Tell me again who won the budget deal fight?

I shall not laugh.

I shall not laugh.

I shall not laugh.

CBO Says Budget Deal Will Cut Spending by Only $352 Million This Year

 Congressional Budget Office analysis of the fiscal 2011 spending deal that Congress will vote on Thursday concludes that it would cut spending this year by less than one-tenth of what both Republicans or Democrats have claimed.

A comparison prepared by the CBO shows that the omnibus spending bill, advertised as containing some $38.5 billion in cuts, will only reduce federal outlays by $352 million below 2010 spending rates. The nonpartisan budget agency also projects that total outlays are actually some $3.3 billion more than in 2010, if emergency spending is included in the total.

The astonishing result, according to CBO, is the result of several factors: increases in spending, especially at the Defense Department; decisions to draw over half of the savings from recissions; and cuts to reserve funds and and money for mandatory-spending programs that might never have been spent.


With some conservatives already opposing the deal for not going far enough to meet the GOP campaign pledges to cut $100 billion, the news could complicate House Republicans’ efforts to pass the bill. The minimal effect on current government spending, however, could improve macroeconomic forecasts that predicted lower economic growth if government spending was drastically reduced.



222 thoughts on “Tell me again who won the budget deal fight?

  1. And such reports give the GOP reason to vote down the bill and thus head back to a shutdown and could rightfully paint the deal as a boondoggle, the GOP caucus throw out Boehner and drive a much, much harder bargain with Obama.

    This type of this is much better going under reported. Especially until after it’s voted on and passes Congress.

    I would guess that only the political junkies on both sides would really even care about this news and of those groups PBO would gain and House GOP would lose amongst their bases. The vast majority heard the news of no shutdown, heard the deal and outrage from both sides and feel it was a fair moderate deal. They won’t pay attention to the issue now, not the numbers coming out.

    Also the 150K-400K job losses predicted on the final $38B number would have to be readjusted and will give the folks who said any cuts would stall the rebound reason to be more positive.

    I still think this means the GOP will be much harder to negotiate with next time though. DeMint and Rand Paul are calling for a debt ceiling default even if it would be the GOP’s Waterloo. DeMint is saying he’ll filibuster the raising of it and try to block it by all means at his disposal.

  2. I wonder how many votes Boehner will lose. The feeling is that enough members will vote for it out of loyalty to Boehner, but the freshmen teabaggers don’t have that loyalty. It could cause a split if the teabaggers embarrass him by voting against it in big numbers.

    I hope the progressives in the House vote against it – to help the frame that both fringes didn’t like it. Dems should provide equal number of votes that the GOP provides and not any more (unless it will fail if Boehner loses a cray amount).

  3. If you want a good laugh…check out this opening paragraph from today’s WSJ editorial…It’s worthy of the Onion,
    The Presidential Divider
    Did someone move the 2012 election to June 1? We ask because President Obama’s extraordinary response to Paul Ryan’s budget yesterday—with its blistering partisanship and multiple distortions—was the kind Presidents usually outsource to some junior lieutenant. Mr. Obama’s fundamentally political document would have been unusual even for a Vice President in the fervor of a campaign.


  4. LMAO !

    Distortions ? Everything he said was true. The fact that conservatives can’t defend their position should tell everyone that they got nothing and that everything the president said was spot on.

    They hated the speech because the president exposed them and they will continue to get hit hard on the Ryan plan.

  5. Yup. They don’t attack the numbers, they just whine that he was partisan and hurt their feelings. They want to distract from the fact that they want to give billionaires a tax break while causing the old, young, disabled and poor to pay more.

  6. SR; This shows that DeMint and Rand Paul are just out of their minds.These two would destroy this country just to make point. Then try to blame the President for it. DeMint is from South Carolina and is of the mind set of the old south,remember that state started the civil war. Need I say more.

  7. Agreed! I’ve been on pins and needles about this, hoping that enough of the repubs *will* vote Yes, and that with the Dem vote its enough to pass. I soooo wish they’d waited until AFTER passage to gloat about this!

  8. You can tell that the Repugs are scrambling when they have literally zero substance to attack. Here is the WSJ article in case anyone needs a good laugh.

    The President was not attempting to join the debate Mr. Ryan has started, but to close it off just as it begins and banish House GOP ideas to political Siberia.

    Yeah, as if anyone wants to join a debate about dismantling Medicare. The President took down the Ryan plan point by point, and that drives the wingnuts batty.

    Mr. Obama presented […] $4 trillion in phantom deficit reduction over a gimmicky 12-year budget window that makes that reduction seem larger than it would be over the normal 10-year window.

    This is flat hypocrisy. The Ryan plan is a 75-year plan. Will the WSJ call out Paul Ryan for his budget gimmicks?

    Apparently he means the $814 billion stimulus that failed and a new multitrillion-dollar entitlement in ObamaCare that harmed job creation.

    Yep, the Republicans got nothin’ except the same talking points they’ve used for almost three years.

    Republicans will lose this debate.

  9. “. DeMint and Rand Paul are calling for a debt ceiling default even if it would be the GOP’s Waterloo. DeMint is saying he’ll filibuster the raising of it and try to block it by all means at his disposal.”

    This is just more kabuki theater. The GOP will raise the debt ceiling because of Wall Street, which they worship.Demint and and Rand Paul may not vote for the debt ceiling, but the Maine twins and Scott Brown will.

  10. Agreed – I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this deal passes and Boehner does not get deposed as House Speaker. If it does pass, I doubt that Boehner will ever be trusted to negotiate another deal for the Repubs.

  11. Heads up gang. For those interested, Press Secretary Jay Carney is scheduled to brief the press at 1:30 p.m. His special guest today is OMB Director Jacob Lew. This should be interesting.

    I am sure the first question from AP will be about the “tone/partisan nature” (aka the shiny object) of the speech. That’s the meme the Republicans and the media have decided to go with because doing a side by side comparison of the plans is devastating for the Republicans.

  12. Nah, knowing the press they’ll ask about Biden nodding off during the speech and if that means there is a rift between the two and that Biden might primary Obama, and if so would Obama choose Hillary as his running mate…

  13. I can’t remember the last time I was excited and moved about a speech on fiscal policy. It’s always a little poignant to see great speeches like this coming from this President, because I think I will miss this kind of discussion profoundly when he leaves office and who will do the same after he has left the scene.

    An understanding of this gift that he has is one of many reasons that why I cannot indulge the constant mindless carping about this President. We have a legendary leader, that cannot not only articulate a progressive vision, in terms that appeal to centrists and indies but he’s a ruthless tactician, that disorients his friends and enemies, but leaves him standing looking like the smartest one, again and again and again.

    I cherish his moments like yesterday because there is not another leader on the bench with his mix of gifts, pragmatism, savvy, shrewdness, centeredness and heart.

