Crisis-Of-The-Day speech – Open Thread

Be kind to your blood pressure and watch it here.



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  1. Yup; bwd, is it okay for us to have a pundit-free speech space, and then one for media analysis? There are a few people who have expressed their desire for information without discussion of the PL, etc. Just so everyone can choose which content they prefer, with those who make the point that we shouldn’t ignore the misinformation, accommodated as well.

  2. I like that it’s going to be delivered in front of an audience – PBO is much better in that arena.

    The White House is calling it “A Balanced Approach”, maybe that can be the “Winning the Future” for this discussion. Hopefully Plouffe is on the case with this one as well.

  3. CBS story is encouraging, Dems seem to be messaging effectively. We need to write to our Dem representative I both houses and encourage them to adopt this theme.

    “The Republican war on Medicare and their extremist budget plan shows how wrong their priorities are for seniors and the middle class,” said Matt Canter, spokesman for the DSCC. “We’re going to hold these extremists accountable for putting oil companies and the wealthy ahead of seniors and middle class Americans.”

    article from CBS

    Grandma’s back in the Medicare fight;cbsCarousel

  4. Messaging has become much tighter since Plouffe took over. It even bled into the Dem caucus during the just finished negotiations.

  5. Hey, I didn’t know the president was giving his speech at my alma mater, GWU! Excellent!

    I’m for the pundit free zone – I stopped watching, reading and listening to that crap a while ago.

  6. Very solid … good leveraging of the excellent language used by our wonderful female Democratic Senators last Friday morning …

    extremist, fanatical, greed always and only ….

  7. Cannot wait to hear the President, and to turn off the talking heads after.

  8. Would it be seen as unbecoming for the President to use powerpoint? I really think folks need to see the graphs…

  9. Need to start enforcing party discipline. Anybody speaking out against the President loses DNC, DSCC, DCCC money. Most trash the President as a way to get on national television and fundraise – if they chose that way – fine, but don’t then expect party money when you run against the party.

  10. Looking forward to the Presiden’ts speech.

    Also looking forward to hitting the OFF button

    on my remote once he utters his last word. 🙂

  11. Allen Simpson will be utilized as a firewall against Republican pushback. Can’t wait for his one-liners in rebuttal to the unserious GOP.

  12. POTUS is running through context, says this country has a skepticism of too much government coupled with a competing belief that we’re all connected.

  13. Ezra Klein weighs in:

    My initial impression is that this looks a lot like the Simpson-Bowles report, but in a good way. It doesn’t go quite as far on defense cuts, but it also doesn’t implement a cap on tax or spending. It goes a lot further than Ryan’s budget does in terms of actually figuring out ways to save money rather than just using caps to shift costs onto states/beneficiaries.

  14. ‘Always been another thread running through our history … we are connected … we must do certain things together because we cannot do them alone … each one of us deserve a life of dignity and respect … ‘there but for the grace of god go I …’

    He has started strong …

  15. Can’t watch live, so I’ll be F5-ing this thread like a mutha. Thanks y’all :-)!

  16. Oh, this is gonna be good. A very clean, neat, common sense articulation of the moral rationale for our entitlements programs as well as the rationale for the rich paying a little more.

    He’s now talking about the country taking on debt.

  17. He is crushing the Republicans …. severe contrast between what Bush 1 and Clinton did – surplus – and what Bush 2 and the Republicans did to us – the massive deficit he faced when he came into office …

  18. POTUS is discussing how we got into this mess in the first place: unpaid-for war and medicare benefits during the previous administration. So glad he said this.

  19. Over@wsy, we’re marveling that this is the most honest and straightforward discussion of debt we’ve heard from a national politician in some time.

  20. This is a very progressive speech so far – talking about shared responsibilities. Placing blame on the Bush 2.0’s years as it should be.

  21. This is fierce …. for those whom cannot watch, any summary I could provider will fall far short, so please just watch the video and read the text and send it to every person you know.

  22. “That’s not going to happen as long as I’m President.”

    Holy shite.

  23. I can’t watch, but am finding the comments fascinating. I think, like gn said, this should remain pundit free, and after the speech, BWD could put up a thread for pundit reactions and our reaction to the pundits reactions.

  24. I like the content at wsy, but the site is so cluttered and hard to navigate, that I don’t spend much time there. They seriously need to streamline because they have a good thing going…

  25. I don’t need to watch every word. I don’t have blind faith in Barack Obama, but I always trust that his motives are just. So, I’m not worried.

  26. I am loving this speech. He is laying it out there what Ryan’s “courageous” plan really means for this country and how ridiculous and harmful it is.

