CNN Poll: Americans Strongly Support Budget Deal, And Credit Dems For Averting Shutdown

Yea, we lost.

Nearly six in ten Americans approve of the eleventh hour budget deal struck between Congress and the White House to avert a government shutdown, according to a CNN poll released on Monday. And what’s more, a plurality give Democrats the most credit for making it happen.

In the poll of American adults, 58% said they approved of the budget deal, compared to 38% who disapproved.

Additionally, the poll found that a 48% plurality of respondents credited Obama and Congressional Democrats the most for preventing a government shutdown. Thirty-five percent of respondents gave more credit to Republicans, while 11% thought both sides were equally responsible.

While majorities of both Democrats and independents support the compromise, a plurality of Republicans dislike it, with fully half of them saying that their party gave up too much ground on the deal.

Democrats supported the compromise by a 66%-28% split, while independents backed it 56%-39%. But among Republicans, 47% saw the deal as a good thing, while 49% gave it a thumbs down because they felt the party had gotten the short end of the stick. Exactly 50% of Republicans said the party’s leaders had given up too much in the final deal.


196 thoughts on “CNN Poll: Americans Strongly Support Budget Deal, And Credit Dems For Averting Shutdown

  1. And there will be crickets from the PL about this poll which clearly shows that Obama and the Dems won this round, and that this puts them in better shape for the other looming battles.

  2. I love this poll, and plan to enjoy it until the PL tries to take away its credibility with their made-up slants and stories!

  3. This poll is great. Prove that the PL is wrong as usual.

    OT thanks BWD for adding Extreme Liberal to the blog roll. I’ve been reading his site for awhile. yesterday he had a cute video of his grand-daughter because he’s fighting for her future. Puts things in perspective.

  4. Damn, ain’t that what we been sayin’? The average Democratic and Indy voter wants compromise and are quite pleased when it actually happens. Until the Nutroots truly understand that, they will never be anything more than a negative voice that the networks occasionally call upon to bash President Obama and the Democratic party in general.

    Additionally, the poll found that a 48% plurality of respondents credited Obama and Congressional Democrats the most for preventing a government shutdown.

    So much for no leadership. And as I thought, the average Repub voter is much more pissed off than everyone else. Hee…

  5. So glad to see this poll.

    Wish that we could call the threats on the debt ceiling just what is is. Hostage taking and even terrorism.

  6. This is awesome news; I’m particularly happy about the Indie numbers because they’re looking at a pragmatic liberal progressive and siding with him. We need these Indies and President Obama is such an excellent example of a liberal who’s not a jerk. If Indies saw more of us and how reasonable we are, and why we do believe that spending is beneficial and cuts should be as careful as possible, we could really turn liberal back into at least a neutral word rather than a dirty word.

    Congrats to POTUS for once again stepping up to the plate for this country.

  7. LMFAO all the pundits, PL stating the Boehner and GOP won in the budget deal once again are wrong!! Ha ha these people never learn.

  8. This pretty much what we all predicted. It’s the way it always goes so why the pundits and the PL can never anticipate these reactions is beyond me. They say the republicans won? The poll will say the Democrats did? They say the republican voters will be happy and the Dems upset? The will show that republicans are angry the dems satisfied. They say that the president has angered his base but that republican voters will think Boehner is a winner? The poll will show the opposite. Happens every single time. Our media is a collection of out of touch, simpleminded idiots who are nearly always wrong when it comes to politics.

  9. Yes there will be crickets: For once do the other side give some credit for everything good this great man has done for our country!
    How can this president help the people keep bashing him STOP< STOP, STOP he will get things dona the right way.

    Remember the DADT how he did it. Well when he meet with the gay community in the WH, He told them, that he will get done, but we need to win the hearts of the rest of the American people. so he keept his promise.

  10. This is great news!!!!! It is so wonderful to be vindicated, we here at OAITR knew this was right.

    I too am so thankful for BWD’s blogroll. From now on all the other sites are person non grata to me. The Entitled Left has really gone off the deep end.

    Have a great day everyone!

  11. Good morning BWD family – virtual Hugs

    I posted this on the old thread, but am reposting again because this one is a long one I hope you will take action on

    ——-repeat post ——

    Loved the Sharpton video, I hope he can become involved in leading a movement.

    A couple of points.

    1. Some folks do appreciate President Obamas standing up for Planned Parenthood and the EPA. I belong to the Sierra Club and over the weekend this email arrived.

    “But we stood up and made our voice heard. You sent over 60,000 comments in just a few days to President Obama and your members of Congress, demanding that they keep vital health and environmental protections.

    Thank President Obama for his leadership standing up to polluters and protecting public health. (link to petition Sierra club Member can sign went here)

    2. If there is to be a national movement, a strong branch of that movement needs to be the “tax the rich and tax corporations” element. In my local community “” is leading a Tax Day; Make them Pay Rally on April 18th where we are picketing in front of Bank of America.

    I suggest you go to the website, enter your zip code and find out if a rally is being held on April 18th in your area.

    3. I would encourage all of us to adopt the talking points of “shared sacrifice includes wealthy and big business” “we don’t have a spending problem we have a revenue problem” “end tax loopholes for big business”.

    10 of the biggest tax evaders not paying their fair share:

    * GE
    * Bank of America
    * Google
    * BP
    * Amazon
    * WellsFargo
    * Citigroup
    * Boeing
    * ExxonMobil
    * FedEx
    * Goldman Sachs
    * Chase

    I have a web page of resources on this subject if anyone is interested.