  14. For those whining about lack of follow up messaging (yes I’m looking in a mirror when I say that) –



    Interview to Air on “World News with Diane Sawyer,” “Nightline,”
    and Friday on “Good Morning America”

    Nearly 24-hours after he laid out his vision for the nation’s fiscal future, President Obama speaks to George Stephanopoulos in an exclusive interview on Thursday, April 14. Stephanopoulos will take the tough questions about the state of the nation’s finances to the President – examining the differences between the President’s plan to address the deficit and the contrasting Republican plan, the impact potential cuts will have on the American people, and whether either plan addresses the drivers of the nation’s debt.

    The interview will air Thursday, April 14 on “World News with Diane Sawyer,” which Stephanopoulos will anchor from Washington D.C. The interview will continue later that night on “Nightline” and the following morning on “Good Morning America.” Portions of the interview will also be featured across ABC News platforms including, ABC News Radio, ABC NewsOne, and ABC News NOW. Excerpts and transcripts will be available on George’s “Bottom Line ” blog on Thursday afternoon.

    World News with Diane Sawyer” airs at 6:30 p.m. on WJLA in Washington D.C. and nationally on the ABC Television Network. Jon Banner is the executive producer of the broadcast.

  15. You’re right, Republicans don’t have anything substantive to talk about, so they’re gonna just say the President was “too partisan” or some such nonsense.

    Republicans realize that they screwed up big time, and before long they will want everybody to forget about the Paul Ryan Road to Ruin.

    The President is going to laugh all the way to the bank–and 2012 reelection.

  16. I can’t wait. The White House seems positively giddy about running against the Paul Ryan plan, and rightly so. Grab the popcorn.

  17. Good point, I forgot about the Biden thing. You know it will come up. Here we go…..

  18. George Stephanopoulos has a chance to redeem himself after he and Charlie did that gotcha interview during the ’08 campaign. (No, I haven’t forgotten.)


  19. Saint Roscoe…

    They’re EASY to negotiate with?? For a change, the Republicans have been out manuvered. And, momentum for the Dems/Left is gaining.

    During the process of the Affordable Care Act, they were reasonable?? Heck, for pretty much ANYthing, they have been acting, even when they were in the minority, that it was ALL about them. Even yesterday, they at least stated that they really believed that the President was going to offer them an olive branch. For this elitist, inhumane way of thinking, the President was supposed to capitulate. Thank GOD, no!

    This will make them act the way they always do

    They have proven that being nice to them does NOT work. And, the country, I believe will NOT think the President’s thinking and pronouncements on this matter is “partisan”.

    Just like they do it, let us negotiate HARD and negotiate to WIN. Not to mention that the “Left” has been SOOO disappointed because he won’t “fight. Has no backbone. Gives in before the fight even starts”…..

    I don’t think he did before and he DAMN sure isn’t now.

  20. Everybody won but the ideologues. Big business wants the same investments that liberals and progressives want. Real conservatives don’t want to destroy SS/Medicare/Medicaid, they just want for us tinker with efficiencies in order to ensure that we can pay for this going down the road. They just wanted a real plan to wean this country off of foreign debt.

    Everyone won but the teabaggers, because their demands are ridiculous. /Kanye West shrug

  21. OT-pardon this rudeness, but a few of the fine people here were complaining about not being able to load weeseeyou; they have tinkered with the site and are wondering if it’s working any better for people having problems? Let me know…

  22. Y’all are forgetting something: the teabaggers are a vocal fringe who are useful to a handful of billionaire astroturfers.

    The GOP is not all on the same page with them. Big business wants those infrastructure investments; they do not want the government to stop spending, and they for damn sure do not want the maniac plan to play with the debt ceiling. Does everyone remember big business sounding the alarm with all of the gdp readjustments showing just how much teabagging policies would slow down the economy? This is a rare moment, because this not just messing with liberals, they’re messing with big business as well.

    There’s a reason that there’s now an open alliance between Trumka and Donohue of the chamber of commerce. We’re in a rare moment.

    The losers of this deal=teabaggers (as well as some GOP presidential contenders), not necessarily the entire GOP.

  23. This was exactly the point that David Plouffe made in his response to me during the national bloggers’ conference call. I wrote about it here:

    President Obama pulls back the curtain on Republican loyalties in today’s budget speech.


    I was privileged to be on a national bloggers’ conference call today with White House adviser David Plouffe, Macon Phillips, and Brian Deese (of the National Economic Council.) After reviewing the President’s proposal, they opened it up for questions. Five bloggers were permitted to ask questions:

    Chris Bowers – Daily Kos
    John Aravosis – AMERICAblog
    Jed Lewison – Daily Kos
    Sam Stein – Huffington Post
    Chris Savage – Eclectablog


    My question was this: Given that Republicans are already taking the stance that tax cuts are off the table, how does the Administration plan to avoid the hostage-taking situation the Republicans have created several times over the past year?

    The answer was illuminating. David Plouffe made it clear that they are actually quite pleased with the deal that was struck last week. Despite all their crowing, the amount of actual NEW cuts the Republicans obtained were, in truth, quite minimal. Many of the cuts were already planned and most of the essential items that the Obama administration prioritized were maintained unharmed. It was clear that they feel pretty confident in their ability to negotiate with the Republicans, something supported by their success last week. They are also quite comfortable having a public debate in the year prior to the Presidential election about who should pay for deficit reduction and who should start making a sacrifice. When the debate comes down to seniors and the poor and middle class versus the top 1% wealthiest Americans, they are in a very good negotiating position.

    Make no mistake: the Obama administration officials and those involved in his 2012 campaign know what transpired. I think we’re all just hoping that the GOP doesn’t figure it out before the vote is taken or the tea partiers are going to have what my mom would have called “a shit fit”.

    Might be too late 😉

  24. Heh. jeremy. The only thing PBO “distorted” was the beltway media’s narrative, aided and abetted by the tea and firebaggers.

    I have to wonder if the PCCC and MoveOn shot themselves in the foot by trying to fund raise on the basis of rumor and innuendo.

    I, for one, unsubscribed to both while telling them why. Today? The egg is dripping off their faces.

  25. Saw the same thing on Morning Joke this morning. JoeScar and Mika were utterly aghast that President Obama would invite Paul Ryan to his speech, and then have the nerve to tell the truth about Ryan’s budget plan “to his face”! They echoed the line about President Obama being “hyperpartisan” and “not entering the debate” and Mika even used the term “poisoning the well.”

    These people don’t even try to analyze based on facts or when people say, they just have their set narrative that they’re going to plow through with regardless. At one point Mika tested the idea that it was better to say something to someone’s face, as opposed to the trashing Republicans do on TV, but Joe quickly assured her that what President Obama did was way worse than anything the Republicans have said about him or his plans.