  27. “There is nothing courageous about increasing tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.”
    I don’t have his exact words but they were splendid—re. Repub plan to change America as we know it, all that has made us great, throwing srs. and those who need help under the bus so we can cut taxes for billionaires. And he said that will NOT HAPPEN as long as he’s President. Applause.

  28. Cue the UNprofessional left “blah blah blah Obama is a sellout, blah blah blah Obama is a Republican, blah blah blah primary him, blah blah blah!”

    And Mr. Obama comes out the only adult in the room, AGAIN!

  29. This is brilliant. Asking the rich to make a sacrifice is going to ring a LOT of bells in a positive way. He’s drawing important lines about what he is not willing to accept and that is oh-so important.

  30. Loved the applause he got for that too. He knows he has the people behind his vision much more than the republicans do. The republicans are being shown for what they are, a callous, uncaring bunch who only want to help the rich and couldn’t care less about the rest of us.

  31. Just brilliant, “I refuse to renew taxes for millionaires and billionaires”. I can’t wait for 2012.

  32. “How much taxes you pay shouldn’t depend on how many accountants you can afford to hire.” The republicans have got to be sweating now. 🙂

  33. So who wants to primary Mr. Obama now? He said he would NOT renew the tax cuts again, so what would the left primary candidate run on, renewing the tax cuts?

    Might as well run as a Republican in that case 😀

  34. Wheres Mr. Ryan’s loudmouth now? or how about Mr. McConnell and the rest of the spending cut Republicans?

  35. Ugh, I tried to read the DKos live thread. I just can’t. Those people are hopeless. Backhanded compliments followed by unreasonable critiques.

    Hasn’t changed a bit.

  36. “I don’t need another tax cut, Warren Buffet doesn’t need another tax cut.”

  37. They won’t apologize. I browsed Dkos and it’s all “Who is the guy and what has he done with the President?” and “Where has this guy been the last two years?”

    It’s sad.

  38. “If we truly believe in a progressive view we have an obligation to prove we can afford it”.

  39. OMG Mr. Obama praised Mr. Reagan and Mr. Bush, he’s a REPUBLICAN SELLOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hehe 😀

  40. Thos guys wrote their rebuttal last week. I’m sure they’re not even paying attention to President Obama’s speech. It will just be the usual “he’s a big-spending liberal who wants to ruin our country with a tax hike.”

  41. Did he praise them for being willing to raise taxes? If so he must of read my comment on the previous thread. Next thing I know they’ll be asking me to join the adminstration. 🙂

  42. “Americans deserve and demand that we bridge our differences and find common ground.”

    “No matter where we stand we hold certain beliefs as Americans. We can’t just think about ourselves. We have to think about our fellow citizens with whom we share our community.”

    “It’s not a Democratic or Republican idea, It’s patriotism.”

  43. Tears running down my cheeks. SO grateful for this man as our president in these challenging times.

  44. Time to go turn off the TV now. 🙂 I don’t need to hear anyone tell me what I just heard since I actually have a brain of my own that works quite well, thank you.

  45. Oh. My. God.

    This is as historic, as brilliant, as incisive a view of America, its history, its ideals, its future, as his speech on race.

    This is the greatest President of my 62 years on this Earth.

  46. Wow. Well he sure took no prisoners.

    Again, the PL swings and misses! Boy, I thought he was supposed to come out and embrace the Paul Ryan plan. Dopes.

  47. I am following Sullivan’s live blog (I’ll save his editorial comments for anothwer thread) but it seemed he was saying that progressive agendas can be met by more efficient use of the funding made available. That it is, in effect, not the amount of money thrown at a problem but how efficient the use of the money is. If a $5 expenditure has $2 in waste, then we can cut that budget by 40%. Those are my words, but do they seem to fit in with what he is saying?

  48. You know, the great thing is that thirty years from now, when our country looks back at how great a president we had back in these dark days of 2011, we won’t have to pretend that we we’re always big fans of his, like so many other Democrats will.

  49. It would launch another “professorial” attack. Better for him to just speak, and use mental imagery.

  50. Man, I wish this could have been in prime time. Everybody needs to hear this speech in it’s entirety.

  51. Great speech. THIS is LEADERSHIP !!!

    A great blend of historical perspective, emotional appeal to the best instincts of Americans, a great defense of liberal values and fairness, with a healthy dose of realism and pragmatism.

    I LOVED it.

  52. Just reading the comments, I wish the same thing. By the time it hits the news, it will be so cut and spliced as to be unrecognizable.

  53. Just like many millions swear they were at Woodstock, even though liberal estimates have it at <400K.

  54. I loved the way he delivered that line almost as a throw away – as though the ideas don’t even warrant a serious consideration. It’s just not going to happen – end of “debate”.