    4. Angry groups need to work together. The folks in Planned Parenthood need to work with Sierra club, and folks at MoveOn need to work with labor unions, etc. Regardless of disagreements in the past these major movements need to cooperate.

    If any of you folks belong to mailing lists for various cause I suggest you send them a note, thanking them for their support of (list cause here) and then asking them to join with labor, planned parenthood, sierra club, USUncut, MoveOn, AARP, etc to form a coalition of voices. As one unit we are much stronger.

    If there are groups I have forgotten, post them here. There is more that unites these groups than separates them, time to unite.

  12. Winner and still champion: President Barack Hussein Obama!!!!!

    Reminds me of PBO’s debates with McCain when the pundits rushed to declare that McCain had won. But the American people said “not so fast.”

  13. They’re just a huge distraction. We’re having trouble with a core group of swing voters, not the base. Elected Dems would do well to remember that.

  14. I suspected the President had done the right thing, when I noticed how disappointed, resentful and petty the punditry appeared after his speech on Friday night; and how desperately they were trying to spin it as a “win” for the GOP. When I saw the photos from the President’s unscheduled visit to the Lincoln Memorial, I KNEW he had done the right thing.

  15. The poll proves that the PL, or the laughable left, are talking to themselves. They’re in an echo chamber, calling to each other, while nobody else listens. Of course, people who are willfully and consistently wrong lack the self awareness to admit it and examine their preconceptions. The negativism of the anti-Obamists has put them in a hole that separates them from the rest of the world. They just keep digging, while the rest of us move on.

  16. I bet Cenk is in his darkened apartment muttering something about “purity of essence”. Good thing he has only a little-listened to microphone, and not a B-52 wing.

  17. The thing is that I am a liberal and I am an advocate for tho poor and I see that poor keep getting run over time and time again by the Democrats. I have called Senator Durbin’s office and complained about this deal and caving in to the Republicans all the time. The lady said that she was getting a lot of complaints like mine.
    Liberals know that we have no choice in the next election, but we will continue to push the Democrats and the President to stop capitulating on everything for the poor and the workers.

  18. I can’t speak for all the companies you listed, but I think the term “tax evaders” is not the best to use. That implies some wrong doing. For example, in GE’s case, everything was done properly. The problem is not the companies’, who are required by law to maximize profits, but with a tax code that allows them to be able to avoid taxes.

    That is why when you hear Republicans talk about the US having the one of the highest corporate tax rates, which is an accurate statement, we need to be able to talk about all the loopholes and special deductions that the Republicans have made sure exist.

    I am all for lowering the corporate rate as long as it also means getting rid of all the other crap that companies can legally use.

  19. While a whole lotta good in this poll, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t point out that this could very well cause the GOP to dig in harder in the future battles.

    However President Obama is going to be seen as a willing compromiser/ above board negotiator so if/when he draws the line and says the GOP is being unreasonable I think the strong majority will believe him.

    If the GOP was smart they’d punt on the debt limit battle and pass it without much fanfare because that’s not one you really want to play chicken with. Also come the debt ceiling battle, one has to believe that the GOP will have many more declared Presidential candidates that will have to give their opinion and chime in on negotiations and deals. That’s a monkey wrench for the Boehner House. Will be even more the case for the FY2012 budget negotiations.

    Nate Silver has a good article up today – – where he likens not raising the debt ceiling to Mutually Assured Destruction. Reading his peace about it being political MAD, with potential fracturing of existing political parties and rise to new splinter parties it’s quite obvious that the teabaggers on the left and right will both be championing the idea for a default. In the article Nate notes that McConnell is telling his caucus not to filibuster it because he wants the Dems to have to provide the 51 votes, and if it needs 60 he knows his caucus would eventually supply the necessary votes because default isn’t an option. His plan is to say “it’s not enough” no matter what the deal is and then have the Dems need to provide all the votes – including the 17 Dems up for re-election this year. The problem McConnell will run into here is the Boehner House will have to pass it, so how can McConnell and the GOP Senate say “it’s not enough/not serious” when the GOP House will have to supply the bulk of the votes to pass it in the House?

  20. D. would you give specific examples of a capitualtyion that was worse than what would have happened if the government shut down? Or a cave in that wasn’t necessary to get specific legislation passed. I am not saying there aren’t any.

    In fact, some of us probably feel that too much was given away, but the question is if not giving some of it away would have resulted in worse consequences.

  21. “I wouldn’t be myself ” LOL. Although some people get on your case for being too negative, I appreciate your keeping us aware of potential problems. We have to be on our toes. McConnell may be telling his folks not to filibuster, but procedurally, there will be a cloture vote to end debate anyway, so they would have to be on record supporting the raising of the limit.

  22. Another win for PBO:

    Breaking News Alert: Appeals court upholds Justice Department challenge of Ariz. immigration law
    April 11, 2011 1:15:11 PM

    A federal appeals court on Monday upheld a lower court decision that blocked the most contested provisions of Arizona’s immigration law from taking effect.

    A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled that a federal judge did not abuse her discretion in blocking provisions of the law that would, among other things, require police to check immigration status if they stop someone while enforcing other laws.

    The decision is a victory for the Obama administration, which had filed a controversial lawsuit challenging the Arizona law in court.

  23. What Democrats did was avoid a shutdown that would affect the very people that you care about? Is the idea of not “capitulating” more important than the many people living paycheck to paycheck?

