“The Cave-In That Wasn’t”

JM Ashby at Bob Cesca’s Blog:

Now that we have the details of last Friday’s budget compromise, and now that we know that President Obama clearly out-played the Republicans in every aspect, will the very serious media and the pants-pissing Professional Left apologize or walk-back their narrative of cave-in and capitulation?

I wouldn’t count on it, even though it’s painfully obvious that a narrative was chosen to run with before anyone actually knew what was included in the bill. I myself am guilty of this. I conceded that this bill, which cuts $38.5 billion dollars in spending, would be bad news for the economy. It turns out though that we were all wrong, because the vast majority of the cuts are steeped in fiscal hijinks.


I can hardly contain my laughter at this point.

The president not only managed to hijack the Republican’s deficit-cutting mission statement and make it appear to be his own, but he did so without actually cutting much of anything and denied Republicans everything they wanted in the process.

You see — the Republicans have touted the compromise as a victory in the war against the deficit, so by extension, the President also gets credit for cutting the deficit even though the savings are all very creative in nature. And as the polls show, the majority of Americans credit President Obama for the compromise.

After reading the details, it appears that it wasn’t actually much of a compromise at all though. It looks to me more like John Boehner bending over and taking it while the Democrats receive most of the credit for a non-deficit-reducing, deficit reduction and non-compromise, compromise.

Well played sir. Well played.

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The launch of “Joining Forces”, a national initiative to support and honor service members and their families, today at the WH. 



216 thoughts on ““The Cave-In That Wasn’t”

  1. Seriously, I would hope that at least Rachel walks back her case of the vapors that she had over the budget. Ezra Klein and Chris Hayes appear to be doubling-down on being hysterical and wrong. But, I thought Rachel was smarter than that.

  2. ROCK WUZ HERE!!! WOOT!!! 🙂

    Wow… Great update and pics, BWD.

    I’m walkin’ tall, ya’ll!!!

  3. Steven Benen at Washington Monthly gets it as well:


    To make a short story long, I’m suggesting we put the apoplexy on hold for 24 hours. Atrios said this morning, “I guess we should just wait until tomorrow.”

    It’s probably the smartest sentence I’ve read all day.

    BWD – I’d suggest Steve gets added to your blogroll. He is definitely a pragmatic progressive and he is willing to admit when he is wrong.

  4. Great job by PBO, VP Biden, Dr. Biden, and the beautiful Michelle Obama, our first lady.

    Note to PBO: I see you looking at Michelle with so much love in your eyes, the way you linger and want to keep holding her hand, and I LOVE it!!

  5. I swear it wasn’t there 2 seconds ago. I double checked. I must be losing my mind.

  6. Somebody feed my President! He’s looking skin-ty! Collar getting all big on his neck 😦 ….

    ….seriously though, what a beautiful cause and event. Gorgeous suit on a gorgeous First Lady.

  7. They do this over and over and over and over again. I personally just no longer watch or consume the media products prepared by certain people. Too much misinformation.

  8. I’ve been following the Washington Monthly for over 2 years now, and Steve is one of the few bloggers on the left who will admit when he has made a mistake. I went nuts on his blog Saturday when he and the other posters were piling their attacks on PBO for the compromise he reached with the republicans. They were agreeing with Ezra Klein’s assessment of who won and who lost in the budget battle. I thought it was unwarranted since they didn’t have all of the details. I lost it. If they want to run the show, they should run for president, and if they want to keep attacking the president without having all of the facts, they should prepare themselves for dealing with the possibility of a republican president in 2013. I told them that if this turns out to be the case, I hope they enjoy him/her the way they enjoyed GWB. Enough is enough. They should act like adults and wait until information is released before going into hysterics on the basis of “speculation.” None of them are insiders, and it’s past the time that they realize it.

  9. I have no doubt but that if President Obama had his way, there are spending cuts that he wouldn’t have accepted. In addition, the DC concessions were painful.

    That said, I am almost completely cloistered off from the “governing by tantrum” new and national media people, thus had the pleasure of only hearing tidbits about freakouts second hand, while engaging in calm, thoughtful, mature discussion which did discuss a few rumors, but didn’t feature hordes of people running through with hair on fire throwing tantrums. I’d like to thank everyone at the bwd community for that.

  10. I actually don’t think this type of story helps the cause, as Boehner will be deemed right for calling it “smoke and mirrors” in a sense, and the GOP will then be given more credit for making the deal given they didn’t get much of what they wanted.

    Of course most of the folks don’t pay attention to this post-game stuff.

    Teabaggers have to read this stuff and get more and more pissed at Boehner though. He’ll have to either veer hard right and drive a much harder bargain or will have to give up trying to please the teabaggers and come to the middle and try to work with moderate dems.

    The Nutroots, Maddow and the rest still claiming it was an epic cave from PBO keeps up the frame that it was a tough pill to swallow for both sides. The whole Overton Window theory they love. Is PBO moving to the center or is the center moving to Obama.

  11. Agreed from start to finish. Enough is most certainly enough. But I say let them keep freaking out, only to have eggs on their faces afterwards. It does nothing but sends people scurrying to sane islands of calm. Next time something like this happens, I’m going to take a few trips to the out of control, tantrum-throwing spaces like Washington Monthly, and hand out links to bwd’s space for people looking to escape the excess. I’m going to use their nonsense to recruit thoughtful people into this community.

  12. Their penchant for being wrong over and over again caused me to stop being bothered to read/listen to them, too, gn. I’ll only allow my chain to be yanked a certain number of times, and after that, you’re off my list of reliable persons to listen to/read about anything. I do not watch any “broadcast news” program because it’s not news, I do not read “news” on certain web sites because it’s not news, and I’m better informed because of it.

  13. I disagree slightly. I think that all that’s needed is to simply tell the truth. We don’t need the tantrums from the netroots claiming that POTUS is a selloutprostitutionwhore, as that is a character attack and repetition of right wing talking points. I do agree that we also don’t need people to claim that Dems sacrificed nothing.

    Honest to God’s truth: President Obama is a very skillful negotiator, he promised to make the cuts as painless as possible, and he delivered on that promise. He had some concessions which he frankly didn’t like, and Boehner made some concessions which he frankly didn’t like. POTUS clearly led the way to compromise and deserves that credit. Boehner has received some of the spending cuts important to the GOP. IMO there’s no need to try to embellish this either way and the netroots dishonesty is a stupid tactic. They just need to keep it real.

    Very thoughtful comment as usual, SR, but I just had that one caveat.

  14. I doubt it. The deal is done. They agreed to the deal the Dems met there number so they can’t go back.

    It would be political suicide if they did. Boner wants to pass this thing and move on.

  15. You would think that the more intelligent PLers would learn by now that our Prez knows exactly what is doing and never gets played. But then again perhaps they are being paid to make stuff up or spew producer-fed lines!! Ezra Klein’s in the garbage pail and Rachel too as far as I am concerned. If we ordinary folks can see the obvious, they could too if they had any interest in doing so . .

  16. Notice how they’re set to start pinging all over the place?

    “Sellout! Betrayer! Catfood Commission!”

    “Hero! Saint!”

    But I couldn’t agree with you more, and I’m happy that you spoke up. I’m tired of the concept of no consequences for these rolling freakouts myself. Very glad you spoke up.

  17. “Teabaggers have to read this stuff and get more and more pissed at Boehner though. He’ll have to either veer hard right and drive a much harder bargain or will have to give up trying to please the teabaggers and come to the middle and try to work with moderate dems.”

    Boehner is in a difficult position because he’s trying to please two masters: the tea partiers and the corporatists. He loves being Speaker and has to watch Cantor at the same time, making his job more difficult. I read that when the negotiations were going on that Cantor was left out of the loop. Steve Benen presented evidence that showed that at one time, Cantor and Boehner weren’t on the same page when they spoke to the media. You’re right, thou, St. Roscoe, Boehner will be forced to make some difficult choices very soon.