  26. No problems for me GN. Disqus and I usually have a running battle but lately I haven’t gotten sent to the ‘naughty chair’ I’m whispering, lest this changes again.

  27. Tee-hee..

    So Obama and his budget gurus basically bamboozled the House GOP.


  28. I’m ROTFLMAO! Boehner, the firebaggers, the frustrai crew, the PL, and the tea partiers got played big time. I have never doubted that PBO devotes a lot of time to studying the issues/policies and strategizing to the best of his ability in a way that makes the American people the winners. His mother-in-law said in 2008, iirc, that besides her deceased husband, PBO is the hardest working man she knows, and that he was like this before becoming POTUS. I figured that if anyone knows this man, it’s Ms. Robinson. I don’t see her allowing him much leeway because he is married to her daughter and is the father of her grandkids, and she would want the absolute BEST for them. I don’t think that PBO particularly cares whether the republicans or the corporatists are winners, but he sure does care that we are.

  29. They aint hurt. That’s a childish manipulation IMO coming from a grown man. President Obama never criticized or insulted Ryan as a person and he very well knows it. President Obama chided his *idea* as not reflective of this country’s values, and totally not feasible politically. President Obama challenged the GOP to step up to the plate, and stop catering to the teaparty extremists.

    “But that hurts my feelings.”–deflection, because Ryan has no real response and got caught flat-footed because he knows everything that POTUS said is true. That’s what happens when everyone is playing games and all of a sudden someone just keeps it 100% real.

  30. For anyone who may have missed this please go to Eclectablog or see his diary also at TPV. This is well worth the read and a real honor for one of our best bloggers.

  31. Yeah, these people who simply cannot let it go that he beat Hillary are just worthless. I’m super glad the President is re-enforcing his message in prime-time.

  32. You probably all know this, but just spotted that the House passed the budget bill (funding government through the end of the fiscal year).

    Forgot to grab the link, but it was @ the LA Times.

  33. geesh…just a bunch of cry babies. You can tell they are Republicans. Call them on their bullsh*t and they cry like a baby. Tell them you want to rob the poor, disabled, elderly and children to give them (rich folk) more tax breaks and they call you “serious” and “courageous”.

  34. As I watched the speech Wednesday it was like a baseball game.Ryan throws the pitch—-Obama swings—–it’s a long drive high up in dead center field.That—-ball is still going up.The tea party members attending look up in wonder—-as the ball sails high up —–up and out of the park.

  35. Absolutely gn, the big money is more important than the whims of a hand full of loons. Not all of the republicans in the house are crazy enough to go against business leaders.

  36. SR, Steve Benen has a fascinating account of how the House vote played out today with a breakdown of the vote counts.

    When the parties reached a budget agreement late on Friday night, there was a sense of relief among those fearing a shutdown. A stop-gap measure would keep the lights on for six days, and the bipartisan deal would finance the government through the end of the fiscal year. All Congress had to do next was pass it.

    But as of this morning, passage was no longer a sure thing. As Republicans discovered the cuts weren’t nearly as big as they had been led to believe, there was talk of a GOP revolt. Would the Republican-led House actually derail a budget deal negotiated by its own Speaker?

    As it turns out, no. The House approved the budget deal a short while ago, 260 to 167.

    But pay close attention to the partisan breakdown. Most Democrats opposed the deal (81 to 108) while most Republicans supported it (179 to 59).

  37. This is such nonsense. It’s not poisoning the well if everything the President said about the Ryan plan is true. They need to go back to school.

    It’s not surprising that Joe Scarborough has forgotten about the accusations of “death panels” and “government takeover” so quickly. You know who’s good at poisoning the well? Republicans who try to paint the President as a socialist.

    But when Pres. Obama takes the stage and lists ACTUAL, REAL FACTS about the Republican plan, of course this is outrageous to losers like Scarborough.

  38. I will read your whole post as soon as I get a chance. I am curious about who they chose for the questions. I used to enjoy Americablog but just can’t stomach it these days – no matter what Obama does, John Aravosis never gives him credit. Also, I have to wonder how much traffic that blog really gets. When I used to bother to look at responses, there weren’t that many. I think they flattered him to include him.

  39. Ohhhhhh! The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!!

    I don’t know the right sequence of characters or code to get the cartoon stick figure with the hair on fire to run around.

    BTW – if anyone has it, please send.

    Why does anyone continue to doubt PBO? I seriously believe it is a mental condition, left over from having too many Republican Presidents in the past. Especially the last one.

  40. Yup; they want POTUS out because they don’t want the continuing reforms, and they don’t like what’s coming down the pike wrt fair taxation. But they also do not want the economic recovery to stall, and they want the government to make those infrastructure investments. They’re riding with President Obama on this one, which is my interpretation of Boehner’s actions. He can cry to the teaparties all day and night, but those are crocodile tears IMO. This is a message from another faction in the GOP to the teabaggers which is to sit down and stfu, is my speculation.

  41. Well, I belong to Athletics Anonymous, but even I understood that visual!


  42. We should hurt them so much more. These poor bastards think THEY are suffering? Let’s talk about the Rust Belt, and foreclosures in Central California – home of Mr. Issa, I might add.

    It astounds me, how much they remind me of the French aristocracy peasants prior to the revolution in the late 18th century. Washington has become a 21st century Versailles. Unfortunately for them, we know how that ended.

    The President and this Administration is the way through and out of the mess. We have go THROUGH it in order to change it. I wish my brothers and sisters on the left could keep a hold on that message.

  43. Correction:

    how much they remind me of the French aristocracy’s ATTITIDE TOWARDS THE peasants prior to the revolution…

  44. IMO they just always want to get in front of what’s popular and take credit for it. When bashing POTUS seemed popular, they did that; now that crediting this fabulous POTUS is popular, they want to get in front of that.

    I’m with the relaxed people playing shuffleboard as the angst crowd chooses to make their own ride aboard the SS Obama as unpleasant as possible running all over the place screaming. (Did I not just torture the heck out of that analogy/metaphor? Give me a round of applause).

  45. Agreed. This was the naked truth.

    Folks, if you have time, watch the beginning of the WH Press Briefing of today, where Jack Lew, director of OMB, answers some questions. White House Youtube Channel:

    (Not there at the moment I’m posting this, but it will probably be added later today )

    It’s superficial opinion, but I really like Mr. Lew. Seems very honest, extremely knowledgeable, sure of himself yet respectful and calm. I hope those DC stenographers learned a thing or two.

  46. Bush Repugnant derangement syndrome?

    Perhaps the new mental disorders diagnostic manual which has been revised, due or may have already come out recently, will include this disorder. Also prescribing the appropriate criteria and prognosis for treatment would be helpful.

