Jon Huntsman to President Obama: “You are a remarkable leader”

1. This is one nasty leak. I shall not laugh. I shall not laugh. I shall not laugh.

2. Anyone who think that PBO didn’t know that the mic was open and this was recorded – Well, I shall not laugh. I shall not laugh. I shall not laugh.

2. The Navy Pier speech can be viewed here. Unfortunately, it’s not from the very beginning, so we can’t see him getting on stage, but the rest is awesome.

3. If you just want a quick recap, including the brilliant “I wasn’t born here”:



129 thoughts on “Jon Huntsman to President Obama: “You are a remarkable leader”

  1. Huntsman is so screwed. There is a new PPP poll out that shows Trump in the lead by 9 points and “found a sizable birther base within the party, as 23% of respondents said they’d be “unwilling” to vote for any candidate who says Obama was born in the U.S. Additionally, only 38% said they would be willing to vote for such a candidate, while 39% were unsure.”

    Yeah, Huntsman can kiss 23% of the GOP voters goodbye.

    I don’t want to get cocky, but I am starting to be more worried that the re-election is going to turn into a blowout. If that happens, a lot of casual voters may stay home which could cost us the Senate and the House.

  2. Why am I getting the message—“the uploader has not made this video available in your country”?

  3. I think that leak is pretty sleazy. Now maybe the Admin thinks Huntsman coming back to challenge is sleazy as well, which it is, but this is a really low blow.

    Then again all is fair in love and politics. Huntsman wants to potentially run on the fact he’s a moderate who worked for Obama but then was jaded by him to come back to challenge him, this is fair game especially when the stakes are so high.

  4. BWD, I guess you loaded up the video from outside the US? So it is not available to those of us here. Is there an alternative video? I watched it live yesterday on

  5. Any Republican candidate will get at least 40% of the vote just due to the R after his/her name. Consider other factors and just about any Republican candiadte will probably get 43-45% of the vote. That will be enough to keep people motivated to vote.

  6. Yup. I agree japa. I think the best scenario is a repeat of 2008, in terms of the % votes that PBO gets.

  7. MSM needs a horserace so they’ll make sure to sell the race like it’s a dead heat. It’s still likely going to be Romney at the top of the ticket for the GOP when its all said and done and the MSM messaging will be “Mitts a moderate Republican – and with each side getting their base out who will the indies vote for?”

    That said, I still expect it to be much closer than it should be.

  8. Don’t know where the leak came from, but if from the WH, I wouldn’t be surprised if Huntsman was notified of it before hand.

  9. Why is that “sleazy”? Why is it that Democrats are always expected to be the ones to play by some morality book EVERY single time? Is the birther strategy fair to PBO? No.

    This is a guy who has never hit back at his myriad opponents both within and without his party unless it concerns policy. In 2008 he jumped out to defend Palin against media and leftist attacks re her children. But did she reciprocate? No. She called him someone who pals around with terrorists. Everyone has insulted this president in the face, insinuated about motives, has called him everything but a child of god. And Now you call this leak sleazy?

    You worry me a lot.

  10. The real problem for Romney is that the Republicans use a winner take all primary system. He definitely can’t win Iowa, NH would be close, the southern states won’t give him a chance. The key is going to be just how motivated the far RW of the party is to vote in the primaries. We saw last year what happened in several states. Heck, the GOP could probably have won the Senate if not for the TPers making sure horrible candidates won some primaries.

  11. I believe that has been changed. They wanted a longer primary because they think Obama/Clinton really helped out the eventual winner. I think some states are now divided up.

  12. It’s sleazy if it’s a private letter that is leaked because it’s a good political zinger. If all correspondence between President and Ambassadors are public domain, or at least Huntsman didn’t/couldn’t expect confidentiality then gladly I’ll change my opinion on the matter.

    How would the White House have got a letter from Clinton to release? Was it cc’d to the White House or something?

  13. The Clinton/Obama primary length only helped because, after some bitterness, Clinton came out really strong for Obama. If the Republicans thionk a long costly primary season will help their candidate, fine. If people thought Clinton was getting overly nasty towards Obama, that will seem like child’s play in a long Republican primary season.

  14. April 5, 2011

    By Benjamin Yount Illinois Statehouse News

    SPRINGFIELD — Construction across Illinois is not in danger of stopping, or even slowing down this summer.

    Gov. Pat Quinn’s administration says there are billions of dollars available for road, bridge, and school construction despite a legal challenge to the law the pays for it all.

    There had been some question as to whether Illinois had all it needed to move ahead with the second summer of construction that is to come from 2009’s $30-billion public works package.