  18. Boehner and the Greed Over People party keep getting played like an old violin and the MSM tries to paint the win for the losers. They will never learn.

  19. This also sets the stage for Dems to potentially supply some votes for the budget if the teabaggers refuse. Boehner’s choices here might be the more moderate quiet GOP faction rebelling against the teabaggers. Their desired cuts would have harmed the country and you really have to be callous to not care about that, even if you don’t like spending. I don’t have a problem with sane conservatives who want to see more discipline and want us to prove our programs work—I don’t agree with a lot of it, but I don’t find that nearly as problematic as ideologues who don’t care about reversing the economic recovery.

  20. The thing is that too many people in this country refuse to use the thing inside their heads known as the brain.

    If I here the whiny left continue to say that Obama and the Dems cut more than the Republicans wanted then I will go crazy.
    The fact is that it doesn’t even matter the amount of the cuts. The important thing is what was cut. Cutting spending is not a bad thing if you do it in a responsible manner and Obama and the Dems did there best when negotiating with the Republicans.

    They met a number which was the largest cut in Domestic spending by not lashing programs across the board. Heck most of the money cut was from Defense and money just sitting around that wasn’t used or going to be cut in the first place.

  21. Keeping it real would be more than enough. The freakout brigade is stupid and destructive. There are cuts that Democrats don’t like in the compromise and that is enough to publicize. The personal attacks on the president are pointless at best and aid the republicans in the minds of the public at worst. The fact is that the president did a great job on negotiating this compromise Yes, he had to take a few things he didn’t want but overall it is a win for him. He got more than he lost and he gets to be seen as the one most responsible for avoiding a shut down at the same time. Now, if only our media would stop reporting on things they actually know nothing about as if they know it all and are justifiably outraged only to be embarrassed as soon as the facts come out a couple of days later, we could actually start moving that Overton window they are so fond of talking about. When the Democrats win more than they lose and the public likes the final version and sees it as a good compromise, then the center is realigned toward the Democrats. That is a good thing. Screaming that the Democrats are losers, lousy negotiators and that the republicans won (especially when the facts don’t back that up) moves the window right back toward the republican viewpoint as the reasonable compromise position. It’s political stupidity and self destructive behavior.

  22. Posted this on last thread. Need to interject a question? does anyone on here know what time PO is speaking tomorrow? I have a very busy and probably stressful day, but may have some leeway in what time I do things so really need to be able to plan, if possible.


  23. People, there is a reason why this man is our Prez at this time in History. He has shown us that there is such a thing as being close to a perfect human being. And, he has held a mirror before the so-called leaders and opinion makers. What we see are monsters, screaming, lying and hateful. Look at them: Newt, Huckabee, Romney, the noise at FOX, Beck, Limbaugh, Pawlenty, Barbour, Palin, Bachmann, the PL, especially Krugman..they are all raving, rabid animals; they seem as if they were ll raised by jackals.

    Obama is simply the best.

  24. I don’t see the tea party winning in a showdown between themselves and the corporate interests. They will make a lot of noise but they don’t have the power or the money that the big corporate lobbyists have. And those lobbyists do not want to see the debt limit held hostage over social issues. They might let the tea party play around with the budget a bit, but they won’t let them interfere with their own profits by causing a government default on its debts. They are already trying to rein in the most extreme elements of the party, not very successfully so far, but they are trying. When it comes time for the real action on the debt limit, the tea party reps will soon be finding out that the big money guys aren’t going to shell out for those who oppose them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the debt limit raising is a lot less dramatic than the pundits would have us believe it is going to be.

  25. I’ve started to read Le Monde, Corriere della Sera, and el Pais so I can practice my French, Italian and Spanish. And the Guardian, so I can be reminded that us Yanks can’t speak English. (just kidding on the last one) On the one hand it’s sad that we are more or less forced to turn to foreign media to become even a bit informed not only of the world but of our own country. On the other hand, thank goodness for the internet; we’d be in a poverty of information otherwise.

  26. yall check this footage out..They always say art sometimes imitates real life.

    I wonder if this was president Obama with John Boehner

  27. It seems that after eight years of the Bush administration and its bullying tactics, people seem to forget that compromise is the life’s blood of politics. The only political systems where there’s no compromise are authoritarian or dictatorships. There is no doubt in my mind that some people on both ends of the political spectrum yearn for a strongman who will impose their preferred policies, regardless of Constitutional niceties.

  28. The media loves tantrums though. If the screaming from the right is matches by the screaming from the left, then President Obama looks moderate.

    Now I don’t necessarily agree with this stragegy but see some merit in it. However I don’t agree with the ridiculous over-the-top personal attacks and smears. I just figure they can’t really form a legit criticism, so resort to name calling to hide that fact. I mean anybody using the failure to close gitmo to launch scathing criticisms at the President is out to lunch. It’s a dead give away like birthers on the right. I can’t take anybody seriously who blames the President for Gitmo still being open.

  29. A couple things. First, I am not sure Boehner got taken in the sense that he didn’t know what was happening. He didn’t want the government to shut down, they worked out a deal with numbers he could live with, and one or two cuts that he could go back and say, see what I got. He also knows that he can’t control the freshmen and will need Dems to get aboard the compromise.

    The people who got taken were the TPers. Rememebr, on Friday even Bachman was saying not to push on the riders. Well, now they don’t have the riders and a lot of other cuts they wanted. Yet, if they raise too much of a stink it will be like they bargained in bad faith. Boehner is using this to tell them they don’t control him.

    It’s a gamble on his part, and one he may lose, but he doesn’t want to go down in history as another Newt.

  30. Oh, I’ve given up on all of them unless BWD posts a clip from Rachel’s shows. I am sick of their inability to learn from their mistakes. I’d be fired from my job if I continued to make the same simplistic mistake over and over again.

  31. I agree completely. I think the GOP would be very smart to not make threats on the Debt Ceiling, but rather say “Listen, we’re going to reach an agreement because not raising the debt ceiling is simply too catastrophic to the economy and the world economy but we hope President Obama and the Democrats are serious about the debt and deficit and are willing to make hard but necessary measures to help us rein it in”.

    This way they can raise the debt ceiling while still saying “It’s not nearly enough and if we were in power we’d do x,y,z more but this is as far as President Obama was willing to go and it will be up for the voters to judge and vote accordingly”.

    When you make threats knowing you’re going to have to take the best deal on the table that might not be near what your threatening for you only make yourself look bad.

  32. There are certain positions or phrases that when I see or hear, I automatically tune out. You just mentioned two of them. Another is “government run healthcare” or the term socialist or socialism to describe the administration. Anything that equates Obama with Bush is an automatic clue not to listen. Anybody who suggests that a bigger stimulus or the public option could have been passed if the President had just pushed a little harded has just told me they don’t know what they are talking about. These are just a few.

  33. Speaking of the professional left, I just got a disturbing email from one of those groups – they are pissed that the President is going to put Medicare and Medicaid on the table – are they serious! Is there ANYONE out there that thinks we can leave those programs exactly as they are and not make some kind of changes without bankrupting this country? Look, I am as progressive as anyone and recognize that something has to give – the Baby Boomers are going to add so many trillions to the deficit that it will require SOMETHING to be done!
    The ACA will save a lot of money in the long run IF the idiots on the other side don’t kill the funding! We for sure need a results oriented solution plus coordinated care – places like the Cleveland Clinic where the entire team is in one facility so that you care isn’t duplicated and triplacated ( know it isn’t a word but you get the point!)