  24. Just watched Rev. Al’s smack down of Cornell West on Extreme Liberal’s blog. Good job sir! West gets on my last good nerve with his brothers and sisters-African American-“knee-grow”-ungowah black power BS. Need to go kick rocks – and cut his hair.

  25. The thing is that I am a liberal and I am an advocate for the poor and I see that the poor get run over time and time again by the Republicans and the sliver of Blue Dog Dems who agree with them on some matters but who keep the gavel in Speaker Pelosi’s hands and thus delivered far better budgets during the previous congress.

    I am a liberal and I am an advocate for the poor which is why I spent months emphasizing the Medicaid component of hcr about which most people did not seem to give a damn.

    I am a liberal and I am an advocate for the poor which is why I continue to send money to rich politicians and which is why I spent time during the last election shuffling myself upstate to campaign for a Dem who I’ve never laid eyes on because I wanted to prevent what is happening now.

    At the end of the day, we’re going to have to indeed be fierce advocates. And a big part of that must include planning ahead and keeping the GOP out of power at all costs, not merely ranting at Dems after the fact for not being able to negate the effects of our own poor political decision-making which enabled the GOP’s House takeover.

  26. It’s a GOP-enabling viewpoint which functions to hurt the poor. We can no longer afford to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that it makes no difference who holds Congress.

  27. Yes. I eagerly look forward to the 2012 debates when the President cleans the Republicans’ clock. And the pundits will rush to declare Good News For John McCain™, and the American people will disagree once again.

  28. Stop voting ppl in whom he has to compromise with it goes both ways. we don’t have the majority in the house anymore. They dems had a chance to pass it when he begged them to. and The democratic lead house refuse. Capitualating is a talking point for the orange site and Pl and they don’t know the meaning of that word if it hit them in the face.

  29. BTw those who are for the poor are them main ones who wanted the government to shut down them the poor would have no help, These are the ppl on the left who wants it both ways , claim to be fighters for the poor, but then use them as sacrafical lamb to go without , while their egos burst with we Won. They clamimed to be for poor, when the tax fight going on they wanted the poor to give up their unemployment, to claim a victory. If that fighting for the poor, then some need to take lessons from the champ

  30. I don’t understand why the WATB’s don’t grasp these basic concepts: 1) Dems didn’t vote in large enough numbers in 2010, which led to 2) a teabagger-infused GOP majority in the House, which 3) is responsible for initiating spending bills. Then, 4) Pres. Obama has to negotiate with these people, because as much as they would love it, he isn’t a dictator. Explain to me how a govt shutdown would’ve been a good outcome? How pain in the economy would’ve served Dem interests? I really think Mr. Alexander is in the wrong blog; he can find much more traction for his position on the myriad other blogs in which Obama is no different than Bush. Tell the 800K federal workers who would’ve been affected by the shutdown that they should’ve sacrificed themselves for a Pyrhhic victory.

  31. What do you mean by “everything” ???

    On all the federal money allowed to help the poor, what is the % that has been “given up” ?

    I would also like to know if, possibly, some new money given to the implementation of health care ( preventive care for example) or some new money in education can indeed be considered as new money for helping the poor ?

    I’m NOT saying democrats are without faults. What I’m saying is there needs to be a throughout analysis of this budget. It could be better than it seems.

    Don’t interpret this like I’m not concerned about inequalities in America. I am. And I’m eager to see President Obama win on ending the Bush tax cuts of wealthy americans, on ending some subsidies to corporations and rich farmers, etc…

    Keep the faith. The real conversation on economic justice is just beginning.

  32. Ha! You’ve given me a GREAT idea, D. Alexander! I’m going to call both of my Republican Senators to thank them for capitulating on the Pentagon budget and Title X. Splendid! I can’t wait to hear the response! 😀

  33. I just read this poll, and remembered once again that we are the “real” supporters because the poll just legitimizes my thoughts about how the base really feels.

    I am also happy to see that conservative economists are “laughing” at Paul Ryans budget bill.

    I have been seeing so called “liberals” up in arms about the President’s cuts actually giving credit to Republicans for making him come to this point. I am like really? Please make sure to inform the that it was President Obama’s idea to form the debt commission, and while the Republicans were for it, once he supported it, they decided that they were not in support anymore. It was his idea.

    We can’t allow the Republicans to get any credit for anything that they are not responsible.

    **BWD you can take DearMrPres of off the blog roll, I shut my blog down. 😦 Too much work right now**

  34. But, wait-uh-minnut! I been readin’ my blogs and watching my shows and I thought that “da base” hated Obama! I thought this was the beginning of the end of the New Deal, and Obama was going to get primary’d in 2012!

    Uhhhh…I don’t get it…I guess I should go back and re-read AmericaBorg & DailyTrolls.


  35. I hope you bring your site back up once we get closer to the election. We need as many voices as we can get!

  36. I totally agree with you, BWD. He is the only one whose actions are not motivated by trying to push himself. He does what he does because he really, really cares about the people of this country.

  37. Hello fellow Angeleno! I stopped reading Americablog when Aravosis lost his sh*t before Obama was even sworn in over Rick Warren. I stuck it out with DKos longer, but once this site opened up, and I saw all the other sites on the pragmatic roll, I decided that neither my blood pressure nor my mental health could take a constant stream of invective. The comfort I take is that none of my friends — good Dems all — know about any of these blogs.

  38. I am pleased to report good news from the hinterlands…I live in GA and sometimes monitor the rightie radio that is pervasive down here…and I can affirm Limbaugh and hs listeners are MISERABLE over the deal Boehner signed onto! Yay.

