what he’s always said and it didn’t stop the whiners from blaming the actions of Congress on him before and I’m sure they will do so again. The truth isn’t important. What this interview will do though is help those who don’t pay as much attention to hear once again what the president thinks about these issues from his own mouth. That helps cement that in their minds so when they hear the complainers bleating about “betrayal!” they will be more apt to resist their spin because it won’t match up to what they themselves have heard.

  22. What is Working, “Tha one” is my president and no one can take that away from me!AND thanks for all that you do for “that one”!

  23. I’m so glad Nancy made them vote it down themselves and be on the record about how they voted. Either way can be used against individual members in the upcoming campaign. If they voted yes to raise the retirement age that will lose them a ton of senior and general election support and if the voted no it will lose them tea party primary votes. Either way they just got played into having to face consequences for their silly game playing with legislation and hopefully it will make them think twice before putting up any more of their stupid, time wasting, show votes to appease the far right crazies.

  24. Cornhuckster and Twavis need to get a room.

    These guys are a joke always have been always will be. You can see the jealousy they have of president obama.

  25. Oh, of course.

    David’s flipped and flopped more times than I can remember. But, he seems genuinely aware that with the class of extremists currently driving the Republican party into ultra-right wing ideology you could be to ‘right’ of a Nixon or a Bush I and still be considered a moderate Republican.

    Ryan et al., didn’t just open the Overton window of anti-government fanaticism, they bloody well blew it out of the wall.

  26. Just fantastic that you are doing this, WIW.
    Very grateful. I do hope you are sharing this info directly with Eclectablog and sending it to OFA.
    Thank you.

  27. I absolutely adore Nancy. It’s so frustrating that the GOP has made her such a caricature that her approval numbers are low nationally, so she can’t be used too much as a spokesperson in national electoral campaigns. This is an outrage. She’s such a fierce advocate for justice and for the well being of ordinary americans.

  28. Thank you,these will be helpful. Also, thank you for your piece on Bill Crosby and what he is doing in New Haven – I will share with my friends here in CT.

  29. Totally left a message on her phone (she can’t accept emails from non-constituents). She is Still Speaker of the House in my eyes.

  30. I’m with others who believe that was intentional. It was meant to dilute Paul Ryan as a potential Presidential candidate. Because it was ‘leaked’ everyone wants to hear what was said (like a whisper in a crowded room). So it gets played endlessly and people hear how Paul Ryan voted for the the deficit exploding wars, Medicare part D and the Bush tax cuts to the millionaires.

    Sheer genius.

  31. I don’t think Ryan was a Presidential contender, I mean how many Presidents have come directly out of the House? And I’d like to think Gov Walker has ruined any chance of Ryan moving into the Wi Governors mansion for awhile. I think it was just to keep the frame going that Ryan is far from the serious courageous politician given he has those votes for the wars, the Bush Tax Cuts and Medicare Part D without paying for any of it. If he was so serious and courageous why didn’t he stand up to his own party and George Bush.

    You are completely right though that this was a “leak” that it gets more play than if PBO said it in a speech. I can see this as a shot across the bow of the GOP congress as a whole. Campaign season means the gloves will come off – the GOP have been attacking since day one with smears and campaign style rhetoric but President Obama had to play the statesman. Paul Ryan is not the only member of Congress claiming conservative purity over the budget/debt that was a rubber stamp for the Bush spending. This was a little tease of the candidate Obama, letting the GOP know he’s going to play for keeps and has held back so far.

  32. Me too; I just love her. She’s earned a permanent supporter in me. I miss her as Speaker and am praying that we can return her to her proper role. Boehner just pales in comparison to Speaker Pelosi, although I do give him points for bucking the teaparties on the budget. But when can we get Speaker Pelosi back already?

  33. Bill Maher is such a fool. I had to turn that mess off. And Ed Shultz talking about Obama caving to Republicans with health care by giving up the public option which is not true. Maybe the Democrats in the Senate like Nelson, Lieberman, and Lincoln threatening to filibuster the bill. Then he says that it’s not Universal health care because it has no public option when it is universal health care.

    Then you have idiots like Bill Maher saying that there haven’t been any defense cuts.

    I don’t know why we continue to have shows like this. Straight up news with no filter is the best like they had in the old days. Guys like Ed Shultz get paid big buck and know nothing.

  34. The messaging coming from the White House has been incredible.

    First there’s there was the speech that made a thorough, passionate case for the role of government and Democratic budget priorities.

    That was followed up by interviews with George Stephanopolous and AP.

    Then I was going through Google news and I saw this item just in time for the April 18 tax deadline:

    The White House launched its “Federal Taxpayer Receipt” site on what is typically the deadline for Americans to file their tax returns, although this year taxes are due on April 18. The administration said the site was an effort to increase government openness and transparency.

    “Today, we’re hopeful that with this tool for regular Americans, everyday Americans, they can actually see these dollars flowing as easily as one can click a mouse,” said Aneesh Chopra, the White House chief technology officer.

    By plugging in the amounts of federal taxes deducted from paychecks, taxpayers can see how much of their taxes go to different parts of the federal government, such as defense, health care and veterans services.

    President Obama had called for such a system in his State of the Union speech this year.


    The White House, in contrast to the tea party, is managing to stay on offense without being offensive. I like the way they are shaping the conversation.

    Just as the credit card bill reform made people aware of how long it would take to pay their cards off it they only paid the minimum, this receipt may show them how much is going to tax relief for the wealthy.

    Then they can consider if that’s where they want their money to go.