  34. I was viewing it from a potential voters perspective when I included the tea partiers. I don’t think Boehner can afford to pizzz off the tea partiers too much because they are a very vocal group, get a lot of media attention, and usually vote for republicans. I’ve noticed, too, that none of the republicans will do/say anything to upset the tea partiers. Media Matters had a clip on its site yesterday showing Judge Napolitano saying that “he is on the side of the tea partiers.” Boehner said last week “that there is no daylight between himself and the tea partiers.”

    I agree that the corporatists won’t let the tea partiers win the fight to raise the debt ceiling. They didn’t want a government shutdown either. I read that Callahan, head of the national CoC, was calling republicans last week urging them to avoid a shutdown. Steve Benen wrote a couple weeks back that the tea partiers in the House have no real respect for, and no sense of loyalty to, Boehner, and they don’t feel as if they have to agree with him. I must say, though, that I have zero sympathy for Boehner or the republicans. They wanted control, they got it, and now, it’s up to them to try to rein in the nuts they helped to elect.

  35. Yes, I heard afternoon, but sure would help if I knew the time. I tried whitehouse.gov, but found nothing. Guess I’ll keep checking around.

  36. OT, but of meaning to me possibly when I fill up the car tomorrow, oil dropped over $4/barrell today down to under $106. Still high, but at least in the right direction.

  37. From Extreme Liberal’s blog, there’s new Congressional polling, and it’s not good for the GOP: Bad news for Congressional Republicans.

    My key takeaway, in that it just stresses me out to no end to have my fate in this segment’s hands:

    The key to this strong movement back toward the Democrats right now is the same as the key to the strong movement away from the Democrats last year- fickle independents quickly growing unhappy with the party in power. Exit polls showed independents supporting the GOP by a 19 point margin last year at 56-37. Now only 30% of those voters think that the Republican controlled House is moving things in the right direction, compared to 44% who think things were better with the Democrats. Given those numbers it’s not much of a surprise that independents now say they’d vote Democratic for the House by a 42-33 margin if these was an election today, representing a 28 point reversal in a span of just five months.

    The rest of the results from PPP are a good read. We’re breaking through — or people have slapped their heads after 4 months and gone “Oh, yeah, that’s why we voted the GOP out in the first place.”

  38. Medicaid , Medicarea and social security does need so reforming, but ppl are taking it as a cut, when he fact he can make it stronger.

  39. Jayne, I agree.. As an independent I am amazed how both the progressives and conservatives think that that neither has to give in order to not only salvage medicaid/medicare and ss but to bring down the deficits.

    Can anyone here with a straight face tell me at this moment in time that Medicare/Medicaid is not beginning to bankrupt this country because of skyrocketing costs? Does anyone with a straight face say that we don’t need to do any tweaking to SS to salvage it for another 75 years?

    For any progressives that can say right now that NOTHING should be done with medicaid/medicare etc and that it is fine and that we should not try to salvage it is beyond delusional.

    Conservatives need to realize that we can’t solve these deficits without substantial tax increases from the rich on to the corporations. Tax reform need to be on the table.

    Taxing the upper income bracket and corporations will not fill a 14 trillion dollar hole. Completely getting rid of medicare/medicaid will not fill a 14 trillion dollar hole.

    So why is that both sides cannot come to the table honestly and say to all the voters.. EVERYBODY is going to have to sacrifice in order to get our fiscal house in order. NOBODY is off the hook. That is the reality we find ourselves. The taxes are going up and the spending is coming down. We are too far in the hole for either to not sacrifice anything. Is it fair? No, nothing in life is fair, but this is where we find ourselves because folks didn’t bother to vote in 2000 for Gore and we got Bush who nearly destroyed this country. Voters again went to the polls in 2010 and put congress in the hands of radical teaparty conservatives that President Obama now has to negotiate with instead of Nancy Pelosi and the progressives congress.

  40. We can’t speak English because it’s a furren language to us. We speak Murrican.

  41. I actually saw a sig line that said “Press 1 for American; Press 2 until you learn to speak American”. SMH

  42. It’s as I told you, BWD, this is a really, really smart man. He’s always playing a long game. Even his enthusiastic declarations of support are part of the long game he’ll be playing during the election when he’ll have stolen the Republican thunder about spending cuts – “Spending cuts are good! So happy we can do them!!” – and will move on to “where else can we find some money? Hey, guess what everybody, I just found $700 bn in these mega rich pockets over here …” I’m telling you, BWD, it’s fun to watch this guy operate. He thinks in terms of months, years, or decades, not days.

  43. Bingo. Brilliance. And I couldn’t be more thrilled and excited about watching these times with you folks.

  44. Here’s my thought:
    1. massive misinformation—the GOP was able to obscure their own extremism behind a caricature of Nancy Pelosi; all across the country the GOP House Reps were on message: Pelosi overreach, us pull it back

    2. that appealed to swing voters who were being made dizzy by the dynamism of the previous session of congress; they thought that the GOP would come in, slow things down a little, trim here and there, and balance out policies which they thought went too far and spent too much with nothing to show for it (a thought created by the lousy economy and the stupid memes about hcr, finreg reform, and the auto bailout being ineffective and problematic, a point of view shared by both the right and lefty new media)

    3. the GOP can’t hide behind the curtains any more; their ridiculousness is front and center and the media can’t provide but so much cover for them any more and swing voters find them unattractive—the moderates have only now started to buck the teabaggers

    I’m not loving depending upon swing voters either, but I’d rather have them in our corner than not.

  45. Guys look what i got in my email box they have started a blog. i left a great messages and told them to take me off. Please go if you care and leave a thought. They sent this to the wrong person. http://smileyandwest.ning.com/

  46. What’s laughable is that this site will just appeal to the same circle of frustrati who inhabit the other places on the web. The vast majority of African Americans won’t even know about this place.

    I popped on there and had to shut it off right away. The vitriol leaped out from the very first headline.

  47. gn, I think you are spot on, specifically with point 2, although the others are sound as well. The republicans had painted the last Congress as out of control and they would stabilize it. That and the promise to repeal HCR basically put them back into office.
    Now, they have over estimated what the public wanted from them (as they usually do). Remember when Bush won in 2000 and 2004, even though the margins of victory were small, he claimed to have a mandate. When Obama won with the biggest margin in many decades, it wasn’t a mandate, in fact their mission was to make sure it wasn’t a mandate.

    Well, as they are also wont to do, they over reached. They did in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Florida. Although Wisconsin made the biggest news story, all the others also were national news. Now Ryan’s budget, the almost shut down of the government, and the indies are seeing that they got more than they were promised and they aren’t happy.

    The problem for the republicans in 2012 is that they really won’t have any accomplishments to go back to the voters with and say, see, keep us in and we will do even more. As long as Dems run smart campaigns (which is not guaranteed, i.e. Alexi and Bean in Illinois) they should win back the House.

  48. Hilarious, as soon as I saw “Smiley and West” – I thought that sounds like a Vaudeville act.

  49. People are really seeing what the Greed over People party really stands for. Also that they don’t know how to govern. And where *re the jobs! These last few months have shown the gensis of our President! I truly believe he knows every department and what can be cut without hurting too much. The depth and breadth of this man is almost more than I can comprehend. We are so fortunate to have him. I believe he is an Indigo Child. I pray for him and his family everyday.

  50. Now I need a good picture of an old-timey vaudeville act for the profile.

  51. Utterly well said from start to finish. As far as I can remember, every time the GOP gets into power, they do something extreme. That party needs to be reformed, and as lovepolitics pointed out, helping to create massive losses for them as accountability for the teaparties would almost certainly usher in such a reform.

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  53. Buyers’ remorse after 3 months? I agree with the points gn included in her post, with special emphasis on the massive misinformation aspect. Fox, the tea party groups, the MSM, rw media all played a role in distributing misinformation. The result of this successful misinformation campaign is exactly what I expected it to be: the failure of the republicans to work on behalf of the people, buyers’ remorse, GOP extremism being exposed, and an opportunity for swing voters to compare and contrast what government accomplishes when democrats are in charge and when republicans are in charge.