    A shame that no one in big left media gets it…. BO12…

  39. Always a pleasure to read the musings of the Liberal Librarian.

    My fellow Angelino. 🙂

  40. I am finding that when I have a short period of time to check out what is going on politically I am coming here instead of the OFA blog. I find it more pleasant here than there and I don’t have to scroll through tons of talking point spam by trolls. Thanks BWD!

  41. I don’t go by polls because I know how corporate does and that is to try to manipulate public opinion. In other words make you be tossed to and from by every wind of doctrine. You know control

  42. L.A. in the house! I’m waiting for the weekend, when it’ll be in the glorious 70s.

  43. I have stopped obsessively reading the daily tracking polls, since they’re so schizophrenic, see-sawing up and down. I’m much more centered now.

  44. LOL! Did he rope the dopes?

    I sometimes wonder if our President sits in his office at the end of the day, exhausted as he must be, and can’t help but laugh at the idiots from both sides.

    But that’s okay. That poll will be ignored because all day long the headline is “Obama’s plan cuts Medicaid spending!” If he cuts out the waste from the program like he did with Medicare, that’s okay with me. But I’m sure lefties are already on the bandwagon screaming that he’s going to cut Medicare, Medicaid and SS. So forget the poll. The idiots are already off on that newest issue they can use to bash our President!

  45. The PL couldn’t find their a$$ with a map and a flashlight. The only way they know how to lead is to kick and scream until they get what they want.

  46. 😀 That’s good news, Chip! I like it when they are miserable.

    I have a feeling BO is going to make them even more miserable. Harry Reid, too.

  47. D. ALEXANDER; I know you and I feel like the President gives a lot just step back and look down the road. Our President Obama is a Chess Master at work. I forget sometimes He a legally trained mind and the big picture is I give to you today and you think you have won. But I will get it all back two fold over.Just look at the tax deal the President gave the rich their tax breaks ,but he kept the middle class tax breaks and gout 15 months more for the unemployed and a year long tax holiday for us all. So don’t think He has forgotten the poor or those in need there is a plan in the works to get it all back. Yes it hurts now but there is a brighter day ahead just keep him in office and elect him some help to control the whole congress again. Keep the faith.

  48. I really utterly and truly am needing these folks to STOP representing themselves as the base. They. are. not. the. base. They just aren’t. The Democratic base is: near-unanimous support by African Americans; supermajority support by people of color in general, and supermajority support by white liberals who never waver from the Democratic party and per polling very much so approve of this presidency. Please tell me how fauxgressives who sit in the media bashing President Obama fit anywhere within that definition.

    They want the moral authority of speaking for the base, without having to give a damn what we think and say. That’s not going to work any more.

  49. I’m hoping that this deal also compels a vigorous, sustained, serious gambit for DC statehood. Their absolute right to govern themselves should not be a bargaining chip. I really and truly hope that this deal lights a fire under DC to win the right to self-determination.

  50. This is just brilliant. As someone noted on here yesterday, the best con is when the conned have no clue they lost and keep bragging that they won. Now, the CNN poll does not only stub the loonies and the likes of Dkos and Krugman in the heart, see what Politico says PBO has just done with the mother whose email he read to the nation:

    POLITICO 44 | The next president. Minute by MinutePOLITICO Homepage
    Main Content
    THE WHITEBOARDVICTORY LAP, KIDS EDITION: President Obama is still milking the budget deal reached late Friday to avert a government shutdown. On Monday — two days after visiting the Lincoln Memorial to note that it stayed open — Obama trotted into his garden, where 50 eighth-graders were able to visit Washington because the government didn’t close.

    Obama thanked the mother of one of them for writing a “wonderful letter” asking that the government stay open, according to the pool.

    “Now that things worked out, we’d figure we’d give you a little bonus,” Obama said, apparently referring to his own presence in the garden.

    Obama stopped by the garden just as a poll was published showing that 48 percent of people gave him and Democrats credit for sealing the budget deal, while Republicans got just 35 percent.
    All of today’s posts

  51. Wow, thanks for this story gn. Upifting indeed.

    You know what… I predict that kid will meet President Obama some day… Rahm will see to it.

  52. I can’t resist. That description may be a bit more Freudian than you would think, LL.

  53. Don’t you just love all the time they waste attacking him for things he hasn’t said or done. I wish I had the gift for seeing the future like they do…oh, wait

  54. Oh, you mean the CNN polling is a GOOD thing?

    Surely those polled just aren’t aware enough or they would certainly be outraged. Right?

    I continue to wonder, is there a “Progressive movement” or not? I’m beginning to think we had a bunch of perpetually pissed-off people (the PPP) who for short time came together over opposition to President Bush and rebranded themselves as Progressives.

    I’m not even sure what a “Progressive” is anymore.

  55. No, they will wait for the Rasmussen poll. Or some other poll that asks the leading questions designed to give their desired output.

  56. lol, you can just feel the cyncism, angst and jealousy in that piece of writing.

    To politico: as the Lincoln Memorial video showed brilliantly, the President’s presence is indeed an utterly delightful bonus which in President Obama’s utter humility, he described as “little.” Most of us don’t expect to meet him at all and find his appearances thrilling. POTUS is very, very, very well-liked, and for good reason. Live with it.

  57. I just found that story so beautiful; just shows that when a handful of people rally around a “problem child,” it makes all of the difference.

  58. “they want the moral authority of speaking for the base…” And yet they call us the authoritarians.

