Swagger and T-Shirts and all kinds of awesomeness

President Obama surprises eighth graders from Altona Middle School in Longmont, CO on the South Lawn of the White House, including the mother who wrote him what-is-now-a- famous-letter about the shutdown. The video is highly recommended. And the photo too (both front and back ;)).


111 thoughts on “Swagger and T-Shirts and all kinds of awesomeness

  1. Those kids really got a treat. And I’m just gonna say it: what a fine hunk PBO is.

  2. Kindnesses are remembered by those who need it most. I want him out and about with the regular folks in this country so they absorb every bit if his kindness.

    Thanks! πŸ˜€

  3. BWD – I couldn’t figure out what you meant by “front and back” at first … and then I found out.


  4. I love and respect our president. I really appreciate this site as I never get tired of reading about and looking at him. God bless you and God bless America.

  5. Listen to those birds singing and chirping while Mr. President is brainwashing,,, er,,, talking to the kids. ,)

    I so wish I could take a trip to D.C. πŸ˜€

  6. Ok, I think a few of the ladies on this site will be swooning over the very last picture.

  7. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was concentrating on the smiles on the kids faces – that’s all… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  9. I want a video clip of our naturally beautiful silver haired potus Obama walking away taking off his jacket oozing so much swagga it really should be bottled and sold. πŸ˜€

    Frankenstein Romney, Shrek Christie, and Donald Chump eat your hearts out. How is those botox faces, hair dye, toupees and big bellies working for you?

  10. Wow,Wow,Wow, and wow BWD you are just fantaistic thank you.
    This president it’s not only in a terifc shape physicically, But Intelectualy capable in handling the problems of our country, just take a look at his oppenents They are shapeless
    full of CACA, no ideas just slogans I’am talking to you Donald Trunp. Newt,they will never match our president.

  11. I love that he took the time to come out and speak to this group, making it the highlight of their trip. Who could not be impressed that the President of the United States considered their visit important enough to show up and share some personal and presidential thoughts with them? And they will share the excellent experience with their parents who will share with their friends and acquaintances and so on and so on and so on. It’s all good.

  12. I, being male, am not swooning. I *am* thinking about how much I need to hit the Stairmaster, though. Between PBO and the First Lady — and even their girls! — I feel like a total schlub.

  13. I read this blog for the articles! That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

  14. That last picture is really terrific…the way he is..slobber..drool…..brainwashing those kids.

  15. I am just amazed at what this President manages to accomplish.
    Who would believe a class of kids from Colorado would end up visiting the President at the white house. For as long as I can remember D.C. would be flooded with middle school kids visiting the capital. Love the tees with his picture.

  16. On top of all this ahem…fineness, pOLITICO is mad that the polls have once again contradicted their breathless crowning of Boner as victor. They never learn.

    The swagga kinda reminds me of when Pres-elect Obama and future First Lady visited Washington at GW Bush’s invitation after the 2008 elections.

    I remember the footage of him descending from that plane with dark shades and that swagga drag of his left foot. I remember Melissa Hrris Perry chuckle about how that walk made the “brothas” smile knowingly about PBOs got game

  17. Wasn’t someone in an earlier thread bemoaning how the Democrats and Obama don’t care about the poor and caved, yada, yada? Funny how they seem to have no problem what-so-ever with this:

    The class tinge of Ryan’s Path to Prosperity is striking. The poorest Americans would suffer immediate, explicit budget cuts. Middle-class Americans would face distant, uncertain reductions in benefits. And the richest Americans would enjoy an immediate windfall.

    Care about the poor my @$$.


  18. He’s definitely got swag. It’s funny, but I saw an older white lady (on the beach in FL) say that she liked the President’s swag. I hadn’t thought about it as “swag”. I’m old school (62) and we use to call it walking with a “pimp” – not to be confused with the man engaged in illegal and negative activities. But it a way that many black men walk.