  54. WASHINGTON–President Obama and First Lady Michelle return home to Chicago on April 27 to tape an Oprah Winfrey show at her near West Side Harpo Studios. Obama overnights in Chicago on Thursday, in the city to headline three fund-raisers to benefit his 2012 bid for a second term.

    The airdate for the show is May 2.

    Winfrey and the Obamas’ are friends and the First Couple sitting for an interview on her last season–her 25th– is some goodbye; Winfrey’s final show is May 25.

    By now, many of you are familiar with the story: Winfrey threw herself into politics for the first time when she stumped for Obama in 2008 in three critical early Democratic primary states: Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. She also hosted a big fund-raiser for Obama on her California estate outside of Santa Barbara (I remember well sitting on a curb across the street from her mansion filing while Ben LaBolt was herding the press) and appeared at an “issues conference” for big donors in Chicago during the general election.

    The Obamas’ have appeared on Oprah before, on her daytime show and on Nov. 25, 2009, on her prime time special about their first Christmas at the White House. Mrs. Obama has also been featured in Oprah’s “O” Magazine.

    Lynn Sweet-

  55. While I could do without the whiplash that seems to be inherent in independents, I’m glad they’re coming back over to our side.

  56. Thanks for the heads up, Jovie. This is the way that the President speaks to the people, specially the women voters.

  57. I guess Oprah didn’t get the memo that as a black woman she should be feeling betrayed by the president.

  58. The picture where President Obama is closing his eyes and the last one are so sad to me. They bring tears to my eyes. I am so sorry Mr. President for all the stupidity 😦

  59. There was a brief time in the 90’s that they chose to distance themselves from the extremists, but then decided they needed them to win in 2000 and 2004. Since then, they have become more and more extreme and no longer just give a nodding recognition of the extreme wing. And this time, more than any other, they have gone totally overboard.

    Also, remmebre a lot of independents are former Republicans who were upset by the direction the party took in 2008. In 2010 they probably thought the party had learned its lesson but now recognize it not only didn’t learn it but doubled down on its negativity.

  60. Hey gang, all is not well with the lying, RW slave-driver Arinna Huffington. See below the story I have run into:
    AOL, Huffington Post sued by unpaid blogger
    Published On Tue Apr 12 2011Email Print Share3Rss Article

    NEW YORK—The Huffington Post unfairly pocketed more than $100 million from its unpaid bloggers when AOL Inc bought the influential news website in February, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

    The suit, filed in Manhattan federal court, comes two months after Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the website, sold it to AOL for $315 million.

    Of that price, at least $105 million was the estimated value of the website’s unpaid writings, which should now be given to the bloggers, the lawsuit says.

    “The Huffington Post is nothing without the bloggers who created the content,” said Jonathan Tasini, a one-time Huffington Post blogger who filed the suit and is seeking class-action status on behalf of the bloggers.

    Part opinion and part news, the left-of-center website has to some extent relied on free contributions by celebrities, politicians and experts to drive traffic, turning it into a major online force since it started in 2005.

    A spokesman for the website said he had not reviewed the lawsuit, but called the allegations “completely baseless.”

    “Our bloggers utilize our platform to connect and ensure that their ideas and views are seen by as many people as possible,” spokesman Mario Ruiz said.

    “It’s the same reason hundreds of people go on TV shows to broadcast their views to as wide an audience as possible.”

    To what extent the website’s sale value or estimated revenue was based on unpaid blogs is unclear, the lawsuit acknowledged, but it claimed the roughly 9,000 unpaid bloggers should receive their fair cut.

    The lawsuit also called for the website to release detailed information on the Internet traffic to and from the blogs.

    John Coffee Jr, a professor at New York’s Columbia University Law School, said the lawsuit would likely be dismissed by a judge as the bloggers’ decision to contribute to the website was a rational one, and that the Internet site was within its rights to profit from the free content.

    The case is Jonathan Tasini v Aol Inc et al, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, No. 11-cv-2472.

  61. PCCC is all over tweeter instigating, again. They’re saying things such as “Obama if you cut Medicare/Medicaid then we’re not helping in 2012. I understand PCCC also has new anti-Obama add out.

    IMO, we need to push back against this. If you tweet please response to PCCC or if you’re on Facebook let folks know that PCCC and other far left groups are a small % of the Dem base and they don’t speak for all of us.

  62. At the press conference given by the Democratic women senators on 4/8/11 in response to the GOP attempt to hold Planned Parenthood hostage, I lost count of the number of times they used the words ‘EXTREME” and ‘RADICAL” to describe the Republican Party. Their message discipline was remarkable.

  63. I agree. The fact that generations of families have lived off of Medicaid/care isn’t right and we need to try to get people off it and working. This is going to get ugly.

  64. It’s the old saw that Democrats are good at governing, and Republicans are good at campaigning. With PBO’s campaign ramping up, I hope that the DNC and the congressional leadership imposes as firm a message discipline as possible. Do that, and there will be another wave in 2012, but hopefully a more permanent one.

  65. We should totally turn this into a fun group project, just to let off some steam.

  66. or aka “shuckinandjivin”…presented by Walmart/Budweiser/KFC….Ha!

  67. I don’t even know how to tweet or follow or whatever, but I am always down for a good time :-D.

  68. I think you’re confusing Medicaid with Welfare. People don’t live off Medicaid. It’s supplemental health care coverage for people with no health care coverage or to help pay for what Medicare doesn’t (in the case of dual eligibles like Seniors). It’s an easy thing to be confused by because the Republicans make a point of calling Medicaid Welfare.

    When the health care exchanges kick in, then more people who can’t afford health care will be able to purchase coverage and pay premiums like everyone else, but those premiums will be affordable. That might help create a way off Medicaid for certain people, but the expense of Medicaid is still pretty unmanageable. There’s a very good reason for that: ridiculous health care COSTS. Bring those down and Medicaid won’t be so burdensome.

  69. Oh goodness – I’m sitting in a boring meeting, and I actually snorted out loud when I read your post! 🙂

  70. We know that they are smart, but the fact is they wear us out everytime, by creating an
    international crisis, speculating and making a mountain out of a molehill about everything and nothing in particular. Why are ‘they’ so intense and uptight?

  71. What is wrong with these people? They can’t wait to even hear what the President says before they attack him? I thought the PCCC was run by really smart people; guess not.

  72. The PCCC is a scam organization. They’ve been bilking money from progressives for over a year now.

  73. I totally agree with you – I’ve got a lot of the same triggers that cause me to just switch that person off. Most of these people can’t be convinced to look at the facts, either, so it’s pointless to lose sleep over them. They will have to find out the hard way that they are wrong or misguided or misinformed.

  74. Joan Walsh up with the BS again on Hardball saying that Democrats must be disappointed in President Obama including African Americans and etc. because of the budget deal.

    Do these guys even read the budget agreement or do they just go out there with there anti- Obama talking points ? Obama won this deal and you would think that according to them it’s the end of the world.

    And when will she hold the Dems in Congress accountable for blocking the closing of GITMO, not passing a budget and the middle class tax cut extension ?

    And what was the solution for the middle class Joan ? “Hey middle class we raised the taxe on the rich but we let your tax cuts go because we only care about getting back at the rich.”

  75. Really?! I had no idea. Seems like I remember during the 2010 elections many running for Congress were crediting this organization (their link goes to Bold Progressive, claiming 700,000 members). I’m so clueless.

  76. 100% right. The biggest long term drivers of deficits are Medicare and Medicaid. Everything else pales in comparison. Something has to be done.

    Declaring “Don’t touch it!” is irresponsible. I support making the necessary changes to control costs, as long as the poor and disabled aren’t neglected.

