Schooling Private Ryan

 Hi guys,

That was some serious fun yesterday, wasn’t it? I could not stop smiling. I was even smiling at the predictable “This is the president I voted for!” and the “We made him say this” BS.  

It is all so amusing to me now. The shortsightedness, the inability to see why the tax deal back in December was a stroke of genius, giving us not only a second stimulus, but also a perfect card to run on in 2012. Or to understand why he wanted to end that stupid no-big-deal last week, so we can move on to the real fight.

Oh well, It was just fun to see to many Orange heads explodes, from both sides. 😉

Here’s some really good read:

1. NYT graphic Comparison between Republican and  PBO’s Budget Plans. Stunning difference.

2. How Obama Used Paul Ryan.

3. Nicholas Kristof: raise my taxes! 

4. Booman: The president basically got Paul Krugman to shut the eff up and applaud

5. David Frum: Ryan’s Budget Gives Obama What He Wants

6. Obama Speech Defends Liberal Principles


This is good visual from Rachel:



And, magnificent new stuff from Pete Souza. (mouse-over the photos, double click for big size).



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  1. Maddow’s telestrator and the Prez’s voice-over are brilliant and ought to be made viral on youtube. Excellent job BWD.

  2. I am still smiling from yesterday. I can’t wait until we hear what he has to to say at the fundraisers tonight.

    Iove all those pictures!

    I really want to thank BWD and all you wonderful people here for the greatthread yesterday . For those of us who couldn’t watch it was heaven. Thank you all .

  3. Man I want Pete Souza’s job.

    I was smiling all day long too, people wondered why he delivered it at 1:30…it was so we could smile all day long and beat the PL over the head all day long.

  4. Hi BWD ! I’m going to make myself some coffee and just enjoy going through all the reading . Big smiles on my face.

    I won’t be totally happy though until the House votes on that deal today. They better not try some last minute dirty trick as revenge for yesterday…

  5. Good morning to all. A very special thanks to BWD for great pictures of our President and Michelle. I can’t help but smile each and every time I see our President and his family.
    The man speaks and I listen. The man walks into a room and I stop to watch. The man smiles and I smile back.
    This President makes me happy to be alive. For all those pundits who claim that white senior citizens won’t vote for this man are totally wrong. This President has my support, morally and financially.

  6. Good morning BWD, those are some wonderful pictures. I especially like the one with President Obama talking with the little girl Halle Major in the oval office. What a great start to the day. Be Blessed BWD and thanks as always>>

  7. I love that picture too. Love, love, love the look on her upturned face. Made me cry. Beautiful.

  8. It’s not liberal ideals, it’s American ideals. Ryan’s budget attacks programs that have been in place through many Republican Administrations, heck even defended by some. It was Eisenhower who warned against the Military-Industrial Complex, and now you have Ryan’s Budget unwilling to make any DOD cuts.

    If the Obama Address is allowed to be framed as liberal or partisan than the GOP is winning the frame war. It needs to be seen as “American”, fair, and moderate.

  9. I heard that Morning Joe was sad because the president attacked his boyfriend Paul Ryan.
    LOL !

    The thing is that his plan is radical and I care about the millions of Americans that would be effected by this plan and I could care less about his feelings.

  10. That photo of the tiny little girl with the black bow on her hair–Kennedy Alexander–just broke my heart. PBO’s reaching for her and the joy on her face. If this is a Make-a–Wish child, it means she’s very ill and–Oh Boy–what can you do but cry. What a wonderful president we have to make time for the tiniest little citizen.

    The article from David Frum was very interesting and I think he hit it on the head that the R’s overreached with Ryan’s budget. Ryan seems like a giddy kid who couldn’t wait to show all his toys and didn’t have the wit or sophistication to know that he revealed too much. The Republican approach to government and the welfare of Americans is so ugly, they can only succeed by disguising it, which is why they ran on both jobs and preserving Medicare. It would not occur to their minds that abandoning any job creation strategy and embracing the of disassembling Medicare would create dissonance for Americans. This is ego, ignorance and naivety in huge proportions and helps delineate in the starkest terms who the adult is. I don’t agree with Frum’s ideas about taxes or much else, for that matter, but in this article, he called it.

  11. Thanks for brightening my morning BWD. The pictures are great. Your email is the first one I open in the morning. Keep up the good work!

  12. Unlike Republicans, Obama does not attack personally. He attacked Ryan’s proposal.

    Joe obviously does not know the difference.

  13. So Joe agrees with taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich tax breaks?

    Joe must be pulling a nice salary for his gig right, so how many seniors does he want to stick with a $6000 bill each so he can have his tax break?

    Somebody with Twitter should ask Joe that “How many seniors would be billed $6K more so you could enjoy your tax break under the GOP plan?