    On Tuesday Quinn’s budget manager, David Vaught, said Illinois has close to $2 billion in the bank and still has another $5 billion in construction bonds to sell.

    “That sounds like a lot of money to have in the bank, but we do have substantial balances that are available .. .and in the capital plan we do, unlike other some other parts of state government.”

    Lawmakers gave Quinn’s office permission to sell the $5 billion in bonds earlier this year. Vaught said he is waiting for the “right time” to take the bond offering to market. Part of that determination, Vaught said, will be the resolution of the legal challenge against the construction plan. One of Chicago’s largest liquor distributors is challenging the taxes that are earmarked to pay back the billions Illinois must borrow to build new roads, bridges and schools. Vaught calls the case a “minor blip.”

    “We didn’t plan (for it). You don’t ever plan for someone to sue you. It is a contingency. We have a stay by the Supreme Court. … If the Supreme Court does not rule our way, we believe the General Assembly is prepared to take further action to reauthorize the (capital) program,” Vaught said.

  15. Ah, Spring is in the air, Jon-Huntsman style.

    Of course, he could get around this by saying he respects (think: loves) the men, but not their policies – yet I shall still laugh with you, BWD.

  16. Unless they required confiscation of all cell phones upon entrance to the private dinner, there’s no way he would assume it wasn’t being recorded.

    This wasn’t some side conversation he was having, it was his prepared speech for the private dinner from what I hear based upon how quiet it is during the entire time he’s speaking.

  17. I agree. This is not the same as 2008.

    That field had great candidates. You had Clinton, Obama, Edwards (when he was legit), Biden, etc.

    Even John McCain looks like Ronald Reagan compared to the republican field running this time around.

    I can’t see Romeny winning this thing with all of his flip flops, his religion, his lack of charisma. And as we have seen of late Donald Trump is in the lead. The inmates are now running the asylum in the republican party.

  18. I don’t consider it sleazy at all. I tell my daughter’s often — think twice before you put something in writing and three times before you hit “send.” Once something gets out you never know where it will end up or how it will be used. Think before you act.

  19. I’ve been living in Illinois for six months now, and I’m thinkin’ I like this state more each day. 🙂

  20. But remember, japa, some Republicans bailed on the Party because of Palin. If a Palinesque candidate is on top of the ticket, I can’t imagine all of the people who identify as Republicans would vote for him or her.

  21. Anyone who thinks the Republicans are going to nominate a moderate republican in 2012 is deluding themselves. They are going to run a far right candidate. Which will make George W. Bush look moderate.

    The Republican electorate has moved far right and they hate Obama. If you are a republican and you don’t declare your hate for Obama then you won’t win point blank.

    This party has been taken over by the far right and you can tell when the John Birch society has a seat at the table at Conservative forums.

    Romney doesn’t stand a chance. He has flip flopped too much, the south hates Mormons, and he passed universal health care. If he can’t win Iowa and South Carolina then he is done.

  22. That Donald Trump is considered a serious, and front-running (!), contender for the Republican presidential nomination while simultaneously starring in a reality show named “Celebrity Apprentice” says everything about today’s Republican party. Which is simply not your parents’/grandparents’ Republican party.

  23. Only the first 4 states are split delegates. After that, it is winner take it all.

    Romney stands very, very little chance of winning the nomination. Outside of Michigan, Utah, Nevada and New Hampshire, Romney won’t win any other states. I think it’s going to be Trump if he runs. If not, I think we could be looking at a Bachmann or Gingrich nomination.

  24. PBO Told George Stephanopolus,that this Birther CRAP will NOT work they have tried for 2 1/2 years judt did not work this is old crap and they know it.
    The Leak in chicago was intentionally, I just new it PBO it’s NOT stupid, Yes Ryan Voted for 2 wars, Drug Prescription Pard (D) Tasx Cuts for the wealthiest all unpaid for “so take that Paul Ryan and defend your record”.

  25. And THAT right there is ironic, considering that the Republicans were attacking Mr. Obama for being a “celebrity” candidate back in 2008, yet here they are considering a celebrity for their Presidential nominee.

  26. Zizi, those of us outside the U S of A are getting the same ‘uploader not available’ message.

  27. japa, PBO has always been pretty upfront in terms of his intregity. It could have been someone from the WH, but it could have been leaked by the right. I am leaning towards it being the repugs. Huntsman is one of the repugs more qualified contenders, but he is to near the center for the teabaggers.

  28. Gallup has the President down to 41% as his approval rating, tying his lowest mark. WTF? I am concerned about this. The poll was taken between April 12 through April 14.