  55. As always Obama is the only adult in the discussion period. His speech today was very
    moving and honest.

  56. Anything you agreed with in this speech, such as: investing in education, energy, infrastructure; protecting vulnerable citizens; the wealthy can afford to pay a bit more. (Your list may differ.)

    Time to get out there and echo it, in LTE’s, online forums, to your representatives, conversations with family and friends.

    The R’s preemptively tried to squelch anything that would raise revenues. Time to overwhelm that argument!

  57. I don’t think there is any way the GOP can get away from not ending the Bush extra tax cuts for the rich and big oil tax breaks by demanding more cuts to the poor and middle class instead. That’s the frame the Dems really have to push and establish right now.

  58. The best part of asking the rich to pay more, was that he actually said “I think most wealthy wouldn’t mind paying more – but Washington has just never asked them”. Wonderful.

  59. Oh wow guys thanks for all the comments. Since I have to wait until later this evening to watch, its so good to check in here and know what is going on. I refuse to check MSM or PL blogs. ❤

  60. I know. The WH obviously chose to go more low profile. This speech was aimed at politicians and political junkies I think. An attempt to reframe the debate ?

    A supposition: they want to keep their powder dry for a speech before Congress or a speech from the Oval when the political fight will peak …

    Anyway…. the minute the video is available, time for make this VIRAL !!!!!

  61. Even Andrew Sullivan has changed his tune regarding the president’s budget. But too late in my opinion. He is too reactionary and wishy-washy. I can’t take anything he writes about the president seriously anymore.

  62. Well that was a masterful use of the bully pulpit. I think President Obama should have the attention of the American people and the pundits after this speech.

    He could not have been clear about what the Democrats stand for. And I love the fact that he started off by educating everybody on exactly HOW WE GOT HERE.

    I lost count of the number of times I said WOW while watching the speech. I have run out of adjectives to describe this amazing man.

  63. And we’ll have the UNprofessional left talking heads ranting and raving: Cenk Uygr, loudmouth Ed Shultz and Co whining “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa why isn’t he doing X and Y, we need to primary this right wing DLC Republican sellout!”

    Of course, the rest of America will NOT care because they do NOT pay attention to these loudmouths. If Cenk Uygr and Ed Shultz think they can do better, they should run for a House or Senate seat, or even attempt to run for President.

    Of course, they’d be laughed out long before they’d have a chance of winning, because they have no valid ideas other than to bully the Republicans and moderates into doing their bidding. They believe in legislation through tantrums.

    On the flip side, we have Mr. Obama, who believes in governing as an adult.

  64. If anybody comes across polling on the Obama Address today leave links here please. We need to let the networks and newspapers know that we have a voice as well.

  65. The Obama Diary has a tweet from Rep. Weiner that seems to indicate he likes what he heard.

  66. I think they have just been waiting for Ryan to come out with his plan. Let it get set up and go for the throat. And from what I am reading, that is exactly what he did.

  67. The news probably won’t show more than a sentence or two. They’ll mostly show Boehner and McConnell shooting off their mouths about how ridiculous a speech it was, followed by whatever Dem they can round up to bash it.

  68. I agree. The President laid it out there very clearly. The Republican plan is all about everyone paying so the rich can get even more tax cuts when they already pay historically low rates. This is their downfall and they did it to themselves. There is no way the people of this country want that type of country. They want schools and education, road work and investments in the future. They want to be the best country in the world and they know we can’t be that if we have no schools, bad infrastructure and seniors dying because they can’t afford to go to the doctor all so the rich can have even more of the wealth than they already do.

  69. Grand slam. I saw it with my own eyes and heard with my own ears and need no helpful explanation from MSNBC or anyone else.

  70. Yeah, they won’t apologize, they’ll claim credit like they usually do. “We made him do it” is their usual declaration when they like something.

  71. StR…

    I KNOW you are a fan of PBO. But, hearin’ “he’s on fire” from you….(and I WHOLE HEARTEDLY agree)

    There is NO doubt that, indeed, we all just heard, amongst other things, another and CLEAR “THIS is who we are” presentation from our fabulous President.

    If this doesn’t make you proud to be a pragmatic American, I have NO IDEA what will.

  72. Weiner is an idiot, who plays up for the cameras. If he likes it, then he should go and sell it. Isn’t he the one who tweeted on Sunday that he was wondering why Dems don’t have an agenda? Clearly, he hasn’t been paying attention since the State of the Union – or even as far back as the campaign and inauguration speech. He can even buy a book for a dollar on ebay that will lay out the President’s agenda, as relayed during the campaign…

  73. Any semi-sane Democrat will jump aboard Obama’s message quickly unless they want to look like utter fools. This was a clear, patriotic, forward thinking, realistic speech that laid out a vision for this country that matches the vision most Americans carry in their hearts. Going against it will be very hard unless you want to look either stupid or mean spirited. I’m sure there will still be those who do so but I’m thinking they will come out looking the worse for doing it.