  14. And schooled he was!

    I love the picture of little Halle — reminds me of how I felt when I had my first pair of patent leather Mary Jane “heels.” I thought I was so grown, LOL! Beautiful body language between the two of them in that pic.

    I watched the speech last night, and I am still buzzed. Again, nobody does it better. Truly masterful.

    I’m looking forward to seeing footage from tonight’s events. Hope he raises a lot of money and has a fabulous time in his hometown.

    Have a great day everyone :-)!

  15. The novice Ryan needed to have his ego continued to be propped up as the new ‘star’ on the block, riding a wave of courageous,bold,etc. Then along comes PBO, and all of a sudden his plan, not him, gets skewered right in front of his humiliated little face and of course he takes it personally,gets crestfallen,and sad. Poor Ry,Ry, his ego is shot,but I am sure he will get over it.

  16. Thanks to BWD, I discovered the blog of p m carpenter. it’s GREAT writing, in substance and in form.

    Today there is an incisive article about President Obama being attacked as “partisan”

    Just go read it !

    “The Beltway’s Rules” :

    On the same subject, isn’t interesting to note that this morning republicans are using this “partisan” meme, instead of talking substance.
    When you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger.

  17. I was amused by the tennis reference by David Frum, one of about 2 current Republicans with even a smidgen of common sense. Whatever you do, don’t serve to his backhand! But this is the mighty Ryan serve! Trust me, don’t! Thomp! Wham!
    As others have noted, Ryan made the big mistake of serving up tax cuts for the wealthy in the same breath as eliminating Medicare.
    As Frum said, “Americans like Medicare. They are not so enthusiastic about tax cuts for the rich.”
    Obama’s response: Thomp! Wham!

  18. Exactly what needs to be pushed back against. How was it partisan? The GOP Ryan Budget was classic GOP boilerplate. This is why I sort of like it better when MSNBC is blasting the President, because it gives him cover from these “He’s too partisan” charges from the right, which we all know will be picked up by the MSM. The Administration and Plouffe need to get ahead of this and fast.

  19. So, besides Poorlenty, Chump, and Mittens, any others for the GOP presidential election?

  20. The media needs to be put on noticed. All the commentators that said ryan’s plan is courageouse should have a video made with how much they make and the number of seniors it would take to keep their tax cuts. They want side again

  21. My daughter – a college student in Chicago – is going to the fundraiser at Navy Pier this evening; they have a special student rate, and she persuaded her boyfriend and another friend to sign up and go with her. I can’t wait to hear all about it and see any pictures she manages to take … she’s fired up, and so am I!

  22. President Obama has made all these points before the only difference is that yesterday’s speech provided much clearer visuals, a few more sound bytes, and an actual plan from Republicans that he could shred. His consistent supporters KNOW where Obama stands on these issues. And even if you don’t trust Obama, common sense should tell you that it would be political suicide for a Democrat up for reelection to gut SS, Medicare, and Medicaid. Its just bonkers. FFS even Kent Conrad said ‘not on my watch’.

  23. Have you all read the National Journal article noting that according to the CBO, the budget deal only cuts $352 million:

    The article also stated that “the minimal effect on current government spending, however, could improve macroeconomic forecasts that predicted lower economic growth if government spending was drastically reduced.”

    So, in other words Boehner got rolled and the CBO confirmed it. Well, no wonder PBO was taking a victory lap at the Lincoln memorial. He stole their cake and ate it too by seizing some of their rhetorical turf on spending cuts (when there is actually very little cuts). Then he goes and smacks Paul Ryan in the face with that stellar speech, which was a defense of liberalism and government.

    All of this in the face of intense criticism from his on party – from people even Senators who questioned his principles and whether he was a Democrat. I’m so disgusted with all of them. The president has never said that he would offer austerity cuts to Medicare/Medicaid or Social Security. Even Jeffery Sachs on Morning Joe said that what PBO said yesterday was consistent with what he had been saying.

    So why are progressives so mistrustful? Question his integrity as a Democrat. He enacted one of the biggest planks in the party platform – universal healthcare. It may not be progressive enough but there it is in the law books. Financial reform, environmental enforcement through the EPA, investment in alternative energy….but I’m preaching to the choir. You all know the list. Yet people still doubt and question. They say he could have got more by using the bully pulpit. He uses that pulpit and some then say well, it was only a speech…he gives good speeches, blah, blah, blah. I’m confused because weren’t they asking him to, well, give speeches, so he gives a speech proving what they should already know and they still have “reservations?” Give me a break!

    America better be glad I’m not the PBO’s sister instead of sweet Maya cause I would be telling him ‘don’t run, they don’t deserve you. Walk right off the big stage and go be president of the world like Bill Clinton.’ So, be thankful he’s got a sister like Maya who’s telling him that America needs him to run.