  77. I also love how the liberals attack Obama so much but they remained pretty silent when Bill Clinton did thing like Welfare reform and NAFTA.

    You have idiot like Robert Reich attacking the president calling him O in articles. showing no respect for this president while kissing up to Bill Clinton for years.

    Obama has been the most progressive president in 40 years and he get’s no respect from the PL.

  78. That’s me, disrupting boring meetings everywhere. It’s why I’m self-employed – NOT ability to just sit and listen during boring meetings.

  79. Bob Cesna’s piece really pleased me. At least, there is one person, a screamer who was willing to say, we were wrong.

    My best friend was hysterical after watching Rachel. She wrote an email and said what in the hell is Obama, and the democrats, trying to destroy this country. Wow!

    Rachel must have thrown it down. If she walks it back that would be great, but I do not count on her for anything any more.

  80. Looks like Americans have had ENOUGH!!!


    Bad news for Congressional Republicans
    PPP’s newest national poll finds that after a little more than 3 months in charge House Republicans have fallen so far out of favor with the American public that it’s entirely possible Democrats could take control of the House back next year.

    43% of voters think that House Republicans are doing a worse job now than the Democrats did, compared to only 36% who think the GOP has brought an improvement. 19% think things are about the same. 62% of voters thinking that the Republicans have either made things worse or brought no improvement to an already unpopular Congress does not bode particularly well for the party.

    46% of voters say that if there was an election for Congress today they would vote Democratic, compared to only 41% who would vote Republican. That five point advantage for Democrats is only a hair below the margin Republicans won by in the national popular vote last year. A victory of that magnitude for the Democrats next year would at the very least result in the party taking back a large number of the seats it lost last year, and it could be enough to take back the outright majority- hard to say at this point without knowing how good a number the GOP can do in redistricting.

    The key to this strong movement back toward the Democrats right now is the same as the key to the strong movement away from the Democrats last year- fickle independents quickly growing unhappy with the party in power. Exit polls showed independents supporting the GOP by a 19 point margin last year at 56-37. Now only 30% of those voters think that the Republican controlled House is moving things in the right direction, compared to 44% who think things were better with the Democrats. Given those numbers it’s not much of a surprise that independents now say they’d vote Democratic for the House by a 42-33 margin if these was an election today, representing a 28 point reversal in a span of just five months.

    These poll numbers also point to the reality that Republicans taking control of the House may have been one of the best things that could possibly have happened for Obama’s reelection prospects. Although we found the President with slightly negative approval numbers on this poll, when asked whether they had more faith in Obama or Congressional Republicans to lead the country in the right direction 48% of voters picked Obama to only 42% who went with Congressional Republicans. Voters may not love Obama as once they did but they’re finding him to be more reasonable than the alternative and that means it will be hard for the GOP to knock him off next year without a top notch nominee.

    One thing is very much for certain- it’s not 2010 anymore.

  81. I’ve given up on MSNBC- Maddow in particular–she’s too hyper. Used to watch her everyday, but of late she seems to delight in belittling the President. CNN supports the tea party, imho, so I do not give them my ratings either. None of the so called reporters are credible or reliable. They negatively hype everything the President has done to get ratings.

    Jennings, Rather, Brokaw, Bernard Shaw and Judy Woodruff used to present quality and truthful information. Sadly, those days are over!

    President Obama did not give away the store. If they would read and try to understand the details, they would see that he out-manuevered the republicans. Maddow and CNN hyped the budget cuts so the President will appear weak, and his supporters will be “mad” at him. Well, this is one supporter who will not listen to them anymore, will do my own research, make my own decision, and will always support the President.

    Thanks President Obama for doing a fantastic job and for not wavering even in the midst of terrible criticism, outright lies and disrespect. You will prevail and all the haters will be put to shame!!!!

  82. “Do these guys even read the budget agreement or do they just go out there with there anti- Obama talking points ?”

    I think the answer to that question is pretty clear. They were having hizzy fits prior to knowing what was actually getting cut or by how much. They often speak with such authority, only to find out that they had no idea what they were talking about, falling for RW spin, or rumors and blindly accepting them as fact. They move from one fake outrage and controversy to the next. Notice how ALL blame resides with Pres. Obama, they hardly even mention the GOP (who is supposed to be the real enemy). When one spends 95% of his/her time trying to discredit Pres. Obama and demoralize democrats, it is clear as day whose side these PL leaches are really on. They want the GOP to be in power. They want Pres. Obama to be a one term president. Their actions and words illustrate this fact time and again. Thankfully more and more people are waking up to the con and tuning these MF’s out.

  83. I hope they would all come to their senses, but I’m not holding my breath.

    I think they will move on and keep pretending that President Obama will propose gutting Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid.

    Of course it isn’t true, but it is another opportunity for folks to believe that he would have if they hadn’t acted so nobly.

  84. Boehner has done nothing in his first four months except pass teabagger red meat bills that has no chance in the Senate or against a Presidential veto. It’s been one big giant waste of time, especially compared to what the Dem Majority House did. So indies might have thought the Dem House moved too fast, but the GOP House is doing nothing at all.

    Also worth pointing out is that the teabaggers got elected in seats that went Dem in 2008, meaning their purple seats. Teabaggers won primaries and then rode in the red wave that was more anti-Dem (perceived) over-reach than pro-teabagger platform. ow these teabaggers are going to be incumbents and will have to defend their votes on the various red meat bills that will probably not play as well in their districts as they might believe.

  85. This could be a Zen koan: Is there a viable media if no one consumes it? I think we’re going to find out very soon. With my Roku box, I watch BBC World, AJE, and France 24 for my news. AJE has very good coverage of US affairs, much better than any of the cable channels. And no Charlie Sheen! People have options, and more people are finding out about these options every day.

  86. CC, I read the comments and the Obama bashers are out in force. Steve says, let’s hold back until we hear the speech.

    About two people that commented were calm,
    hopeful and trusting. They rest went ape. I knew he was going to stab us in the back.

    At times it becomes funny because they indeed
    go over the edge every single time the president does or says anything.
    Friggin idiots.

  87. Some potentially very good news regarding the Obama administration’s decision to save the domestic car companies:

    Analyst predicts Big Three will add 34% more jobs by 2014

    Hard to believe there were even Democrats calling for the failure of GM and Chrysler, isn’t it. Can’t wait for them to step up and admit they were wrong.

    Hello? Hello? [tap, tap] Is this thing on? Where are the mea culpas, folks?

    Oh, that’s right. They never confess to being wrong with their preemptive whinging and complaining. Just like they won’t apologize for what JM Ashby so rightly points out to be a completely wrong characterization of the budget deal secured by the President.

    (It’s sofa king exhausting to have to fight BOTH sides sometimes, innit???)

  88. It’s the Rovian fallacy: they thought all they needed was to win 50% + 1 of the vote, and they could sit on their behinds in the House for the next few years. I don’t think redistricting will help a situation in which the electorate for Presidential years — and hopefully now for midterms — skews young, female, brown, and moderate. Obviously if you’re a liberal the GOP has no place for you; but also if you’re moderate the Democratic Party offers you a coalition you can join; the GOP is in thrall to the monster it created to ride to a seemingly very shortlived victory in 2010. The conservatives in Weimar Germany thought they could harness Nazi enthusiasm to crush the Left and then control it. They found out how wrong they were. The teabaggers won’t plunge us into fascism; but they might just end up fracturing the Right.

  89. That’s exactly what it is, they see a chance to grab up donations from people mad at Obama so they feed the fire.

  90. Nice! Incidentally, I’ve noticed a mea culpa diary on the rec list on the old Orange. This is one of the first of its kind. Usually they simply move on to the next issue.