    Maybe the drug companies will create an expensive antidote for this which can be marketed on TV with “Ask your doctor…”

  47. Scarborough is disgusting and Mika is a paid parrot. JS likes to fake moderation just to set up low blows like this. I won’t be surprised if he hops in the race…

  48. LOL! I’m mother-in-law to three exceptional men. I would never have to, but I’m sure they know I would, kick their butts if they ever needed it.

    Mrs Robinson’s seal of approval works for me!

  49. I’ll join in shuffleboard and then just relax and watch as PBO turns this ship of state slowly to the left 🙂

  50. I’m certainly not sending out any lifeboats, lol. I’m simply choosing to be on another part of the ship, away from teabaggers and fauxgressives.

  51. Not over yet. It needs to pass the Senate. Democrats will probably vote overwhelmingly for it. Which republican senators won’t be afraid of tea-party backlash and will vote yes ? I would bet a couple of the ones who were elected last November; they don’t have to face primaries before a long time…

    Can Jim DeMint and Rand Paul really derail the process like they’re claiming, or will they simply make the process painfully slow ?

  52. “Athletics Anonymous” LOL! I so belong too and I will have to use this in future instead of saying I’m “not sports minded.”

  53. The elitist attitude is exactly right, and is why I’m rolling my eyes at this person’s “hurt.” And don’t despair, the left gets it. You simply have to look at the actual evidence, polling, and not at the people screaming the loudest.

  54. Wow, I can’t believe Mr. Plouffe entertained Kos bloggers. I always disagree with folks who say the administration shouldn’t reach out to the Republicans, but to me Kos is just a wing of the Drudge Report…

  55. WIW! Thanks for sharing this. I’m sending it to everyone I know. This should totally go viral. It is a powerful and eloquent statement.

  56. I’m happy Mr. Plouffe in engaging with Kos. It’s time to calm things down a bit. This place is becoming paranoîd. Mostly because they feel they don’t have any power. Having a conversation with the WH communications director can be a good thing. And Mr. Plouffe is a great guy, no non-sense guy, dynamic guy. With his personnality, his sense of optimism, his communications skills, he can clear the atmosphere a bit.

  57. That too, a subset of the primary disorder which can also be treated with expensive drugs plus shock treatments. Big Pharma will just love a new dis-ease to treat with drugs that cost $$$.

  58. I’ve seen the WH reach out to detractors again, and again, and again. The WH also attends their sour, stank events like nutroots nation. The WH just seems to like engaging detractors in order to make sure that they’re not in a bubble, but they have to be careful with that, as some of their detractors are themselves in a bubble, because they’re new media Villagers.

    I do agree that it’s a little risky because it rewards contrarian attention-seeking and it absolutely feeds the cottage industry in the new media Village of elitists. I also cringed when I read that list (or everyone but eclectablog), but I’m sure that there’s a legitimate rationale for continuing to appeal to people who you or I may consider beneath contempt, and this WH has shown tremendous strategic strength.

  59. Vote totals: 260-167 – passed; 59 Republicans and more than half of the Democratic members voted against it.

  60. I love this last bit:

    Postscript: Just as an aside, watching the vote was unusually interesting. Democrats, in large numbers, waited a very long time to register a vote. This wasn’t an accident — Dems knew Republicans were finding it difficult to get to 218, and wanted to make sure GOP members were forced into the uncomfortable position.

  61. Thanks for the link. I’m not sure on Pelosi’s strategy of holding all Dem votes until Boehner got 218 though. Maybe I’m missing something but if the 40 Dems that voted for it we’re allowed in right away, then Boehner could have lost 40 more votes from his own caucus on his own deal. Losing near 100 votes on your own deal would be quite the slap in the face. OTOH, if the Dems want to paint the agreement as bi-partisan it needed as many GOP votes as possible.

    I guess Pelosi wanted Boehner to have to twist arms to get to 218 himself it seems, maybe to show him how unpopular he is and how he can’t count on the fringe of his own caucus, make him sweat a little after blanket obstruction he put on her the last two years. Or maybe it was to force some GOP reps to have to vote for it to support their Speaker, knowing the teabaggers back home will primary them as a result? Maybe try to separate Reps from the teabagger supporters so they’re be more open to working with Dems in the future.

  62. Well…IIRC this is hardly the first time that the WH has engaged the DailyFox. Doesn’t seem to have worked to create a decent relationship or sustained improvement in quality. It just makes a place (which has outrage and feelings of superiority as the business model) feel like the folks there are even more of the “elite” and thus have even more right to speak for the entire base. So I take your points and can see the merits/hazards of the WH continuing to dialogue with dfox both ways. I just wish they’d also reach out to places like thepeoplesview and give them a lift. dfox is drying up and isn’t that exciting or special anymore, at least it wasn’t when I left.

  63. Seriously, he seems super-intelligent. Can’t thank him enough for all he’s doing to get POTUS reelected.

  64. Hah! Taking it right to the people. Why do I get the giddy sensation that this plan has been set in motion for months? One thing that PBO knows how to do is to wait for the right moment to strike. Now I think we’ll see a perpetual blitz on GOP (non)governance.

  65. I’ve been so impressed with the president and his administration that I can never second guess them, I’m sure they’re just being bigger people than me.

    But concerning the real goal of Kos…Let me say first that I frequently ‘monitor’ Limbaugh and the rest of his ilk…I know it seems masochistic, but I live in GA and it does help me when talking to my redneck brethren to be able to accurately quote their ‘leaders’. Anyway, as ‘out there’ as Limbaugh gets I’ve never heard him talk seriously about impeachment…yet I’ve seen a poll about impeaching President Obama featured prominently in the upper right of the Kos front page many times…? That’s kinda Glenn Beck crazy to me.

  66. I agree and I wouldn’t have did it. It just will embolden them in their garbage. It will puff out Markos’ chest and buffer their silly claims that they’re somehow the base.

  67. Preaching to the choir. And to add, the fauxgressive point of view is all over the airwaves, the radio, and the net. I think they’ve had their say, more than their say actually. I’m tired of them masquerading as the base and trying to hijack our voices, constantly.

    That said, the WH engages detractors a lot. A lot of times I will be confused by this or that strategy, and it will be absolutely brilliant in hindsight, such as the selection of H. Clinton for SoS.

  68. BrightSource Energy said today it has secured financing for a utility-scale solar plant in the California desert, the first project of this type to be built in the U.S. in decades.

    The Oakland, Calif.-based company said that it has finalized $1.6 billion in loans guaranteed from the U.S. Department of Energy for the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, a facility which will have three concentrating solar thermal plants.

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    In a company blog, Google said it is investing in the Ivanpah project to ensure that it has sufficient funding and to earn money. Google and its philanthropy has invested in a few renewable energy start-ups, including BrightSource Energy, and last year invested $38.8 million in a wind farm, but its stake in the Ivanpah project is its largest energy investment to date.