    I’m through with our so-called progressive activists. If they were worth their salt, instead of sending letters and petitions to the President, they should be organizing people to show up at townhalls of Republican House members during Easter recess. Their vote on Ryan’s bill will be just like Dem House members vote on cap and trade and health care. Will progressive activists take advantage of this? I doubt it. They are too busy checking PBO Democratic Party credentials.

    Sorry for the long rant…had to get that off my chest.

  24. I honestly don’t believe John boehner got rolled. I think he played the Tea Party for fools. He had to have known the details and “accounting tricks” that were involved here. If not then he is very stupid. If I was a member of the tea party I’d be pissed but I have to wonder why they trust him in the first place.

  25. Even Jeffery Sachs on Morning Joe said that what PBO said yesterday was consistent with what he had been saying.

    This was my big thing. To me he’s been setting this up the past two years. How many times has he talked about wanting to simply make SS, Medicare, and Medicaid stronger by using a scapel to cut some waste, but overall to not affect the benefits for current and future recipients? He’s always talked about addressing the deficit in a responsible way that doesn’t take away from investing in our future once the economy showed more stability.

  26. You may be right. As long as Boehner can get his booze and tan, nothing else matters. The T-baggers don’t trust him, and are gearing to primary him if the compromise passes in the house.

  27. That’s because the majority of Americans are smarter than Republicans. We have lived through the Republican era of “trickle down” tax cuts for the rich and it doesn’t work by some magic.

    It just gives the rich more money and everyone else less. And after the past decade where the majority have seen less and less money coming in, even those fortunate enough to hang onto their jobs, they try to sell us a plan where we get even less so the rich can be given more and we’re supposed to believe that, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, this time is will be different. This time it will stimulate the economy. Sure you will have to pay even more of your scant savings that are left after Republicans crashed the economy in 2008 to help pay for Grandma’s health care bills because she won’t be able to get any insurance that actually covers anything with her worthless voucher. And sure, the wealthiest people spending as much as they can could never hope to create the same kind of demand that the middle and lower classes in their millions can for goods and services if they have even a little extra cash to spend. And sure, this type of economics has been shown to be a failure over and over and over again. But this time, it will work, really.

    And if it doesn’t work the way we say it will, that’s okay because the rich deserve all the good stuff in life because they work hard, dontcha know? And the other 98% of Americans are just lazy people who don’t deserve any money. If they deserved money, they would have worked harder and they would be rich and then we would be sure they got to have even more money. It’s the math, you know?

    I think they are so used to the stupid 28% who vote for them no matter how many times they screw them over that they think that 28% represents everyone. But, maybe, finally with the Ryan plan, they have been too honest and laid things out there too clearly for even the inattentive to not notice what they are doing. And we can count on our President to make sure that if they haven’t noticed it yet, they will now because he’s not going to just sit back and let the wealthy pundits in DC tell the rest of us that the Republican plan is courageous and serious and we need to sacrifice more so they can get more and if we don’t like it we aren’t being serious and courageous.

  28. See and this is why the stupid PL should read the budget deal before running their mouths.
    Some of them like Joan Walsh, Rachel Maddow and the rest continue to go on and on about the budget deal and they have no clue.

    Maybe it’s high time to get smart pundits instead of these know nothing idiots.

  29. The best part of the smackdown was that Ryan had a front row seat. Poor baby, no longer the golden boy

  30. Beautiful photos !! What a great start to my day! That and reading about how President Obama made everyone look like chumps!! As usual! 🙂

  31. I know a woman who was actually one of Paul Ryan’s elementary school teachers. She said she is so sorry she didn’t do a better job of teaching him. 🙂

  32. Isn’t it interesting that Donald “Carrot Top” Trump is leading in the GOP presidential polls and he has less political experience than the half term governor. And when I say less, I mean none. But he knows the art of the deal apparently. And is a crackerjack businessman.

    Mitt Romney must be steaming because he has been bragging about his government and business experience and Trump is cleaning his clock. And unfortunately, Mitt said that President Obama wasn’t a leader the day before he gave that barnburner of a speech on fiscal policy yesterday. Oh, never mind.

    Tim Pawlenty is so undisciplined that he mistakenly pre-announced his plans to run for president while being interviewed on CNN. His handlers backtracked and said he really didn’t say he was running for president even though that’s exactly what he said.

    Newt Gingrich did multiple flip flops (and a triple axle) on Libya in the space of three weeks. That’s just the kind of decisiveness you would want from a president.

    It is easy to understand why the Republican base is so frustrated with the current crop of presidential candidates. Maybe there is a dark horse in the wings, but I doubt it. When you group them all together and consider their backgrounds and careers, they are a sight to behold.

  33. Also I could tell that Obama won based on his reaction after the deal was agreed to.

  34. the NYPost says his fundraiser in Manhattan is SOLD OUT, meaning there is money to support him.

    I just get tears when I see him with kids!!