  74. And on top of that, Mr. Wiener is a loose cannon… he loves to run his mouth and it ends up HURTING the Democrats because Americans get the false perception that all Democrats are crazy and insane like Mr. Wiener.

    Of course, the UNprofessional left eats it up, they love political theater, even if it fails to get anything accomplished.

  75. Outstanding speech. He sure made the GOP look like soul less losers. This man really does have a vision for the future. There is no doubt in my mind that he is focused on making this country better, something that is lacking from other pols.

  76. I don’t know how he is able to hit home-runs again and again. I suppose it is because he’s just being honest. His agenda is simply to do what’s right for all Americans. If you stick to that principle, it’s probably fairly easy to make your case,

  77. I’ll definitely pass the critique along. conlakappa also discussed some technical issues with wsy.

  78. Well, at least they like what he’s saying LOL ! On a PL scale, their comment is ok LOL !

  79. He’s a visionary, not just thinking about today but looking forward to tomorrow. Made a great case for the American community and the responsibilities and sacrifices we should all share.

  80. That was a fantastic line. Mostly because it is true. Republicans are so caught up in the never raise taxes ideology that they ignore the popularity, or lack thereof, of their ideas. I do believe that most successful people are happy to contribute to the success of their nation as well as enriching themselves.

  81. It was interesting that one comment complained about this looking ahead 12 years. Apparently, he wants the government to spend nothing for several years.

  82. I thought it was an excellent speech. NOT ON MY WATCH. I think I will order an Obama 2012 button with the quote Not On My Watch

    Man, it was amazing. He was so good. Have already said how great it was?

  83. Theo, this completely has me chilled. I have had a few bad days because the firebaggers have been in attack mode. Big time.

    My mood is 100% better.

  84. Great speech, i think that sound you heard was all the repubs in congress getting the vapors and fainting, or having their jaws hit the floor.

    I always love to PBO has this ability to grab 3rd rail issues and hot button topics, own them and make him his own. he makes what would appear to be weaknesses going in, strengths coming out.

    what i really cant wait for is when repubs will end up passing tax increases for the wealthy or closing loopholes for large corporations. then watch more wingnut explosions.

    Time and again i have learned to NEVER bet against this president.

  85. A masterful job. Clear so that we all could understand him. I loved his historical context, how we got here. Wow…what a big eight year hole from 2000-2008! That spoke volumes. He surgically dismantled Ryan’s Republican plan, beautifully. Glad Ryan couldn’t wait to get his plan out first. His ego will be his downfall.
    So glad Barack Obama is president now. Someone said he is the best in his/her 62 years. He is the best in my 71. (I don’t remember FDR) I love the America he aspires to and wants for my grandchildren.

  86. Great line (paraphrased, I’m afraid): I don’t need a $200,000 dollar tax cut paid for by 33 seniors spending $6000 more on health care each.

  87. I loved, loved, loved this speech. It was the best and most articulate defense of the role of government that I have heard a Democrat give in a long, long time. All of the whiners are once again proven to be pathetic. Loved this.

  88. LOL! Right on the money…

    Obama Takes Ryan and the GOP to the Woodshed

    “Not sure if you are watching, but all the chicken little shit about Obama going after Medicare and Medicaid seems to have been, well, a little premature (which now means the usual suspects will spend the next few days furiously congratulating themselves that their outcry on blogs is what changed Obama’s mind). Obama is also simply taking it to the Ryan plan, pointing out what a joke it is. He can barely suppress a laugh as he repeatedly points out how unserious it actually is.”

  89. This was a perfect inspiring vision of the country we love. We are in this together and we will allocate our resources in accordance with our highest moral values. Bravo, President Obama!

  90. Home for lunch with just enough time to cram a sandwich down my throat, haven’t read the comments yet, but Thom Hartmann said that it was awesome, and rather than throw “us” a bone, he threw us a steak!

  91. I think it’s “transferrence”. Most of them are in the millionaire/billionaire category and they are such greedy emeffers that they wouldn’t even consider paying more if they can get away with it. They are all about self-interest & looking out for themselves. They want nothing to do with looking out for “each other”.

    And they think the rest of the county is just as greedy as they are.

    Patriots? Hardly.

  92. Grumpy Young Dude, that is an AWESOME way to look at this.

    Hell, I have a feeling we’re going to be feeling that way about a year from now when our fellow progressives that have nothing nice to say about the Obama administration now fall all over themselves to make sure he gets elected in 2012.


  93. Oh! Boehner and his cabal march out to say that it’s about time Mr. President joined the conversation? Huh? Whaaaa? Really?

    They looked like dopes at the podium. haha.