  19. My prediction:

    President Obama proposes cuts to Medicare that are the equivalent of like $15 a month per Medicare recipient, along with Defense cuts and tax hikes for the wealthy, and the ProLeft will scream Senior Citizens will now have to eat Catfood.

    Just watch.

    I can see it now; Atrios will burp out a 45 letter sentence fragment, the proleft will approvingly link to it, while golf-clapping, followed by circle jerk of ‘what Digby said.’

  20. LOL. πŸ™‚ Yep the terminology changes and in turn readily glues a person to their respective hey-days.

  21. What is this obsession with Atlas Shrugged anyway? It’s almost like some kind of manifesto that they want to use to take over the world or something.

  22. He did not hesitate to let them know that they got a bonus with his appearance. πŸ™‚

  23. Of course I love the swag as much as anyone else.

    But watching the video, I also loved how the President handled the questions from these students. He didn’t talk down to them. He was thoughtful and real.

    I’m a sucka for a man who respects young people.


  24. the President of the People!

    the President who CARES!

    Thank you Mr. President!

    May GOD continue to richly bless President OBAMA!

  25. Don’t be to hard on yourself Liberal Librarian. I love your avatar. For some reason, it makes me smile everytime I see it. πŸ™‚

  26. BWD, do you have any more information on where the actual budget cuts are coming from per your Twitter message?

  27. One thing I can vouch for. I was a chain smoker for over 25 years. I was a real “two-pack-abs man”. I quit the day PBO won in 2008. (It’s all there in Al Giordano’s The Field). Not turned back since then.

  28. I just love those pictures and the video. Just the way he treats those 8th graders is so respectful. They will always remember this moment! There are future congress people in there.

  29. Great comment NLinStPaul! This is one of his greatest qualities: he is always thoughtful and respects other people’s intelligence, young and old; and even those who disagree with him.

  30. I have a lot of family in Longmont; two of my brothers moved from Minnesota to Longmont back in the seventies so I have 7 nieces and nephews who now are married and have their own kids. I travel from Chicago to see them quite often as it’s a quick 1/2 drive up to the mountains.

    It’s really just a big town, not even a small city so this was so exciting when I heard him mention Longmont last Friday night and this video very fun to forward to them today!

  31. I was thinking “Swoon” myself when I saw PBO kiss the Mom who wrote to him on the cheek.

  32. Sooo great! I know these kids will remember this forever. The President was wonderful for with them he really seemed to enjoy it!

  33. Dear Mr. President: I Hope You…

    Please remind the American people of our true tax heritage where so much more was asked from our most successful and extremely high earners; from 1940-1980 the wealthiest Americans paid between 70% and 90% in income taxes and that’s how we built… the American Dream.

    The American Dream was a good job that could afford a home and a car, a piece of the pie and we would never have had that piece of the pie if we hadn’t been able to afford to pay for WWII and Korea and Vietnam, all between 1940-1980. That was just for protection and development of the modern world! We also afforded unprecedented investment in infrastructure in the USA. We built every expressway, bridge and tunnel you can name in those four decades and we went to the moon six times too!

    Please show America our tax tables from 1940 to present…


  34. Rachel has been talking about how the President should not have given so much to the Republicans. Yes, the poll is with the taxing the rich idea, but they voted for the GOP who are in the majority in the House and they are the ones PBO is dealing with. Chris Hayes and Rachel are second guessing what PBO will say Wednesday night. I may have to turn the show off as she is going to tell the DC residents why they should be mad at PBO next.

  35. Don’t know why the film camera didn’t follow him for the jacket shucking routine. Think of the grownup ladies!

  36. Thanks OG, good not to have to watch that. Sometimes I feel like’good liberals’ aka Rachael M, are being posessed by ‘bad liberals’ aka Daily Kos creepiness…

    We’ve got to bust somebody through with a serious adult version of PROBAMA politics into the talkie media…

  37. Our President is such a fashion model. He just has it going on, PERIOD!! Such confidence, pizzaz and finesse. This is a cool, handsome, intelligent and confident man.