    We may be excited about the president is doing, but independents are not….his approval rating with independents is only at 34% now and he’s at 77% with dems (down 4 points from his avf with dems).

    I am somewhat worried about this. He should have a higher approval rating. If a president who is up for reelection is under 50%, he is beatable, ,low 40% – very beatable.

    Someone convince that I am wrong to worry.

  29. Sorry to piggie back off your comment with an unrelated one, gn, but I wanted to ask BWD if she’s got another link to the first video. When I tried to watch it, I got this message: “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

    I got the same message when I tried to watch it on YouTube.


  30. Dude Gallup goes up and down. It’s a rolling average and we a far away from the election. Polls this far out mean very little.

    Ronald Reagan hit a low of 34 % approval in 1983 and won by one of the largest landslides in American history. Bill Clinton had low approvals in 1995 in the 40’s and he won by an electoral landslide.

    Like I said these polls are a rolling average and change a lot and we a far away from the election. The polls start to matter more around the summer of 2012.

  31. Wonder if Huntsman will become a Dem? Or possibly an Independent, although it’s hard to run a national campaign as an Independent. He seems to fit much more comfortably in the modern Dem camp.

  32. You make good points but you would think that Obama’s numbers would be going up now based on the budget battle with the repubs, the repubs trying to kill off social programs like medicare and Obama fighting to keep it around, etc….so I just don’t understand how his numbers are going down and down! It was at 50% just a little while ago. But you are right about Reagan and Clinton. At this time in their presidencies, Reagan was at 42% and Clinton was at 48%, both a drop higher than Obama’s approval rating.

  33. Either this post is an anomaly, or it’s the constant talk about deficit/debt. People are afraid.

    It doesn’t mean that they would vote for a republican over President Obama though.

  34. I hope you are right, but I just see the GOP Machine (and Fox) getting completely behind Romney and carrying him across the finish line. Somebody like Newt or Bachmann would be brtual for down ticket races and the GOP braintrust knows that and would want Mitt on top because even though he’ll lose, he’d keep it close enough.

  35. There is little doubt that the budget deal resulted in some disaffection among Dems, which impacted the poll. These are not people, however, who will vote for republicans. Generally, I don’t worry about polls this far out, although, this drop does concern me.

  36. For Paul Krugman and others that claim to know everything. They sure had President Obama pegged all wrong, and now they have admitted as much. President Obama has shown once again he’s the smartest person in the room; he is a wolf among sheep. I agree with BWD wholeheartedly, don’t think for one second that the microphone was inadvertently left on. I think President Obama is a peacemaker, a consensus builder, but he is also Don Corleone when need be. And now unfortunately for the Republicans, President Obama has gone to the mattresses.

  37. There is no rhyme or reason why the numbers would be crashing over this period. I mean he cut a deal with the GOP and the indies bail? I could see Dems bailing because of the budget deal, but they’ll come back around. But the indie number makes no sense.

    Also look at the GOP’s Presidential Field, one would believe they’d get much stronger candidates if they believed Obama was polling 40% and cratering with indies.

  38. I agree that we react a lot because the media produces so many polls but I’m not worried. With an improving economy and the rest of the troops will be pulled out at the end of this year due to the agreement with Iraq. And I think the middle east will cool down going into next year taking the stress off of over inflated oil prices.

    With all that and a weak republican field I think Obama is in good shape and I think the polls will continue to change. You can’t put too much stock in a poll this far out because history has shown that they have never been great indicators for what will happen in presidential election. I’m not saying that we should diregard the polls because they can serve as a snap shot but I wouldn’t put too much weight in them until next year.

  39. I would hate to have Trump in the race. Of course he’ll get all sorts of attention and really throw out a lot of garbage Obama will have to try to respond to. Eventually, though, i think people would get really, really sick of him. He’s not very well-liked as it is right now. I’m not sure too many people will warm up to him, but he sure will make the election season excessively ugly.

    Of course, there’s plenty of controversial stuff he’s said in the past, too–bashing America and Reagan back inthe 80s. He bashed George W. Bush, too. It’s hard to imagine a guy who hasn’t anything good to say about our country or presidents being able to adequately lead a nation.

    He seems more like Governor material to me. That doesn’t seem to require much in the way of talent or tact.

  40. Regarding Krugman.

    Since it’s been three days and no word from NYT, and that’s their stated interval on Op-Ed entries, and I had no illusion of them accepting it, I thought I’d share it with all of you:

    Op-Ed to the NYTimes entitled:

    “The Professor Missed, Repeatedly”

    What’s missing, Mr Krugman, from yet another of your petty diatribes against President Obama are logic, even a child’s knowledge of governance in a democratic society, and facts.