    Ok. I want a video of this speech as soon as it comes out so I can send it around. I’m concerned we are going to have people only hearing snippets that the MSM decides they should hear. The message is not complete unless Americans hear the whole thing.

    Frankly, I wish Mr. President could have given the speech on the House floor on Prime Time television with the Repubs sitting there squirming in their seats!

  94. Loved the line about it taking 33 senior citizens paying over $6,000 more in Medicare costs to pay for a single millionaire/billionaire’s tax cut. Freaking brilliant framing.

  95. That is one thing the GOP is excellent at. They really enforce party discipline. I did notice that Rep Weiner has been praising this speech up and down on twitter. Maybe he’s been hearing from donors that they are sick of his Obama bashing?

  96. The MSNBC poll is being Freeped. 43% gave him an “F”. I’d much rather wait until a real poll comes out.

  97. I wonder if Ezra will walk back his unfair criticism of Obama’s speech that he’s been doing for the past three days. Ezra seems to have been caught up in the PL whining and it clouded his normally rational thinking.

  98. I’ve always been annoyed by the meme that he is just throwing his base a bone whenever he does something they like. As if he hasn’t always shared this same vision and as if everything he has always done hasn’t been working steadily toward that vision as best as circumstances allow. They make it sound like this is somehow out of character for him when to me it sounds exactly like he always sounds. His message has never changed and his priorities have always been the same.

  99. Yeah, I feel the same way. I’ve given up trying to read the comments section because of the website’s poor formatting.

  100. I hope the PL got this part of the speech loud and clear:

    ‘the final proposal is not going to look 100% like mines. this is a Democracy and that’s how it goes down. get real and let’s keep it moving.’

  101. That was excellent. It really pointed out exactly what the Republican plan does in very real terms that people can understand easily.

  102. Hartmann still doesn’t get it IMO. It’s not all about us all of the freaking time, and our relationship with the WH shouldn’t be about “preemptively” accusing President Obama of selling out and constantly demanding appeasement.

    Anyone reading the threads here would have been able to predict this speech. For no other reason than that we listen to what President Obama says without it being filtered by people who have an agenda.

    I dislike the highs and lows of the PL, and am unwilling to credit Hartmann, sorry to be a wet blanket everyone, I’ve just seen this same recurring skit over and over again and at some point, it’s just: enough.

  103. I loved the entire speech, but especially when the President pretty much said, “not in MY America” to Ryan’s hatchet job on the middle class, the elderly and the poor.

  104. To one and all The President hit it out of the park. The reason it was good because the stock market closing prices are still high. When they don’t like what President is saying the prices usually drop but today the pricing is still up. He really cut Ryan to the bone. The Greed Over People Party are in the corner trying figure how to fight this awesome President that they can’t beat.

  105. “I suppose it is because he’s just being honest”

    Absolutely GYM, you hit it right there.

  106. You and I are really on the same page with this. The PL always has to spin when President Obama’s own words counteract the picture they have painted of a supposed sellout WH. And we’re supposed to be thrilled with their backhanded compliments and acting like they’re amazed that POTUS is exactly as he’s always said he is: a pragmatic liberal progressive. We’re supposed to do backflips. I can understand arguments to the contrary, but I don’t like Hartmann’s spin either.

  107. I will watch this masterpiece again that’s for sure. And I’ll read it. This is another one for the history books.

    I LOVED how he framed the republican plan as a PESSIMISTIC one for America.

    Oh… and can I just say that this man is STRONG, in his intellect, in his heart, in his soul. He defended his principles, fiercely dismantled the arguments of the other side BUT it was totally devoided of pettiness and disrespect. No lies, no baseless attacks. Never questionning their motives, only their policies.

    A man with a vision and a moral compass.

  108. To those who wish this had been a prime time speech, I really think this was a warning shot over the Republican’s bow. What with the debt ceiling coming up and the 2012 budget, he is saying to them, “hey, do you really want to go up against this? Give me too hard a time and watch what I can do when everybody is watching.”

    I still wish it could have been prime time too.

  109. Obama has a way of making his opposition look really small and petty. I just love it.Apparently, Ryan was in the front row of the speech. He must have been squirming.

  110. Not that there is a causal relationship or anything, but the markets were down when he started speaking and are now up.

  111. Eclectablog:
    The line was even better than that; what he said was, it was not fair to have 33 seniors pay $6,000 so he (PBO) could get a $200,000 tax cut. He personalized it wonderfully. Ditto the comment about him not needed a tax break, and neither does Warren Buffett.

  112. Yep! Some guy called in and said that he wanted the President to throw him a bone or something, and Thom said something along the lines of “Well, we got thrown a steak!” Also said that he was feeling very optomistic.