    They are no more than little big-mouthed fish in what has not become a toxic pond. I’m not going there anymore. I’m done. I have said it before, but this time, I am done.

    I need some peace, the same peace my friends and family members have, those who never go online to read at any blogs. They always ask me why I’m always so upset! Well, reading so many negative remarks and lies day after day is bound to bring someone down. My nature is normally to be upbeat. For over a year now, I’ve been dragging lower and lower down. No more.

  59. OOP! “not” should be NOW in this sentence:

    “… what has *now* become a toxic pond.”

    Damn it I hate it when I typographically mess up. ,)

  60. I figured he’d make sure to meet the class of the mother whom he quoted in his non-shutdown announcement (who was a chaperone on the trip as well) – killer messaging/PR as well. Might not be big news in the national media, but Colorado news will give it great coverage.


  62. Interesting read from TPM:

    “Former Reagan OMB director David Stockman on Paul Ryan’s long-term budget plan:

    It doesn’t address in any serious or courageous way the issue of the near and medium-term deficit. I think the biggest problem is revenues. It is simply unrealistic to say that raising revenue isn’t part of the solution. It’s a measure of how far off the deep end Republicans have gone with this religious catechism about taxes.”

    More at link below, though I don’t agree with his take on Obama in his last sentence:

  63. Nothing has done more for my mood and peace of mind than staying away from that cesspool of negativity. They are a small fringe group of extremists who shout at the world from their laptops demanding someone pay attention to them. They are much like Tea Partiers in their inattention to facts that don’t support their world view and in the way they villify any and all who don’t toe their party line. They are angry and vengeful and petty. They also don’t represent much of anything out in the real world. Most people have never heard of them and wouldn’t care what they had to say even if they did hear of them. Come away and see what is really going on in the hearts and minds of the rest of the country and you won’t be feeling anywhere near as depressed or down or angry.

  64. Expect the Administration to seize this. Hopefully he doesn’t walk it back. I think President Obama will put the Bush extra tax cuts on the table for any long term budget/deficit discussion the GOP wants to have. It’s a political winner, as the GOP have to fight to give the rich more money while cutting spending on the poorest Americans.

  65. I think that sprint up the stairs helped him with that. I saw that sound bite of the Prez talking to people on the steps several times, we are in campaign mode now, folks, and anyone who underestimates President Obama and David Plouffe and us lefty bloggers are damn fools. We are taking the house back, damn it. And of course the presidency.

  66. Maybe we should stop using the word “progressive” to define ourselves, because I am finding that the word progressive has become uglier than “liberal”… which is what I have called myself from the get-go.

    Isn’t it disgusting that those supposedly on our side have given both words a bad name?

    And btw… I don’t trust PPP polls. Any pollster Moulitas had chosen would make me suspicious.

  67. I’m not even sure what a “Progressive” is anymore.

    I don’t know either. The perpetually outraged left have hijacked the word. And true meaning.

  68. That is a fantastic story. I never understood the Rahm hatred at all. I think he’s one of the good guys and always have. This story is just one more reason to keep on thinking so.

  69. Yes, I am here and sadly have to report that the President of the United States has made a terrible foreign relations error. The minute he announced he was FINALLY! coming to Ireland 4 million people got excited and the little village of Moneygall started to get painted up for the occasion. Then…it was announced that he would only be here for 5 hours and all he-l broke loose. Jackie Kennedy was here for weeks. JFK made a couple of trips of several days. Clinton was here all the time for golfing weekends. Even Reagan was here for a few days.

    Somehow Ireland of the Thousand Welcomes “understood” that PBO would be here for days and days and see the whole country, if he didn’t stay for a couple of months and stop in for a cuppa or a pint with everyone, which would have been the preferred length of the visit. The reaction to 5 measly hours has not gone over well although the painting continues. Bulletins will follow.

  70. Awww gn don’t even take this person seriously he/she always sliding in with some PL troll comment. This right here should indicate the bs… “The lady said that she was getting a lot of complaints like mine.” lol 4ever.

    Just brush shoulders off. POTUS won again and the trolls are mad.:D

  71. lol if they dig any harder they will be in China. The country is on to their bs and our potus is built for any fight.

  72. I don’t see how PBO wouldn’t seize this. He offered that tax cuts on the rich would be discussed again. It will be hell to pay if he backs off that issue and I also agree that it’s a political winner. But I am very pleased how the old Reagan vanguards are swiping at Boehner and cabal! 🙂

  73. I didn’t agree with D’s post then and I don’t agree with the one above. But I really think it was a typo. It read, “Democrat sand President Obama”. Possibly, it should have read, “Democrats and President Obama”.

    Again, I disagree with D’s above thoughts.

  74. Since we are talking about budgets, I have clips from President Obamas last budget speech you may want to share. My personal favorite is shown below.

  75. YES!!!!!!!!!! As an AZ resident, I’ll take ANY good news about that stupid a** POS teabagger “law”…Russell Pearce’s wet dream.Good news.Can’t wait to see some heads explode around here about that ruling…

  76. If you are in Ireland, I envy you. I LOVE IRELAND! Most beautiful country and the people are just the best. But then maybe I’m prejudiced because, well, I’m Irish. ,)

    Gosh, thinking about this…. When has President Obama had a vacation when he wasn’t working? I’d bet he would love to spend more time, and just sit back and relax and talk with the Irish in the pubs. 😀

  77. Hi CS
    I too am in the South and ever since Friday night I can attest to the fact of a lot of fallen Teapublican faces. I can only judge by the Repubs I know (neighbors associates etc) since I don’t listen to political air waves but not surprise by your summation of limbag and the rest. This has truly been a good news for John McCain moment, loving the egg on MSM and PL faces. lmao. ❤

  78. Overseesgranny, the post above was meant for you.

    Dammit! Why do some of my posts not land where I want them to when I hit reply?