    Read more:

  69. Another step in the Green Revolution (the energy one, not Gaddafi’s version).

  70. You are absolutely right, GN. The tea party caucus is full of true believers but most republicans only give lip service to the tea party goals. They back the Wall street and chamber interests fully, however. They won’t let the tea partiers lead to the ruin of their businesses. What it may lead to though is a very real split in the republican party to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised to see an actual Tea Party candidate for president, especially if someone like Mitt Romney is given the republican nomination. The republicans used the tea party to win a lot of seats in 2010. Then they figured they could ignore those people like they always do. But they did such a good job of stirring them up this time that they aren’t as likely to just sit back and toe the party line when they don’t get their way. I foresee very interesting times ahead for the republican party in the next 2 years.

  71. Bill Gates urged the United States to invest billions of dollars a year to bring about a clean energy revolution that would free it from dependence on oil.

    In an interview with ABC “This Week,” Gates said the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico raises the question “how did we get an energy infrastructure that is this fragile?”

    Gates and his American Energy Innovation Council last week called for an $11 billion increase in annual investment in research and development into clean energy technology to $16 billion a year.

    “You know, we’ve got a supply chain where we send a billion dollars a year overseas and you can imagine that there will be disruptions,” he said.

    Ya think?

  72. I don’t think Paul Ryan is playing games. He BELIEVES in this travesty of an economic model. That’s what is scary. He’s probably not that bright and is getting used by people in think thanks who feed him this stuff.

  73. President Obama says his 2006 vote against raising the debt limit was “political” and that he wasn’t thinking about “what was important for the country.

    Here’s what Obama told ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos: “I think that it’s important to understand the vantage point of a senator versus the vantage point of a … president. When you’re a senator, traditionally what’s happened is, this is always a lousy vote. Nobody likes to be tagged as having increased the debt limit for the United States by a trillion dollars. … As president, you start realizing: ‘You know what? We — we can’t play around with this stuff. This is the full faith in credit of the United States.’ And so that was just a example of a new senator, you know, making what is a political vote as opposed to doing what was important for the country. And I’m the first one to acknowledge it.”

    Stephanopoulos teased on his blog that Obama also talks about “what he really thinks of Donald Trump riding the ‘birther’ issue to the top of the GOP 2012 field.” But the full interview isn’t available yet.

    Politico 44-

  74. They were just giddy with Ryan’s “serious” and “courageous” plan. They were having the time of their lives lauding it. The head producer shared that he was “in love”—with Ryan.
    There is no honesty coming out of that program.

  75. Excellent analysis. This is also why, as a delighted political oberver during the age of Obama, I’m tickled pink that Trump is still running around talking about “the blacks,” talking about being a birther, and discussing running for the GOP presidential ticket. That really really really doesn’t help the GOP to try to resolve that split or condition the teaparties into accepting a non-birther presidential ticket, or at least a non-birther on the top of the ticket.

    But I couldn’t agree more fully: the tensions between the GOP factions is on display here. As much as I would absolutely love to credit the WH for the entirety of the budget outcome (and the WH deserves a lion’s share of that credit, period), big business and their GOP politicians were not about to let the teabaggers mess with their pockets.

    These are very interesting times and some really new and strange alignments.

  76. I think there were several reasons for holding the votes of the Democrats as long as possible. For one thing I’m sure it was part of the deal that Boehner had to come through with more than the minimum number of votes so that the deal would be seen as truly a bipartisan compromise and it couldn’t be used as an election issue of “look what the Democrats did”. It had to be something that couldn’t be attacked as a partisan vote. Then there was considerable opposition to the deal from many democrats and I’m sure they asked to be allowed to vote against it if their votes weren’t needed. That would require waiting until there were enough republican votes before giving anyone the okay to safely vote against it without endangering passage. And thirdly, by making the Republicans vote first it kept the focus on the split in the republican caucus and the firmness, or lack thereof, of Boehner’s control over his side of the aisle.

  77. Solutia to Supply Heat Transfer Fluids for World’s Largest Solar Generation Plant
    Company Continues to Provide Reliable Solutions to Renewable Energy Market
    Solutia Inc.

    Reprint or license
    Text Size: tool nameclose
    tool goes here ST. LOUIS, April 14, 2011 — /PRNewswire/ — Solutia Inc. (NYSE: SOA), a global leader in performance materials and specialty chemicals, has been awarded a contract to supply its Therminol® VP-1 synthetic heat transfer fluid for the Solana solar power plant project, which is slated to be the world’s largest solar power plant. The $2 billion plant, which is under construction in Gila Bend, Arizona, will be the largest parabolic trough concentrating solar plant in the world and the first large-scale solar plant in the United States capable of storing energy for continued power generation during periods of low sunlight.

    Read more:

  78. December 2010:


    “I didn’t have the choice but to extend the tax cuts for the wealthy. I disagree with this. When the time comes to revisit this, I will welcome the debate” – PBO

    You bet that he’s been planning this.

  79. By Tracy Staedter

    Dec. 11, 2010 — In the United States, solar-powered energy plants are starting to come into their own. Earlier this month, San-Diego based Sempra Generation finished construction on the largest photovoltaic solar power plant in the country, located in Boulder City, Nev., about 40 miles southeast of Las Vegas. The 48-megawatt Copper Mountain Solar facility has 775,000 thin-film solar panels, which should be able to power about 14,000 homes, on average.


    The United States already boasts the world’s largest solar-thermal power plant, the 354-megawatt Solar Energy Generating Systems located in California’s Mojave Desert, which provides electricity to about 500,000 homes. As a reminder, solar-thermal power plants use the sun to a heat a fluid and turn it into steam, which is then used to turn a turbine to generate electricity. Photovoltaics, such as those installed at the Copper Mountain facility, are solar panels that convert sunlight directly into electricity.


    Although the Copper Mountain facility’s power capacity almost doubles that of the previous record holder, the 20-megawatt DeSoto PV plant in Arcadia Florida, it won’t hold the record for very long. Sempra has approval to build a 200-MW solar farm in Kern County, Calif., and is planning to construct a 600-MW solar facility in Arizona next year.


  80. And that is why they hated what the President said. They had firmly come out in support of the Ryan plan. The President came out and told everyone what the Ryan plan really meant to everyday Americans and they are furious. They saw the Ryan plan as a great way to further enrich themselves and who cared what it did to everyone else? Now the president went and spoiled the party by telling people how they would be hurt by the plan and they know people won’t like that and won’t support the super duper make Joe S richer Ryan plan anymore.

  81. Unfortunately George is one of the dimmer reporters out there. His questions are always shallow and attempts to trip up the people he is interviewing on some superficial and irrelevant thing – like flag pins and how much they love the country. The guy is stupid. Fortunately, the president is very intelligent and has a way of getting out what he wants to say no matter how inane the questions he is asked.