  113. This part of the speech was great!!!

    This sense of responsibility – to each other and to our country – this isn’t a partisan feeling. It isn’t a Democratic or Republican idea. It’s patriotism.

    Not to mention his constant mention of….
    This is not the America I know!!!

  114. Oh, great point. Boehner and the GOP seem to be doubling-downing on supporting the Ryan plan so I expect we’ll be seeing more speeches by Obama about how disastrous Ryan’s plan is.

  115. Yes, I saw Ryan when he left and chuckled to myself. But I’m glad he went – no doubt at the President’s personal invitation. (Brilliant.)

  116. Maybe he got an earful from Plouffe on Sunday after Christiane Amanpour used his bashing tweets as a way to ding the President. Plouffe looked pretty upset, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they contacted Weiner after that. It just makes the job that much harder.

  117. Well, this will mean in my local RW paper in the AM, there will be the AP story about how the wonderful republicans think “it’s about time”, of course there will be very little about what PBO said.

  118. GN I understand. I was just surprised. I just wish the PL would understand from the jump.

  119. It was “each” that got me smiling. He had it broken down to the penny.

  120. I know – some people have nothing better to do than sit around the trailer hitting the “F” key.

  121. That’s exactly it, and it’s why his likeability rating is so high despite there being so much policy agreement. He keeps it real, and people respond really well to that for obvious reasons.

  122. But they’re so obvious about it. I mean nobody could listen to that speech and say it was an “F”, so it outs their spamming as partisan hackery.

  123. Debz spot on. The Republican and the news media is so predictable that they are cardboard

  124. I agree, Limpidus – I learned in the last couple of years not to listen to the after-partiers taking their shots. Just listen for myself and smile on PBO’s reasoning and moral courage.

    A big thank you goes out to Tim Geithner and the President’s other financial advisers for helping him frame his vision!

  125. I loved it, he has so many memorable phrases that will make excellent sound bytes. Tomorrow I am going to cut up the speech into a few choice sound bytes we can share, that speak to particular audiences:- seniors who receive medicare, folks who want to see tax cuts eliminated, differences between dems and repubs.

    How fun and exciting.

  126. DR – I’ve been ignoring the firebaggers as much as possible, and it’s done wonders for me. I’ve deleted Rachel from my DVR (the last of the pundits I was still listening to), avoided going to any blogs except for BWD and The Obama Diary, and limited my own number of postings. I just couldn’t take much more of the screeching from the left and the right, and had to even restrict myself from posting on Friday and Saturday last week, to just take my own tone down a bit.

    This battle is going to go on for the next sixteen months, and we’re going to have to do whatever we can to go the distance.

    I’m glad you’re feeling 100% better.

  127. Thank you all for letting us (that couldn’t watch the speech) know what transpired. I can no longer watch TV at all! My heart just races, so I come here everyday to educate myself on what this President of ours is doing. I don’t know how he does it, he continues to amaze me with his calm brilliance Those of us on this site know how fortunate we are to have this man at this time in history. Are we, as a country, going to be waking up soon? OBAMA 2012

  128. And that is what policy criticism looks like. It doesn’t involve words like weak, corporatist, betrayal, etc. It attacks the policy not the person. If only his critics could learn from him they would be much more successful in getting listeners.

  129. Exactly. The speech was wonderful but not in any way surprising to anyone who has paid even minimal attention to the President in the past. It’s high time his critics start opening their eyes and their ears and they wouldn’t find themselves so surprised when the President stays true to who he has always been.

  130. The way she has been acting lately, she might give us her version of the speech. Of course playing the role of POTUS.

  131. Based upon what I have read here and other places is that it is obvious that Plouffe is back in charge of messaging. By that I mean that this speech, unlike many of his, had actual short clip sound bites that are dynamite. Not that he didn’t get wonky, but he also got concise and strong phrases out there.

  132. I loved it, he has so many memorable phrases that will make excellent sound bytes. Tomorrow I am going to cut up the speech into a few choice sound bytes we can share, that speak to particular audiences:- seniors who receive medicare, folks who want to see tax cuts eliminated, differences between dems and repubs.

    If you folks have any suggestions for what to include please list them here.

    How fun and exciting.

  133. kaycesf, this is just the opening salvo. It was aimed at the political class, the activists, and his supporters.

    The battle is just beginning.

  134. This brilliant speech was the marker laid down to Republicans and whiners on the left that this is where the country is going as long as he is president. They can dream up foolish counter plans or complain about process, but unless they have an idea that helps reach the vision he laid out, they’re wasting time and spinning wheels. Anything that undermines the promises made to seniors, the vulnerable, the young and our commitment to research, education and innovation won’t get passed his desk. And that’s the bottom line he defined so clearly today.