  79. me and my friends have been doing a letter email campaign regarding this travesty they are allowing, so many obvious trolling. Only replies we keep receiving is thank you for your input we are still setting up ofa blog we take all suggestions into consideration blah blah blah. WTH?

  80. I am happy dancing with you Jackie. Also, Big Daddy Rich’s WATB’s were wrong again. 🙂

  81. Ahhh, I you may be right. I thought he/she believed the president was “made of sand,” reading: weak, not firm, etc.

  82. Jacqueline, Bill Press and his WATB’s were out in full force this moring railing against the deal and calling PBO weak. It was absolutely no surprise. I immediately thought of Big Daddy Rich, in my comments upthread. 🙂

  83. take note of some of the troll verbiage shoved into these paragraphs.
    “milking , trotted into, apparently referring to his own presence,”

    *sigh” MSM in real life trolls so hard its disgusting.

  84. Initially, I thought it meant something even worse than that! But then I reread it, and it didn’t make sense the way it was written. So, here’s hoping it was a typo.

  85. They are always wrong. I do wish they would stop trying to forecast the future and stirring up chaos. Then they go off on another issue quickly when they find they were wrong, so as to make us forget what they said about the future in the past. It’s so confusing. lol!

  86. Stockman has been very consistent,( as have several other sane Republicans) about the need to raise revenue and for the wealthy, who benefit the most from what this ocuntry offers, to shoulder the bulk of that increase in revenue. He won’t walk it back. Unfortunately, the masses have no idea who this Stockman guy is, just as they only view Reagan as a person who cut taxes, forgetting that he raised taxes 10 times during his Presidency.

  87. You know guys we have got to stop listening to these people.

    And the next pitiful, cowardly democrat that gets in front of a camera and bash this president they had better know that there are a growing legion of us that have the president’s back.

    Those whiny simps thought the tide of public opinion was turning against the president on this deal and what did they do “pounce”. Come this time next year these same whiny wimps will be trying to attach themselves to the president to get a ride on his coattails.

  88. Continued:

    After all they were the reason he was put in this predicament in the first place, being that they were too cowardly to take a vote on the budget right before the elections last year.

    They ran away from this president like he was on fire.

  89. You are so correct IMO. This time next year they’re going to be trying to skate on all of the work we’re going to be doing with OFA to get President Obama another term. Val at weeseeyou is thinking of organizing a petition to the CBC asking them to be more collaborative and less combative/confrontation with this WH. It makes no sense that there are Dems running to a mike to bash when in fact elected Dems are going to stick together or hang separately next year. If they cause POTUS to lose, please trust that all hell will break loose within the Democratic party and Democratic-leaning supporters. All. hell. will. break. loose. Elected Dems need to get on board IMO as there’s no need for this.

  90. I found it all right, Kay. I think WordPress is having some problems and so are Google mail, Yahoo and Facebook. Must be something in the air.

    I think he would enjoy a night in a pub with the craic that goes on. We’d get his foot tapping to the music. It’s hopeless to resist.

  91. Gov. Daniels has even indicated that tax raises will have to be part of the solution – which doomed his primary chances. Dems really need to push back against the “no tax raises ever” belief that the GOP has seemingly cemented. You simply cannot spending cut your way out of this – just can’t. Problem is the blue dogs and Conservadems in the Senate like Nelson, McCaskill, Tester will be in grave electoral peril if they ever supported raising taxes. However if it was established that it was 100% necessary and the only realistic way to address the deficit/debt in a serious fashion it might be less of an uphill battle.

  92. We ought to start pouncing on them when they get in front of the camera and talk shit. Politely, though, otherwise they will put us in the troll category. There has to be a price for them doing it, if they call themselves Democrat, anyway.

    Look at all these comments, I bet there are tumbleweeds blowing over at DKos.

  93. Yes, Alexander, Pres Obama is just caving left and right. That’s why Planned Parenthood closed yesterday.

    C’mon Man, when you get to have a Dem as president you back him and advocate from behind the scenes, not walking the street in a sandwich board that says The End of the World is Nie. Surely you can see the poor are being protected from the GOP. If not, maybe the poor deserve a better advocate. (Actually I think you are trolling here, the poor get good advocacy from those who understand how government works).

  94. has a good objective tracking of polls with good insight into what polls really tell us and in what ways they are flawed. Worth a look.

  95. The republicans went in to negotiate wanting $100bn in cuts, defunding Planned Parenthood, and a government shutdown if they didn’t get what they want.

    They left with $35 in cuts, PP still funded, and no government shutdown.

    One day, they will realise they lost.

    I think maybe you could describe PBO’s style as “let your enemy get their winning done first”. On health care, on DADT, on the budget, he’s patiently let his opponents shoot their bolt and start their victory dances, and then, when they’re all done, he wins.

  96. Well, I’ll do my best to be nice in the comments, but I can’t promise I’ll never, ever have a knee-jerk reaction. 🙂

  97. If we aren’t sure of what a Progressive or a Liberal looks like, how are we supposed to become the dominant political force in this country?

    That is part of what attracted me to the netroots in the first place. I thought there was a long-term goal in mind and now I feel duped because too many prominent voices don’t seem to have the stomach for the messiness and imperfection of governing.