  82. And to think that he and James Carville were considered leading political lights after the 1992 election.

  83. The president will always engage his opponents no matter where they come from. Just as he will always talk to republicans and do interviews on FoxNews, he will also talk to the frustrati at DK. That’s the way he is. He will be reasonable and open and answer their questions. He will try to engage them person to person and appeal to the better angels of their natures. Always.

  84. Does anyone else have in their memory that our President declared in more than one speech that America would be making 40% of the world’s advanced batteries by 2015? I was looking into that and it turns out that is misleading. What is true is that we are working toward creating 40% of the world’s advanced battery CAPACITY. Big difference. I also read that there won’t be nearly enough demand for these batteries or their capacity. So I asked on if that capacity could be used to store energy from wind and solar and be part of the smart grid. Anyone know if that’s even possible?

  85. Yep. He’s a true believer. Frum’s piece yesterday said that most GOP are smart enough not to put tax cuts for the rich in the same breath as spending cuts for the poor, old and disabled – Ryan put in on paper in the same budget. He doesn’t see anything wrong with that.

  86. This is how we win the fight for green energy: when power companies bring green generators up, due to a number of factors, but the driving factor being cost: fossil fuels becoming too expensive, and renewable technologies becoming cost-effective. These articles are exciting news.

  87. You know he was! I’m still convinced that the Democrats purposely punted on passing the FY2011 budget so the Republicans would be forced into this fight early on before they could achieve any party unity. This lines up the pins for the debt ceiling then the FY2012.

  88. Bob, you’re smart. How can we get this some big coverage? I sent it out to everyone I know. I even emailed it to Rachel. We will see if she show’s it. Dang! We’ve just got to get these messages out there better.

  89. I’ve been thinking about this for a almost a week, and I’ve decided President Obama is even more brilliant than I’d known. I think there’s a long-term plan in place that not only continues to flummox the Republicans, it uses the whingers on the left to soften them up. PBO keeps slapping them silly, in a very charming and elegant way, and each time they swear they’ll never be caught again, and then they start hearing the fussing from “His Base” and start believing he’s weak, and then WHAMMO, they get gobsmacked again.

    I think DK, HuffPo and FDL were highly predictable, and that their hysteria and hyperbole can be used to keep the RW off balance. I don’t think the President ever expected any support from them, so he makes good use of them to get what he wants.

    The real activists are already out there busting ass to improve the country, and hanging around sites like this one for some well-earned rest and positive energy. PBO knows his base is there and active, and that he can count on us, so why not make use of the perpetually annoyed?

    I think we should thank the rock-star diarists for helping to convince the disloyal opposition that they can be more and more outrageous without fearing Democratic strength or Obama’s will. They had to be nearly comatose with arrogance to actually put Paul Ryan’s plans into writing. Now there’s a narrative all the way back to Alan Simpson and the Cat Food Commission – Republicans hate grandma and grandpa. Considering how many voters will be turning 65 over the next 20 years, it’s a little silly to call those people lazy and stupid, and to blame them for the destruction of their retirement accounts, and THEN to tell them they won’t have the safety net they were promised, and that they’ve paid into all their working lives.

    The Republicans have been well and truly had here, and the insanity of the Tea Party governors and legislators is just making it easier for the President to clarify what we’ve all known for long time – a working person voting Republican is like a chicken cheering Col. Sanders.

  90. Hi Jovie! So glad to see you here.

    Let Gates put more money where he puts his mouth. He’s right but he is not one of my heroes.

  91. Earlier, the House approved two resolutions that would amend the Fiscal Year 2011 spending bill to block funding for Planned Parenthood and last year’s healthcare law. As we know, agreement to separate out those expenditures and have Congress vote on them was a part of the negotiations, but largely symbolic since – as expected – the Senate now has voted down both resolutions.

    The Senate just went on to pass the Fiscal Year 2011 budget (81-19), which the House had passed. Next stop: to the President for signature. Drinks (of your choice) are on me!

    Will the Republican time-wasters NEVER give up and cry uncle? Will they never move over to JOBS or something that actually benefits people?

  92. You can get direct access now, in very little time, by contacting Debbie Wasserman shultz congressional office! Ask the staff the question, and she will SOON get back to you via email or direct mail.
    That is a good advantage for voters who have questions, like this…

  93. No! they are so obsessed with beating the PResident in 2012, that they are NOW making POLICY mistakes!
    They are no where near as effective, as they were in 2009 and 2010, when their messaging was supreme. Now, it seems, we have a good message of winning the future and protecting benefits.
    And Currently, The GOPs only message is pessimism.

  94. He doesn’t need to be a hero. He needs to be a Democrat, which he is. So is his wife. He’s a far cry from the Koch brothers. We need our very own gazillionaires.

  95. Will be interesting in seeing how Manchin, Nelson, Sc. Brown, Snowe, Murkowski vote on the PP bill.

    On the 100th day since the GOP took over the majority and they’re still voting on go-nowhere bills on abortion and HCR repeal. Pretty damn symbolic.

    I’m glad Boehner forced his caucus to vote again on these issues – these freshmen Reps will have to answer for them in 18 months.

  96. I think that there’s an effort afoot to marginalize strident ideologues on both sides actually. I think that POTUS never gave up on a dream which some of us might find dubious, that of Dems and Republicans working together to craft good policy (in lines with the ying/yang discussions we’ve had here this week). That can’t work with extremists. The Dems’ fringe is already pretty much powerless because despite their media capture, they’re so small in number and not really involved. The GOP’s fringe, however, the TeaOP, has more of a bite.

    I simply have a really hard time believing that the GOP put forth the Ryan plan in serious hopes of its implementation, versus a demonstration of the extremism of that part of their own caucus, and a public repudiation of that extremism as a non-starter. A lot of those teabaggers are in purple districts and may or may not even represent a long-term thorn in Boehner’s side. And big business has been ringing the alarm big time about finding the teaparty’s spending plans unacceptable, and being on board with the plans to build up infrastructure here. They don’t love this POTUS, but they want those federal dollars spent and the recovery to continue.

    I’m thinking that the tea parties may be on their way to a fringe position within the GOP. I’m looking less at POTUS (who is a spectacular negotiator and hooked us up), and more at the GOP’s leadership and establishment who don’t seem to be putting up that much of a fight beyond red meat to the teaparties.

  97. Going to President Obama’s desk for signature!

    Congress has sent President Barack Obama legislation making $38 billion in cuts from domestic programs.The Senate vote was 81-19. It came not long after the House gave its ts approval, 260-167.

  98. It’ll be interesting to see who the 19 no votes were.

    Great gravatar!