  38. Nice exchange with the kids — such a good looking group!

    As for the rest, all i can say is “my, my, MY!”

  39. Is the Wednesday address in prime time? Will the GOP have a rebuttal aired?

  40. Those young citizens are, in_deed, our future just as the President shared with them. And, they obviously ‘get it’ and not one of them will ever forget those ~ 10 mins.

    Nothing but smiles; so many heads nodding in agreement as he spoke to them as citizens, not kids. As he touched on what we reference as ‘pundits, talking heads, frustrati, etc’ and he’s making a hand gesture of ‘yakking’ they were all smiling and several nodding in the affirmative.

    When you are as genuine, empathetic, committed and fun as President Obama is the frustrati/PL/foxlies/etc have no chance of prevailing.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.MORE.TOGETHER.

  41. I have heard nothing about a GOP rebuttal. The GOP knows that whenever they have anyone rebutting after the President speaks, they LOSE. They will let the MSM do the GOP rebuttal, as they seem all willing to do.

  42. Rachel Maddow is problematic for me right now. Apparently, she was on Twitter yesterday supporting Cenk Ugygur’s hit piece on the President. I am seriously considering not watching her show for the remainder of this year and all of next year.

    As it becomes more apparent that the GOP’s field of candidates is seriously deficient, the more unhinged the MSM appears to be about President Obama. If the Presidential election is not competitive, the media will lose ratings. They are trying to prevent that from happening. So they are now in full “tear OBama down” mode. And they will be that way through Nov 4 2012, unless the situation changes dramatically.

  43. No. All I EVER do is look at the pictures:) I think I just might have gotten a little hot flash….

  44. Of course he did not know the details of the budget – that’s part of why Ezra Klein’s performance on Friday night was a flat-out disgrace. He hadn’t a clue what he was talking about yet he opined at length . .

    Do any of you believe that this man, barring some unforeseen disaster, won’t cruise to reelection regardless who emerges among the Republican pretenders?

  46. As I stated earlier, Mr. Klein sounded like he had a pre-ordained script handed to him by his masters at MSNBC. The plan was to trash the President if the shutdown was averted. They really wanted the shutdown to happen because it would mean 1-2 weeks of easy ratings, and stalling of the economic recovery, of which none of the pundits would suffer the impact.

  47. President Obama is the COOLEST individual I have ever come across in real life. We are lucky to have him at the helm. Thanks for the photos and steady stream of good news, BWD. This site is a true oasis.

  48. On top of all this ahem…fineness, pOLITICO is mad that the polls have once again contradicted their breathless crowning of Boner as victor.

    Really? Why? What are they saying?

  49. hey really wanted the shutdown to happen because it would mean 1-2 weeks of easy ratings, and stalling of the economic recovery, of which none of the pundits would suffer the impact.

    YES. The media was drooling over a shutdown.
    Then when it didn’t happen as they’d hoped, they tried to make Boehner into some type of hero.
    Too bad the polls say different.

  50. Her show was in the background and I heard her start whining. I ran in there and changed the channel at the point where she was talking about her dog being a baby.

    I’m starting to despise her ways.

  51. Ask the progressive, professional left. They seem to know exactly what he’s going to say, in what tone, knowing what he’s going to wear and even what he will eat for breakfast that morning.

  52. I’ve been so disappointed with Rachel. When she first arrived on the national scene, I thought she would become a “beacon of light” and lead the way to restoring true journalism in America. I was wrong.

    She has her great moments. But her tendency to hysteria have made me quit watching her show on a regular basis. She’s sometimes as short-sided as many other PL people.

    I remember her “lecturing” of the President on what happened in the 1930s… FDR cutting spending too fast, thus hampering the recovery. As if President Obama and his team of economists WERE STUPID ENOUGH to not know the BASICS of economics !!!!!