    If we cannot govern effectively,then how are we ever going to sustain a movement. Then on top of that, we have all of these supposed ex Republican heroes making lots of $$$ catering to non mainstream reactionaries. Nothing wrong with being leaving the Republican Party, but there is something wrong with fostering division and deriving fame and fortune from it.

  98. Bob, thanks for sharing this. Really excellent analysis that you not likely to find in the MSM.

  99. This is positively diaried over at DFOX, but the “true progressives” in the comments believe it’s a conspiracy by “Obama’s corporatist ally, CNN, to positively spin the narrative to the masses.”

    They hate reality over there. It’s not their friend.

  100. Kefauver, please tell me that the last quote are your own words, and not that of some commenter. Because if they do belong to some commenter, that other site is veering closely to North Korean Newspeak. Really, they’re getting as bad as Redstate, and are of no use to promoting a liberal agenda.

  101. Bravo GN! Really excellent comment! It this kind of maturity that is missing from the constant bashers of Democrats.

  102. I thought the House of Rep. voted for the bill and it died in the Senate because of a Republican threat to derail it.

  103. Well LL, there was highly rec’d diary on that site, with a headline to the effect that “Obama apologists are a threat to us all.”

    I believe that this site has been co-opted by a bunch of anti-Obama Libertarian trolls. The site owner seems to encourage that kind of thing.

  104. That’s a hoot. You know, cuz CNN has been such a fan of our President…cough.

  105. Starshine, may be D can tell us if it was a typo or whether the term “sand president” was meant to describe the President as “weak.” I think your take that it was a typo is plausible. I initially read it the way kefauver read it.

  106. President Obama has to convince Americans first. If he can change the narrative, he won’t have a problem with Nelson, McCaskill and Co.

    It will require a lot of effort, a lot of support from grass-roots, and a lot of skill from President Obama. The good thing: concepts like “shared sacrifice” and “fairness” can resonate with the vast majority of americans.

  107. That just about sums it all up. Kinda like a mosquito; you never know it has bitten you until you fall sick with malaria. Not a terribly good analogy, but I meant to highlight the way PBO wins his battles by making the opponent first bask in false glory. luv it.

  108. Very good News. It would even be better if Arizona conceded instead of appealing to the SC. That’s of course wishful thinking on my part.

  109. One of my favorite patrons is a student of the Spanish Civil War. While he doesn’t think we’re heading for that drastic an end, he does see parallels between the polarization then and now. I still believe that the loudest screechers are a minority, and get attention solely relative to their volume. I hope that the cable news outlets take a lesson from their crashing viewership — well, at least CNN and MSNBC; Fox is nothing more than a propaganda organ.

  110. LOL! SAWells, your post reads like a parable, “Once upon a time the republicans went into negotiate…. and the moral to the story is, “Let your enemy get their winning done first.”……

    One thing I am sure of is that this President is blessed with patience to push all of us forward, not just the GOP. Some say that’s a problem for The People, I say with the Republicans we have to deal with, it’s a relief to know someone is calm at the helm. Can any of us imagine what it would be like if he lost his temper at the podium? He cannot work that way and it’s not in his nature to respond that way. IMHO that’s good!

    Hell, even Howard Fineman said it was amazing to him how President Obama deals with the clowns on the right and after all is said and done, President Obama ends up looking like the winner. Even Howard Fineman said that. I think he was kind of irritated about that, but that’s conjecture on my part.

  111. It doesn’t work for cranky three year olds, either! Make both groups take a long nap!

  112. Ah that’s too bad. I thought he was staying overnight. Has that changed? The people in that town were really looking forward to an overnight visit.

  113. Rahm is hated by the PL because he is not a rigid ideologue. Like President Obama, he is a pragmatic liberal who believes in getting things done, even if it might require some compromises. He worked hard in 2006 to win a Democratic majority in the House of Rep. Some of those Democrats were from conservative districts, but they did make it possible for Nancy Pelosi to become Speaker of the House. Some in the pure progressive camp never forgave him because he supported the election of the so called blue dogs.

    My problem with these holier than thou progressives is their lack of understanding of history. FDR, JFK, LBJ, the Senate Lion Teddy Kennedy, Bill Clinton and others were all pragmatic liberals who were not afraid to compromise, so long as they made progress for the people.

  114. “A top donor to Gov. Scott Walker’s (R-WI) gubernatorial campaign has been charged with multiple violations of campaign finance law, reports the Associated Press. Prosecutors today have charged William Gardner, the CEO of Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Company, with one count of excessive political donations and another related to unlawful political contributions.”

    “Prosecutors claim Gardner used his employees and family members to funnel $44,000 to Walker during the GOP primary. He is accused of then illegally reimbursing the donors with company money. Walker has returned the contributions. Notably, prosecutors charged Gardner because the law prohibits direct donations from corporations to candidate committees. However, the Citizens United decision allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts in support of a candidate for office.”

  115. And of that 17B cut from the Pentagon and 9B from the State Department, so it’s down to $49B from domestic discretionary spending for a budget PBO put out that he knew would be negotiated down – meaning he asked for more than he reasonably thought he could get.

  116. “Last month, Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s (R) approval ratings plummeted to 30 percent after just two months in office. Kasich has repeatedly balked at transparency, reneged on his own promises to vulnerable constituents, insulted law enforcement and minorities, and muscled through a highly unpopular anti-union bill that dramatically restricts 350,000 workers’ rights.”