  35. That was very, very good. And so true. You are right, the republicans know they can’t win hearts to their side on the issues. Their plan is a stinker and everyone can see that. So they have to try to discredit the President instead. But, the flaw in that plan is that they have spent so much time trying to discredit him already that people don’t take their attempts to do so now seriously. People just say, “eh, they always say stuff like that.” and then go on to make up their own minds about the actual proposals and the republicans lose that battle hands down. The whining just makes them look like sore losers on top of having a lousy plan.

  36. That’s a great idea. I’d love to see that. And the video should show actual seniors living in their mobile homes in Florida trying to get by on tuna fish for dinner juxtaposed with the pundits’ large, comfortable homes. Then just a line at the end saying, “is this the America we want?”

  37. I don’t think it is lack of intelligence. Rachel is wicked smart, for one. But it is a combination of factors that lead them to make erroneous, histrionic reports before they know the facts. One, and big one, is the groupthink that prevails among all political pundits and reporters. That beltway opinion spreads like gossip through a small town and usually has just as little truth and just as much petty nastiness in it.

    Second, there is the drive to sensationalize things to make their shows and columns exciting and to get attention. They want people to watch or read what they have to say. There is a desire to be the first. Just like people get a thrill out of being first to comment on an internet thread, these pundits get a thrill if they can be the first to set the tone of discussion for the news day.

    And thirdly, I think there is a pressure from news directors and owners to keep up criticism on the Democrats. Some of it is perhaps unintentional bias because they just support the other arguments and find it more convincing. Some is because they don’t want to be seen as biased and in today’s media environment biased only happens when things are covered favorably for Democrats. If you overpraise republicans that’s just balance.

  38. Looks like it will be Heller vs Berkley for the Nv senate race in 2012. Seems the DCCC didn’t want Berkley to run, but now that she is the field will be cleared for her as she has the Reid Machine backing. Berkley represents the Vegas district, which would have went strong Dem anyways and I believe the DCCC wanted somebody who could play better in the purple and redder districts.

  39. Just a slight correction, Ladyhawke: Trump is NOT a crackerjack businessman, not that I have great admiration for that particular quality, or look for it in my political leaders.

  40. Good Morning Family

    Many of you may have received this in your email box this morning. I am passing it along for those you did not. Let’s jump on this and give the president our support.


    “Join our fight for a deficit reduction plan that will actually reduce the deficit — with a goal of shared prosperity through shared responsibility. Add your name to support President Obama’s plan — and then help bring more people into the conversation:”

  41. Exactly, gobrooklyn. Yesterday’s speech was not a change of course, just a firm statement of where the President has always stood. I find it interesting that so many commentators said he was back in campaign mode, as if that were more desirable than actually governing.

  42. And Fred Karger—-who?—-an openly gay Republican who was the first to declare his candidacy. Yah, that will go over real well.

  43. Maddeningly, I see more airing of the clip of Biden nodding off than any substance of Obama’s speech on much of the media today. Infuriating—our shallow and distracting media.

  44. I am inclined to agree with you. Boehner is no dummy and has been in Washington a long time. He knows how to play the game. I think, however, that he and McConnell are no match for our President. I believe the Tea Party is continuing their fall from grace.

  45. I think a lot of Joe’s whining comes from the fact HE was the one saying Private Ryan’s plan was serious and courageous… was a direct hit at Joe and as they say, a hit dog will holla….

  46. I’m disappointed that there wasn’t any media appearances by Dems or PBO today to keep beating the drum from yesterday to establish the frame and especially to push back against the “he’s being partisan” meme being pushed by Fox Propaganda and the Right.

  47. The media is blatantly in the tank for underming. When I checked early this morning, there wasn’t anything at all in the MSN headlines on the budget, and the only reference on Yahoo was a headline about Joe Biden asleep. Can you imagine,on something this important?
    So, I guess we all know what we are up against, but truth has a way of finding its way. What!

  48. I actually do not believe it. From what I have seen, there is luke warm support for any of the Republican candidates. So to spin this as him leading means that around 21% would support Trump or Romney and only 17% and 13% respectively for Huckabee or Palin or Pawlenty. This is the media’s pick of the week. We had Michelle Bachmann last week. It is all theater. Remember how many bankruptcies Trump has had. Is that really the person anyone wants handling their tax dollars. I can’t believe Republicans would be that stupid. Or then again . . .

  49. Saint Roscoe, I know you get a litttle worried,but methinks that people are beginning to understand the Rovisms of the media, the repugs and their cohorts, namely the msm.

  50. I agree, I neglected to add my “snark” tag after the crackerjack businessman comment.

  51. Peter: Yes let’s do it viral on youtube, Rachael analysis is excellent short and to the point most people will understand.