    Having laid down the marker, I think he’s going to keep selling it. He already said Biden is going to be meeting with Congress and I’ll bet he’s going to be meeting with people all over the country making sure the message gets to the local media and into family discussions. That’s pretty much what Jay Carney implied in the press conference on Tuesday. Everything was framed in a common sense way, so average Americans, who aren’t economists,can understand it and feel confident talking about it. How can anybody but the most ideologically hidebound not support the idea of taxing the rich. Letting the wealthy get all the benefits, while others suffer, just doesn’t meet the “smell test” for most people–especially if they have a chance to hear the historical context of these tax advantages. And especially if they get to hear the way he framed it with all those seniors paying for his tax cut.

    This speech was a piece of brilliant statesmanship and political skill. He has planted his feet toward a fiscally sound future and his political opponents can either follow or get out of the way.

  135. Even yesterday when Thom repeated the Think Progress hit piece on the ‘cuts’ and nothing else (I sent Thom a link from this very site this morning, explaining some of those alleged ‘cuts’), Thom did say that this President didn’t have much of a choice, since all budget bills have to come from the House. And Thom has been seriously advocating for Obama’s reelection.

    He’s been fairly reasonable of late, even though he can careen off the road at any minute.

  136. gee, all we have to do (and we do it regularly here) is not believe the poorly sourced rumors unless and until they have been proven true. That’s all it takes. Since so many times those ‘rumors’ have been flat out lies from a lazy press.

  137. yeah, that’s the new talking point (read: lie) that Republicans are hoping will stick (this started yesterday I think): that Obama has not been part of these negotiations.

    And how busy has Boehner and Cantor been to not show up when the President has invited them?

    They’re grasping at straws.

  138. Just like she gave her version of Mr. Obama’s address from the Oval Office during the gulf oil crisis… a complete waste of time.

  139. “Indeed, to those in my own party, I say that if we truly believe in a progressive vision of our society, we have the obligation to prove that we can afford our commitments. If we believe that government can make a difference in people’s lives, we have the obligation to prove that it works – by making government smarter, leaner and more effective.” President Barack Obama

    I loved this part of the speech, although I loved the entire speech. I was like he is such an “adult” and so freaking intelligent lol..Did you guys see Ryan almost run out of there when it was over. I was watching the CNN live stream and he was bent down and walking extremely fast. Was Ryan aka Mr. deficit reduction all they got? On to the next one please..Next!

  140. Obama did what needed to be done today (and as usual did it better than I ever imagined): the only place this conversation goes right now is for the Repubs to defend why giving tax cuts to the wealthy is a better idea and making seniors and disadvantaged and the middle class pay for it. There’s no way they slither out of defending their ‘plan’ now.

    Obama let them hang themselves with Ryan’s plan. He let them ‘go first’ and now they’re in a corner.

    “Job creators?” A simple graph of the Bush years lays that lie to waste.

    I was not able to hear the speech. I hope he made clear that our problems stem from Bush and Repub dishonesty about the cost of the Bush wars. He mentioned it, didn’t he?

  141. Something tells me that the Repubs know that the majority of the citizens will NOT buy into Ryans plan. I think what the Repubs are hoping for is to MOVE this fight as far right as they can. If they start far, far right then move to the so-called center – the center in essence gets moved farther to the right.

  142. Excellent point – he really does show how debating should happen. With intellect, not with insults.

  143. I got an email for Bold Progressive this morning bashing the President stating that he is going to put Medicare and Medicaid on the table for potential cuts. Then they included some testimonials from Obama supporters saying that they are dissapointed with the president and 2012 blah blah blah.

    I did unsubscribe telling them to go after the insane Republicans and stop bashing my President. After the presidents’s speech, and what he said about Medicare, I realized that these so called “progressives” bash the president to raise money, Bold Progressive was fund raising on a lie.

    …the lessons from the Wisconsin debacle has not been learnt. I refuse to support sites like these and I am unsubscribing to them as they continue to enable the Republicans. This is what they are sending to Democrats in their email database….

    “President Obama: If you cut Medicare and Medicaid benefits for me, my parents, my grandparents, or families like mine, don’t ask for a penny of my money or an hour of my time in 2012. I’m going to focus on electing bold progressive candidates — not Democrats who help Republicans make harmful cuts.” Click here to sign.”

    Are they for real? Of course we know who this “Democrats” is.

  144. Amen. Very difficult to read that site and that logo is always on the screen, sometimes in multiple places. Very distracting, so I just don’t read it.

  145. Brilliance shining through the thick fog of ignorance! Mr President, once again I thank you for being the Educator-in Chief and inspiring us to not only talk but to THINK.

    I will never be able to put it in words how much I adore this President. Sometimes all I can say is thank you God for giving me the opportunity to bear witness to this momentous period in history.