    Regarding what ‘the Nation wants,’ Mr Krugman – CNN reported earlier today, Americans strongly supported the budget deal, wanted compromise, and credit the President and Democrats for averting the shutdown. The simple fact is that the Republicans wanted $ 61 Billion in cuts, the Democrats tried for $ 30 B and the final deal is $ 38 B – far short of what the legislative branch Constitutionally responsible for appropriations, Article 1, Section 7, clause 1), and led by Republicans wanted.

    Beyond the fact that the President and Democratic Senate were able to avoid even more destabilizing cuts at a time when the government should be investing in nurturing our economy as it recovers from the extraordinary damage caused by President Bush, the heinous attempts by House Republicans to undermine Title X, Head Start and the EPA were blocked because the President would not budge.

    Yet you bemoan the President ‘not taking a stand.’

    Just how many truly principled stands does he have to take before you notice?

    Have you read the news lately about a profitable GM hiring back all the workers they laid off in 2008/2009? Just how popular was the President’s stand at that dire moment? He took a stand, put his values on the line, and he not only provided a life line to GM and Chrysler, he demonstrated remarkably robust stewardship of the tax payer dollars that he invested in those companies. All you did was get compensated for time on talk shows and for writing opinion essays.

    You, see Mr Krugman, that’s the fundamental difference between you and President Obama. You talk and write about stands and values; he takes stands, he acts in accordance with his values, and takes full responsibility for his actions.

    The list of numerous, successful, historic in some cases, stands this President has taken is quite long, and if you were willing to push away from your warrior keyboard and do a bit of research – of the facts – you might find several reasons to apologize for your rabble rousing among frustrated psuedo-liberal bloggers and whom ever reads your opinions.

    So, Mr Krugman, with your trite, mean-spirited “Obama is missing” essay you simply have gone to far not to be called out for your obsessive, unsubstantiated attacks on President Obama.

    America is a highly diverse democratic society, not an autocratic mercantile state. You seem confused on the difference between democracy and dictatorship, Professor. Fortunately for all of us, including you, President Obama knows the difference and leads, every day, accordingly.


  41. That poll is an outlier:

    gallup has him at 41; rasmussen (which is normally the outlier) has him at 48, go figure.

    I think that the usual elected Dems who thump the bible according to dfox are simply doing what they do under the assumption that their consituents are not paying attention; the base’s embrasure of this President has been remarkably stable. I’m not worried at all.

  42. Like I said putting too much weight into a gallup poll which is a rolling average in 2011 in April is a joke.

    Wait till 2012 around the summer and then we can really get serious about how this will impact the election of 2012.

    Also remember that throughout American history the incumbent president tends to win more often than not. Actually over the past 50- 60 years only Jimmy Carter and George H.W Bush have lost as incumbent presidents running for a second term.

  43. Outstanding, bob. Who knows, perhaps he read it and took it to heart; as bwd noticed, he published a decent piece recently. My issue is the continued refusal to take responsibility for publishing the meme that President Obama is untrustworthy, a weak leader, missing in action, or has otherwise morphed into someone unrecognizable. And then when POTUS reasserts his values, all of a sudden it’s: “he reassured us,” and “that’s the person I voted for” as if he’s ever changed except for the imaginations of too many people who have become carried away into narratives and memes.

    Your remarks are so prescient!

  44. I wish we would not get crazy over 1 poll. Please if polls are so important to you look at all of them not just the obligatory one that will have a low number and of course MSM will most likely headline. Stay strong don’t get all panicky. 🙂

    The only polls I pay attention to now a days are
    the match ups. That is what is important imo.
    Public Policy Polling (PDF) (4/7-10, Registered Voters, March results in parentheses)

    Barack Obama (D) 48 (48)
    Mike Huckabee (R) 43 (43)

    Barack Obama (D) 47 (47)
    Mitt Romney (R) 41 (42)

    Barack Obama (D) 48 (–)
    Chris Christie (R) 39 (–)

    Barack Obama (D) 48 (–)
    Rand Paul (R) 38 (–)

    Barack Obama (D) 52 (50)
    Newt Gingrich (R) 38 (39)

    Barack Obama (D) 54 (53)
    Sarah Palin (R) 36 (38)

  45. BREAKING: House Republicans Overwhelmingly Vote To Phase Out Medicare

    When President Obama proposed ensuring affordable health care to all Americans, Congress spent a year hashing out how best to achieve this goal. Yet when Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) decided that he wanted to phase out Medicare, the GOP-controlled House took only two weeks to debate and pass this radical proposal. This afternoon, House Republicans overwhelming endorsed his plan to eliminate Medicare, slash education, and jack up the middle class’ taxes. 235 Republicans supported the Medicare elimination bill, with just 4 GOPers casting a vote to leave Medicare unmolested:

  46. Very possible. It’s the new reality though, and I can’t see anybody still blaming him 18 months from now. Like PBO says – same supply and 2B more demand (China and India).