  99. Brian Beutler, Talking Points Memo: “Spending Bill Passes House Despite Mass Republican Defections From Boehner”

    “Fifty-nine Republicans defected from GOP leadership, leaving Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) woefully short of the necessary majority to pass the bill without Democratic help. The final vote was 260-167.

    The fact that Boehner needed nearly 40 Democratic votes to pass the resolution and avoid a government shutdown was a stunning blow to his leadership, especially after he shut House Democrats out of budget negotiations and just a few days ago dismissed the need to secure any Democratic votes.”

  100. Thank you! I found this picture and was like, “how beautiful; that fits right into bwd’s theme.”

  101. I love it ! The PL are quiet and now embracing the president. Some of the far left whack jobs are still saying there stuff but some are opening their eyes and getting behind the president.

    These people need to stop listening to the Cenk’s and Jane Hamsher’s of the world.

  102. Don’t get me wrong: I would relish the Obama – Trump debates in 2012. But still, as a sentient human being, he offends me.

  103. That’s why I’m glad he’s out there doing this. He’s offending an awful lot of people, while riling up the teaparties and making them believe that they deserve to get a birther presidential nominee.

  104. Jeremy, I know where you’re coming from…I’ve been banned from Jane Hamsher(in bed with Grover Nordquist)’s FDL site for ages, simply for saying she sounds like William Krystol…And I’ve gone after Cenk on Facebook enough to be assaulted by his minions (at The Young Turks) but I just want to say that I’m sure they are not the same…

    I am positive that Jane is an enemy of the president…maybe she gets paid, maybe she is a true neo-con; but Cenk (I think) is a genuine populist who is young (Young Turks) and idealistic enough TO MAKE THE TERRIBLE MISTAKE of not supporting THE BEST PRESIDENT SINCE FDR…

    I think we need to keep pulling at Cenk, but Jane needs to get on a slow boat to …with Grover…

  105. Joan Walsh claimed today “…this is the president I voted for.”. Allow me to roll my eyes! 🙂

  106. The fact is that people are getting tired of the Obama caved and is not a progressive Democrat memo.

    I’m starting to see push back on liberal blogs and people in general are tired of the anti-obama stuff. Americans want solutions and it seems like Obama is the main guy getting things done and acting like an adult.

  107. Yeah when I first saw Jane on TV something in my gut told me that there was something fake about her. And my gut was right.

  108. My first vote was for president was for Michael Dukakis. His campaign theme was “competence”. It was supremely unsexy, and he didn’t have much charisma. The electorate was still in its Reagan honeymoon, so Bush the First had an easy election. The meme afterwards was that no one can make “competence” attractive.

    Ladies and gentlemen, with PBO that meme has been put to rest. Of course, he pushes other themes that resonate — to me, most importantly, “I am my brother’s keeper, I am my sister’s keeper”. But another major theme is that he simply knows what he’s doing, and he does it in the most efficient way possible. In other words, competence is sexy again.

  109. If I can say one more thing: liberals have always always always been on board. Our voices were simply hijacked by a small group of people who consider themselves the elite and thus entitled to speak for us, and use us as a weapon to try to get control over POTUS to force him to implement their ideas, many of which are short-sighted and red meat laden. They try to tell POTUS that if they’re unhappy, the base is unhappy to give themselves a greater authority. Yet polling never bears their claims out.

    We just don’t have a reliable voice in the media.

    I’m just so thrilled with what we’re building here, which feels so much more stable and trustworthy. I personally don’t need those spaces to reform, or not reform, or get better, or get worse…they don’t speak for me at all regardless. This space does.

    Even where we disagree, there’s a baseline of understanding that we’re collaborating on a very special and long-lasting lurch to the left in this country. I’m in it for the long haul, and I literally would not be able to do that if spaces like this with no roller coaster did not exist. I would have checked out, because it’s too exhausting and toxic to never know where the next blow up and freak out is going to come.

    /washing hands

    Thanks everyone.

  110. I heard Dem Dennis Kucinich talk about how he wasn’t happy with the Prez’ speech last night so he will probably be against raising the debt ceiling too.

  111. I wonder if Donald Trump is betting on the Tea Party going Independent and that is why he is playing to them and mentioning he may go Independent a day ago?

  112. Oh please, please, please go independent. Not only would Obama win in a cakewalk — which he’d likely do anyway — but the congressional GOP would be decimated in a civil war. What do I have to sacrifice to make this happen?

  113. Heads-up folks !

    CSPAN is announcing it will broadcast the event at Navy Pier live, at 10:30 ET !

    Given what transpired yesterday, the atmosphere tonight will be ELECTRIC !

    I’ll be watching. And you ??

  114. Yeah, he’s lost all semblance of credibility. He simply doesn’t matter anymore.

  115. The “poisoning the well” remark was a new GOP talking point of the day cuz I heard it a couple of other places during the day.

  116. If it really is a publicity stunt like everybody believes, what is there to gain from presenting yourself as a birther bigot? Is that really that good for business these days?

  117. 3 Republican virgins, preferably male so they can’t procreate. Throw in a stuffed goat while you’re at it (don’t want to lose out on any good goat cheese).

  118. Forgotten? Me neither. But GS may not go for redemption and may go for gotcha.

  119. IMO he’s getting an awful lot of attention from the GOP fringe and the media which is just enthralled with them. As Palin learned, that may not be enough to win you a national election, but they’re still sizeable enough to milk. And Trump is so over the top with it, I’d imagine that many of his colleagues think he’s full of bs, not that he was this hugely credible figure in the business community in the first place. That’s my speculation.

  120. Eclectablog: Thanks for sharing what you heard on your blog with David P.

  121. Jeremy this happens all the time. Every major and no so major issues the PL knee jerks then goes into hiding when POTUS emerges winner and still champ. No surprise, give them a few days they will find something to faux outrage about.

  122. Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully we’ll hear some Brooks and Dunn there tonight.

  123. I know what you mean I listen to Randi just because I know she is one of us on this blog. I sometimes listen to other PL but turn it off as soon as they discredit him. I was amazed this morning that Thom Hartmann was really supportive and elated about what PBO said. He only agreed with a couple of callers in about it being important to wait and see.

    One caller said “This is the first time since I voted for him that he sounds like he is going to do anything for us.”

    I about fell off my chair when Thom H. started reading a list of PBO’s accomplishments and even told why Obama couldn’t do what FDR did W/ the situation he has now. Then he said he has to go step by step. Thom had been harping for months maybe years on how we needed PBO to be like FDR.

    I also heard something similar on a different PL’s show only this guy thought it was unusual that so many callers didn’t believe PBO would do what he said. I wanted to scream at my radio “What do you think you can just keep bashing PBO over and over and people will not become rigid about how they do not believe in PBO?”