    Did I say how much I love this President?

  146. You’ve inspired me Theresa — I always just delete that kind of email but from now on I am going to explain to them exactly WHY I am not donating to their cause. I never watch Ed Schultz anymore but did last night (why I was torturing myself, I don’t know), until the 98th time he said “The President is going to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security,” which was also the 98th time I yelled at the TV, when I finally turned it off. So infuriating and I can hardly WAIT to see Ed’s abject apology on the air tonight — not!!

    I’m so proud of President Obama for taking it to Paul Ryan, George W. Bush, and the Republicans who got us into, and want to keep us in, the mess he is trying to hard to get us out of. GOOOOObama!!

  147. What they mean is “bold progressives” who can’t accomplish a single piece of legislation, but get lots of airtime freaking out, having hissy fits and bashing the President. Well, where are Grayson and Feingold now, and where’s the list of their “bold progressive” legislation in Congress? What has Weiner done in the years he’s been in office, of his own initiative and accord – not just what he’s voted on because someone else did all the heavy lifting and he just had to raise his hand and say “aye”?

  148. It is ok to just be ecstatic? I had to tweet dr. Cornel West and tell him that he does not speak for me. The house and senate Dems have to more to help this president. Today, I can start my political hiatus until June and come back energized. Btw, some good news: when I ran for prince George’s county council in MD, I kept preaching about a $1Billion (single line on the budget) that was unaccounted for the public schools even to our governor. Though i lost badly, the new budget accounts for everything and communities are organizing to suggest more efficient ways to help the kids. I need to get in gear for it. This is how President Obama inspired me. FIRED UP! Trust me, I will run again.

  149. Oh, Carolyn, I am one of those 66 beautiful “golden babies” who said something like that in several of my posts. I feel that we have a lot in common along with many others here, I am sure you are so correct, he is the best in our years. I hope and pray that you and I will be alive and well to enjoy his second term and then also be able to read some of his books that he will write. Oh, I pray for that so much each day of my life. I hope the young people will continue to work together, respect each other in their hard work to re-elect him in 2012, and go on to help him make this a wonderful future for them and their families. I think we can together. Thanks for sharing, Carolyn.

  150. I think you’re right. A bunch of them are spouting off right now, but I do hope the get back in line and vote–like they should have done last November.

  151. I just want to cast my vote to have a daily PL Watch sandbox along with the regular features. I think it is important to have a place where new refugees from the PL blogs can vent and get it out of their systems without turning every post into a comment thread about the MSM. I know I needed a couple months to decompress after joining last December. Think of it as the Welcome Wagon.

  152. I was livid. I was completely and utterly livid. It’s my responsibility for losing my temper and throwing around names upon discussing that last night and this morning, and I was pretty enraged. I need to learn to not rise to the provocation, but I just still am amazed that anyone purporting to care about this country not falling into GOP hands in 2012 would even consider sending something like that out. And based on a fabrication, “preemptive” criticism.

  153. That was a speech for the ages. He articulated the progressive vision for this society which I’m just thrilled to hear, and he did such a great job of it too. Just wonderful.

  154. I agree with you. What President Obama said today is consistent with what he’s been saying all along, from his early books, through his campaign of 2008, throughout these past 2+ years. I am also unwilling to give the PL any credit for their “sudden” support for the president.

  155. I think it just requires a new thread titled PL WATCH or something actually clever and then a notice at the top of the page asking people to confine their PL and MSM comments to that thread. It’ll be like the crying room at church. (And yes, I have been in that room for a couple of months and still need it once in a while).

  156. I’m so proud of President Obama. He was cool, calm and collected as usual,and he rose to the occassion as I knew he would. He definitely drew many lines in the sand. He made it absolutely clear that the bush tax cuts will not be extended again, that social security will not be touched, that sacrifices will have to be made but $200,000 taxcuts should not be given to folks like him(and richer) at the expense of 33 senior citizens having to pay $6,000.00 each for medical services.!!! Wow, the President signalled he was going to fight for the welfare of the poor and middle class. He called out the ryan/republican budget plans as efforts to abolish social security, medicare and medicaid.

    Today was a defining moment for the President… he took the fight to the republicans, and showed the nation whose side he’s on! The battle has started and I think I know who the victor will be.

    Thanks for all you do President Obama, and may God continue to guide, protect and prosper you.

  157. Screw the punditz. What have they ever achieved except spread the rw lies, get the goat of the left and give the instant knee-jerk reactions without a moment to pause and reflect. As a ferriner, I am constantly amused and amazed that the americans give so much importance to what the punditz spew.

  158. When PBO says “1+1 =2” and “earth is round’, the PL will claim credit for it.

    Effing morons.

    Pahdon my french.

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