    Nothing he could do now would bring down the prices, but the long term strategies of higher fuel economy, green energies will mean Americans will need less.

  47. Dennis is Becky from OFA. He slways crowing about how low president approval ratings.

  48. Well the crazies went after granny and gramps this afternoon, full bore:

    “The centerpiece of the House Republicans’ plan is a proposal that repeals traditional Medicare and replaces it with a health insurance voucher that loses its value over time. Because the value of the Republicans’ privatized Medicare replacement does not keep up with the cost of health care, their plan will gradually eliminate Medicare because its increasingly worthless vouchers will eventually only cover a very tiny fraction of the cost of a health insurance plan.

    Seniors will feel the effect of the GOP’s draconian plan long before it succeeds in phasing out Medicare. According to the CBO, total health care expenditures for a typical 65-year-old “would be almost 40 percent higher with private coverage under the GOP plan than they would be with a continuation of traditional Medicare” in the very first year that the GOP plan goes into effect:

    They are truly a heartless bunch of thugs enslaved to the wealthiest 2 % of Americans.

    Let’s be sure they get less than 2 % of the vote next year – they’re certainly making it much easier for us to do so.

  49. As someone said this is not you grandfather’s republican party. The Rockefeller Republicans are long gone.

    And just to understand what I’m saying look at the current composite of Republican lawmakers. Lindsey Graham is considered a moderate by today’s standards especially in the republican party but even 10-20 years ago he would be considered really conservative. Dick Lugar is considered a moderate when he was considered 20 years ago a a conservative.

    The days of Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, etc. are over. Shoot Ronald Reagan looks moderate compared to these jokers in their party now a days. And it’s a shame when we could have a comprehensive energy program, funding for education programs and etc. that would be supported by both parties.

  50. One outlier poll does not make for crashing. POTUS is in the high 40’s – 50’s calm down.


    House Republicans, after a very brief debate and a week of consideration, actually voted to pass Paul Ryan’s radical budget plan this afternoon. The final vote was 235 to 193. No Democrats voted for the measure, and despite some GOP anxiety going into the vote, only four Republicans had the nerve to vote against it.
    For anyone who takes these matters seriously, the Ryan plan is a radical mess. Its numbers don’t add up and it’s based on fraudulent expectations. It eliminates Medicare, guts Medicaid, slashes funding for key domestic priorities, and lavishes another massive tax break on millionaires and billionaires. The whole initiative is sold as a deficit reduction plan, but it doesn’t actually reduce the deficit — it just shrinks government and transfers wealth from the bottom up, imposing cruelty on elderly, disabled, and working families.

    But nearly every single Republican in the chamber voted for it anyway. A year after running a campaign agenda that bashed Democrats for Medicare reductions, practically the entirety of the House GOP just voted to privatize Medicare out of existence.

    Democrats can barely believe their good fortune.

  52. The outlier poll and the comments that followed just killed my mood. Talk about a debbie downer moment. *sigh* Can’t believe after all this hard work our potus is doing and how he pwned the mess outta all the haters we here are panicking over one poll.

  53. It’s not really a new reality. Oil is over inflated because of over speculation due to what is going on in the middle east and that is about it.

    China right now is taming inflation by raising interest rates and this was before the rise in oil. This is plain speculation and I bet it will go down going into next year.

  54. A known, confirmed media attention-seeker. I was saying last night, I’m a NYer and other NYers please weigh in on The Donald:

    I literally cannot remember a time in which Trump was not in the news.

    And not merely for business, but for his wives, his mistresses, his divorces, his bankruptcies, his personal conflicts, his media stunts.

    For my entire life, he’s been a media attention-seeker.

    People surprised at this birther stunt? Here’s another classic Donald Trump media stunt: back in 1989, a woman was attacked in Central Park and viciously raped. She was too severely injured to identify attackers, etc. So the police decide that a pack of “wilding” teenagers attacked this woman, rounded up some black and hispanic teenagers, and forced confessions. The media had a field day demonizing these little kids. A veritable field day. And there was Donald Trump, so random, out of nowhere, upping the ante by taking out a full page ad in the NYT advocating that those children be put to death:

    Years later, those kids, now men, were exonerated after spending years of their lives in jail.

    Donald. Trump. will. not. be. elected. dogcatcher.