  91. It really is and I couldn’t agree with you more.

    I am just so sick of the PL and their lies. I’m tired of hearing that Obama is Bush II or weak.
    I’m tired of many in the CBC that have no problem attacking President Obama but never stood up to any previous white president including Bush until his second term when he was unpopular.

    In a way I can’t wait till Obama is re-elected.

  92. I think lila nailed it:

    When the Democrats win more than they lose and the public likes the final version and sees it as a good compromise, then the center is realigned toward the Democrats. That is a good thing. Screaming that the Democrats are losers, lousy negotiators and that the republicans won (especially when the facts don’t back that up) moves the window right back toward the republican viewpoint as the reasonable compromise position. It’s political stupidity and self destructive behavior.


    On the nose IMO. I take your points, definitely, but the netroots character attacks are not great strategy to me.

  93. Or in other words, the PCCC is fundraising by spreading lies about President Obama. I’ll be honest, no need to hold my tongue: nothing would please me more than to see this group of obnoxious loudmouths who hurt everything they touch to formally disengage from the pretense that they’re “helping” during this election.

    I have no doubt but that POTUS’ suggestions for these health programs will be wise and preservative, but I’d like nothing better than for us to be able to wave bye bye to the PCCC.

    They are a hindrance, clumsy, red-meat demanding, money-grubbing hindrance.

  94. The antagonism toward the Big 3 from the left was very surprising to me when the whole bailout/loan was an issue. These are the companies that basically jumpstarted the middle class in this country. They are the source of some of the best paying jobs and of an important industrial base. Their destruction would most likely have been the beginning of the end of labor unions as a force in this country as well. Saving those companies and those jobs was vital and I just couldn’t wrap my head around the nastiness and callousness of those on the left who said they should just be allowed to die. When it was pointed out that it was a loan and not a bailout, or that the consequences of them failing would be catastrophic to an already endangered economy, they just said basically said, “too bad for them”. That’s when I knew that there was a large segment of the so-called left who weren’t actually very left leaning at all but just anti-government, anti-corporate and anti-everything.

  95. Currently within a small minority on the left, we are starting to see the same shortsighted, almost myopic actions and words that was behind the riots in at the DNC Convention of 1968.

    Even when the alternative was Richard Nixon (RICHARD. MILHOUSE. NIXON) you saw “liberals” i.e. “yippies” doing everything they could to insure a Nixon victory. This of course resulted in damage to our society and our government that is still being felt today.

    I for one am starting to understand what old time rank & file Democrats have been complaining about for over a generation! When the alternative is Romney, or Bachmann, or even Trump(!?) some folks are going to oppose Obama? Really?

    That isn’t progressive. That’s crazy.

  96. Those of us actually paying attention, not just last week, but ever since 2007, realize not just how skillful the President is, but how deeply committed he is to the well-being of all Americans.

    Bi-partisanship for him is not a ploy, it is one of the many tools in his kit. And, every one of those tools are always being used to improve the quality of life for all Americans.

    That’s ‘all Americans.’

    Those who continue to shriek, to hate, to preemptively claim ‘cave’ ‘sold us out’ …. we know whom they are and should just continue doing what many of you are – post factual information, never attack anyone personally not matter how disgusting their behavior is, avoid baiting or responding to trolls, and, most importantly, continue to expand the alternative places where folk can gather, enjoy one another, plan and make change happen.

    Thank you BWD, once again, for the quality gathering spot you have created and share with all of us.

  97. Mine is the person saying I worked hard to get PBO elected but now I am so disappointed in him I will not vote for him again. That to me is a troll alert or an extreme PL.

  98. Remember when Rachel gave her own “presidential speech” in front of a green screen of the oval office?

    The pundits were soooooo upset because Obama didn’t “say this, that, the other thing”, because that speech at that time was sooooo damn important, at such a pivotal time.

    And as it turns out nobody remembers that “pivotal time”, or what the hell we were even talking about. And in hindsight, Obama could spoke in freaking tongues and it wouldn’t have changed anything. The facts today would be identical to what they are, no matter what Obama had happened to SAY in a speech given months and months ago.

    Rachel and rest need to realize “The American President” was a fucking movie, not real life.

  99. Of course, our version of the yippies wouldn’t want to muss their hair at an actual protest, much less a violent one. They’re much more comfortable behind their keyboards throwing digital bombs rather than molotov cocktails. They’re not progressives, but they also don’t have much influence.

  100. Correct. If Obama proposes, for instance, increasing copays by $5 a month, total, according to the proleft Grandma and Grandpa will now be buying catfood.

    Atrios will wake up long enough to produce a sentence fragment, and the rest of the PL will golf-clap and link to it. I hate the PL.

  101. Some woefully misguided “Obama supporters” in DC are “furious” about some cuts to their city services from the budget deal. They are so angry at the president, they say the won’t help him get re-elected.

    Sooo…these “supporters” are going to help Republicans out by not campaigning for Obama. The same Republicans who are demanding all these cuts in the first place. Geniuses!

  102. “DailyTrolls” is one blog that has officially jumped the spotted owl. They’re ready to vote green and hand the keys to the White House to Trump/Huckabee!

    The rest want to primary Obama to “push him to the left.” Yeah, the same way losing the House pushed him waayyyy to the left!

    The right wing DOES NOT have a monopoly on ‘teh studid.’ I’m afraid the left has a scorching case of it too.

  103. Agreed. This seizes the one issue the GOP was hoping to ride moving forward. And it forces the GOP to either discuss cutting Defense(!) and taxing the wealthy, or otherwise cede ground and lose any credibility with the electorate on this issue. It’s a savvy move by Obama, but what else do you expect? 🙂

  104. I think the Dems and President Obama have the GOP in a box for the next go-round of negotiations. The GOP is NEVER going to refuse to raise the debt ceiling; their corporate masters and Wall Street will not LET them destroy our credit and the global economy. Dems and President Obama hopefully realize this and see the bluff for what it is.

    When I got the email from the PCCC I responded that I would wait to hear PBO’s smart assessment of how to fix the entitlement programs, before I will freak out or withhold my support, that I trust him to have America’s back. I doubt they are used to receiving that kind of response.

  105. Because the far left thinks that all business is evil.

    I recall Daily kos bloggers defending Communism and saying that the Soviet Union did not reflect Communism well because they were authoritarian. LOL !

    They seem to not understand that the extreme’s on the right and the left lead to authoritarian rule.
    And they fail to understand that companies like GM and Chrysler and other companies that manufacture and create products employ millions of Americans and have been part of the formation of the middle class.

  106. My Young Turks wall post tonight…

    Chip Shirley
    Good show tonight and in general Cenk. I guess it is true that I don’t give you enough credit. I am glad you’re there for sure.
    Truthfully I just wish you folks would consider the fact that we probably have the best president since LBJ and therefore it is important to be as supportive as corrective, isn’t it?
    8 minutes ago ·LikeUnlike ·

    Omar Rivero likes this..

  107. I’m much less generous because I remember that recurring skit, which preserved the superficial appearance of fairness. I really hope that you guys aren’t relying on those folks to stay constant, because they’re going to disappoint you again, and again, and again, and again, and again as they ping back and forth to get in front of whatever gets them the most attention.

    So glad to be away from this nonstop foolishness.

  108. That’s the *last* person I’d listen to, telling me how I should and should not as a black woman view my POTUS.

    Time for me to log off. The PL has reached bs saturation point for me.

  109. Co-sign.

    Borrowing from president Obama, I am trying to not get too high or too low about the breathlessness we see day in and day out.

    When certain fair-weather people heap praise on PBO, I take it with a grain of salt. Similarly, when they veer into their hysterics, I ignore them. I am looking at their history, which makes them so predictable.

    I try to do the same with some daily polls that seem to have no rhyme or reason.

    What I will continue to do is write or call those who try to distort the president’s record or his statements. Every time they do it, they will hear from me, if I can get their contact info.