    “In response to Kasich’s disastrous reign, Democratic state Reps. Mike Foley and Bob Hagan will introduce legislation this week to make Ohio the 20th state to allow voters to remove and replace state officials, including the governor and legislators. The legislation requires a petition signed by 15 percent of the votes cast for that office in the last election. In Kasich’s case, they would need more than 577,870 signatures. While acknowledging that the bill is unlikely to pass in a GOP-led legislature, Hagan said Ohioans deserved a chance to recall a governor who is “hurting the people in this state.”

  117. Proud of Obama – Thanks for letting us know that. This was not only a victory for the Obama administration, but also a victory for the American people and our hard-fought-for values.

  118. I wish I was in a pub tapping my foot with You! 😀

    My email server with AOL has been messed up all day. I do think something is going on.

    Anyway, smell the peat fires for me, will ya? 🙂

  119. Anita, The official schedule with date(s) hasn’t been published yet, just the 5 hours in the country part. Oh, and that he can’t cross the border into No. Ireland unless he goes over to England first and comes back into the North. We do know he will go to Moneygall, but that is all we know. Moneygall has two pubs across from each other, so another bit of tricky diplomacy to come. All this among loud cries of “Paint yer hearts out, ye lazy sods!” ringing across the country.

  120. I think we would all be better off if we delved, a bit, into the history of the Progressive movement; and especially the way early Twentieth Century progressives dealt with the issue of race.

  121. Ha, ha, ha . . . they’re my own words. But almost spot-on for a normal CT commenter over there, huh?

  122. Phew, for a minute there I thought that Obama eating babies on live teevee wouldn’t go well with the masses.

  123. Oh my the lol’s just keep on coming. We all know how much Fox news light, CNN supports President Obama *kiss teeth eye roll*. Sounds like a bunch of cray crays done took over that place. God bless the day BWD said bye bitch to that disgraceful blog.

  124. WIW, thanks for sharing this. It is a fine example of the way President Obama approaches issues: he is serious, thoughtful and takes a long term view. Thanks also, WIW, for the wonderful work you are doing on helping us focus on positive things as we approach the 2012 election.

  125. BWD, I think that sneaky President has broken the hostage taking with this last vote. The next one should be a pure raise the debt ceiling vote and the Repubs will have no choice on that vote. That leaves only the 2012 budget that he will have almost a year to work on, if need be. More time for the economy to improve and more health care goodness to sink in. He’ll have most troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, so the defense budget should be down. The tax breaks for the wealthy will be expiring.
    The speech Wednesday should be VERY interesting.

  126. Its a good day. Thank you Mr. President. I love that you try very hard to keep all your promises made to the American people. Taking no glory for yourself; just operating our of love for your country and good character. God bless you.

  127. Very well said GN! Look if Democrats abandon this President, who has worked so hard to advance many of the issues that Democrats favor, then we who support him have as much right to withdraw our support from those who constantly bash him.

  128. LL, Murdoch is in big trouble in England. His News of the World newspaper got caught tapping people’s calls and we don’t know how many people and who they all are yet. Rupee is shoveling money out to try to stop the damage, but the damage has been done and the government is looking again at his ownership in the satellite TV BSkyB network and looks like he may not be able to buy into more of it.
    If his guys tapped calls in England, why not in the US as well? That may be what he is ultimately afraid of. How wide did the shite splatter when it hit the fan?

  129. Yes, I saw that on the Beeb last night, and I can’t tell what a thrilling sense of schadenfreude I got watching the report. That vile man should never be allowed to get his bony claws into any more media properties. He’s pretty much destroyed the news media in this country; it would be a travesty if he’s allowed to do it elsewhere.

  130. Zizi, I think you nailed it! They don’t like people who support the President voicing their views because that may undercut the money they are making from constantly bashing Obama.

  131. My nephew who lived in Australia for 25 years says that Murdoch almost did the same thing to the media in that country.

  132. What’s amazing about the poll is that he cleans the clocks on all three ideological walls.

    At this point, leftist blog blowhards are as irrelevant as the teabaggers.

  133. Unfortunately, the FCC doesn’t have a brief to regulate cable, so Fox doesn’t have to provide even a minimum of public service. The only solace I take is that their ratings are tanking, and their influence was always outsized to the number of viewers, so hopefully that’ll be whittled down. I try not to hate people, but I can’t look at him without sometimes wishing some sort of wasting illness upon him.

  134. There was an article I just read about Beck supporting Gbagbo because he was “a Christian” and the democratically elected opponent was a [eek!] Muslim. Maybe we can find Murdoch was doing the same. Fox News days may be numbered. Bit by bit, their extremism is being exposed.
    I’ll look again for the article in the am, but it is one am now and I am off to bed.

  135. Could it please involve turning a moldy sort of color and be itchy?
    Now I really am off to bed.

  136. What’s really funny is on CNN’s web site, right under an Op-Ed piece titled “GOP Winning the Budget Debate” (I know, barf) they publish these poll results. You know that was killing them. Lol.

  137. Totally agree. How many little countries have been born since 1992 that had the same population as D.C.

  138. Yes I still have the facebook group. I would have loved to keep my blog going, but it is a lot of work. Someone else was helping me with it, but she is an accountant, and got pretty busy. I home school my kids, so I am also a “teacher,” so I was trying to juggle it all, but right now I can’t. I might jump back in in a couple of months though. Thank goodness for this site, and many others I have discovered that has broken my addiction to HP.

  139. Just a thought. How about we make a leap of faith and support the guy when he unveils his deficit reduction plan. He hasn’t failed us yet.

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