    My wife and i talked to many of our siniors and we explained to them in those terms,
    The GOP wants us (33 Siniors to pay 6.000 more so they can give 200.000 in taxes to the wealthiest,and everybody got it and are mad as hell, so Thanl you mr President.

  52. Joe does not give a (F) about Siniors working people, so from this siniors (F) JOE.

  53. Yeah, Boehner’s a hack, but when it comes down to it, I’d ather have him in the Speaker’s chair than a teabagger who is going off the deep end. It will be interesting to see what kind of revolt they have over this budget deal.

  54. And someone said he was something mad because he thought because POB had invited him that the president was buying that half-baked mess he was selling.

    These guys are learning from one of the best, even if it takes them a while to get it.

    This man (PBo), not because I wholly support him, is so smart, sometimes I find myself thinking about the possibility of it all. He is just a different breed, totally different. And I am thrilled that he is our president in this day and time.

  55. I hope people see that the Republican voters of today couldn’t care less about what is happening in America. The core of everything they do in this political discourse is their immense dislike of president Barack Obama. Every accomplishment this potus has gotten has been a thorn in their chest. They would rather give criminals, fornicators. liars, or another dolt the position of leader of the free world just to get rid of this man of color from the White house.

    Remember their mantra to “get their country back” What is even more disgusting is MSM leading the charge with their in real life trolling 24/7. *sigh*

  56. It will be interesting even for T-Paw and Mittens, because I think I read somewhere that they both endorsed Ryan’s crapola. Now, they own it, too.

    Let’s see how Mittens spin his way out of that one. As we know he is prone to twisting himself into a pretzel on a plethora of issues. We know where he stood on the auto industry. I want to hear him explain that one, too.

    I just love this president. He continues to inspire me. Every time people underestimate him, prejudge him, disrespect him, etc., he allows them to stew in their own messes after he comes out with the real deal.

    From Krugman to some prominent bloggers over there and elsewhere, they all had to grudgingly swollow the bile they had spewed even before the president came out to give his speech.

    For many of us, we are done being surprised or incensed. I always wait for PBO, because I know whenever the know-it-alls begin their incessant hyperventilation, it is time for me to chill. They are almost always wrong, yet they forge on every time. And what’s hilarious is that they, over and again, tell us their over-the top rhetoric made him do it.

    OK, I say and move on, because I believe the moon is made out of cheese, too.

  57. Actually there was. I have seen several different random clips of many different Dems going in on MSM. Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz was one of them, Weiner, Barney Frank and several others including reps from the administration. Sorry I don’t know these peoples names and I just saw some short clips but they are pushing back and I give them props for that. Hope they go harder though.

  58. Right on, Tulips. And you know what, I swear if I had the talent, I would do a video production, not only of those who praised Ryan’s budget, I would also do one on the hyperventilation of all these pundits, who have been wrong from time in memorial about this president. I would compile all of their erroneous statements and put it to music or something.

    For example, there was the time that Joe Scarborough said the president didn’t stand a chance at beating Hillary.

    And let’s not forget all of those who got so angry about BP, only for the president to come out the next day and announce funds he had secured for people in the Gulf.

    It is interesting to see how after they been proven wrong, how they just move on to the next crisis. One would think they must be exhausted by now, but nope.

    Also included, I would add clips of the double standard treatment they afford this president. From the lies about him being the only one to put his feet on the desk in the oval office to not wearing a jacket to throwing a football, etc.

    I know there are so many out there. This is something I really would like to see done, and dropped in all of their mailboxes.

  59. When the facts are made clear about the reckless behavior of the Republican Party it’s partisan. It is telling that they and the media are focusing on the partisan meme and not the side by side comparisons of the plans to reduce the deficit. This is nothing but classic look at that shiny object.

    This reminds me so much of the meeting that President Obama had with House Republicans in Baltimore back in January 2010 where he mopped the floor with them and made them look like fools. I am sure they felt his factual answers to their questions were partisan then too.

    The Republican Party wrote the book on partisan attacks. They have been attacking President Obama non stop since January 20. 2009. They can dish it, but they can’t take it. They are so thin skinned when their cover is being blown. Facts to the GOP is like garlic to a vampire.

  60. That’s probably why every time they talked about reaching an agreement, he came out with some bravado statement, saying there was no deal. He was probably trying to appease his tea party people by acting tough, knowing the details all along.

    If not, then like someone said, he has to be really dumb to have been so out of th loop.

    Go figure.

  61. Right, St. Roscoe!

    Joe is showing his lack of compassion to any elderly persons who watch his show. I hope they get it. Joe knows that Ryan’s deal would put more cash in his bank account while stiffing the elderly. He can’t mask his selfishness, and sooner or later it, and his callousness to the plight of the 98 percenters, will come shining through. He deserves to be upset about Ryan because he was one of the first to praise him for his “deficit reducing” budget plan. He should have read it before making any comments about it, but he didn’t. PBO ate their breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks yesterday, and they don’t like it. IMO, the republicans deserve every bit of scorn they receive for trying to pull a stunt like this.