  110. Well according to the history books they thought the election of Richard Nixon would lead to a revolution.

    Though Nixon would be considered a liberal by today’s standards based on how far right the GOP is now. But the election of Nixon help lead to that radicalization by adopting the Southern Strategy which lead to the election of Reagan and then Reagan merged the Southern Strategy with evangelical right wingers. And since then they have become even more radical.

    But PL can’t see that they are one of the main reason’s why all of this has come to past.

  111. I bet Hermene Hartman is shooting Oprah an email right now reminding her that PBO is not “loyal”…smh

  112. Nope the Old Orange is the last site I would rely on for consistency. I just glanced over there after reading Eclectablog’s post just to see what their latest poutrage du jour was about. Even in the so-called “I was wrong” diary, some of the usual suspects are trying to get TomP to say that “I will be proven right soon.”

  113. Yesterday, I believe, there was a conversation here about comments from people that start out positive and then come up from behind with a kicker (as in: I fully support President Obama but … ). The topic du jour (before the “but”) takes all shapes and forms, as we know.

    A friend of mine is a substitute elementary school teacher in Florida. She just emailed this to me, after we acknowledged to each other that the Civil War began 150 years ago today:

    “I thought I had a chance to teach a little civil rights history the other day, but I had to shut the discussion down when one of the students started her comments, (1) which did not answer the question asked, and (2) started her response with ‘I’m not a racist, but … ‘ I think I muttered something like, ‘Sure sounds racist to me … ‘ and then went to the next question. Racism is still alive and well, and it still shocks me when I hear it.”

    This student was a fifth grader. Bravo to my friend for addressing it, which hopefully planted a little seed. The sad part is we know this young girl didn’t put this thought in her own brain.

  114. Great, just making sure you’re not setting yourself up for a disappointment dear hopefruit. Glad to hear that you’re keeping that in perspective. 🙂

  115. To my mind, it probably had to do more with the man (PBO) who was taking up the cause to save the industry. It is almost like their dislike for him makes them take leave of their senses.

    I really believe that some people can’t bring themselves to accept this man, therefore they behave in the way the do.

    This just my perception.

  116. They would rather sit back and watch the Teapubs get in and DC will be so much worst off than it is already. Talk about no rights – they haven’t seen nothing yet!

  117. It just shows how stupid they are. The Republican took over the house and said they were going to cut spending. So that meant they were going to be cuts.

    They act like Obama is a dictator and the Congress does nothing. When will these idiots stop giving the congress a pas and challenge these people.

    And they should be challenging the Congressional Black Caucus which has done pretty much nothing for black communities.

  118. Man, I knew not raising the debt limit was dangerous but after hearing jake tapper on ABCNews last night I know that the republicans will be committing permanent extinction if they don’t raise the debt limit

    He said if the debt limit isn’t raised Taxes would go up IMMEDIATELY on EVERYBODY The rich, the poor, the middle class, corporations, small businesses etc. He said Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will be SLASHED IMMEDIATELY!! Forget debating the 2012 budget, the GOP budget would happen RIGHT NOW!!! That is scary!!

    Also I talked to my cousin who is an economics professor he said stocks would tank, interest rate would go up, hundreds of thousands would lose their jobs, trillions would be lost in bonds, etc. He said we would be like a third world country because we couldn’t borrow any more money to pay for things that we owe whether its governmental contracts, etc

    If I were obama I would pull out a chart with graphs to explain the dire situation this country would be in if the republicans play russian roulette with this country.

  119. All I want to know is when are the PL going admit that part of their attack on Obama has to do with racism and profit. Though I will admit that they tried to undermine Jimmy Carter and they did by helping Reagan but even when Clinton was in office they never acted this bad.

  120. Cornel and Tavis think Obama should just be a “black president.” How they think a man elected to lead the entire nation can, in 2 years, solve problems like the incarceration rate of black men is beyond me.

    The only thing Obama could possibly do as President is propose legislation to change FEDERAL sentencing guidelines. Even then, making them race based would still be totally illegal!

    And what the hell does Smily and West think a President can possibly do about black men incarcerated at the state and local level??? I swear, some people think Obama was elected dictator, or don’t know a damn thing about the office of President.

  121. It is amazing. I used to think if the unemployment rate was dropping, and jobs were being created that a President could be said to be “creating jobs.”

    Apparently, according to the Frustrati, even though the unemployment rate is dropping Obama isn’t creating jobs! I guess because the jobs being created are with companies that have CEO’s? And Obama should only be creating jobs with companies that are run collectively? Or something?

  122. Yep, raising money off of lies. They sending a petition around saying if PBO cuts SS, Medicare or Medicaid they will with hold grassroots money. Really? That’s why all of my donations will go to PBO. No outside groups will get any of my money.

  123. Ha! Yes, there are still millions of black single mothers in America. WHY HASN’T OBAMA DONE SOMETHING ABOUT THAT!

  124. I agree. I’m glad for all that he’s done, but…

    Then again, maybe it’s because he’s actually doing the work instead of goofing off. Clinton looked the same as Obama does. Bush did not. Guess who was at his desk at the WH instead of on month-long vacations?

  125. And you know what? Even when they are dead wrong they STILL trot out the memes and spew them every which way.

    It’s almost as if they want the Repubs back in control in DC…and they don’t care. So long as they get their pure as snow far left messiah in the future…

    …even if the country is beyond ruin then.

  126. “Enough is enough. They should act like adults and wait until information is released before going into hysterics on the basis of “speculation.” None of them are insiders, and it’s past the time that they realize it.”

    Indeed. And none of them seem to have any bloody knowledge on how bills are passed in Congress…or that Obama is the President, not the King.

    Also, they keep acting that politics is a winner/loser game. It isn’t–it’s far more complicated than that.

    Once again, Barack Obama IS the only adult in the room…and the Repubs, Hamsher, Greenwald, and the whole lot of them are the spoiled, whining children.

  127. How about do these guys even read the polls? There is ZERO polling to suggest that the Democratic base is unhappy with Obama. ZERO. These rich white pundits continue to act like their views represent the entire diverse Democratic base. It’s revolting to say the least.

  128. Which is why the GOP will say “President Obama didn’t go nearly far enough, but America cannot and will not default, so we’ll vote to raise the debt ceiling with the pledge that we’ll do much more if Republicans win the Senate and White House”.

    Well I don’t know if that’s how they’ll play it, but would be my advise if I was a Republican.

    GOP tries to play chicken with the Debt Ceiling and it will backfire badly.

  129. Cenk is terrible. He’s the prototypical “professional left” who sells his outrage for his own financial gain.

  130. They took in loads of contributions but very little of it was actually spent on ads. They’ve been really shady about financial disclosures. You’d think these frustrati would learn about giving money to fly by night organizations after getting bilked by FDL, but they keep giving money away.

  131. Adam Green??? I think he’s the guy who runs PCCC – he’s a total creep. I was getting e-mails from PCCC soliciting contributions, with vile anti-Obama rhetoric so I had to remove my name from its e-mail list. PCCC started getting bad on the health care issue and then totally jumped the shark over President Obama’s tax deal just before Christmas . .

  132. I remember slinky leading the charge at DK to not bail out the auto companies. She was hugely against it. There are a lot of folks over there who care more about ideological purity and destroying capitalism than they do about the middle class and saving millions of jobs.

  133. I volunteered at a nonprof, and the ED made it very clear how devastating Clinton’s welfare reform was to single women with children. This was only a few years ago, so people still remember.

    NAFTA – I remember the demonstrations in Seattle. A relative of mine, at that time, was a union organizer. I still remember his words – Clinton is a Republican in Democratic clothing.

    I watched the news then, but I wasn’t very politically aware, so I honestly don’t know how much push-back there was from Democrats. All that being said, I can’t imagine there was as much anger toward Clinton as there is against PBO.