    And I doubt that he’s even running in the first place. It’s a media stunt, and the GOP has fallen so incredibly low, that he’s considered a viable, legitimate, credible, and now-popular candidate for their presidential ticket.

    Not your parents/grandparents GOP.

    /whew, rant off lol

  55. That “open mike” was brilliant, I mean, really, what’s a POTUS to do when a technician forgets something basic like cutting off the mike between Chicago and the WH press room. 😉

    As for the Huntsman leak. I’m with you, BWD, I will not laugh, I will not laugh.

    Welcome to 2012, ladies and gentlemen.

  56. Yes, he almost repeats the same talking points as he do on OFA, except its reasonable.

  57. “Concerned” posters are always the most obvious to me. But I’ll leave it at that :-).

  58. Also I might add that Richard Nixon was a Rockefeller type republican who believed in government and private sector and finding comprehensive solutions to problems through government and the private sector.

    Nixon even with all of his faults cared for programs that helped the poor because him and his family went through poverty. Heck he declared himself a Keynesian when he was president.

    They would be labeled commies today and in a way I wish that those Republicans would come back.

  59. From my blog:

    The last time an incumbent Democrat was running for re-election, I was too busy paying attention to personal loss to notice-one best friend swallowed a bottle of Tylenol, and another best friend was dying of cancer. That summer was so painful I didn’t pay attention to politics at all except for noting that the Republicans had decided to run an over-the-hill Dole who clearly was too old to campaign, let alone run the country. I paid no attention to primaries at all, so I don’t even remember how it was when Clinton was running unopposed.

    I wasn’t afraid of Clinton losing that one, so I just endured life and that fall I dutifully voted for Clinton. Then came 2000, which should have been only a little less quiet with Gore, and I was heartbroken at the end. 2004, I became a Deaniac, supported Kerry somewhat, and longed for a Gore Draft. Longed for a Gore draft in 2008, became an Obama Girl, and was thrilled and on the edge of my seat. I became an avid follower of primary results and a lover of early voting.

    Of the Presidential Races I remember, they all seemed contentious for Democrats, primarily because we seldom won. 1968, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992. All contentious, and of all of them, only one Democratic incumbent was running, and he was challenged by Teddy Kennedy, who saw himself as the true heir to his brothers, and felt the need to carry out their legacies.

    So this is new territory for me and come to think about it, a lot of Democrats. Republicans have had this sort of thing more oftener-a quiet Primary where there was little conflict. The years: 2004, 1984, and 1972 come to mind readily. So I find myself curious about this phenomenon. How does a party get itself revved up when there’s no competing candidates for the Presidency? Do they put a little extra drama in lower races? How many people do they need to vote in a one-man Presidential primary to make it official, and do they rely on getting that many people or do they do a practice run for the fall? There are so many questions, and only a year to answer them

    Does an incumbent who is unopposed struggle inwardly for a meaning to a second term as a substitute for outer struggle or does the incumbent glide through with great self-confidence? Because it looks like that’s the only real struggle he’s going to have until the General Election of 2012.

    Obama looks so strong that people (mostly Republicans) who are counting on Democratic self-destructiveness= that Hillary will contest the primary, or that someone else will, are bound to be disappointed. Party discipline and the general support for Obama is so strong that there is no tangible evidence that anyone is going to primary him. Democrats have learned their lesson, and there’s no real case for a primary that can be made either on electability or anything else. Obama’s approval ratings stand anywhere between 45-48% right now, and once the campaigning starts in earnest, he can pick up at least 3% from independents and wavering Democrats who would rather deal with him than anyone approved by DeMint and the Tea Party.

    This time around, it would mean having to raise billions from a split party, since Obama has opted out of public financing, and is on the verge of raising 1 Billion for a re-election bid. Iowa is itself a firewall, with the demand that a contender have to do the caucus bit. Caucuses where the strongest supporters of both the status quo and the new supporters of Obama are likely to be the ones participating. and that’s not a sum that someone who waits and hopes for an upset in 2012 can afford to wait to raise

    There’s even a more fantastical belief (Once again-by Republican bloggers) that Obama will somehow decide not to at least contest for another term. History shows that Presidents who can run and have a chance to win usually do so: James Polk in the 1900′s who had favorable approval ratings was the only President who did not run for a second term not derailed by disaster. The rest of the one termers were assassinated, had poor health like Chester Arthur, or impeached ( Andrew Johnson) or lost their bids. And that was the era of the smoke-filled room where challengers could contest on ballot after ballot, and incumbents in turn had a heavier hand on the internal party machinery. So it’s a quiet Obama I will be watching, god willing.