  62. Happy to know that, Kelly.

    SR, aren’t you falling into the trap of the “news cycle” ? The general population sees President Obama as a likeable guy and one who has seeked compromise. I don’t think this “partisan” accusation will go very far beyond the far-right authoritarian circles. Heck, they have been so TOTALLY negative about President Obama for two years; they don’t have a lot of credibility when they whine about partisanship.

    Yes, the media could pick up the theme for a bit, ( see the great article of p m carpenter I linked at the beginning of this thread ) but I’m not sure it will leave a mark.

  63. Anyone up for a round of crowd sourcing? I’d like to create a document that shows just how much of the 2008 DNC Convention Party Platform has been adhered to by this administration.

    Here’s the first part.

    Jumpstart the Economy and Provide Middle Class Americans Immediate Relief
    Empowering Families for a New Era
    • Affordable, Quality Health Care Coverage for All Americans
    • Retirement
    • Good Jobs with Good Pay
    • Work and Family
    • Poverty
    • Opportunity for Women
    Investing in American Competitiveness
    • New American Energy
    • A World Class Education for Every Child
    o Early Childhood o K-12
    • Higher Education
    • Science, Technology, and Innovation
    • Invest in Manufacturing and Our Manufacturing Communities
    • Creating New Jobs by Rebuilding American Infrastructure
    • A Connected America
    • Support Small Business and Entrepreneurship
    • Real Leadership for Rural America

  64. Steve Benen has a great post on the partisan meme nonsense.


    Last week, much of the media establishment drooled all over itself while praising Paul Ryan’s right-wing budget plan. For most major news outlets, the far-right chairman of the House Budget Committee was “courageously” tackling an issue the media cares about — deficit and debt reduction — in a way they found satisfying (slashing health care for seniors and the disabled = “serious”).

    Perhaps, then, the media would be pleased with President Obama’s debt-reduction plan. After all, he’s playing the game the establishment wants him to play — focusing on fiscal responsibility — and doing so with a sound, credible proposal that would actually do what it sets out to do. Best of all, the White House made sure the president’s numbers add up, which is more than we can say about Ryan’s plan.

    But the media’s still not happy.

  65. PBO didn’t do Ryan and the republicans the way they do him. He didn’t slink off to stand in front of friendly cameras and trash their plan the way they do when they run to Fox Snooze.
    He took it to them face-to-face. This is why I reject anyone who describes PBO using the adjective “weak.” That is one thing he isn’t. Anyone with the stones to confront someone face-to-face in front of a live audience and a nation is the antithesis of weak.

  66. Human beings in general are thin-skinned lol ! But Authoritarians are definitively more thin-skinned than others.

    The work of Bob Altemayer on the authoritarians :

    ESSENTIAL read.

    (By the way, some people on the left, not all of them but some of them. display authoritarian traits IMO. )

  67. Hi Eclectablog. Just wanted you to know I’m been following you all over the toobz and frequenting your awesotpme blog. Thanks for all your consistently heavy lifting! Thanks for continuing to post at TPV, as well. Our group of pragmatic progressive blogs is on fire and growing…and you’re an important reason for it.

  68. When I see Scarborough I remember him all over the airwaves running his mouth during the Clinton impeachment. Maybe Im diffrent than most people but I still believe in the same political philosophy as I did 30 years ago. I dont think I’m diffrent though and Joey S hasnt changed either. He gleefully ran the Rev Wright loop over and over week after week because that’s his true nature. He was so proud of his extremist brother in arms Ryan’s “brave”, tell it like it is, damn the fallout budget roll out that even after it was proved to be nothing more than an extended middle finger to the poor and middle class by the experts, including GOP leaning ones that he can’t even pretend to be a journalist. His feeling are hurt because the President of the United States destroyed Ryan’s plan factually. He also took a direct shot at those saying Ryan was brave when he said there’s nothing brave about that budget plan. I dont watch him ever.

  69. REMINDER: WEST WING WEEK (behind the scenes)

    The White House Blog

    Open for Questions: Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of West Wing Week

    Update: This Open for Questions event has been rescheduled for Thursday, April 14th at 4:00 PM EDT.

  70. David Frum is right, this issue is a surefire loser for Republicans. I don’t know how they deluded themselves into thinking there is any support for voucherizing Medicare outside of the teabagging 20%ers.

    To use yet another sports analogy, Paul Ryan tossed out a softball, and the President knocked it out of the park.

    When the word gets out that Republicans want to basically do away with Medicare, the moderate Republicans will be running away in droves from Paul Ryan as soon as their poll numbers start dropping. Just like they ran away from Social Security privatization.