  35. Bill Maher and Ed Shultz are part of the PL.They make millions of dollars spewing their crap sbout the president and influencing others. They minds function in another reality. You should have stop watching Bill Maher when he compare the President to a dog.He also wanted the President to be a gangsta.

  36. POTUS is for the history books. I cannot be taken in by fauxgressives because I’m too excited to be living through this, I can’t believe it. These are times that are just…I can’t put it into words.

  37. I didn’t even get that far. When I heard old Bill was having ugly Ed on, I hit the remote.

    Every week, I try to watch Bill Maher because he used to be great, but as soon as he announces one of these fools will be on, he’s “dead to me” for another week. 🙂

  38. My husband just brought in the mail, we forgot to pick it up earlier. There was this packet for me. I open it and it is my Obama/Biden Tshirt!!!! Boy did it get here fast! Now I can’t wait to wear it! This is exciting!

  39. Yeah that’s why I stopped watching it but decided that maybe I should just check it out and then I turned the channel.

  40. That site is brilliant. I hope the Administration really publicizes it to folks know it’s there. Definitely in the weekly address, but maybe use the PBO twitter followers and then have it retweeted around

    I’d take it a step further and have a personalized paper copy sent out with tax return info each year. Too many people really have no clue where their money goes – they act like foreign aid is a big amount.

  41. Yeah I should have known better. Ed has little sense of history, how government works, and policy.

    He says that Medicare and Medicaid should be off the table. The guy does not understand that we can’t just sit there and do nothing. These programs need to be tweaked.

    And Maher is not that bright as well. Saying that Democrats are not like the Democrats of the 50’s and 60’s.
    Well times have changed Bill ! Democrats still do a lot of things for people through government programs but he can’t understand that nothing is constant.

  42. I am glad that the Dems are not like the Dems of the 50s and 60s because most of them was dixicrats.Dixicrats did not like Aficans-Americans.Correct if I am wrong.

  43. Yeah you make a great point there. See and that is where the PL don’t understand history. The Dems have always had an interesting coalition. And even when they had 68-70 vote majorities in the senate and 2/3 control in the house. They had to compromise with those in their own party. the New Deal (Social Security) was far from perfect and it took a long time for them to get Medicare and Medicaid through.

    But don’t tell idiots like Maher and Schultz about that.

  44. Lucky you! We are helping make history by supporting this President. I feel sorry for those that are against him and think he is evil. They are either stupid, selfish, naive, or just have a very out of touch ideology.

  45. So very correct, lila. Our Nancy Pelosi is so very much more skillful and a vastly better person than those that she and her leadership team exposed, today (yet, again).

    Those deceitful Republicans in the House will never learn – but, most Americans will easily perceive the now stark difference between their cruel agenda and what President Obama and Democratic members of the House and Senate have been striving to do for them.

    Thank you

  46. That’s all the pundits do. They don’t know anything as far as I’m concerned; they make their guesses and report them as facts. So many factors can come into play from here to election day. Nothing is certain.

    I am a bit weary on these “the president is doomed” on Monday and by Friday, singing his praises. These people are not consistent – oh, wait – they are consistent in that they whine about something Obama is not doing and when it’s shown he has done what they were complaining about they are happy for a half a day and then move on to something else to complain about. I don’t trust these wishy washy, “I-gotta-be-stroked-and-assured-every-5-minutes” people. They are too short term thinking for me. 😕

  47. I think we will see GOP ads targeted to Black people (or “the Blacks”, as Trump would say) using clips like these from Mr Smiles and Corny West.

  48. Yeah I should have known better. Ed has little sense of history, how government works, and policy.

    Ed fits right in witht he frusterati. No understanding of government at all, they just expoect the president to make a speech or go in the mythical magical “bully pulpit” and the GOP will do what he says. They are not at all realistic and seem to enjoy living in some fantasy world.

  49. Sorry not giving the educated fools any hits. It’s been established they are tools and now they are just being hateful,same as the teapublican. NO FACTS JUST ATTACKS.

  50. I think Maher is bright. He’s just incredibly LAZY. He has built his career in mocking ( rightfully I have to say ) the bigots, the crazies, etc.) However has he made the effort to INFORM himself about policy ? He seems to be pretty ignorant.

  51. Sad thing is guys like Maher, and Stewart, are having influence. What they do is plant cynicism in people, many of them young. What concerns me is that their negativity make people DISENGAGE of the political process. The exact OPPOSITE of what President Obama has been trying to do in the last four years.

    We have to push back HARD against this. I don’t know how, but we have to.

  52. I need help. The links do not respond when I try to click on them. What else should I do?

    I’m using Safari on a MAC, if that matters.


  53. BWD – I send your blog out to my lists and I know many of my Obama people have signed up to get your always upbeat pro-Obama messages.
    I started my OFA group the day he announced his candidacy – they said to go onto BarackObama.com and join a group – I did and the only group was about 50 miles away so, even though I had no experience running a political group, I was too EXCITED to wait until a group was formed closer to me and I started one. Today we are over 400 strong and still going. I asked several people in the group to run it with me and we all bring different talents to the table.
    We had an election night party at the home of one of the leaders in the group and as excited as we were when he won the election what had us all crying was when he won Florida – knowing we were a part of making that happen.

  54. This is so awesome. I’m so glad you are working for Obama’s re-election in Florida. So many of the seniors there will be hit by the crazy antics of Governor Scott there, as well as the GOP just voting to cut medicare. I applaud you for your work, and wish you a great campaign season for 2012.

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