  60. Remember that it is sufficient to beat whoever is put in front of you. And it looks weak, very weak, the opposition. In any other year, Donald Trump would be a one-day wonder. Serious party people would have gone to him and said you have no chance, and his polls would be slightly above “haven’t decided”, and “other”.

    The fact that Donald Trump may be seriously able to contend for President is a sign that the Republican Party is really out of mature leadership. Another fact is that nobody in the current field is above 20% in support is another. True, it’s early, and some prospects won’t run, but divided primaries are a new phenomenon for the Republicans, who early coalesce around someone who is vauguely electable. This time, one is hardpressed to see anyone gain any cross-over votes from Obama, or a significant number of indies.
    Still another fact that people are actually looking at people who need more time and seasoning to run (Christie, Ryan)and hoping to persuade them to run is another sign of weakness.

    If the Republicans had anyone even in Obama’s zipcode, they would be camping outside their office, begging them to run, raising money so that they would have a fund to run on, offering a full staff to help them run. In short, a premade campaign and support if they would just decide.

  61. They’re trying desperately to hold that caucus together after the teabaggers took one on the chin with the budget vote.

    GOP senatorial moderates voted for that budget; DeMint and the fringe of the GOP voted nay alongside Sanders and a literally mere handful of Dems.

    This vote is near-meaningless as this legislation would never make it through the senate and past POTUS’ veto pen.

  62. Not really. And that’s what frightens me. There are still going to be (a lot) of idiots who vote against their interests and whiny progressives who are pissed Obama didn’t save the Amazon rain forest and have their health care paid for life.

  63. If memory serves, SR is a big fan of Huntsman. I remember him telling us what a great candidate and person he is. First he claims he wants Pres. Obama to fight back, then when he does he calls it “sleazy”. Some people are NEVER happy.

  64. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, BWD. I think it is an outlier. If other polls confirm this number in coming weeks, then some concern is warranted, but for now I take it with a huge grain of salt.

  65. I just sent $50 to OFA. That schmuck Becky/Dennis isn’t going to get this Cuban down.

  66. So if Clinton’s letter could not have been int he WH’s possession how do you then get off right off the bat suspecting the WH of sleazy behavior? Think about your own illogical thinking.

    Or you want to suggest that PBO got together with Bill Clinton to indulge in “sleaze” together? Is that what you think of our Democratic leaders? Why don’t you suspect Huntsman or the GOP sleazeballs of pulling off this leak? Which party has indulged in such underhanded behavior? Acorn? Breitbart & Shirley Sherrod?.

    My opinion of you is truly diminished.

  67. This is the classical definition of hubris. Somewhere Zeus is laughing, having seen it all too many times.

  68. When I think of Huntsman/Snowe/Collins and their ilk, they define themselves by not leaving the Republican Party. They can try and say they’re staying to fight the good fight, but that’s b.s.

    Any ‘alleged’ moderate who stays a Republican is not moderate at all. They have cast their lots with the devil.

  69. I got the same message. I’d appreciate any other link to the same content that works. I’m in the US so not sure why it wouldn’t work here.

  70. Greetings Everyone

    Have been busy or I would have joined in the discussion more. the budget speech was just so impressive I decided to cut it up into sound bytes and encourage everyone here to spread the clips around.

    I have made 18 clips of his speech, each segment is just so good, it is amazing. Each day for the next 18 days I will post a new video clip and will also link to a web page that has the transcript of that part of the speech.

    We need to get him in front of folks, to see him talk, to listen to his words is to decide to support him. Since MSM only plays 1 minute of the 45 minute speech and then moves on to more news the next day, we need to keep his message in front of everyone we know. The URL for his speech needs to be in comment sections of CBS, ABC, NBC,etc. Facebook, tweet, and email.

    If after 18 days, he hasn’t made another amazing speech, then we will do it again.

    So …. Clip #1
    We Are All Connected – This makes Us a Great Country

    When you view the video there is a YouTube icon in the lower right corner, you can click on that and be taken to the YouTube location. You can copy and paste that location into a wordpress blog, email, etc.

    I also have instructions for copying the video on the web page that holds the video clip and the transcript.


  71. I don’t think Romney stands much of a chance with the primary voters no matter how much the mainstream guys may want him to win. If he does somehow look like he’s going to win, I predict a tea party candidate entering the race for the 28%er’s. They will not abide by anyone who doesn’t follow their agenda. They did that with McCain and got trounced. I just don’t see them going along with it again.