    The Republicans really blundered by letting Paul Ryan release his ridiculous proposal. Not only is it a terrible idea by itself, but it blunts the perceived credibility they had over Health Care Reform. The Democrats are going to ride this issue all the way to 2012. Republicans want to take away Medicare and give it to the rich in tax cuts.

  71. Trump has declared bankruptcy 3 times – every 7 years or so (as allowed by law). He can then screw the people he owes money to and get money he’s stashed in overseas accounts and carry on – he’s a major crook. Last time was in 2008 or 9 – he walked away from over $4 billion in debt. I’d like to see you or I get away with that……

  72. Okay, how brilliant is that? I don’t even know what a hashtag is and it looks wicked clever to me.

  73. I heard yesterday that Trump is considering running as an Independent if he doesn’t win the Republican nomination.

    I also have seen how Trump is out there everywhere trying to discredit PBO as “the worst president ever” and is “really convinced in the three weeks he has been checking on whether he is really born in America or not that PBO has pulled the biggest scam ever on our Country.”

    The way Trump is going about this campaign of trying to pander to the Birthers and reinvigorate the ineligibility rant that Trump is the worst kind of businessman, the kind of businessman that stabs everyone in the back and doesn’t care how you get there just as long as you arrive. That is his path to the presidency shown by what he is doing. It is also the theme of his Apprentice shows.

    I am glad Maya (President Obama’s half sister) has been out lately trying to follow Donald on the shows he has been on debunking the birth certificate meme again.

  74. BWD,

    Short-sightedness and inability to see — you wrote a perfect description of the antics we’ve seen from manic progressives, over and over again.

    As I read your comments, thinking for the umpteen thousandth time, “It’s amazing that these habitual thumb suckers *still* feel qualified to predict this President’s strategy and, naturally, how its failure will mean certain doom.” They never seem to get embarrassed about their *wrongness* because they’re genuinely incapable of seeing the forest for the trees.

    And as I read your comments and thought that same thought for the umpteen thousandth time, it occurred to me that I didn’t begin as an ordinary fangirl of Barack Obama. At the time that I decided to support his candidacy, it was because I had read his books and his policy proposals (as I had with the other candidates I was considering) and was extremely impressed with his intelligence — not just the cognitive kind, which is remarkable, but also the emotional kind. His emotional intelligence indicated a maturity and patience that would lend itself well to effective leadership. Truly effective leaders can manage the mix of intensity in emotion and energy involved in the process — the ability to not only be motivated by the heart-thumping, tear-welling vision he articulated in his campaign speeches, but to also keep the required *practical* goals crystal-clear in his sights as he sets about the long, hard slog to bringing the vision into reality.

    No, I didn’t “fall in love” with a man who, I admit, could bring tears to my eyes during his campaign — I’m too old and skeptical for that I suppose. But I was *grateful* to him for reminding me that such deep inspiration is still possible. I’m still inspired, but I *never* expected the level of emotional intensity we experienced during those heady campaign days to be a new “normal” during the Obama Presidency. What I expected is pretty much exactly what we’ve gotten — and I’m very impressed. Moreover, my understanding of the character and values of Barack Obama has never wavered. If anything has changed, it’s my deepening respect for a man who has proven to be remarkably steadfast in his values and commitment to them — a strength of commitment that remains constant in the face of such noisy, hostile, demoralizing opposition.

    I’m so grateful to you for the work you put into this blog, and to the regular commenters here who have interesting and witty insights. I don’t comment very often — not because I don’t look at your posts every day, because I do. It’s just that I usually can’t think of anything meaningful to add. You are such a blessing to a lot of people. Thank you, thank you.

  75. For some woman’s intuition type unknown reason I am feeling that I would rather have John Boehner as speaker than Tea Partier Eric Cantor who seems to be panting to take over the position.

  76. Wait — I thought that picture was of Dick Cheney sleeping during GWBush’s speech, not Joe Biden!

    Am I wrong? I mean, did Joe Biden ALSO fall asleep during President Obama’s speech?

    In fact, I made a joke about the president’s having joke material for the rest of their lives if Joe actually nodded off during a speech they’ve probably been fine-tuning for the past week or more.

  77. “If the Obama address is allowed to be framed as liberal or partisan then the GOP is winning…”

    Well, it’s disappointing but no surprise that the “beltway” is parroting the GOP complaints that President Obama’s speech is “unserious” and “deeply partisan”. I have my doubts that Americans will feel that way if they hear Obama’s positions on the paying the debt, because as you say, it’s not liberal ideals President Obama defends, but *American* ideals. One would have to ignore the words President Obama speaks and trust *only* the distorted reporting of his words to entertain the idea that he is being unfair or disrespectfully partisan.

  78. And Joe frequently postures as a devout Christian. Amazing Hardening one’s heart toward the most vulnerable people in our community is a grave mistake for people who want to feel God’s presence in their lives.