  124. Yes exactly. Reminds me of that educated fool Cornell West and his ilk always acting like they speak for the AA community. Last I heard AA’s have many differing voices and this paid lecturer doesn’t come close to representing the vast majority of us. I like your new avatar. 🙂

  125. I wonder if is’t performance art in a way and when he announces he isn’t going to run he’ll blame the teabaggers and birthers for making it impossible for real Republicans – that he fed them birther garbage to prove a point and they ate it up and he sky rocketed up in the polls not saying one damn thing about policy.

    Then I realize it’s Trump we’re talking about and that would be giving him too much credit.

  126. On CBS and ABC from the Stephanolpolous interview

    Obama Exclusive: I Was Born in Hawaii and I Don’t ‘Have Horns’

    Obama quote

    “The truth of the matter is that I think that the vast majority of Americans across the country – Democratic or Republican – really want this election to be about growing the economy, getting control of the deficit, preparing the future for our kids. And my suspicion is that anybody who is not addressing those questions…Is going to be in trouble. I think they may get a quick pop in the news. They may get a lot of attention. But ultimately, the American people understand this is a serious, sober time,” he told me.”

  127. However, unlike Palin, Trump has a lot to lose if offended Americans start boycotting his casinos, hotels, tv shows, etc. Trump needs more than just the teabaggers to spend money at his properties to turn a profit. I’d love to see a huge boycott started by progressives of Trump products due to his birtherism.

  128. Demi Mooore and Ashton kuchner are on Piers Morgan. They said some great things about the president, how every thing can’t be left to him we have to help.

  129. Yeah, that would mean we take him seriously. The President doesn’t take him seriously, so why would we? Wasn’t it David Plouffe who called Trump’s bid a sideshow?

  130. The nay votes in the senate were a handful of Dems making a point and the GOP ideologue caucus like DeMint, Rand Paul, Hatch and Vitter. Rubio was also a nay. GOP yeas incl. Scott Brown, Murkowski and Snowe. Dem conservadems like Nelson voted yea alongside liberals like Boxer.

  131. hee hee. Here’s my tweet reply to AC360 tweet
    AC360 AC 360°
    Evening Buzz: Fuzzy Math in Budget Deal? –
    13 minutes ago
    @AC360 it’s only fuzzy looking at 4pm on Boehner’s bar napkin.
    11 minutes ago

  132. WOW Obama!

    Let’s show up the Lizards’ (Republicans’) self-serving agenda, which is:

    ME ONLY,
    and LET ME UPHOLD THE CORPORATE CROWD (which pays me).

  133. Seems like the fundraising event started a bit earlier than scheduled..CSPAN 2 cut in at 10:21PM when the speech was already in progress…Perhaps it’s a different one.

  134. I have just got home from a long day and turned on Cspan. The President is on fire! This is such a great pick me up for me. What a day.

    I love listening to this man. And I love checking in on this site during the day. It really helps me keep track what is going on.

    Thank you BWD and everyone here for participating!

  135. I agree! I loved when he said he is not yet campaigning … LOL! If he is this hot now, I look forward to when he starts campaigning.

  136. My goodness, I agree.

    His speech was good though. It was real , and moving.

  137. Yep. I tuned at 10h30 so I missed a good part of the speech. Frustrating.

  138. It’s a sideshow, but he won’t get another dime from me at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City.

  139. Absolutely and it happens with PL’s followers. I’ve seen the knee-jerk reactions on other web sites (that will remain nameless), but once they realize they are wrong they never admit it.

  140. People really do not see this man as serious; everything he does is a media stunt.

    Is he going broke again? That could be it. He works the media and has for so many years. That’s why it’s so hard to credit this as serious. NYers please weigh in because Donald Trump as a serious presidential candidate…come on.

  141. Yup, and that’s how they end up with such disproportionate attention. “Are fauxgressives hot on POTUS, are they not, is he in, is he out…stay tuned!” Tired of being their paparazzi.

    Who cares what they think.

  142. I totally agree. Black folk ran Tavis off Tom Joyner’s show – but Tavis didn’t learn. Maher had him on his show spewing the same hate. It’s sad really. I respect a Repub who defines his/her criticism of the President as being to liberal. I understand they want to eliminate Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security. I have NO respect for so-called progressives who CANNOT and/or WILL NOT define their criticism of the President. They are disingenuous.

  143. As a former New Yorker, when I was growing up I remember that this man was in the gossip pages 10 times more than he was in the business pages. He’s a buffoon and a crook.

  144. Yup, he’s always in the news for my whole life. He is a media attention whore, I’m sorry, but this obvious.

    I hope that he does end up fleecing the teabaggers; “Palin does it, why can’t I,” might be his thinking. But in any event, this is just Trump being Trump.

    He’s a fool.

  145. Excellent insights — and of course the number of TP Republicans is only in the area of 80-90 so they don’t control the caucus although they sure are a problem for the more conventional Republicans, who would not do things like call for a default . . .

  146. You talking about the “debate”that those two jokers moderated???? Yes, that was one for the ages . .

  147. Sounds like Trump thinks “The Blacks” are a rock ‘n’ group. He’s just offensive.

  148. No – the WH shouldn’t legitimize them. Those FPers are all just awful and have always been awful. They tell me what MM is really all about. No one should mistake dkos for being a left-wing or a progressive site.

  149. Not a hero – but Gates and his wife have done some good work through their mega-charitable foundation. His father is a good guy who campaigns aggressively and publicly for hefty estate taxes on the wealthy.

  150. all voted right on the PP proposal but only the Dems on your list voted right on the repeal of health care.

  151. Why do you think Cenk is a young idealist???? He was a Republican until rather recently. Same with Markos. Doubt that either has any ideals or convictions.

  152. He’s extremely candid and open right up until you realise that he had more aces up his sleeve than you thought there were in the pack 🙂

    Lesson of the budget debate: don’t EVER play poker for money against PBO.

  153. I just hope it is an attention getting act instead of a real attempt to run for office. I don’t want him running just incase he would win. Yuck!!

  154. cenk is an useless idiot for progressives. Sooner they realize, the better the chest thumping ‘progressives’ will be. But they won’t.

  155. Wish the dems would go to town with this. How they saved government from shutting down and thereby prevented a big national security risk. Beat the repugs with their own sticks.

  156. I recorded PBO cspan speech. I just started watching to make sure I got it. Now I’m going to be late for work trying to listen 😀 But lol at that lady telling PBO at the beginning he still looked good when he was talking about getting older. He said he’d be sure to to Michelle she saId that lol. On my twitter timeline someone said she was drunk and shouting out stuff throughout speech…smh

  157. Just finished watching that fabulous speech. So amazing…loved when he put the Bulls cap on at the end and they started playing Only in America. *tear* Yes We Can!

  158. That was one of the most ingenuous in-your-face smack downs ever delivered, without a word being spoken.

    Absolutely brilliant!

    I hope it goes viral.

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