  134. “Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) took to the Senate floor to decry Paul Ryan’s budget proposal on Tuesday, declaring it DOA in the Senate.”

    “The House Republican budget puts the entire burden of reducing the deficit on senior citizens, students and middle-class families,” he said. ‘At the same time, it protects corporate subsidies for oil companies, lets waste at the Pentagon go untouched, and would give even more tax breaks to millionaires.'”

    “Added Schumer: ‘In short, the Ryan budget puts the middle class last instead of first. As a result, it will never pass the Senate.'”


  135. There was a great quote I ran across one time where an adviser to FDR was helping him understand the tantrums that people to his left were throwing over his policies. Something to the effect of “well, our friends on the Left seem to need their hands held from time to time”.

    That adviser was Eleanor Roosevelt.

    I swear that if you transported our Whining Left back to FDR’s day they would find something to complain about within 10 minutes and start telegraphing all their friends about it.

  136. They will threaten and bluster and then whatever they want for the debt ceiling will just be an early round of negotiating for the budget battle. Wall Street will not let the economy go down because of some Tea Partiers.

  137. I am not willing to just let the voters off the hook by saying they were hoodwinked by clever GOP word play. Though it is definitely a part of things.

    Wisconsin clearly shows that half the voters were willing to screw their own out of nothing more than spite. Rural vs. City. Religious v. Secular. High School Education v. College. Those who left for jobs in the city versus those who were Left Behind.

    People in the rural areas feel Left Behind. There is a reason that series struck a chord and it wasn’t just because it was about Armageddon. It was about turning the tables on the fancy pants people who got an education, left Podunk and went on to do interesting things with their lives while the people back home pine for the glory days of high school.

    There are real cultural issues that divide Americans. The GOP exploits resentment and the Dems refuse to.

  138. lol, exactly symmetry. I’m with you; I give to OFA/DNC, period, and sometimes Dem Senators/Dem Congress. These PACs and all that nonsense, not a penny.

  139. I’ve seen them do nothing positive for the average person. They will not see a red penny from me, much less forwarding some poison letter to other POTUS supporters. What a hatefilled thing for them to do.

  140. Absolutely. Roosevelt was a corporate lawyer at a Wall Street firm. He would have been despised from the get-go.

  141. He has the ability that I have longed admired in a few people whom I have crossed paths with in my life – people who have the ability to see the long view and see the long view with many of the details.

  142. I’ve never given to a PAC. To me, they’re kind of like the ever-present mystery meat served to us in grade school cafeteria. Where did that come from, what the heck is in it, they expect me to eat that crap?

  143. On the lighter side of things…………

    I thought I was the only one who noticed. I don’t usually get personal about the first family, but there must be something reaallly sexy about being married to someone with so much power, IMO.

    Just saying………….

  144. They will never admit that they were wrong because they are liars. They lie 24/7 to deflect from there lack of leadership and ideas.

  145. I have to agree with you about CBC. I saw Eleanor Holmes-Norton on TV having a tantrum. Folks is Congress act like the President is their daddy. They are waiting for him to tell them how to do their jobs. Many of these people have been in Congress for 10, 20, 30 years. What part of their job don’t they yet know how to do?

  146. I responded to PCCC by telling them they would never get a dime from me because of their unfounded bashing of the President. I also told them they were tools of the Republican Party but were too stupid to realize it.

    Maybe I said too much.

  147. “I’m going to use their nonsense to recruit thoughtful people into this community.” Excellent approach GN. I will start doing the same. Your approach is much more rewarding than beating one’s head against the impenetrable wall erected by the rabid Obama haters.

  148. No, you didn’t say too much!

    (I’m not sure why, but your gravatar creeps me out, lol)

  149. Well GN, in IMHO, you are one of the finest examples of people who are “calm, thoughtful, mature” whenever they participate in discussions. I hope I am not alone in thanking you for setting such a good example for the BWD community.

  150. Email your best friend that she needs to come here to find out what PBO is doing. I no longer watch MSNBC. I’ll watch CNN to find out what’s going on in Japan or Middle East. As soon as they start in on PBO I turn the channel.

  151. “…people seem to forget that compromise is the life’s blood of politics.The only political systems where there’s no compromise are authoritarian or dictatorships. There is no doubt in my mind that some people on both ends of the political spectrum yearn for a strongman who will impose their preferred policies, regardless of Constitutional niceties.”

    Thank you Liberal Librarian for this powerful statement of truth! I think any one with any rudimentary knowledge of U.S. political history knows the truth of your statement. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on some of the major compromises in U.S. history. I am sure as a fellow Californian you are aware that the admission of California to the Union was a result of the major Compromise of 1850. People who think compromise is a dirty word forget that failure to find some common grounds eventually ends in a civil war.

  152. That’s a good one, OG! It is one of those statements that cannot be easily proved or disproved.

  153. I was thinking the same thing Jeremy. These PL’s must be born after 1980 and fail to learn from history. I think President Carter was a very smart man and like PBO was looking at the long game. Unfortunately he ran into his own PL one being Ted Kennedy. If they Dems had stood behind PJC we would be off foreign oil before 2001, no war in Iraq or Afghanistan and we would not be in this financial mess. These A holes are trying to repeat history, but not on our watch. PBO will win re-election without them.

  154. You know what Tao Jones, there really was a lot to complain about during FDR’s day. And people did complain, not to undermine the President, but to provide him a rational for doing more to improve on his policies. Most importantly, Democrats did not go around demonizing everything FDR did. And believe me, contrary to the “myth of FDR,” he was no saint. FDR did not abolish corporate capitalism. FDR saved corporate capitalism, but to his credit he also instituted reforms that protected people from the predatory excesses of capitalism. Exactly the same thing President Obama did with his financial reform legislation.

  155. So agree JoJo I have become alot more
    peaceful it was hard at first being the
    political junkie that I was but I realized
    the media is not reporting news or politics
    their just corporate shrills doing the
    bidding of their masters or particular
    interest group; we won’t even start with
    the so called liberal elite media…

  156. Yes the President looks tired but in picture #5 where has is eyes closed listening to the First Lady speech with a smile of contentment hearing her voice.Just take look you will see it.

  157. Well said Darnell! And another thing, Tavis Smiley loved the Clintons, yet it was under Clinton that “the incarceration rate of black men” went beyond the roof! Both Smiley and West are masters at making lots of money, selling books and appearing on TV, while pretending to promote the Black Agenda. They never propose practical and concrete solutions on how to advance that Agenda. Of course both of them are the darlings of the PL.

  158. Darnell, I think it is very clear about the whole approach by the “frustrati” so far as President Obama is concerned: whatever President Obama does they are either against it. Period.

  159. I am always surprised to hear members of the House and Senate saying the President didn’t lead on this he got in the game too late. I think What? They don’t even know what their job is? I see PBO doing his job and expecting them to do theirs as the Constitution has defined it. When a President starts telling the Legislation how to do their jobs they complain about the President being a dictator. Now they are complaining PBO is not a leader.
    What really has me riled up is I was innocently watching that Entertainment show on tv with Mario on it tonight. Next thing I know Donald Trump is on telling the world that PBO will go down in history as our worst President. That enrages me. Can I be so off to see him as one of our best most influential Presidents ever even though he has been faced with such tremendous odds?

  160. I meant to say: “Whatever President Obam does they are either against it, or it is not enough.” Its been a long day.

  161. As an example of how sick people are getting of the PL blogs, hits at Angry Black Lady (Stopthemadness) went from 500,000 hit 3/10 to 3.5 million hits 3/11. She has been on fire lately.

  162. I have quit watching all news shows. All they do is bash the President and not offer solutions. I can tell you how my blood pressure is much better. Thanks to this site and all you wonderful people

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