  72. That anyone could look at Donald Trump and take him seriously about any position of power is frightening. It says so much about the shallowness of the republican base right now. They want flash and celebrity and someone who will bash the president. That’s it. They don’t care about qualifications, intelligence, temperament, experience or any other factor that most sane people find minimum qualifications for the presidency. They just want someone whose name they know and who will go on tv and say the president is a bad guy. How hateful and shallow do you have to be to be a republican these days?

  73. Eh, polls go up and polls go down. It’s only the long term trend that matters not any one individual poll. If there is a downward trend over a couple of weeks or more time, then you can start to worry but if there is one bad poll in a sea of polls that are holding steady then it is an outlier and not an accurate measure.

  74. Has anyone noticed how the Donald is no longer spewing the birther crap lately? He did a lengthy “interview” (mutual admiration session) with Hannity and the question never even came up. Usually when that happen, Donald brings it up himself. Hmmm…makes one wonder doesn’t it? Perhaps those “investigators” he sent to Hawaii have given him bad news, which the rest of us already knew: The President is American.

  75. See I didn’t want to call dennis/becky out again cause I tired of doing that over and over again. Not sure why Dennis/Becky isn’t B& yet. He/she doesn’t even change his style, same stuff on repeat. smh. 😀

  76. I wonder what DT’s negative poll numbers are. I think Romney might do alright in the primaries in CA. The gooper higher ups out here are freaking out about the teabaggers trying to take over the party.

    I’m sad that Huntsman letter was released. It was a personal letter and doesn’t really mean much politically right now.

  77. It’s a leap to be sure the letters were leaked from the WH. Tucker Carlson (Daily Caller) is a ratfucker from the same litter as James O’Keefe. His motives are ALWAYS suspect.

  78. The msm reported on it MORE because they thought they were getting over on The Prez. I mean his actual speech was pretty much ignpored as usual. This way got their egos in play in way that was to our advantage this time. A very slick move imho.

  79. This is the second day in a row that Pelosi very publicly aserted her awesomness over Boner.

  80. gn
    When I saw the link to the story you posted my stomach literally knotted. I remember this case so well. I can honestly say that even after all this time I am sick to my stomach thinking about it and the media circus that surrounded the case. I remember the long long damnation of these boys and their trial by the media. At the time I had no idea if they were guilty or not but what really made me sick was how low key the story was the second time around when it turned out these boys were innocent and had spent years of their lives in jail for a crime someone else committed. I wish the media had been made to run the story that exonerated these kids every day for months on end until everyone in the country had the message drilled into their heads. What I did see was a short blurb saying that the boys had been exonerated, but I’ll bet there are still many people who still think these kids committed the rape in central park and that is what makes me feel so sick about the whole thing. On a human level, I still think about those kids and what they were subjected to. God only knows what their lives were like in jail. It is things like this that make me despair sometimes and hope that God can forgive us our mass stupidity.

  81. I think you may have found the solution to the troll problem. Everytime they show up it raises money for our side. Excellent! 🙂

  82. “that Obama will somehow decide not to at least contest for another term.”

    That’s my greatest fear. I just don’t see how he puts up will all the crap.

  83. He’s such an easy target; it’s hard not to laugh. Honestly, our amazing Madame Speaker can best Boehner before she has her morning coffee or even without clearing the cobwebs from the previous night’s sleep. Not much of a challenge this Weeper o’da House.

  84. Oh my goodness! He’s got offices in Chicago and just raised $2Million dollars last night to use to get his new digs furnished and to hire staff. One does not do that if one is not going to run for office. Our man knows himself very very well. As does his lovely wife. If they weren’t up for it, they wouldn’t tease the American public…they’d just come out and say they’d had enough. This couple is made of far sterner stuff than even above average people.

  85. >> You’re Fired/I Quit” <<


    THX for the Saturday morning chuckle 🙂


  86. Dennis – Anyone who ever took a Statistics class could tell you that “numbers can be made to say what you want them to say”, depending on who’s paying for it and the narrative they are trying to tell.

    In this case, AOL, Koch Bros and NewsCorp are paying for it and the narrative is a tired retread of “this is good news for John McCain”.

  87. This is why I refuse to act like the media is God; I’ve seen them swarm like this, ruin lives, and get people into acting against their own best interests from the time I was a child. Divide and conquer. blogs started to check this, but because of the egomania and in some cases disingenuousness and greed (Arianna) of some blog owners, these megasites are no better than the media they were created to check.

    Don’t despair, just keep on keeping on. Some of those individual reporters are very sorry for what they did and are trying to carry a message against excess to their colleagues. We will continue to challenge *all* of the media to be more fair in their reporting, and will continue to appeal to other Americans directly, many of whom are just like us, and have a complete distrust for the media.

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