  79. Jackie, you’re right about the arrogance of Ryan and today’s GOP. They are accustomed to playing to an insulated audience that is continually primed — by Fox News, talk radio, and associated print/online outlets — to uncritically accept right-wing propaganda and reflexively reject opposition. The effectiveness of their propaganda apparatus is finally biting them in the ass. In order to look “normal” and “acceptable” to their indoctrinated base, they have to take positions that make them look increasingly absurd and transparently avaricious to the rest of Americans. I would laugh from schadenfreude if there weren’t so many people suffering right now. 😦

  80. Agree, Tien Le, I hope all you twitterbugs jump on Eclectablog’s “brilliance”.

  81. Agree. President Obama is remarkably strong. People who claim he’s weak are either looking for a reason — any reason — to deride, or they’re projecting their own weakness onto him.

  82. Heh! You’re right. If ever there were a real-life illustration of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” it’s today’s right-wing TP/GOP.

  83. LOL! I’ll move on, too, but I’ve decided I’m going to fight back a little bit. That sanctimonious dumbass, Adam Green (of “Bold Progressives” and PCCC fame) used prediction and hyperventilation about the President’s speech yesterday to do some fund-raising, by circulating a petition (with a contribution button, doncha know?) saying something like “President Obama won’t get a penny of my support if he caves on Medicare” or some silliness. And, of course, when President Obama *didn’t* “cave” on Medicare, I’m sure little Adam sent out an email blast bragging that his petition scared President Obama into doing his will.

    On twitter, I’ve been putting out periodic tweets asking progressives if they know how their PCCC contributions are spent. And it includes a link to’s file on their FEC data.

    Before Pres. Obama’s speech, I tweeted this:

    And I intend to tweet this one a few times every day from now on:

    I invite other Tweeps here to join me in this effort. Maybe we can deflate little Adam’s puffed up ego and puffed up bank account a bit!

  84. Yes! I’m in! I’m ready to fight back against pundits and teevee personalities who apparently believe we’re too stupid to understand what Ryan’s little budget proposal really is.

  85. Sheila and gobrooklyn, they sound like foolish children. In the future, if historians look at any of the political “analysis” (noise) surrounding this presidency, they will marvel at the myopia and immaturity.

  86. I love our President, may God bless him and his family these pic’s tell it all, Beautiful!

  87. Well, thank you so much, Pamela. You’re very sweet. I dream of the day when I can do this all day instead going to work and being a chemist for 9 hours during prime blogging time =D

    I really appreciate this and I REALLY appreciate this community, both here at The Only Adult and all of the other awesome places on BWD’s fine blogroll. We have a big 18 months ahead of us and we need all hands on deck. I really think having a place like this that motivates people and lets them know they aren’t alone in their support of the President is oh-so important.

  88. Wow. Thanks for that link! It looks fascinating and I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  89. The photo of the little girl in a pink dress looking up at Mr.Obama brings tears to my eyes, I love that photo, she shows the love children feel for this GREAT,GREAT,GREAT Man. I love this Man and his beautiful family. May God bless them. OBAMA12!!!!!!!!!

  90. Thank you bwd I’ve been reading many of the sites you have listed on your blogroll. I have to agree P M Carpenter is a great writer. I now read his commentary everyday.

  91. Dayum, that picture of him standing with his hands in his pockets looking all serious is seriously sexy.

  92. It’s a sad statement of our current politics that simply telling the truth of a matter, while providing good, clear analysis isn’t “sexy” enough to get people to pay attention to your show or articles. I know how we came to this pass, but it’s no less disheartening.

  93. But, but, I heard that some commenter on some blog that used to LOVE Barack Obama said that he “won’t get one red cent” from him.

    As Nelson Muntz says, “HA-ha!”

  94. You bad man. But yes, she has better arms than I do, which is supremely annoying.

  95. 1. your kitty is beautiful
    2. As a nominal supporter of PCCC (they piss me of to do more than sign petitions now) I am appalled to see how little was spent on GOTV or campaigning. less than 4k to GOTV. Shameful

  96. I completely agree with you majji. Describing President Obama as weak is a deliberately manufactured lie aimed at inflaming the so called progressives. Remember when squared off with the Republican House members last year and really dominated them? They never invited him again.

  97. P M Carpenter is a gem. Besides being an excellent writer he is firmly grounded in reality. His critiques of MSM, the teabaggers and the PL are simply brilliant.

  98. Excellent Idea M4tulips! The pundits in the MSM are not disinterested observers. Many of them stand to benefit from the extension of Bush Tax cuts.

  99. Over $1.8 million raised, only $35k spent on contributions to candidates. Whoa. That’s insanity.

  100. Exactly! I have heard him say many of the things he said yesterday on many occasions. It’s just that yesterday’s focus on the budget, and in response to the highly touted Republican plan, concentrated the minds of people listening to him.

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