    And we all remember her rants about DADT.

    And the arrogance mocking President Obama’s speech during the oil spill crisis.

    And now this.

    ANd of course she’ll lose it again after wednesday’s speech.

    Sometimes, I dream that President Obama could kidnap all those PL people and bring them at Camp David for a therapy session. Where he would listen to their fears and their grievances, and then ask them what is their solution, ask them for a REAL plan, a WORKABLE plan. Something that could deliver the results they want. The list of House members and the Senate members who would vote for their dream legislation. You wanna bet they wouldn’t be able to come up with anything ?

    I can respect their passion. But they are in serious need of a dose of reality, and most of all, a dose of humility.

  53. I liked when the teacher raised her hand and the president asked her name. He then said “What grade are you in”? LOL

  54. TrumpDog, Like you, I changed the channel as soon as she started talking about her dog. My biggest regret is that she did not hear me change the channel.

  55. Well I don’t believe that anything is totally certain, but I think Obama will win because the field is weak and the fact that the economy is improving.

    With an improving economy and no big time disasters he should be fine.

  56. I am with you Trumpdog. I turned her Rachel) off and watched a PBS special on the Russian starvation and America’s effort to save their country. It was fascinating and featured an ARR worker that reminded me of our President.

  57. I have to turn away because I’m blushing from all the hot photos of our President just being himself.

    Hehehehe-Romney, Paw(lenty), Bachmann, Palin, Barbour and even bigger laugh for Donald Chump. Eat your hearts out.

  58. Not by a long shot. I have no faith in the American voter too see through the lies and bullsh*t that the eventual GOP candidate, FOX Propaganda and the MSM will shovel them.

  59. Oh Yeah, if the press coverage of the budget deal/negotiations this past weekend does not convince people of the fact that the MSM (left, right and center) are all about spinning the news to favor the GOP, I don’t know what will. Please disregard the RW spin that we get as news in this country. Not only will your blood pressure not rise to dangerous levels, you will be closer to the truth of any given situation. Just my 2 cents.

  60. In a lighter mood I am watching Dancing with the Stars right now and the larger orchestra has a violin player that is killing it. He is quite hot too.
    Just started with Romeo and Chelsea.

  61. I loved the live orchestra…thought Romeo and Hines did a great Paso and Chelsea and Mark did a great waltz…different but good!

  62. One thing which I just cannot get over about this presidency; he just seems to bring out the best in people. Whenever President Obama is addressing a group, I never think “ugly American,” I always am just so proud of my fellow countrypeople when they are around this man. Babies, kidlings, young adults, middle agers, the older and wiser—everyone just seems to come to life around this guy and make me feel so proud to be an American. I know that there are people who are very determined to get this guy out of the WH and we cannot become complacent, because as we saw last fall, swing voters will become confused and side with the GOP. But what a gift to be living through this political time.

    Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will.

  63. I haven’t watched any teevee news programs for about 8 months now, and I don’t miss any of them. I like getting my information from the internet where I can read about issues and policies for myself. The talking heads on teevee had me so upset last fall that I had to make a choice between retaining my sanity or losing it by continuing to watch their programs. They were all driving me crazy because of their inconsistency, terrible second guessing, the constant parade of rw liars and politicians, and their emotion-driven punditry. Sorry, I’m retired, and I don’t plan to let them drive my blood pressure up with their antics. And, I’ve discovered that since I stopped watching their programs, I know the truth about issues/policies related to PBO. They messed up big time on the budget compromise the president reached with the republicans last week. They went into full meltdown mode and proceeded to trash PBO, but the details that are emerging show that the republicans got rolled by the president, and the polls show that the American people stand with the president, not with them.

  64. The problem with the PL where President Obama is concerned is that their incessant whining is borne not out of genuine passion, but of ignorance and arrogance. If they were that passionate, they would run for office, or get actively involved in grassroots efforts. But they are lazy and uninspired, and would rather sit on the sidelines in their corporate cable tv studios and hurl empty criticisms at the President.

  65. When her ratings start tumbling down, she will “hear” the channel being changed. There is a reason why Cenk Uygur’s ratings are so low. And if Maddow wants to follow in his footsteps…well.

  66. Yup. I’ve noticed that. And it pisses off the MSM mightily. Notice that since Friday, ALL of the punditry are unhinged about President OBama, yet the reactions from the American people tell a completely different story.

  67. I think more people trust the President than the GOP. Unless some cheating takes place with the voting or in some other illicit activity (and I won’t it put past the GOP and their Kochroaches), the American people will come out to vote when Barack Obama is on the ballot. I think it is a mistake to compare the midterms to the Presidential year. I would wager that more than 50% of Americans do NOT even know who their congressional rep is. And they do not care either. On the other hand, I’m sure that most 7 year olds know who Barack Obama is.

  68. Any time I hear someone talking about “hitting the Stairmaster” I just have this image in my head of taking a crowbar to mine YAH YAH YAH YAH YAGHH!

    I have decided that exercise is just a way of giving in. My wife says I’m lazy, but I prefer to think of it has having a positive body image.

    Try the Veal.

  69. As someone who teaches 8th graders US History, I can tell you he talked directly to them, took their questions seriously, and was actually more honest than I expected, recognizing that they would have known if he was “bullsh*ting” them. 8th graders are complicated, impressionable, but can cut through the cr*p that people feed them very easily, especially if they are a bright bunch, and they seemed that way.

    They totally understood his point about the Congress, knew the 3 branches, etc., and have been well taught about being respectful to the president of the United States. Great video, great president, great kids, and, of course, great teachers.

  70. If you have the time, go to Obama Diary and read “Inside the Bubble”. This man takes my breath away.I love this man that I helped to elect, and it will be my proudest honor to do it again.

  71. I wrote on her blog that I was having difficulty watching her show anymore because of her Obama bashing lately. I have only watched it once in the past 2 weeks. I used to NEVER miss it. I feel like I’ve lost a good friend.

  72. Exactly…I always find it odd how they
    temoprarily take over the mind of likable
    pundits and make them say the craziest shyt
    imaginable..Now that it’s over ezra & a few
    others are stuck with the consequences.

  73. It is a pathetic and desperate sight to see..I equate it to the ref in a football game tripping everyone on our team to make things fair…The MSM can’t even hide the fact that they’re propping up the other side.

  74. I’m afraid you are dead on on the pre-ordained script. It seemed that way wither every single MSNBC person who appeared on screen on Friday night.

  75. Me too – I sent her a harsh e-mail tonight after watching the first 3 minutes or so of her show and deleted her app from my iPad. Enough of waiting for the rare words of wisdom. She’s gonzo just like the while MSNBC line up

  76. Those walking-away, jacket-slung photos should definitely be in the movie πŸ™‚

    Also they deserve some kind of caption. “I just saved the country again. Time for pie.” (Walks off whistling)

  77. This video embodies what the hate- and fear-mongering GOP hates and fears the most: intelligent and educated (future) voters of many colors.

    PS Agreed: Prez is major hottie πŸ™‚


  78. Obama, I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you!!!!

  79. Thank you, BWD! I normally just lurk, but…

    As a young girl growing up in Colorado, I went to a high school next door to Altona. Some of the upperclassmen remembered when grades 6-8 occupied the lower wings of our school. Had this happened just a few years ago, I might have actually recognized some of the people in that picture (as younger siblings of my friends, that is). Lucky kids! I hope that they appreciate how completely cool such an experience is πŸ™‚

    By the way, I persuaded my family to support Obama in 2008 (I wasn’t quite eligible to vote), then talked Mom into canvassing with me when she wasn’t working and I didn’t have summer extracurriculars. While I’m not a super-volunteer like many around here, I put in my small effort and will gladly advocate for Obama in 2012.

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